His True Colors Chapter 1131-1133


His True Colors Chapter 1131

Hearing these three words, Yang Wanlin's face clearly showed his displeasure, at a Chamber of Commerce gathering at this level, there was still someone who dared to confront him?

        "In less than a week, I can wipe out the Han family at the Yanjing Mall, can you believe that?" Yang Wanlin said in a cold voice.

        When Yang Wanlin said this, many people who still had some connection with the Han family made the decision to immediately clear their relationship with the Han family to avoid being calamitized, while those who were already at odds with the Han family revealed a downright smile.

        If the Yang family had stepped in to deal with the Han family, I'm afraid they really wouldn't have lasted more than a week.

        Nangong Qianqiu's hand clenching her fist began to turn white, she had intended to use this Chamber of Commerce gathering to salvage some of the Han family's decline, but she hadn't expected to plunge the Han family into an even greater crisis.

        All of this was because of Han Three Thousand.

        How could the Han family, how could they fall into the hands of such trash?

        Leaving Nangong Qianqiu with few options, the only way to resolve this crisis was to make Han Jun apologize.

        Although Nangong Qianqiu was extremely intolerant, she had to do it.

        "Jun'er, apologize." Nangong Qianqiu said.

        "Grandmother, I don't, I won't apologize to this trash." Han Jun said with an annoyed look on his face, he was never the only one who bullied Han Qianqiu, how could he accept apologizing to Han Qianqiu?

        "Little coward, if you call it trash again, I believe I'll break your legs." Yang Wanlin said with a vicious look at Han Jun.

        Han Jun cringed in fear and hid behind Nangong Qianqiu again, as if this was the only safe harbor for him.

        "Thousand-thousand, let's just let this go." Shi Jing spoke out to round things up, after all, they were all family, and she didn't want things to get too ugly.

        In this matter, Yang Wanlin was also looking at Han Three Thousand's attitude, if he wanted to let it go like this, Yang Wanlin wouldn't be too embarrassed for the Han family.

        But Han Three thousand didn't respond to Shi Jing's words, so Yang Wanlin knew what he should do.

        "Cut the bullsh*t, this isn't over today if you don't apologize." Yang Wanlin said.

        "Kneel down and apologize." At that moment, Han Qianli finally spoke out.

        And his words made the faces of the Han family even uglier.

        It was clear that Han Three Thousand wasn't going to let it go like this.

        Of course, it wasn't that Han Three Thousand had overdone it, he had been humiliated and oppressed by Han Jun for so many years in the Han Clan, what was it to merely ask Han Jun to kneel down and apologize?

        "Han Qianqian, don't go too far." Nangong Qianqiu said through gritted teeth.

        "Old thing, quickly make your useless grandson kneel down and apologize, and don't say I won't give you the chance." Yang Wanlin snapped, knowing exactly what role he played in this matter and when he should speak.

        It had to be said that Yang Wanlin was quite smart, there were some things that Han Qianli wasn't fit to say directly, and his intercession would save Han Qianli a lot of trouble.

        "Young Master Yang, this is our family matter, and it's not worth Young Master Yang's time for such a trivial matter," Nangong Qianqiu said.

        "A small matter? This is my brother, of course it's not a trivial matter, it's worse than the sky falling down for me." Yang Wanlin said, these words were enough to show how much he valued Han Qianli.

        It also caused the bystanders to silently make a note in their hearts that they should never underestimate Han Qianli in the future.

        At this time, Yao Yuhai was very confused, he could tell that Yang Wanlin was somewhat suspicious of pleasing Han Three Thousand, but he couldn't think of a reason why Yang Wanlin was doing this, after all, he was the young master of the Yang family and would most likely become the head of the Yang family in the future, what was worth pleasing Han Three Thousand?

        Seeing Yang Wanlin's tough attitude, Nangong Qianqiu knew that if Jun Han didn't kneel down and apologize, this matter would definitely not pass today.

        Helplessly, Nangong Qianqiu could only say to Han Jun, "Jun'er, don't worry, the humiliation you suffered today, sooner or later, grandmother will help you get it back."

