His True Colors Chapter 581-583


Chapter 581

The two front desk girls in the company are still in a state of tit-for-tat, and neither one is convinced by the other.

        The receptionist who was molested by Han 3,000 thinks that Han 3,000 can solve the company crisis, while the other colleague, still thinks that Han 3,000 can't be a match for Sun Yi.

        Although the other executives have already compromised, but in her opinion, as long as Sun Yi is still around, an unscrupulous rich kid like Han 3,000 will be kicked out sooner or later.

        The competition between women was sometimes very inexplicable, and because of a little jealousy, a very fierce and vicious fight was likely to break out.

        That colleague, in fact, was just jealous, that's why he didn't look favorably on Han Marchant, and even secretly cursed Han Marchant in his heart.

        The little sister who was molested by Han Qianli, on the other hand, was immersed in her own fantasies of being able to take her relationship with Han Qianli one step further.

        When Sun Yi appeared, that colleague hurried to Sun Yi's side and said, "Mr. Sun, the others have already come to the company, and it looks like they've betrayed you."

        Sun Yi asked weakly, "Where is CEO Han?"

        That colleague frowned, she thought that Sun Yi came and must be looking for trouble for Han 3000, but he actually addressed Han 3000 as General Manager Han.

        Could it be that even Sun Yi had to compromise with this unscrupulous son?

        "Han 3000 is long gone." That colleague said.

        Sun Yi paled, a mere front desk of a company, it was audacious to call Han Marchant by his name.


        Sun Yi slapped the woman in the face and scolded angrily, "Is it your right to call General Manager Han by his first name?"

        The colleague covered his face, looking panicked.

        Apparently, it wasn't just the other top executives who had compromised with Han 3,000, even Sun Yi did the same.

        At this moment, Sun Yi made an even more horrifying move.

        He directly knelt down.

        Kneel down on both knees!

        "Call Mr. Han and tell him I'll kneel in front of the office and wait for him until he comes," Sun Yi said.

        This action, even the beautiful woman who was teased by Han Qianli took a deep breath, although she trusted Han Qianli very much, she didn't expect Han Qianli to be able to make Sun Yi admit defeat in such a short period of time.

        The entire company, who didn't know about Sun Yi's ambition, but now, he was kneeling down in front of the company! This was to let everyone know that he had admitted defeat.

        Soon, the matter of Sun Yi kneeling spread within the company, and everyone was very appalled when they heard about it, and at the same time, they had an additional respect for Han Qianli.

        "That slap just now hurt, right, even you dare to call General Manager Han by his name, you deserve it." The beautiful woman who was molested by Han Qianli said to her colleague with a smug face.

        That person covered her face, not daring to retort, her last hope was on Sun Yi, but now that Sun Yi was kneeling down, it was enough to show how powerful Han Qianli was, which also made the jealousy within her even stronger.

        Why didn't someone so powerful molest her?

        Sun Yi's kneeling was unknown to Han Qianli, and since she was going to invite Chi Yi Yun for dinner tonight, Han Qianli and Yuan Ling both went to the department store to buy ingredients.

        "Why did you buy so many things?" Yuan Ling was puzzled to Han Qianqian, these can be fresh ingredients, buy home will not become cooked by itself, Yuan Ling does not think Han Qianqian is still a man who knows how to cook.

        "Cooking ah, do you eat noodles every day?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        "I can't do it, so don't expect me to cook for you." Although Yuan Ling was a woman, she couldn't cook except off noodles.

        "Did I say I wanted you to do it?" Han Qianqian said.

        Yuan Ling was stunned, looked Han Qianqian up and down, and said with an expression of disbelief, "Do you still know how to cook?"

        "Rarely?" Han 3,000 asked rhetorically.

        "Cut." Yuan Ling snorted in disdain and said, "Don't act like you're in front of me, if a rich second generation like you could cook, I'd write your name backwards."

        Yuan Ling had never seen a rich man cook personally, let alone a playboy like Han Qianqian.

        "Then you'll have to practice beforehand, or I'm afraid you won't be used to writing it backwards." Han Three Thousand smiled.

        At this time, Yuan Ling's phone rang, and it was a colleague from the company.

