His True Colors Chapter 987-988


His True Colors Chapter 987

"You can't be in the wrong place, today is the highest level auction, what are you doing here?" Windye looked at Han Qianqian with a cold face and a clear mockery on his lips.

        The trouble that was Windye would appear sooner or later, which was something Han Qianli had expected, so it wouldn't be strange for him to run into Han Qianli today.

        This young man seemed gentle and elegant, but in reality, he was an extremely vengeful person, like one of those unbearably rich people on Earth who couldn't allow themselves to suffer half a loss.

        "If you can come to participate, can't we?" Huang Snapdragon said disdainfully.

        Windye didn't even bother to look at Snapdragon Huang, as this kind of person was worthless in his eyes.

        "There are plenty of places I can go, but you may not qualify." Windye smiled smugly and pulled out his entrance card, continuing, "Have you seen this thing, you have to have it to be eligible to enter, I advise you to turn back quickly, so you don't get kicked out and make a big joke."

        Huang Snap Yong was like looking at a jumper, the card in this guy's hand was not the same as the one Han Qianqian had gotten, it was obvious that even in this highest level auction, there was a hierarchy for guests.

        Huang Snap Yong didn't even have to think about it to know that Han Three Thousand's card must be of the highest grade, because the Sacred Chestnut he was auctioning off was shocking the entire Imperial Court, and now those big families that were entering, there was no telling how many of them were here for the Sacred Chestnut, how could someone like Windye be able to compare.

        "Yah, what is this, how come I've never seen it before." Huang Snap Yong deliberately showed a surprised expression.

        Only then did Windye give Snapdragon Huang a pitying look, he had never even seen an entrance card before, and he was still coming to the auction, what was this if it wasn't a joke.

        "Idiot." Windye simply sent two words to Snapdragon Huang before placing his eyes on Han Qianqian again.

        The person he had to deal with was Han Qianqian, and a minor character like Huang Snapdragon naturally didn't deserve too much attention from him.

        "The grudge between the two of us isn't over yet, I'll let you die in Feng Mall." Fenye said in a cold voice.

        Facing this kind of domineering son, Han Qianqian was already used to it.

        How many people had said such things to him?

        And how many people have ever regretted such words?

        Han Qianli couldn't remember because this kind of person was never in his heart.

        At this moment, a majestic middle-aged man walked up to Windye, seeing that his body was as strong as a bear.

        "Windye, what's going on?" The middle-aged man asked to Fengye.

        Fengye bowed his head slightly and said respectfully, "Father, he's the one who doesn't put my Feng family in his eyes."

        The middle-aged man had already heard Fengye mention the grudge between him and Han Qianqian, and at this moment, he couldn't help but be filled with coldness and said to Han Qianqian, "Young man, can you bear the consequences of seeing no one else?"

        "You should ask your son about that." Han Qianli smiled faintly.

        "Truly an ungrateful fellow, I know you have a Seven Star Beast Master by your side." As he spoke here, Wind Engine took a deliberate glance at Huang Snapdragon before continuing, "But a seven-star beast master doesn't mean that the world is invincible."

        Han Giangli raised an eyebrow, but the fact that this guy was able to say such a thing meant that the Wind Family definitely had a Hou San realm powerhouse, which was a bit surprising to Han Giangli.

        After all, as far as the Royal Court was concerned, it was very hard to reach the strength of the Back Three Realms, and it was no wonder that the Windye dared to be so arrogant.

        "I'm just here for the auction," Han Qianli said.

        WindRock laughed disdainfully, Han Three Thousand Year said these words, but in his opinion, he was just wimping out and was afraid, that's why he was backing down.

        But messing with the wind family, how could it be resolved by simply backing down?

        "Are you eligible to enter?" Fenye scoffed.

        Han Qianqian didn't bother to talk nonsense, directly pulling out the entrance card that Liudin had given him and said, "Whether I'm qualified or not is not up to you to decide."

        Fengye's eyes glazed over, the exquisiteness of this card was clearly better than the one in his hand, which meant that if Han Three Thousand's card was real, the rank was even higher than his.

        How was this possible!

        How could this kind of trash get an entrance card that was even higher than his level?

        "Where did you get this thing from?" Windye questioned.

        "Of course Willowdine gave it to me, haven't you seen it before?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        WindRock's expression became serious at this point, since this guy was able to take out an entrance card, it meant that he definitely had an entrance qualification, he couldn't be stupid enough to make a random fake entrance card to make a joke.

