His True Colors Chapter 914-916

His True Colors Chapter 914

Long Yun City.

        In Chen Yuanhai's study room, Chen Tiesin came with wide strides, his unsteady breathing showing that he was emotionally unstable.

        After walking up to Chen Yuanhai, Chen Tiesin said, "Father, you are looking for me."

        Chen Yuanhai turned his head and looked at the excellent son in his eyes, he had been running around for years to become stronger and never gave up even after suffering setbacks, but now he had nothing to show for it, while Huang Snapdragon, an idle trash, had now gained a master, which made Chen Yuanhai even feel a little injustice for Chen Tiesin.

        How could the heavens be so blind that a man who worked so hard to gain nothing, but instead was a loser, was given an opportunity that he did not deserve.

        "Have you heard about what happened in Xiao Ling City?" Chen Yuanhai asked.

        Chen Tiesin nodded his head, the reason why he was unstable was precisely because of this matter.

        The matter of Huang Snapdragon breaking the Five Lantern Realm had spread back to Long Yun City, which had caused very many people in Long Yun City to be startled, but of course, the most important thing was that Huang Snapdragon's master had shown up, which had confirmed their previous suspicions.

        Moreover, Chen Tiesin was very familiar with that ringmaster in Xiao Ling City, and had deliberately gone to Xiao Ling City to inquire about him, that person was a strong man with the Seven Lantern Realm, of course, Chen Tiesin was no exception to have gone to pay homage to him, but unfortunately, that person was not even interested in taking a glance at Chen Tiesin.

        And now, a strong man of the Seven Lantern Realm was standing on the ring and didn't even have the courage to make a move against Huang Snapdragon's master, which meant that Huang Snapdragon's mysterious master's realm was at least the last three realms, which made Chen Tiesin feel even more unacceptable.

        He could not accept that he had worked for years in vain for this, but Huang Snapdragon had been able to be so lucky.

        More importantly, he had stagnated in the Second Lamp Realm for many years, but now Huang Snapdragon was already an expert in the Fifth Lamp Realm, which almost made his eyes turn red with envy.

        "Hey." Chen Yuanhai sighed and said, "Son, I'm injustice for you."

        "Father, my qualifications are definitely better than Huang Snapdragon, and I'm sure that as soon as I meet with that person, he will definitely take me as his disciple as well." Chen Tiesin said.

        "What do you have in mind?" Chen Yuanhai asked.

        Chen Tiesin took a deep breath and said, "I want to wait for Huang Snapdragon to return to Long Yun City and ask him to help me with the introduction."

        Chen Yuanhai's brows furrowed, Chen Tiexin and Huang Snap Yong had never gotten along, so how could he help by asking Huang Snap Yong to help with the introduction?

        And without helping, Chen Tiesin could still be humiliated by Snapdragon Huang because of this.

        "Have you ever thought about how Snapdragon Huang will treat you?" Chen Yuanhai asked.

        Chen Tiesin nodded his head and said, "Of course I know, with my relationship with him, it's likely that he will ridicule me, but I still want to give it a try, I don't want to miss such an opportunity."

        Seeing Chen Tiesin's attitude so resolute, Chen Yuanhai knew that his persuasion would definitely not be useful, so he could only remind, "You must be clear, with the Chen family's current strength, it is no longer qualified to do anything against the City Lord's Palace, so even if Huang Snapdragon has gone too far, you must still hold back and not tear your face off with him."

        "Father, don't worry, I know what to do." Chen Tiesin said.

        Even though in his heart he had never looked down on Huang Snap Yong as a person, the reality was in front of him, Chen Tiesin was well aware of the gap between the Chen family and the City Lord's Palace, if he clashed head-on with Huang Snap Yong, it would be very dangerous for the Chen family, equivalent to giving the City Lord's Palace a justifiable reason to deal with the Chen family.

        Chen Yuanhai didn't say anything more, he still had great faith in this son, and the way he did things was even less important for Chen Yuanhai to worry about.

        Leaving the study room, the uncontrollable jealousy between Chen Tiesin's eyebrows was very strong, when he thought of the fact that Huang Snapdragon was now in the Five Lantern Realm, his heart felt like a knife, this feeling was like something that belonged to him had been snatched away by Huang Snapdragon.

