His True Colors Chapter 1171-1173


His True Colors Chapter 1171

After meeting up with Yang Wanlin, Han Qianli headed straight towards the Mo family without any nonsense.

        Yang Wanlin, who was driving the car, kept sizing up Han Qianli with his afterglow, and he saw a very obvious worry on Han Qianli's face, which couldn't help but make him curious as to what exactly was worthy of Han Qianli's attention.

        He had to know that after he left the Han family, everything in the Han family had nothing to do with him anymore, so today's matter had absolutely nothing to do with the Han family, and Yang Wanlin couldn't think of anything else that deserved Han 3000's attention.

        "Old Han, for a breath of fresh air, what's going on?" Yang Wanlin couldn't help but ask Han Qianqian.

        This matter was really too troublesome to explain, and no one would believe it, so Han Qianqian could only casually perfunctorily say, "My friend is in trouble, and it's related to the Mo family, you just need to bring me to the Mo family, the rest of the matter, whether you interfere or not is up to your own choice."

        Yang Wanlin knew what Han Qianqian's words meant, if the Yang family didn't want to directly offend the Mo family, he could leave out his own relationship with the matter.

        But since Yang Bin had already asked him to come, it meant that Yang Bin was mentally prepared to face any outcome, so there was no way that Yang Wanlin would back down.

        And in this matter, Yang Wanlin was able to establish a more solid revolutionary relationship with Han Qianqian, and based on that, Yang Wanlin wouldn't back down either.

        "What are you talking about, what kind of relationship do we have, you're in trouble now, how can I just stand by and watch." Yang Wanlin said.

        Han Qianqiang said in a deep voice, "Drive a little faster."

        Yang Wanlin couldn't wait to stomp his foot into the gas tank, not caring if he was already speeding.

        It was already half an hour later when he arrived at Mo's house.

        Yang Wanlin directly blocked the car in front of the big red door of the quadrangle, the doorway of the Mo house surveillance, the first time he saw this unexpected situation, from the courtyard directly out of the ten security-like characters.

        "Parking is not allowed here, hurry up and drive away, or else I'll smash it for you." The leader threatened to Yang Wanlin.

        "My name is Yang Wanlin, let your family Mo Dafang come out." Yang Wanlin said indifferently.

        Mo Dafang and Yang Wanlin were the same age, and they used to meet up at major nightclubs in Yanjing, which was one of the people Yang Wanlin was most familiar with in the Mo family.

        When the leader heard this, his brows furrowed, Yang Wanlin, wasn't that the Yang family's prized young master, why would he come to the Mo family?

        And naming Mo Dafang, it couldn't be that he was looking for trouble.

        If it had been before, he might have even gone to inform, but there were special circumstances today, so he could only refuse.

        "He can't see you today, let's talk about what's going on another day." The leader of the group said.

        "Hey, what kind of a thing are you to stop me, you don't know who I am, do you?" Yang Wanlin said with a dissatisfied face.

        The Yang family and the Mo family, simultaneous rivals for many years, but no one had really torn their faces on the stage, he, a small security guard, naturally didn't dare to offend Yang Wanlin and could only say, "Young Master Yang, today the Mo family is indeed inconvenient for guests, it's better for you to go back, I'll tell Young Master Mo that you came to see him and he'll contact you again. "

        "Release your mother's fart, I'm not leaving today, what do you dare to do to me, get lost and call Mo Dafang out." Yang Wanlin said with an arrogant and domineering look, for a rich son like him, there was no need to pretend, just acting in his true colors, he was an absolute domineering son.

        If it were anyone else, the security captain would have already used force to make him get lost, but the other party was after all Yang Wanlin, he didn't dare to do so casually, after thinking for a while, he said to his men, "Go inform Master Mo, and tell him that the Yang family has come to cause trouble, let's see how he deals with it."

        "Yes." The subordinate led the order and went.

        Yang Wanlin then whispered a reminder to Han Qianqian, "Old Han, this Mo family's master is not too good to mess with, are you sure you want to go in?"

