His True Colors Chapter 1189-1193


His True Colors Chapter 1189

"I didn't expect him to live in such a shabby place."

        A few sisters from Moyo appeared after Han Marchand entered the community, and it was clear that they had followed Han Marchand back to his residence, which must have wanted to avenge Yan Bingfeng's death.

        "Rumor has it that he's been kicked out of the Han family, and it looks like it's true."

        "Mowgli, we don't really want to go to a place like this, it's dirty, it's all lower class people living here."

        "Yeah, I don't want to go to such a trashy place."

        Those who were able to become sisters with Mo Whisper, their family backgrounds were naturally not bad, so they were faced with this kind of old neighborhood, full of dislike, after all, they were all golden girls who lived in villa compounds, when had they ever been to such a place.

        Mo Yu put her eyes on Wu Xin at this time, just now Han Giang had a conversation with her, these two must be friends, there was a very simple way to get Han Giang to show up voluntarily.

        "No need, you guys look at that woman, she must be Han 3000's friend." Mo Yan said.

        A few of the girlfriends immediately understood what Mo Yan meant when they heard Mo Yan say that.

        "Hurry up and go, don't let her get away."

        "If she goes in, we won't have a chance."


        Several people flocked together.

        Wu Xin, who had returned to her senses, was about to go home when a few shiny women stopped her.

        "What do you guys want?" Wu Xin asked with a puzzled face, she didn't know any of these people, so why were they in front of her?

        "Come with us," Mo Yan said indifferently.

        Wu Xin felt very strange and asked, "Why?"

        "You don't need to know why," Moyo said.

        Wu Xin rolled her eyes, who were these people that she had to leave just to be let go?

        "Excuse me, I'm going home." Wu Xin said and prepared to leave.

        When she had just wiped the tube with Mo, Wu Xin suddenly grabbed her hair, and it was the very strong kind, so painful that Wu Xin just screamed out.

        "What do you want, let go of me." Wu Xin said.

        Mo Yan pulled Wu Xin's hair hard again and said, "B*tch, I didn't want to fight you, but if you're so insensitive, don't blame me for being rude."

        After saying that, Mo Yan directly pulled Wu Xin and walked towards her car.

        Wu Xin wanted to struggle, but her scalp was about to be ripped off by Mo Yan, so she had to follow her.

        After the group got into the car, Mo Whisper had no intention of letting go of Wu Xin, as if she was venting her anger at Han Qianqian on Wu Xin.

        "What do you guys want?" Wu Xin had a bad feeling, although she didn't know these people, but her intuition told her that the people who came were not good, and it would probably be dangerous if she followed them.

        "What nonsense, shut up quickly." One of the girlfriends in Mo Whisper set off Wu Xin's quarrel and slapped Wu Xin directly.

        These little girls were hitting people, but they weren't soft at all, and red marks immediately appeared on Wu Xin's face.

        "If you talk nonsense, I'll strip you naked and throw you off." Mo Yan gritted her teeth and said.

        Wu Xin was terrified as she looked at Mo Yan's fierce eyes.

        She knew that the woman in front of her wasn't simple, a brand name, definitely not born from an ordinary family.

        But Wu Xin couldn't imagine where exactly she had offended these rich women and why they would deal with her.

        The car drove towards a famous villa area in Yanjing, a place that only the very rich could afford, Wu Xin used to feel guilty passing by here, never thought that one day, she would actually be able to enter the villa area, just this way, it made her worried and scared.

        After parking in front of one of the villas, Wu Xin was brought into the home.

        The decoration could be described in four words of splendor, the most luxurious Wu Xin had ever seen in her life, so much so that she simply couldn't describe it with words.

        Just as Wu Xin was immersed in shock, someone suddenly kicked her, so much so that she fell straight to the ground, which made Wu Xin recover from her shock.

        "Never seen such a luxurious place before, is it like heaven compared to the shabby neighborhood you live in?" Mo Yan said to Wu Xin with a sneer on her face, this place was bought by Mo Yan specifically to give to her, other than her, no one else in the Mo family was qualified to live here.

        "What do you guys want? I have no grudge against you guys, so why are you doing this to me." Wu Xin said very helplessly, she was still in a fog, she didn't know what she had done wrong, and she thought she couldn't offend a lady of this level, after all, none of them had ever been approached.

