His True Colors Chapter 1081-1083


His True Colors Chapter 1081

Almost everyone thought that this was an anomaly in the weather, and when the sunlight penetrated Cloud City again, there was no one who took what had just happened to heart, only Fei Lingsheng, who was an Extreme Master, felt a little strange.

        The sudden change of clouds that had just emerged gave her a very strong feeling of oppression, which was by no means caused only by the weather.

        "What's wrong with you?" Discovering the composed looking Fei Lingsheng, Huang Snapdragon asked curiously.

        "What happened just now is not that simple, perhaps it has something to do with your master." Fei Lingsheng said.

        "My master?" Snapdragon Huang was full of doubts, how could the change in weather be related to Master, could it be that Master could still control the weather?

        But much later, Han Qianqian returned to Fei Lingsheng's house.

        After not seeing him for many days, Huang Snapdragon ran to Han 3,000 with an excited face, pretending to miss him so much that he was close to tears. ,.

        "Master, my disciple misses you, I ......"

        Before the words were even finished, Han Giangxi gave Huang Snapdragon a hard stare, the guy was like a goosebumps peddler and his acting was so poor that Han Giangxi couldn't stand it.

        "What was that about?" Fei Lingsheng stepped forward and asked Han 3,000 directly, trusting her intuition, so she made sure to find the answer on Han 3,000.

        There was no need to conceal anything from these people in the courtyard, and Han Three Thousand said directly, "Perhaps the previous divine realm was all an illusion, and the current me has only reached the true divine realm."

        Along the way, Han Qianli thought deeply about this matter, the late Heavenly Tribulation might not be late, but rather Han Qianli had misunderstood his strength before, and the God Realm he had imagined before was not a God Realm at all, which was why it didn't lead to a Heavenly Tribulation after he had broken through.

        It wasn't until he absorbed the abilities left behind by past emperors that he truly reached the divine Realm, thus triggering the Heavenly Tribulation.

        "True God Realm, are you saying that the change in the weather just now was caused by the Heavenly Tribulation?" Ferrington said.

        "Good." Han Giangli nodded and continued, "I can sense the pull of a force that seems to be trying to take me away from this world, the higher world that Lin Long called a higher world should exist."

        "The Heavenly Tribulation, a test leading to another world?" Fei Lingsheng was also a smart person and immediately understood the significance of the existence of the Heavenly Tribulation, apart from allowing the tribulation taker to transform his body, he could also go to another high level world.

        Of course, the only way to go was to pass the test of the Heavenly Tribulation, and if you couldn't pass it, you would probably just be pulverized to pieces.

        "It should be like this," Han Giangli said.

        "You suppressed your breath, so the Heavenly Tribulation dissipated again and you had a chance to leave here, so why didn't you do so?" Fei Lingsheng was puzzled as he looked at Han Qianqian, Xuanyuan World was now enveloped in the crisis brought about by the Linlong, it was very likely that the entire Xuanyuan World would be destroyed, and Han Qianqian had a chance to be able to leave here before, but he didn't do so.

        Was it fear?

        Fei Lingsheng's heart denied the idea, because with her knowledge of Han 3,000, he would never be cowed by the holocaust.

        Everyone had their own secrets, and Han 3000 could be honest with Fei Lingsheng and the others about all the secrets about the Xuanyuan World, but the things of Earth he would never let these people know.

        Han 3000 was filled with curiosity about that high level world, but had absolutely no desire to visit it in the slightest, what he wanted to do more than anything was to return to Earth through the hidden spatial tunnels of Xuanyuan Mountain, because that was where there were people worth caring about.

        "Do you still need why?" Han Third Thousand asked rhetorically.

        Fei Lingsheng knew that Jiang Yingying was very important to Han 3000, but he had killed Yi Qingshan for the sake of this sister, and he hadn't given Yi Qingshan the slightest chance.

        But didn't he have half a yearning for the other world?

        "You stay and there's a good chance you'll die here with her, a risk you could have avoided," Fei Lingsheng said.

