His True Colors Chapter 684-686


Chapter 684

Seeing Su Yingxia's embarrassed face, not knowing how to answer Tian Ling'er's question, Han Qianli could only help out by saying, "You're a little girl, why are you asking these things, and you're not too shy."

        "Am I still young?" Tian Ling'er held her head high and could be the one to hold up her chest to ask Han 3,000.

        Han Three Thousand quickly skimmed his head and said, "Spicy eyes."

        This action made Tian Ling'er so furious that even Su Yingxia couldn't help but feel happy.

        "You look down on me!" Tian Ling'er walked up to Han Qianqian and said with her head held high in disobedience.

        Due to the height difference between them, Han 3000 couldn't even see the top of Tian Ling'er's head when he looked at it levelly, looking left and right and said, "Who's talking to me?"

        Tian Ling'er was so angry that she was about to vomit blood, and folded back to Su Yingxia's side, saying with an aggrieved face, "Sister-in-law, he bullied me, and you're still looking at me as a joke, quickly help me."

        Su Yingxia pretended to be serious and said to Han Qianqian, "How can you bully her, quickly, apologize."

        "Honey, is there anyone else in this room?" Han Giangli asked acting as if he didn't understand.

        Su Yingxia cried and laughed, this pair of befriended siblings killing each other could be considered really interesting.

        "Don't bother with him, let's be adults and let him off the hook." Su Yingxia consoled Tian Ling'er.

        Tian Ling'er went down the steps and nodded her head and said, "Sister-in-law, it's still reasonable for you to say that, really this kind of person to countenance, won't he become a villain himself?"

        "Well, cut the crap, what are you doing here so early?" Han Giangli asked.

        Tian Ling'er looked like she was taking it for granted and said, "Come see my lady daughter, what does it have to do with you."

        After saying that, Tian Ling'er hugged Han Nian in her arms, kissing and loving her as she said, "The little face is so tender, so comfortable."

        "By the way, at the gate at the bottom of the mountain, a group of people are around, waiting for you to take care of them, so go and get rid of those people." Tian Ling'er said without lifting her head.

        About what happened at the villa's main gate Han Qianli still didn't know, surrounded by a group of people, what was this?

        "What do you mean, someone's coming after me?" Han Qianli was puzzled, it was reasonable that there couldn't be such unsightly guys in Cloud City now, and there was a large group of them, unless these people were crazy.

        "They're all owners of various restaurants, and when they heard that you were going to hold a hundred day banquet for your daughter, one by one, they wanted to fight for this opportunity, so they came to us," Tian Ling'er said.

        Han Qianli smiled in sudden realization, so it was because of this matter, it looks like Han Nian's reputation now is not worse than his at all.

        "Alright, I'll go take a look." Han Qianli said and left the room.

        After Tian Ling'er saw Han Qianli leave, she softly asked Su Yingxia, "Sister-in-law, will we still have a son?"

        Su Yingxia's personality didn't allow her to discuss such things so bluntly, and after glaring at Tian Ling'er, she said, "Little girl, what's in your head, why do you have such strange thoughts."

        "Isn't this normal, could it be that my brother didn't do anything last night?" Tian Ling'er smiled.

        Su Yingxia blushed scarlet, if this discussion continues, she was worried that Tianlinger would even ask for details, she quickly said, "Okay, let's not talk about this, I'm going to the hospital today, come with me, check on your daughter, I'm a bit relieved that you haven't been by my side for so long."

        "No problem." Tian Ling'er responded in one breath.

        At the entrance of the villa, the group of people who were already quiet, even more so after seeing Han Qianli appear, they didn't even dare to breathe.

        In fact, many of them had never even seen Han Third Thousand in person, and now that they found out that he was so young, they all felt a bit strange.

        "Is this Han Qianli's original self, I didn't expect him to be so young."

        "Young and promising, think of that son of mine, what a loser."

        "That's the difference, if I could have a son like Han Third Thousand, would I have to run around like this?"

