His True Colors Chapter 579-580


Chapter 579

Cooperation cancelled!

        Hearing the busy tone from the phone, Sun Yi's entire body was muddled.

        The plan between him and Han Yan, in his opinion, was solid as gold and no one could destroy it, after all, Han Yan wanted to dominate the business community in the entire Chinese district, the Nangong family's company was a hurdle that couldn't be bypassed, and Han Yan had to cooperate with him to do so.

        It was precisely because of this that Sun Yi had the confidence and the guts to not put Han Marchant in his eyes.

        Now this fact made it impossible for Sun Yi to accept the betrayal.

        When the others saw the change in Sun Yi's expression, they unconsciously felt an unknown premonition in their hearts.

        "Sun Yi, what's going on?"

        "What did Han Yan say, when did the plan start?"

        "There won't be any more accidents."

        "Could it be that what that kid said was true, that he really compromised Han Yan?"

        The crowd looked at Sun Yi nervously, hoping that he would give an answer quickly, because without Han Yan, how would they be in a position to go against Han 3000? And if they didn't go to the company today, they might even lose their jobs if they caused Han Marchand's discontent.

        It was hard to sit in the top position, and no one there was willing to have their future ruined.

        "Han Yan, she cancelled the cooperation." Sun Yi gritted his teeth and said with full reluctance.

        These words caused the crowd to panic, and everyone showed a panicked look.

        "How could it be, how could they suddenly cancel the cooperation."

        "If we didn't have Han Yan, what else would we have to deal with Han 3000."

        "Sun Yi, think of something."

        Looking at the panicked crowd, Sun Yi was exasperated, but what could he do about it?

        All relied on Han Yan, now that Han Yan quit, Sun Yi unless he could find a replacement for Han Yan, otherwise, there was no way for him to deal with this matter.

        But in the entire Chinese district, there was no better candidate other than Han Yan.

        And Sun Yi was now worried about a problem that was even more serious, and that was what Han Qianqian had said, that Han Yan would support him, and if that was the case, he would be finished.

        "No, I have to go back to work right away, Sun Yi, I'm so sorry, I need this job."

        "I need to go back too, if I lose my job, how can I live in the future."

        "SunYi, I'm sorry, I'm leaving too."

        "Wait for me, I'm going back too."

        The group of people in great distress each flew their own way, and in less than a minute, only Sun Yi was left alone.

        Sun Yi, as the leader of the whole thing, knew that even if he went back now, it wouldn't end well, this was something that had pushed him to the brink, if he didn't beat Han 3,000 down, he'd be the one to die!

        "I don't believe that no one can help me except for Han Yan." Sun Yi gritted his teeth and said, thinking of someone in his mind, and quickly drove off.

        The company's front desk.

        The little girl at the front desk who was molested by Han Qianli was chatting with her colleague.

        "That new leader can be really interesting, and he's also handsome, I just don't know if what he said to me is true or not, if it's true, I'll have a chance to have some sex with him, and maybe, I'll have a chance to marry into a rich family."

        "You can really dream ah, this Han 3000 will be kicked out of the company sooner or later, look at the company today not even a single senior executive has come, he has already offended all the people in the company, he actually dared to tell Sun Yi to roll over to the company, this kind of ignorant young man can only fool a young girl like you." Another person said disdainfully, she despised Han Qianqian inside, after all, men who talked glibly were unreliable, and more importantly, his attitude of not putting Sun Yi in his eyes at all was even more of a joke.

        Who was Sun Yi?

        The top leader of the company, who can't help but give face to Sun Yi, and he's a newcomer who doesn't even care about Sun Yi, isn't that asking for trouble?

        "I don't know about that, I do think he has a strong temper, it's not like he's pretending, maybe Sun Yi won't be able to fight him at all."

        "You, you're really young, you don't know the rules of the workplace at all, he's a newcomer, he doesn't know how to restrain his temper, who in the company would have a good feeling about him?"

        As we were talking, the elevator suddenly opened.

        A group of company executives, all except Sun Yi, were here, and all of them had panicked expressions.

