Secret Identity| Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2319-2320


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2320

"Winter Snow, as long as you're willing to leave the Imperial Group, join my company, and be my vice chairman and lover, then I'll immediately have someone use my private jet to send you a kidney source, and if you promise me today, uncle will be able to get a new kidney tomorrow, what do you think?"

"Shame on you!" Wang Dongxue gritted her teeth and said angrily, "Walter, what's the difference between you and robbing a fire while it's still burning! And you're already married and have children, are you doing this to your wife and children?"

Walter left his mouth and said indifferently, "People like me, getting married is only to fulfill the family mission, my family lets me marry whoever they let me marry, as long as I marry the woman they let me marry, they won't interfere with my personal life anymore."

He said, and then laughed with unconcerned shame, "As for the children, it doesn't matter even more, they are still young, and when they grow up, I will make them realize that money is more important than anything else, and then they will be able to understand the current me. Net."

As soon as the words fell out, Walter remembered something and hurriedly said, "Oh right, if you become my lover, you will also have to give me children, after all, I am a person who usually does not like any contraceptive measures, in addition, I have always wanted a child of mixed blood, but unfortunately, the family tradition has always required pure blood, it is really nerve-wracking ...... "

At this point, Walter laughed and said proudly, "But well, if it's a bastard child and doesn't involve inheriting the family fortune, they'll just turn a blind eye and not pursue it too much. Little"

Wang Dongxue roared with an angry face, "Walter, I never thought that you would be such a shameless clothed beast!"

Walter laughed: "comeon winter snow, we are all adults, shame tops shit? Look at all those who are full of benevolence and morality every day, which one of them is not full of men and women thieves?"

"If you follow me, come work in my company, and use the real estate experience you've accumulated and the confidential information you have in the Imperial Group to help me expand the Huaxia market, then I'll give you double the salary package of the Imperial Group, plus an additional five million bonus per year!"

"This way, you're making a full ten or twenty million dollars a year!"

"If you can help me covertly hollow out the Empire Group's properties and allow me to annex the Empire Group for less than fifty billion, then I'll give you one hundred million at once!"

"And even better, we'll only have a wall between our two offices, and then we can quietly open and make a secret door between the two rooms, and a set of cabinets outside the secret door, and we'll be able to get to each other's offices without anyone noticing!"

"How perfect is it that I can sneak into your office and spend time with you anytime during work hours as well? Aren't you impressed?"

Wang Dongxue took a step back, walked around Walter, walked to the door of the room and opened it, scolding angrily, "Walter, I don't want to see you, please get out of here!!!"

Walter sneered, "Dongxue, you told me to roll, I can roll any time, but your father, it seems like he can't last too long, so I urge you to reconsider my terms."

Wang Dongxue gritted her teeth and said, "I won't consider it! Don't you daydream about it! Get out now or I'll call the police right now!"

Walter spread out his hands and said with a skimpy smile, "Ok, ok, don't get so excited yet, even though your dad's condition is serious, you should still have a month to think about it, I've been in Jinling lately, feel free to contact me if you figure it out!"

After saying that, he tidied up the collar of his suit, winked teasingly at Wang Dongxue and smiled, "My dear, I'll be leaving first then."

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2321

Wang Dongxue's eyes watched his back as he left, and his whole body shivered with anger, and tears instantly came out of his eyes. 

Two years ago, Wang Dongxue's father had severe nephritis, because he is rh negative blood, so it has been difficult to find a suitable kidney source. Hen

At that time, Wang Dongxue herself had been matched, but was unable to match.

Later also luck, her family's relatives in Southeast Asia found a successful match, the other side is also willing to donate a donor for a fee.

Subsequently, Wang Dongxue spent one million RMB to solve the problem of kidney source for her father. pavilion

She thought that after finding the source of the kidney, as long as she took good care of it, she could at least extend her father's life cycle for 20 to 30 years.

But she never dreamed that after only two years, her father's transplanted kidney would have a serious rejection reaction and his kidney function would decline sharply.

Before the New Year, he was still well, after the New Year, because of acute renal failure and hospitalized. Say

Doctors can not find the cause of kidney failure, and this kidney failure is completely irreversible, the only way, is to find a new kidney source as soon as possible to do another transplant operation.

Time was short, Wang Dongxue raised the price to five million, but even if the money was paid very high, a suitable kidney source could still not be found in a short period of time. pavilion

When Wang Dongxue studied abroad when the classmate Walter, I do not know where to know about this matter, then very enthusiastic to help her from the United States black market contact kidney source.

Walter came over today, is to tell Wang Dongxue, the kidney source has been found, but also the donor is a very young, strong young man. Little

But before Wang Dongxue was happy about this matter, Walter immediately revealed his true form and put forward a series of extremely excessive demands.

Thinking of this, Wang Dongxue's mood was extremely low.

She also knew that in such a short period of time, it was almost impossible to find a suitable kidney source ......

At this instant, she could not help but recall in her mind the scene when she attended Song Wanting's birthday party.

Ye Chen took out a rejuvenation pill at that time, which was bought by Li Tailai at an astronomical price of 2 billion, and it was said that that pill could not only cure a hundred diseases but also turn decay into magic.

Unfortunately, the price of two billion was by no means something that Wang Dongxue could afford ......

Although her income is not low, but after all, she has always been a senior worker, all her possessions combined, less than 100 million, and how dare she expect to be able to afford a 2 billion pills!


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