        When Yuan Ling heard her colleague say that Sun Yi was kneeling in front of the company, waiting for Han 3000, her expression became unconsciously surprised.

        Sun Yi would even kneel down to admit his mistake, he was the top management of the company, didn't he want to lose face at all?

        Hanging up the phone, Yuan Ling said to Han Qianqiang, "Do you know what happened in the company?"

        Han Giangli thought about it and said, "Is Sun Yi going to find me and admit his mistake to me?"

        "Sun Yi directly knelt down in front of the company and waited for you on his knees." Yuan Ling said.

        Han Jiangli wasn't surprised, this guy should already know certain things, but the way he found out made Han Jiangli a little curious.

        "Not surprisingly, this is the only way he can go if he wants to retain his position in the company." Han Marchian said indifferently.

        "Aren't you going to meet him?" Yuan Ling asked.

        "Do I have to see him when he kneels down?" Han Qianqiang asked rhetorically.

        Yuan Ling was directly speechless, in her opinion, since Sun Yi had already admitted his mistake, Han Three Thousand should go and give him a leg up, but she was just an assistant, she wasn't qualified to give Han Three Thousand ideas.

        After buying the groceries, they returned home and Han Three Thousand was busy in the kitchen.

        Yuan Ling stood in front of the kitchen with a frown on her face, watching Han Qianli's movements, but she was quite skilled and seemed to do this kind of thing often, but she still didn't believe that Han Qianli could cook.

        "Are you sure you want to make it yourself, don't waste so many ingredients, but it's all paid for." Yuan Ling reminded Han Marchant.

        "If you can't help, just go cool off on the side and don't give me any trouble." Han Qianqian said, his cooking skills were no inferior to some chefs, for the sake of Su Yingxia, Han Qianqian had attended many cooking courses, with his strength, even if he had to get a chef's certificate, he wouldn't have the slightest problem.

        Yuan Ling happily returned to the living room, she really couldn't help and didn't know what to do.

        For Yuan Ling who had never had any experience in cooking, she didn't even know what to do.

        Watching the TV in the living room, it wasn't long before Qi Yiyun came.

        After deliberately dressing up Qi Yiyun, she was so beautiful that Yuan Ling would feel ashamed of herself just by standing in front of her.

        When Qi Yiyun saw Yuan Ling, she felt a little lost, she had thought that Han Qianqian had only invited herself, but she didn't expect Yuan Ling to be there.

        "Miss Chi, you're just too beautiful." Yuan Ling couldn't help but say with a sigh, even as a girl, she would still be immersed in Chi Yiyun's beauty.

        "You're also beautiful." Qi Yiyun said politely.

        Yuan Ling subconsciously shook her head, in front of Chi Yi Yun, where did she have the qualifications to deserve the word beautiful.

        "Miss Chi, in front of you, even a fairy would be ashamed of herself, how can I be considered pretty." Yuan Ling said.

        "What about Han Qianqian?" Chia-Yun didn't want to dwell on the issue, she was well aware of her posture and it wasn't a subject for discussion.

        "In the kitchen, he said he wanted to cook for himself, I think this could be a disaster." Yuan Ling said with a playful face.

        Chi Yi Yun laughed and shook her head, saying, "It's an honor to be able to eat his cooking, and you still look down on him?"

        "Miss Chi, he's just a playboy, how could he cook." Yuan Ling lowered her voice and said, partly because of her disdain for Han Qianli's cooking skills, but also as a reminder to Chi Yiyun to recognize Han Qianli as a person.

        "A playboy?" Han 3000 had many titles in Cloud City, but Playboy was very new, did he even qualify to be called a Playboy? Other than Su Yingxia, he hadn't had sex with any women, when did playboy become synonymous with a pure man?

        "Miss Chi, you don't know him well enough, this guy is a lustful man, you have to be very careful of him." Yuan Ling said with a serious expression.

        Qi Yiyun raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, "It would be good if he is really a playboy, I would like him to be a bit flirtatious with me."

        "Ah!" Yuan Ling looked at Qi Yi Yun with dismay, did you hear it right, Qi Yi Yun actually wanted Han Qian Qian to be flirtatious with her?

