His True Colors Chapter 549-550


Chapter 549

Han Qianqian's words clearly caused the movements in Nangong Kai's hands to stagnate for a moment.

        But after the pause, Nangong Kai still acted like a fool and even smiled at Han Three Thousand.

        But this action of his was enough to make Han Qianqian certain that his words had spoken to his heart.

        If Nangong Kai was really acting stupid, then the reason must have something to do with his mother, and it was even possible that he had witnessed how his mother had been killed just as Han Qianqian thought.

        "After playing dumb for so many years, what is your goal, to avenge your mother?" Han Marchiang continued.

        Nangong Kai stretched out his hands to hold the mud, as if to ask if Han Three Thousand wanted to play.

        Han Three Thousand Year reached out from the cage and took the mud and said, "We're kindred spirits, I want to get out of here and you want revenge, maybe working together will help you get there faster."

        Nangong Kai suddenly became upset and snatched the mud from Han Giangli's hand, then squeezed the mud man himself.

        "With your current abilities, you'll never be able to take revenge alone, I think you close your eyes every night and see what happened when your mother died, how much pain she was in, can you feel it? After waiting for so many years, you still haven't succeeded in avenging her, you're really an unfilial son." Han Marchiang said.

        "By the way, when your mother died, did she see you? Can you see the distress signal in her eyes?"

        "I suppose you felt her call for help, but you were too cowardly to come forward, weren't you?"

        "And yes, if you weren't a coward, how could you have pretended to be stupid for so many years?"

        Han Giangli kept irritating Nangong Kai, he wanted Nangong Kai to show his true side to him, only then would Nangong Kai be worthwhile.

        "Acting foolishly is just you cowardly wanting to live a few more years, are you cheating yourself that you haven't waited for the chance to avenge her?"

        "You're not waiting, you're just afraid, you're a coward, you don't even have the guts to help avenge your own mother."

        Han Giangli said in the end, almost already using an angry tone of voice.

        Nangong Kai was trembling all over, clearly in a state of extreme rage.

        These irritating words of Han Qianli's no longer made him calm inside, and after hiding it for so many years, Nangong Kai had a hidden tendency to explode.

        "True anger, having anger and not daring to speak out, facing your own mother's murderer, yet you can only smile stupidly, I really feel sad for you and unworthy of your mother, she actually gave birth to a useless son like you." Han Marchant said.

        "That's enough!" Nangong Kai angrily stood up, threw away the mud in his hands, held the cage in a death grip with both hands, and angrily said to Han Qianqian, "Have you said enough, I'm not like that, I'm not like that!"

        Han Qianli faintly smiled, as expected, Nangong Kai was playing dumb, at this moment he had removed his disguise due to anger, this was the real him.

        Looking at the red-eyed Nangong Kai, Han Qianli said, "If you want revenge, you must need my help."

        "I can do it alone, you have no value to me," Nangong Kai said in a cold voice.

        "If you can do it, why wait so many years, isn't that self-satisfaction?" Han Qianli said disdainfully.

        Nangong Kai laughed coldly, his expression becoming extremely fierce, and said, "I'll soon blow up the entire Nangong family, and everyone will die, even you, among the ruins, and I want them to pay the price of extermination."

        Han Giangli frowned in shock.

        This guy wouldn't say such words for no reason, it seemed that he hadn't done nothing to hide his patience for so many years, but had arranged a lot in secret.

        Blowing up the entire Nangong family, how much explosives would it take to blow up this one ancient castle?

        "You planted explosives in the castle?" Han Qianli's scalp was numb, he thought that Nangong Kai was just cowardly and didn't dare to act, but he didn't expect this guy to have such a crazy idea, he really underestimated Nangong Kai.

        "So what if it is, can you stop me? This island will soon have the most brilliant fireworks, and then you will also die in the midst of them." Nangong Kai gritted his teeth and said.


        Still crazy!

        Han Giangli now felt that this guy wasn't stupid, but completely insane.

        The most brilliant pyrotechnics, this would not only destroy the Nangong family, but many others would be innocently implicated.