        And the higher the level, the more uncomplicated his identity was.

        This auction was a hidden dragon and crouching tiger, and many members of big families had come, which inevitably made WindRock somewhat suspicious of Han Qianqian's true identity.

        Could it be that this guy wasn't at all as simple as what Windye said?

        "If there's nothing else, I'll go in first," Han Marchant said.

        Wind Engine subconsciously shifted sideways to make way for Han Three Thousand.

        "Father, how could you let him off so easily." After Han Three Thousand and the others had left, Fengye couldn't help but ask WindRock.

        "Are you sure you investigated his background thoroughly?" Wind Engine gritted his teeth and said, his intuition telling him that the Wind Family seemed to be in trouble this time.

        Windye didn't know too much about Han Three Thousand's identity, as he had already judged that Han Three Thousand wasn't a big man just by the way he was dressed, a truly powerful man, how could he be a rough sackcloth?

        "Father, he's just a piece of shit," Windye said.

        "A no-good commodity, but he was able to get an entrance card that was higher than ours?" Wind Engine questioned.

        "This ...... "Windye didn't know how to explain, and was vague for a moment.

        At that moment, another group of people walked up to Windrock.

        He had just been watching the excitement and was very shocked when he saw the card that Han Qianqian took out, as he recognized it as the highest level entrance card, and only the Ximen family should be eligible to get it for this auction.

        It inevitably reminded him of that mysterious Sacred Chestnut Auctioneer, and besides the Ximen Family, I'm afraid he was the only one who was eligible to get it.

        "Wind Engine, I didn't think your son would even dare to offend such a big person, your Wind Family has more bad luck this time." The man said with a smile.

        When WindRock saw the person who had fallen to the ground, his eyebrows revealed extreme discontent, as this was the Feng Family's enemy for many years, Zhong Zhi.

        The Wind Family and the Zhong Family belonged to the same city, the two families had been feuding for a long time, counted on fighting for many years, but the winner and the loser had yet to be separated, how could they be seen as jokes by Zhong Zhi at this time?

        "It's not about you," WindRock said.

        "Of course it has nothing to do with me, I'm just kindly reminding you, that young man's card just now is the highest level entrance card for this auction, as far as I know, only the Ximen family is eligible to get it, but I see that he doesn't look like he's from the Ximen family, guess who he could be." Zhong Zhi said with a big smile.

His True Colors Chapter 988

Zhong Zhi left, but the words he left behind made the Wind Family father and son very confused.

        "Father, what does he mean?" Windye was puzzled and asked Windrock.

        Wind Engine was also frowning, the highest level card was still only available to the Ximen family?

        Since it was only the Simon family that could get it, how could that person just now get it?

        Wind Engine thought that this statement was contradictory because the Ximen Family's status was something that no one else could compare to, and the treatment that the Ximen Family could receive was in no way comparable to others.

        Unless it was the emperor himself, but how could the emperor come to Feng Mall.

        "Hmph." Fengye snorted coldly and said, "I see that this Zhong Zhi is just playing tricks on us, who knows what he means."

        When Fengye saw his father say that, he didn't bother to think about it and said, "Father, let's hurry up and enter, the auction will start soon."

        Wind Engine nodded, and father and son finally entered the venue.

        The venue was divided into five areas, and each of these five areas represented people of different status, which was an extremely strong prejudice, but no one's heart was discontented and seemed to have gotten used to this class division, which was very different from Earth.

        On Earth, no matter what the auction house was, guests with bidding strength were treated equally.

        "Master, this place of ours is really a high-class place." Huang Snap Yong said proudly to Han Qianqian, the highest level area they were in consisted of a few very special rooms, the tripartite walls protected maximum privacy, and the visible side of the wall was made of a special material that allowed them to see out from the inside, but not from the outside.

        "Is it any wonder?" Han Giangli smiled, from the moment he took out the Sacred Chestnut Auction, he was destined to be a special guest at this auction, the highest level area was just a matter of course.

        "I've never been to such a high-level auction before, I don't know what goodies I'll get." Snapdragon Huang rubbed his palms, looking like he was looking forward to it.

        Han Giangli didn't have much expectation about this matter, merely curiosity.