        Han Qianli shook his head with a smile on his face, what risk or not, he never thought about it, from the moment he decided to come to Xuanyuan World, Han Qianli had already prepared his heart, and after coming to Xuanyuan World, there were only two things Han Qianli had to do, try to find a way to solve the crisis for Earth, and return to Earth, as for other things, they were not in Han Qianli's scope of consideration at all.

        "Master, what you mean is that the weather change just now is a passage that can allow you to go to the other world?" Snapdragon Huang, who had already been shocked beyond words by the conversation, finally came back to his senses and asked Han Qianqian with an incredulous face.

        What other world, what holocaust, this was no longer a category that Snapdragon Huang could understand, although he had already heard Han Qianqian say that the Linlong came from another world, but this matter was not actually confirmed by the evidence, and Snapdragon Huang had always held a skeptical attitude, but now, Snapdragon Huang had to believe it, because the other world, almost actually presented itself to him.

        "What, are you interested in the other world?" Han Giangli asked.

        Huang Snap Yong unconsciously shook his head, he didn't think he was capable of such a thing, it would have to be a legendary divine realm for him to have a chance to go, and only a chance, because he had to succeed in the tribulation to pass the test, Huang Snap Yong didn't have the guts to take such a big risk.

        "Master, will you eventually leave the Xuanyuan World after all?" Huang Snap Yong asked, in his opinion, even if Han 3000 didn't have the tribulation to leave now, he would eventually face this matter in the future, because he was already the strongest person in the Xuanyuan World, there wasn't the slightest bit of remembrance here, and if he wanted to become stronger, he would have to go to a higher-order world.

        It was good that Han Marchant was leaving, but it was completely different from what Huang Snapdragon thought, Han Marchant would not go on an endless pursuit of his own realm, nor would he go to a higher-order world, he would return to Earth and seek a peaceful life with Su Yingxia and his mother and daughter.

        "Good, I'll leave sooner or later," Han Giangli said.

        Snapdragon Huang's expression was bleak, and there was a small sense of loss within him, but he also knew that no matter what he did, he couldn't leave Han Marchant behind, and wasn't qualified to do so.

        "Since you've been able to invoke the Heavenly Tribulation, when do you plan to deal with the Lunar Dragon?" Fei Lingsheng asked to Han 3,000.

        Originally, Han Qianqian had planned to use Fei Lingsheng's tribulation to deal with the Linlong, but it was now unnecessary, and it was even more of a distant matter to want Fei Lingsheng to reach the God Realm, because now Fei Lingsheng was like a mole in Han Qianqian's eyes, which meant that the difference between the God Realm and the Extreme Master Realm was huge, and it was impossible to want Fei Lingsheng to reach the God Realm in a short period of time.

His True Colors Chapter 1082

More importantly, the Lunar Dragon was now recovering, a perfect opportunity, if time moved further back, the Lunar Dragon would only become stronger and stronger, and it would be more and more difficult to deal with it.

        It could be said that now was the best opportunity to deal with the Linlong, and if we missed it, I'm afraid that a very irreversible and dangerous situation would form.

        "I came back to tell you that I plan to go to the Dark Forest," Han Giangli said.

        "Now!" Fei Lingsheng looked startled as she looked at Han Marchant, although she had guessed that Han Marchant would change his plans, she hadn't expected it to be so soon.

        "While it's still recovering, this is a very good opportunity," Han Three Thousand said.

        This was something that Fei Lingsheng understood, and since Han Three Thousand had already decided, this was something that no one could change.

        "Sovereign Han, have you thought about it?" She could not help in this matter, but in her opinion, such a hasty decision was unwise, after all, the Linlong was too powerful, in order to seal the Linlong, Xuanyuan world almost all the strong fallen, but now, Han Marchan wanted to rely on his own strength to deal with the Linlong, this is not a fool's dream?

        Moreover, Han Qianli didn't have to take this responsibility on himself, it was the fate of the entire Xuanyuan World that was at stake, so it should be all the cultivators who would work together to solve this trouble.

        "Sovereign Zhantai doesn't need to worry about me, I'm afraid that if the current moment is missed, the Xuanyuan World will truly be destroyed, so I must do this," Han Giangli said.

