His True Colors Chapter 979-980

His True Colors Chapter 979

Two years ago, Ran Yi had come into contact with the Ximen family once, and from the feelings he had at that time, he knew that the Ximen clan was so arrogant that they had beaten and maimed each other in an auction over some simple altercation, and had an extremely arrogant attitude.

        In Ran Yi's opinion, Ximen Chang, as the head of the Ximen Family, should have restrained himself a bit, because he would never want to destroy the Ximen Family because of his arrogance, after all, the Bai Ling Family was a lesson from the past, even if the Ximen Family had some extraordinary relations with the emperor, this was by no means a life preserver for the Ximen Family.

        But Ran Yi never thought that Ximen Chang's arrogance was even greater, he represented the rules, did he not consider the emperor before saying this?

        Within the Royal Court, who else could there be but the Emperor who dared to say that he was the rule?

        "Old Mr. Ximen, you have your rules and the auction house has its rules, the two are not comparable." Ran Yi said.

        The corners of Ximen Chang's mouth turned up, drawing a smile full of coldness, and walked straight up to Ran Yi.

        "I'll give you one last chance, I hope you can grasp it." Ximenchang said.

        Ran Yi took a deep breath, facing the pressure from Ximenchang, his best option was to reveal Han Qianli's information, only then could he ensure his safety.

        But at the same time, he also needed to be concerned about Han Three Thousand, if this person was an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, once he revealed Han Three Thousand's identity, it still wouldn't end well.

        "Old Mister Ximen, I'm sorry," Ran Yi said.

        As soon as the words fell, Ran Yi's entire body flew out upside down.

        A wall collapsed as a result of Ran Yi's impact.

        The landed Ran Yi spurted out a mouthful of blood, a wretched mess.

        Ximen Chang walked up to Ran Yi again and said in a condescending manner, "My patience is limited, if you don't want to die, don't waste my time."

        Ran Yi was cold through his heart, Ximenchang was so resolute, he was afraid that there was a real possibility that his little life might be lost today.

        And even if he didn't die today, with the Ximen family's influence, it would be difficult for Ran Yi to be safe and secure within the imperial court in the future.

        At this moment, Ge Zhonglin's voice suddenly came, "Ximen Chang, don't bully others too much."

        Ximen Chang looked for the voice and said disdainfully, "What kind of a thing are you that you dare to tell me what to do?"

        Ge Zhonglin originally didn't want to show his face, but after hearing such a big commotion, he couldn't hold back, and after seeing Ran Yi's tragic situation again, it was even more impossible for him to turn a blind eye.

        If it wasn't for Ran Yi's desperate rescue back then, Ge Zhonglin wouldn't be alive today.

        Now that Ran Yi was in danger, even if he would offend Ximen Chang, Ge Zhonglin had to be strong.

        "Ge Zhonglin, Ge Clan Head." Ge Zhonglin said.

        "Ge family?" Simon Chang laughed contemptuously and said, "What kind of bullshit Ge family, how come I've never heard of it, don't you know who I am?"

        The Ge family also had a certain reputation within the imperial court, not as influential as the Ximen family, but it was still a name to be reckoned with.

        Ge Zhonglin knew that it wasn't that Ximen Chang hadn't heard of it, it was just that he hadn't put it in his eyes.

        "Ximen Clan Leader, it's true that my Ge Clan is not qualified to be put in your old man's eyes, but this is my friend, and if you dare to hurt him without reason, my Ge Clan will pull you down after all." Ge Zhonglin said with a strong attitude.

        Hearing this, Ximen Chang laughed out loud, as these words were just a joke to him.

        "A small Ge family with such an arrogant tone, it looks like it's not far from extinction." Ximen Chang said.

        Exterminate the clan!

        These two words gave Ge Zhonglin a fright, and he knew that with the Ximen family's power it wouldn't be difficult, or even trivial, to achieve this.

        "Old man Ximen definitely has the ability to do that, but the emperor can't possibly turn a blind eye to it." Ge Zhonglin said.

        "Don't you know the relationship between my Ximen Family and the Emperor?" Ximen Chang scoffed.

        Ge Zhonglin knew that there were some things he couldn't say, but at a time like this, he had to say, "The relationship between the Ximen Family and the Emperor is known to the Imperial Court, but I'm sure old man Ximen should also know that the Emperor will never allow the Ximen Family to ignore the laws and regulations of the Imperial Court, and if you dare to ignore the Imperial Court, the Ximen Family will be the second Bai Ling Family."