        Han Jiangli nodded, this Mo Master's identity, Han Jiangli knew, and had heard a lot about him, back in the eighties, this Mo Master was a daoist, and very powerful, it was said that he had as many as ten thousand people under him, definitely a hegemon in Yanjing, and only after many washes did he transform into a serious businessman, but in his bones, he was ultimately a daoist, and these security personnel of the Mo family were also Those who had been on the road were filled with banditry.

        Entering Mo's house was equivalent to entering a tiger's den, which would require great courage for an ordinary person, as it was very likely that after going in, he would never get out.

        But to Han Qianli, this wasn't a problem, even if this quadrangle could hide ten thousand people, Han Qianli wouldn't put it in his eyes.

        "If you're afraid, you can leave first." Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        Yang Wanlin was indeed a bit guilty, dealing with this Master Mo was like chatting with the King of Hell about when to go to the Yellow Springs.

        But in front of Han Qianqian, Yang Wanlin couldn't act so wishy-washy.

        "What do I have to be afraid of, in times of crisis, aren't there still you to protect me?" Yang Wanlin said in a relaxed manner.

        Han Qianqiang couldn't laugh or cry, this guy was self-aware enough to know that he had no ability whatsoever and could only seek protection.

        In a short time, the underling came out and said to the security captain, "Master Mo said, no one will be seen today, and if you dare to mess up, you'll be beaten directly."

        The security captain smiled when he heard this, he didn't dare to easily offend Yang Wanlin, but with Master Mo talking, there was no need to worry so much.

        "Yang Wanlin, I'll give you one last chance to leave, otherwise, I won't show any mercy." After saying this, the rest of the security nine lifted their cuffs at the same time, looking at the situation as if they were preparing to make a move.

        Yang Wanlin was so frightened that he subconsciously took a step back, but when he saw that Han Qianli was still standing in place, it barely stabilized his mind.

        "Come if you can, I, Yang Wanlin, am not scared." Yang Wanlin said.

        The Security Ten didn't bother to bullsh*t with Yang Wanlin when they saw how ungrateful he was.

        But with Han Qianqian present, how could this mere ten people threaten them?

        The end result was these ten people lying on the ground wailing for days, they probably never dreamed that they would be beaten up by a child in their lifetime!

        "Who are you ...... you." The security captain covered his aching chest, not daring to ask Han Qianli, who just now only cared about Yang Wanlin and didn't put Han Qianli in his eyes at all, yet he didn't expect this little guy to fight so well and strike so hard!

His True Colors Chapter 1172

"Han Three Thousand Years."

        After leaving these three words, Han Three Thousand Thousand directly walked into the Mo Family compound.

        Yang Wanlin saw the situation and hurriedly followed behind Han Three Thousand Years.

        The security captain, on the other hand, looked at Han Three Thousand's departing back with shocked eyes.

        In this period of time, to say that the hottest person in Yanjing was probably this Han Three Thousand Years.

        Having been pushed to the top of the discussion hotspot by the Yang family, and having won the Wang family with a single move at the Wuji Summit, these things had become the most noteworthy in Yanjing recently.

        Some people were still suspecting that Han Marchant was overblown and didn't believe that these rumors were true, and this security captain was one of those who remained skeptical, but after truly experiencing Han Marchant's power, he finally understood that none of those words were false, and even Han Marchant's strength was above the rumors, after all, there were ten of them, but they were easily taken care of by Han Marchant and didn't even have the chance to fight back.

        "Captain, this brat is too fierce!" One of his men moved to the side of the security captain with a pained face and gritted his teeth.

        The security captain helplessly revealed a bitter smile and said, "Who let us encounter Han Giang, he's not a simple person."

        Entering the Mo Family compound, as he was not too familiar with the place, Han Three Thousand Thousand didn't know exactly where the three Chi Donglin were at the moment, and just when he was so helpless, he suddenly heard a voice.

        "Yang Wanlin, why are you here!" The person who spoke was the Mo Dafang that Yang Wanlin was familiar with, and when he saw Yang Wanlin, he was very shocked.