        "Where's CEO Han, where is he?" A group of people walked up to the front desk and couldn't wait to ask.

        The two front desk sisters were directly dumbfounded, these leaders but followed Sun Yi to miss work ah, how could they suddenly come together?

        "Mr. Han ...... Han has already left." The little girl who was molested by Han 3000 said in a silly way.

        "Gone!" Hearing this reply, the group of people looked desperate.

        "Hurry back to work, I hope that General Manager Han will forgive us when he comes later."

        "If General Manager Han is coming, you must inform immediately."

        "Notify the department's top management and have a meeting right away."

        This group of wallflowers looked incredibly dedicated at this moment.

        After the various top brass had gone to their offices, the little girl who had been molested by Han Qianqian said to her colleague with a smug look on her face, "Looks like your opinion of General Manager Han will have to change, otherwise, I'm worried that you won't be able to keep your job."

        The colleague looked embarrassed, she had thought that Han Qianli would roll over sooner or later, so she hadn't put the so-called General Manager Han in her eyes at all.

        But looking at the current situation, Han 3000's status in the minds of these executives had clearly changed, how could she, a small receptionist, still be qualified to look down on Han 3000?

        "It's not over yet, and who knows the outcome?" The colleague said disdainfully.

        The little girl covered her mouth with a light laugh and said, "Don't deny it, he's just powerful, he just can't even fight Sun Yi, that's already a fact, otherwise how could these executives fall out of line?"

        The colleague had no words to retort, only a snort.

        Sun Yi, who had been betrayed, drove to the Chi family.

        This was currently the most powerful family in the Chinese district other than Han's, and if he could get help from the Chi family, he would still have the capital to fight with Han Qianqian.

        "Mr. Chi, you still remember me, right?" After seeing Qi Donglin, Sun Yi said with a bashful face.

        Qi Donglin nodded, Sun Yi was the top leader of the Nangong family, all the external social engagements were done by Sun Yi, and he even called himself the chairman, how could Qi Donglin forget him.

        "Mr. Sun, why do you have the time to look for me." Qi Donglin said indifferently.

        "Mr. Chi, I have something I want to ask you to help me, and after it's done, I'll give you thirty percent of my company's shares." Sun Yi said.

        Qi Donglin smiled faintly and said, "Mr. Sun really knows how to joke, do you really consider the company as your own?"

        "Please believe me, Mr. Chi, this company will be mine sooner or later." Sun Yi said.

        "I heard that the Nangong family has already sent someone to the company, and it's not a small person, you're just a working man now ah." Qi Donglin said disdainfully.

        Sun Yi gritted his teeth, the word working class was an insult to him, it was the most unacceptable name for him.

        "Chi, how can this trash be a match for me, I only need a little help from Chi right now, and I can get him out of Mi Guo." Sun Yi said.

        At this time, Qi Yi Yun came to the living room and said to Sun Yi with a calm look, "You'd better get out, our Qi family can't help you with this matter."

        "Miss Chi, please give me a chance, I won't let you down." Sun Yi said reluctantly.

        "A chance? The Chi family wouldn't dare to give you this chance, do you know who you're up against? You don't even know him at all, how dare you call him a waste." Qi Yiyun smiled disdainfully, Han Qianqian indeed had the name of a trash, but he was not a true trash, and his abilities were simply unimaginable to normal people.

        "Miss Chi, do you know Han Qianli?" Sun Yi asked in puzzlement.

        Qi Donglin was appalled as he looked at Chi Yi Yun, the name Han Qianqian was too familiar to him, didn't Chi Yi Yun ask this Han Qianqian to help him when he was in Cloud City?

        The Qi family was able to get Han Yan's support to tide over the last crisis, but it could be Han Qianqian's contribution ah.

        Qi Donglin didn't go into depth, but as silly as he was, he also thought of the young man who appeared at the auction that day at this time.

        He, should be Han Qianqian, no wonder when Chi Yi Yun saw him, he reacted so strongly.

Chapter 580

Chi Yi Yun couldn't figure out how someone like Sun Yi had the nerve to go against Han Qianqian and even had the delusion that he could deal with Han Qianqian.