        "Eldest Young Master, Miss is emotionally unstable again." The maid hurriedly ran to Chen Tiesin's side and said anxiously.

        During this period of time, Yanran Chen's mood fluctuated very severely, often looking like she was in a trance, sometimes she would suddenly become irritable, and sometimes she was quiet as if she was a statue.

        Chen Tiesin gritted his teeth, he knew that the cause of his sister becoming like this was Han Qianqian, it must have been Han Qianqian who had done certain things to Yanran Chen to cause her to change like this.

        It was still necessary to untie the bell.

        It was a pity that Chen Tiesin had now dispatched all of the Chen family's men and hadn't found Han Qianqian.

        When they arrived at Yanran Chen's room, anything that could be smashed had turned into pieces on the floor.

        The room was a mess, like a tornado passing through.

        Yanran Chen's cloaked appearance no longer had the appearance of a goddess in the slightest.

        "Yanran, calm down for a moment, don't hurt yourself." Chen Tiesin hurried forward and grabbed Yanran Chen's hand.

        When Yanran Chen saw Chen Tiesin, she was stunned for a moment before asking urgently, "Brother, have you found Han Giang, where is he, where is he!"

        Chen Tiesin's eyes flashed with anger, he couldn't imagine what Han Giang had done to Chen Yanran to make her so disillusioned.

        "Brother is doing his best to find him, don't worry, I'll bring him to you soon." Chen Tiesin said.

        Yanran Chen suddenly knelt in front of Chen Tiesin and cried out, "Brother, please, help me find Han Giang, I have to see him, I have to see him."

        Chen Tiesin's heart was like a knife, for him who had always loved Yanran Chen, seeing her kneeling was very unpleasant.

        "Tell brother, what exactly happened?" Chen Tiesin hadn't asked about this before for fear of revealing the scars in Yanran's heart, but seeing Yanran's current state, he really couldn't help but want to know what Han Qianxiang had done.

        Done what?

        By the way, Han 3000 hadn't done anything, the reason why Yanran Chen had become like this was solely because of Huang Snap Yong's words, and as the longer she didn't see Han 3000, the deeper Yanran Chen's obsession with this became, which led to her thinking all the time, and that's why her emotional instability occurred.

        Because Yanran Chen was terrified that things were really as she thought they would be, that she had missed out on a truly strong man!

        "Brother, don't ask me, just help me find him." Chen Yanran said with tears welling up like a spring.

        "Fine, fine, brother won't ask, brother will go to find him himself right away, you stay at home, don't lose your temper, don't hurt yourself." Chen Tiesin quickly said.

        Yanran Chen nodded her head, her emotions stabilized a bit.

        Leaving Yanran Chen's room, Chen Tiesin was livid, with a strong k*lling intent in his heart, wishing he could cramp Han Qianqian's muscles and skin.

His True Colors Chapter 915

Han 3,000 originally only planned to go to Xiao Ling City to see the world and casually see if it was possible for Jiang Yingying to be in Xiao Ling City, but although the world was seen, there was no sign of Jiang Yingying, and it brought back a problem that Han 3,000 hadn't expected.

        But Han 3,000 didn't leave Bai Ling Wan'er behind, which meant that he was still wavering on the matter of accepting an apprentice, after all, the Bai Ling family's secret treasury was still a temptation to him.

        Bai Ling Wan'er also knew in her heart that as long as she hadn't been left behind by Han Sangsan, she still had a chance, so she wasn't too worried.

        Not far from Long Yun City, Han Qianqian and Huang Snapdragon parted ways and went into the city in two groups, after all, if he got too close to Huang Snapdragon now, it would inevitably make people suspicious of his identity.

        "There's absolutely no comparison between this place and Xiao Ling City, so why are you staying here?" After entering the city, Bai Ling Wan'er found that the prosperity of Long Yun City couldn't be compared to Xiao Ling City at all, so she didn't quite understand the attraction of this place to Han 3,000.

