Secret Identity 2271-2272


Chapter 2271

Liu Zonghui was the first time he met someone like Ye Chen.


      Not fighting, not cursing, and with a smiling face, he looked more civilized than anyone else, but when he opened his mouth, he wanted to eat people's bones.


      Fifteen and a half million? Where could he get that kind of money?


      It's true that he's made a lot of money by opening an etiquette company and forcing people to buy and sell into prostitution day in and day out, but for people like him, the more money he makes, the more he spends.


      Originally these people who used to be in the grey world, they all have a kind of nature of today's wine and drunkenness, money not to spend more to wait.


      So, although Liu Zonghui usually quite a lot of money, but also really quite a lot of spending outside.


      He can make at least a few million dollars a year, but he can't afford to be wasteful and wasteful, so he can only have a maximum of one million to eight hundred thousand left in his hands year after year.


      Liu Zonghui's all savings together, but only three or four million yuan, at this time, Ye Chen asked him to repay 15.5 million yuan, even if he sold his kidneys, he could not take so much money.


      So, he cried and begged, "Master Ye, I'll be honest with you, I really don't have that much money ah"


      When Ma Zhongliang heard this, he came up and kicked him, cursing, "Fuck! Don't give me that face, do you? Master Ye gave you a solution to your problem and you're still crying poor? Do I have to screw you to death to satisfy you?"


      Liu Zonghui trembled, "No Brother Zhongliang, I'm really not crying poverty, I really can't take that much money ah"


      Ma Zhongliang cursed angrily, "Can't get the money? If you can't come up with the money, I'll cripple both your legs!"


      Liu Zonghui was trembling with fright, whirling around to look at Chen Xiaofei and scolded angrily, "It's all because of you, this bitch, you've been out all day causing trouble for me!"


      Saying that, he also said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, the matter of the tyranny was all manipulated by this Chen Xiaofei, there is a debt to be settled, you have to find her to settle the account ah!"


      When Chen Xiaofei heard this, her entire body was also scared to death and panicked, "Liu Zonghui! Shame on you, huh? These things are all your ideas, I'm just a subordinate who runs your errands and helps you out, and you're dumping the blame on me at this point, do you still have a conscience?"


      After saying that, she panicked and said to Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye, this Shangmei Etiquette Company, is Liu Zonghui's hand in making it, I used to be just a lady accompanying the drinks in the KTV, it was him who took me as a mistress, then said that he would take me to make money, before he tricked me into this business, technically speaking, I'm the same as Wei Wei, all victims ah!"


      "Fart your mother!" Liu Zonghui took off and cursed, "Chen Xiaofei, don't you dare pretend to be a white lotus flower here, what kind of fucking goods are you, who doesn't know on the Jinling Road?"


      "Aren't you just a fucking guy out for sale?!"


      "It's fine to come out and sell it, but you see someone else's mama-sang making money, and you want to set up your own business, and you jump out and try to dig up that previous mama-sang, you're breaking the rules of the road!"


      "People threatened to disfigure you with acid and drive you to desperation before you came running to beg me to bail you out, to beg me to take you out of that circle!"


      "If it wasn't for me in the first place, you'd have been fucking disfigured! How dare you come out and bite me back at this point, do you have a fucking conscience?"


      Chen Xiaofei said in a bit of a panic, "You you don't talk nonsense, you made all this up!"


      Ye Chen shouted coldly at this time, "All of you, shut up!"


      Chen Xiaofei shrank her neck in shock and immediately shut her mouth in good sense.


      Ye Chen glared at her and said in a cold voice, "Miss Chen, there is no point in rushing to shake it off, wait until I am done with Liu, I will naturally give you a clear settlement."


      Chen Xiaofei was frightened and kneeled down in panic, begging, "Mr. Ye, I'm really forced ah beg you to see that I'm a woman, don't treat me as a normal person"

Chapter 2272

When Ma Zhongliang, who was on the side, heard this, he walked right up to her and slapped her hard across the face with a slap.


      Before Chen Xiaofei could recover from the beating, he pulled Chen Xiaofei's hair and dragged her to Liu Zonghui, kicking her down in front of Liu Zonghui's body and coldly said, "You're pretty damn capable, and you dare to play moral kidnapping with Master Ye? Master Ye is a true dragon, he doesn't normally beat women, but I, Ma Zhongliang, am not so particular! If you keep talking fucking bullshit, I'll ruin your face right now!"


      Chen Xiaofei was immediately scared and didn't dare to say more.


      She did want to play a hand at moral kidnapping for Ye Chen, first revealing the point that she was a woman, so that Ye Chen couldn't do anything to her.


      But she didn't expect that Ye Chen indeed didn't do anything to himself, but Ma Zhongliang didn't eat this at all


      At this time, Ma Zhongliang looked towards Ye Chen and spoke respectfully, "Master Ye, how do you want these two bastards to be dealt with, just tell me!"


      Ye Chen said indifferently, "Let's start with one thing at a time, let's start with the money they owe me."


      Liu Zonghui had realized at this point that it was basically impossible for this matter to be good today.


      If he didn't quickly pray for Ye Chen's forgiveness, there was no telling how much suffering he would have to endure next.


      So, he hurriedly said respectfully, "Master Ye, I have a total of more than 3.7 million deposits, I'll give them all to you, I just beg you to lift your hand and forgive me this time"


      Chen Xiaofei, who was on the side, also hurriedly said, "Mr. Ye, I also have more than 700,000 deposits, and I'm willing to pay it all to you, please let me go."


      Ye Chen waved his hand, "The two of you together are less than five million, which is a bit far, isn't it? You see, this moment and let you delay for several minutes, soon the interest will exceed 20 million, so I advise you to quickly pay all the money, otherwise this interest has been running here, for you, the pressure to pay back the money must also be growing."


      Liu Zonghui heard this, the board cried and said: "Master Ye I really do not have so much money ah you are stripping me alive, I can not come up with 20 million out ah, please be magnanimous."


      Chen Xiaofei also cried, "Yes Mr. Ye, I really don't have that much money, over seven hundred thousand is all I have."


      Ye Chen laughed, "When you pitted those girls against each other, they must have begged you for favors, right? Did you guys lift it?"


      The two of them didn't dare to speak at once.


      In the past, when they pitted little girls, they didn't care if they lived or died on the other side.


      If they didn't have money, they would just honestly sell their lives.


      The two of them would even force the company's contracted etiquette lady to accompany them to drink and sleep with them for money.


      At that time, they also never cared about anyone's pleas.


      When Ye Chen saw that they were both silent, he sneered and said, "Given that the amount of money you owe me has exceeded twenty million, far exceeding your actual ability to repay, you'll have to find me other ways to make up for that insufficient amount!"


      Liu Zonghui shuddered and asked, "Master Ye Ye, how do you want us to find the mending"


      Ye Chen sneered, "People say to spend money to dispel disasters, but since you can't come up with the money, you'll have to suffer!"


      Ma Zhongliang at the side suddenly felt that he had instantly gotten Ye Chen's point!


      In the past, when Ye Chen dealt with Liu Guang, Liu Ming and his son, and a few experts from the Wu family, what he liked most was to carve characters on the foreheads of the other party!


      So, he immediately said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye! Just tell me, what do you want to carve on their foreheads, I've got a knife here!"


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