Chapter 582

Yuan Ling knew that there were many people pursuing Chi Yi Yun in the Chinese district, and that group of people were like locusts that would love to eat Chi Yi Yun alive, and they were all young handsome men with status, so Chi Yi Yun would pick any one of them, and the other party would definitely be dead set on her.

        But ...... But looking at her, she seemed to prefer Han Qianqian, the playboy!

        How did this happen?

        With Chi Yi Yun's excellence, where was Han Qian Qian worthy?

        "Miss Chi, did I hear you right?" Yuan Ling asked incredulously.

        "You heard it right, it's just a pity he doesn't like me." Chi Yi Yun said somewhat helplessly.

        Yuan Ling stared at her, like a second cylinder in a mahjong.

        Chi Yi Yun was so beautiful that she took the initiative to like Han Qianqian, but Han Qianqian still didn't like her!

        "Miss Chi, he doesn't like you, so what else did you ...... you guys do that night?" Yuan Ling's brain was buzzing, how could a goddess of Chi Yi Yun's level be willing to actively backstab Han Qianqian?

        "The other night?" Chi Yi Yun sighed heavily and said, "It would have been nice if something really happened that night, but unfortunately, there was nothing."

        Yuan Ling only felt ruined in her three senses because looking at Chi Yi Yun's attitude, she was the one who wanted to have sex with Han Qianqiang, while Han Qianqiang did not.

        What kind of thing is this called!

        Isn't Han Ganso a pervert?

        This guy is even the front desk of the company, and yet he can do nothing in the face of a beautiful woman like Qi Yi Yun, isn't this an international joke?

        "What you said, Miss Chi, is all true?" Yuan Ling asked in disbelief.

        Chi Yi Yun dared to confront her feelings for Han Qianqian, and she wasn't afraid of outsiders knowing her situation, but this kind of thing, the point was over, there was no need to talk about it again and again.

        "Wait for dinner, his cooking skills will definitely amaze you." Qi Yiyun changed the topic.

        Yuan Ling saw that Qi Yiyun no longer mentioned this matter, and could only take what she had just said as a joke, or perhaps just a disguised ridicule of Han Marchant, how could a goddess like her possibly like Han Marchant, and be eager to take the initiative to climb into Han Marchant's bed, this was even more of a fantasy.

        As aromas continued to come from the kitchen, Yuan Ling, who was sitting in the living room watching TV, appeared unconcerned.

        She didn't believe in Han Qianqian's cooking skills, didn't believe that Han Qianqian could make delicious meals, but now what was with this aroma?

        Yuan Ling couldn't help but swallow her saliva and asked Chi Yi Yun, "Is he really that powerful?"

        "He's awesome in more ways than one, but you just haven't seen it." In Qi Yiyun's mind, Han Qianqian was practically the perfect man, unable to find any flaws, or else she wouldn't be unable to help herself.

        Yuan Ling left her mouth open, as her first impression of Han Three Thousand wasn't too good, so even now, in her heart, she wasn't willing to acknowledge Han Three Thousand's excellence, but some facts were undeniable.

        After the colorful, aromatic four dishes and one soup were prepared, Yuan Ling sat at the table and asked Han Qianqian, still somewhat unbelievably, "Did you make all of this? Did you sneak in a take-out order behind our backs."

        "Your name is written backwards, so I don't need to remind you." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Yuan Ling pursed her lips, her words were too full, it was too late to regret at this point, and her so-called ordering takeaway was just a forced struggle, she was sitting in the living room, if there was really takeaway, how could she not see it unless the takeaway man had the ability to be invisible?

        "When did I ever say such a thing, you heard wrong." Yuan Ling said with her head down.

        "Eat quickly, eat well and hurry home, I still have things to discuss with Chi Yi Yun." Han Qianqian reminded Yuan Ling.

        Yuan Ling was stunned, and in her heart, she despised Han Qianli again.

        Have something to discuss?

        What else can you do when you're alone in the same room with a man and a woman.

        He really was a pervert.