        In order to blow up the Nangong family, he definitely wouldn't care about the impact of the bomb's power on the nearby environment.

        "You're crazy!" Han 3000 said.

        "I'm crazy, do you know how my mother died? She was strangled alive, she looked at me, she kept looking at me, I know, she wanted me to save her, but I couldn't, I was scared then, I could only watch her die, but now, I have the power to avenge her death, I want everyone in the Nangong family to bury her with her." Nangong Kai roared.

        Han Qianqiang's face was heavy, he never expected that he would be able to force out the true face of a madman, he thought that he would be able to get Nangong Kai to rest his disguised side and work with him, but the current situation was completely beyond his control.

        If Nangong Kai really did this, there was only one way for him to die!

        I'm afraid only he himself knows how many explosives Nangong Kai has planted in this castle over the years!

        "If you work with me, we can handle this in a different way, and you'll hurt a lot of innocent people by doing that," Han Marchant said.

        "Innocent?" Nangong Kai smiled grimly and asked, "Isn't my mother innocent? Doesn't she die unjustly?"

        Looking at Nangong Kai, he seemed to have lost his mind, and vainly attempting to talk to him in a normal way and change his mind was clearly impossible.

        Han Giangli was helpless in the face of this situation.

        He could tell Nangong Falcon about it so that Nangong Falcon could stop Nangong Kai, but Nangong Kai had been plotting for so many years, he shouldn't bring such despair to Nangong Kai.

        Although Han Third Thousand's experience was different from Nangong Kai's, he could empathize and know the pain of watching his mother get killed and being helpless to do anything about it.

        Han Three thousand didn't want to die, but he also didn't want someone in equal pain to experience despair once again.

        But at a time like this, it was impossible for Han Qianli to hide it even if he wanted to for Nangong Kai, because Nangong Boling was watching them through surveillance, and their conversation was even more clearly heard by Nangong Boling.

        Nangong Boling was sitting in his study, his clenched fists already whitening.

        Ever since Nangong Kai's mother died and Nangong Kai turned into a fool, Nangong Boling had never paid attention to this grandson, because in his eyes, not to mention a fool, as long as he wasn't able to prove his worth, he could be classified as a waste.

        But he never expected that such a fool would be the one who would secretly do so many things and bring such a great threat to the Nangong family.

        Brilliant fireworks?

        Nangong Boling couldn't imagine what kind of light the castle would present when the explosives detonated.

        "Nangong Kai, I've really underestimated you, pretending to be stupid for so many years, and you want my Nangong family to be exterminated!" Nangong Bo Ling gritted his teeth and said.

        Standing up, Nangong Boling led his men and headed towards the dungeon.

        Anyone who was a threat to the Nangong family could only die.

        Han Kuang was in the middle of a conflict right now, he needed a way to keep himself from dying without ruining Nangong Kai's plan, at least he would ensure that Nangong Kai's revenge plan succeeded, and perhaps after that, he would be able to use Nangong Kai to take control of the Nangong Family.

        But things apparently wouldn't go as Han Qianliang thought, when Nangong Boling showed up with his men, Han Qianliang was stunned and Nangong Kai was dumbfounded.

        "Nangong Kai, I can't believe you've been acting stupid for so many years, I've underestimated you." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        Nangong Kai stared at his pupils, having hidden and pretended to be stupid for so many years, not knowing how much dirt he'd eaten or how much urine he'd drunk, all the hard work he'd put in at this moment had gone down the drain!

        At such a crucial time, he had exposed himself, and he had done so in front of Nangong Bo Ling.

        When Nangong Kai was captured, his eyes were unwillingly staring at Han Qianliang because it was all caused by Han Qianliang, if those words of Han Qianliang hadn't stimulated him, how could he have exposed his true side?

        Han Qianliang sat on the ground in dismay, he hadn't expected Nangong Boling to show up, he knew that Nangong Kai would die, and die very badly, and he was the one who had caused all of this!

