His True Colors Chapter 551-553


His True Colors Chapter 551

Half a month later.

        The Nangong family had their most important moment.

        Today, it would be the moment when a big figure at that level would arrive at the Nangong family.

        Early in the morning, Nangong Boling summoned everyone from the Nangong Family to wake up and personally go to the airport with the highest respect.

        The fact that everyone from the Nangong Family was present was enough to see how seriously Nangong Boling took this matter.

        In this small island country, the Nangong family was very powerful, so when the civilians saw this kind of formation, they were all surprised and impressed, but they were also curious about what kind of person could receive such a high level of treatment from the Nangong family.

        A plane landed at the airport, and an old man and a young man walked down from the plane.

        The old man was not young, but still as imposing as a dragon and tiger, walking with a sturdy gait, and even more so with an air of unruffled superiority, even Nangong Boling appeared a few points lower in front of him.

        The young man, however, was imposing and held his head high, clearly not putting the Nangong family in his eyes, but it was this superior appearance of his that charmed many women in the Nangong family to the point where even Nangong Liuli couldn't help but fantasize about a lingering affair with him.

        "Such a handsome man, if I could spend the night with him, it would probably be the happiest thing in my life." Nangong Liuli said with an infatuated face.

        Nangong Boling couldn't help but tidy up the corners of his clothes, walked up to the old man, bent slightly and said with full respect, "Hello, I am the head of the Nangong family, Nangong Boling."

        Without looking away, the old man said calmly, "It's been a long journey, I need to rest for a while."

        "No problem, I've already arranged a place for you to rest, please get on board." Nangong Boling said.

        When the young man saw the countless women looking at him obsessively, the corners of his mouth revealed a smile full of evil, he knew that tonight would be an exciting night, he loved these women who took the initiative to come to his door, being able to trample on them at will and not having to take the slightest responsibility.

        The residence that Nangong Boling had prepared for the two of them was in the Nangong family's ancient castle, although this small island country also had luxurious hotels, for Nangong Boling, staying in a hotel ultimately lacked some sincerity, only by staying at home could he take care of them all the time, and also have the opportunity to bring them closer to each other.

        Back at the Nangong family's castle, Nangong Boling personally arranged for the two to rest before instructing Nangong Yan, "All their requests, we must meet them without any slacking."

        "Grandpa, please rest assured, I will definitely do everything properly." Nangong Yan said with a smile.

        In the room, the old man sat on the sofa, while the young man took stock of the room's surroundings.

        "Master, the economic strength of this Nangong family is truly powerful, I'm afraid that the entire economic pulse of this small island nation is secretly controlled by them." The young man's name was Gong Tian, while his master's name was Zhuang Tang, the two of them came from the world but were above the world, so in their eyes, people in the world were all inferior creatures.

        "If that wasn't the case, how could we have given the Nangong family a chance?" Zhuang Tang said indifferently.

        "Master, there's one thing I've never quite understood, with Apocalypse's strength, it's easy to make money, so why do you want to bring in these worldly wastes?" Gong Tian asked unknowingly, the apocalypse he was talking about was the mysterious organization that was above the mundane world, and this organization was the so-called level that Yan Jun was talking about, but very few people knew the word apocalypse, even the top economic families such as the Nangong family had never heard of it.

        "The existence of the apocalypse is not to make money, but has a more important mission, since by casually handing out some benefits, these big families will willingly send us money to spend, so why waste the effort ourselves?" Zhuang Tang said.

        Gong Tian nodded and said, "That's right, why bother yourself when someone is sending money, but these trash's delusions are ridiculous, they really think they can send their people into the apocalypse by sending some money."

        "Although these people are all trash, they still have value." Zhuang Tang laughed.

        Gong Tian also laughed and said, "If it weren't for these trash, we wouldn't even have someone to sweep the floor, they do have value."

        "Go back to your room and rest, let them see your power properly tomorrow, if this Nangong family can't even take a single move, we don't need to waste our time here." Zhuang Tang said.

        Tianqi's style of acting was very simple, they wouldn't leave empty-handed when they came, and whether or not they would take anyone away would depend on what the Nangong family had to show.

