His True Colors Chapter 687-688


Chapter 687

Listening to Su Hachao's words, although Su Yehan has done her best to control her envy, but the expression on her face still overflowed with envy, it can't be helped, she is now living even clothes and bags don't dare to buy, so how can she not envy Su Yingxia?

        With Su Yingxia's current fortune, not to mention the fact that she could buy whatever brand name she wanted, there wasn't anything she couldn't get in Cloud City.

        And just the invitation to Han Nian's 100th banquet alone could be sold for over a million, something she would never dare to think about in her life.

        Su Hachao was similarly so, and he even thought that if he hadn't been so cruel to Han Qianqian in the past, he might still be able to get his hands on it now, but unfortunately what had already been done, it was too late to regret it now.

        "Why don't you go steal a few invitations, you might even be able to get us some money to resell." Su Hachao suggested to Su Yehan.

        Su Yehan was tempted, but then she sighed.

        The invitation was in the Genting Mountain villa area, and she didn't even have the qualifications to enter the villa area, so how could she steal it.

        "I can't be invisible, so how can I steal it." Su Yeh Han said.

        "We're relatives anyway, so it's only natural to go see Han Nian, the niece, right?" Su Haichao said with a righteous look.

        That was true, but Su Ye-han didn't think Su Yingxia was willing to see them.

        "Wouldn't this reason be too far-fetched, you didn't take them as relatives before, isn't it ridiculous to say such things now?" Su Yeh Han said.

        Su Haichao glared at Su Yehan and said, "What's so ridiculous, don't you need money?"

        "Of course I need to." Su Yeh Han said without hesitation.

        "Since it's for the money, why do you still need to save face." Su Haichao stood up, a stance of saying that the wind is the rain, it looks like he seems to be planning to Ma Shan to go to Genting Mountain villa area for a walk.

        Su Yehan nodded, also followed to stand up, money is not even there, what else do you need face, as long as you can steal a few invitations, can be exchanged for millions of dollars, face is just optional things.

        The two left the company and drove towards the villa area of Genting Mountain.

        These two had already entered the villa area security department's blacklist, and Mo Yang had personally ordered them to not even be allowed to appear in front of the villa area.

        So when the two got off the car, a few security guards immediately walked over in a menacing manner.

        "What are you guys doing, parking is not allowed here." A security guard said to Su Hachao.

        Su Haichao smiled serenely and said, "Big brother, I'm here to visit my relatives."

        The security guard laughed disdainfully and said, "Don't think I don't know you, Su Haichao, you even have the face to say that you came to visit relatives, who here recognizes you?"

        Su Haichao also didn't feel embarrassed, he was now shameless to the point of invincibility, he was willing to do anything as long as he could re-befriend Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia.

        "Big brother, Su Yingxia and I are brother and sister, how could there be an overnight feud, you'd better let me in, or else I'm afraid you'll be blamed for upsetting Yingxia." Su Hachao said.

        Security guards don't believe in this kind of nonsense, the entire Yun City who doesn't know that Su Hachao used to smear Han 3,000, and also reduced Han 3,000 to nothing, the most important thing is that Mo Yang personally issued an order not to allow these two to appear in the villa area.

        "Hurry up and get out, don't blame me for being rude if you don't." The security guard angrily scolded.

        Su Haichao saw that the security guard didn't eat soft, so he could only take out a tough attitude and said with a cold face, "I advise you better inform, otherwise ......"

        Before the words were finished, several security guards uniformly took out their batons, and it was clear that they did not believe what Su Hachao said at all.

        Su Hachao saw the situation, scared to take a few steps back.

        "What do you guys want to do, in broad daylight, is it hard to beat people up?" Su Haichao said vigilantly.

        "You're the one who's beating up, last warning, if you don't leave, we can make a move." The security guard warned.

        Soft and hard, Su Hae Chao faced this situation very headache.

        At this time, Han 3,000 yuan just happened to come back, and saw this situation, and stopped the car at the entrance.

        A few security guards saw Han 3,000 and immediately shouted with a respectful attitude, "General Manager Han."