        "Mo Dafang, long time no see." Yang Wanlin said with a smile on his face.

        Mo Dafang said with a gloomy face, "I advise you to leave quickly, today's Mo Family is not a place you should be in."

        Yang Wanlin looked at Mo Dafang and said, "I came to find my friends, where are they?"

        "Yang Wanlin, are you crazy, how could the Mo family have your friend." Mo Dafang looked at Yang Wanlin as if he was looking at an idiot.

        "Chi Donglin." Han Giangli spoke up at this time.

        Chi Donglin!

        Isn't that the family that came looking for trouble today?

        And Qi Donglin should be in a half-dead state by now, could Yang Wanlin have come to collect the corpse?

        "Yang Wanlin, who is this kid?" Mo Dafang asked.

        "Never you mind who he is, where is Chi Donglin." Yang Wanlin said.

        Mo Dafang laughed coldly, on this matter of the Chi family, Master Mo had an iron heart, although he didn't understand exactly what was going on, but Chi Donglin's fate was known without thinking about it, the iron was bound to be miserable, and it was unknown whether or not he would be able to walk out of the Mo family alive today.

        "Yang Wanlin, listen to my advice, go away from where you came from, this matter is not something you are qualified to meddle with, and my old man has not been in a good mood lately, so it's not good for anyone to do anything." Mo Dafang said.

        Han Giangli frowned, this was what he was worried about, because his appearance had broken the balance of the three big families, so history would definitely change in some way, Chi Donglin had a chance to go abroad and make a comeback, but this time, it was impossible to say if he would still be so lucky.

        "I'll ask you once more, where is Chi Donglin." Han Giangli said in a cold voice.

        "Hey, you little brat, who are you talking to ......"

        Mo Dafang hadn't even finished his sentence when he suddenly felt a flash before his eyes and Han Qianqian was already standing in front of him.

        This frightened Mo Dafang so much that his entire body shivered and he directly retreated two steps.

        "F*ck, what the hell." Mo Dafang's subconscious came out of his mouth.

        Han Giangli stretched out his right hand and tightly gripped Mo Dafang's collar as he continued, "Tell me, where is Chi Donglin."

        At this time, Mo Dafang hadn't sensed a sense of crisis and said to Yang Wanlin, "Yang Wanlin, who is this person, who dares to mess around in my Mo Family's territory, do you want to die?"

        If this was said to anyone else, it would definitely be useful and intimidating.

        But Yang Wanlin shook his head, because he knew that a threat of this magnitude would not be taken seriously at all by Han Qianli.

        "You'd better tell him quickly, before you suffer the pain of breaking flesh." Yang Wanlin kindly advised.

        "Bullsh*t, I still don't believe he can do anything to me, just a little kid." Mo Dafang said disdainfully, while reaching out his hand to try to knock away Han Qianqiang's grip on his hand.

        But as soon as the hand was out, Mo Dafang suddenly felt his abdomen suffer a heavy blow, and intense pain instantly spread throughout his body.

        "Ah!" Mo Dafang screamed miserably.

        Yang Wanlin touched his forehead and said with a sigh, "Don't blame me for not reminding you, but you're asking for it."

        Acting like a bull in front of Han Giangli, isn't this looking for death? Professional martial artists could have been blown out of the ring by his punches, how could a youth like Mo Dafang, whose body was hollowed out by alcohol, carry Han Qianqian's poisonous beatings?

        "Chi Donglin, where is it." Han Giangli continued to ask.

        Mo Dafang's forehead dropped in cold sweat, and he finally understood that this kid standing in front of him was not as easy to deal with as he thought.

        "Back, backyard." Mo Dafang said.

        "How to go."

        "Follow this road all the way to the end."

        Han Giangli threw away Mo Dafang and followed the route Mo Dafang said.

        When Yang Wanlin passed by Mo Dafang's side, he asked with fake concern, "How is it, is everything alright, I've advised you, you just won't listen, hey."