        "Sun Yi, do you know why Han Yan would refuse to work with you?" She was very understanding of this matter, Sun Yi and Han Yan were working together to annex the Nangong family's company, so that Sun Yi could really become the owner of the company, and Han Yan had another pawn to control the business community in the Chinese district.

        Sun Yi shook his head, he couldn't understand this matter, after all, if Han Yan wanted to become the queen of the business world, she had to settle the Nangong family company, the sudden change made Sun Yi couldn't think of a reason, but Qi Yi Yun said so, it was obvious that she knew some inside information.

        "I would like to ask Miss Qi to clarify, I haven't thought about this matter for a long time." Sun Yi asked sincerely.

        Qi Yi Yun spread her face and said, "That's because Han Yan doesn't dare to do anything against Han 3000 at all."

        "How is that possible." Sun Yi rejected it in one breath without thinking, saying, "Han 3000 is just a wandering rich gentleman, he doesn't have any real skills, how could he make Han Yan afraid, Miss Chi, even if you were to lie to me, you don't have to be so absurd about the reason."

        Qi Yiyun laughed disdainfully, Han Qianli has no real ability?

        If he didn't have real skills, how could he create his own power under the oppression of the Han family in Yanjing?

        If he didn't have real skills, how could he make the high and mighty Han Yan bow down to him.

        "You're really an idiot, not afraid to tell you the truth, Han Yan is just a dog in front of Han 3000, if you don't believe me, you can ask Han Yan herself, I think she will give you the answer, Han 3000 is by no means the trash you think he is, his skills are so great that you can't imagine." Qi Yiyun said indifferently, with a little bit of fascination and adoration in her eyes.

        It was probably the saddest thing for such an excellent man to get married and even become a father already.

        Qi Yiyun incomparably longed to have Han Qianqian in her heart, she wished that she could snuggle into Han Qianqian's bosom as a little bird, hoping that Han Qianqian's treatment of Su Yingxia's feelings would give her something to share with her.

        But she knows clearly that for a man like Han Qianqian who is loyal to his feelings, this is very difficult to achieve.

        So even if she couldn't get Han Qianli's heart, Chi Yi Yun still had to get Han Qianli's person, and she couldn't let this matter become a regret.

        Sun Yi looked at Chi Yi Yun with a blank face, Han Yan was just a dog in front of Han Qianqian?

        This was even more absurd, and even more unbelievable to Sun Yi.

        But if it wasn't the truth, why would she say that?

        The eyelids of Qi Donglin on the side jumped straight, he knew that his daughter would never say such words to scare Sun Yi, it's all true, but ...... but how can Han Marchant do it, let Han Yan such a lady as a dog?

        In the Chinese district, the Han family was the supreme existence, and now Han Yan, who was the head of the Han family, was even more superior, but she was only worthy of being a dog for Han Qianli?

        Chi Donglin sighed softly, probably only such an excellent man could make Chi Yi Yun irresistibly infatuated.

        "Miss Chi, you must be joking with me, right?" Sun Yi asked in disbelief.

        "Sun Yi, aren't you still unwilling to accept reality? I'm sure you know Han Yan's ambition better than I do, why would she stop working with you for no reason, isn't it just because she has concerns? In the Chinese district, who can make Han Yan afraid, who can make Han Yan willingly put her plans on hold?" Chi Yi Yun asked rhetorically.

        Sun Yi, who looked like he had lost his mind and was unwilling to accept reality, was struck hard at this moment.

        "Besides, what do you think I have to lie to you? What am I doing scaring you for no reason when it's not good for me." Chi Yi Yun continued.

        Sun Yi sat on the ground with his buttocks, his eyes wide open.

        If all of this was really as Chi Yi Yun said, then he was looking for death, not only would it be impossible to annex the company, but there was a chance that he wouldn't even be able to keep his current position.

        With Sun Yi's reputation in the Chinese district, it would be almost impossible for him to find a job again.

        If he lost his job, he wouldn't even have a place to live.