        With these words, the enmity between the Ge Family and the Ximen Family was even a complete death knot, even Ran Yi turned pale, he didn't expect Ge Zhonglin to offend Ximen Chang like this in order to save himself.

        Ximen Chang's angry eyes were almost on fire, comparing the Ximen family to a second Bai Ling family was a deserving death.

        "Ge Zhonglin, how dare you." Ximen Chang snapped.

        Since the words had already been spoken, Ge Zhonglin had to persist even if he had to be hard-headed.

        "Old man Ximen, even if the emperor himself came, he wouldn't force others." Ge Zhonglin said.

        "Good, good, good." Ximen Chang said three good words in a row, which was enough to show how angry he was right now.

        Ge Zhonglin was comparing the emperor to the emperor, did Ximen Chang dare to compare him to the emperor?

        If he dared to do what the emperor didn't do, wouldn't he be disguised as not putting the emperor in his eyes?

        At this time, the Sacred Chestnut Auction in the Feng Mall, although there was no action from the imperial side, Ximen Chang knew that the emperor had definitely spread his eyes all over the place.

        If what happened in this old mansion spread out, he would definitely be labeled as disrespectful to the emperor, which was not a good thing for the Ximen family.

        "I'd like to see how long your Ge family can hold out." Throwing down these words, Ximen Chang flicked his sleeves and left.

        Ge Zhonglin breathed a sigh of relief, although Ximen Chang's revenge would come sooner or later, at least they were saved for now.

        "You're alright." Ge Zhonglin walked to Ran Yi's side and helped him up.

        Ran Yi shook his head helplessly and said, "You've torn your face from Ximenchang, this is a devastating blow to the Ge family."

        "Am I going to stand by and watch him kill you? You saved me back then, and I've saved you now, so we're even." Ge Zhonglin said.

        Ran Yi smiled bitterly, what kind of getting even is this, but Ge Zhonglin took the lives of a hundred people from the entire Ge family to save him, this is not the same thing at all.

        "What are you going to do now, this beam is closed, Ximen Chang will come after you sooner or later, and the Ge family has no power to resist at all." Ran Yi asked.

        Ge Zhonglin also shook his head, what to do? He didn't have any ideas in his head, but after all, he was facing the first family of the Imperial Court, and this kind of gap in strength couldn't be bridged by just thinking about it.

        Seeing that Ge Zhonglin didn't say anything, Ran Yi said after thinking, "Perhaps, asking him for help is a way out."

His True Colors Chapter 980


        Ge Zhonglin said in a dignified manner, "You mean, the auctioneer of the Sacred Chestnut?"

        Ran Yi nodded, this matter was started to protect Han 3,000's information, and with the Ge family being so seriously threatened, Ran Yi could only do this, hoping that Han 3,000 would be able to protect the Ge family.

        After so many years of friendship and affection with Ge Zhonglin, Ran Yi would never want to see the Ge family perish as a result.

        "Other than doing this, I can't think of any other way." Ran Yi said.

        "Can he do it? What can he do in the face of the Simon family?" Ge Zhonglin questioned.

        "If he's an Extreme Master, it's just a small thing for him," Ran Yi said.

        Ge Zhonglin nodded his head, if that was the case, it really wasn't a difficult task for him, but it wasn't a parsimonious number as to the geometry of his realm, so Ge Zhonglin couldn't put all his hopes on him, he still had to think of a way out on his own.

        "Hey." Ran Yi suddenly sighed and said, "The Ximen Clan is so rampant, sooner or later it will go the way of the White Spirit Clan, doesn't Ximen Chang understand that at all?"

        "Hmph." Ge Zhonglin snorted coldly and said, "How could this old thing not understand, the reason why he was so arrogant this time and wanted to know the auctioneer of the Sacred Chestnut was probably because he was worried that the Ximen Clan would become the second Bai Ling Clan sooner or later."

        These words seemed contradictory, but Ran Yi thought about it for a moment and understood the reasoning, saying, "You mean, Ximen Chang wants to get more Sacred Chestnut?"

        "If the Ximen Clan could produce an Extreme Master realm powerhouse, would he still need to fear the Emperor? I'm afraid the emperor will have to give him some face by then, and the Ximen family will be the true number one family then." Ge Zhonglin explained.

        "In other words, Ximen Chang has already sensed the danger." Ran Yi said.

        Ge Zhonglin nodded his head, if not, why would Ximen Chang personally appear this time?

        The two people's guesses were correct.

        Ximen Chang did have this concern because the Ximen Family was now growing stronger and stronger, and although Ximen Chang had deliberately tried to stop this matter, it was impossible to stop it completely as people moved on and water flowed lower.