        While Yuan Ling despised Han Qianqian, a prayer rose in Qi Yiyun's heart, she did hope that something would happen with Han Qianqian tonight, just as she thought, if you can't get the heart, at least get the person, then you won't have too much regret in life.

        Yuan Ling couldn't stop after tasting a bite of Han Qianqian's cooking, completely immersed in the charm of the food, eating without any image to speak of.

        Qi Yiyun, on the other hand, looked cautious as she ate, fearing that she might have spent her makeup, and she wanted to maintain her most perfect image in front of Han Qianqian.

        After the meal, Yuan Ling left with her round belly, and Han Giang cleaned up the mess and washed the dishes before walking into the living room.

        Chi Yi Yun looked a little nervous, for her, this was after all something she had never experienced before in her life, and although she had been looking forward to it for a long time, she was still a little scared.

        "Don't be so nervous, I didn't plan to do anything to you, I asked you to come because I want you to give me ideas on how I'm going to spend my money." Han Giangli said to Chi Yi Yun.

        "Spend money?" Chi Yi Yun raised her head and said, looking at Han Marchant with puzzlement.

        "Yes, I'm going to squander it, squander it like a loser." Han Three Thousand said.

        Although Han Three Thousand was considered to have been born into a famous family, he didn't have the good fortune of those rich kids, and because he was ostracized, he had never tried to live a life of squandering, and for a while he couldn't figure out how to spend his money to make him more like a loser.

        Han 3000 doesn't know the purpose of Nangong Boling sending him to Mi, but the image he wants to create for Nangong Boling has mistakenly caught the core of it.

        Nangong Boling wanted Han Three Thousand to get lost in money.

        Han 3000, on the other hand, wants to use his lust and defeat to mislead Nangong Boling into thinking that he's easy to control.

        Of course, spending money was a simple thing, but it was a lesson to spend it like a domineering second generation.

        "Are you crazy, or is it raining money from the sky?" Chia-Yun was confused.

        "You don't need to worry about the reason, just teach me how to spend the money." Han 3,000 said.

        "I won't." Qi Yiyun said gamely, but she came with other hopes, she didn't expect Han Qianqian to make such a request, making her very angry.

        "You're the eldest daughter of the Chi family, how could you not?" Han Giangli said, "You're the only one who can help me with this matter."

        "Fine, if you want me to help, do me a favor first," Chi Yi Yun said.

        "What favor?" Han Giangli asked curiously.

        Qi Yi Yun stood up, stretched out her slender hand, and said, "Take me back to my room."

        Han Three Thousand's eyelids jumped, this woman was acting too revealing to make such a direct request.

        Although Han Giang had once also been stuck in the bathroom by Chi Yi Yun, he had rejected her outright countless times, but he didn't expect her to have such thoughts now.

        "You know I wouldn't do anything wrong to Su Yingxia." Han Qianli faintly said.

        "Then I can't help you." Qi Yiyun said through clenched teeth.

        Han Qianli cried and said, "You should know quite a few friends in the Chinese district, just introduce me to a circle."

        "Introduced in what capacity, is it my boyfriend?" Qi Yi Yun was persistent.

        "I'm married, I have children, and you're even likely to be Han Nian's godmother." Han Qianli said faintly.

        Qi Yiyun's eyes were so red with anxiety that she instantly rolled out tears.

        She didn't want to be Han Nian's godmother.

        "Who wants to be her godmother, if she does, she'll be the stepmother." Qi Yiyun got out of her mouth in a rush.

        Han Qianqiang really couldn't laugh at this statement and pulled on Qi Yiyun's hand, gesturing for her to sit down.

        Qi Yiyun felt the warmth from Han Qianli's palm and tears sprang out wildly, directly jumping into Han Qianli's arms and hugging her to death.

        Han Giangli spread out his hands and didn't push Qi Yiyun away, but he didn't make a hug either.

        "Do you know how much I love you, why you won't give me a chance." Qi Yiyun cried out in pain.

        Han Giangli sighed and said, "I don't have a chance to be able to give it to you, I'm married."

        "There are still countries in the world that allow polygamy, can't you immigrate?" Qi Yiyun hammered Han Qianli's chest and said.

