His True Colors Chapter 571-573


Chapter 571

Out of amazement at Han Yan's kneeling move, the eyes of the crowd were on Han Giang, not only appalled, but also much puzzled, as they couldn't figure out why this ordinary young man was able to ask Han Yan to do such a thing.

        The security guard who saw this scene from afar just now was so frightened that his heart stopped.

        If Han Yan's arrival at the door to greet Han 3,000 was just a noble guest and only made the security guard feel scared, then at this moment, the guard even wanted to die, and he racked his brain to figure out what kind of person he had offended.

        Han Yan kneeled on the ground, her buried head wearing an angry expression.

        She knew that if the rest of the Han family saw this scene, they would gossip about it in private, but she had to do it.

        To Han Yan, Han Li was like a nightmare, once Han Qianqiang let Han Li return to Mi, then everything she had would all go up in smoke, which was not something Han Yan could accept.

        Han Yan believed that a moment of humiliation wouldn't become a lifetime, she would be able to get out of this predicament as long as she had the chance.

        "Han Yan, I know you're upset in your heart, but this is the life of being a dog, don't blame me for being rude to you, you don't deserve it." Han Qianli said indifferently, the more forceful and oppressive she was to Han Yan, the more she was able to make the woman clear on what she should do.

        Of course, Han Three Thousand knew that doing so could also have another effect, which was to cause Han Yan to resist, and her resistance would be a good thing for Han Three Thousand, only then would he have a more logical reason to deal with the MiG Han family.

        Thinking about the ridicule that grandpa had suffered, the Yanjing Han family was seen as foreigners by this group of people, this revenge, Han 3000 didn't forget.

        "Yes." Han Yan lowered her head, the timing was not right, she would never explode her dissatisfaction with Han Three Thousand, after all, today's position was not easy to come by, she needed to be hidden and dormant.

        "Let's go, take me to see what the Mickey Han family is like, I want to know what kind of a group of people is it that doesn't take the Yanjing Han family seriously." Han Qianli faintly said.

        The Yanjing Han Clan?

        These four words were a joke to the Han family in Mi, no one was willing to admit that they were related to the Yanjing Han family by blood, even the youngest generation had listened to the words of many older people and treated the Yanjing Han family as a disgrace, whoever mentioned it would be laughed at.

        Han Yan's heart sank, listening to Han Qianli's words, he seemed to want to vindicate the Yanjing Han family, it wouldn't be good for Han Yan if the people here knew Han Qianli's identity, after all, her kneeling to Han Qianli was seen by many people.

        But how to stop Han Three Thousand Years?

        "I have a lady friend party today, I'm going out soon, if you want to sightsee the Han family, I can bring you here some other day, all my lady friends are very beautiful, do you want to get to know them, I can introduce you." Han Yan said, using a woman to seduce a man, this is a very useful move, even for ninety percent, it's a pity that Han Yan met Han Qianqian, so this kind of move is not destined to work on Han Qianqian.

        "Push off." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        "They're all very beautiful, don't you want to get to know them?" Han Yan continued.

        Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "Han Yan, if you want to use women to seduce me, I advise you to give up on that idea, I'm not interested in these vulgarities."

        "They're not vulgar powder, you know how many men ......"

        Before Han Yan could finish her words, Han 3000 directly interrupted, "To me, all women other than Su Yingxia are mediocre."

        Han Yan didn't believe in evil, how could any man be loyal to a woman who didn't love beautiful women?

        In Han Yan's eyes, men were all lustful creatures, and no matter how serious a man was in front of beauty, he couldn't resist it, and Han 3000 couldn't be an exception.

        In this world, can one still find a man who is not greedy for beauty?

        "As long as I say the word, those sisters of mine are willing to accompany you, and if you feel that one isn't enough, you can still be co-slept by a big blanket." Han Yan said.

        Han Qianqiang walked towards the group of people watching, with no inner ripples at Han Yan's seduction.