        At this time, Han Qianqian walked up to everyone and said indifferently, "I know what you're here for, but you're here for so many people at once, I can't make a direct decision, so how about this, you hand in your information to the security department and I'll screen them one by one, so don't stay here, blocking traffic and delaying your time. "

        No one had expected that Han 3000 would be so easy to talk to and humble, not at all like a high and mighty person.

        "Since General Manager Han said so, we're not going to continue to block the place, don't worry, within today, I'll hand over the information, I hope to satisfy General Manager Han."

        "Mr. Han, I hope you can give me more consideration, I will never let you down."

        "And me, I'm from Ming Yuan Restaurant."

        "I'm the Fufeng Hotel, our service is definitely top-notch."

        These guys started to report themselves, hoping to get Han Qianli's idea, and for a while the scene became noisy.

        Han 3,000 had a headache and quickly raised his right hand to signal, which quieted their voices.

        "Alright, all of you stop talking, after the information is submitted, I'll personally go over it, and if it continues to be so noisy, the names I hear will be the first to be removed without consideration." Han 3,000 said.

        As soon as this was said, those who reported themselves regretted for a moment, and some even slapped themselves hard, wishing they could take back what they had just said.

        After those people had all withdrawn, Han Three Thousand walked towards the security room and said to a few security guards, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to trouble a few of you today, but after the information is handed over, I'll ask you to help keep it, and I'll have someone come pick it up."

        A few security guards were flattered that a big man like Han Qianqian treated them with such a humble attitude, something they had never thought of.

        The residents of the Genting Mountain villa area were all people from Cloud City's high society, most of them were guys with eyes above their heads, and how many of them would put security guards in their eyes when they entered and exited?

        On the other hand, Han Qianqian, the real big shot in the security guard's eyes, was such an approachable gesture.

        "Mr. Han, you're welcome, it's what we should do."

        "Yeah, it's the right thing to do, why would it be a bother."

        Han Qianli took out a box of cigarettes and gave one to each of them, saying, "Okay, I still have some business, I have to go out, you guys should bother."

        Watching Han 3,000's back as he walked away, several security guards all carefully put the cigarettes in their pockets, no one really bothered to smoke them out.

        Magic City.

        As soon as Han Three Thousand Year had parked the car, Lin Yong had run over.

        "Brother Three Thousand." Lin Yong shouted excitedly.

        "Getting fat?" After Han Giangli got off the bus, he smiled and said.

        Lin Yong scratched his head in embarrassment, now that Cloud City was peaceful and prosperous, his little life was very prosperous, and gaining weight was not an uncommon thing.

        "Yeah, there's nothing to do lately, but the meat keeps rising." Lin Yong said.

        "That's a good thing, having nothing to do means that Cloud City is peaceful enough." Han Giangli nodded his head.

        At this time, a fierce beast quickly ran out.

        The reason why it was a fierce beast was because he was too big, and running gave the impression that he was very strong.

        "Brother 3000." Qi Hu didn't seem to be afraid of the cold and wore very thin clothes even in the middle of winter, his muscles trembling all over giving a rather strong visual impact.

        Han Three Thousand Year stared at Qi Hu with disdain and said, "You can't even beat a woman, and you still have the face to come see me?"

        Qi Hu ton slumped his shoulders for a moment, the psychological shadow that this matter had cast on him was not small, after all, Jiang Yingying was just a petite weak woman that anyone seemed to be able to handle with one hand, but he didn't have any advantage over the match of strength.

        "Brother 3000, she's a different kind," Qi Hu said.

        Not only was she an alternative, but she was just as alternative as Han 3,000, which Han 3,000 knew better than anyone else.

        "You don't need to be discouraged." Han Three Thousand patted Qi Hu's shoulder.

        Qi Hu had thought that Han Qianqian was going to comfort him, but he didn't expect Han Qianqian's next words to make him even more despondent.

        "The gap between you and her will grow wider and wider, and I'm afraid you won't even have the qualifications to be her rival in the future," Han Giangli said.