        If they couldn't even take a single move, they would have a reason to excuse themselves, and if someone could do it, it would be fine to bring them back to the apocalypse to sweep the floor.

        Of course, whether or not they could bring someone away was secondary, the important thing was that they would definitely take away a large sum of wealth from the Nangong Family, which was what they had come for.

        The apocalypse was above the mundane, but it was also a group of ordinary people who needed to eat, they didn't care about making money on their own, so the source of money was the Nangong family, a large mundane family.

        Gong Tian nodded his head and went back to his room.

        Just now, when everyone from the Nangong family came out to greet them, Gong Tian saw many beautiful women, and the solitude at this time made him feel a little itchy, how could he sleep when he was alone in his bed?

        Just as he was about to go to find Nangong Yan, a knock sounded at the door.

        Opening the door, Gong Tian found Nangong Liuli standing in the doorway with a shy face, as shy as a ripe peach.

        "Hahahahaha." Without even thinking about it, Gong Tian directly took Nangong Liuli in his arms, he didn't even need to ask Nangong Liuli why she was there, because he knew exactly what this woman's purpose was.

        Nangong Liuli was not the innocent woman she pretended to be, pretending to be pure in front of Gong Tian was just her usual tactic, she knew how to pitch in, and knew even more about what kind of man should show what kind of side of herself.

        Nangong Boling's study room.

        The old guy looked at the dungeon surveillance, his face heavy.

        The person he was expecting to wait for had finally arrived, but whether or not he could let the Nangong family enter that level in one fell swoop was out of his control.

        Zhuang Tang's arrival would mean that the Nangong Family would definitely lose a fortune, but if he could allow Zhuang Tang to take a Nangong Family member with him, Nangong Boling would have a chance to earn that money back, and it would even give the Nangong Family an even higher status.

        Although Nangong Boling valued Nangong Yan very highly, he felt that the person who could fulfill his wish for him was Han Qianqian, because the strength Han Qianqian showed was definitely the strongest within the Nangong Family currently, and perhaps he was the only one who could impress Zhuang Tang.

        "I never thought that I would have to rely on your grandson, you hated me very much for forcing you out of the Nangong family back then, but unfortunately everyone has their own destiny, and that's what your destiny is." Nangong Boling said indifferently.

        There were many people similar to Nangong Qianqiu, they almost all suffered the same fate, it could be said that the Nangong family had spread their branches all over the world to be able to enter that level, this chess game was so big that even Nangong Boling himself couldn't remember, but now, he had the names Nangong Qianqiu and Han Qianqiu in his heart.

        In Nangong Yan's room, tomorrow would be an important time for him to fight for the position of head of the family, as long as Cheng Feng could be taken away by Zhuang Tang, then no one would be able to threaten him, but he was not happy, instead he was a little worried.

        Whether or not Cheng Feng's strength could get into Zhuang Tang's eyes was still unknown, if he couldn't, he would miss his best chance and might even be robbed of his advantage by Nangong Falcon, after all, Nangong Falcon still had a Han Qianyang, which was why Nangong Boling didn't just kill Han Qianyang.

        "If you fail, do you know what situation I would face?" Nangong Yan said to Cheng Feng.

        "Even if I fail, you don't want Han 3000 to succeed, do you." Cheng Feng asked, he was well aware of Nangong Yan's concerns, Nangong Falcon's threat came from Han Kuang, so Han Kuang was the central figure.

        "If neither of you succeed, Nangong Falcon won't threaten my position, if you lose but he succeeds, I will definitely lose my right to inherit my family's head, what do you think I should do now?" Nangong Yan asked.

His True Colors Chapter 552

"But you don't dare to go kill Han 3,000." Cheng Feng said indifferently.

        Nangong Yan stood up abruptly, gritted his teeth and looked at Cheng Feng and said, "Is this the way you talk to me?"

        "He's in the dungeon right now, it's easy for you to kill him." Cheng Feng wasn't afraid of Nangong Yan, his ambition was great, but unfortunately his guts were very small.