        Indeed, there were too many men who fell under the pomegranate skirt of a beautiful woman.

        As the old saying goes, a hero suffers from a beautiful woman, but didn't many great figures in history ruin their foundations because of women?

        It was a pity that Han three thousand was uninterested in those women from the bottom of his heart, even if he had even half an evil thought, Han three thousand would have a heavy sense of guilt, after all, the grievance and humiliation Su Yingxia had suffered for him was irreplaceable by anyone.

        "You guys are curious as to who I am, aren't you?" After Han Three Thousand walked up to the group of people watching the show, he asked them.

        The group was indeed very curious about Han Three Thousand's identity, so after hearing Han Three Thousand's words, they unconsciously nodded their heads.

        "My name is Han Three Thousand, a member of the Yanjing Han family." Han Three thousand faintly said.

        The Yanjing Han Family!

        These four words stirred up a thousand waves.

        They all thought that Han 3000 was some kind of big shot in the rice country, and even thought that he might be a character out of the Pentagon, otherwise, how could Han Yan kneel down to him?

        But Han Three Thousand's true identity stunned the crowd.

        The Yanjing Han family.

        The family created by that trash after he left the rice country.

        How could Han Yan kneel to such a trashy family?

        An old man with a serious expression snorted coldly and said to Han Yan, "Han Yan, you're now our head of the family, and you're kneeling down to the waste of the Yanjing Han family, so it seems that your father made a huge mistake by giving you the head of the family."

        Han 3000 followed the sound of his voice, only to see the old man looking at him with cold eyes of disdain, the high and mighty that emanated from his bones as if he was treating Han 3000 as an inferior.

        "Old thing, who are you?" Han Qianli asked faintly.

        When the old man heard the disrespectful title, he immediately became angry and snapped, "Little trash, I don't care what kind of person you are raised by Han Tian, since you dare to treat me so disrespectfully, don't blame me for being rude to you today."

        The old man also had a certain status in the MiG Han family, even when Han Li was at home, he was quite respectful to him, after all, he was an elder, a Han family patriarch.

        But to Han 3000, there was no one in the Mickey Han family who deserved his respect, as these people never took the Yanjing Han family seriously, and even his grandfather was treated as an enemy by them.

        "Yes?" Han Qianli smiled coldly and said, "I'd like to see how you plan to be rude to me."

        The old man yelped, and immediately a number of earthly bodyguards surrounded him.

        Han Yan watched this happen and didn't stop it.

        The reason she didn't dare to do anything to Han Qianqian was because she knew that Han Qianqian was so powerful that even Han Long could kill him, so what were these earthly bodyguards to him?

        But right now, it wasn't her who was going to deal with Han Qianli, so with the fact that she wouldn't offend Han Qianli, Han Yan also wanted to see if Han Qianli could deal with these earthly bodyguards, and if she could capture Han Qianli, she could take this opportunity to exterminate Han Qianli. If she couldn't, this matter had nothing to do with her.

        The ones from the younger generation of the MiG Han family saw this scene and couldn't help but ridicule Han Three Thousand.

        "Wretch of Yanjing, you've got some guts, you actually dare to come to the MiG Han family to cause trouble, didn't your family elders warn you that this isn't a place where you have the right to spread your wildness?"

        "This is our family's earthly bodyguards, all of them are experts, does that broken family of yours have bodyguards?"

        "Today, I'll show you the difference between the Mickey Han family and the Yanjing Han family, a trash like you will only be able to experience our prowess if you take a beating."

        Looking at the arrogant smiles on the faces of a few young men, Han Qianli's expression grew colder and colder.

        "Do you want to deal with me even with these few trash?" Han Qianli said with a frosty face.

        "Hahahahaha." The old man let out a loud laugh, in his eyes, Han Qianli was already a turtle in a jar, but he still had the nerve to speak in such a tone.

        "Young man, you really don't know the sky's the limit, it seems that the people educated by that trash Han Tian Yang are nothing more than the trash that presented a mouthful of words."