        "General Manager Han."

        "Mr. Han."

        Compared to the attitude when facing Su Haichao, these security guards were simply worlds apart when facing Han 3,000, which made Su Haichao even more jealous, not expecting that the former trash was now respected by everyone.

        "Su Haichao, what are you doing?" Han 3000 faintly asked to Su Hae Chao.

        Su Hachao now had the self-awareness to know that he didn't have the qualifications to go against Han 3,000, nor did he have the capital to be high and mighty in front of Han 3,000, and said with a look of deference, "3,000, I just wanted to see my niece, but they even stopped me from going in, don't you think it's too unreasonable."

        "How can it be unreasonable." Han 3,000 smiled and turned to the security guard, "Put up a sign at the door tomorrow, Dog and Su Hai Chao, forbidden within."

        "Don't worry Han, we'll do it right away, not tomorrow, just half an hour." The security guard should say.

        Su Haichao was full of embarrassment, and also faintly angry, but now he did not dare to casually lose his temper in front of Han 3,000, or else he did not need Han 3,000 to do anything, those people in Cloud City who wanted to perform in front of Han 3,000, one mouthful of spittle could drown him.

        "Three thousand, we're relatives no matter what, how can you do this to me." Su Hachao said.

        "Relative?" Han Qianqiang laughed disdainfully and said, "Now you know we're related, why didn't you have such an awareness before? If you had cognized this earlier, you might have been qualified to live here now."

        These words weren't just Han Marchant's casual words, this was merely a matter of his word.

        Even if there were people living in every villa in the Genting Mountain villa area right now, who wouldn't be willing to make room for him as long as he said so.

        It was just a pity that Su Haichao didn't have this qualification.

        "I know that I regret, I know how stupid what I did in the past, for the sake of being a relative, please give me another chance." Su Haichao said with a prayerful face.

        "Yeah, we know we regret, please give us one more chance." Su Yeh Han had just hid behind Su Hai Chao in fear because of the security battle, but now, she couldn't help but hope for Han Qianqiang's understanding, after all, in her current state, she could only rely on Han Qianqiang if she wanted to regain a life of glory and prosperity.

        "Su Ye-han, you haven't missed targeting Yingxia in the past, why should I give you a chance?" Han Giangli coldly said.

        Su Yehan lowered her head, not daring to defend herself, nor did she have a reason to defend herself.

        Su Haichao thumped his knees and said, "Han Qianli, I'm kneeling down for you, isn't that enough?"

        "Men's knees are worth a lot of gold, and yours are nothing more than a pile of shit." Han Qianqian was disdainful.

        Su Haichao gritted his teeth, he had given up his last shred of dignity, but he didn't expect that Han Qianli was still unwilling to give him a chance.

        "Han Qianqian, thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river, don't you give yourself any leeway?" Su Haichao gritted his teeth and said.

        "Perhaps, there's a real possibility, and you've kind of reminded me of it, so how about I just kill you?" Han Giangli said with a raised eyebrow.

        Su Hachao's face was startled, lofty words this was just said, a pot of ice water poured through the heart.

        Fanning his own mouth, Su Haichao said with a face of regret, "I'm just saying, you don't take it seriously."

        Han Marchiang was dumbfounded, even those security guards felt that Su Hachao was really stupid like a pig.

        "Get lost, don't let me see you again, the matter of the Su family's old lady isn't over yet, you appearing once is like reminding me once." Han Qianli faded.

        Su Haichao was pale from the words, although the matter had been over for a long time, and he didn't think Han Marchant would be able to find out the evidence, but Han Marchant's current status and ability wasn't completely impossible to do.

        "I'm leaving, now." Su Haichao even got into the car, started the engine, and slipped away with a kick of the throttle.

        Su Yehan stayed where she was, a cool breeze blew by, and only then did she come back to her senses and yelled at Su Hachao, "I haven't gotten into the car yet, Su Hachao, you bastard."

        When Han Qianqiang found Su Yehan staring at him, he said in a cold voice, "Get lost yourself, do you expect me to send you away?"