        Qi Hu had spent more than a decade training in the deep forest, and after coming down the mountain he was taught a lesson by Han Qianqian, but now he couldn't even beat a woman, which made him feel like more than a decade of training had been wasted.

        With a bitter face, he said, "Brother 3000, how could she be so powerful?"

Chapter 685

Han Qianqiang smiled without saying anything, naturally such things could not be told to Qi Hu.

        At this time, Mo Yang also rushed out and also glared at Lin Yong, probably blaming Lin Yong for not informing him that Han Three Thousand had arrived.

        "Three thousand, why didn't you inform before you came." Mo Yang said.

        "Are you still planning to line up to welcome me? Still think that making a ruckus at the airport wasn't loud enough ah." Han 3,000 said helplessly, he wasn't someone who was used to a high profile, the airport greeting him would never have allowed Mo Yang to do that if he had known in advance.

        "Three thousand, you're coming back, but the old man informed me, how would I know otherwise, the old man probably wanted to let everyone in Cloud City know that you're back." Mo Yang smiled.

        Han Giang was stunned, he had thought that this matter was Mo Yang's own idea, but he didn't expect grandfather to be involved.

        That's right, if it wasn't for grandpa, how would Mo Yang know that he was coming back, and didn't grandpa purposely inform Mo Yang that he wanted him to make some arrangements?

        Han Tian Yang did indeed want Han Three Thousand to be known by everyone because he was so low-profile that he had once made the entire Cloud City treat him as a wimp.

        How could a Han family man be treated as a wimp? Han Tian Yang didn't allow this to happen, so he had to make Han Three Thousand Year's high profile return, and let everyone in Cloud City know that the wimp that was once in their eyes was now the number one person in Cloud City.

        "Right, I've prepared some information about a few places, so come in with me first." Mo Yang said.

        For Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet, Mo Yang had researched almost the entire night last night, he made sure to ensure that Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet was held in the best place, and that it would be held in a way that would make everyone marvel and envy him.

        When he walked into the Magic City, Mo Yang couldn't wait to explain the few places he had visited to Han Qiannian, and these were all carefully compiled information, so you could see how much thought Mo Yang had put into this.

        "You still don't know what happened this morning in the Genting Mountain villa area, right?" Han Giangli smiled and said to Mo Yang.

        "What is it?" Mo Yang looked at Han Qianliang puzzled, he was close to sleeping in the morning, he naturally didn't know anything about the situation in the Genting Mountain villa area.

        "A lot of restaurant and hotel owners are blocking the entrance of Genting Mountain Villa Area, hoping to host Han Nian's 100th banquet this time, hundreds of them, I asked all of them to submit their information to the security room, waiting for me to do the screening." Han Qianli said.

        After Mo Yang was stunned for a moment, he couldn't help but squeal with amusement.

        Han 3,000 was unsure what was going on, this guy was laughing nervously.

        "What are you thinking about?" Han Qianli was puzzled and asked.

        Mo Yang smiled and said, "It's still just the Hundred Days Banquet and it's making such a big commotion, I can't imagine what kind of scene it will be like when she gets married."

        After saying that, after a pause, Mo Yang continued, "I don't know which bastard can have such good luck to marry Han Nian."

        Han Giang was a bit inexplicably irritated by this statement, although he knew that this matter was still very far away, but it was something that would happen eventually.

        His own lovely daughter would be married off by another man and would sleep in the same bed as another man, and when he thought of this, Han Three Thousand was a little inexplicably upset.

        This was probably a thought that every father who gave birth to a daughter would have, but of course, if it were a boy, he would never have any worries about this.

        "What's wrong with you, what's with the stony face?" Mo Yang noticed that something was wrong with Han Giang's face and asked strangely.

        Han Qianli shook her head and said, "It's nothing."

        "Thinking that your daughter is going to fall into the hands of another man is a bit too much to accept?" Mo Yang raised his eyebrows and asked.

        Not being a father would never be able to understand this feeling, so Han Qianli didn't bother to give Mo Yang a chance to discuss this topic, as he wouldn't necessarily be able to understand if he said it.