        "Grandpa's plan can't be ruined by anyone, since he put his last hope on Han Kuang, no one can harm Han Kuang at this time, if I kill Han Kuang, do you think I'll end up in a good place?" Nangong Yan said helplessly, he wanted to kill Han Qianqian, he would have killed him by a thousand cuts, but what about this? He didn't dare to do so because it would offend Nangong Boling, and the result of offending Nangong Boling was something he didn't dare to imagine.

        Nangong Yan knew very well that Nangong Bo Ling had been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time, and at a time like this, no matter if anyone sabotaged it, Nangong Bo Ling would not allow it.

        The current Nangong Boling was indeed even more biased towards him, but this bias had no meaning in this important matter.

        "There's another way, you don't have to kill him, but you can make him ineffective, and if he and I were to end up as equals, you and Nangong Falcon's position would remain as it is," Cheng Feng said.

        "What way." Nangong Yan asked.

        "He's an ordinary person who needs food and water." Cheng Feng said.

        Nangong Yan's eyes glazed over, comprehending Cheng Feng's meaning, but the dungeon was monitored, and if he deliberately went to bring food to Han Qianli, Nangong Boling would definitely be suspicious, and a scapegoat would have to be found for this matter.

        Nangong Yan went directly to Nangong Liuli's room, because he knew many of Nangong Liuli's dirty deeds, so he had already used this woman countless times.

        But after knocking on the door several times, there was no movement inside the room, and the annoyed Nangong Yan had no choice but to directly kick open the door.

        The room was empty, which caused Nangong Yan to gnash his teeth in hatred.

        "Nangong Liuli, you're really a f*cking slut, delivering to your door so quickly." Nangong Yan gritted his teeth and said, with his knowledge of Nangong Liuli, this woman must have gone to Gong Tian's room, so that his idea of using Nangong Liuli would be shattered.

        Give him ten guts, he wouldn't dare to disturb Gong Tian at a time like this ah!

        When Nangong Yan was about to go back to his room, he happened to bump into Nangong Falcon.

        "Brother, where have you been." Nangong Yan asked.

        "I was planning to go to the dungeon to see Han Qianli, but I didn't expect grandpa to send extra manpower and no one is allowed to go in, so it seems grandpa cares a lot about Han Qianli's safety." Nangong Falcon said with a smile, Nangong Yan was able to guess the reason why Nangong Boling left Han Three Thousand behind, he could naturally guess it as well, so this was a time when Nangong Falcon was in a proud mood.

        Nangong Yan gritted his teeth, if that was the case, his plan wouldn't work, no one would be able to enter the dungeon, no one would be able to get close to Han 3000, so how could he poison him?

        "Nangong Yan, why do you think Grandpa did that? He doesn't think that only Han 3,000 can make Zhuang Tang look good, does he?" Nangong Falcon said with a smiling face.

        Nangong Yan snorted coldly and said, "There's no chance for trash like Han Qianqian to play, because Cheng Feng is enough to impress Zhuang Tang."

        "Oh." Nangong Falcon nodded with a thoughtful face and said, "He's a waste, a waste that kills people with one punch, and Cheng Feng doesn't even dare to take the field, so he's really a waste."

        Nangong Yan gnashed his teeth in hatred, his words were clearly a corner to scold Cheng Feng for being a waste.

        But it was a fact that he didn't let Cheng Feng take the field, so Nangong Yan couldn't find a way to refute Nangong Falcon's words.

        "Just wait and see, when I become the heir apparent, I'll definitely make you get out of the Nangong family." Nangong Yan said.

        "Brother, don't be so absolute in your words, be a good person and leave a trace, we'll see each other in the future, maybe I'm the heir to the family head, you'll be remembered by me for talking to me like that." Nangong Falcon said.

        Nangong Yan's lungs were on the verge of exploding, if he continued to talk to Nangong Falcon, he was afraid that he would not be able to control his temper, so he left straight away.

        Nangong Falcon laughed with pride, but after returning to his room, Nangong Falcon's expression became serious, the imagery was very good, but he had to worry that Han Qianli really didn't have a chance to play.

