Secret Identity 2276-2278


Chapter 2276

Ye Chen seriously said, "Doing things, as long as you're serious, responsible, and attentive while living up to your conscience, even if you don't do it well, there's no harm."


      Saying that, he added: "Later, I'll let them both, all of their deposits, all of them remitted into the account of Shangmei Company, as for how this money is used, after you take over the company, you must find out all the overbearing terms and conditions signed by the company, unconditionally lift the unequal terms and conditions on each girl, and then according to the number of years they were forced to sign, the money will be distributed to them as compensation! The rules of distribution must be fair and reasonable!"


      As soon as she heard this, Xiao Weiwei nodded her head almost without hesitation and said, "Okay brother-in-law, I will definitely send all this money to them in a fair and reasonable manner!"


      "Very well." Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "After you compensate them with this money, make it clear to them that the company is next in your charge, and that the company's next process of operation, division, payment of salaries, etc. will be all open and transparent, and if they are still willing to continue to be Miss Manners, then they will continue to work with the company and sign an equal employment contract! As long as you follow through on these points, I'm sure they won't refuse."


      "This way, after you take over this company, you will also have a stable team, and when the time comes to take on some ceremonial work, I'm sure the company will be somewhat profitable."


      Xiao Weiwei heard this and said very seriously, "Brother-in-law you're right, as long as you sign an equality agreement with everyone, everyone will definitely be very willing to sign with the company!"


      At this point, she continued quite empathetically, "After all, it's really hard for one to be Miss Manners, one has to get up early every morning and take a long time to wash, make up, and dress, and then an event is often from morning to night, so it's impossible to go around talking about cooperation and expanding relationships at other times of the day to catch up on activities."


      "For those of us who are Miss Manners, the best way to work together is to have a reliable company to help us take on events everywhere, and then give us the right arrangements, scheduling, and co-ordination work."


      "That way, people are also willing to let the company take a cut of their own labor compensation, and only then can the employees and the company cooperate with each other and get what they need, and only then can they do better and better."


      During this period of time, Xiao Weiwei was having a hard time.


      Hard because she had transformed from a lady who never came out to do anything to earn money without her ten fingers, to a laborer who ran around every day to make a living.


      It is because of the actual participation in the labor, she was able to get down to earth to understand an industry, to find out the problems of an industry.


      After she had been a Miss Manners for a while, she was able to figure out the sour and sweet of the Miss Manners business.


      She then thought to herself, "The little girls like me who are Miss Etiquette, one by one, have little background and no one to rely on at the bottom, earning their pay by working hard every day, and since we have chosen this line, we are all ready to suffer, so we are not afraid of the bitterness or the fatigue."


      "But what we're afraid of is coming across a company that's not reliable."


      "Like Liu Zonghui's Shangmei Etiquette Company, which gives everyone a very heavy workload, but pays very little."


      "It's just as well to give very little, this Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei are still not satisfied and want to further squeeze us little girls for our surplus value, so they use all kinds of overbearing terms and conditions, contract traps to trap us, and even force us into the fire in order to make money."


      "If we can find a solid company where the company and the employees support each other, even if it's hard, everyone won't complain."


      "It's just a shame that Miss Manners is a really vulnerable and bullying group! That's why most of the bosses in this business are just like Liu Zonghui, greedy enough to swallow an elephant, trying to exploit us young girls with no background."


      "So, as long as we are still in this industry, we can only jump from this pit into that pit."


      "But, brother-in-law has now given me a chance to run an etiquette company, and if I do it properly and with care, let alone how much money I can make, at least, I can make sure that the girls I work with will no longer be bullied and desperately squeezed out of their residual value by the company."


      Thinking of this, Xiao Weiwei's heart began to feel a little hot blooded.


      She looked at Ye Chen with adoring and determined eyes and said with certainty, "Brother-in-law, thank you for giving me this opportunity, I will do my best to not disappoint you!"

Chapter 2277

Ye Chen had known Xiao Weiwei for so long, and today was the first time that he saw this expression of determination to make a good career on Xiao Weiwei's face.


      In the past, she really didn't have this kind of determination.


      In the past, she was young, impetuous, boastful, and too poor to love the rich.


      But now, after experiencing some of life's hardships, she had a much more stable nature.


      This, however, made Ye Chen somewhat pleased.


      The Xiao family was certainly hateful, but these people were all blood relatives of his wife, Xiao Choran.


      Therefore, this was the real reason why Ye Chen hadn't screwed them to death.


      Otherwise, with the Xiao family's ability at this point, they would have died many times already.


      Now that Xiao Weiwei had the determination to change her evil ways, it would be a good idea to give her a chance.


      However, giving her a chance couldn't completely let her take sole control of the company's decisions.


      So Ye Chen then said to Xiao Weiwei, "After you take over the Shangmei Etiquette Company, remember to never forget your original intention, and don't let people drift away just because the company has made some money."


      Xiao Weiwei nodded her head repeatedly and said firmly, "Brother-in-law, don't worry, I will definitely remember your instructions and teachings."


      Ye Chen hmmmed and continued, "After Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei's money hits the company's account, you leave 500,000 on the account for operating funds, you yourself receive 10,000 yuan per month for the basic company, and then find an accountant to manage the accounts, every month I will have people go over to check the accounts to see if you have public funds for private use."


      Xiao Weiwei said without hesitation, "Brother-in-law, I absolutely will not engage in any small actions, you can always supervise me, once you find out that I am not of the right mind, you can kick me out at any time!"