        "A lonely man like you, don't discuss such issues with me," Han Three Thousand said.

        "Looking down on people isn't it, even though I'm not a father, but I treat Han Nian as my own daughter, and don't push me, if you push me again, I'll give you a daughter to see tomorrow." Mo Yang said cross-eyed and green-eyed to Han Qianqian.

        "Give birth to what, ass?" Han Three Thousand Thousand said disdainfully.

        When the two of them were quarreling in disobedience to you and me, there was a remote mountainous area in China, where there was almost no transportation to speak of, and the trek was all on legs, climbing over mountains and mountains, and human trails were rare, while at the place of the deep forest, there was a hand-built wooden hut, which was crude, but gave one a feeling of paradise.

        Lintong looked at the cooking smoke coming from the wooden hut and sighed to herself, "Fortunately you are still alive, otherwise I would have wasted this trip."

        "Fang Zhan."

        "Fang Zhan."

        "Fang Zhan."

        After calling out a few times in a row, no one responded inside the cabin, but it was clear that there was someone living here, and the smoke also indicated that the people inside were cooking.

        "Fang Zhan, I know you're in there, is it useful to hide from me?" Rintong roared with some dissatisfaction.

        After a while, a middle-aged figure finally walked out of the hut, with a huge body, completely comparable to Qi Hu, and a huge scar on his face that ran almost across his entire face, making it impossible to forget at a glance, which if a child saw it, he would probably just cry in fear.

        "Who are you?" The man named Fang Zhan asked Lin Tong in a cold voice.

        "We're old acquaintances, and you can't even remember me." Lintong smiled.

        "I have no memory of you." Fang Zhan said.

        Lintong nodded her head and said, "It's true, back then when you left the apocalypse, I was just a child, now that my appearance has changed greatly, it's normal that you don't recognize me, but you still remember the name Lintong, right?"

        "Lintong!" Fang Zhan was slightly surprised, after entering the apocalypse, it was after Lin Tong had entered the apocalypse that she became famous for her extremely high talent, although when Fang Zhan left the apocalypse Lin Tong had not yet become the pride of the apocalypse, but he knew that with Lin Tong's talent, he would do it sooner or later.

        Just why would such a person suddenly come to him?

        "It seems that I still impress you very much, how could my name, Lin Tong, be forgotten." Lintong said proudly.

        "You came to see me, is that what the apocalypse means? But back then, withdrawing from the apocalypse received the consent of everyone in the four gates and three halls." Fang Zhan said with dissatisfaction.

        The Four Gates and Three Temples were equivalent to two departments in the apocalypse, and these two departments were the highest status existences in the apocalypse, and any decision needed the consent of both the Four Gates and Three Temples before it could be implemented.

        The reason why the Apocalypse set up the Four Gates and Three Temples in the first place was to provide a check and balance between the two, and to avoid a situation where one of them would become dominant.

        Han Xiao was one of them, but he was an exception because he hadn't entered the core, and he hadn't even met the Three Temples of the Four Gates.

        It was also because of this that the apocalypse had Nenkai let him back into the world, but the apocalypse also had a requirement that he couldn't reveal everything about the apocalypse to the public, so Fang Zhan chose to live in this deep forest and not live with people, so naturally he wouldn't have the opportunity to reveal the secrets of the apocalypse to the public.

        "It has nothing to do with the apocalypse, I'm the one who came to ask for your help." Lintong said.

        "Looking for my help? Today I am but a mere invalid, what can I do to help you, the pride of heaven?" Fang Zhan said indifferently.

        The four words "pride of the heavens" were Lin Tong's most flattering assessment, and the reason why he wanted to kill Han Kuang was because he wanted to keep his position, he wouldn't allow Han Kuang to surpass his position in the apocalypse.

        "You're not an invalid, you were once one of the ten masters of the apocalypse, if you're an invalid, are there still masters in this world?" Lintong smiled.

        "Flattery is useless to me, and I already plan to die of old age here and will never take a step out of here, so I advise you to dispel your thoughts and leave from here." After saying that, Fang Zhan turned around and prepared to continue cooking in his home.