        He was well aware of the consequences of losing the position of the family heir, the three brothers had fought for so many years, no matter who would become the family heir, the other two would not end well, and he didn't want to be the one to be driven out of the family.

        All of his hopes now rested on Han Qianli, but he couldn't even see Han Qianli right now, so how could Nangong Falcon not be worried?

        After a night of sleepless torment, Nangong Falcon looked a little tired, but he had to get up early, because today, it was very likely that today would be the day that would change his fate.

        In Gong Tian's room, Nangong Liuli's face was flushed, and after a night of nourishment, she looked even more touching, and at the moment, she was like a snake, wrapped around Gong Tian.

        Gong Tian didn't expect Nangong Liuli's innocent appearance to have such a flirtatious side, if he wasn't different from normal people, he might not even have the strength to get out of bed.

        "Don't you like early morning exercise?" Nangong Liuli exhaled in Gong Tian's ear.

        Gong Tian pushed Nangong Liuli away and said, "There's still business to be done today, come back to me tonight after I've finished my business."

        Nangong Liuli, wrapped naked in her bedding, looked a little lost and said, "Is it only tonight? Is there any chance we'll run into each other later, so I can come to you?"

        Gong Tian laughed coldly, it was ridiculous that such a worldly woman would even try to climb up to a big man like him.

        "What qualifications do lowly people like you have to find me." Gong Tian said indifferently.

        A trace of discontent flashed in Nangong Liuli's eyes, but she hid it very well and continued, "Who exactly are you, and why does grandfather think so highly of you?"

        Gong Tian's eyebrows furrowed slightly as he looked at Nangong Liuli with cold eyes and said, "You want to pry into my identity?"

        Nangong Liuli was indeed very curious about this matter, her purpose in coming to see Gong Tian was not only to satisfy her own needs, but also to satisfy her curiosity, after all, what kind of level was that level that grandpa often talked about, and what kind of group of people was this level, this was all where Nangong Liuli's desire to know was strong.

        Nangong Liuli nodded her head and said, "Can't you fulfill my little wish?"

        Gong Tian suddenly changed his face, as if last night's tenderness was nothing more than a floating cloud to him, pinching Nangong Liuli's pink neck, he coldly warned, "What qualifications do lowly people like you have to know who I am, it's already an honor for me to spoil you."

        Nangong Liuli looked frightened, she didn't expect her curiosity to make Gong Tian so angry, and she could detect a strong contempt in Gong Tian's eyes, she didn't doubt in the slightest that Gong Tian would kill her!

        "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Nangong Liuli quickly apologized.

        Gong Tian scattered Nangong Liuli and said, "Get lost, I'm no longer interested in you, you're not coming to my room tonight."

        Nangong Liuli dressed as fast as she could and fled out of Gong Tian's room in panic.

        "The existence of the apocalypse is not something you lowlifes are qualified to know about." As he said this, Gong Tian exuded an arrogance that came from his bones.

        Nangong Liuli, who fled back to her room in a panic, had a hard time recovering from her fear, and that moment just now, she felt like she was about to die, and it was as if she had picked up this life.

        "Apocalypse?" After stabilizing her mind, Nangong Liuli took out a jade pendant in her hand, the two words engraved on the jade pendant made her somewhat puzzled, it came from Gong Tian in passing, although literate, but the meaning of the two words made her unable to figure out.

        While Nangong Liuli was contemplating, a knock on the door suddenly sounded, Nangong Liuli hurriedly put away the jade pendant and walked to the door to open it.

        "Grandfather." Nangong Liuli was a little startled to see the visitor, why would Nangong Boling come looking for her early in the morning?

        "Go to the dungeon and keep an eye on Han Giangli for me." Nangong Boling said.

        Nangong Liuli looked confused, Han Three Thousand Years was locked up in the dungeon, and it was hard to fly with her wings, so why did she have to specifically ask her to watch over her?

His True Colors Chapter 553

When Nangong Liuli was brought to the dungeon, she was directly locked into the cage where Han Qianli was.

        This could not help but startle Nangong Liuli and make Han Qianqian very puzzled.

        Could it be that she had committed something as well? If not, why would Nangong Boling lock her up?

