Super Son-in-law Chapter 641-648


Chapter 641

When Huaxia Tianhai City into the night, Western Europe is in the morning, is also a bright sunny day, that is, the winter in Western Europe is also very, very cold, even colder than Huaxia, for many days of heavy snow has covered countless streets and parks, as well as high-rise buildings. The entire Western Europe is wrapped in silver, the deepest place of snow is more than ten centimeters, which is like entering another world.

        At this moment, in a valley at the bottom of the rolling Andes Mountains in Western Europe, Lin Yan and Dao Yi, who are wearing military coats and heavy military hats to cover their faces, are slowly walking towards a base hidden under the heavy snow in the valley.

        The first thing to go wrong is the fact that you can't get rid of it, and you can't get rid of it," he said. Although Mo Lao was incomparably old and pale, his body was still erect, and underneath that pale body was still burning with hot blood!

        Mo Lao has been waiting for this day for more than ten years, during these ten years, he went incognito, when Lin's first guest minister, with the reputation of making the blue sky turn into Mo Tian, like a dead man, lived in this world for more than ten years ...... And this secret base behind Mo Lao, was built for this day, this base, like him, has also been silent in this world for more than ten years, even from the moment it was built, began to be silent, only waiting for the arrival of a person, that person is ---- Lin Yan!

        As Mo Lao looked at Lin Yan, Lin Yan also silently looked at Mo Yuntian, at this old man who was several times older than he was more than a decade ago. This was the same old man that he, Lin Yan, had entrusted Lin Hao to more than a decade ago. And Mo Yuntian carried that one promise back then, a dozen years, a dozen years ah ...... more than ten years, Lin Hao long and under the cultivation of Mo Lao, already has a cover posture! Now it's just waiting for Lin Hao to poke through that windowpane himself, then Lin Hao will be Lin's second Gestalt! It will be the strongest heavenly pride of the Lin Clan in a thousand years! It will also be the most dazzling generation of the Lin Clan's Gate Master!

        Lin Yan quietly looked at Mo Yuntian for a long, long time before bowing and paying a deep obeisance to Mo Yuntian. He was the head of the Lin Clan, and he was also the last generation of Yanjing's Gestalt! Right now he, Lin Yan, represented the entire Lin Clan, paying a deep obeisance to Mo Yuntian, the old man who wasn't a member of the Lin Clan, but had dedicated his life to it!

        Mo Lao didn't hide from Lin Yan's worship, he knew he deserved it. And right now he was feeling the monstrous momentum of Lin Yan's body that was invoking, and he couldn't help but feel his blood surging! His eyes were bright, he had gotten the news that yesterday the leader of the top international killer group, Sakura Tears, Burial, had led a dozen top killers to the Heavenly Sea. But they were all hanged by Lin Yan! The news reached all walks of life in Western Europe in the early hours of this morning, and any of the top powers in Western Europe were deeply moved!

        Even those old guys on Lin's Sacred Mountain, the first thing they did was to quickly give up on sending anyone to Warsaw to deal with Lin Hao again, instead collecting all their forces to vault the Sacred Mountain! Lin Yan had the strength to kill the same level of burial, so that naturally meant that Lin Yan now had the strength to kill a few of them! They had to be scrupulous.

        And as Lin Xiaoyun and the others learned of Lin Yan's westward journey, the scruples in their hearts became even stronger. It was completely safe to say that one Lin Yan had deeply shocked the entire Lin Clan branch, so shocked that they had to abandon all their plans and turtle up in the Lin Clan's Sacred Mountain in the first place!

        And all of this, Mo Yuntian deeply understood that it was the Lin Yan in front of him who had done it all by himself, not counting the Dao One beside him! When Lin Yan had hugged Lin Hao and begged him on that rainy night, at that time, Mo Yuntian was not optimistic about Lin Yan. Because at that time, those people of Lin Xiaoyun had already vaguely broken through to that level. And how big was the gap between an Innate Master and below Innate? Mo Yuntian himself deeply understands that up until now anyway, he hasn't broken through ......

