Secret Identity 2273-2275


Chapter 2273

As soon as Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei heard that Ye Chen liked to carve characters on people's foreheads, they immediately thought of Liu Guang and Liu Ming, the father and son who were known to everyone in Jinling!


      This father and son, at first, that was a sensation, even a national sensation.


      First, there was Liu Ming, whose forehead was carved with the word "Poor Hanging" because he had offended a mysterious big figure.


      Then there was Liu Ming's oldest son, Liu Guang, who wanted to avenge Liu Ming's death, but ended up offending a mysterious figure, so he was carved on his forehead as the father of a poor man.


      This wasn't the end.


      What really made this father and son famous throughout the country was actually the comic strip about the Wu family that they both said together.


      At first, the father and son said that crosstalk that completely offended the Wu family, the rivers and lakes rumor, in fact, the father and son did not dare to offend the Wu family, the reason why they also recorded that crosstalk was completely coerced.


      Earlier, everyone wasn't quite sure what kind of big person he was coerced by to dare to offend the Wu family to the death, but now, Liu Zonghui has figured out that the one Liu Guang and Liu Ming's father and son had offended was this Master Ye.


      Now, the fate of Liu Guang Liu Ming is afraid that it will be his turn.


      When he thought of this, Liu Zonghui felt an inexplicable pain on his forehead.


      It was as if his forehead had been carved with a knife as well.


      Just when he was at a loss for words, Ye Chen on the side spoke to Ma Zhongliang and said, "The carving is fine, the mistake these two have made is not looking down on people, but bullying and forcing people into prostitution, for such people, there needs to be a different solution."


      Ma Zhongliang hurriedly asked respectfully, "Master Ye, then how exactly do you want to solve these two people? Just say the word, and I'll make all the arrangements!"


      Ye Chen nodded his head and asked him, "Do you have any KTV nightclubs or other places under your hands?"


      I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I think I'm going to be able to do that.


      Ye Chen then said, "Fine, then let this Chen Xiaofei go over to accompany the bar, doesn't she like to force young girls to go to nightclubs to accompany drinks? Just now you still want to force my sister-in-law to accompany the wine, then simply let her have a taste of this herself, don't give her a penny of the money she earns, when she has saved enough five million, when she will be free!"


      Chen Xiaofei heard this, frightened and instantly paralyzed, she kneeled on the ground and cried, "Mr. Ye, please look at me for the sake of my momentary confusion, just spare me this time I this kind of posture, go to ktv to accompany a drink a maximum of three or four hundred dollars, five million I have to earn how long to start ah."


      Ye Chen said in a cold voice, "What? You know it's hard when it's on you, so how come you don't think about other people's feelings when you force them to go drinking with you? I'll let you know what it means to do unto others as you would have them do unto you!"


      Chen Xiaofei cried, "Mr. Ye I did do a lot of wrong things in the past, but but but I am more or less restrained, generally speaking, the most I can do by myself is to pit a few hundred thousand, how can you pit me five million so much ah"


      Ye Chen said calmly, "If you feel that 5 million is too much, then we can adjust it to 10 million, and if 10 million is still too much for you, then we can adjust it to 20 million."


      Chen Xiaofei's entire body almost collapsed when she heard this


      She sobbed and cried in her heart, "This Ye Chen, the methods are too cruel!"

Chapter 2274

"It's five million dollars right off the bat, and if it's true what he says, I'll have to spend at least ten years in the KTV drinking for nothing!"


      "Isn't this going to kill me?!"


      Ye Chen saw that Chen Xiaofei didn't speak, and said coldly, "Since you won't agree, I'll just raise the price for you, starting with 10 million first, and then there will be Ma Zhongliang and Hongwu watching you together, if you don't make enough 10 million, even the king of heaven won't be able to get you out! I'll give you three seconds to think about it!"


      Saying that, Ye Chen directly started the countdown.


      "Three two."


      Just as Ye Chen was about to count to "one", Chen Xiaofei no longer dared to bargain, she cried, "Mr. Ye, I promise, I promise."


      After saying that, when she thought of her fate, she would soon be like those girls who were forced to KTV, her entire body cried out in despair.


      At this time, Ye Chen looked at Liu Zonghui, smiled calmly and said, "Mr. Liu, Chen's side has been arranged, it's time to arrange a way out for you next."


      Liu Zonghui inwardly despairingly surmised, "This Chen Xiaofei is so miserable, I'm sure I don't have anything to fucking eat, if I don't think of a way out, wouldn't this life be all ruined?"


      Thinking of this, he kept kowtowing desperately, begging, "Master Ye, in the future I am willing to saddle up for you and work as an ox, I only beg you to spare me this time please."


      Ye Chen waved his hand, "Don't tell me it's useless, when you two were working in tandem and trapping innocent women, why didn't you think of sparing them once?"


      Speaking of which, Ye Chen sneered, "Since Chen Xiaofei is going to go to KTV to accompany the drinks in the future, then you can go to KTV to be a tortoise male, just like her, when you earn enough five million, when you return your free body, in this way, the two of you can be considered as a double sleeper, and no one has abandoned anyone."


