His True Colors Chapter 909-910


His True Colors Chapter 909

"Four-light realm, yet you have a seven-star exotic beast, how did you do it?" The man in the ring finally opened his eyes, apparently because Huang Snapdragon had given him a different surprise.

        "I'm here to fight, so there's no need to talk so much nonsense, right?" Huang Snapdragon said indifferently.

        The man's eyes stared at the Seven Star Exotic Beast without even looking at Huang Snapdragon, clearly not taking Huang Snapdragon into consideration.

        "Do you know that the lives of the Beast Master and the exotic beast are connected, it's a pity that if you die, it will die as well." The man said.

        Huang Snap Yong's eyebrows furrowed, this beggar-like fellow's tone was really not small, he had already decided whether he would live or die.

        However, Huang Snap Yong was still self-aware, he knew that he couldn't possibly be a match for this guy, if it wasn't for the secret protection of Han Qianqian, he wouldn't even have the guts to enter the ring.

        "You haven't even fought yet and you think I'll die, aren't you a little too arrogant?" Snapdragon Huang said.

        The man smiled at the corners of his mouth, as if he thought that Huang Snap Yong's words were a joke, and said, "From the moment you entered the ring, you were already doomed, and as for it, it will only add a little bit of trouble to me."

        "Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of letting a foreign beast fight," Huang Snapdragon said.

        The man finally looked squarely at Snapdragon Huang, but his eyes were filled with puzzlement.

        By not letting the foreign beasts fight, did he want to use his ridiculous strength of the Four Lantern Realm to challenge himself?

        Even the three Xiao family members who were watching the battle from afar were confused by this statement.

        "Second Uncle, what does he mean by that?" Xiao Leng asked to Xiao Dou.

        Xiao Dou was also puzzled, how was it possible to not allow the foreign beasts to fight, could he be naive enough to think that his strength of the Four Lantern Realm would be able to challenge him?

        At this time, the winged tiger suddenly reared up to the sky and stomped away on all four legs.

        "This guy, is he insane." Xiao Dou said in confusion, he thought that Huang Snapdragon was just talking, but he didn't expect that he really wasn't going to use a different beast, this was purely a joke.

        "Although Snapdragon Huang is not smart, he is not so stupid as to be stupid, what is he doing?" Xiao Zhan was filled with doubts and said.

        No one could explain this problem.

        Even the man in the ring was puzzled as to what Huang Snapdragon's move was intended to be.

        "You are committing suicide." The man said to Snapdragon Huang.

        The reason why Snapdragon Huang had called out the Winged Tiger, but not allowed it to fight, was because Han Giang had instructed him to do so.

        If he only fought at the Four Lantern realm, the opponent would most likely be unwilling to waste time with him and just make a killing move, and with the huge difference in his realm, there would be no room for Huang Snapdragon to play and he would definitely be killed in one move.

        The appearance of the winged tiger would definitely make his opponent suspicious, and he would definitely give Snapdragon Huang some opportunity to make a move to figure out what Snapdragon Huang was up to.

        During this period was the opportunity for Snapdragon Huang to make his move, and as long as he could exert his extreme strength, the purpose of the attack would be achieved.

        "Take the move." Huang Snapdragon took the initiative to attack without any defensive moves, using all of his strength on the attack.

        This scene made the three Xiao family members more and more confused and bewildered, they really didn't understand what Huang Snapdragon was trying to do, with the Winged Tiger fighting, he still had a chance of survival, but by himself alone, he was definitely dead.

        "Second Uncle, doesn't he know how powerful this man is and that's why he's careless?" Xiao Leng speculated.

        "Let's watch it, perhaps only by seeing the end will we know what he really wants." Xiao Dou took a deep breath and said.

        In the ring, Huang Snapdragon's attacks seemed to be extremely ferocious, but in reality, he was unable to give real damage to his opponent and did not even have the chance to touch him.

        The man, on the other hand, didn't make a move because he had too many doubts he wanted to figure out and didn't want Snapdragon Huang to die so easily.

        At the very least, he had to know why a seven-star beast master would challenge him with the strength of a four-light realm, and what secrets this deliberate act of seeking death was hiding.

        "Kid, why are you doing this, do you know you're looking for death." The man asked to Snapdragon Huang during the fight.

        Huang Snapdragon just shot, he didn't think of anything at this point because he knew that Han Giang could protect his well-being, and he knew that he would only find a way to break through if he pushed his limits to the fullest.

