His True Colors Chapter 907-908


His True Colors Chapter 907

"City Lord Xiao, just say what you have to say, there's no need to beat around the bush with me." Huang Snap Yong didn't bother to guess what Xiao Dou actually wanted and asked directly.

        "Mr. Huang, the Wind Spirit Stage has been dominated by a man with ferocious methods for the past half year, and anyone who goes to challenge him invariably dies in the ring, so I hope that Mr. Huang will step in and help me settle this man." Xiao Dou said.

        "City Lord Xiao, isn't the Wind Spirit Stage a place where the strongest are the kings, since he is able to deal with all those who challenge him, it means that he is very strong, why would City Lord Xiao be hostile to him?" Huang Snap Yong was puzzled and asked.

        "Mr. Huang is unaware of this, as the second landmark of Xiao Ling City, the Wind Spirit Platform used to be a lively place that attracted many people to attack the ring, but since he became the ring master, due to his strength and vicious means, the number of people who dared to ascend the Wind Spirit Platform to challenge him has been decreasing, and if this continues, I am afraid that the Wind Spirit Platform will lose its original value." Xiao Dou did not conceal anything and directly stated his purpose.

        The Wind Spirit Stage used to be able to attract many people and was a must-visit place for many people to come to Xiao Ling City, and it was also able to raise the desire to challenge many people, but now, the Wind Spirit Stage was rarely watched by anyone, which led to the loss of people and was a blow to the prosperity of Xiao Ling City, which was why Xiao Dou had asked Huang Snap Yong to step in and take care of that person.

        The reasoning behind this was simple, a lively and bustling location was now unoccupied, and as the lord of Xiao Ling City, Xiao Dou was bound to find a way to change this situation.

        "So, you want him dead because he is too powerful?" Huang Snap Yong smiled and asked.

        "The ring is for the strong and only the strong are eligible to become ring masters, but the Wind Spirit Stage is different, as a popular landmark of Xiao Ling City, it does not allow the absolute strong to appear." Xiao Dou said.

        Huang Snap Yong understood what Xiao Dou meant, there was more than just the Wind Spirit Stage, the nearby industries were the most important to Xiao Dou, and a strong man that no one could shake, but also because the cruelty of his methods made no one challenge him, it would naturally affect the nearby industries, this was what Xiao Dou did not want to see.

        But as City Lord Xiao Dou couldn't even find anyone to resolve that ringmaster, he must be very strong, although Huang Snapdragon was a seven-star Beast Master, he was essentially just a Four Lantern realm, he didn't think that the Four Lantern realm would be able to resolve that ringmaster.

        "City Lord Xiao, you think too highly of me, I'm only at the Four Lantern Realm, and if you can't even solve someone, it would be a death sentence for me to go there." Huang Snap Yong said.

        "The Wind Spirit Stage is a ring without any restrictions, so your Seven Star Exotic Beast is enough to tear him to pieces." Xiao Dou smiled and said that he would not deliberately come to see Snapdragon Huang if he was unsure.

        Huang Snap Yong would not dare to respond to this matter himself, although he still cared quite a bit about such meaningless fame and wanted his name to be remembered by the people of Xiao Ling City, he still had to seek Han Qianqian's opinion.

        In Huang Snapdragon's heart, Han Three Thousand's words were an absolute decree, and only if he said it could be done would Huang Snapdragon have the guts to do it.

        "I'll give this matter some thought, but if there's nothing else, City Lord Xiao should go about his own business," Huang Snapdragon said.

        Xiao Dou knew that this was an eviction order, so he did not say anything more and left after some polite words of farewell.

        The three of them found a corner to sit down and made sure that no one was around before Huang Snap Yong said to Han Qianqian, "Master, do you want to promise him?"

        Han Giangli buried his head in his food and said indifferently, "This Xiao Dou has two purposes, to use your hands to solve his troubles or to solve you."

        "Solve me?" Huang Snap Yong was stunned and said, "Master, do you mean that Xiao Dou wants to use that ringmaster to kill me?"

        "If you die in the ring, even if the Imperial Court tracks you down, it has nothing to do with the Xiao family, then you are to blame for your lack of strength. If you can kill him, even if you help Xiao Dou solve his problems, no matter what the outcome, it will be good for him, but this Xiao Dou is playing you for a fool." Han Giangli explained.

        Huang Snap Yong got cross eyed and gnashed his teeth, saying, "Master, it seems like I haven't taught the Xiao family enough lessons, this old thing dares to use me as a tool."

        "Do you know why?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        Snapdragon Huang shook his head and said, "I don't know."