Chapter 550

,Nangong Kai's act of foolishness exploded the entire Nangong family, and when Nangong Boling ordered his men to search for the explosives buried underneath the castle with a detector, the results made everyone even more pale.

        Nearly a hundred kilograms of explosives make a person's heart palpitate and fear, if this is detonated, not a single person can survive.

        No one thought that Nangong Kai, who acted so stupid that he could even eat dirt, had done such an earth-shattering thing behind the scenes.

        "This fool is really deranged, I didn't expect that he would want to kill us all."

        "Fortunately, the family master discovered this matter in time, otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable."

        "This damn thing scared me so much that my legs went weak."

        The crowd celebrated in the aftermath of their fear, while also cursing Nangong Kai angrily.

        Nangong Kai was kneeling in the living room, looking desperate.

        He had played dumb for over a decade in order to avenge his mother's death, in order to be able to no longer be afraid of dreaming of his mother's help-seeking eyes after taking his revenge.

        He was already close to success, as long as he had the chance to enter Nangong Boling's room and put down the last batch of explosives, he would be able to send everyone in the Nangong family to the West.

        But he never expected that at this final moment, he would fail!

        "Han Qianqian, it's all you, it's all you, I won't let you go even if I become a ghost." Nangong Kai said full of reluctance and resentment.

        Nangong Boling looked at Nangong Kai with a face as heavy as water, this grandson's scheming city was very scary, but if he didn't use it against his own people, it would be a good thing for Nangong Boling instead, because the Nangong family needed such a person, even Nangong Yan in his eyes, he didn't meet the conditions to inherit the position of the head of the family, but unfortunately, Nangong Kai didn't use it in the right way.

        "Nangong Kai, don't blame me for killing you, what you have committed, even if you die hundreds of times, it's not innocent." Nangong Bo Ling said in a deep voice.

        Nangong Kai smiled brightly and said, "I was already ready to die, but unfortunately, I didn't drag you with me to the funeral."

        "Hmph." Nangong Bo Ling snorted coldly and said, "If your mind is not used to deal with your own people, but to deal with outsiders, you will surely be able to achieve something in the family, you have gone on a lost path and you don't even know how to repent by now."

        "Nangong Boling, if I hadn't played the fool, I would have died long ago, so how could I have survived until now?" Nangong Kai looked at Nangong Boling with a fierce expression and continued, "How dirty is this family, you haven't even seen it, do you really think you are in control of everything? How much have you seen this family kill each other internally?"

        The questioning directed at Buddha Heart did not change Nangong Boling's expression in the slightest, as he did not know the internal situation of the family as Nangong Kai thought.

        As the head of the family, how could Nangong Boling not be aware of what was happening right under his nose?

        Back then, Nangong Kai's mother died for what reason and at the hands of whomever, Nangong Boling knew exactly what she died for, he just didn't care to pursue the matter.

        At that time, Nangong Boling's thoughts were very simple, since the person was already dead, even if he pursued Nangong Kai's mother, she wouldn't be able to come back to life, so why should more people be blamed? And he was so preoccupied with how to infiltrate that level, how could he have the leisure to bother with such trivial matters.

        This turning a blind eye was the best solution in Nangong Boling's opinion, but he hadn't expected that such indulgence would breed a madman like Nangong Kai.

        "Master, such a madman should be killed, or he will still be a threat to our Nangong family in the future." At this time, a charming young woman suddenly spoke out.

        Nangong Kai looked at the person who spoke with a torch-like gaze, back then, she was the one who killed his mother, Nangong Kai watched her do this with his own eyes, so he dreamed of killing this woman.

        "What are you looking at, believe it or not I'll kill you." Nangong Feng glared at Nangong Kai with a fierce face, as the person who spoke was his mother.

        "Nangong Feng, you trash, you have the guts to kill me." Nangong Kai said.

        Nangong Feng was so annoyed that when he walked up to Nangong Kai he just punched him in the face, then he said to Nangong Boling, "Grandpa, such a person, let Sun Son kill him for you."

