His True Colors Chapter 1187-1188


His True Colors Chapter 1187

"What else do you know besides hiding?"

        The furious Yan Bingfeng roared at Han 3,000 because he knew that if he continued like this and ran out of strength, he would be left to Han 3,000's flesh and blood, so he had to stimulate Han 3,000 to fight back, and only then would he be able to find a chance to win.

        This voice of discontent from Yan Bingfeng was immediately recognized by those in the audience who were chasing after him.

        After all, many people in the stands were Yan Binfeng's fans, and they could not see Yan Binfeng being wronged in such a way, immediately calling out to Han 3,000.

        "Wimp, you're fighting back."

        "Dodging around, why don't you go home to your mother and waste our time."

        "This is a competition, not a game of hide-and-seek, little one, do you have any real skills."

        Countless people in the stands began to sarcastically mock Han Qianli.

        Yang Wanlin was very puzzled at this point, Han Qianli could obviously end the match in a very short amount of time, why was he wasting his time and causing so much revulsion, could he really not beat Yan Bingfeng?

        It was unlikely, Yan Bingfeng was powerful, but in Yang Wanlin's opinion, there was still a very big difference between him and Han Third Thousand.

        "You don't have to worry, Han Qianli is merely destroying Yan Bingfeng's self-confidence, he's not only going to make Yan Bingfeng lose the match, he's also going to make Yan Bingfeng devastated from then on." At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly came from beside his ear.

        When Yang Wanlin turned his head, he was shocked to discover that it was Song Yun!

        As Yang Bin's personal bodyguard, Song Yun followed Yang Bin's side almost every inch of the way.

        Since he was here, was the old ancestor also here?

        Seeing Yang Wanlin looking around, Song Yun knew what he was looking at and said, "Your grandfather didn't come, I was just curious, so I came to see how Han Qianxiang performed."

        "Grandpa Song, do you think Han 3000 can win?" Yang Wanlin asked.

        "Oh, it's just a game of cat and mouse, the cat is just playing with the mouse now." Song Yun said with a smile, from the beginning he had seen the difference between Yan Bingfeng and Han Qianli, they were completely off the same level, and who was Han Qianli, he was an apocalypse heavenly character, how could he not even win against Yan Bingfeng?

        "Han 3000 is a cat?" Yang Wanlin continued to ask.


        With such an answer, Yang Wanlin's heart was no longer so tense.

        On the ring, an enraged Yan Bingfeng's eyes were almost beating with anger, this was supposed to be him controlling the battle, but now he was being led by Han Qianli, this feeling made him very angry, and he was so lost and irrational that he couldn't even notice that he wasn't Han Qianli's opponent.

        "I'm not fighting back, I just want to give you more chances, since you don't want to waste time, I'll fulfill you." Han Qianqian stood in place and said indifferently.

        "Rubbish, do you dare not hide?" Yan Bingfeng gritted his teeth and said.

        "Of course." Han Kuanyuan said.

        Yan Binghong's expression turned fierce, and as long as Han Marchioness didn't dodge, he was confident that one punch would be able to make Han Marchioness fall to the ground.

        "Rubbish, that's what you said." Yan Bingfeng's body was in a bent bow state, saving his strength, and this punch would definitely be a blow that he would fight with all his might.

        Han Giangli was still standing in place, showing no sign of trying to dodge it.

        Yan Bingfeng's face was sardonic, as long as this punch hit, it would mean that he would win this match.


        A muffled sound was emitted from the collision of fist and flesh.

        When the crowd in the audience finally ushered in Yan Bingfeng's deadly heavy punch, all of them burst into loud shouts, in their opinion, this punch would definitely be able to bring down Han Qianqian, and their beloved idol would once again display the might of a strong man.

        But ......

        They soon discovered a hint of weirdness.

        Han 3,000 didn't fall!

        Yan Bingfeng's fist didn't seem to have done any damage to Han Three Thousand.

        There wasn't even a slight change in Han Giang's complexion!

        "That's it?" Han Qianlian raised his eyebrows at Yan Bingfeng and said.

        "No, no, no way, how could it be!" Yan Bingfeng said incredulously, the fact that the punch of his strongest attack didn't make Han Qianli fall was something Yan Bingfeng couldn't accept.

        "That's the difference between you and me, I don't fight back just because you're too weak." Han Qianli said indifferently.


