Unknown Heir / The Poorest Rich Man (continuation)

 The Poorest Rich Man Novel Introduction

Chen Hao is a poor dude. In order to earn money to support himself, he is willing to do anything. Being ridiculed and humiliated. Until one day his parents and sister told him that he was a rich second generation.

The Poorest Rich Man Chapter List

Chapter 1-1066

Chapter 1066-1200

Chapter 1067                      Chapter 1068

Chapter 1069                      Chapter 1070

Chapter 1071                      Chapter 1072

Chapter 1073                      Chapter 1074

Chapter 1075                      Chapter 1076

Chapter 1077                      Chapter 1078

Chapter 1079                      Chapter 1080

Chapter 1081                      Chapter 1082

Chapter 1083                      Chapter 1084

Chapter 1085                      Chapter 1086

Chapter 1087                      Chapter 1088

Chapter 1089                      Chapter 1090

Chapter 1091                      Chapter 1092

Chapter 1093                      Chapter 1094

Chapter 1095                      Chapter 1096

Chapter 1097                      Chapter 1098

Chapter 1099                      Chapter 1100

Chapter 1101                      Chapter 1102

Chapter 1103                     Chapter 1104

Chapter 1105                     Chapter 1106

Chapter 1107                     Chapter 1108

Chapter 1109                     Chapter 1110

Chapter 1111                     Chapter 1112

Chapter 1113                     Chapter 1114

Chapter 1115                     Chapter 1116

Chapter 1117                     Chapter 1118

Chapter 1119                     Chapter 1120

Chapter 1121                     Chapter 1122

Chapter 1123                     Chapter 1124

Chapter 1125                     Chapter 1126

Chapter 1127                     Chapter 1128

Chapter 1129                     Chapter 1130

Chapter 1131                     Chapter 1132

Chapter 1133                     Chapter 1134

Chapter 1135                     Chapter 1136

Chapter 1137                     Chapter 1138

Chapter 1139                     Chapter 1140

Chapter 1141                     Chapter 1142

Chapter 1143                     Chapter 1144

Chapter 1145                     

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Last Updated: 5 May, 2021

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  1. Where do I find chapter 1 plz

  2. Will you be doing a English version? I.e. where the main character is named Gerald

    1. I'm already doing English version Chen Hao. Get used to this one.

  3. I think I lost the story because it keep changing every now and there. Seems like the author had forget what all the story about. Once it was about rich tycoon then it jump to celestial god and so on. I already lost appetite in reading it anymore. Anyway thanks for your hard work and steady effort to translate the story

  4. Though the story has changed many times and the story is no longer interesting, I haven't lost my interest in reading it. I'm waiting for 999 and above. Thanks Abraham for your effort in making me read this story. Merci๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  5. Everytime I click to read the 1st chapter it sends it back a page don't know what is going on

  6. Any update chapter 1091 onward.

  7. What happened? it looks like a broken disc, chapter 1039 change story in chapter 1040. I find this story not interesting anymore.

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Many people gave up at earlier chapters. Big ups sticking out till now.

  8. coz I tried to connect the dots, but I found it difficult. anyway Thanks. I started this story but I paid every chapter. then I found your youtube channel that brought me here.


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