His True Colors Chapter 1174-1176


His True Colors Chapter 1174

The air seemed to freeze as everyone stared at Han Qianqian without turning their eyes, no one dared to imagine what was about to happen, after all, Mo Yanmou was the head of the Mo family, one of the three leading families in the Yanjing business world!

        Han Qianqian, do you really dare to disregard Moyamoya's identity?

        Mo Yanmou also couldn't help but breathe quickly, having been in the business world for dozens of years and having been born in the Dao, gave Mo Yanmou a heart that was not afraid of almost anything.

        But at this moment, he somehow felt afraid, and even Mo Yanmou himself felt startled, how could he be afraid, and the other party was still a child!

        "Han Three Thousand Years, don't be too presumptuous." Mo Yanmoth gritted his teeth and said.

        Han Qianqian ignored it and deliberately slowed down her pace, which would bring even stronger psychological pressure on Mo Yanmu as time passed.

        Although Qi Yiyun was younger than Han Qianqian, she was born more sensible than her peers, which also created the reason why Qi Yiyun was able to possess a mindful city at a young age, knowing that after Qi Yiyun's parents left the country, she stayed alone in the country, but she concealed her identity, and even her closest girlfriends didn't know what she really was.

        At this time, Qi Yiyun's eyes were radiant as she looked at Han Qianqian, and at her young age, she was born with a ridiculous idea.

        A woman would eventually have to marry in the future, and shouldn't she marry a man like this?

        "You don't have many chances left." Han Qianli faintly spoke up.

        Mo Yanmou's clenched fist trembled slightly, never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would be threatened by a little kid and that he would be scared and not even be able to handle the matter.


        Compromising on a child, if this matter were to spread out, wouldn't the Mo Family become a joke.

        Mo Yanmoth was an extremely prideful person who wanted to save face, and his pride would never allow him to do such a thing.

        At this moment, a group of people swarmed to the backyard.

        Seeing these people, Mo Yanmou was slightly relieved.

        "You losers, can't you even watch people, and you let him barge in." Mo Yanmou snapped at the security captain.

        The security captain looked bitter, if he could stop Han Qianqian, how could he let him break into Mo's house?

        They had all been beaten down on the ground just now, but if it wasn't for the fear that Han Giang would hurt Mo Yanmou, the security chief wouldn't have appeared with the pain of his injuries.

        "Master Mo, I've notified the people at the boxing gym, they're on their way here." The security captain said to Mo Yanmou.

        Mo Yanmoth was so angry that he wanted to seal the security captain's mouth, saying it so bluntly in front of Han Giang, he really didn't care about Han Giang, what if he wanted to deal with him before the boxing gym people came?

        But to Mo Yanmu's surprise, Han Giangli stopped at that moment.

        "I'll convince you." After saying that, Han 3,000 changed direction and walked towards Chi Yi Yun.

        This little ninny already had the beginnings of a beauty, but the large black-framed glasses still obscured many of the points of light.

        "It's okay." Han Giangli asked to Chi Yi Yun in a soft voice.

        The woman in front of him was a woman that Han Giang had rejected countless times, but it didn't mean that Han Giang was truly relieved, because this woman had helped him by taking on the danger of his entire family, a love that Han Giang would never forget no matter what.

        "Why did you save us." Chi Yi Yun asked to Han 3,000.

        "There are reasons that you wouldn't believe even if I told you, you just need to know that with me here, no one can hurt you." Han Giangli said.

        Chi Yi Yun nodded, she showed a maturity that a child shouldn't have, and even though she was curious, she didn't ask more questions.

        Han 3,000 walked over to Chi Donglin's side again and helped her up, resting against the wall.

        Qi Donglin was beaten so badly that even breathing was very difficult, but he still said a thank you to Han Qianli.

        Han 3000 shook his head with a smile and said, "This is what I should have done, but certain things will also change because of me, I don't know if it's for the better or for the worse."

        After saying this, Han 3000 sighed in his heart, his rebirth had caused many things to change, which led to his heart not being too solid, as it was unknown whether the changes would bring good or whether they would make things get out of hand, or even change the fate of this family of three.

        Chi Donglin revealed an ugly smile, but didn't say anything, whether it would be good or bad in the future he didn't know, but if Han 3000 didn't come, it would be ironically bad today, and it was very likely that he would have trouble even walking out of the Mo family's gate alive.

        It didn't take long for the boxing gym belonging to the Mo Family to arrive in the backyard.

        There were three of his companions, two of whom belonged to the muscular group, who at a glance were power eaters, and one who was slightly shorter and also had a much weaker body among the two muscular men, giving him a feeling of weakness.

        But Han Giangli could feel that the strongest of the three was the one who was short.

        "You go watch your father." Han Giang said to Chi Yiyun, asking her to go to the wall, also afraid that if a fight broke out, she might hurt Chi Yiyun.