        Mo Dafang gritted his teeth, which relationship is this guy, he's clearly saying sarcastic things.

        "Yang Wanlin, don't get cocky, this is my Mo family, do you think you can leave unharmed?" Mo Dafang said.

        Yang Wanlin smiled, if he was alone, he certainly wouldn't have been able to leave unharmed and he wouldn't have been able to come to the Mo family at all if he was alone.

        But with Han Qianqian, Yang Wanlin wasn't worried about the safety of his life at all.

        Rumor had it that the Mo family had many experts, and those thugs that Master Mo used to have were top notch, but how could these people compare to Han 3000?

        Yang Wanlin's confidence in Han 3,000 was now infinitely inflated, and in his opinion, in this aspect of boxing and kicking, I'm afraid that the entire Yanjing couldn't find a single opponent for Han 3,000.

        This kind of thinking was actually still too underestimating Han 3,000, it should be said that the entire earth, Han 3,000 couldn't find an opponent.

        Han 3,000 walked straight to the backyard, and behind a circular archway, Han 3,000 finally saw the person he was looking for.

        Chi Donglin was lying on the ground with a pained face, almost in a dying state, while Chi Yiyun, her eyes were red and overflowing with tears, clearly wanting to cry, was making herself strong.

        Seeing this scene, Han Giangli was burning with rage for a moment, as if someone had stepped on her spine!

His True Colors Chapter 1173

A gloomy-looking Han Qianqian, entered the backyard.

        Faced with this uninvited guest, Master Mo's face immediately revealed a look of discontent.

        "What's going on, my hall, the Mo Family, can't even stop an outsider?" Master Mo said to the men around him.

        The men beside him were clearly frightened by Master Mo's words and quickly said, "Master Mo, if this kid dares to come in, he won't go out today."

        "Don't dirty my garden." Master Mo said, it was clear that Han Giangli's barging in at this moment had already made Master Mo have murderous intent towards him.

        The hand nodded and walked towards Han 3,000.

        In his opinion, it was a very simple matter to deal with such a small child.

        But when Yang Wanlin followed and appeared behind Han Qianqian, Master Mo suddenly called out to his men again and frowned.

        Wasn't this Yang Wanlin? He actually broke in, then the little kid!

        Master Mo didn't go to the preliminary round of the Martial Arts Summit, after all, for a big man like him, even if he had to get together, it would have to be a critical time to show up, so he hadn't seen Han Qianxiang right now.

        But through judgment, Master Mo knew that this little child was most likely Han Qianqian, who had been making a lot of noise in Yanjing recently.

        "Yang Wanlin, what do you mean?" Master Mo asked to Yang Wanlin.

        Facing a figure like Master Mo, Yang Wanlin's heart was still a little bit frightened, after all, this was a big figure on the same level as the Mo family ancestor, and his experience was a little darker and more frightening than the Mo family ancestor's.

        But having come this far, Yang Wanlin still had to force his composure, he didn't want to be seen as a wimp by Master Mo.

        "Master Mo, I'm really sorry, but this friend of mine doesn't know much about the world, so he barged right in, I hope you'll forgive me." Yang Wanlin said.

        Master Mo laughed coldly, he had barged right in, and he was still talking about the world of people?

        "Is he ...... Han 3000?" Master Mo asked.

        "Not bad." Yang Wanlin nodded with a smile, it looked like Han Qianli's reputation in Yanjing couldn't be stopped ah, even Master Mo knew of him.

        "At such a young age, I've heard that he's already performed well at the Wuji Summit, that does surprise me a bit ah, but my Mo family, it's not that easy to break in." Master Mo said.

        At this time, Chi Yi Yun turned to look at Han Qianqian, she had seen Han Qianqian's performance in the Martial Extreme Summit and was very impressed with him, but she didn't quite understand why Han Qianqian would appear at such a time.

        At the same time, Han 3000 also looked at Chi Yi Yun, and it had to be said that the Chi Yi Yun from her childhood already had the temperament of a beautiful woman, and although her glasses hid a lot of her brilliance, it wouldn't affect her in Han 3000's eyes in the slightest.