        "If you don't know now, you'll know later, you can only be blamed for meeting someone else." Mo Yan said disdainfully, when she thought of Han Qianqian's arrogance like that, Mo Yan was especially injustice for Yan Bingfeng.

        In Mo Yan's eyes, Yan Bingfeng should be invincible, how could he lose to a little kid, and this little kid was also the Han family's famous wasteful young master.

        Mo Yan thought there must be something fishy about this, so she had to find a way to dismantle it, she had to vindicate Yan Bingfeng.

        "Mo Whisper, what about her." A lady friend asked to Mo Whisper.

        Mo Whisper looked at Wu Xin and said, "I'll go find some rope, tie her up first and torture her for a few days."

        A few women laughed in unison, not making any objections to this kind of action from Mo Whisper, as if it was just a very normal thing in their eyes.

        These people, who all had extremely strong protective umbrellas behind them, had made many mistakes since they were young, but due to the backstage, they never paid the price for their mistakes, which led to them becoming increasingly lawless, things like this type of kidnapping were actually something they had already done, and it was often because of very small disputes.

        At this time, at Han Three Thousand's house.

        Shi Jing asked to Han 3000, "Are you really planning to move?"

        "Yeah." Han Giangli said as if it was a matter of course, the only way to no longer have any entanglement with Wu Xin was to leave her circle of life.

        "You have to be so desperate, she's at least a girl, but she's just a little more concerned about you." Shi Jing advised.

        "Mom, I have my own reasons, and it's a disguised way of protecting her," Han Marchant said.

        Seeing Han Three Thousand's unmoved appearance, estimating that it was useless to continue persuading her, Shi Jing could only say, "Fine, do whatever you want, I, too, am just mentioning it casually, and the most important thing is to follow your own will."

        Han Qianli smiled and said, "Later, I'll definitely tell you why, and at that time, you'll understand why I'm doing all this."

        Although Shi Jing was curious, Han 3000 had already made it clear that he would only tell her later, so she didn't rush to ask.

His True Colors Chapter 1190

Shi Jing's attitude towards Han Qianqian had been completely different from before, and without the influence of Nangong Qianqiu, Shi Jing appeared [www.avracity.com] more and more like a normal mother, which showed that her nature had not rejected Han Qianqian.

        Of course, this was actually confirmed a long time ago, when Shi Jing returned to the role of a normal mother after she had settled in the Genting Mountain villa area.

        To move, naturally, she needed a good bad situation, after all, the current Han Three Thousand didn't need to hide it from Nangong Qianqiu anymore, so after calling Qin Lin, Han Three Thousand's request was simple and straightforward, needing a quiet, spacious and comfortable space.

        Qin Lin didn't dare to slow down on anything Han 3,000 ordered, and based on Han 3,000's request, Qin Lin quickly contacted a villa seller, this villa area is not the top level in Yanjing, but the advantage is that it can be moved in immediately, which can help Han 3,000 save a lot of time.

        After learning that they had found a new place to live, Han Three Thousand and Shi Jing started to pack their luggage.

        There wasn't much luggage, just some clothes, and it didn't take too much time.

        As they walked out of the house with their luggage, Shi Jing even asked Han Three Thousand, "Do you want to say goodbye to her?"

        "No, let's go." Han Giangli said.

        After going downstairs, Qin Lin was already waiting at the front door.

        When he saw Han Three Thousand and Shi Jing, he immediately went forward to help them carry their luggage.

        Qin Lin knew a lot about Han Three Thousand's recent performance at the Wuji Summit, especially the fact that Han Three Thousand's victory over Yan Bingfeng had caused a huge stir in the upper echelons of Yanjing.

        As the favorite to win the championship, Han Three Thousand was the dark horse that ended the road to advancement at the beginning of the second round, and Han Three Thousand did not fail to make people's eyes drop.

        "Boss, I've already discussed it with the original owner, you can move in first, and I'll slowly hand over the rest of the formalities to him." Qin Lin said to Han Qianqian.

        Qin Lin was absolutely at ease when it came to his work, and so far, Qin Lin hadn't had any problems.

        "How has the company been lately?" Han Giangli casually asked, now he was no longer too concerned about Feng Qian's development, after all, his personal influence was already strong enough, and Feng Qian only existed as an appendage.