        By the time Chi Yi Yun reached the wall, Han Giangan focused his eyes directly on the short man.

        "Their muscles are used to scare people, and since you're the strongest, you're the one to do it," Han Three Thousand said.

        The small man's eyes flashed with surprise, in a normal person's eyes, among the three of them, no one would think that he was the strongest, but Han Qianli saw through it so easily, it was unexpected.

        "Han Three Thousand, I've heard about your performance at the Martial Arts Summit, but if you think you can mess around in the Mo Family like this, you're underestimating the Mo Family." The small man said gloomily.

        "The Martial Extreme Summit?" Han Qianqian smiled contemptuously and said, "So you thought I did well at the Martial Arts Summit? Unfortunately, I didn't even finish warming up before that loser was already down on the stage."

        Didn't even finish warming up?

        The little man frowned, was this guy's bragging skills better than his body skills?

        But if he wasn't bragging, then this was a bit astonishing.

        All of the martial daoists now had different analyses of Han Kuang's first battle at the Martial Extreme Summit, but many of their opinions felt that Han Kuang had exploded his full power in an instant, causing his opponent to be caught off guard, which was why it created such a shocking feeling.

        In other words, they felt that in the first battle of the Martial Extreme Summit, Han 3,000 had already shown his peak, and since the peak was present, it was not enough to be feared.

His True Colors Chapter 1175

In fact, I'm afraid that Han Third Thousand's pinnacle of strength would only qualify him to show his pinnacle of strength after the Lunar Dragon awakened.

        The mere mortals of Earth, with a single breath of Han Three Thousand's breath, they could die upside down.

        "You don't think that yesterday's match is my limit, do you?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        The little man did indeed think so, and many people in the Yanjing martial arts world thought so as well.

        But looking at Han Third Thousand's current state, it seemed that what they thought simply didn't match the truth.

        But ...... Han 3,000 was only fourteen years old, so how much more powerful could he be?

        You know that the path of martial arts, in addition to talent, requires a long period of accumulation before one can become a true expert, which means that it is almost impossible for a young and strong person to exist.

        "Today is the perfect day for me to see your limits." After the small man said that, he looked at the two muscular men beside him, and since Han Giang had already revealed that he was the most powerful of the three, there was no need for these two to waste their time.

        "Limits?" Han Qianli laughed disdainfully and said, "Do you have the qualifications to do that?"

        The small man gritted his teeth, enraged by Han Qianli's words, only to crouch slightly and make an attacking gesture.

        Han Qianli, with his hands behind his back, said indifferently, "I'll give you a chance, if you can touch me, I admit defeat."

        "Han Qianli, you're too arrogant." The small man shouted and stomped on the ground with both legs, actually crushing the paving slabs.

        Seeing this scene, Mo Yanmoth laughed, this was the most insignificant person in his Mo Family Boxing Gym, but it was the strongest, countless experts had fallen into his hands, Han Three Thousand's empty-eyed action was destined to make him a dead man under the fist as well.

        Mo Yanmoth was not afraid that Han Three thousand's death in the Mo family would bring him trouble, because the Han family was just an insignificant family in his eyes, and even if Han Three thousand died in the Mo family, the Han family would not have the guts to find trouble with him.

        Moreover, now that Han Three Thousand was even more detached from the Han family, Mo Yanmou didn't need to worry about it at all.

        The fist whistled.

        Han Qianli nodded appreciatively, this little man's strength was indeed not bad, and if we took the strength of the apocalypse, he was already at least at the Earth Character level, which was a very rare level for someone in the world.

        Unfortunately, the Earth Character level was like an ant to Han Qianli, and even if the Heavenly Character level came, it couldn't bounce in front of Han Qianli.

        With a fierce punch, Han Three thousand dodged at the last minute by a millimeter.

        Everyone thought that Han 3000 would fall under the punch, but he remained unharmed.

        The small man's heart was fiercely shocked, Han 3,000 dodged at the last moment, it was by no means his slow reaction to luck, but he did it on purpose.

        If that was the case, then his strength must be above his own.

        "Continue." The small man raged as Han Giang's voice came from his ears!

        "Looking for death!"

        After the little man roared, he immediately launched a second wave of attacks against Han Qianli, and this time the movements were faster and more powerful.

        In the eyes of an outsider, the speed of the small man's punches was almost too fast for the naked eye to capture.

        But in Han Giangli's eyes, he could clearly see the trajectory of his opponent's punches as well as the landing point.

        "Slow, really slow." Han Giang shook his head and said with slight regret.

        To think that in the world of Xuanyuan, Han 3000 had run into a few real opponents, and it was almost impossible to meet an opponent of this level again on Earth.

        When the small man heard the word slow, his face was livid.