        Han 3000 still vividly remembered the shock he felt when he first saw Chi Yiyun take off her glasses, two completely different people who gave completely different visual impacts.

        "Who did he hit?" Han Giangli pointed at Chi Donglin on the ground and asked.

        Master Mo smiled coldly, is this guy, is he after Chi Donglin? It was not his place to meddle in this matter.

        "I hit it, what do you want?" Master Mo's men spoke up.

        Han Giangli's eyes were cold, and he said indifferently, "Do you know what price you'll have to pay for this?"

        The subordinate saw Han Qianqian coming towards him with a contemptuous smile on his face, although Han Qianqian was rumored to be very powerful, he wouldn't admit that a little kid was really that strong without a real fight.

        "Why don't you let me see it?" The underling said.

        Han Giangli seemed to be walking idly, but in the blink of an eye, he had already reached the underling.


        There was a loud bang, and no one could see how Han Marchan had made his move, but the man, however, flew out backwards and smashed directly into the wall, the front wall was smashed with countless cracks, giving an extremely strong visual impact.

        "Die!" Han Qianqian got out of his mouth.

        Master Mo's eyes showed a brief hint of fear, this subordinate of his had been with him for more than ten years, he knew better than anyone how strong he was, in the entire Yanjing, he probably couldn't fight him with more than two hands, but now, he was taken care of by Han Qianqian with a single move, and looking at his lifeless appearance, he seemed to be really dead!

        This kid, he actually strikes so hard and is so strong!

        Yang Wanlin was so scared that his legs weakened when he saw this scene, he never thought that Han Qianqian would dare to lay a death sentence on the Mo family, and he was also a close friend of Master Mo, was this a direct declaration of war against the Mo family?

        Swallowing his parched throat, Yang Wanlin took another deep breath as a way to calm his panic.

        What kind of consequences would come out of today's trip, Yang Wanlin no longer dared to imagine, but one thing he knew was that Han Qianli had truly angered Master Mo.

        "Who else is there?" Han Qianqian asked to Mo's master.

        Although Master Mo hated it, but after Han 3000's hand, he knew that it wouldn't be easy for the Mo family to find someone to deal with this kid, and he didn't have any of those experts from the Martial Dojo with him right now, so it was never the best choice to go hard against Han 3000.

        "Han 3,000, do you know that I can play the Han family to death in minutes." Master Mo threatened.

        "If you really want to do that, I'd be grateful." Han Qianli smiled.

        It was only then that Master Mo reacted, Han Three Thousand had been called the Han family's trash, and looking at his current momentum, he seemed to have broken away from the Han family, wasn't it a joke to use the Han family to threaten him?

        "What do you want?" Master Mo asked, in a situation where he couldn't get tough, he could only seek a negotiated solution, but of course, that didn't mean that Master Mo really compromised, with his character, he would definitely seek Han Qianqian's help afterwards.

        "He's my friend, and everything the Mo Family took from him is returned as it was." Han Qianqian said after a glance at Chi Donglin.

        Master Mo smiled coldly, his plan to use the Chi family was not just to hollow out the Chi family's property, but to control the economic pulse of the city where the Chi family was located, now that the plan had succeeded and the Mo family had spent a lot of human and financial resources, how could he just say that he would return it?

        As for the rumors that the Mo family is targeting the Chi family because of women, this is simply a joke, there are so many women in the world, in the eyes of businessmen, only profit is paramount, who would expend so much energy just to get a woman?

        "Han 3,000, you haven't thought of this matter too simply, and you've also thought of me, Mo Yanmu, too simply." Master Mo said.

        "Really? Let me see how complicated you are." After saying that, Han Qianqian walked towards Mo Yanmoth.

        Mo Yanmoth panicked for a moment.

        Yang Wanlin panicked as well, if Han Qianqian laid a deadly hand on Mo Yanmou, this matter would be a big deal!


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