His True Colors Chapter 977-978

His True Colors Chapter 977

"Fated? What do you mean?" This time it was Fei Ling'er's turn to be puzzled, could it be that Han Qianxiang had been a door-to-door son-in-law more than once?

        But how could such a ridiculous thing happen to him twice, could it be that a strong man like him who took pleasure in it had such a vicious taste in it?

        "It's nothing, I'm just saying," Jiang Ying Ying said.

        Fei Ling'er's face didn't change, but she knew that there were definitely a lot of secrets on Han Qianxiang, and she hadn't gained Jiang Ying Ying's full trust yet, which was why she didn't want to tell herself about them.

        But Fei Ling'er wasn't in a hurry, she still had time.

        "I can't understand why he's so powerful, why is he willing to suffer such humiliation, and why was he driven out of the mansion by the Chen family and humiliated in front of everyone, he's a strong man who can make the Chen family bleed to death with the flip of a switch." Fei Ling'er said with a puzzled expression.

        Hearing these words, Jiang Ying Ying didn't feel strange at all.

        In the past, although Han Qianqian wasn't as strong as he was now, his background was still not comparable to the Su Family, but wasn't he still the same, humiliated in the Su Family and looked down upon in Cloud City?

        It wasn't unusual for something incomprehensible to normal people to happen to Han Third Thousand.

        Ying Jiang knew that Han 3000 was holding back so that he wouldn't attract too much attention, after all, he didn't belong to the Xuanyuan world and the secret had to be kept.

        "My brother has always kept a low profile and doesn't compete with the world, so it's nothing strange," Jiang Ying Ying said.

        "Why does he have to be so low-key?" Ferringer was curious.

        "Character, he doesn't like to be too flamboyant." Jiang Ying Ying casually perfunctory.

        Fei Ling'er no longer pursued the question to avoid arousing Jiang Ying Ying's suspicions, and by tonight, she would naturally have a way to get Jiang Ying Ying to open up.

        The two of them chatted about some more insignificant matters, and by this time, someone had already boarded the door at Ran Yi's old mansion.

        As Bai Ling Wan'er had thought, those big families had indeed begun investigating the auctioneer of the Sacred Chestnut, and they didn't just want to own it, they wanted to know where it came from, and in order to find that out, they had to find out who auctioned it.

        The first wave to arrive at Ran Yi's old mansion were three men in flashy clothes, an old man and two young men, who at a glance were high status existences.

        The old man carried an air of majesty and had a powerful aura.

        "Old friends meeting each other, is it hard for you to hide?" The old man stood at the gate and spoke, his voice seemingly small, but extremely penetrating.

        Ran Yi, who was sitting in the courtyard, felt as if thunder was exploding in his ears.

        What followed was a bitter smile, this old thing he had known for many years, always relying on his powerful realm to show off his skills in front of him, after so many years of not seeing him, his temper still hasn't changed at all.

        Ran Yi stood up, since he was an old friend coming here, he naturally had to personally welcome him.

        "Ge Zhonglin, you still have the same foul temper after so many years of not seeing each other, can't you knock on the door?" Ran Yi said with a dissatisfied face.

        Ge Zhonglin raised a disdainful smile on his face and said, "This broken door of yours is not worth my hand."

        Ran Yi was so angry that his teeth itched, the two had known each other for many years and had often competed when they were young, but now that he was old, Ran Yi was already a Buddha heart, but seeing Ge Zhonglin, the hostility in his heart rushed back to his head.

        "Since this broken door of mine isn't worthy of your hand, why are you still here in my shabby place?" Ran Yi said.

        Ge Zhonglin did not say anything, directly towards the courtyard, said when passing by Ran Yi: "If not to find you something, do you think I am willing to come, already let you repair this broken place, you do not listen, is not a lack of money? Do you need my relief?"

        Ran Yi was so angry that he blasted a punch towards Ge Zhonglin's back.

        After years of old friends not seeing each other, it should have been an exchange of feelings between the two of them, but it turned into a fist fight.

        With Ge Zhonglin's strength, he was sure to finish off Ran Yi.

        But Ge Zhonglin deliberately suppressed his own strength to the same realm as Ran Yi, and the two fought back and forth.

        After more than twenty rounds, Ran Yi was already panting, but Ge Zhonglin's face remained unchanged.

        "No more fighting no more, damn it, you're just bullying Rao." Ran Yi waved his hand and said, at this rate, even if he didn't get knocked down by Ge Zhonglin, he would still fall down because he was running out of strength.

        Ge Zhonglin laughed and said, "You're a trash, you've never been a match for me in your life, and you still want to fight me, you don't even know what you're doing."

