His True Colors Chapter 989-990


His True Colors Chapter 989

"Ran Yi won't reveal his identity, yet he's so blatantly placed him in such a high position, do you really think I, Ximen Chang, am stupid?" Ximen Chang said with a cold smile.

        This matter was an accident, to say the least, because Ran Yi, at first, didn't know that the Ximen Family would come, and even more so didn't anticipate what happened later, but Ran Yi didn't deliberately try to change this matter, there was also a bit of selfishness, after all, Han Three Thousand hadn't answered for sure yet that he would help in this matter, so inadvertently exposing Han Three Thousand's identity and shifting Ximen Chang's attention to Han Three Thousand.

        Naturally, this kind of harmless little thought had already occurred to Han Three Thousand, but since he had already decided to deal with the Ximen family head-on, it wasn't worth caring about it.

        And it was understandable for Ran Yi to do so, after all, there was a saying that a man is not a man for himself and the heavens for the earth.

        "Grandpa, do I need to go and invite this person over?" Ximen Embers asked, the so-called please was certainly not the polite way, for the Ximen family, they didn't need to be polite to anyone except the emperor.

        Ximen Chang shook his head and said, "Let's wait for the auction to end, let's get this holy chestnut first, he can't run out of Feng Mall."

        The first lot fell into Han Qianqian's hands, followed by the second lot.

        But none of the items that followed were of great interest to Han Three Thousand, and although there were some strange and beyond his knowledge items, there wasn't much feeling other than the fact that they could make Han Three Thousand feel strange, so naturally, he didn't have to waste his financial resources to take them for himself.

        And not only Han Qianqian, even the others were lacking in interest in these items, after all, many of the people present were here for the Sacred Chestnut, so naturally, they wanted to use their financial resources on the finale.

        After several of the items went unsold, the auction house made a decision to take out the Sacred Chestnut early, as the auctioneer was also clear that this was just a waste of time.

        "Next is the long-awaited lot, I believe you have been waiting for a long time, I don't need to introduce this lot to you." After the auctioneer's voice fell, a staff member walked onto the stage carrying an exquisite wooden box.

        The moment the wooden box was opened, there were many sighing voices as many people were curious about this as it was their first time seeing a Sacred Chestnut.

        "Grandpa, this plain and simple thing is the Sacred Chestnut?" Ximen Embers was puzzled and asked to Ximen Chang, in his opinion, this was just a normal and unremarkable red fruit, he even doubted that it could really help people improve their realm?

        Ximen Chang's insight was not something that Ximen Embers could compare to, he had also had the pleasure of seeing the Sacred Chestnut once, so the first time he saw it, he was sure that it was the real thing.

        "Plain and simple? Do you know how many strong men have given their lives for it? Even a powerful person at the Extreme Mastery Realm would want to get one, thus striking the true God Realm." Ximen Chang said with a covetous face.

        Although he aimed to cultivate the heir of the family head, when he saw the Sacred Chestnut, he wanted to have it himself, because once he broke through the Extreme Mastery Realm, he would have the ability to return to his old age and his life could be extended, and it wouldn't matter to Ximen Chang whether he had an heir or not at such a time.

        Unfortunately, at his current age, even if he ate the Sacred Chestnut, there was a chance that he would not be able to bring out its true usefulness.

        Seeing Ximen Chang's expression, a hint of worry surfaced in Ximen Embers' heart, as he could see Ximen Chang's desire, if Ximen Chang wanted to take the Sacred Chestnut for himself, he wouldn't have the chance to improve his own realm.

        "Grandpa, if I can get the Sacred Chestnut, I definitely won't disappoint you." Ximen Embers said.

        Ximen Chang's eyes instantly became filled with coldness, and this kind of sideways reminder made him very dissatisfied.

        In the Ximen family, Ximen Chang had the supreme right to speak, and he was dictatorial in everything he did, what he was going to do, he never needed the opinions given by others.

        "I'll give it to you before it's yours, do you understand?" Ximen Chang said in a cold voice.

        Ximen Embers quickly lowered his head and said, "Grandpa, I'm sorry, I was in a hurry."

        Ximen Chang snorted coldly and no longer spoke, instead, he put all his attention back on the Sacred Chestnut.

        The expression of Ximen Embers, who had his head bowed, clearly flashed with a grimace, although on the surface he seemed to have great respect for Ximen Chang, but in his heart, he hated to see Ximen Chang die, because only if Ximen Chang died would he be able to gain the rights of the Ximen Family.