        And now Mo Yuntian knew that Lin Yan had done it, and not only had Lin Yan done it himself, but also Dao Yi, who had fallen down the sacred mountain and was dying of severe injuries, had done it. Mo Yuntian looked at Lin Yan, and then at Dao Yi, and couldn't help but feel deep emotion in his heart ......

        "Lin Yan, you did it, you really did it, you didn't disappoint me, nor did you disappoint your dead father ......" said Mo Yuntian with incomparable emotion to Lin Yan.

        Lin Yan raised his head, looked deeply at Mo Lao, and said with incomparable sincerity, "Uncle Mo, that worship I just did for the year you helped me, please accept two more worship from me next, one is for you to bow and work hard for Lin Clan, and the other is for you to do your best for Hao'er O for more than ten years ......"

        Lin Yan said and worshipped to Mo Yuntian twice more, but this time Mo Lao stepped forward to help Lin Yan. Mo Lao shook his head and laughed and said: "Hahaha, Little Yanzi, your Lin Clan has seized great fortune in recent times, starting with your grandfather, the Lin Clan's Ancient Valve began to flourish, then your generation, and then Hao'er's generation. There's no need to worship me anymore, it's my good fortune to join your Lin Clan, at least I've lived my life in style and with passion! You're good, little yanzi, do well, do well, do well ......"

        Mo Yuntian laughed and patted Lin Yan's shoulder, Mo Yuntian was qualified for this, when Lin Yan was very young, he was all straight up kicking, and now the little kid back then had grown into a generation of masters! Mo Yuntian was also incomparably pleased and excited.

        "Oh ...... If you want me to say ah, it is you two old guys, both of you are movie emperors ah. When the two of you confronted each other in the Lin's shrine Wu Lu Closing Shade Wu Fu Servant Hall, I guess I fooled that silly boy Lin Hao, it's a real loss, he still treats his own father like a life and death feud ...... hey, you two are really awesome ah ...... "Dao Yi was looking at Lin Yan and Mo Lao from the side, so he couldn't help but laugh speechlessly.

        "Er ...... Dao Yi boy, it's fine for others to talk nonsense, it's not like you don't know the plan back then, what are you adding to the chaos here? Does it feel like I'm too old to beat you up now, right?" When Mo Yuntian heard Dao Yi's words, his old face couldn't help but have an extra hint of embarrassment, and he quickly changed his face and coldly drank at Dao Yi.

Chapter 642

Dao Yi's eyes took a long look at Mo Lao and said in a leisurely tone, "That Senior Mo ah, I feel you're right. You're old now, and I've already broken through to that level, you really can't beat me up. So in my opinion, this old arm and leg of yours, hurry back to China, don't die in a foreign land, I still have to transport your corpse back, which is a lot of trouble ...... You are almost buried people, then die in China, don't keep blindly jumping outside smoothly.... ..."

        "I'm going to fuck you, I'm going to kill you ......" Mo Yuntian was furious on the spot when he heard Dao Yi's words, and was frightened by Dao Yi's black face. Fiercely lifted a foot and kicked at Dao Yi ......

        Just faced with Mo Yun Tian's furious kick, Dao Yi did not even move, but took it with one hand, grabbed Mo Yun Tian's foot and said with a smile, "Hehe, senior ah, I've told you your old arm and leg, you see you still do not believe ...... "As soon as the Dao finished speaking, with a casual shove, Mo Yuntian's body thudded back several steps away ......

        "You ......" after backing out, Mo Yuntian was instantly furious and wanted to muster up his whole body to have a good fight with Dao Yi, but he was stopped by Lin Yan's outstretched hand.

        Lin Yan looked at Mo Yuntian with incomparable seriousness and said in a resolute and serious tone, "Uncle Mo, Dao Yi is right, it's time for you to go back, and you can't stay here for the rest of the day. You've already given too much for Lin's. You can't die here, go back, Dao Yi is joking with you, but that's what I mean. It's too dangerous here, go back ......" Lin Yan gave Mo Lao a deep look.

        Mo Lao sniffed and put away the anger on his face, he was old and wise, how could he not know that Dao Yi had just said that on purpose? He just didn't want to leave, he'd been waiting for this moment for so many years, hadn't he? Killing up the holy mountain of Lin's branch and completely annihilating that group of grandsons, this was what he had always wanted to do ah.