        "If you don't say anything, I'll kill you." The man threatened to Snapdragon Huang.

        Snapdragon Huang mobilized all the power in his body to make an attack, the word death didn't make him feel any crisis, all he felt at this time was a constant stream of power in his body that seemed to never run out, this was a feeling Snapdragon Huang had never felt before.

        Of course, in all of Snapdragon Huang's life, he had never acted so unscrupulously before, and that too against such a powerful enemy!

        The man's patience was running out a little bit, and his expression had clearly taken on a hint of impatience.

        "I'll give you one last chance, what exactly do you want." The man continued.

        Huang Snapdragon ignored it, at this time, he had become somewhat out of control of himself, the power that had emerged in his body had become somewhat out of control, even if he wanted to stop, he couldn't.

        The man's eyebrows furrowed as he felt Snapdragon Huang's state, then he laughed and said, "How dare you want to use me to break the border, boy, do you know that even if I let you succeed in breaking the border, I can still kill you, it's pointless for you to do so."

        The man retreated a few steps back, closing the distance between him and Snapdragon Huang, just as he was about to let the ignorant kid in front of him go to hell, he suddenly felt himself being locked by a breath that was so powerful that it felt like it was capable of killing him at any moment!

        The moment fear showed in his eyes, the man sensed the source of the breath.

        Among the crowd, there was a person slowly walking towards him, someone who was not only above him, but many times stronger!

        How could someone so powerful exist in the district of Xiao Ling City.

        "Second Uncle, what is he doing, why hasn't he just killed Snapdragon Huang yet." Xiao Leng, who was watching the battle from afar, asked in puzzlement, in his opinion, that person had clearly shown his killing intent towards Snapdragon Huang, so why would he suddenly stop?

        Xiao Dou frowned tightly, he didn't understand why the man froze, it was as if the picture had stopped frame.

        "I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about it." Xiao Dou was somehow trembling with fear, as if something bad was about to happen.

        Out of the crowd, a man in white with a mask walked out, picked up the steps to the ring, and with a thick voice, said to Huang Snapdragon, "Go rest on the side."

His True Colors Chapter 910

The appearance of the masked man filled the onlookers with confusion and bewilderment, especially the three Xiao family members were even more curious about his identity.

        "This man ......" Xiao Dou pondered for a moment, and suddenly his eyes showed fear and said, "Is he the master of Huang Snapdragon?"

        Although Huang Snapdragon had never revealed the fact that he had a master, he had crossed the line to tame the Seven Star Exotic Beast, and anyone with a bit of brains would be able to guess that there was definitely someone strong behind Huang Snapdragon, so this was actually no longer a secret.

        "Second Uncle, is this person powerful?" Xiao Leng couldn't help but ask.

        Whether it was powerful or not Xiao Dou didn't know yet, after all, this masked man hadn't made a move yet, but through the ringmaster's performance, he was certain that this masked man was definitely not simple.

        The ringmaster had clearly already had killing intent towards Snapdragon Huang, but after the masked man appeared, he suddenly stopped, and there was only one explanation for this, and that was the ringmaster's scruples towards this masked man.

        "I might have done something wrong in this matter." Xiao Dou said through clenched teeth, he only thought of using the ringmaster to kill Snapdragon Huang, but he forgot that apart from his relationship with the Imperial Court, there was also a strong man behind him that was worthy of scruples, and it was very obvious that he had this in mind, but if Snapdragon Huang's master wanted to find trouble with the Xiao family, Xiao Dou did not dare to think of the consequences.

        At this time, the masked Han Qianqian had already walked in front of the ringmaster, and with just a lock of breath, the ringmaster did not dare to move.

        This was the first time Han Qianqian had truly exploded with his power suppression, and the Seven Lantern Realm didn't even have the heart to resist in front of him.

        "If you're so powerful, why are you in Skyrim City?" Han Qianli deliberately changed his voice and asked the ringmaster.

        "If you want to break through the last three realms, you have to go by the sword, and after I learned about the Wind Spirit Stage in the Skyscraper City, I wanted to use this place to break through for myself." The ringmaster said honestly, not daring to hide anything about his purpose.

        Although he hadn't fought yet, he already felt that he could never be a match for the masked man in front of him, his suppressed aura making him not even have the desire to fight, there was only one explanation for such a feeling.