        "Master, in case ...... you don't come back, how am I going to explain this to my aunt, she'll kill me." Snapdragon Huang said, but despite what he said, it wasn't that he was afraid of how Jiang Ying Ying would deal with him, but he just wanted to use Jiang Ying Ying to make Han 3000 think a little more about going to the Dark Forest.

        "If I do die, no one will survive, so you don't need to worry about her killing you." Han Three Thousand smiled, now that he was the strongest person in Xuanyuan World, once he died in the Dark Forest, then the fate of Xuanyuan World would not escape destruction, no matter who it was then, it would be a dead end.

        Huang Snapdragon's eyelids jumped as he hurriedly said, "Master, I feel sure that you will be able to return safely, you are invincible in my mind, how could Lin Long be your opponent."

        In the face of Snapdragon Huang's self-satisfaction, Han Giangli only laughed, but he actually wasn't at all sure of himself right now.

        The Lunar Dragon came from a high level world, it was strong, but exactly how strong it was was not something Han Three Thousand could imagine, and it was unknown how much effect the Heavenly Tribulation could have on it, so now Han Three Thousand was like a guinea pig, paying the price of his own life for the sake of experimenting.

        If there was a choice, Han Three Thousand wouldn't do this, but unfortunately for him now, there was no choice at all.

        "Alright, what needs to be explained is done, I'm going on my way, take care of yourselves." Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        The three of them, Huang Snapdragon, sent Han Marchant to the door, there were many things they wanted to say inside, but they couldn't, so they could only watch Han Marchant walk further and further away.

        "Will Master be able to come back after this trip?" Snapdragon Huang slumped his head, looking like he was completely drained of his essence.

        Fei Lingsheng's face was pale, in her opinion, the hope of Han Qianlian dealing with the Linlong on his own was very slim, but in the current Xuanyuan World, there was no one qualified to help, and the Extreme Master realm was just cannon fodder at best, it couldn't possibly be of any use.

        But Fei Lingsheng didn't want to say these discouraging words, and said to Huang Snapdragon, "In your mind, isn't he invincible, and even you don't have faith in him anymore?"

        Huang Snap Yong was stunned, he took a deep breath, puffed up his chest and said, "How could that be, how could I not have confidence in my master, my master can definitely beat up the Lin Long, just wait, we'll be able to taste the dragon meat in a short while."

        Fei Lingsheng smiled faintly, Huang Snapdragon's morale boosting words were a bit exaggerated, but they were quite uplifting.

        Eating dragon meat, this was something people often talked about, but no one had ever been able to do it.

        "Zhantai Patriarch, should we continue to stay in the Imperial Dragon Hall, or should we return to the Three Thousand Year Sect?" Huang Snapdragon asked Zhantai Liuyue.

        "Go back to the Three Thousand Year Sect." Zhantai Liuyue said without hesitation, the Royal Dragon Hall was a place that wasn't worth keeping, and having been away for such a long time, she didn't want the people within the sect to worry about her, so it was time to go back as well.

        With a single thought from Snapdragon Huang, the winged tiger descended from the sky, this flyable transport was undoubtedly the most convenient.

        "Fei Ling'er, we can leave, I'll be sure to have Master inform you when the Dragon Meat Feast is held." Huang Snapdragon said.

        "Don't worry, I'll definitely come."

        The winged tiger soared into the sky, carrying the two of them towards the Three Thousand Year Sect.

        Fei Lingsheng lifted his head until the two of them disappeared into the sky, then he lowered his head and went back to his room.

        Three-thousand Sect.

        The news of Han Qianli killing the emperor and becoming the new emperor had spread to the Three Thousand Thousand Sect, and now almost the entire Imperial Court knew about it, so now the Three Thousand Thousand Sect, even though it was just a new sect, had become the number one sect within the Imperial Court, after all, its master, but the current emperor, was incomparable.

        But while everyone was excited, Jiang Yingying was inexplicably worried, this strange feeling that something seemed to have happened to Han Qianxiang, a foreboding feeling lingered in her heart and couldn't be dissipated.