        This absurd thought had never crossed Han Giang's mind because it wasn't a problem with the system, but his feelings for Su Yingxia couldn't be mixed with Chi Yi Yun's presence.

        "We, it's impossible." Han Three Thousand said in a firm tone.

        Chi Yiyun, who was leaning tightly against his bosom, suddenly trembled and his entire body became rigid.

Chapter 583

After pushing away Chi Yi Yun, Han Giang stood up and walked over to the window, the night was already dark, and every now and then he would think uncontrollably of Han Nian, worrying that she hadn't slept or eaten properly. He would also worry about Su Yingxia, fearing that like himself, she wouldn't be able to sleep because she missed Han Nian.

        "I'll take you to meet some people tomorrow, they're all rich families from the Chinese district." Chi Yiyun looked at Han Qianqian and clearly didn't give up because of the rejection, after all, she had been rejected by Han Qianqian more times than she could count on a handful of hands, if she was willing to give up, she wouldn't have lasted until now.

        "Fine." Han Qianli faintly responded with one word.

        After wiping away the tears on her face, Chi Yi Yun left Han Three Thousand's house.

        Han 3000 didn't see each other off either, the relationship between the two of them had to be kept at a distance, and Han 3000 knew that he couldn't create any illusion for Chi Yi Yun to avoid her misunderstanding him because of a momentary softness.

        Back at home, Qi Yiyun locked herself in her room.

        Qi Donglin and Ouyang Fei Lao knew that she had gone to see Han Qianli today, and then looking at her state back at home, they also guessed what the consequences would be.

        Qi Donglin couldn't help but sigh and said, "I didn't expect my daughter to have a large number of suitors, but she would be defeated in Han Qianli's hands, what good is that kid."

        The first time Ouyang Fei saw Han Qianqian, she felt that he was far too good compared to Qi Yiyun's other suitors, and although this was just an intuition, her instincts were never wrong.

        Even though Chi Yiyun seemed to have been rejected by Han Kuang, she couldn't erase Han Kuang's excellence for that reason.

        "You, it's useless if you don't want to admit it, Han Qianqian is indeed not something an ordinary man can compare to, and our daughter is so beautiful, can an ordinary man refuse her?" Ouyang Fei said that she admired Han Qianqian on this point, and would even be envious of Su Yingxia.

        A woman's whole life, isn't it just to want to meet a man who only loves her?

        Not even Chi Yi Yun's posture could make him betray Su Ying Xia, such a man was almost like a phoenix feather in Ouyang Fei's opinion.

        Qi Donglin internally scolded Han Qianli to death, but Ouyang Fei's words, he had to admit that also as a man, he knew very well how difficult it was to refuse a beautiful woman who took the initiative to come to his door.

        Even though Chi Donglin loved Ouyang Fei very much, but when there was a beautiful woman by his side, Chi Donglin still couldn't help but take a few more glances and even think about it, this was a man's human nature, this was something that a man in the universal world should do as a matter of course, but Han Qianli was an exception.

        "Wife, do you think that this Han 3000 is no good in that area?" Qi Donglin asked with a suspicious face.

        This question confused Ouyang Fei, being able to reject Chi Yi Yun, there was really a possibility of this.

        It wasn't reluctance, but incompetence?

        If he was incompetent, then he wouldn't be as good as he thought he was.

        However, Ouyang Fei quickly dismissed that and shook his head, "He even has a daughter, how is this possibility you're talking about possible."

        "That's not necessarily true, it's not impossible for something to happen after having a daughter." Qi Donglin deflated his mouth, he felt that this was the most logical explanation, how could a normal man in the negative be indifferent to beauty?

        "You slander him like that because you don't think a normal man could refuse our daughter, do you? And can you say no to other women?" Ouyang Fei suddenly asked Qi Donglin with a fierce expression on his face.

        Sitting squarely in his seat, Qi Donglin said with an unusually serious expression, "How is it possible, there's no way I'll have women around me, and I won't give them a chance to get close."

        Ouyang Fei was just deliberately trying to scare Chi Donglin, it was really a serious matter, it was simple for her to find out that Chi Donglin was messing around outside, but there was no need to destroy family harmony because of it, as long as she knew that Chi Donglin was still in love with her.