Chapter 688

In the cold wind, Su Yehan shivered in the cold, compared to being forgotten by Su Hai Chao, she is more dissatisfied inside is why Su Yingxia is now a high noblewoman, while she is living a straitened life.

        The first time Su Yingxia married Han Qianli, she laughed at Su Yingxia for a long time, thinking that she would never be able to turn over a new leaf in her life, and that she would completely fall into the hands of Han Qianli's trash.

        But now reality hits hard on the face, although Han 3,000 had been ridiculed and humiliated at times, but now that the clouds have been lifted and Han 3,000's true identity has surfaced, her jokes about Su Yingxia have become one loud slap on her face after another.

        All of this made her feel disgruntled and aggrieved, why did such a man, instead of appearing beside her, become Su Yingxia's husband.

        Su Yehan even sometimes fantasized about how great it would be if Han Qianli married her.

        But Su Yehan never first wondered if the grievances Su Yingxia had suffered during those three years was something she could accept.

        Returning to the Su villa, Su Yehan walked up to Su Hachao with a cold face and said through gritted teeth, "You ran quite fast, didn't you notice that a person was missing?"

        Su Hachao had already found out, but he just didn't bother to turn back to find Su Yeh Han, after all, Su Yeh Han was no longer of any use to him, so why bother to make a special trip back to pick her up.

        "Aren't you the same back." Su Haichao said faintly.

        Su Yehan was so angry that she was shaking, of course, there was also some reason for being cold, and said angrily, "Su Hachao, you are really a bâṣtár̃d, where did the arrogance in front of Han Giang's face before go, and even kneeled for him, I am ashamed for you."

        The kneeling thing, Su Haichao completely abandoned his dignity, because he didn't want this life to go on like this, he hoped to find a chance to turn his life around.

        But after being rejected by Han Qianqian, Su Haichao's dignity was completely trampled on, this matter was not even something he wanted to recall, so how could it be brought up by others?


        Su Hai Chao stood up, a fierce slap thrown in Su Yehan face, angry reproach: "Su Yehan, what I do, not your turn to evaluate, and what qualifications you have to sarcasm me, are you better than me? The things you used to humiliate and sneer at Su Ying Xia, you haven't done a lot, didn't you always think that you were better than Su Ying Xia and would have a better life than Su Ying Xia? Look at yourself now, what qualifications do you have to compare yourself to Su Yingxia."

        Su Yehan touched her hot and painful cheeks, aggrieved to the point of tears, she couldn't find any chance to refute this statement, nowadays no one in the entire Yun City could compare to Su Yingxia, she was indeed unqualified, and with Su Yingxia's current status, Su Yehan would be of no help even if she actually married one of Yun City's giants, what kind of giants couldn't compare to the Han family ah, after all, even the Tian family was now below Han 3000.

        "I can't compare to her, but it's better than you kneeling to someone." Su Yeh Han made a final struggle, but Su Hai Chao's words made her instantly speechless.

        "Better than me? If kneeling can make Su Yingxia forgive you, even from back to Su's company, do you kneel?" Suhaichao said.

        From back to Su's company?

        This was something that Su Yeh Han would dream of, because only by returning to the Su Company could she hope to return to her old life.

        If kneeling down could redeem this, she would kneel down without hesitation.

        "No words? It is to kneel, then what qualifications do you have to mock me." Su Haichao coldly said.

        At this time, Su Guolin came into the living room and saw the two arguing as if he hadn't seen them.

        Now Su Guolin regretted so much that his liver was broken, in the past, he had rightfully treated Han 3,000 as a wimp, never thought that Han 3,000 would have today, this made Su Guolin often couldn't help but fantasize, if he had treated Han 3,000 better, would he be following Han 3,000 now?

        Su Guolin was now the lowest ranking person in front of his old friends, and when those people invited him to a drinking party, Su Guolin thought of all kinds of excuses to avoid it, because every time they got together for a drink, they would mention how powerful Han Qianqian was now, and how the Su family would definitely soar to great heights if they could get close to Han Qianqian.