        "Because he knows you're young and energetic and care about your reputation, he's eaten up the idea that you'll agree." Han Giangli said, "With Huang Snapdragon's personality, if he wasn't there, I'm afraid Huang Snapdragon would have agreed without hesitation.

        A strong man who had already successfully defended the ring for half a year and had fierce methods, Huang Snap Yong would definitely be able to make a name for himself in this matter, the temptation for someone who liked fame was tremendous, Xiao Dou guessed that this was why he felt that Huang Snap Yong would definitely come forward.

        But Xiao Dou could never have imagined that the underling in his eyes was actually Huang Snapdragon's master, and Huang Snapdragon would always consult with Han Qianqian before making any decisions.

        "Master, what makes him think that I care about fame?" Snapdragon Huang left his mouth open and said.

        "You're the son of the Lord of Long Yun City, will he not understand your character? And after this hunting conference, he must have already made a special trip to investigate you, and I'm afraid he already knows everything about your character." Han Giangli smiled.

        Huang Snapdragon wrinkled his nose in embarrassment, he wasn't quite willing to admit this comment, but his character was indeed the type that liked to make a name for himself, having strength in his body and never hiding it, it was best to be able to do something that would shock the world and let everyone know his name, Huang Snapdragon.

        "Master, then what should I do now?" Snapdragon Huang inquired.

        "Promise him, but you can't use foreign beasts in battle." Han 3,000 said.

        "Can't use exotic beasts?" Huang Snap Yong looked at Han Qianqian in dismay, with his Four Lantern realm strength, wouldn't not using a foreign beast be a dead end?

        "The actual battle will allow you to improve your cultivation faster, especially when facing death, it's the most effective way to increase your strength, maybe this is the chance for you to break through the Four Lantern Realm." Han Giangli said.

        Huang Snap Yong's eyebrows jumped straight, breaking through the Four Lantern Realm!

        He had already broken two realms in a row before, and in Huang Snap Yong's opinion, even with Han Qianqian's guidance, it would take two or three years for him to break through, but he didn't expect Han Qianqian to say something like that now.

        This meant that it was possible for him to reach the Five Lantern Realm soon, which made Huang Snapdragon's heart gush with excitement.

        "Master, is it really possible for me ...... to break the realm now?" Snapdragon Huang's voice trembled as he asked.

His True Colors Chapter 908

Han Giangli nodded, the utility of the Red Fruit was clearer to him than anyone else, by no means could it just provide Huang Snapdragon with a breakthrough in two realms, even the two people of the apocalypse, Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian, had not only improved their realms with this, so Huang Snapdragon's desire to break through was just missing some opportunity.

        For Snapdragon Huang, who was convinced that Han Qianqian's certainty was unquestionable, this made Snapdragon Huang even more excited.

        If he really managed to break the boundary and reach the Five Lantern Realm in such a short period of time, it would shock the entire Long Yun City once again!

        City Lord Residence.

        Xiao Dou's purpose in asking Huang Snap Yong to attack the ring was clear to both Xiao Zhan and Xiao Leng's father and son, but in Xiao Leng's opinion, it was impossible for Huang Snap Yong to accept this matter, Xiao Dou was clearly using him, unless Huang Snap Yong was really a fool to agree.

        "Second Uncle, do you think it's possible for Huang Snapdragon to agree?" Xiao Leng asked curiously.

        "It's not that it's possible, but it will definitely be agreed to." Xiao Dou said with a confident smile on his face.

        Xiao Leng looked at Xiao Zhan with confusion, he did not understand where Xiao Dou's confidence came from.

        Xiao Zhan asked, "You are going to use Huang Snapdragon, it is impossible for him not to feel this."

        "Even if he knew, even if I told him plainly, he would still agree," Xiao Dou said.

        This was something that Xiao Zhan couldn't even understand, so why did he decide that Huang Snapdragon would agree?

        "Why?" Xiao Zhan was confused.

        "Because of what I know about him, this person likes to make a name for himself in Long Yun City, and the current Long Yun City is no longer able to satisfy him, now that there is an opportunity to make a name for himself in Xiao Ling City, why would he give it up, this kind of young man is a hot head, he won't even consider whether or not I am using him." Xiao Dou explained.

        "But doesn't he think about his own safety?" Xiao Leng was puzzled.

        "If you were to suddenly become a Seven Star Beast Master, would you swell your arrogance?" Xiao Dou asked rhetorically.

        This question caused Xiao Leng to be stunned for a moment.