        A day later, Huang Snap Yong and Zhantai Liuyue returned safely, and when Ying Ying Jiang learned of this, she ran all the way to the front of the clan.

        But she only saw the two figures of Huang Snap Yong and Zhantai Liuyue, not Han Qianqian at all.

        "Huang Snap Yong, where's my brother?" Jiang Yingying walked up to Huang Snapdragon at the first time and asked urgently.

        Huang Snap Yong could see the worry in Jiang Ying Ying's eyes, but there were too many people here, and the situation about the Dark Forest was not yet able to be widely spread, so he could only say, "Senior Aunt, let's find a place where no one is around, and I'll tell you slowly."

        Jiang Ying Ying directly carried Snapdragon Huang and left the clan, heading towards the back of Phoenix Mountain.

        Huang Snapdragon was like a defenseless chicken that could only resign itself to its fate.

        When she arrived at the back of the mountain, the first time she released Snapdragon Huang, she asked, "What's going on, what exactly happened, is my brother in some kind of danger?"

His True Colors Chapter 1083

Snapdragon Huang told all the information he had, all of it, without hiding anything from Jiang Yingying.

        After hearing this, Jiang Ying Ying immediately had to leave.

        Snapdragon Huang quickly said, "Aunt Shigure, where are you going."

        "To the Dark Forest, of course." Jiang Yingying's voice was low and said.

        As soon as Snapdragon Huang heard this, he immediately panicked and went forward to pull Jiang Ying Ying, but before he could speak, he was blown out by Jiang Ying Ying's fist.

        A pain-filled Snapdragon Huang curled up on the ground and said, "Teacher's Aunt, you can't go, Master is going to use the Heavenly Tribulation to deal with the Linlong, not only will you not be able to help, but you'll also cause trouble for Master."

        Jiang Ying Ying turned her head to look at Snapdragon Huang with cold eyes and said, "Do you want me to just watch?"

        "Only Master can deal with the Linlong, how can you cause trouble for Master at such a critical time, in case Master is distracted to protect you, wouldn't that harm Master?" Although Snapdragon Huang didn't want to say such words to hit Kang Ying Ying, but in this situation, he had to say it because it was the only way to get Kang Ying Ying to stay.

        "I have the ability to defend myself." Jiang Ying Ying said disdainfully.

        "How can you defend yourself under the holocaust, you went, only to have my master protect you, maybe my master would have been able to deal with the Lin Long, but it was because you went that you caused my master to lose his life, you did that, not helping him, but harming him, do you want him to die?" Snapdragon Huang gritted his teeth and said.

        Jiang Ying Ying walked in front of Snapdragon Huang with a murderous look on her face.

        Without any fear, Snapdragon Huang looked straight at Ying Ying Jiang and continued, "You have no idea of the power of the Heavenly Tribulation, nor do you know how powerful the Lin Long is, even you, Yi Qingshan, can't defeat it."

        "You're looking for death!" Jiang Yingying angrily strangled Huang Snap Yong's neck, if she used the slightest force, Huang Snap Yong would be dead.

        But Huang Snap Yong still wasn't afraid, he knew that he couldn't let go, or else, Jiang Yingying's visit would most likely cause unnecessary trouble for Han Qianqian.

        "Have you forgotten that Master came all the way back to save you because you were captured by Yi Qingshan, and you thought you were powerful, that you could help, but you couldn't even deal with Yi Qingshan." Huang Snap Yong continued.

        Jiang Ying Ying wanted to go to the Dark Forest because she was worried about Han Qianyang, but as for whether she could help or not, she hadn't even thought about it.

        These words from Snapdragon Huang hit her hard, but he was telling the truth, even if she couldn't deal with Yi Qingshan, how could she help Han 3000 deal with the Lunar Dragon?

        If she went there, it was very likely that she would become a burden to Han Qianliang, and then Han Qianliang would not only have to deal with Lin Long, but also have to find a way to protect her.