        Standing in front of him was an absolute strong man of the Back Three Realms, as to what realm he was in, it was something he couldn't feel.

        "But there simply won't be anyone stronger than you in Skyscraper City, and you have killed so many people, has it ever brought you half a bit of benefit?" Han Giangli questioned.

        The ringmaster did not speak.

        Han Giangli continued, "You want to break through, but you're afraid of dying, so you can only comfort yourself with the lives of these weaklings, so you can live in the illusion of becoming stronger?"

        This statement made the ringmaster's face change dramatically, in a way, his current situation was indeed what Han Giang had said, but it wasn't all because he was afraid of dying, but he had some special reason that prevented him from dying so simply.

        "You're strong, and I have nothing to say if I fall into your hands." The ringmaster resigned himself to his fate and said.

        Han Qianli idly approached towards the ringmaster, just about to teach him a little lesson, but he heard him whisper, "After all, you can't go back, so maybe this isn't a place worth coming to."

        Han Qianli's brows furrowed, these words might have sounded ordinary and commonplace to others, but the feeling was completely different to Han Qianli's ears.

        "Where did you come from?" Han 3,000 asked.

        The ringmaster laughed lightly and looked at Han Qianli and said, "You're very powerful, but you've never seen another world, you know, and there's another world that exists that people like you will never see."

        Another world.

        A hint of excitement flashed across the face of Han Giangli under the mask.

        Could it be that the person in front of him was someone that Apocalypse had sent to Xuanyuan World!

        If that was the case, he would be considered one of us, wouldn't Han Qianqiang be able to understand the Xuanyuan World more deeply through him?

        Unfortunately, there were so many people in the ring that Han 3000 couldn't discuss the issue with him in depth, so he could only say, "Go away, I won't kill you."

        The ringmaster looked at Han Marchan in confusion and asked, "Why?"

        "I have no quarrel with you, why would I want to kill you, this is my disciple, and I'm just borrowing your hand to break the border for him." Han Giangli said as he looked at Snapdragon Huang who was meditating on the side.

        The ringmaster had already sensed Huang Snapdragon's intentions before, and it was because of this that he had burst into killing Huang Snapdragon.

        "He's lucky to have someone as strong as the Back Three Realms as his mentor." After saying this, the ringmaster walked out of the ring and left.

        Such a move was very disappointing to the crowds who were watching the spectacle and thought that there was a good show to watch, but who knew that after the masked man entered the stage, none of them even fought.

        "No way, it's over? Why don't you fight."

        "It looks like that guy is no match for this masked man, so he doesn't even dare to fight."

        "This guy, with a masked face, doesn't dare to show his true face, I don't know if he's really that powerful or if he's just being deceptive."

        Xiao Dou walked to the ring the first time after the ringmaster left, as the mastermind of the whole thing, it was obviously impossible for him to get rid of his relationship with this matter, so he could only choose to deal with it head on.

        "Senior, do you need to clear the arena for your apprentice?" Xiao Dou asked Han Qianqian, it seemed to him that the strong man of the back three realms must be a very old man, so it was only natural to call him senior.

        "After my disciple wakes up, he will look for you after the Xiao family's account is settled." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        These words caused Xiao Dou's heart to fall into an icy valley and his face to instantly turn incomparably pale.

        "Senior, it is indeed my fault for calculating your disciple, and after he wakes up, I will make it up to him in every way possible." Xiao Dou said.

        Xiao Leng and his son also walked to the ring with trepidation at this time, the always arrogant and domineering Xiao Leng didn't even have the courage to look at Han Qianqian squarely at this time.

        In Xiaoling City, the Xiao family dominated one side, but Xiao Leng was very clear that if the person in front of him wanted to kill him, he had no chance of surviving at all, so he didn't dare to show his flamboyant side in front of Han Qianqian.

        After a little over half a day, Huang Snapdragon finally opened his eyes, and at this time, his momentum was clearly a little stronger than before, and he had clearly broken through the realm successfully.

        "Master, I've broken the realm, I've broken the realm!" Huang Snapdragon stood up in excitement and excitedly said to Han Giangli.

        Five-Light Realm!

        This was a realm that Huang Snapdragon had never dreamed of, and he had never dreamed that he would be able to become a Five-Light Realm powerhouse in his lifetime.

        Moreover, Huang Snap Yong knew clearly that as long as Han Qianqian was there, his realm would still improve, and that was what made it even more exciting for him.


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