        In this kind of big family, there was never any real affection for relatives, there were only open and secret power struggles, and as long as they could hold the power in their hands, no matter what kind of blood relationship was worthless to them.

        In the past, Ximen Embers knew that he was most valued by Ximen Chang, but now he was clear that due to the appearance of Holy Chestnut, Ximen Chang's heart was beginning to waver.

        Ximen Chang had come to Feng Mall nominally for him, but now, Ximen Chang clearly had personal desires, and this situation was very unfavorable for Ximen Embers, so he had to find a way to change it.

        With the appearance of the Sacred Chestnut lot, the auction house instantly became lively, the bidding didn't pause for a moment, it rose and fell, and soon it reached an astonishing price.

        Snapdragon Huang was already confused, although he knew that the Sacred Chestnut would definitely fetch an astonishing price, the current number was far beyond the limits of what he could imagine.

        "Master, after this auction, you're probably going to be the richest person in the entire imperial court." Huang Snapdragon exclaimed.

        The richest man, the richest man?

        Han Giangli smiled faintly, he wasn't at all interested in this kind of name, as he had already achieved this kind of achievement to some extent while on Earth.

        The Nangong family's assets, however, were able to be at his disposal, and this wealth was definitely the largest on Earth.

        "Money is not as good as power, and power is not as good as power, so money is just the lowest class." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Although Han Three Thousand's words made sense, it was hard for Huang Snapdragon to pull himself away from the shock of his astonishing wealth; after all, he hadn't reached Han Three Thousand's state of mind and couldn't understand the mentality of treating money like dirt.

        "You've converted your strength into money, why is that?" Fei Ling'er suddenly spoke up, since Han Qianqiang understood this so well, why did he auction off the Sacred Chestnut?

        Fei Ling'er didn't understand why Han Qianli was auctioning off the Sacred Chestnut in the first place, and when Han Qianli said such words, she became even more puzzled, because the Sacred Chestnut, didn't it represent strength?

His True Colors Chapter 990

Fei Ling'er had made many guesses on this matter, but most of them were not valid.

        She had even thought that Han Qianqiang had reached the Divine Realm, which was why he didn't need a ribbed object like the Sacred Chestnut.

        But how was that possible?

        In the world of Xuanyuan, there had never been a strong person in the divine realm, and even this realm, which only existed in legends, had never been verified at all.

        And breaking through the divine realm would definitely cause a change in the heavens and earth, but Fei Ling'er had never felt this kind of atmosphere before, so she dispelled this crazy idea of hers and was once again in a state of confused bewilderment.

        "Who told you that I only have one Sacred Chestnut?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Fei Ling'er's face turned pale, and even though she was an Imperial Court Extreme Master, she couldn't maintain her composure at this moment.

        More than one Sacred Chestnut!

        This was probably unbelievable news for anyone.

        But Fellingher felt as if he wasn't lying, and there was no point in lying.

        Then where exactly did he get his Holy Chestnut from!

        "Are you serious?" Fei Ling'er asked.

        Han Qianqian stopped speaking this time, the reason why he was showing this in front of Fei Ling'er was because he wanted Fei Ling'er's fox tail to show earlier.

        And now showing the attitude of touching Ling Duo could also be considered as giving himself a way out, after all, the Sacred Chestnut was far more treasured than he had originally imagined, and Han Three Thousand wouldn't give it away or use it at will unless he had to.

        "We should leave, otherwise, I'm afraid will be quite troublesome later." Han Three Thousand stood up and said to Huang Snapdragon.

        "Master, the auction hasn't ended yet." Huang Snapdragon reminded him that the price of the Sacred Chestnut was still soaring by now, and Huang Snapdragon really wanted to know at what price it would eventually be sold, so naturally, he was reluctant to leave at such a time.

        "If you're willing to wait, you can wait, but don't blame me for not reminding you, but there are a lot of people speculating about our identities right now, I guess the Ximen Family has already guessed that the person in this room is the auctioneer of the Sacred Chestnut, if you don't leave now, the Ximen Family won't let you leave easily later." Han Qianli said and left directly.

        Huang Snap Yong didn't dare to stop for a moment and hurried to keep up with Han Qianqian's pace.

        He didn't want to face the Ximen Family, in case he was really stopped.

        "Hey, where's Fei Ling'er." After walking out of the auction house, Snapdragon Huang realized that Fei Ling'er hadn't kept up with them.