        Seeing that Jiang Ying Ying's mood had calmed down a bit, Huang Snap Yong was relieved in his heart and continued, "Aunt, all we can do now is to wait for our master to return safely, this matter, in the entire Xuanyuan World, only he can do it, anyone appearing will become a problem for him."

        Jiang Ying Ying took a deep breath and let go of Huang Snapdragon.

        Huang Snap Yong stood up with difficulty and asked Jiang Ying Ying, "Aunt, don't you believe in Master's strength?"

        "Of course I believe him." Ginger Ying Ying said without thinking about it.

        "If we believe it, we can't get him in trouble." Snapdragon Huang said.

        "He is laying down his life for the Xuanyuan World, and if anything happens to him, I want the entire Xuanyuan World to be buried with him." Jiang Ying Ying said indifferently.

        This statement seemed like a joke, and with Jiang Ying Ying's current strength, she couldn't do it.

        But Huang Snapdragon had a strange feeling, as if she wasn't joking.

        Xia Guo Jingwu Mountain.

        Su Yingxia held the sleeping Han Nian in her arms and looked towards the Dark Forest.

        Today's Jingwu Mountain, there were no longer any challengers appearing, Su Yingxia had almost beaten those strong people of the Xia Kingdom with one person's strength, not even daring to breathe, although this made many experts feel a sense of shame, but despite this, with so many lessons learned from the past, no one dared to challenge Su Yingxia anymore, after all, no one wanted to be seriously injured at Su Yingxia's hands.

        Stroking Han Nian's head, Su Yingxia said to herself, "You haven't seen your own daughter yet, how can you do such a dangerous thing?"

        From the moment Su Yingxia sensed Han Qianli forcing his breath, she knew what Han Qianli wanted to do, and now Han Qianli had gone to the Dark Forest, confirming her suspicions even more, but she knew even better than Han Qianli that Han Qianli's plan could not succeed.

        After possessing Fuyan's memories, Su Yingxia understood the Lunar Dragon better than anyone else, it had already endured the baptism of Heavenly Tribulation, and trying to use it against it was a complete dream.

        Unless a miracle happened, otherwise, Han Three Thousand Year would only have a path to death.

        "No matter what, the three of us will be together as a family." After Su Yingxia said this, she stood up.

        Han Nian, who was affected by the movement, opened her eyes and appeared somewhat dazed, asking Su Yingxia, "Mother, are we leaving?"

        Su Yingxia smiled and nodded, not at all nervous or scared when she was going to face danger, and said, "We're going to meet daddy."

        When the little girl heard the word daddy, her sleepy eyes instantly became enlightened and said excitedly, "Is daddy coming to pick us up, where is he."

        Seeing the little girl looking around, Su Yingxia couldn't help but kiss Han Nian's little cheek and said, "Daddy is in a dangerous place, will Nian'er be afraid?"

        Han Nian shook her head without hesitation and said, "Nian'er isn't afraid of anything, as long as she can find daddy."

        Su Yingxia nodded and said, "Mom will take Nian'er to find daddy now, daddy will be very happy when he sees Nian'er."

        Down the mountain!

        This was the first time Su Yingxia had walked down Jingwu Mountain since she had arrived in the Xia Kingdom, and this small move of hers immediately alerted countless experts.

        "Descending the mountain, she's descending the mountain!"

        "What does she want, she's not going to come and challenge us."

        "This is finished, will it find its way to our heads."

        A small action that caused countless people to panic was enough to see how much psychological pressure Su Yingxia had brought to those so-called experts.

        And even the lord of the Xia Country couldn't hide his panic after hearing about this matter, fearing that Su Yingxia would cause any more unrest, after all, there was no one who could stop Su Yingxia in the current Xia Country.

        In order to avoid Su Yingxia causing a big commotion, the country's lord could only appear again with a hard scalp.

        "Don't worry, I'm leaving here, you don't need to be afraid of me." When the State Lord appeared, Su Yingxia said indifferently.

        Leave this place!

        The sovereign was relieved and at the same time looked a little helpless, after all, Su Yingxia was so powerful, if she went to another country, it would also not be good news for Xia Kingdom.


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