        Han Jun's face was ashen, he didn't want to do this, but even his grandmother wouldn't help him, so what else could he do?


        "Kneel down." Nangong Qianqiu said with a sigh.

        Han Jun's eyes welled up with tears, as if he had been wronged by a great grievance.

        "Han Qianqian, I'll never let you go." Han Jun gritted his teeth and said to Han Qianqiu, then reluctantly knelt down.

        Han Three Thousand's face was expressionless, and Han Jun's kneeling didn't give him the slightest sense of pleasure.

        "Can't say the three words sorry, can't you, do you want me to teach you?" Yang Wanlin said in a stern voice.

        "I'm sorry." Han Jun only had to say.

        Han Third Thousand turned to leave without saying a word, his battle with the Han family was only just beginning, more than a decade of unfair treatment, starting from today, Han Third Thousand would slowly get it back.

        Seeing Han 3000's departure, Yang Wanlin also hurried to keep up the pace, this matter ended in a very strange way, but those who used to treat Han 3000 as trash, from now on, they treat Han 3000 differently.

        Nangong Qianqiu hurriedly pulled Han Jun up and said with a sorrowful face, "How is it, does it hurt to kneel."

        "It hurts."

        Nangong Qianqiu said with self-reproach, "Jun'er, don't worry, grandmother will definitely help you take revenge."

        Hearing Nangong Qianqiu say this, Wang Tianzhao reminded out of kindness, "Although I don't know what the relationship is between Han Qianqian and Yang Wanlin, but I advise you, at this stage, it's best not to offend Han Qianqian, otherwise, if the Yang family comes out, you should know what will happen to the Han family, and you'd better find a way to salvage your relationship with Han Qianqian, he's very interested in the Han family's The utilization value is unimaginable."

        Although Nangong Qianqiu looked like she was sneering on the surface, she was clear in her heart that the current Han Three Thousand did have something worth utilizing, and just by the relationship between him and Yang Wanlin, the Han family would be able to gain great benefits.

        Next, the party went on as usual, and it was time for Qin Lin to play his part, using Han Three Thousand's name to gather cooperation for Feng Qian Company, thus rapidly developing Feng Qian's influence in Yanjing.

        As for the Han family's crowd, they left early, and the storm had to make Nangong Qianqiu reconsider how to treat Han 3,000.

        Although in Nangong Qianqiu's heart Han 3,000 still wouldn't be valued and she wouldn't change her opinion of Han 3,000, but when there was room to use it, Nangong Qianqiu had to think deeply.

        In the heart of Nangong Qianqiu, Han 3,000 is just a child, and in terms of tactics and scheming, she will definitely not lose to Han 3,000, and she even thinks that if she gives Han 3,000 a candy, Han 3,000 will be full of joy, and she will kick Han 3,000 out after she has drained Han 3,000's usefulness.

        Back home, Nangong Qianqiu said to Shi Jing, "You go find Han Qianqiang and tell him to come home for dinner."

His True Colors Chapter 1132

Go home for dinner!

        These four words directly confused Shi Jing, even she felt that she might have hallucinated, if not, how could such words come out of Nangong Qianqiu's mouth?

        "Mom, did I hear you right, you told me to go get 3000 to come home for dinner?" Shi Jing mistakenly asked Nangong Qianqiu.

        Nangong Qianqiu looked like a matter of course and said, "What's so strange about it, you'll do whatever you're told to do."

        This was Nangong Qianqiu's strong attitude at home, to her, the rest of the family just needed to follow her orders, because she thought that everything she did was for the Han family, so no matter what she did, she could always maintain a clear conscience.

        At this point, Han Jun wasn't satisfied, how could Grandmother let Han Sangsang come home for dinner, he had just apologized to Han Sangsang on his knees and didn't want to see that waste of a brother.

        "Grandma, you can't let him go home, this isn't his home," Han Jun said.

        "Jun'er don't worry, grandmother let him go home for dinner, she just wants to use him, he knows Yang Wanlin now, if you can get into that circle through him, it will be very good for your future development, don't worry, after grandmother is done using him, she will let him get out of the Han family." Nangong Qianqiu didn't shy away at all from saying such words in front of both Shi Jing and Han Cheng.