Chapter 572

Hearing the old man's words, Han Qianli's gaze gaped and stared at the old man filled with murderous aura, he wouldn't allow anyone to say anything wrong about Han Tian Yang.

        No matter what Han Tian Yang's once was, he would always be a hero in Han Qian Qian's eyes.

        Without Han Tian Yang, there wouldn't be the current Yanjing Han Family!

        And only Han Tian Yang was the only one who could give Han Qian Yang the feeling of being a family member, so Han Qian Yang would never let anyone insult Han Tian Yang.

        "Old thing, try saying that again!" Han Third Thousand gritted his teeth and said.

        The old man couldn't help but take a guilty step back as he stared at Han 3,000's murderous gaze, even though Han 3,000 was a loser in his eyes, the state he was displaying at this moment had to be frightening.

        But after looking at the earthly bodyguards around him, the old man regained some courage.

        With so many bodyguards around, what was there to be afraid of, how could he be cowardly in front of a young man? And it's that same loser's seed!

        "So what if I say it again, Han Tian Yang is a loser." The old man said.

        Han Third Thousand clenched his fists and snapped, "I'll show you who's the real trash."

        Those bodyguards of the Earth Generation were worthy of being experts, and they had already been warned of Han Three Thousand's actions, and they protected the Han family behind them at the first opportunity after Han Three Thousand made his move.

        When those young men from the MiG Han family saw Han Sangsang take the initiative to make a move, each of them couldn't help but reveal a disdainful smile on their faces.

        In their opinion, Han Three Thousand's actions were a complete death wish, the bodyguards of the Earth Generation, but the strongest force lineup of the MiG Han Family were almost invincible, could Han Three Thousand take the initiative and still end up in a good situation?

        "This guy, what an idiot, he actually dared to take the initiative to pick a fight."

        "The bodyguards of the Earth character, all of them are powerful, today he'll end up in a miserable situation."

        "It's better to call an ambulance for him first, or else it won't be good for him to die in our house and dirty the place."

        A few people ridiculed, even the old man couldn't help but say, "I didn't expect to see the Yanjing Han family after so many years, but we actually met in this way, it's good that we let this trash know how powerful we are."

        Right between the words of the crowd, Han Qianli had already figured out the strength of those bodyguards.

        Of course, their strength was indeed good, and if it had been the previous Han Third Thousand, under the siege of so many people, there would have been absolutely no chance of resistance.

        But now, Han 3,000 was no longer the old Han 3,000.

        Although killing Han Long was opportunistic, it was a breeze for Han Three Thousand to deal with these people of the Earth character.

        And after the events of the Earthheart Slaughter, Han Three Thousand was practically a killing god!

        The battle situation changed in an instant, and when Han Qianli began to counterattack, the earthly bodyguards who seemed to have the advantage were instantly somewhat unable to withstand Han Qianli's onslaught and retreated.

        This sudden change silenced the Han family, and they no longer ridiculed Han 3,000, but their expressions grew more and more surprised.

        In the Mi Kingdom Han Family, the bodyguards of the Earth Generation were their greatest support, if even the bodyguards of the Earth Generation couldn't deal with Han 3,000, who would be able to stop Han 3,000?

        "This man, he's actually so powerful."

        "Even the bodyguards of the Earth Generation are no match for him, how is that possible."

        "Didn't they say that the Yanjing Han Clan are all trash, how could such an expert appear, is he really a member of the Yanjing Han Clan?"

        Out of their impression of the Yanjing Han family's trash, some people had even begun to doubt Han 3000's identity, believing that he wasn't even a member of the Yanjing Han family, but that the Yanjing Han family had deliberately invited an expert to pretend that their people had come to show off their power in the rice country.

        When Han Yan saw this scene, her heart's expectations were shattered, although she had predicted it, but the loss was inevitable, after all, this was a chance to kill Han Three Thousand Years, but unfortunately, these bodyguards of the earth character were too useless.