        Yan Bingfeng's body flew backwards like a kite with a broken string.

        No one saw what was going on here.

        Yan Bingfeng's body was blocked by the side ropes of the ring, tensed out in a very exaggerated arc, and eventually fell outside the ring.

        Yan Bingfeng, who was lying on the ground, was motionless.

        The audience was also silent.

        The reversal of events had come so quickly that those people simply couldn't react for a moment.

        After all, in their eyes, Han Third Thousand should have fallen under this punch.

        But now ...... not only did Han 3,000 not fall, but Yan Bingfeng was unconscious under the ring.

        "Did this ...... him just throw a punch?"

        "No, no, it was a leg out."

        "How could it be a leg, I clearly saw it was a punch, he punched Yan Bingfeng out of the ring."

        "It was clearly a kick out, I saw it with my own eyes."

        Not a single person present really saw clearly as to how Han Kuanyuan had struck out, so everyone had their own opinion as to whether Han Kuanyuan had punched or kicked out, and no one was convinced, so they quickly argued.

        The crowd at the Heaven and Earth Martial Dojo were all stunned, as such an outcome was unimaginable to anyone other than the master of the dojo, after all, their big brother was a championship favorite, how could he lose to a little kid in the second round of the preliminary round?

        Although he didn't want to admit it, the truth was already in front of him, Yan Bingfeng was indeed unconscious outside the ring.

        "Big Brother ...... lost, lost?!"

        "Master, big brother has actually lost."

        The crowd of disciples looked pained, unwilling to accept such an ending.

        But the pavilion master's expression was very straightforward, as this ending was within his expectations, and he also knew that even if Yan Bingfeng hadn't underestimated Han Qianli, he was afraid that he wouldn't be Han Qianli's opponent, which was an absolute difference in strength, and Yan Bingfeng's end was already predetermined from the moment he walked onto the ring.

        "What are you guys still standing around for, go and carry big brother away." The pavilion master commanded to the crowd of disciples.

        The crowd in the audience was still in a daze, and it wasn't until after the unconscious Yan Bingfeng was carried away by the Heaven and Earth Martial Dao Pavilion that they came back to their senses, and that's when they understood what had happened.

        "How could this happen, Yan Bingfeng lost!"

        "My idol, how could he lose the match."

        "No, it's impossible,[www.avracity.com] I don't accept this result, it must be this guy who's pulling dirty tricks, I want the management of the Wuji Summit to thoroughly investigate this matter!"

His True Colors Chapter 1188

Han 3,000 won the match, but did not win applause, because those crazy fans who lost their minds thought that Han 3,000 did not win the match with strength, but something fishy was going on, and in their eyes, Yan Bingfeng was impossible to defeat, and he was certain to get the championship of this year's Wuji Summit, so this result was unacceptable to many people.

        After Han Qianqian and Shi Jing left the venue, they were blocked by a group of little girl-like people.

        One of the leading girls, with long light blue hair, should have been a beauty if she hadn't overdone the makeup, but unfortunately the exaggerated makeup instead hid her original appearance.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, what kind of dirty tricks did you use!" The girl with long light blue hair questioned Han Marchand and had a superior attitude.

        A dirty trick?

        Seeing the real thing in the ring is not something you can just use dirty tricks for.

        "If you're not convinced, you can let Yan Bingfeng stand up and fight me again, but in his current state, I'm afraid he won't be able to get out of his bed for a year and a half." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        He didn't lay a death sentence on Yan Bingfeng, but serious injuries were definitely inevitable and would have a great impact on Yan Bingfeng's future martial dao.

        But being able to survive in the hands of Han Giangli was already a thing to be grateful for.

        The light blue girl with long hair gnashed her teeth in hatred after hearing this, as an avid follower of Yan Bingfeng, how could she tolerate such arrogance from Han Qianli?

        And the truth that the martial path was like sailing against the current, she knew it very well, if Yan Bingfeng really had to lie in a hospital bed for a year and a half, then he would be completely ruined.

        "Han Qianqian, I'll never let you off the hook on this matter, I'll make you pay the price."

        Looking at her appearance, her family background shouldn't be low, otherwise, she wouldn't dare to casually say such words.

        But even if it was the three big families of Yanjing, Han Qianxiang didn't even care about them, so how could she care about what a little girl said?