        After hearing this, Shi Jing finally understood why Nangong Qianqiu had to do this, there was a hidden feeling of nausea inside, Nangong Qianqiu was really too cruel, these things she had done were simply not what an elder should do.

        "What are you waiting for, hurry up." Nangong Qianqiu said sternly when she saw that Shi Jing was still stunned in place.

        "Mom, I don't think it's going to work, 3000 will definitely not come back." Shi Jing said.

        Nangong Qianqiu's eyes glazed over and said, "Do you think I'm asking you to try, no matter what you think, you must bring him back to me, if you can't do it, you don't have to come back."

        So unreasonable!

        Such brute strength!

        Shi Jing secretly gritted her teeth, ever since Han Tian Yang died, the entire Han family had changed in taste, Nangong Qianqiu had completely turned the Han family into a place with no human feelings, where it was more cruel than a battlefield.

        "Mom, I'll send Shi Jing." Han Cheng was worried that Shi Jing would contradict Nangong Qianqiu and cause even more conflict, so he could only break the conversation between the two.

        After leading Shi Jing, they left the villa, Han Cheng said, "You know Mom's temper, you can only do what she wants you to do."

        "Han Cheng, she's so unreasonable, don't you have any complaints at all? If I can't call back 3000, am I really not going back to Han's house, and that's acceptable to you?" Shi Jing raged.

        Han Cheng sighed, what could he do if he had complaints, it wasn't like he was in charge of the Han family now, Nangong Qianqiu held sole power and in Nangong Qianqiu's eyes, there was only Han Jun, even as his own son, there was nothing he could do about it.

        "What do you think I can do?" Han Cheng asked rhetorically.

        Shi Jing helplessly laughed bitterly with a hint of sadness, if the Han family continued like this, sooner or later it would be finished, Nangong Qianqiu's hegemony would not help the Han family out of their predicament.

        On the contrary, Han Qianxiang, who had now made the acquaintance of Yao Yuhai and even Yang Wanlin, could help the Han family solve a lot of troubles with his words, but unfortunately, Nangong Qianqiu only thought of using Han Qianxiang to pave the way for Han Jun, without thinking of letting Han Qianxiang herself solve the problems that the Han family was facing.

        Once Han 3000 was angered, it was feared that it would bring an even more serious disaster to the Han family.

        After getting into the car, Han Cheng said to Shi Jing, "I didn't think that this kid, Three Thousand Thousand, would know Yang Wanlin."

        "To be able to get Yang Wanlin to speak for him and to go so far as to offend the entire Chamber of Commerce, the relationship between them is never that simple, and Mom wanting to use 3000 to pave the way for Han Jun is an extremely stupid idea." Shi Jing mercilessly rebuked Nangong Qianqiu's actions.

        "I really can't imagine how this kid did it, with the Han family's relationship level, it's impossible for him to get in touch with the Yang family," Han Cheng said.

        "Once Mom's mind is seen through by 3000, he could have used the Yang family to deal with the Han family, how long do you think the Han family can last under such circumstances?" Shi Jing said.

        Their conversation was bull-headed, but it didn't seem to affect the smoothness of their communication in the slightest, and it didn't seem awkward for each of them to speak their own words.

        It wasn't an easy task to find Han Marchant, and after making dozens of phone calls in a row, Han Cheng finally learned where Han Marchant lived.

        However, all he knew was the name of the neighborhood, and as for which unit and which floor Han Three Thousand actually lived in, he was unable to find out.

        In this case, the couple could only guard the entrance to the neighborhood.

        "Do you think it would be better to put the Han family's hopes on Han Three Thousand?" Shi Jing suddenly asked Han Cheng, before she wouldn't have thought this way because under Nangong Qianqiu's suppression, it was impossible for Han 3000 to achieve anything, while he might not be a waste in essence, but with Nangong Qianqiu not giving any conditional support, Han 3000 could only get by.