        But the good thing was that it wasn't just because of her, she wouldn't take any responsibility for it.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand had been reborn in a bath of blood, leaving behind snarled bones in the Earth's core, and for him, the matter of killing was not as simple as a routine, but it would never leave any obstacles in his heart.

        And at this moment, he was angry, so he didn't hold back on those bodyguards.

        In less than three minutes, several of the Earth Generation bodyguards all fell and lost their lives under the fists of Han Qianli.

        Those few young men from the MiG Han family had been so scared that their faces were white and their legs were weak.

        They were arrogant, they were unchallenged in the Chinese district, and they were rampaging around with the Han family name, but they had never seen anyone with such ruthless methods.

        "Die, die?"

        "The Earth's bodyguards were all killed by him!"

        "How could this happen, how could he be so strong."

        Several people spoke in fear, and when they looked at Han Qianli's eyes again, it was like seeing death, filled with fear.

        Han Qianli walked up to that old man.

        The old man had been so frightened that he couldn't speak, trembling all over, lightly opening his lips, even his teeth were fighting as he said to Han Qianli, "What do you ...... want?"

        "Who's the loser?" Han Qianli said in an icy tone.

        The old man felt like he was wrapped in a chill, making him shiver.

        But even so, he still didn't retract his words, it was a trampling of dignity for him, and he was never willing to concede defeat in front of Han Qianli.

        "So what if you can fight." The old man gritted his teeth and used almost all of his courage to say these words.

        Han Qianqian grabbed the old man by the throat and said with a frosty face, "I'll give you one last chance, or else I'll send you to the King of Hell."

        The old man stared into Han Marchan's eyes and finally gave in, he couldn't stand this kind of strong pressure, nor could he stand the threat from death.

        Dignity could be thrown on the ground and trampled on, but there was still a chance to pick it up.

        But once a life was lost, it was never the same again.

        Kneeling on the ground, the old man constantly kowtowed and said, "I'm the one who's trash."

        Han Marchant turned to look at the young men, and this very small gesture scared the young men as well, and one by one, they all knelt on the ground without Han Marchant's words.

        They enjoyed the power and money of the MiG Han family and the high status that it brought them, but at this moment they knew that the Yanjing Han family was not as bad as the older generation had said, because the facts had proven everything.

        "I'm sorry, we just said that unintentionally, please don't take it seriously."

        "We only believed it because we heard it from the old people in the family, it has nothing to do with us."

        "Yes, it has nothing to do with us, please let us go."

        A group of young people who were usually arrogant and domineering, this time in front of Han Qianli, they all turned into soft eggs, and the style of a domineering son was gone.

        "Han Yan, you're disappointed, aren't you?" Han Qianqiang turned her head again and looked at Han Yan with cold eyes, and

        She was the head of the family and was qualified to stop what had just happened, and since she hadn't said anything, how could Han Giang couldn't guess her wishful thinking?

        In a panic, Han Yan knelt down with the others, this time no longer reluctantly, but very actively.

        "I'm not disappointed, how could I be." Han Yan explained in panic.

        Han Giang walked up to Han Yan and said in a condescending manner, "No disappointment? How could you not be disappointed, if these people can't deal with me, that means you can't get out of my grip, didn't you just try to use this opportunity to test me?"

        Han Yan shook her head in a row and explained, "No, I didn't mean that, you've misunderstood."

        Han 3000 grabbed Han Yan by the hair, forcing her to look up at herself.

        "I'm warning you for the last time, you're just a dog of mine, if a dog is disloyal, it can only die, I won't give you that chance again." Han Giangli said.

        "Yes, I know." Han Yan's hair tugged at her scalp in pain.

        Whether it was the young men or the old man, they were all shocked when they heard Han Qianli's words.

        Han Yan, she was just a dog of his!

        Since when did the Mickey Han family, actually have to be a dog for the Yanjing Han family!

        They didn't even know when this shame had started.