        His punching speed was already recognized as very fast in the Yanjing martial arts world, but he didn't expect to receive this kind of evaluation from Han Qianli, which gave him a strong sense of frustration, after all, Han Qianli wasn't just talking, but had accurately dodged his attacks every time.

        Mo Yanmou, who had originally looked smug, his expression gradually solidified, he understood how strong his subordinate was, and every time he fought, he was able to take the upper hand for a very short period of time, even ending the battle.

        But in the face of Han Qianli's lack of action, he hadn't even taken any advantage and hadn't even touched a single strand of Han Qianli's hair, what this meant was clear to Mo Yanmou.

        "How is it possible that this Han family's trash brat could be so powerful!" Mo Yan Gotham really couldn't believe why such a person would be rumored to be trash by the Han family.

        Could it be that this was some sort of scheme by the Han family?

        "If you don't have any other tricks up your sleeve, I'll have to fight back." After nearly ten strokes, Han Giangli asked to the little man.

        The little man was already annoyed, his attacks were unorganized and now he had messed up his own stance.

        Han Giangli sighed helplessly, it was a waste of his time to fight with such a weakling.

        "End it." After only hearing Han Qianli's flat tone of voice, his figure had appeared behind the small man's back.

        Only one hand grabbed the back of the little man's neck and raised his hand, causing the little man to lose his focus and soar into the air.

        With the strength of one hand alone, he actually lifted the little man and flew away.

        Next, Han Qianli stomped his legs on the ground, jumped, and before the little man hit the ground, threw a punch at the little man's spine.

        When the little man felt the pain coming from his spine, his face was suddenly covered with despair.

        He knew that this punch was enough to break his spine, and he would have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.


        The small man landed on the ground, smashing up the dust in the sky.

        He didn't scream in pain, but his expression, was utterly desperate.

        "Mo Yan Gotham, do you still have help?" Han Giangli turned to Mo Yanmoth and asked.

        Mo Yan Gotham felt true terror, and at this point he no longer denied that he had revealed his cowardice in the face of a child, for this child, who was no ordinary child at all, could handle even the most powerful of his men so easily!

        "Han 3,000, what do you really want?" Mo Yanmou asked after taking a deep breath, at this point, he had to think about his own end, if Han Jiangan punched him on his old bones, he might not even be able to save his life.

        "How long will it take to return everything you took from the Chi family, even if it's just a rat turd?" Han Giangli said.

        Although there was still a lot of reluctance in Mo Yanmou, after all, his plan had already cost him a lot, and if he returned it, everything would be lost, but how could Mo Yanmou not comply with Han Qianqian's such a strong demand?

        At least he had to fake a compromise until he could think of a way to deal with Han Marchand.

His True Colors Chapter 1176

"A week." Moyo said.

        Although he said these words as a last resort.

        But to Yang Wanlin, who was on the side, it was shocking.

        And if this matter was known to Yang Bin, I'm sure he would not be less surprised at all.

        This was Mo Yanmou, whose strength was well known in Yanjing, but he had never heard of him compromising on anyone.

        "This week, you can find a way to deal with me, or you can return what you've gained in the Chi family as soon as possible, but I have to warn you that the former path is not a good one, if you don't do what you promised me within a week, I'll have the Mo family removed from Yanjing." Han Giangli said.

        Mo Yanmo's face was about to wring out water, after so many years in Yanjing, who dared to say such words to him.

        Letting the Mo family be removed from the name, I'm afraid that anyone would find it a joke to hear those four words.

        Han Qianqian walked over to Qi Yiyun and said, "Let's go, if he breaks his word, I'll make him pay for it."

        Chi Yiyun nodded and the group left the Mo family compound.

        When they arrived at the entrance of the Mo family compound, Han Qianli said to Yang Wanlin, "Help me arrange a safe place for them to stay, preferably one that is more secluded."

        In a week's time, Han Third Thousand wasn't sure what exactly Mo Yanmou would do, so he had to ensure the safety of this family of three.

        "Old Han, you leave this matter to me, and with ten thousand hearts, I'll never let anything happen to them." Yang Wanlin patted his chest to assure him, having witnessed Han Qianli's power, Yang Wanlin even more so took Han Qianli's words as if they were a holy decree, and he believed that Yang Bin would let him do the same.

        "When will I see you again." Before getting into the car, Qi Yi Yun asked Han Qianqian.

        "We're friends, and we'll have plenty of opportunities to see each other in the future." Han Giangli said.

        Qi Yiyun nodded, which was how she got into the car.

        Qi Donglin was injured quite lightly, but with the relief of time, he had gotten much better.

        Chi Donglin still felt a bit strange about Han 3,000 coming out to help with this matter, after all, he was not related to Han 3,000 now, and he couldn't imagine why Han 3,000 would help him by offending the Mo family.

