His True Colors Chapter 917-918


His True Colors Chapter 917

Huang Snapdragon was a little confused and strange when he saw that the person he was following was Chen Tiesin.

        This guy had picked up his life so easily for nothing, what was going on now, tracking himself, did he have to seek death? Is it possible that he's already dead without being able to break the boundary, so he's trying to k*ll himself in this way?

        "Chen Tiesin, are you stalking me to get back at me?" Huang Snapdragon smiled faintly, his current strength was not afraid of Chen Tiesin, if this guy really had other intentions towards him, Huang Snapdragon would be able to subdue Chen Tiesin by his own strength.

        "With my strength, how could I possibly retaliate against you, I have an unkind request." Chen Tiesin said.

        "An unkind request?" Snapdragon Huang laughed and said, "You don't want me to introduce you to my master, do you?"

        In Xiaoling City, Han Giangli personally showed up to relieve Huang Snapdragon, so the fact that Huang Snapdragon had a master was no longer a secret, and it wasn't a surprise that Chen Tiesin could know about it.

        "Good, I hope to take this opportunity to become your junior brother." Chen Tiesin said.

        Huang Snap Yong giggled, thinking that when Han Giang was in the Chen residence, but he was chased away by Chen Tiesin, but now he wanted to pay homage to his master, it was ridiculous.

        "Chen Tiesin, how could you possibly be qualified to become my disciple, I advise you to give up on this idea, you'll never be his disciple." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Chen Tiesin expected that he would be rejected, but he would not give up easily.

        "Why?" Chen Tiesin asked.

        "There are some things that I can't tell you right now, but you'll naturally understand later." Huang Snap Yong said, knowing that sooner or later, Han Qianqian's identity in Long Yun City would be exposed, and then not only Chen Tiesin, but also Yan Chen would understand what he had missed out on.

        In fact, in Huang Snap Yong's heart, he couldn't wait to see how the Chen family regretted it, but this wasn't something he was qualified to lead, so he could only wait slowly.

        "You're afraid that after I become his disciple, my realm will rise even faster and steal your limelight?" Chen Tiesin said.

        It was a very dangerous thing to say, once he upset Snapdragon Huang, he would end up very badly, but Chen Tiesin had to do it, this was a deliberate provocation he used.

        But in fact, Snapdragon Huang wasn't angry, but instead smiled even more happily, as he knew exactly why his strength had increased so quickly, all thanks to that Cocoa Red Fruit.

        But Chen Tiesin was arrogant enough to believe that he was more talented, so he was able to achieve faster realm advancement, wasn't this a joke?

        "Chen Tiesin, I know you're very conceited, but after all these years, don't you still understand why those people don't take you as a disciple, is it because you're too talented and they're afraid you'll surpass them?" Snapdragon Huang sneered.

        In the matter of talent, Chen Tiesin had the confidence of fascination, and it was because of this that he had travelled south, even when he had nothing to show for it, Chen Tiesin still thought that it was just those people who did not know the Pearl of Dust.

        "Isn't it?" Chen Tiesin asked rhetorically.

        Once again, Huang Snap Yong couldn't help but laugh, in his eyes, Chen Tiesin was like a complete brain-damaged person, and such a bizarre idea could even arise in his mind.

        Walking up to Chen Tiesin, Huang Snap Yong patted Chen Tiesin's shoulder and said in a long-winded manner, "Chen Tiesin, when will you admit that you're a loser."

        Chen Tiesin's face was set, he was expected to have high hopes by the Chen family and no one had ever dared to call him a trash.

        Although he had long expected to be humiliated by Huang Snapdragon, the word waste was far beyond what Chen Tiesin could bear in his heart.

        "Very angry? What's the point? Can you beat me? And do you know how ridiculous it is that you want to worship your master." Huang Snapdragon continued.

        Chen Tiesin clenched his hands to control his impending outburst, as Huang Snapdragon said, he was no match for Huang Snapdragon at all, and even if he really fought, he would be the one to suffer.

        "Chen Tiesin, when the truth floats a hundred in the world, you will know how funny this joke is." After saying this, Snapdragon Huang left.

        Chen Tiesin's clenched fists oozed a thread of fishy red, this was due to the fact that he was holding his fists too hard, thus causing his nails to cut into his palms.

        "Snapdragon Huang, one day, I, Chen Tiesin, will step on your head and return all this humiliation to you." Chen Tiesin said through gritted teeth.

        Back at the Chen residence, Chen Tiesin found Yanran Chen.

        "Sister, I've found Han Qianqian, I had a chance to kill that trash, but it was ruined by Huang Snap Yong, don't worry, brother will find another chance to avenge you." Chen Tiesin said to Yanran Chen.