        "What's going on?" Han Giangli asked Nangong Liuli with a heavy face.

        Nangong Liuli couldn't fathom what was going on.

        She couldn't figure out why Nangong Boling had asked her to come watch Han Qianliang, and even more so why he had locked her up with Han Qianliang.

        "I don't know, grandpa asked me to just watch you, but he, why would he lock me up!" Nangong Liuli appeared to be very scared, worried that she had done something wrong and that was why she was being punished by Nangong Boling, but she hadn't committed any wrongdoing after so many years in the Nangong family, except for her private life being a bit messy.

        If she was locked up because her private life was messy, she should have been locked up a long time ago, so why would she wait until now?

        Han Giangli frowned, it made no sense for Nangong Boling to send Nangong Liuli to keep an eye on him.

        He was in an iron cage, there was no chance of him running away, why would Nangong Boling need to do more than that?

        "What to do, did I upset grandpa so he wants to punish me for what I did, what I did wrong." Nangong Liuli said in a panicked voice.

        Han Giangli looked at the other cages, if Nangong Liuli had done something wrong, Nangong Boling would have to lock her up, but there was no reason to lock her up with him.

        There were dozens of iron cages in this dungeon.

        An idea was born in Han Qianqian's heart, making him feel very absurd and dismissing it in the first place.

        Nangong Boling shouldn't have done this, he was the head of the Nangong family anyway, how could he do such a thing?

        But within a short while, Han Giangli felt that something was wrong.

        Nangong Liuli suddenly became flushed and fawningly looked at him.

        "I'm so hot." Nangong Liuli said.

        Martial Dojo.

        After all the Nangong family members gathered, Zhuang Tang and Gong Genius arrived late, and they looked very arrogant and domineering with their eyes above their heads, but no one dared to have an opinion because they had the right to be arrogant.

        Even Nangong Boling didn't dare to speak out loud in front of them, so how could the rest of the Nangong family dare to say anything wrong?

        "Before I came here, I've already told Nangong Yan what I want, I'm sure you know very well, right?" Zhuang Tang said to Nangong Boling.

        Nangong Boling nodded his head and said, "Master Zhuang, I'm already clear, and I believe that my Nangong family will never let you down."

        Zhuang Tang smiled faintly, he had heard such words too many times, but how many people were truly capable of doing so?

        Most of these mundane worlds that were called experts were all unbearable trash, and it was too difficult to get into his eyes.

        "In that case, let's get started quickly, don't waste time." Zhuang Tang said, then found a spot to close his eyes, clearly not caring about the process.

        Gong Tian stood beside the ring and leapt for life, jumping directly onto the ring, a floating figure that drew the eyes of countless women obsessively.

        In their eyes, Gong Tian was like a heavenly general descending from the heavens, hopelessly charming.

        "Where are your people, they won't be too scared to come out, right." Standing on the ring, Gong Tian said disdainfully.

        Nangong Yan took a glance at Cheng Feng and reminded, "Give me your full strength, otherwise, I won't spare a single one of your entire family's lives."

        Cheng Feng looked serious, if he hadn't been blackmailed, how could he willingly give his life to Nangong Yan, now that his entire family's life was tied up in one hand, how could he dare to slack off in the slightest.

        "Don't worry." Cheng Feng said in a deep voice and walked towards the ring.

        "Right, I have to remind you that fists and feet have no eyes, and if someone dies in the process, I won't be responsible." Zhuang Tang reminded Nangong Boling from the side.

        Nangong Boling was naturally fine with it, he wouldn't even care about the life of his own son and grandson, so how could he care about the life of someone like Cheng Feng.

        In the ring, Gong Tian looked up and down at Cheng Feng with a mocking face, and couldn't help but shake his head, saying, "It's really an honor for a trash like you to be my opponent in this life."

        Cheng Feng who was mocked didn't have much emotion as he knew that he wasn't from the same world as Gong Tian, it was normal that he wasn't as powerful as him, since he was facing a strong man, it was only natural to be mocked.

        "Please teach me." Cheng Feng cupped his fists and said.