        The next moment, Mo Lao's pupils contracted deeply and looked deeply at Lin Yan: "No, I'm staying, I've been laying out this side of Western Europe for many years, although I can't pull the battle power of the Innate Master, covering the ground Yi Dye Wu Aishan but I have a lot under Innate, and the death of your father back then, and that group of brats, also can't get out of it! I can't leave!" Mo Yuntian also spoke with incomparable determination, even though he was old, even though his battle prowess hadn't broken through to that one level, he wasn't bad! As Mo Yuntian said that, his body's top-notch Qi under the innate sky also exploded out ......

        It was just that no matter whether it was Lin Yan or Dao Yi, they didn't even move a muscle at the impact of the Qi on Mo Yuntian's body, the Qi on Mo Yuntian's body couldn't possibly shake either of them a bit!

        Lin Yan looked at Mo Yuntian with complicated eyes and said, "Uncle Mo, this time, although Dao Yi and I have both broken through to that level, and we have been preparing for it for ten years. But that place, the Holy Mountain of the Lin Clan, is far from being as simple as it appears. Over there in Yanjing, the Jun Family's Jun Wuyoung, that Gestalt, I met him before I left. Very strong, that person will definitely be a great enemy for Hao'er in this life, and Jun Wu Jing has already broken through that level, but Hao'er hasn't. So after I leave Huaxia, Hao'er has to have someone by his side to help him, at least until he breaks through that level, so sorry Uncle Mo ......"

        "But, but I ......" Mo Lao still wanted to say something when suddenly Lin Yan's hand knife slashed at his shoulder, and Mo Lao watched Lin Yan's hand hit him, he wanted to defend himself, but he couldn't defend himself at all. Then he could only watch Lin Yan's hand knife, landing at his neck, then Mo Lao only felt a blackness in front of his eyes, and his whole body fainted towards Lin Yan ......

        "I'm sorry, Uncle Mo ......" Lin Yan held Mo Lao's unconscious body and murmured to Mo Lao. Then Lin Yan waved his hand, and suddenly in the snow behind him, there were two warriors in snow-white battle clothes who appeared, and they carefully picked up Mo Lao's body and carried him onto a helicopter parked outside the valley, and the next moment the helicopter roared off and sailed away into the distance ......

        Dao Yi looked at the direction of Mo Lao's departure and said with a smile, "Hey, this old man, is also a stubborn ah. Doesn't he know that back then I was much stronger than him ah, is not the same as being knocked down the holy mountain it, this old guy this old arm and leg, in this blind dabbling in what is the strength of it, hey ......".

        Lin Yan stared at Dao Yi with some speechlessness, "How come I find you talking so much now?"

        Dao Yi waved his hand and smiled and said: "Hehe, this is not I'm afraid that I will not have the opportunity to say it later, in case I die this time ......" Dao Yi said, the depths of his eyes were more than a trace of gravity, yes, this time even with him and Lin Yan two top clerics, his heart also There was no hundred percent certainty. Lin's Holy Mountain was able to stand in the western world for so many years, the bottom line was naturally unfathomable, and he had only seen the tip of the iceberg back then ......

        Lin Yan listened to Dao Yi's words and felt the sadness in Dao Yi's words, he shook his head and said with a firm look in his eyes, "No, those old immortals on the Branching Sacred Mountain will die this time, for sure ......"

        Lin Yan's eyes revealed a monstrous confidence as he gazed into the distance in the direction of the Holy Mountain of the Lin Clan's branch, his body also bursting with a monstrous cover......

Chapter 643

At the same time Hua Xia Yanjing at ten o'clock at night, within the ancestral home of the Jun Clan, which was on the same level as the Lin Clan's gatehouse, a spacious and atmospheric palace. Jun Wujing, whose Qi was like an abyss like the sea, was sitting on the throne like a monarch. Standing in front of him were the Black Dragon and eight other top battlers under the innate sky. Only at this moment, the atmosphere within the palace was heavy and depressing.