        And now, Shi Jing had to change her mind because Han 3000 didn't rely on the Han family but knew Yang Wanlin, and although Shi Jing didn't know how he did it, this fact had been confirmed from the side that Han 3000 seemed to be even better than Han Jun.

        Han Cheng took a deep breath, if Shi Jing hadn't asked that, he would never have considered it, because Nangong Qianqiu wouldn't have been able to give Han 3000 such an opportunity.

        But now, Han 3000 indeed showed a different side, at a young age, to be able to get Yao Yuhai's attention and Yang Wanlin's pleasantness, even Han Jun, who had all the resources of the Han family, would not have been able to do this.

        "Honestly, just the relationship between 3000 and Yang Wanlin already shows that he's better, it's just a pity that Mom won't think so, she'll only think about how to give Han Jun the resources that 3000 has," Han Cheng said.

        Shi Jing smiled coldly, this wasn't an item, not a toy that could be casually taken away by Nangong Qianqiu, or even given to Han Jun.

        This was a personal connection, a feeling, built on the real existence between the two, yet ethereal, unseen and untouchable, and could only be felt with the heart, no matter what kind of means Nangong Qianqiu had, she couldn't do such a thing as transferring her feelings.

        "Unless he can turn Han Jun into three thousand, it's unrealistic," Shi Jing said.

His True Colors Chapter 1133

Turning Han Jun into three thousand.

        These words were just Shi Jing's unintentional words, and even she had unconsciously said them without taking them seriously.

        But Han Cheng's eyelids jumped straight after hearing it, and with his understanding of Nangong Qianqiu, it wasn't surprising even if Nangong Qianqiu had actually done such a thing.

        Even ......

        Even Nangong Qianqiu would really have such a plan.

        Han Cheng secretly sucked in a breath of cold air, not daring to tell Shi Jing what he was thinking, he was afraid that Shi Jing would not be able to accept it.

        After waiting for a long time, Han Qianqian finally came home.

        When Han Qianqiang saw Shi Jing and Han Cheng, she wasn't surprised at all, and even took it for granted.

        "Nangong Qianqiu sent you guys here?" Han Giang asked the two of them.

        Shi Jing poked Han Cheng, and she couldn't say something like asking Han 3000 to go home for dinner, it was too brazen.

        Han Cheng could only say, "Your grandmother told you to go home for dinner."

        Han Qianqiang smiled faintly, Nangong Qianqiu, this shameless old thing, was really shameless to the extreme, not acknowledging him as a member of the Han family, but now after knowing his relationship with Yang Wanlin, he wanted him to go home for dinner, it was ridiculous.

        "Fine." Han Marchian said.

        Shi Jing didn't expect Han Qianqian to agree so easily and asked, startled, "You, did you agree?"

        "If I don't agree, you won't be able to get past Nangong Qianqiu's hurdle," Han Qianqian said.

        When Shi Jing heard this, she felt even more guilty and didn't know what to say.

        Of course, Han Three Thousand's promise wasn't a matter of going home for dinner, he went back to the Han family just to see what tricks Nangong Qianqiu planned to play.

        He was more interested in knowing if Nangong Qianqiu still had any boundaries, and how far she could take her shamelessness.

        "In that case, let's go home, the food is definitely ready." Han Cheng said.

        Han Qianqiang got directly into Han Cheng's Maybach.

        And this scene was just seen by Wu Xin who was going home.

        "Who are these two, it can't be his parents, his family is actually so rich?" Wu Xin didn't know much about cars, but she did know luxury cars of the Maybach class.

        But she had never thought that Han Qianqian actually had this kind of family and could afford to drive a Maybach, this wasn't just a rich man.

        "Hey, it seems he's also a young master ah, he probably won't be living in such a shabby place in the future." Wu Xin couldn't help but sigh, it wasn't really a strange thing, after all, the trouble that Han Giangli had helped her solve was for Yang Wanlin to step in.

        The reason why Wu Xin wasn't quite willing to accept this reality inside was because she didn't want to distance herself from Han Qianqian as a result, even though Han Qianqian was just a child, Wu Xin had a heartfelt feeling inside because of Han Qianqian's mature performance.