        Seeing this scene, Ran Yi's guards laughed, and so did the two young men that Ge Zhonglin had brought with him.

        These two seemed to be incompatible with fire and ice, but they actually had a very good relationship, cursing and punching each other, but in reality, this was a sign of strong feelings, or else, with Ge Zhonglin's strength, Ran Yi would have died dozens of times already.

        "Bah, if it wasn't for the fact that Raozi was injured back then, is it your turn to be arrogant in front of me, but I only let myself get injured to save that dog, you won't forget that," Ran Yi said.

        Ge Zhonglin was so angry that he blew his whiskers and pointed at Ran Yi's nose and said angrily, "Who are you calling a dog, believe me I'll really waste you."

        Ran Yi sat on the stone bench, breathing heavily, oblivious to Ge Zhonglin's rage, instead, he recalled the past and said, "Back then ......"

        "Ok ok ok, don't you be back then, every time we meet it's back then how so and so, don't you know that a good man doesn't mention back then courage?" Ge Zhonglin said with a helpless face.

        "Raul was brave just once, and I'm not allowed to mention it?" Ran Yi rebuked angrily.

        Ge Zhonglin was like a deflated ball, back then, if Ran Yi hadn't been seriously injured to save him, it wouldn't have caused Ran Yi to be unable to cultivate, a favor that Ge Zhonglin would never forget no matter what the circumstances.

        "Even if you were to mention it, you'd have to serve wine first, wouldn't you." Ge Zhonglin said.

        Ran Yi looked at the guard, who was very sensible and hurried to the wine cellar.

        Finally, the scene of old friends meeting turned into a normal scene of pushing glasses and exchanging wine, and Ran Yi began to talk about the year, Ge Zhonglin cursed from time to time, but did not interrupt Ran Yi.

        After three rounds of wine, Ge Zhonglin finally couldn't help but say to Ran Yi, "It's almost time to finish what you have to say, and now it's my turn."

        "You don't have to open your mouth, I know what you want." Ran Yi said, this time Ge Zhonglin came to Feng Mall, he definitely came here for the Sacred Chestnut, he came to his own home, besides catching up on old times, he naturally wanted to know who exactly was auctioning the Sacred Chestnut, so there was no need for Ge Zhonglin to open his mouth, Ran Yi also knew what he wanted to say.

        "Since you know, why don't you tell me quickly, is it hard for you to hide it from me?" Gertrude Chunglin said.

His True Colors Chapter 978

Ran Yi laughed, then waved his hand and said, "Even if I tell you, what's the point, even if you find him, what can you do?"

        Hearing this, Ge Zhonglin's expression became serious and put down his wine glass, asking, "You're not going to tell me that the one who auctioned off the Sacred Chestnut was a Pole Master, are you?"

        In Ge Zhonglin's opinion, it was very likely that this auctioneer had obtained the Sacred Chestnut unintentionally, as it was simply impossible for an Extreme Master to put such a cherished item up for auction.

        If it was obtained unintentionally, then finding this person could lead to the location of the Sacred Chestnut, which would be an extremely attractive thing for anyone to do!

        "Yes." Ran Yi said with a nod of his head.

        "How is that possible, old thing, don't lie to me." Ge Zhonglin said in disbelief.

        He wasn't the only one who didn't believe it, even the two young men who were following him were equally skeptical.

        Because this kind of thing was inherently unlikely.

        Although polar masters were powerful, there was also a legendary divine realm that every polar master pursued.

        The Sacred Chestnut, however, was their greatest hope in pursuing the divine Realm, what kind of person would bring their hope to auction?

        And how could a great man like the Pole Division be short of money?

        "I don't know why, but he, indeed, could be a Pole Master, which is why I don't want you to go to him, I know your foul temper very well, and if you start a conflict between you and him, my future life, will be devoid of fun." Ran Yi said.

        What Ran Yi called fun, he had told Ge Zhonglin a long time ago that he wanted to compete with Ge Zhonglin on who lived longer.

        So when he said losing fun, Ge Zhonglin understood that he was afraid that he would offend that Pole Master and lose his life.

        But Ge Zhonglin still didn't quite want to believe that the auctioneer was a Pole Master, because it was something that didn't make sense at all.

        "You really aren't kidding me? But how could the Pole Division be short of money?" Ge Zhonglin was puzzled.

        "Didn't I say that I don't know the reason, but his realm is in no way comparable to your Ge family." After saying this, Ran Yi paused for a moment and continued, "You're also quite an intelligent person, don't you know the origin of the Sacred Chestnut, can't you still think that Sacred Chestnut exists outside the Dark Forest?"