        Yanran Chen wasn't looking for Han 3000 for revenge, but to confirm her thoughts.

        Now, hearing Chen Tiesin say that he wanted to kill Han Three Thousand, it made Yanran Chen panic.

        "Brother, what did you do, did you offend him again?" Chen Yanran asked.

        Offend him?

        Can the word "offend" be used to teach that loser?

        Chen Tiesin laughed disdainfully and said, "Sister, with my Chen family's status, is there any need to be afraid of him, so why use the word offended?"

        Chen Yanran's face was ashen, she wanted to find Han Marchant, besides confirming her thoughts, she also wanted to ease the relationship between the Chen family and Han Marchant, and Chen Tiesin's appearance had clearly exacerbated the hatred between the Chen family and Han Marchant, this was not the result Chen Yanran wanted.

        "Brother, where is he, I want to go see him personally." Chen Yanran said.

        "Sister, don't worry, I'll bring his corpse back to the Chen family, what are you going to see him for now." Chen Tiesin said.

        Yanran Chen shook her head in panic and said, "Brother, you don't understand, you simply don't understand why I want to see him."

        It was true that Chen Tiesin didn't understand the reason, he had racked his brains and only thought that it was possible that Han 3000 had done something wrong to Chen Yanran, and that was why Chen Yanran had recently lost his mind trying to find Han 3000.

        "Han 3000 is not as simple as we think, the Chen family can't afford to offend him anymore." Yanran Chen said.

        Chen Tiesin frowned.

        With the Chen family's status, they still couldn't offend that trash Han Three Thousand, wasn't this a joke?

        "Sister, you're confused, Han Qianqian is a piece of trash, does the Chen family still need to take him seriously?" Chen Tiesin felt ridiculous and said.

        "No, it's not like that, it's not like that, brother, I suspect that he's hiding his strength, I suspect that he did everything, he's actually an expert." Yan Chen explained.

        "An expert?" When Chen Tiesin heard these two words, he couldn't help but feel like laughing inside.

        Han 3,000 was an expert, wasn't this the same as Huang Snapdragon calling him a loser?

His True Colors Chapter 918

Chen Tiesin touched Yanran Chen's forehead, because he felt that Yanran Chen would say such things, it must be because she was sick, otherwise how could she think that Han 3000 was an expert?

        "Sister, I know you've been in a bit of a trance lately, take a good rest." Chen Tiesin said.

        Yanran Chen plucked away Chen Tiesin's hand and said, "I don't need to rest, brother, what I said is true, take me to see him, I want to confirm this matter."

        "Alright, stop fooling around, stay at home, don't go anywhere, brother doesn't want anything to happen to you." Chen Tiesin was ready to leave after saying that.

        As soon as she saw this situation, Yan Chen quickly pulled Chen Tiesin's hand and said, "Brother, you believe me, my intuition is not wrong, when the two Wang Xie families brought a strong man of the Four Lantern Realm to blackmail me, it was Han 3000 who took that expert away and never came back."

        "There's also Huang Snapdragon, he brought more than ten Two-Light Realm experts to rob Han 3000 outside the city, but none of those experts have returned."

        "You know about the incident in the Long Yan Mountain Range, there was only Han Qianqian and Huang Snap Yong with me, with Huang Snap Yong's strength, it was impossible to subdue the Seven Star Exotic Beast, and it was Han Qianqian who did that."

        This call seemed to make some sense, but Chen Tiesin felt that Yan Chen was so confused, according to her, wouldn't Snapdragon Huang's master be Han 3000, how could this be possible?

        "You've said yourself that Snapdragon Huang wanted to kill Han Three Thousand, but your guess is that Han Three Thousand was also Snapdragon Huang's master, do you think that's valid?" Chen Tiesin was helpless.

        It was true that the argument didn't hold water, but Yan Chen knew that there must be many things that she didn't know about and couldn't guess.

        And until she met Han Giang, Yan Chen would not deny her thoughts.

        "Brother, whether it's true or not, you'll know if you take me to meet Han Marchant." Yanran Chen said with a requesting face.

        Chen Tiesin didn't want his sister to meet that trash, and he had brought back another woman with him, so Chen Tiesin was afraid that Yanran Chen would be even more stimulated if she met her.

        She was already somewhat mentally abnormal now, and Chen Tiesin didn't want Chen Yanran's condition to worsen again because of this.

        "Take good care of Miss, if she leaves the Chen residence, I will only ask you." Chen Tiesin said to the maid, this was a clear indication that he wanted to ground Chen Yanran.