        Seven Star Beast Master, this was already a realm that ordinary people couldn't reach, and it was very likely that inflated arrogance would happen to him.

        "Second Uncle, if he wins, won't it make him even more arrogant and proud?" Xiao Dou said.

        "Win?" Xiao Leng suddenly laughed up at the sky and said, "How could he win, do you know what realm that man is in?"

        Xiao Leng shook his head, when that man first became the ring master, although there were many people attacking the ring, none of them were able to force out his true strength, due to his fierce methods, this also led to fewer and fewer challengers later on, so far, his true strength had never exploded at all, so no one even knew what his realm was.

        "I'm afraid that he is the strongest seven-light realm in the world, and he is only a short distance away from the eight-light realm," Xiao Dou said.

        The strongest Seven-Light Realm!

        Xiao Zhan and Xiao Leng's faces turned pale, no wonder no one was able to beat him, this was a Seven Lantern realm powerhouse and was only a stone's throw away from breaking the realm!

        Xiao Zhan took a deep breath of cold air and asked, "Why would such a strong person appear in the Celestial Lings City?"

        Xiao Dou shook his head, he had gone to investigate this matter but had found nothing, so he could only rely on his own guesses to guess his purpose.

        "In my opinion, he is probably seeking a way to break the boundary, and the most direct way is through non-stop fighting, as to why he chose Skyrim City, I still haven't come up with an answer." Xiao Dou said.

        "Second Uncle, according to what you say, wouldn't Huang Snapdragon be dead?" A cold smile suddenly flashed across Xiao Leng's face, this was his chance for revenge, only if Huang Snapdragon died could he feel happy.

        "Hey." Xiao Dou suddenly sighed, he originally did not want to go against the imperial court and did not want to cause too much trouble on Huang Snapdragon, but the Xiao family had only one descendant, he had no children at his knees, he almost treated Xiao Leng as his own son, he really did not want to see Xiao Leng being bullied, that's why he had a hard scalp to help Xiao Leng take revenge.

        "Xiao Leng, this time Second Uncle is taking a big risk by helping you," Xiao Dou said.

        Xiao Leng looked grateful and said, "Second Uncle, I will definitely be filial to you in the future."

        "How big of a risk will it be?" Xiao Dou asked.

        "The Imperial Court will probably have some trouble if they track it down, but this matter has nothing to do with the City Lord's Palace, after all, attacking the ring is his own choice, the Imperial Court should not blame the City Lord's Palace, so don't worry."

        The next day, the Wind Spirit Stage was bustling with activity, no one had attacked the ring for a long time, and the already sluggish popularity of the stage had become lively again, and it was almost overcrowded with people.

        When Huang Snapdragon appeared, the crowd became even more agitated, because they all knew that the person attacking the ring this time was Huang Snapdragon, who possessed the status of a seven-star beast master, so in the eyes of those melon eaters, this time's battle in the ring must have been exceptionally exciting.

        "Why is he the only one?" The appearance of Huang Snap Yong alone made Xiao Dou feel a little surprised that the servant who followed him at all times didn't even come out.

        "According to what the eyewitness said, only Huang Snapdragon left the inn, I guess his servant and the woman he bought are warming up in their bunks." Xiao Leng laughed shamelessly, in his head, there were only dirty thoughts, which was probably what kind of character would have dirty thoughts.

        "Many people in Long Yun City say that Huang Snapdragon is a simple-minded person, now it seems that it is indeed so, but even a servant can play him around." Xiao Dou sneered, it was ridiculous that such a person was able to become a Seven Star Beast Master.

        At this time, Huang Snapdragon walked directly towards the ring.

        He knew that Han 3,000 wasn't not coming, but was hiding nearby and would only come to his rescue when he was in danger, which Han 3,000 had explained when he left the inn.

        Han 3000's request was simple, let Huang Snapdragon strike as hard as he could without thinking about the consequences and bring out his full strength, if it really came to a life or death situation, Han 3000 would automatically lend a hand to save him.

        There was a shaggy-haired man sitting on the ring, his hair was messy and oily, like a pile of weeds, and if you got a little closer to him, you could smell a very strong stench, not knowing how long it had been since he had taken a bath.

        With a heartbeat, a white figure descended from the sky.

        The winged tiger with a huge body landed directly beside Snapdragon Huang, appearing to be good and docile.

        The appearance of the seven-star exotic beast caused the crowds watching the spectacle to let out sighs for a moment, most of them had heard of the Rouge River incident but had never had the opportunity to witness it with their own eyes, and now seeing a real seven-star exotic beast, this visual impact was extremely strong.


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