        "Recently, Feng Qian has settled in several big projects of the Yang family, and it's developing very well now." Qin Lin said, in the early stages of the company, Qin Lin had gone to great lengths to not bring much revenue to the company, but now, all he had to do was sit in his office every day and countless collaborations would actively come to him, which couldn't help but make Qin Lin feel a bit sad that the changes that Han Qianqian had brought to Feng Qian were just too great.

        And this also disguised how powerful Han Three Thousand's influence was.

        "The company will be fully managed by you in the future, so if you don't encounter any trouble, you don't need to report anything to me." Han Marchian said.

        "Boss, how could the company be in trouble, with your current status, who would dare to mess with Feng Qian." Qin Lin smiled, he wasn't joking when he said that, as long as Han Three Thousand was in Yanjing, absolutely no one dared to touch Feng Qian, now those big and small families were trying to cooperate with Feng Qian, what Qin Lin did every day was to sift out the cooperation of those small families.

        And recently, many people had given Qin Lin big gifts, hoping to reach a cooperation with Feng Qian in this way, but they were all rejected by Qin Lin.

        Faced with the temptation of money, Qin Lin was unmoved because he knew very well that Han Qianqian had given him his current position, so he mustn't do those impure things behind Han Qianqian's back.

        Listening to the conversation between the two of them, Shi Jing couldn't help but sigh in her heart.

        If Nangong Qianqiu hadn't insisted on putting the future of the Han family on Han Jun and instead chose Han Qianqiang, would the current Han family still be like this?

        Using Feng Qian as an example, if all these resources were used for the Han family, would the Han family worry about returning to the top?

        It had to be said that Nangong Qianqiu really was so wrong, and now that she was still obsessed, she really didn't know when she would be able to understand that Han Qianqiang was the future of the Han family.

        "What's wrong?" Seeing Shi Jing's expression of emotion, Han Qianqian asked.

        Shi Jing shook her head and said with a bitter smile on her face, "I was wondering when Nangong Qianqiu would understand her mistake."

        Han Qianqian smiled, Nangong Qianqiu's stubbornness wasn't something an ordinary person could understand, and I'm afraid it wouldn't be simple for her to admit her mistake herself.

        Of course, it wasn't impossible, by the time Nangong Boling appeared, perhaps she would come to terms with reality, after all, the Nangong family was a true money empire, its power spread all over the world, if even Nangong Boling didn't dare to underestimate Han Qianqiu, what other qualifications did Nangong Qianqiu have to underestimate Han Qianqiu?

        "She'll understand." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Arriving at the villa, the environment here was completely different compared to the previous neighborhood, but what kind of environment to live in didn't make much difference to Han Three Thousand, after all, Han Three Thousand was used to a tough environment at the Han family compound.

        But for Shi Jing, the feeling was completely different, after all, the dilapidated neighborhood was still quite a bit different from the Han family compound, and it was naturally a good thing for her to be able to return to living in a good environment again.

        "Boss, if you need anything, feel free to call me." Qin Lin said to Han Qianqian.

        "Okay, there's nothing else, you can go ahead and get busy." Han Qianqian said.


        After Qin Lin left, Shi Jing and Han Three Thousand chose their own rooms and went back to their rooms to pack their luggage.

        Han 3000 didn't have many things, a few simple sets of clothes, and after he packed up, he went to the balcony on the second floor.

        The former owner should be very fond of this area, so he had deliberately created it with a place to drink tea, a resting chair, and a small pond with fish in it.

        Just as Han Qianli was about to take a cozy break, the phone rang.

        "What's wrong?" The call was from Chi Yi Yun, so Han Qianli's tone became extraordinarily concerned.

        "Just now, Mo Yanmou called my father and wanted us to go to the Mo family." It was in an inquiring tone that Qi Yiyun spoke these words to Han 3,000 because Qi Donglin didn't know whether or not he should go.

        Mo Yanmou contacted Qi Donglin at this point in time, he must have already made his choice, after Han 3,000 had experienced the match with Yan Bingfeng, he probably knew that he couldn't just mess with Han 3,000 at the moment.

        "Tomorrow, I'll come with you guys." Han Three Thousand said.

        "Okay." Chi Yi Yun simply returned.

        "By the way, are you still used to living in the new place?" Han Marchand asked a nosy question.

        "If you care about me so much, why didn't you visit me?"

Chapter 1191-1193


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