        Bai Ling Wan'er was the same as Huang Snap Yong, although she was born into a famous family, her life experience was at the bottom of the social ladder, having never seen such a scene before, and was also full of anticipation.

        Fei Ling'er, on the other hand, was the most peculiar one among the crowd, her expression was flat to the extreme, even calmer than Han Qianli's, as if she had no expectations of the auction, and this performance of being as calm as water made Han Qianli take it to heart.

        If she was used to such scenes, it was understandable that she didn't have any interest in such matters.

        But to be accustomed to such big scenes was not something that someone of ordinary status could do, which made Han Marchian even more curious about the underbelly of Fei Ling'er's identity.

        "Ying Ying, feel free to tell me what you like and I'll buy it for you." Han Qianli said to Ying Ying Jiang.

        Ying Ying Jiang smiled faintly and was about to open her mouth when Huang Snap Yong, who was on the other side of the room, snatched a step ahead and said, "Master, how can I let you break the bank, if Senior Aunt has something she likes, naturally I'll be the nephew to pay for it."

        Huang Snap Yong was clever, Han三千 buy also he paid, might as well stop this credit on his own head, as well as earn some performance.

        Han 3000 took a look at Huang Snap Yong, this guy seemed to be serious, could it be that he really liked Jiang Ying Ying?

        "Okay, here's your chance." Han Marchant said.

        Huang Snap Yong bashfully walked over to Jiang Yingying again and said, "Senior Aunt, if you have any you like, just ask, nephew is not short of money."

        "Is it possible for you to buy anything I fancy?" Jiang Yingying asked.

        This kind of deliberately difficult words, Huang Snapdragon understood very well, if Jiang Yingying liked everything, how could he buy it.

        "Shishu, as long as it's something you like, I'll buy it for you even if I empty my family fortune." Huang Snapdragon replied very subtly.

        Han Giangli couldn't help but laugh, this guy Huang Snapdragon often acted like he didn't have a high IQ, but he was very smart in this kind of thing, and the fact that he easily defused Jiang Ying Ying's problem and expressed it very clearly, wasn't that saying that he could give everything for Jiang Ying Ying?

        If he were in a nightclub on Earth, he'd be an expert at picking up girls!

        Finally, after a period of waiting, the auction officially began.

        The auctioneer was a young and beautiful woman with professionalism, obviously carefully cultivated by Feng Mo Auction House, not only was she good-looking and had an extraordinary temperament, but she also appeared to be very proficient in explaining the lots.

        The first lot was a piece of something called blood jade, which was a piece of red jade in Han Qianqian's eyes, but the auctioneer's explanation seemed to suggest that the jade had other effects as well.

        "It's just a piece of jade, and there are so many claims?" Han Giangli was puzzled and said.

        "This piece of red jade, after crafting it, can be a good original object, and it's an excellent choice for women, and a cultivator with an original object can make their cultivation faster, you don't know what an original object is, do you?" Fei Ling'er said at the side.

        "You're a little beggar who knows so much, I'm really surprised." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        The two exchanged words, sort of a contest of their identities.

        "Who ruled that beggars couldn't know this?" Fei Ling'er said.

        Han Giang nodded as a matter of course, looked at Jiang Ying Ying and said, "This red jade is quite suitable for you."

        As soon as Han Qianli's voice fell, before Jiang Ying Ying could reject it, the quick-eyed Huang Snapdragon started bidding.

        Jiang Ying Ying wanted to refuse, as it didn't make any sense to her, and she didn't want Han 3000 to break the bank over it.

        But Han Three Thousand insisted on nodding, so Jiang Ying Ying had to take back the words that came to her lips.

        Since many of the real VIPs in the auction room were here for the Sacred Chestnut and had little interest in the other lots, there were very few competitors for the Red Jade, and with Huang Snapdragon bidding too hard, the first lot soon fell into Han Three Thousand's hands.

        "This barker should be the auctioneer of the Sacred Chestnut." In the other compartment, Ximen Chang spoke up.

        There were more than ten people in the Ximen family, and only Ximen Chang was the only one to take a seat, which was enough to see how dominant and high a position Ximen Chang had within the family, no one could match him, let alone dare to be on equal footing with him.

        "There shouldn't be any mistake, if not, he can't get the auction house's highest level entrance card." A young man beside him said to Ximen Chang, his name was Ximen Embers, he was Ximen Chang's grandson and the family heir that Ximen Chang wanted to cultivate the most.


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