        It wasn't that Han 3,000 wanted to stay here, but Long Yun City was the first city he came into contact with when he arrived at Xuanyuan City, and he wasn't here by choice, as to why he would continue to stay, it was because of where his roots were, and there was also Huang Snapdragon's power that could help Han 3,000 do things that he didn't want to do.

        "If you like a place, do you still need a reason, I think this place is quite good." Han Marchian casually perfunctorily said.

        Such an explanation seemed far-fetched, and Bai Ling Wan'er knew that Han Three Thousand wouldn't simply like the place, but if he didn't say so, Bai Ling Wan'er wouldn't bother to ask.

        Shortly after entering the city, Han Qianqian discovered that someone was following him, and it wasn't as simple as one or two people, which made him feel a bit baffled.

        It was just that he had left Long Yun City for a while, so how could he be being followed, and he didn't have any enemies in Long Yun City.

        What's more, those people's tracking methods were extremely shoddy, and not only Han Qianqian had discovered it, but even Bai Ling Wan'er could see it.

        "Being tracked when you enter the city, it looks like you have quite a few enemies here." Bai Ling Wan'er teased.

        Han Qian stroked his nose, he was feeling strange too, and to say enemies, Han Qian could only think of Chen Tiesin after thinking about it, but this guy had already humiliated him when Han Qian left the Chen residence, did he still want to gain an inch?

        "Maybe." Han Giang said indifferently.

        In the event that someone was following him, Han 3000 still brought Bai Ling Wan'er straight back to his home, he wasn't worried about exposing his residence because only then would the rightful owner behind it reveal himself.

        Entering the courtyard, the garden full of flowers and trees and streams of water gave a completely different feeling, like a small paradise with a pleasant scenery.

        "This is your home?" Bai Ling Wan'er was a little surprised when she asked Han Giangli.

        "Don't I deserve to have a home like this?" Han Giangli smiled helplessly.

        Bai Ling Wan'er shook her head, of course she didn't mean it that way, she just felt that everything here was different from other places, and looked even more exquisite under the exquisite design.

        "Did you plant it all yourself?" Bai Ling Wan'er was curious.

        "There are a lot of rooms here, but I only cleaned one room when I first moved in, so if you want to stay here, you can find your own room and clean it," Han Giangli said.

        When Bai Ling Wan'er heard this, she was very appalled, it was unheard of for an expert like Han Qianqian to have him clean up after himself.

        But her words were even more shocking to Han Qianli.

        "Why can't I sleep with you?" Bai Ling Wan'er asked.


        Han Qianqian looked at Bai Ling Wan'er in dismay, is there any need to ask why for such a question?

        How could he sleep with Bai Ling Wan'er for no reason?

        This was just a young girl of only sixteen years old, not to mention that Han Qianli wasn't interested in any woman other than Su Yingxia, even if he was a lustful man, he would never be perverted to this extent.

        At this moment, Han Three Thousand suddenly condensed his eyebrows and said, "Here it comes."

        Just as Bai Ling Wan'er was puzzled and wanted to ask what had come, the courtyard door was suddenly violently kicked open.

        Only Chen Tiesin led a group of Chen family servants filled with anger into the courtyard.

        "So it's you, Chen Tiesin." Han Qianli was surprised but felt it was reasonable, in the entire Long Yun City, it seemed that no one else would do such a thing except for Chen Tiesin who would find someone to follow him.

        But Han Three Thousand was curious as to why Chen Tiesin would do this.

        "Han Three Thousand, I'm going to k*ll you." Chen Tiesin said through gritted teeth.

        "I don't have the slightest connection with the Chen family, so why do you want to k*ll me?" Han Qianqiang was puzzled.

        Chen Tiesin clenched his hands, already almost unable to control himself, but he had to know the truth of the matter before Han Giang died, to know what Han Giang had actually done to Yanran Chen.

        "What have you done to my sister?" Chen Tiesin asked in a deep voice.

        Yanran Chen?

        Chen Tiesin was stalking himself, but it was related to Chen Yanran.

        This made Han Qianqian even more confused, although he and Chen Yanran were nominally husband and wife, they were not actually husband and wife, so how could they do anything to Chen Yanran?

        "I think you have some misunderstanding, nothing happened between me and her," Han Giangli said.