        The maid didn't dare to speak and could only nod her head.

        After Chen Tiesin left, a trance-like Chen Yanran sat on the edge of the bed, her entire body as if she had lost her soul.

        "Miss, I also think your thoughts are too outrageous, what kind of person is Han Qianli, aren't you clear on what kind of person he is, how can he be an expert, and how can he be blown out of the Chen family by the eldest young master when he is so powerful?" The maid said to Chen Yanran, hoping that this would calm Chen Yanran's nerves.

        But in her current state, Yanran Chen's oil and salt would not work unless she could personally confirm this matter, otherwise what anyone said would be of no use to her.

        "Go find out where Han Qianxiang is for me, I want to go see him." Yanran Chen instructed her maid.

        As Yanran Chen's personal maid, all she had to do was to meet any of Yanran Chen's conditions, but just now, Chen Tiesin already had an order that Chen Yanran would never be allowed to leave the Chen family residence.

        "Miss, don't make things difficult for me, the eldest young master ordered me to watch over you and not to let you leave the Chen family, if I help you, the eldest young master will not let me go." The maid said.

        Yanran Chen looked at the maid with a frosty face and said, "Are you afraid that he won't let you go, aren't you afraid of me?"

        "Miss." The maid was so frightened that she kneeled on the ground and said, "Miss, please don't embarrass me, I'm just a servant, you and the young master, I don't dare offend anyone."

        "Don't worry, I'll bear the consequences of this matter, but if you don't help me now, you should know very well what the consequences are." Yan Chen said in a cold voice.

        The maid was directly frightened to tears, she knew that although Miss was usually easy to approach in normal time, she also had a side like a snake and scorpion, if she really upset Miss, the consequences would be very serious.

        "Miss, I can secretly ask questions for you, but I can't guarantee if I can actually find out." The maid said.

        "Go ahead."

        Shortly after Chen Tiesin returned to his room, Chen Yuanhai arrived.

        "How is it, is Han 3000 dead?" Chen Yuanhai asked directly.

        "I had a chance to kill Han Qianqian, but Huang Snap Yong appeared at the crucial moment." Chen Tiesin said with a sigh.

        "Huang Snap Yong is deliberately rushing at you, right." Chen Yuanhai said with a slight anger.

        Chen Tiesin nodded, now was Huang Snapdragon's chance to get back at him, so Huang Snapdragon's appearance didn't surprise Chen Tiesin too much.

        "Have you asked him about his master?" Chen Yuanhai asked.

        About this matter, Chen Tiesin was also thinking deeply just now.

        Now thinking back on what Huang Snap Yong had said in the alley, it made Chen Tiesin feel very strange.

        The truth floated in the world.

        What exactly was the truth?

        Coupled with Yanran Chen's speculations, Chen Tiesin would inevitably wonder, could it be that Huang Snapdragon's master was really Han Qianqian, and that Han Qianqian was really a strong man?

        But when Han Three Thousand was blown out of the Chen residence, there was no sign of a strong man in the slightest.

        How could a truly powerful strong man be cowardly to such an extent?

        "Father, do you think that Han Qianli will be a strong man?" Chen Tiesin asked.

        "A strong man?" Chen Yuanhai giggled and said, "Are you silly, why would you think so, if Han Qianqian was strong, I'm afraid my Chen family would have already been exterminated."

        Chen Tiesin also thought so, but the words of Yanran Chen and Snapdragon Huang were again really a bit hard to understand.

        Next, Chen Tiesin told Chen Yuanhai all about what Yan Chen had said, as well as his conversation with Snapdragon Huang, hoping that Chen Yuanhai would help him analyze it.

        After hearing that, Chen Yuanhai's expression became heavy, everything was indeed related to Han 3,000, whether it was the strange disappearance of the Four-Light Realm, the ten or so Two-Light Realms that Huang Snap Yong had brought out of the city, or the events in the middle of the Dragon Rock Mountains, Han 3,000 happened to be involved, which was indeed a bit strange.

        What was more important was Huang Snap Yong's so-called truth, and if this truth was also related to Han Three Thousand, Han Three Thousand's identity would be worthy of their re-examination.

        "In the beginning, that Four-Light Realm powerhouse disappeared from my Chen residence?" Chen Yuanhai asked.

        "Good." Chen Tiesin echoed.

        Chen Yuanhai took a deep breath and said, "If he died in my Chen family, his corpse will definitely be in the Chen family as well."

        "Father, you mean that if you can find the corpse of that Four-Light Realm expert, you'll be able to prove Han Qianli's strength?" Chen Tiesin questioned.


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