        Nangong Kai posed such a threat to the Nangong family, it was impossible for Nangong Bo Ling to let Nangong Kai live, he didn't need to give an explanation to anyone else, but he had to ensure the safety of the Nangong family, and Nangong Kai being alive was a great destabilizing factor.

        When Nangong Boling nodded his head, Nangong Feng's expression turned grim.

        "Bring the stick, I want to beat this trash to death alive." Nangong Feng said.

        Someone soon sent a baseball bat, and Nangong Feng mercilessly swung it at Nangong Kai's head, using all of his strength every time.

        Nangong Kai soon collapsed in a pool of blood, but he never closed his eyes, and the unwillingness in those eyes became stronger and stronger.

        Nangong Feng hit until he had no strength, and Nangong Kai also finally ran out of breath.

        He died under a random stick and fell among the pools of blood.

        The scene seemed very cruel, yet no one present had the slightest sympathy and compassion for Nangong Kai.

        "A good death, this guy deserves to die like this."

        "It's a cheap way to die, he should have been imprisoned and tortured several times a day until he died."

        "He should have died with his mother a long time ago, but he's lived so many more years."

        The cursing voices bluntly expressed the Nangong family's disgust for Nangong Kai, as if everyone hated to cramp Nangong Kai's skin.

        Nangong Falcon silently exited the crowd and went to the dungeon.

        He was the one who brought Nangong Kai to meet Han Qianqian, and it was Han Qianqian who brought up the matter of Nangong Kai acting stupid, so Nangong Kai's exposure in his opinion was also done by Han Qianqian, and as such, Nangong Kai's death should be known to Han Qianqian.

        "How's Nangong Kai?" Han Qianli asked Nangong Falcon.

        "He was killed alive by Nangong Feng." Nangong Falcon said.

        Han 3,000 slumped his shoulders weakly, and although he had expected it, Han 3,000 still couldn't accept it when the truth actually happened.

        "It's all because of me that he was harmed," Han Three Thousand said.

        "If you want to avenge him, you have to prove yourself in front of grandpa, I can sense that his mother's death back then had something to do with Nangong Feng's mother, maybe, it was Nangong Feng's mother who killed his mother herself, and today, he was killed by Nangong Feng, the only chance you have to atone for your sins is to make grandpa look good, and then avenge them. " Nangong Falcon said that he wouldn't have come to inform Han Kuang of Nangong Kai's death with good intentions, he was trying to use this to stimulate Han Kuang's desire to avenge Nangong Kai's death.

        "Nangong Falcon, you're really all-pervasive," Han Qianli said indifferently.

        "Nangong Kai died very unhappy, I think he should hate you very much, after all these years of planning, but at the most crucial moment, it was exposed because of you, shouldn't you be responsible for his death, shouldn't you take revenge for him?" Nangong Falcon said.

        "You don't have to deliberately try to irritate me; if there's a chance, I'll definitely avenge his death, even if it doesn't atone for it." Han Giangli said.

        Nangong Falcon laughed, his goal had been achieved, now it was up to Han Three Thousand to see if he had a chance to leave this dungeon.

        "Grandpa didn't kill you directly but locked you up here, that means you still have a good chance to leave, try your best, if you don't help Nangong Kai take revenge, maybe he'll turn into a stern ghost and come looking for you." Nangong Falcon smiled, for someone like Han Qianqiang who only had a little bit of Nangong family blood, the fact that Nangong Boling didn't choose to kill him directly already showed that Nangong Boling had something else in mind, so Nangong Falcon decided that there would be a time when Han Qianqiang would have a backlash, but when that time would be, he wasn't sure, surely Nangong Boling's thoughts weren't that easy to guess.

        Han Kuanyuan took a deep breath, Nangong Falcon wanted to use this matter to use his hand to get rid of Nangong Feng, a competitor, he knew this very well, and he also knew that he had to jump into it even though he knew that there was a pit in front of him.

        If he couldn't help Nangong Kai take his revenge, the desperate look in his eyes when he was captured would be a shadow that couldn't be shaken from Han Qianqiang's mind for the rest of his life.


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