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I've Got A Super Rich Dad Chinese Novel Introduction

My mother told me that my father had died when I was very young. Until one day, my phone rang, the other party told me that he was my father real account, or I can call the police!" Where did he get the money, and she has half a penny to do with it, even if it is no longer helpful, his own money is really stolen, it is not her turn to act as a big garlic Liu Siya.

Status: Completed

I've Got A Super Rich Dad Story Chapters list

Chapter 1-200

Chapter 1-3                    Chapter 4-6

Chapter 7-8                    Chapter 9-10

Chapter 11-13               Chapter 14-16

Chapter 17-18               Chapter 19-20

Chapter 21-23               Chapter 24-26

Chapter 27-28               Chapter 29-30

Chapter 31-33               Chapter 34-36

Chapter 37-38               Chapter 39-40

Chapter 41-43               Chapter 44-46

Chapter 47-48               Chapter 49-50

Chapter 51-53               Chapter 54-56

Chapter 57-58               Chapter 59-60

Chapter 61-63               Chapter 64-66

Chapter 67-68               Chapter 69-70

Chapter 71-73               Chapter 74-76

Chapter 77-78               Chapter 79-80

Chapter 81-83               Chapter 84-86

Chapter 87-88               Chapter 89-90

Chapter 91-93               Chapter 94-96

Chapter 97-98               Chapter 99-100

Chapter 201-400

Chapter 601-800

Chapter 919-920           

Status: Completed

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Last updated: 6 March 2021


  1. This story really sucks...too much bullying...it makes me angry to the core of my bone...

  2. Where is the next chapter 41 up

  3. Hero is the most stupid guy ever...

  4. Initially story was fine.. but now after reading few chapters I dont see any growth in story/character... Every other chapter someone or the other character will come and bully the main character over nothing.. just because he is poor?! . Is this normal in China? Most of the female characters are also shown unrealistically evil.

  5. chapter 881 onwards please...


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