        Bai Ling Wan'er watched the scene with interest, but Han Three Thousand clearly could have settled the matter in a much simpler and more violent way.

        This fellow named Chen Tiesin could never be Han Three Thousand's opponent, but his imposing appearance was eating Han Three Thousand to death, and perhaps he didn't even know that the man standing in front of him was able to make him waver between life and death with nothing more than a thought.

        "Nothing at all?" Chen Tiesin smiled coldly and waved his hand as the servants of the Chen residence surrounded Han Qianqian.

        "I'll ask you one last time, if you don't tell me the truth, I want you to die here today." Chen Tiesin threatened.

        Han Qianli shrugged helplessly, he knew nothing, so how was he going to explain?

        Is it possible to fill the garden with more fertilizer again? After all, Chen Tiesin was so menacing, it was obvious that it would not be easy to calm down.

        Just at this moment, an unexpected voice sounded out, "What a big mouth the Chen family's Grand Duke has, daring to k*ll someone in my Long Yun City."

        Huang Snap Yong walked into the courtyard with a hangdog attitude, and after looking at Chen Tiesin, he continued, "I didn't expect to come across such a good show when I was just out and about."

        Han 3000 laughed, Huang Snap Yong definitely wasn't just strolling around, he was probably here because he had received news, but he had come at a good time, helping Han 3000 with an unnecessary shot.

His True Colors Chapter 916

Chen Tiesin had a hard face, if it was in the past, he wouldn't have needed to care about Huang Snap Yong's appearance, but now, the Chen family was no longer able to do anything against the City Hall, and Huang Snap Yong's personal strength was far above Chen Tiesin's, which made him unqualified to mess around with Huang Snap Yong.

        "Huang Snapdragon, this matter has nothing to do with you." Chen Tiesin said.

        Huang Snap Yong frowned in dissatisfaction, walked up to Chen Tiesin and said with a gaze like a torch, "I am the son of the city lord, you want to k*ll someone in my Long Yun City and you say that it has nothing to do with me? Chen Tiesin, how dare you, is my Long Yun City a place where you can do whatever you want?"

        Chen Tiesin was speechless, k*lling was inherently a thing that violated taboo, and with no one knowing about it, he could do as he pleased, but in front of Huang Snapdragon, the son of the city lord, once he did so, he could be committing the crime of imprisonment.

        "Huang Snapdragon, don't you want this man to die?" Chen Tiesin said that in the past, Huang Snap Yong hated Han 3,000 very much because Han 3,000 had stolen Yanran Chen, so Chen Tiesin wanted to use this to convince Huang Snap Yong.

        But wanting Han 3,000 to die had been Huang Snap Yong's idea a long time ago, but now Huang Snap Yong was Han 3,000's disciple, so how could he want Han 3,000 to die?

        "Chen Tiesin, I'm the son of the City Lord, how could I be bothered with an ordinary citizen, and your sister, I've long since stopped caring about her, but you, you haven't belly-rowed me in the past, I should settle this account with you." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Chen Tiesin bit his teeth, he knew that Huang Snapdragon was clearly coming for himself, this guy definitely wanted to vent his anger for the past, and he just happened to catch this opportunity.

        "Huang Snapdragon, you are now a Five Lantern Realm expert, do you still need to settle scores with me?" Chen Tiesin said.

        Huang Snapdragon was stunned, then laughed uproariously.


        Chen Tiesin degraded himself to seek a compromise, was this still the old Chen Tiesin?

        Huang Snap Yong could clearly remember that back then, when Chen Tieshin had broken through the Second Lamp Realm, but he hadn't missed a chance to flaunt his power in front of Huang Snap Yong, and at that time, he had always boasted that he would become a truly strong man in the future, often demeaning Huang Snap Yong to the point of worthlessness.

        At that time, Huang Houyi was still a puppet of the Three Great Families, so even as the son of the City Lord, Huang Snapdragon did not dare to refute Chen Tiesin's words.

        Now, however, the City Lord's Palace was out of the mercy of the three great families and that Huang Snapdragon's own strength had crushed Chen Tiesin.

        "Chen Tiesin, I didn't expect that you would be able to say such words from your mouth." Huang Snapdragon said.