        But at this moment the issue no longer mattered, because no one dared to have an opinion about Han Marchand.

Chapter 573

Han Marchan's appearance in the Mi Kingdom Han Family had undoubtedly created a shockwave for the Mi Kingdom Han Family, and soon after he left, this matter spread throughout the entire family, so much so that many people approached Yan Han, hoping that she would be able to give an explanation.

        These people all wore expressions of indignation, after all, in their perception, the existence of such a trash like the Yanjing Han family could only turtle in China, how could they have the qualifications to come to the Mi Kingdom to flaunt their power? And also killing the bodyguards of the Earth character, this kind of humiliation was unacceptable to them.

        "Han Yan, you won't let it go like this, the humiliation of my Mi Guo Han Clan can only be washed away with Han Three Thousand's blood."

        "Yes, this humiliation must be paid for with his life."

        "If you allow the dignity of the MiG Han Family to be trampled on, what qualifications do you have to be the MiG Han Family's head."

        Han Yan appeared very calm in the face of the crowd's questioning.

        "If any of you are capable of killing Han 3000, I'll give you heavy power to pick at your discretion, except for the family head, but there's a premise, this matter cannot be in the name of the Mi Kingdom Han Family." Han Yan said indifferently.

        "It can't be in the name of the Han family, what do you mean?" A certain person questioned Han Yan.

        "I don't want to hold a grudge against the family, nor do I want your personal hatred to affect the family's development, Han 3000's power is something you haven't seen, but they see it clearly, if you don't believe me, you can go and ask." Han Yan looked at the old man and a few young people, they were the ones who had personally experienced the event, they understood Han 3000's prowess better than these people who had seen nothing and only knew how to scream in front of her.

        "Personal hatred! How dare you call this matter a personal hatred, but he has humiliated our entire family." Han Yan's words didn't meet with the approval of these people, and someone immediately jumped out to refute them.

        Han Yan laughed contemptuously and said, "If he's got you by the throat, and life and death are but a thin line between you, do you still have the guts to say such things?"

        The meaning of Han Yan's words was already very clear, after all, there was only one person who was being choked by Han 3,000, and that was the old man.

        The old man knew that Han Yan was hinting at him, and at this point he had to step in and say, "Han 3000 is indeed very powerful, the bodyguards of the Earth Generation are simply unbearable in front of him, and the biggest thing that my MiG Han Family relies on are these bodyguards, what else can we do when we can't even deal with the Earth Generation?"

        The old man was considered a high-ranking figure in the family, and his words had a certain authority, so even when he came out and admitted it, he naturally suppressed some of the dissatisfied voices.

        "Are we going to let it go like this?" A certain person was unhappy.

        The old man had the same reluctance in his heart, but he really felt like his life was about to come to an end when he was strangled by Han Qianqian before, and after this experience, he had to consider the consequences even if he wanted to take revenge.

        It wasn't like Han Third Thousand was a lord who didn't dare to kill, but if Ling Lao ended up in a miserable situation, it would be more than worth the loss.

        "The current Han family needs your younger generation to hold it together, what you want to do is up to you, I'm old and don't want to get involved in this matter anymore." After the old man said that, he directly turned around and left, his attitude was clear, leaving himself clean and not wanting to interfere in this matter again.

        "Han Yan, do what you just said still count?" At this time, a young man named Han Zhong spoke up and asked, he belonged to the unpopular Han family in Mi, and had been holding his breath for so many years, wanting a chance to prove himself, and now, he felt that his chance had come, as long as he could kill Han 3000 and clear this humiliation for the Han family, then his position in the Han family would definitely be improved.

        "Han Zhong, you want to prove yourself, I'll give you the chance, but you have to remember that from now on, you're no longer a member of the Han family, and you won't have a chance to come back until Han Three Thousand dies." Han Yan said, she was also doing very carefully to skirt her responsibilities, but she wanted Han Zhong to leave the Han family.

        "No problem." Han Zhong said happily, not believing that a loser was really that capable of leaving the Han family, but it was only temporary.