        As he was about to turn back and take a look, he was stopped by Han Qianqian, "Don't bother with her, even if she's stopped by the Ximen Clan, she'll be fine."

        "Master, what do you mean?" Snapdragon Huang asked, puzzled.

        "You'll understand later," Han Third Thousand said.

        There was no way for Han Three Thousand to know what Fei Ling'er's identity was, and there was no way for Han Three Thousand to make an easy guess.

        But this woman's strength was never something the Ximen family could stop, so there was no need to worry about her in the slightest.

        The auction house was still bustling with activity, at this time they didn't care who their bidding opponent was, whether they would face retaliation later, after all, if they got the Sacred Chestnut, they could enhance their strength to be used by the imperial court, the difference in the family's status, at this time no one would worry so much about it.

        Ran Yi's old residence.

        Ran Yi listened to the incessant news from the auction house, his heart was unsettled, because no matter how high the number was in his opinion, it was worth it, holy chestnut this kind of priceless treasure is rare in a hundred years, the big families will definitely put in a lot of effort to get it, even if it is worth it to them to scatter the family fortune.

        "I didn't expect to see such a lively scene in my lifetime, but it's worth it." Ran Yi said self-consciously.

        When Ge Zhonglin went to the auction, Ran Yi didn't even have anyone to discuss it with, it was slightly boring.

        But at this time, the men hurriedly ran to Ran Yi's side.

        "Boss, there's a young man who wants to see you."

        "Young man?" Ran Yi was stunned for a moment, and the first thing he thought was that the visitor could be Han Qianqian, and quickly said to his men, "Please, quickly."

        In a short time, the men appeared with Han Qianqian.

        Ran Yi staggered in his footsteps and walked up to Han Three Thousand, bowed and shouted, "Mr. Han, I didn't expect you to make an unexpected visit, and I hope to atone for the loss of welcome."

        "It's not good to be too hypocritical." Han Qianqian said very directly.

        A touch of embarrassment flashed across Ran Yi's face, and he gave a look to his subordinate, signaling him to leave.

        Only after the men left did Ran Yi say, "Mr. Han, I don't know what you've come to find me to do."

        "How much of a difference would it make if Simon Chang were to die?" Han Giangli said.

        Ran Yiton felt his mouth go dry for a moment, what kind of f**king person must this be to dare to say something like this!

        And Han Marchan was like discussing family life, did he just ignore Ximenchang that much?

        Ran Yi swallowed his saliva and took a deep breath before saying, "Ximen Chang and the emperor have always been close, and most of the economy within the imperial court over the years has been provided by the Ximen family, so the emperor values Ximen Chang very much."

        "The Ximen family is powerful, and it's a threat to the emperor, right?" Han Giangli said.

        Ran Yi's eyelids jumped straight, and he didn't dare to say such things casually.

        "So cowardly that you don't even dare to discuss it in private?" Han Qianli looked at Ran Yi with a torch-like gaze.

        "Mr. Han, I don't know if the emperor sees the Ximen family as a threat, but the current Ximen family does have a hidden momentum of a second Bai Ling family." Ran Yi said.

        "So, Ximen Chang's death might be good news for the emperor." Han Giangli laughed.

        Ran Yi had a numb feeling in his scalp, and if this kind of topic had been in the past, he wouldn't have dared to discuss it casually if he were given a hundred guts.

        But now, he still had to rely on Han Qianli to save his life, so this was something he couldn't run away from.

        "Mixed blessings, after all, the Imperial Court also needs the Ximen Family's financial resources." Ran Yi said.

        "So, this is a really bad thing to do." Han Third Year frowned, if the emperor also wanted to get rid of Ximen Chang, it just wasn't convenient to do so, which would leave Han Third Year with nothing to worry about, but it would still be a bit of a problem if things weren't what he thought they were.

        "Mr. Han, do you want to kill Ximen Chang?" Ran Yi asked cautiously.

        "Do you want to die at the hands of Ximenchang?" Han Giangli asked rhetorically.

        Ran Yi shook his head repeatedly.

        "Since you don't want to die, is there any other way besides killing Ximen Chang?" Han Giangli continued to ask.

        Ran Yi shook his head again, with Ximen Chang's character, there seemed to be only two outcomes, either Ximen Chang died or he and Ge Zhonglin died.

        "Mr. Han, perhaps, you can go look for Ximen Embers." Ran Yi said.

        "Ximen Embers, who is it?"

        "Simon Chang's grandson."


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