        "If you want to trouble me, feel free to accompany me, but I advise you not to mess around, or else the family behind you can't afford it." Han Qianli warned.

        The little girl smiled, and it was a very bright smile.

        The family behind you can't afford it?

        That was like a joke in her eyes, a big joke.

        "What is there, that my Mo Family can't afford?" The little girl said proudly.

        The Mo?

        This can't be a coincidence!

        I'm afraid that Mo Yanmoth is now figuring out how to return the Chi family's things, but I didn't think that the Mo family's junior would actually dare to trouble him.

        "You're a member of the Mo family?" Han Three Thousand asked.

        The reason for asking was out of curiosity, but in the little girl's opinion, Han Marchioness must be afraid.

        After all, it was one of Yan Bingfeng's three big families, so it was reasonable for him to be afraid.

        "Know that you're afraid, as long as you're willing to go to the hospital and kneel down in front of Yan Bingfeng's hospital room, I can consider letting you off the hook, remember, just consider oh." The little girl said.

        "You'd better go back and ask Mo Yanmou who I am, he'll tell you what you should do." Han Giangli said.

        The little girl's eyebrows furrowed, Mo Yanmoth was her grandfather and the one who spoiled her the most, how could this guy know her grandfather?

        "Moyo, he doesn't really know your grandfather, does he."

        One of the companions beside Han Qianqiang asked to Mo Whisper after he left.

        Mo Whisper shook her head, she wasn't sure, but she knew that her grandfather was the best for her, so what if he knew him.

        "Don't worry guys, I'll take revenge for Ice Peak, my grandfather loves me the most, so what's the point even if I know him." Mo Yan said.

        Mo Ying believed that with the extent of her grandfather's indulgence, he would definitely help her, and this matter didn't need to be done through Mo Yanmou, she still had her own friends, enough to cause a lot of trouble for Han Giang.

        The first time I was in the car, Shi Jing was very dissatisfied with the fact that Han Marchant won the competition but didn't win the applause, why should I be scolded after winning the competition?

        "Little girl nowadays, I don't know what's going on, what's so good about that Yan Bingfeng." Shi Jing said helplessly.

        Han Giang smiled bitterly, he knew that this was Shi Jing fighting for herself, but that was how the idol effect was, and it would get worse in the future.

        For those little girls, it didn't matter at all what their idols did, all that mattered was that they liked it.

        "Mom, Yan Bingfeng is quite handsome, it's normal for the little girls to like him." Han Marchian said.

        Shi Jing left her mouth full of disdain and said, "Isn't my son handsome, you're much better looking than him."

        The current Han Qianqian was not yet able to talk about the word handsome, after all, he still looked a bit young and tender, but the adult Han Qianqian definitely crushed most men in terms of face value, which was why Han Qianqian would attract so many peach blossoms.

        Returning to the community.

        Before entering the door, Han Three Thousand Thousand saw Wu Xin.

        Since Wu Xin was rejected, but she was curious about the results of today's match, she could only wait at the entrance of the community for Han Three Thousand to return.

        After seeing Han 3,000, Wu Xin rushed to Han 3,000's side at the first opportunity.

        "How about it, did you win?" Wu Xin couldn't wait to ask.

        Han Qianli looked a bit helpless, it looked like she had to move sooner, otherwise Wu Xin and him would only become more and more entangled, and in a way, it would be a disservice to Wu Xin, as Han Qianli would not be able to have anything to do with her.

        "Of course I won, how could my son lose." Shi Jing said with a proud look on her face before Han Three Thousand Year had even opened her mouth.

        "Awesome." Wu Xin said excitedly, this result was not unexpected, but it was a pity that she wasn't there to see Han Three Thousand's great display of strength.

        "We'll be moving soon, so you go live your normal life." After saying this, Han Qianli directly walked away.

        Shi Jing sighed helplessly, hurting the little girl's heart like this, he really didn't have any sense of pity at all ah.

        But feelings were not something that Shi Jing was in a position to help Han Qianli with, so he could only let Han Qianli go.

        "Wu Xin, you're a good girl, but, 3000, he's still young after all, and I can feel your affection for him, but it's really unlikely that you'll be with him," Shi Jing said to Wu Xin.

        Wu Xin was stunned in place, she didn't know why she had a crush on Han 3,000, every night when she closed her eyes, her mind was filled with Han 3,000's face, it was like she was possessed.


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