      "Be the Turtle Gong?!" As soon as Liu Zonghui heard this word, his face went white with fear.


      In the ancient times, a male turtle was a man who did groceries in a brothel, and to be frank, he wasn't even considered a security guard to watch the house.


      Generally speaking, the work done by Lord Tortoise was the dirtiest and most tiring, and in a modern ktv, he was the one who handed out toilet paper to the customers after washing their hands.


      The first time I thought of this, Liu Zonghui cried a tearful nose, choking: "Master Ye, you just leave me by your side as a dog, after you have any instructions, I won't have any delay, just pray that you don't send me to the ktv to fuck the turtle Gong I at least have been in the road some days, Jinling road people more or less also know some, ktv is the most common place for road people, in case you see me there, I can't hang up this old face ah".


      Ye Chen smiled, "What are you afraid of? When you become a tortoise, put a small tray by the ktv sink with a few bills in it, and then ask customers for spending money when you pass them tissues in passing, haven't you been on the dole? There are a lot of acquaintances and friends, and when people see you as a tortoise, they'll definitely take care of your business and give you more tips, so maybe you'll make enough five million faster than Faye Chen."


      "Me me me" Liu Zonghui at this point just wanted to crash to death on the concrete floor.


      He cried out in despair in his heart, "To think that I, Liu Zonghui, in the Jinling Road, the size of all are considered one person, although not as good as Ma Zhongliang, but at least it is the middle of that gossip ah!"


      "Now, if you let a person like me, No. 1, go to the KTV and become a turtle gong, wouldn't that be a complete laughingstock of the entire Jinling Road?!"


      "And when I used to be arrogant and domineering, I didn't make a lot of enemies!"


      "If I run into this later at the KTV and they find me nodding and handing out tissues to customers in front of the toilet, then they'll have to beat me to death!"

Chapter 2275

Ma Zhongliang saw that Liu Zonghui didn't say a word for half a day and angrily kicked him forward, cursing, "Grass! You ungrateful dog, Master Ye gave you a way out, why don't you fucking kowtow and thank him? Really wait until you're sent to the Fifth Master's dog pound to feed the dogs and you won't even have a fucking tear to cry!"


      Liu Zonghui shuddered with fright at the words!


      Who doesn't know about Master Hung's dog ranch?


      It was said that there were dozens, if not hundreds, of vicious purebred fighting dogs there.


      It was also said that Hong Wu had never stopped throwing his enemies into the kennel to feed the dogs.


      If he was sent to a kennel, he wouldn't even be able to get a full corpse if he died, let alone live.


      Thinking of this, Liu Zonghui was desperate deep inside.


      To be honest, having him be a tortoise gong, in a way it would be better to kill him.


      However, if he really wanted him to die, he didn't have the courage to do so.


      He choked in his heart and sighed, "Although being a tortoise gong is humiliating and life is bleak, but in the end, a good death is better than a bad life."


      "I'd feel sorry for myself if I had to die here."


      "Moreover, this Master Ye in front of me is not someone I can fight against at all."


      "Even Master Hongwu is so respectful to him, and I'm such a commodity that I'm nothing more than a broken fish in front of him, and now that he's willing to spare my life and let me go to the KTV to be a tortoise, he's already opening the net, so if I don't respond quickly, in case he changes his mind, then I'm really going to regret my intestines."


      So, Liu Zonghui was busy choking with gratitude, "Master Ye thank you for not killing me I Liu Zonghui will definitely obey your orders and go to the ktv to be an honest tortoise male and work hard to earn money to pay back your interest."


      After saying that, he hurriedly said, "Right Master Ye, you give me an account number, I'll transfer the three million I have to you first, the remaining five million, I'll slowly return to you when I become a turtle male."


      Seeing that this guy had accepted his punishment, Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said coldly, "All those money you earned, the blood and sweat money that you pitched from those little girls, is black money earned with an obscene conscience, if I take your money, it's like I also become a part of the gang that victimized those girls."


      Once Liu Zonghui heard that Ye Chen didn't want to take his money, his heart was instantly happy.


      It didn't matter if he was a tortoise, as long as he could keep his three million deposits, he could at least live a well-off life!


      But before he could get happy, Ye Chen said to Xiao Weiwei, "Weiwei, I have a mission for you."


      Xiao Weiwei had been beside her, watching Ye Chen move his mouth to decide the future fate of Liu Zonghui and Chen Xiaofei, the worship for him in her heart had reached a point where there was no way to attach, looking at him as if she had seen God.


      Now that she heard Ye Chen say that he was going to give her a mission, she said with a flattered feeling, excitedly, "Brother-in-law, whatever you have to tell us, Vivian will definitely do her best!"


      Ye Chen nodded and instructed, "From today onwards, I want you to take over that Shangmei Etiquette Company, this company will be your responsibility from now on, as for the shares of the company, let Liu Zonghui transfer all of them to your name today."


      "Ah?!" Xiao Weiwei was surprised and said, "Sister-in-law you want me to accept Shang Mei? But but but I don't know how to run a company."


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