Chapter 686

Since Lin Tong had come all the way here to find Fang Zhan, he was naturally confident that he would be able to get Fang Zhan out of the mountain, or else he wouldn't waste time and energy looking for her.

        "After you left the apocalypse, you spent three whole years looking for your daughter, but you found nothing, do you think she's really dead?" Lintong said.

        This sentence caused Fang Zhan to stop in an instant and turn to look at Lintong, his appearance clearly becoming tense.

        "You know the whereabouts of my daughter?" Fang Zhan was so excited that even his breathing quickened as he asked.

        "As long as you're willing to help me, I'll tell you where she is." Lintong said.

        Before Fang Zhan entered the mountain, he had thought that he had no more worries, but now that he learned that his daughter was still alive, this made him unable to calm down, after all, this was his only family in the world, if she was really still alive, Fang Zhan would do whatever it took to get her back.

        But Fang Zhan didn't lose his mind because of excitement, he had searched for three whole years with no news, how could Lin Tong know? Could it be that he was deliberately using this to irritate him, but the truth was that Rintori didn't even know where his daughter was.

        "What makes you expect me to believe you know where she is?" Fang Zhan said.

        "If you don't believe me, I can leave right now." Lintong said indifferently, displaying an indifferent attitude.

        Of course he didn't know where Fang Zhan's daughter was, the man might have died long ago, but the only way he could get Fang Zhan out of the mountain was to say so, and he believed that if there was the slightest chance, Fang Zhan wouldn't miss it.

        As for how he was going to explain this matter to Fang Zhan after killing Han Giang, Lin Tong hadn't even thought about it, with his position in the apocalypse, would Fang Zhan still dare to do anything to him?

        Seeing Lin Tong make a move to leave, Fang Zhan spoke up, "What do you need me to do?"

        Regardless of whether it was true or not, Fang Zhan had to give it a try, and it just so happened that such a mindset fell into Lin Tong's trap.

        Lin Tong smiled faintly, it was similar to the scenario he had envisioned, how could Fang Zhan miss the chance to know where his daughter was?

        "Kill a man for me." Rintori turned around and said.

        "Kill someone?" Fang Zhan frowned, with Lin Tong's status and skills, it wasn't a handy thing for him to kill someone, so why not do it himself? It looked like this person's identity wasn't simple, so much so that Lin Tong didn't dare to take action himself.

        "His name is Han Qianqian, he's still a worldly person today, but the next oldest will take him as a disciple, so I want him dead, I won't allow him to surpass me in the apocalypse." Lintong knew that Fang Zhan would ask why, and he also needed to know who Han Three Thousand was, the naysayers wouldn't do it easily, so Lintong simply explained these things himself.

        "You even dare to kill the next oldest disciple?" Fang Zhan was slightly shocked, but Second Elder was at the helm of the four gates, his disciple meant that he would be able to take over the four gates in the future, and such a person, Lin Tong actually had murderous intent.

        "What is there to be afraid of, the next oldest is currently just expressing such a will, not actually taking him as a disciple, he hasn't even joined the apocalypse yet." Lintong said.

        "Although he hasn't joined the apocalypse, but to be valued by the next oldest, there must be something remarkable about him, and I'm afraid that the consequences of killing him would be unimaginable to you and me." Fang Zhan said.

        Lintong gritted his teeth, as long as Han 3,000 didn't die by his hand, what did it matter what kind of consequences it would cause, he only wanted Han 3,000 to die, he couldn't give Han 3,000 any chance to surpass him.

        The four words "pride of heaven", in Lin Tong's opinion, only he was worthy, and no one was qualified to take it away from him.

        "You don't dare, are you afraid of death?" Lintong coldly said.

        Fang Zhan shook his head and said, "The consequences I'm talking about are not the same as the ones you imagine, and you'll only understand what kind of world this world is after you truly understand Apocalypse."

        "Moreover, his appearance may not be a bad thing for you, because there are some responsibilities that you may not necessarily be willing to bear when you know the truth." Fang Zhan continued.

