The unknown heir 214

Chapter 214

"What did you say?"

Chen Hao was directly shocked.

Coming to stay at his house for a few days? How can this be convenient, you have to call Su Muhan every day, and besides.

He has a girlfriend, but he's just studying away from home, and then he, on the other hand, is sharing with a girl at home.

Even if public opinion could stand it.

Chen Hao's conscience can't stand it either, what's this become!

"No, it's not convenient for me!"

Chen Hao said.

"Oooh, oh it's okay, I thought there would be someone willing to help me, I see..."

Zhenya's voice trailed off.

"Is something wrong with you?" Chen Hao asked curiously. 

Yeah, Qin Ya wouldn't have taken the initiative to run to her house for no reason and say she wanted to come and stay.

Qin Ya likes herself?

Oh, Chen Hao isn't narcissistic enough for that.

Just very confused.

"I'm going to get engaged!"

Qin Ya paused and suddenly said.

"Then congratulations Christine... "Chen Hao was just about to congratulate, but suddenly felt that Qin Ya's tone was quite wrong, so he restrained himself and said, "Engaged to whom? ? That's a good thing!"

"With Li Yue, my dad now has a crisis in his business right now, and my dad wants to use the Li Yue family's business to help get this crisis through Go, and all this time, Li Yue had been chasing me and had his father come to propose marriage, plus my mother was saved by Li Yue's father who helped save her, so my father Promise to let me betroth Li Yue!"

"But I don't want to get engaged you know, I sometimes feel like I'm dreaming, I obviously have a lot of planning to do and I feel like I have to I don't think about marriage until I'm 30, but now I'm engaged to someone else before I even graduate from college, and it's going to be me. I don't really know what to do if I don't like someone!"

"I wanted to run out, but all those friends of mine Lee Viet knew, he was sure to find them, so I thought of you, but I didn't think you'd ignore it either Me!"

As she said that, Qin Ya suddenly cried.

As Chen Hao listened, he finally knew what was going on.

Yeah, this kind of thing was pretty hard to put on anyone.

And it was more or less mixed in with the factor of oneself in it.

After all, Qin Ya's mother was saved by herself.

In order not to get too involved with Qin Ya, Chen Hao hadn't admitted to it.

Letting Li Yue keep faking it against their Qin family with this matter.

To be honest, he had a responsibility for pushing Qin Ya to this point!

Now what?

Zhenya obviously wanted to go out and hide, or blackmail her dad with this runaway.

That's why she wants to come to herself.

Reject her so she can go back to marriage? But honestly, marrying someone like Li Yue is really a waste of good cabbage for the pigs, and Chen Hao feels like she's wasting it.

Promise her?

But how will Tongxin explain himself?

Besides, to really refuse, one's conscience would be really hard to live with.

This reminded Chen Hao of the word cause and effect, sooner or later, the cause sown would lead to the effect!

"Well, you come and find me, and let me make it clear, I don't live back home, I live in the county! And when this is settled, you're going home!"

Chen Hao said

Since this matter was started by himself.

Then of course, it was also solved by oneself.

The solution is also very simple, only expose your identity!

Everything was fine.

That's why Chen Hao dared to let Qin Ya come over to stay.

"Okay, I got it! Chen Hao thank you, love you to death, don't worry, I'll just scare my dad and make him refuse and it'll be fine!"

Qin Ya said happily.

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Hao felt that it was somehow inappropriate to do so.

But couldn't care less, it was all agreed!

The hotel he was staying in was a suite, so it was convenient for the two of them to stay together.

Chen Hao is not only taking care of Master Wu, but also discussing with Li Zhengguo and the others.

So the room booked in the hotel was not small.

And Chen Hao had also decided to no longer keep a low profile with Qin Ya, so that she would know her identity!

And when the next day early morning, Qin Ya came by car.

Chen Hao, naturally, drove his own Mercedes-Benz G500 early to the station to pick up.

That is, he threw his own Lambo at the Genting Mountain Villa, or else Chen Hao would have driven the Lambo straight here.

Let her know who she was and then settle the matter for her, it was as simple as that, Chen Hao thought.

And stopping the big G towards the station entrance.

It really did attract a lot of people as well.

Especially some little girls, who all came over with their phones to take pictures and such.

After all, the car was worth over two million!

"I go, we actually have a big G in Pingan County, who could it be? It must have been opened by a rich young man!"

"Yeah, my God, look at how beautiful I am today, what if Rich gets off later and falls for me?"

"Hahaha, don't be a stinker!"

"Let's go over there and accost them, sisters!"

A few young girls covered their mouths and crossed their fingers.

From time to time, they let out giggles.

"The owner of this car should be very rich, right?"

At this time, an eighty year old lady leaning on her crutches asked a few young girls who were about to go over to accost her.

"Of course ah, big G, two million or so, how old granny, you still have ideas ah, he is a rich young man okay..."

A couple of the girls laughed.

"What's wrong with Granny? Granny has the right to pursue it too, huh?"

The old lady scowled.

With her crutches she trotted over towards Big G.

And a few girls, too, ran past.

In the square, more and more people were watching around this big G.

Chen Hao sat in the car and took a deep breath.

This was considered the first time to be so pretentious.

In the past, he was always low-key and occasionally high-keyed, making Chen Hao feel quite excited.

There was a big sense of 'I've waited three years for an opportunity to fight for a breath of air, not to prove that I'm amazing, but to tell the You guys, what I once lost, I must get back!'' The feeling.


Chen Hao put on his sunglasses and pulled out his car keys.

Ready to come right out in public.


The result just opened the door.

It was like hitting something.

Then I heard a scream.

A gray-haired grandmother lost her crutches and just lay on the ground.


Chen Hao was directly confused.

"Young man, you you you... is your car alright?"

The grandmother lay on the floor, wailing in fear.

"What is it?" At this time, someone immediately rushed to watch and surrounded a number of travelers.

"Ahem, what else can happen ah, just now that little brother opened the door and knocked down this old lady, in fact I saw, it was that The old lady took advantage of his opening the door and ran over to him to actively bump into him, touching the porcelain!"

"So that's it!"

But there were also unknowns who came to watch.

"Oh my gosh, why is this young man so careless, this big G is probably going to pay for it, right?"

Someone said.

Chen Hao helplessly walked off the car, and was about to help.

"Don't you do it, I said it's none of your business, I bumped it myself, I'm the only one at home with no children, I really I can't afford to pay for it."

The old grandmother cried.

"Well, don't be afraid, granny, don't be afraid, it's great to be rich, even if you have money to pay for hitting someone, granny, it was him who hit you with the open door, We do you justice!"

There were also hot-blooded youths who shouted.

Within a short while, the traffic police came.

How else could it be handled, the scene had to be cleared away.

Although the old lady has malicious suspicion of touching the porcelain, but it is true that Chen Hao opened the car door to crash together.

So first, the old lady was sent to the hospital, and then Chen Hao it to the traffic police brigade to sign and so on.

Chen Hao all want to cry, this is what happened ah.

After dealing with this matter, it is already forty minutes later, Chen Hao compensated the old lady a few money.

As soon as he came out, he received a call from Qin Ya.

"Didn't you say you were going to pick me up? Where are the people?"

"Oooh, I'm coming over now!" Chen Hao was busy.

"Don't come over, I've already taken a taxi to find you!"


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