Super Son-in-law Novel (Continuation)


Super Son-in-law Chinese Novel Introduction

Mother-in-law: Good son-in-law, please don't leave my daughter, okay? The door-to-door son-in-law is insulted endlessly, he just waits for her to care, let her have the world!

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Chapter 1-770

Chapter 771-1000

Chapter 1001-1400

Chapter 1401-1600

Chapter 1601-1800

Chapter 1800-2010

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  1. can you please send link for chapter 2379 to the end of AMAZING SON IN LAW

    1. Kok bisa beda beda ya...bab nya saya msh bab 2330

  2. Can you please update chapter 1000 and above on Super son in law

  3. EXECUTIVE FARMER15 January 2021 at 00:57

    When will be the next update?

  4. Novel ini gantung...maunya buat episodena...lebih banyak per harinya

  5. There's some errors in chapter 1696 and 1697 of super son in law, it looks like some parts of the story is skipped from hospital to somewhere else

  6. Wtf!! Que paso en el 1697 que apareció otra escena totalmente diferente, y ya esta se perdió de ahí en más falta lo del medio o aparece más adelante??


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