        "Dad, send the guests away." Looking at Sun Yi's lost soul, Chi Yi Yun knew that he must have been clear about the seriousness of this matter, and presumably wouldn't be bothering Han Qianqian next.

        "Mr. Sun, please." Qi Donglin said as he walked up to Sun Yi.

        Sun Yi subconsciously nodded his head, stood up, and left the Chi family like a walking corpse.

        When Qi Donglin returned to the living room, he sat next to Qi Yiyun.

        "Daughter, that person from the auction, is that Han Qianli?" Although he had already guessed that he was Han Giang, Chi Donglin still wanted to confirm it.

        There was no longer any need to hide this matter, and it was impossible to do so, as Chi Yi Yun generously admitted, "It's him, isn't it nice."

        Qi Donglin nodded, Han Qianli was definitely the best among the young people no matter how he looked or his aura, even Ouyang Fei had a big crush on him, but after all, Han Qianli was already married, so what was the point of him being good? More importantly, he was also the husband of the Chi Yi Yun sisters.

        "Daughter, although he's excellent, Dad still has to remind you that he's already married," Qi Donglin said.

        Chi Yi Yun sighed and looked at Chi Dong Lin with a grumpy face and said, "Dad, I don't need you to pierce my heart."

        "By the way, what's going on between him and Han Yan?" Qi Donglin was puzzled, although Han 3000 was good enough, Han Yan wasn't bad either, how did he eat Han Yan to death was something that made Qi Donglin very curious.

        "I don't know, but he told me that Han Yan is just a dog of his, and I believe him." Chi Yi Yun paused and continued, "And Han Yan is willing to help us because of Han Qianqian, so there's no way that his words are false."

        There was no need to doubt the identity relationship between Han Three Thousand and Han Yan, just how this identity relationship was created made Qi Donglin very curious.

        People had curiosity, why was the strong Han Yan able to bow to Han 3000, who could be safe from this?

        But Qi Donglin was also clear that he shouldn't know things that he shouldn't know.

        Just at this moment, Chi Yi Yun's phone suddenly rang.

        Originally a listless person, after seeing the caller ID, she was as excited as if she had been hit by chicken blood, screaming in alarm and spinning in place a few times.

        Seeing Qi Yiyun's happy appearance, Qi Donglin didn't need to think about who called her, and could only sigh, it seems that this daughter is really too deeply poisoned ah.

        After Qi Yiyun's excitement, she quickly calmed herself down, she couldn't let Han Giang on the other end of the phone know that she was about to go crazy.

        "Hello." Qi Yiyun picked up the phone and said with a trembling voice.

        "Are you free?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "It's a reservation to invite me to dinner," Yi Yun Chi said.

        "Then change ......."

        "But I happen to be free today." Chi Yi Yun wiped a handful of cold sweat that instantly seeped out of her forehead, it looked like there couldn't be any arrogance at all when facing Han Giang, if it wasn't for her quick enough reflexes, Han Giang, the straight man of steel, would have already taken his chance back.

        "Come over to my house for dinner, I have something to ask you," Han Marchian said.

        "Okay." Chi Yi Yun directly responded, not daring to play any more tricks.

        After hanging up the phone, Chi Yi Yun was still very excited and ran straight back to her room, ready to dress herself up properly, tonight, she was going to let Han Qianqian see the most beautiful Chi Yi Yun.

        Qi Donglin sat in the living room, sighing after sighing, he really didn't know what kind of damage this daughter had to suffer before she was willing to give up, he really wanted to persuade Qi Yiyun, but he also knew that with Qi Yiyun's current state, even ten oxen wouldn't be able to pull her back.

        "This brat, how much magic power does he have that he can actually charm my daughter around, there is a chance, I need to get to know him in person." Qi Donglin said to himself.

        Sun Yi, who left Chi's house, lost his mind and walked down the street, he now knew very well that he had no chance to deal with Han Qianqian, and it seemed that if he wanted to keep his job, he could only get Han Qianqian's forgiveness.

        After Sun Yi made up his mind, he walked towards the company.


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