        Even though she knew it was unrealistic, Wu Xin couldn't suppress her affection for Han Qianxiang.

        On the way back to the Han family compound, Shi Jing said with an apologetic face to Han Three Thousand, "Three Thousand, it's mom who is incompetent and can't help you, so if you want to blame me, I have no complaints."

        Han Qianqiang smiled and didn't say anything, although everything in the Han family was dominated by Nangong Qianqiu, he blamed Shi Jing a little bit less in his heart, because Shi Jing had never helped him in private, or even secretly sent him a good meal.

        Was she merely incompetent?

        No, it wasn't incompetence, it was that she, in her heart, also valued Han Jun more, which was why she ignored him.

        "Nangong Qianqiu sees my Yang Wanlin connection, right." Han Qianqiu opened his mouth to ask.

        This one question left Shi Jing and Han Cheng unsure of how to answer.

        It was the obvious thing to do, but they didn't want to admit it because it was very unfair to Han Qianli.

        "But this isn't a toy, it's a human relationship, and she can't take it away if she wants to, and I don't know what Nangong Qianqiu will do against me in this Hongmen Banquet." Han Qianqiu continued with a smile.

        Han Cheng and Shi Jing's expressions stiffened even more as they had discussed this issue before, but they didn't expect Han Qianqian to see so thoroughly and had completely guessed Nangong Qianqiu's inner thoughts.

        "Do you guys guess that she'll imprison me and let Han Jun impersonate me?" Han Qianqiu said that it wasn't his guess, but was based on his previous experience.

        When Han Jun was in jail, didn't Nangong Qianqiu ask Han Qianqiang to replace Han Jun? And Han Three Thousand Thousand really was trapped in the prison, and even Han Jun went to Cloud City, which almost caused a big mistake.

        Every time he thought of this matter, Han 3000 would burn with anger, fortunately nothing happened between Han Jun and Su Yingxia, otherwise letting Han Jun go to the eighteenth circle of hell would not quench Han 3000's anger.

        Han Cheng's face had turned livid as he had also thought of this possibility, and with Nangong Qianqiu's personality, it was very likely that she would actually do it.

        Although Shi Jing had inadvertently spoken about it before, she hadn't taken it seriously, much less thought about it deeply.

        And after these words came out of Han Qianqian's mouth, Shi Jing suddenly awoke to the fact that, perhaps, Nangong Qianqiu, really was planning to do just that!

        The Han family's compound wine cellar basement.

        After Nangong Qianqiu had her servant move a large iron cage to the basement, Han Jun was puzzled and asked, "Grandmother, isn't this the cage where dogs used to be kept, what's it doing here?"

        Nangong Qianqiu smiled faintly and said, "Jun'er, Grandma has a trick civet that will make you a friend of Yang Wanlin, are you happy?"

        It was naturally a happy thing to be able to become Yang Wanlin's friend, and it would also be Han Jun's capital to brag to the outside world.

        However, he was unable to understand the meaning of the words so-called civet cat for prince, and asked, "Grandmother, what does it mean to be a civet cat for prince?"

        "You'll find out later, but you'll have to lose weight, it's the only way to be more like him." Nangong Qianqiu said.

        The two brothers of the Han family were very similar in appearance, if one didn't know them particularly well, one wouldn't be able to recognize who the two brothers were, but of course, since Han Jun's food was better, he was far ahead of Han Qianqian in terms of weight, and it was still easy to tell from that, which was why Nangong Qianqiu wanted Han Jun to lose weight.

        Han Jun touched his face, having no idea what Nangong Qianqiu wanted him to do, and losing weight was not something painful that Han Jun wanted to do.

        "I'm not going to lose weight, grandmother, you'll be distressed if I lose weight, and Jun'er won't be able to bear to make you feel bad." Han Jun said, this mouthful of sweet words had to be highly accomplished, it was no wonder he was able to please Nangong Qianqiu.

        "Jun'er, if you want to become friends with Yang Wanlin, you have to do so." Nangong Qianqiu said.


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