        Su Guolin would have wanted to, even if he was allowed to work as an odd-job man for Han Third Thousand, but unfortunately he knew he didn't have that opportunity.

        "Dad, did you hear about Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet?" Su Haichao asked Su Guolin.

        "This matter has caused a lot of trouble, and the invitation has even been flipped to a million dollars, do you think I can't know about it?" Su Guolin said with a sigh, just an invitation was able to be flipped to such an astonishing price, this was one of the aspects that reflected Han Qianli's power, after all, even Tianchang Sheng's birthday banquet in the past hadn't reached such an exaggerated stage.

        More importantly, a million was just an admission ticket, and a gift for Han Nian, which was bound to be another even more exorbitant monetary payment, but even so, there were still many people who cut their heads to attend.

        "Dad, can you think of a way, our family is so down and out right now, if we want to turn things around, we can only rely on Han Qianli." Su Haichao said, what he couldn't solve, he could only hope on Su Guoyao.

        "A solution?" Su Guolin laughed to himself and said, "If we hadn't been so cruel to Han Giang and Su Yingxia in the past, we might have had some solutions, but thinking about what we had done, if you were Han Giang, would you have forgiven us?"

        Su Haichao himself has done many excessive things, he knows very well, and after Su Yingxia gradually gained status in the Su family company, he even more tried every way to target Su Yingxia.

        But in Su Hachao's view, these things are already in the past, after all, we are all relatives, is there a need to be calculating?

        "I will." Su Haichao said shamelessly.

        Su Guolin shook his head with a sneering expression on his face, these two words were ridiculous, with Su Hachao's temper, if he was the one who got the upper hand today, he would only go on to trample on Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia even more, how could he possibly forgive.

        "Su Haichao, what's the use of deceiving yourself, it's not that your father doesn't want to help, it's that I really have no choice." Su Guolin said.

        "Dad, how do you know the outcome if you don't go and try, do you want to be looked at as a joke by your friends for the rest of your life? I know that you're avoiding them now and don't even dare to go to a cocktail party just because you're afraid of being laughed at, but if we can get back in line with Su Yingxia and return to the Su Company, who else would dare to laugh at you?" Su Haichao said.

        The words were straight from the Buddha's heart, the most unacceptable thing for Su Guolin to do nowadays was to not be able to hold his head up in front of that group of old friends, although the Su family was once only a second-rate family in Cloud City, it also had enough capital for him to flaunt himself in front of those people, but look at him now, he was nothing, and he knew that he didn't go to the drinking party, and the core topic of that group of people would definitely be him as well.

        Su Guolin reluctantly shook his fist.

        "Dad, Su Yingxia is your junior no matter what, if you're going to meet her, there's no way she'll avoid it." Su Hachao continued.

        Su Guolin took a deep breath and said, "Fine, I'll go lean on the old man for once, even if she doesn't see me, it's not a loss."

        Su Hachao was happy, but at the same time, he could only pray that Su Guolin's appearance would be useful, otherwise, he would really not be able to think of any other way.

        Hillside villa, Han three thousand to Su Ying Xia mentioned what happened in front of the villa, this Su Ying Xia did not have any sympathy compassion, in her heart, Su Hai Chao and Su Yeh Han, these two people have long been without any weight, Su Ying Xia now at most treat them as all surnamed Su just, as for the relatives feelings in the slightest.

        "With Su Haichao's character, I reckon he won't give up easily, after all, the only one who can save the Su Company now is you." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        "What does it have to do with me, the Su Family Company will be so powerful, it's also because of you," Su Yingxia retorted.

        "What's mine isn't it yours." Han Giangli laughed.

        "Is it?" Su Yingxia raised her head, raised her eyebrows at Han Qianqian, and said, "What's yours is mine, but mine is still mine, is that right?"

        "Of course." Han Qianqiang did not hesitate.

        Shi Jing, who was on the side, sighed a long sigh and stood up from the sofa, saying, "It's time to spread dog food, so I, an old man, should hurry up and avoid it."


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