        The Black Dragons were frowning deeply, their hostility rampant, and the Black Dragon looked up at Jun Wu Jing with gritted teeth and said, "Big brother, you can't let it go like this! We were kind enough to help Lin Yan's son, but Lin Yan came to hurt you! Lam's bullying is too much! We must avenge this! Brother or we'd better go south to the Heavenly Sea now so we can teach that Lin Hao a lesson afterwards!" The hostility on Black Dragon's body became even stronger as he said that. They had returned to Yanjing the night before, but upon their return, they found that Lin Yan had actually come to the door and injured Jun Wu Jing!

        The next moment codenamed White Tiger, a valiant short-haired woman in military uniform, also said to Jun Wu Jing, "Brother, is that Lin Yan even stronger than you? Wasn't he crippled in that battle over a decade ago? How did he break through to that level? Is it possible that he's been holding back all these years?"

        Seeing that there were still the rest of the people who wanted to ask questions, Jun Wu Jing quickly waved his hand and said with incomparably heavy eyes, "Lin Yan has indeed broken through to that level, and according to my estimation, he had already zeroed in on the Wu'er Shade Lu Dye breakthrough a long time ago. Otherwise he couldn't have severely injured me, Lin Yan's current battle power is unfathomable, indeed much stronger than mine. But it's far from making me despair. You guys shouldn't worry, Lin Yan wants to kill me, it's not that simple ...... Instead, there's another thing that we have to pay attention to ......"

        White Tiger's phoenix eyes pricked up and asked, "Brother, what matter are you referring to?"

        Jun Regretless took a deep breath, and there was a hint of excitement in the depths of his eyes as he said, "In the western world, the leader of the top assassin organization, Sakura Tears, Burial, went to the Heavenly Sea yesterday morning with the most elite top squad under his command, Burial Night. Wanting to snipe Lin Hao at his wedding ......" said Jun Wu Jing, and there was a glow in the depths of his eyes.

        Black Dragon frowned and said, "Impossible, even though we came back the night before last, we also know that there was no glitch at Lin Hao's wedding ah, and our intelligence network in the Heavenly Sea has not heard of anything happening to Lin Hao ah. Just today Lin Hao is still alive and well. ...... The Tears of Cherry Blossom people are not idiots. And not to mention that their leader was buried. Even that top team of theirs, Burial Night, even if the nine of us are up against it, we'll probably lose a lot ah, if the nine of us are up against Burial Night, it's basically impossible to get back in one piece ......" the Black Dragon's brows furrowed deeper, his tone incomparably heavy.

        And with Black Dragon's analysis, the crowd in the palace also nodded their heads in agreement. Each and every one of them was very strong, The members of the Burial Night, each and every one of them was much more difficult to deal with than the ordinary silver killers ......

        "Hehe ...... "Jun Wu Jing's playfully nodded his head and said, "Well, not bad. With the current Lin Hao, he was even infinitely close to that level, but as long as he didn't break through for a day, then he wouldn't be able to stop the night of burial, let alone that burial. And the reason why Lin Hao was able to hold his wedding properly yesterday was because someone else blocked it for him, someone else killed those killers for him, and that included the burial with the innate master's battle power ......" said Jun Wu Jing, the strange look in his eyes became even stronger, sticking his tongue out and licking it Lips.

        "What? How is this ...... this possible? Brother, Burial is an existence on the same level as you, and has already broken through the level of an Innate Master a long time ago. Not to mention the fact that he's carrying the most elite killer squad!" The Black Dragon and White Tiger, after hearing Jun Wu Jing's words, all of them turned pale one by one, they simply couldn't believe this news.

        After the shock, the White Tiger quickly asked Jun Wu Jing, "Brother, do you mean to say that Lin Yan killed them? Was it Lin Yan who killed Burial as well as those top killers under Burial's command?"

        Jun Wu Jing nodded excitedly, "That's right, it's Lin Yan ah. But I'm not sure if it's Lin Yan alone who did it, because there's also an innate master hidden by Lin Yan's side, that person is also very strong ah, not weaker than the current me ah. It's really getting more and more interesting, huh ...... Yanjing this place is worthy of being the location of the Dragon Vein, and those older generations, there are still really that kind of characters that exist ah, Lin Clan can rank alongside our Jun Family for so long, it seems that the bottom is still there ah ...... "

Chapter 644-646

Chapter 647-648


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