        "Hahahahaha, and a decent one at that." Gong Tian laughed loudly and continued, "In that case, I'll give you some chance to attack first."

        Cheng Feng wasn't rude and took out his strongest form, punching with the wind, while Zhuang Tang dodged, his movements, though seemingly unpretentious and a bit rushed, always managed to dodge Cheng Feng's attacks with precision every time.

        Cheng Feng, who had great room to play, threw several punches in a row without gaining any advantage, not even touching a hair of Zhuang Tang's sweat.

        Cheng Feng was anxious, if he continued like this, his energy would be depleted very fast and he wouldn't be able to form a real blow against Zhuang Tang, who was now completely led by Zhuang Tang's nose.

        "Gong Tian is waiting with ease, Cheng Feng's stamina will soon be depleted, at that time, it will be fish meat on the chopping block, let Gong Tian slaughter it, grandpa, it's better to invite Han Qianqian." Before the match was over, Nangong Falcon eagerly said to Nangong Bo Ling.

        "Nangong Falcon, what are you hurrying for, the match isn't over yet." Nangong Yan gritted his teeth and said.

        The two brothers were actually in a very anxious mood right now.

        What Nangong Falcon was anxious about was that in case Cheng Feng got Zhuang Tang's approval, then Han Kuang would have no chance to fight, and his position would be completely suppressed by Nangong Yan from today onwards.

        As for Nangong Yan, he was anxious that Cheng Feng was late in getting his hands on him, and if he placed his hopes on Han 3000, then his current position with Nangong Falcon would be switched, and in the future Nangong Boling would definitely value Nangong Falcon even more.

        "Nangong Yan, we must invite Han 3000 earlier, do you still want Master Zhuang to wait?" Nangong Falcon said.

        Nangong Yan's face was extremely gloomy, even if he couldn't seize this opportunity, he didn't want Han Marchant to appear, but he didn't dare to reveal this thought to Nangong Boling.

        Nangong Boling was a person who would do anything to achieve his goal, and would even hold back when necessary.

        Although his current position in Nangong Boling's heart was higher than Nangong Falcon's, once Nangong Boling knew his true inner thoughts, even if he was locked into a dungeon, it wouldn't be surprising.

        "Grandpa, I believe in Cheng Feng, he can definitely do it." Nangong Yan said to Nangong Boling.

        Nangong Falcon continued to add fuel to the fire and said, "Grandpa, Zhuang Tang isn't even making a move right now, once he does, Cheng Feng will definitely lose, are we going to put all of our bets on Cheng Feng?"

        Nangong Yan hated to kill Nangong Falcon, and his clenched fists trembled slightly.

        Nangong Boling watched the situation on the ring, if Cheng Feng could do it, it would naturally be the best, but with the current situation, the chances seemed to be very slim.

        "You've been arguing for so long, is there anyone in the Nangong family who can win against my disciple?" At this time, Zhuang Tang smiled and spoke up, no matter how powerful an expert in the world was, to the people of the apocalypse, it was just a pile of trash, so watching them argue, Zhuang Tang felt very funny.

        "Master Zhuang, may I ask what are your selection conditions?" Nangong Boling asked to Zhuang Tang.

        Zhuang Tang raised his eyelids slightly and said to Gong Tian in the ring, "Gong Tian, it's almost time, don't waste any more time."

        When Gong Tian heard this, a pitiful look appeared in his eyes, and he said to Cheng Feng, "When you go to hell, find a few more lonely ghosts for company on the road to the Yellow Springs, and if you have the chance to see the King of Hell, mention me like his old man."

        As the words fell, Gong Tian fiercely exerted his strength, and his entire movement was so fast that afterimages appeared, which was smacking.

        Other than Zhuang Tang, no one at the scene could see how Gong Tian made his move.

        With a loud bang, Cheng Feng leapt up from the ring and fell out of the ring more than ten meters away before falling heavily to the ground.

        Cheng Feng struggled twice before he couldn't move, blood was coming out of his mouth, and the end was already obvious.

        "That's the condition, to be able to take a punch from my disciple." Zhuang Tang said indifferently.


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