        Chen Tiesin had been mentally prepared to be humiliated by Huang Snapdragon, after all, he had treated Huang Snapdragon this way back then as well, and this could only be considered karmic retribution.

        "I'm just telling the truth," Chen Tiesin said.

        "Tsk tsk tsk." Huang Snapdragon shook his head with a sigh on his face and said, "Chen Tiesin, if I remember correctly, back then, you were still showing off in front of me, saying that you would become a truly strong person one day, but now it seems that your bragging is a bit too big, I'm already at the Five Lantern Realm, while you are still parked at the Two Lantern Realm."

        Chen Tiesin had always believed that his efforts hadn't paid off and that Huang Snapdragon was just lucky, so this made him feel very unconvinced.

        After hearing Huang Snapdragon's words, Chen Tiesin was even more disgruntled inside, but he had to hold back because he still hoped that Huang Snapdragon would help him introduce his master.

        "I said that I would become stronger one day, it's just that it's not time yet, but I also didn't say that you won't become stronger, did I." Chen Tiesin said.

        Huang Snap Yong impatiently looked at Chen Tiesin and said, "Don't play word games with me, I won't eat this, take your people and get out, if I ever bump into you making trouble in Long Yun City with such fanfare again in the future, I will never let the Chen family go."

        Chen Tiesin nodded his head in a row and withdrew with his Chen family servant.

        He didn't dare to stay, even though he was extremely desperate to k*ll Han Giang, Chen Tiesin didn't have the guts to make a move in front of Huang Snap Yong, after all, Long Yun City was now under the complete control of the City Lord, and Chen Tiesin knew exactly what would happen if he went against Huang Snap Yong.

        After Chen Tiesin's crowd had left, only then did Huang Snapdragon walk over to Han Giang.

        "Master, this fellow is really blind and dares to trouble you, if I hadn't arrived just in time, this fellow would be dead today." Huang Snap Yong said indignantly.

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly and said, "Huang Snap Yong, you're getting bolder now, how dare you try to beat around the bush to test me?"

        Huang Snapdragon waved his hand repeatedly and explained, "Master, that's not what I meant, you've misunderstood, misunderstood."

        Han Qianqiang let out a long sigh and said, "If you hadn't come, he would indeed have died today, as he had no intention of letting me go."

        Huang Snap Yong's eyelids jumped straight, so Chen Tiesin's luck was really good, he was only one step away from becoming a corpse.

        "By the way, what is it that you came to find me?" Han Qianqiang asked to Huang Snapdragon.

        "Master, the men I sent out have all returned, and no one has found your sister." Huang Snap Yong said, the entire Long Yun City including the nearby villages had been dug up by his men, but there was no news at all, in Huang Snap Yong's opinion, it was most likely that Han 3000's sister wasn't even in Long Yun City.

        Han 3,000 sighed helplessly, Jiang Yingying had entered the time passage at the same time as him, how could they not be in the same place, and the Xuanyuan World was so large, where could Jiang Yingying be if she wasn't in Long Yun City?

        A problem that made Han Qianli even more worried surfaced internally.

        If Jiang Ying Ying wasn't even pressed into the territory of the imperial court, but rather in another country, this could become even more troublesome.

        "Arrange for people to look for it in other cities, you have a lot of money in your hands right now, so it shouldn't be a problem for you, right?" Han Marchant said.

        Huang Snapdragon had indeed extorted a lot of money from the Xiao family in Xiaoling City, and he hadn't thought of the real use of the money, but since Han Qianqian had made such a request, Huang Snapdragon naturally wouldn't refuse.

        "Alright, Master, I'll immediately go and arrange for someone." Huang Snapdragon said.

        After leaving Han Three Thousand's house, on his way back to the city's main residence, Huang Snap Yong sensed that someone was following him, which made him a bit strange, he was now at the strength of the Five Lantern Realm, so how could someone be following him? Isn't this a death wish?

        After walking into an alley, Snapdragon Huang deliberately waited for the person who was following him to show up.

        And that person appeared and did not deliberately hide himself, but actually walked directly in front of Snapdragon Huang.

        "Chen Tiesin!"


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