        Ge Zhonglin's expression was heavy, it was true that he hadn't heard that there were sacred chestnuts anywhere else but the Dark Forest, and the rumor was that the growing conditions of sacred chestnuts required the breath of powerful exotic beasts as nourishment, which was why sacred chestnuts could help people improve their realm.

        "Hey." Ge Zhonglin sighed, he had to believe what his long-time friend said, but he was just a little disappointed inside, he thought that he could use his relationship with Ran Yi to obtain more valuable things, but now it seemed that he was daydreaming.

        How could an ordinary person obtain a sacred chestnut?

        "You don't need to sigh, with your Ge family's wealth, it's not impossible to get this Sacred Chestnut, is it hard to get one and you're not satisfied?" Ran Yi said.

        "If I can get it, I will naturally be satisfied, but this time, I'm afraid that it's not as simple as you think, the entire great families of the Imperial Court are here, and I'm afraid that my Ge family is powerless." Ge Zhonglin said with a powerless face.

        To be compared to ordinary big families, the Ge family had an absolute advantage, but this time was different, too many people were involved and some families were willing to give their all for the Sacred Chestnut, which would make the Ge family's situation very embarrassing.

        Ran Yi nodded, there was no need to say how strong the attraction of Sacred Chestnut was, and the price those big families were willing to pay for this matter was even more unimaginable.

        Although the auction hadn't started yet, Ran Yi could already imagine how much this auction fought.

        "Your Ge family has the heart to do it, have you forgotten me?" Ran Yi said disdainfully.

        Ge Zhonglin understood what he meant by that, Ran Yi had kept a low profile in Feng Mall for so many years, but he actually controlled half of the auction house business, and his financial resources were quite impressive, if he had Ran Yi's help, Ge Zhonglin would have a higher chance of taking the Sacred Chestnut at the auction.

        But as a long-time friend, Ge Zhonglin was unwilling to do so.

        Back then, because of Ran Yi's saving grace, Ran Yi was unable to cultivate, which already made Ge Zhonglin feel indebted to Ran Yi, and this debt was something that Ge Zhonglin could not repay.

        Now, he still wanted to take Ran Yi's money, which was even more unacceptable to Ge Zhonglin.

        At this time, the guard walked up to Ran Yi and said to Ran Yi, "Master, someone else has boarded the door."

        "Who?" Ran Yi asked.

        "The Ximen family, Ximen Chang." The guard said.

        Hearing the words Ximen Chang, Ran Yi and Ge Zhonglin both turned pale.

        "I didn't expect Ximen Chang to come in person." Ge Zhonglin said through gritted teeth.

        The Ximen Clan was another big family after the White Spirit Clan back then, even during the heyday of the White Spirit Clan, the Ximen Clan was only slightly inferior, after the White Spirit Clan was exterminated, the Ximen Clan became the number one family in the imperial court worthy of the title, and because of the close relationship between Ximen Chang and the emperor, the Ximen Clan wasn't restricted by the imperial court.

        "It seems that it is indeed not simple for your Ge family to take the Sacred Chestnut." Ran Yi said with a sigh on his face.

        Ximen Chang's personal appearance was already enough to show that the Ximen Family was determined to take the Sacred Chestnut, and his appearance would surely make many families think less of it.

        After all, no one wanted to offend Ximenchang, and everyone would be worried about being worn by Ximenchang's small shoes afterwards.

        "Even if Ximen Chang comes, my Ge family will do its best." Ge Zhonglin said unconvincingly.

        Ran Yi nodded, Ximen Chang was worth fearing, but with the lure of a treasure like the Sacred Chestnut, it was still worth the Ge family's time to give it a try.

        "You guys go to the backyard first, I'll be with this Ximenchang for a while." Ran Yi said.

        Ge Zhonglin's three men went to the backyard led by the guards.

        Soon, an old man with white hair appeared in front of Ran Yi, his long hair was not tied up and fluttered in the wind, quite an immortal spirit.

        Ran Yi stood up, bowed, and said respectfully, "I didn't expect to be able to meet old Mr. Ximen in my lifetime, it's really a great fortune in my life."

        Ximen Chang sneered at such flattering words, and with his position, he wouldn't have put Ran Yi in his eyes at all, so he said very rudely, "You should know the purpose of my visit, in that case, there's no need for me to ask more, right?"

        "There are rules of the auction house, I hope old man Ximen can understand." Ran Yi said.

        Ximen Chang snorted coldly and said, "In front of me, there are still rules? I, Simon Chang, am the rule!"


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