        As far as Han Zhong was concerned, he would one day be able to trample over the bones of Han's three thousand bodies and return to power with glory.

        "Do any of you still want to try?" Han Yan looked at the others and asked, It was almost a fantasy for Han Zhong to deal with Han 3000 by himself, so in her heart, she wanted more people to join in on the matter.

        The others were silent, especially the young men who had seen Han 3000's power, but they didn't even dare to breathe.

        It was enough for them to enjoy the glory and wealth brought by the Han family, so why would they risk losing their lives?

        Seeing this situation, Han Zhong snorted coldly and said, "It seems that no one has the guts, I don't know what you guys are afraid of this trash, but this is good, the opportunity is left to me alone, you guys watch, I will make this trash pay."

        In response to Han Zhong's ravings, those people laughed coldly in their hearts, it was only when they hadn't seen Han Qianli's power that they had the guts to say such things, and when they saw how powerful he was, they would definitely be scared into weak legs.

        Han 3000 didn't know the specifics of the Han family, but he could predict that Han Yan wouldn't stop there, this woman could even kill her own brother, how could she willingly be under his control with such a vicious heart?

        The conference room of the Nangong family's company was already full of top executives, but as Yuan Ling said, except for the people from her own company, none of the other invitees on the list showed up.

        "You're late." Yuan Ling reminded Han Qianqian.

        "Do you have a problem with that?" Han Qianqian asked indifferently.

        Faced with such a domineering personality as Han Qianqian's, Yuan Ling had no choice but to say, "The company's executives have all arrived, but they are very unhappy with your tardiness, so you can find a way to solve it yourself."

        Han Qianli shrugged his shoulders indifferently and followed Yuan Ling to the conference room.

        A group of executives looked at Han Qianli with eyes filled with discontent, although this was someone sent by the boss, he wasn't surnamed Nangong, which meant he wasn't a member of the Nangong family, so they naturally wouldn't look at him.

        "If there's another time, you won't have the chance to see us, this is the first time we've met, so I'll give you face." A certain senior said to Han Qianli.

        Han Qianqian dug his ears and frowned at the man, saying, "Are you talking to me?"

        The senior officer felt Han Qianli's carefree attitude and became even angrier, saying in a cold voice, "Yes, I'm talking to you, making so many of us wait for you, who do you think you are?"

        Han Qianqiang knew that the anger of these people didn't just come from his lateness, but that his appearance had made these top brass perceive a crisis; after all, he wasn't a member of the Nangong family, and these top brass would naturally see him as a threat who had come to steal their position.

        Want to give him a hard time, not even weighing his own weight?

        "Why are you losers waiting for me? Isn't it right to wait for me because it's up to me to solve the company's problems?" Han Giangli said indifferently.

        A group of executives shot up in anger.

        "Who are you calling trash."

        "I'm warning you, don't think you can do whatever you want in the company just because you're someone sent by the boss."

        "As long as we jointly request the boss, you're just as much to get out."

        The crowd expressed their dissatisfied opinions, but unfortunately this threat was useless to Han Marchand, their claws and teeth were like monkeys in a zoo.

        And these people knew nothing, did they really think that the Nangong family would care about the survival of this company?

        Even if they left their jobs en masse, it would be nothing more than a trivial matter to the Nangong family.

        "Is it? If you guys think you're capable of doing that, you can try it out and see what the Nangong family will do." Han Qianli said.

        "Young man, don't be too arrogant, without our help, you can't do anything." At this moment, a middle-aged man who had never spoken before said to Han Three Thousand.

        From the moment he entered the conference room, Han 3000 had noticed this person, he was sitting in a corner but his temperament wasn't something ordinary people could compare to, and a person's temperament usually determined their status.

        "Yes? I've already been to Han's house, and Han Yan is willing to give me her full support, so what use is your help to me?"

        Han Qianli's words were like thunder, causing the people in the conference room to look at each other.


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