        The next day, shortly after Han Qianli woke up, Qi Yiyun came, as if nothing had happened last night, and greeted Han Qianli with a bright smile upon seeing her.

        "I can warn you first, this group of rich second generation is by no means at the level of the kind of rich second generation you know in China, the things they play are even more money burning, without a certain amount of strength it's impossible to fit in with them." Chi Yi Yun said to Han Qianqian.

        "I was afraid that they didn't play enough to burn money." Han Qianli said with a smile, he wasn't afraid of spending money right now, but he was afraid of having nowhere to spend it, the more money-burning circles made sense to him.

        "Want to wait for your assistant?" Chi Yi Yun asked.

        Han Qianli shook his head and said, "No need to be deliberate in letting her know, let's go."

        Yuan Ling acted as a messenger and wanted Nangong Boling to know what she had done in Mi, taking her with her was the most straightforward, but Han Three Thousand didn't need to do anything too deliberate.

        Chi Yi Yun drove, leading Han 3,000 yuan to a professional racing car, the track's engine roared like a wild beast roaring.

        "These people aren't playing with sports cars, but formula cars, how much money this sport burns, you'll slowly understand next, it's hundreds of millions of brand name sports cars can't compare," Qi Yi Yun said to Han 3,000.

        This was indeed somewhat unexpected by Han 3,000, that group of rich kids in China, at most they would buy a Ferrari Lamborghini, although he didn't know much about formula racing, but he had read some reports about it, and he heard that the build price of such a race car was very expensive, and raising a team of members, talents in various professional fields, that was also a pretty amazing expense.

        "It really isn't something that the rich kids I know can compare to," Han Qianli said with a sigh on his face, the more he saw the big world, the more Han Qianli was able to understand how small his horizons were, just like a frog at the bottom of a well, what he saw when he looked up was just the tip of the sky, only when he walked out of the bottom of the well would he know how big the world really was.

        At this time, many people noticed Chi Yi Yun, and those boys came towards Chi Yi Yun at the first time.

        "Looks like you have quite a bit of influence." Han Giangli saw this and said to Chi Yi Yun.

        "More than ninety percent of the boys here want to pursue me, leaving ten percent who like the same sex." Chi Yi Yun said with a smile, but there wasn't much pride as she never put these pursuers in her eyes, nor did she feel it was something to be proud of.

        Han Giangli was slightly staggered, the people pursuing Chi Yi Yun, were they actually so exaggerated? But with her posture, it didn't seem to be a surprise, and so far, Han Giang hadn't met anyone who could compare to Chi Yi Yun in terms of looks, not a single person who could fight.

        "Yiyun, what are you doing here."

        "Do you want my rider to give you a show."

        "Let's have an internal contest today, whoever wins will have the right to have dinner with Evian."

        "I agree, whoever wins will have the right to have dinner with Evian."

        These people were all top-notch rich people and were all very imposing, but they were competing to be the first to behave in front of Chi Yi Yun, which made Han Qianli sigh inwardly.

        The goddess of these people was throwing herself at him and being rejected, if these people knew, how heartbroken they'd have to be!

        "I didn't think of giving you guys dinner, but I came today to bring a friend for you to meet." After saying that, Chi Yi Yun pointed at Han Qianqian.

        When the crowd's eyes fell on Han Qianqian, they were all wary, it wasn't that they hadn't seen Han Qianqian just now, they had just taken him as Chi's bodyguard.

        And now, his identity was actually a friend, which had to create a sense of crisis for them.

        "Friend, what friend?" A certain person with a cold face looked at Han Qianli and asked.

        Looking at the hostile crowd, Han Giang smiled more than bitterly inside, should have known that he wouldn't have let Chi Yiyun help introduce him, this was somehow an additional group of enemies, the eyes of these people even wanted to kill him.

        "Just ordinary friends, don't misunderstand." Han Giangli quickly said, he didn't want to be hated by everyone as soon as he stepped into this circle.

        But the usefulness of these words was clearly not great, as Han Qianqian didn't know that Chi Yi Yun had never taken the initiative to introduce anyone to his so-called friends.


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