        Ximen Chang knew that sooner or later, the emperor would see the Ximen Family as a threat, and no matter how much the Ximen Family tried to please the emperor and how much they tried to maintain a relationship with the emperor, this would not change the emperor's opinion of the Ximen Family.

        Therefore, the only option the Ximen Family faced was to make the people within the clan so powerful that the emperor would not dare to belittle the Ximen Family.

        In the past, for Ximen Chang, cultivating a strong person of the Extreme Mastery Realm was just a fantasy.

        But this time, the appearance of the auction of Sacred Chestnut in the Feng Mall had given Ximen Chang hope.

        As long as there was Sacred Chestnut, it would not be difficult to cultivate an Extreme Master.

        So Ximenchang personally came to Feng Mall, and personally came to look for Ran Yi.

        Unfortunately, the final result was not what Ximenchang was willing to take.

        A certain inn.

        The Ximen family had already bought the entire inn.

        Of course, rather than buying it, it was more like forcibly occupying it, as they used extraordinary means to force the owner to leave the Feng Mall.

        "Family owner, do you know who the person who auctioned off the Sacred Chestnut is?"

        Back at the inn, a core family member asked Ximen Chang.

        Ximenchang smashed the Eight Immortal Table in front of him with a slap.

        Seeing this kind of performance from Ximen Chang, those family members guessed the outcome.

        "This Ran Yi, he doesn't even care about you?" A certain person asked in confusion.

        "Ge Zhonglin has given me a hat that makes me have to retreat, this Ge family, I want his entire family exterminated." Ximen Chang gritted his teeth and said.

        "The Ge family? Gertrude?"

        "You know?" Ximen Chang looked to the clan member who spoke.

        The clan member nodded and said, "There has been contact, but Ge Zhonglin is a smart man, so how could he offend the Ximen family?"

        "After this incident is over, the task of destroying the Ge family will be given to you, I want him to know what will happen if he offends me." Ximen Chang commanded.

        The patriarch didn't dare to ask any more questions and just nodded his head in response.

        The inn where Han Qianli was staying.

        Two consecutive groups of people had arrived at Ran Yi's old mansion, which Huang Snapdragon had quickly informed Han Three Thousand and informed him of the status of the two families and their influence within the imperial court.

        Han Three Thousand Thousand didn't expect that two fish of this size would be so eager to surface.

        In particular, this fellow named Ximen Chang, whose family was known as the number one family within the imperial court, was such a big shot that he had actually stooped to meet Ran Yi.

        "Master, after Ximen Chang appeared, the old mansion made a great deal of noise, so I guess it was Ximen Chang who made the move, and I don't know if Ran Yi is still alive." Huang Snap Yong said.

        "Ximen Chang dared to kill anyone?" Han Qianli asked.

        "Master, although there are rules in the Imperial Court, these rules are used on ordinary people, how could someone like Ximen Chang care, he kills people as easily as stepping on an ant." Snapdragon Huang explained.

        "What was the state he left the old mansion in?" Han Marchand continued to ask.

        "I heard the eyewitnesses say very angry, furious."

        "Since he's angry, he should not have gotten my message, it looks like Ran Yi is still quite professional and ethical, but his end should not be easy, even if he didn't die, I'm afraid he's seriously injured." Han Giangli said.

        Huang Snapdragon nodded, the noise made in the old mansion was not small, it was enough to show what happened to Ran Yi, and in Huang Snapdragon's opinion, Ran Yi had most likely lost his little life, because it was too easy for a character like Ximen Chang to kill an auction house owner.

        "I didn't think that Ximen Chang, the dog, would be so highly touted by you guys now." At this time, Bai Ling Wan'er suddenly spoke up.

        Her words immediately drew the attention of Han Qianqian and Huang Snap Yong, causing both of them to cast puzzled looks at her.

        "Wan'er, what do you mean by that? Even when the Bai Ling family was still around, Ximen Chang was in an extraordinary position, so how can he be a dog?" Snapdragon Huang was curious.

        "He's a dog of the Bai Ling Clan, if it wasn't for the Bai Ling Clan, the Ximen Clan would be nothing more than a pile of trash." Bai Ling Wan'er said.

        "Back then, you were still young, how could you know so much?" Han Giangli was strange.

        "It was all told to me by my nanny, she told me everything she knew in order to make me cognizant of the Bai Ling family, back then, the Ximen family was supported by the Bai Ling family, my nanny said that the family's extermination was most likely planned with Ximen Chang's involvement, and it's even possible that Ximen Chang started the matter." Bai Ling Wan'er gritted her teeth and said.


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