        "Don't try to sell me on it, although I don't know as much as you do, I know exactly what is best for me." Lintong said disdainfully, if Han Qianqiang didn't die, his position in the apocalypse would be threatened, this was the truth that was right in front of his eyes, as for Fang Zhan's so-called responsibility, he didn't care.

        Seeing Fang Zhan's hesitation, Lin Tong could only take out the killer weapon he had prepared and said, "If you don't help me, I will kill her, and I will tell her that it was her father's failure to save her that caused her to have to die."

        Fang Zhan looked at Lin Tong with a torch-like gaze and gritted his teeth, "You dare."

        "There's nothing that I, Lin Tong, can't do, do you want to try?" Lintong looked at Fang Zhan without fear, this was the last way he could threaten Fang Zhan, all he must not allow himself to back down.

        As one of the former top ten masters of the apocalypse, even though Lintong was a proud son of heaven, he knew that he was no match for Fang Zhan, but if he didn't do this, what chance would he have to kill Han Qianxiang?

        "Do you have any idea what will happen to me if you piss me off?" Fang Zhan's eyes danced with anger, the years of silence seemed to have returned to the bloodthirsty period of the conquest.

        "If I die, she will die as well, did you really think I would come to you so simply, I had already arranged someone by her side." Lintong said.

        Fang Zhan took a few deep breaths as if he was breathing like a cow, he couldn't let his daughter be in any danger, although he wanted to kill Lin Tong, reason told him that he couldn't do so, or else his daughter's life would be in danger.

        "Okay, I promise you." Fang Zhan said.

        Lintong smiled lightly, he was a bit worried that things wouldn't go as he had planned, and he had to say that blackmailing Fang Zhan in this way was quite useful.

        "But after killing him, if I can't see my daughter, I'll do whatever it takes to kill you." Fang Zhan threatened.

        In the face of the threat, Lintong wasn't afraid in the slightest, as he had already returned to the apocalypse at that time, so was it even possible for Fang Zhan to break into the apocalypse and kill him?

        "Don't worry, during this time, I'll have my people protect her well and never let her get hurt in any way, but she's not doing too well right now, married to a useless man." In order to add to the authenticity of the story and allow Fang Zhan to kill Han Qianqian in the shortest amount of time possible, Lintong made up another story.

        These words, however, undoubtedly made Fang Zhan even more eager to see his daughter.

        Yun City.

        Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet was getting more and more speculated, almost the entire Cloud City knew about this big event, and apart from those caterers who wished to host this Hundred Days Banquet, there were many people inquiring about the invitations.

        Although the Han family had not sent out invitations, there were already fake invitations in circulation and the black market price had already broken a million, paying such an astonishing figure just to attend Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet for a meal.

        The status of this Hundred Days Banquet in the minds of those businessmen was already self-evident.

        A company on the verge of bankruptcy, has only its last breath, the entire company has not a few employees, and as the company's CEO, Su Haichao now has no way to revitalize it, now for Su Haichao, days can be lived day by day, no capital injection, no noble help, Su Haichao is also equivalent to no tomorrow.

        "A broken hundred day banquet is only, have to make such a big noise, as if afraid of who doesn't know." Su Yehan said with a disdainful face, but her tone was filled with acidity.

        Su Yehan had always believed that she would be the one who would have the best time among all the women in the Su family, even Su Yingxia, who was prettier than her, had married a loser, so who else could compare to her?

        But the truth slapped Su Yeihan hard, no one had ever thought that Han 3,000, who had been named as a trash, would still have the identity of the young master of the Yanjing Han family, and now the entire Yun City was his, even the once number one family, the Tian family, would now have to follow Han 3,000's lead.

        This change in status was hard for Su Yehan to accept, yet she had to accept it.

        Su Haichao was also very unconvinced because he was the one who had spread the name of Han Marchant's trash, and now he had no chance to suck up to Han Marchant even if he wanted to.

        "I heard that the invitations have been flipped to over a million by those people, I don't know how these people could be so stupid." Su Hachao said.


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