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 My Dreamy Doctor Chinese Novel Introduction

Sixteen years ago, he was an outcast from a powerful family and on the streets. She was the one who drove away the wild dogs with a small stick. Sixteen years later, he is the god of war in the Red Sea, powerful and rich. The god of war returns, willing to be a son-in-law. When I take your hand, the world will be in the palm of your hand!

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My Dreamy Doctor Story Chapter List

Chapter 1-310 

Chapter 1-3                     Chapter 4-6

Chapter 7-8                     Chapter 9-10

Chapter 11-13                 Chapter 14-16

Chapter 17-18                 Chapter 19-20

Chapter 21-23                 Chapter 24-26

Chapter 27-28                 Chapter 29-30

Chapter 31-33                 Chapter 34-36

Chapter 37-38                 Chapter 39-40

Chapter 41-43                 Chapter 44-46

Chapter 47-48                 Chapter 49-50

Chapter 51-53                 Chapter 54-56

Chapter 57-58                 Chapter 59-60

Chapter 61-63                 Chapter 64-66

Chapter 67-68                 Chapter 69-70

Chapter 71-73                 Chapter 74-76

Chapter 77-78                 Chapter 79-80

Chapter 81-83                 Chapter 84-86

Chapter 87-88                 Chapter 89-90

Chapter 91-93                 Chapter 94-96

Chapter 97-98                 Chapter 99-100

Chapter 311-510

Chapter 511-702

Chapter 703-900

Chapter 903-1102

Chapter 1301-1400

Chapter 1401-1600

Chapter 1601-1800

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  1. More chapters plz.....thanks in advance....

  2. Please update the next chapters....

  3. Thank you for your hard work......hope you will update the next chapters soon....

  4. Please update the next chapters soon....

  5. Please update the next chapters

  6. this is simply a BILLIONAIRE GOD OF WAR although there are some additional casts like the brother in law of the main character which do not exist in BGOW but the plot twist is exactly the same..

  7. why have the names changed in the latest chapters from the first page???

  8. This is definitely a different novel..the first chapter is suppose to be an operation for the FMC..


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