        "Yi Yun, do you know him?" Qi Donglin could tell that Han Sangyan was particularly concerned about Chi Yi Yun, so he thought that the reason Han Sangyan had stepped in to help must have something to do with Chi Yi Yun.

        Chi Yi Yun shook her head, she didn't know anyone between her and Han Sangsan, but Han Sangsan had said that there was a reason for this, but he hadn't been able to tell her yet.

        "Dad, I think he's worth believing," Qi Yi Yun said.

        Qi Donglin nodded, no matter what reason Han Qianli had for helping, as long as he was worth believing, and as long as he didn't do anything to hurt Qi Yiyun, there was no need to dwell on the reasons for this.

        "This time, my Chi family is considered lucky, otherwise, I don't know what the outcome would have been." Qi Donglin sighed, glad that Han Qianqian had appeared in time, or else both Qi Yiyun and Ouyang Fei's mother and daughter would have been implicated due to his recklessness.

        At the same time, Qi Donglin also sighed inwardly at Han Three Thousand's strength, surprisingly, even Mo Yanmou had no way to get at him.

        But there was one thing that Chi Donglin couldn't figure out, how could someone so powerful be called a waste?

        Yang Wanlin had a secret base of his own, it was a place where he often threw parties, a rich young master, there would inevitably be times when his private life would be chaotic, so naturally, he needed a place like this secret base to be able to unleash his nature unrestrainedly.

        After settling the family of three, Yang Wanlin couldn't wait to return to the Yang family, he had to tell Yang Bin what happened at the Mo family as soon as possible, the urgency within him made him eager to share.

        When he returned home, Yang Wanlin went straight to Yang Bin's study.

        Normally, when Yang Bin was in his study, no one dared to disturb him, and this was also the rule that Yang Bin had set in the Yang family.

        But ever since Yang Wanlin and Han Qianqian started getting in touch, Yang Bin had given Yang Wanlin the green channel to go to him even when he was in his study, as long as the matter was related to Han Qianqian.

        "Old Ancestor, I'm back." Standing in front of the desk, Yang Wanlin said respectfully.

        Yang Bin put down his brush, a pair of wild grasses had just been completed, the font dragon flying and phoenix dancing, but what exactly was written was unreadable.

        "How are things." Yang Bin asked.

        Yang Wanlin began to carefully explain for Yang Bin what had happened in the Mo family, and the little details were not spared, speaking with flying eyebrows.

        In the process, Yang Bin also listened with excitement and worry.

        Yang Bin was very clear about the identity of that little man, he had won the championship of the Martial Arts Summit for the Mo Family for three consecutive years, he was a true generation of Yanjing's strongest, but he never expected that he would end up in such a situation now, having his spine crippled by Han Qianqian.

        What Yang Bin did not expect even more was that Mo Yan would actually compromise with Han Qianli.

        "Old Ancestor, guess what other words Han Qianli said before he left the Mo Family." Yang Wanlin asked Yang Bin, selling a barrier.

        Yang Bin shook his head, the events ahead of him had already shocked him enough, and Han Three Thousand's path was really incomprehensible, so how could he guess what words Han Three Thousand had said?

        "If Mo Yanmou doesn't do what he's promised for a week, he'll have the Mo family removed, and that's in front of Mo Yanmou." Yang Wanlin said.

        Even though Yang Bin had been through a thousand sails and was considered an old man, he still couldn't help but draw a breath of cold air when he heard these words.

        Saying such words in front of Mo Yanmoth, Han Qianqian's guts were really big!

        But on second thought, Han Qianli was indeed qualified to say that.

        "I didn't think that this old thing, Mo Yanmoth, would still receive this kind of blow in his old age, it's really a great pleasure." Yang Bin said with a big smile.

        At this time, Yang Bin was also celebrating in his heart, fortunately he had met Han Qianqian long ago, if he had let others take the shortcut, I'm afraid that this predicament was what the Yang family would have to face.

        Suddenly, Yang Bin's face changed and he quizzed Yang Wanlin, "How is Feng Qian Company doing, is the Yang family giving enough help."

        "Old Ancestor, didn't you say that step by step, it depends on Han Qianli's performance." Yang Wanlin asked in puzzlement.

        That was indeed what Yang Bin had thought before, but the words he had just said reminded him.

        Han 3000 asked the Mo Family to do it in a week, and that was because the Mo Family had given a promise.

        The Yang family, on the other hand, had likewise given Han Three Thousand's three-month commitment, and if the operation during this period was too slow and led to Han Three Thousand's dissatisfaction, what kind of consequences it would trigger, Yang Bin did not dare to imagine.

        "Speed up the progress and bring forward the three months, Han Qianli's last sentence was said to Mo Yanmou, but it was also advice to the Yang family, it's a knock on the door." Yang Bin was serious.


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