      Ye Chen nodded, and said: "In addition, you give the company to purchase three domestic commercial vehicles, buy that kind of 10-seat, 13-seat domestic cars, cost-effective, new price should be about 100,000, and then recruit three drivers, specifically pull the girls out to run activities, so that rain or shine or cold heat, can let the girls suffer less, since you are from this step! Those who come here should be more sympathetic to their hardships."


      Xiao Weiwei was moved to the point where her tears were all linked together.


      Although she had only worked as a Miss Manners for a short time, she had already tasted enough of the hardships.


      Some of the suburban developments were far away, the public transportation was inconvenient, and it might take more than an hour to go back and forth, but a taxi was too expensive, and the income from going to the event might not be enough to cover the cost of a round trip taxi ride.


      In addition, the weather is very cold now, and the dawn is very late, so sometimes she has to go out at five o'clock, only she knows how hard it is.


      If the company could allocate a car and drive everyone to the event, it would be a very practical and good benefit for every Miss Manners.


      Therefore, the fact that Ye Chen could take this into consideration really moved her heart immensely.


      Liu Zonghui who was on the side had personally heard Ye Chen give away his company in a few simple words, and had collapsed inside his heart.


      Although he was incomparably resentful, he didn't even dare to let out a fart at this time.


      He was now able to figure out that what he was going to do next was to make all the money to the company, then surrender the company to someone else, and then he would go to the KTV as a tortoise male with both sleeves intact.

Chapter 2278

If you're a good tortoise, you still have a chance to regain your freedom early.


      If not, you may really have to work in a karaoke for the rest of your life.


      It is not possible to be sixty or seventy years old, with white hair, and still be gallantly handing out toilet paper to male customers in front of the toilet, right? That's too fucking tragic.


      At this time, Ma Zhongliang, who was on the side, saw Liu Zonghui's dead father-like face and felt more or less sympathy in his heart.


      Thinking of this, he lamented in his heart, "Although this Liu Zonghui almost caused me a big trouble today, but at least he is considered a friend of mine, and has always treated me with respect not to mention, and also arranged for me to have the girl of my choice, I also owe him a favor."


      "And just now, in order to save myself, I immediately beat him up and threatened to waste him, and now that I think about it, it's true that I'm a bit fucking sorry in my heart, and if this gets out, people outside will also say that I'm unkind to Ma Zhongliang and betray my friends when I get into trouble."


      "Also, this Master Ye fixing people is really too damaging, letting Liu Zonghui go to the KTV as a turtle male, it's like letting a company leader with a million annual salary clean toilets, the do-gooders all love to save face, who can take this kind of thing?"


      At this thought, Ma Zhongliang took advantage of the fact that Ye Chen was talking to Xiao Weiwei at this time, so he leaned in front of Liu Zonghui and whispered, "Hey, Zonghui ah, don't be too depressed in your heart, you are already burning incense to have this ending today"


      Liu Zonghui heard this, tears flowed down, hardened the urge to cry out in pain, and choked out, "Brother Zhongliang I'm fucking up to this point, or is it burning incense?"


      Ma Zhongliang nodded seriously and said: "Not to mention you are a small boss who has been forcing people into prostitution all day long, there was a company valued at billions of dollars, almost listed on the GEM boss, people did not do this kind of unconscionable business, because of blindness, with Master Ye pretending to be a pusher, and now he is still fucking in the construction site to carry cement! Master Ye can say when he's carried enough for twenty years, when it's over! Tell me who's worse off when you compare yourself to him."


      Liu Zonghui was startled.


      Ma Zhongliang continued: "So ah, you just think, is it light at the ktv as a turtle for ten years or go to the construction site to carry twenty years of concrete comfort?"


      "Sleeping Day."


      As soon as Liu Zonghui heard this, he hurriedly wiped away his tears and choked, "In that case, it's better to be the Turtle Master comfortably"


      "Still!" Ma Zhongliang exclaimed, "So if you ask me, that's good for you! It doesn't matter if you lost your money, but you still have your life, arms and legs and everything. There are so many people who have offended Master Ye in the past, not many people can end up like you, aren't you satisfied? What else do you want with a bike?"


      Liu Zonghui nodded as if pounding garlic: "Brother Zhongliang you are right I hey I admit it."


      Ma Zhongliang nodded gently and continued, "This matter, it's that paramour of yours to blame, dammit, she offended no one, but Master Ye, isn't that a death drive?"


      Liu Zonghui gritted his teeth and nodded.


      When it came to Chen Xiaofei, he really hated it in his heart!


      So I gritted my teeth and cursed in my heart, "Son of a bitch Chen Xiaofei, you're not good enough to succeed, you're bad enough to fail! If I'd known you'd get me into this kind of trouble, I'd have sent you to a karaoke parlor instead of sleeping with you. If that were the case, I wouldn't be in this mess today."


      "Hey, it's just a pity that there's no such thing as foreknowledge, after all, there's no turning back in life, and even if you're angry and dissatisfied, don't you still have to go to work at the KTV at night?"


      Thinking of this, he looked at Ma Zhongliang and begged in tears, "Brother Zhongliang, in the future, my younger brother will fuck the turtle in your yard, you must cover me a little."


      Ma Zhongliang turned his back to Ye Chen, quietly patted his chest and said seriously, "Zong Hui ah, don't worry, brother will quietly take care of you!"


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