His True Colors Chapter 1079-1080


His True Colors Chapter 1079

The birth of every emperor should have a handover process, only then would the person who sat on the throne of God know how to mobilize the abilities left behind by the previous emperors, but since Han 3000 had directly killed the emperors, the handover process was gone, and Han 3000 needed to discover the secrets of it himself.

        The Hidden Book Pavilion, as a restricted area of the Imperial Dragon Hall, no one else was qualified to come here except for the emperors, so Han Three Thousand believed that the secrets of the abilities of the past emperors should be in the Hidden Book Pavilion as well.

        Han 3,000 was now strong enough, so strong that he could be proud of the world without being confined in the Imperial Dragon Hall, but to deal with the Lin Long, this strength was still far from enough, if he could find a way to truly merge the abilities left behind by the past emperors into himself, Han 3,000's strength would definitely increase, and then he would be more confident in dealing with the Lin Long.

        Although Han Qianqian already had a plan to deal with the Lunar Dragon, he couldn't put all his hopes on the Heavenly Tribulation, in case it didn't work, Han Qianqian would have no way out, so he had to give himself one more way out.

        The Hidden Book Pavilion place wasn't very big, and the almost unobstructed view of the situation was nothing strange to the naked eye, but he believed that there was definitely a place within the secret room, but he had to explore it slowly on his own.

        After walking around the Hidden Book Pavilion a few times, Han Qianli eventually stopped in front of a mural.

        The mural was a bas-relief, which should have been carved by a certain craftsman, the bas-relief was a portrait of a man, one to one in size, and almost every muscle line was presented, so it could be said that the craftsman's craftsmanship had reached the level of a ghostly masterpiece.

        But strangely enough, every aspect of the figure was exquisitely detailed, except for the face of the figure, which was very faint, and this should not have been damaged, but was the way the figure was formed.

        "Why didn't you leave a clear face?" Han Giangli felt a little strange and said to herself.

        Could it be because he was too ugly?

        Han Qianli smiled and shook his head, this kind of thought was just a random thought, he wouldn't take it seriously.

        At this time, Han Giangli discovered that there was a small snake wrapped around the portrait's left arm, and couldn't help but touch the red-eyed jade python on his arm, saying, "Are you also the red-eyed jade python's beast master, this is too coincidental, the two of us can still have this in common."

        "Since it's such a coincidence, can you tell me what other secrets are hidden in this Hidden Book Pavilion?" These words came out casually, and Han Giang himself was only a laughing stock.

        The statue couldn't speak, so how could it possibly tell him the secrets of the Hidden Book Pavilion?

        Next, Han 3,000 discovered a strange stone eye, located in the upper left corner of the entire mural, the size of this one eye was perfectly proportionate to the entire portrait, and besides the upper left corner, Han 3,000 soon found another eye elsewhere.

        "Are the faces of the portraits being made in separate places that need to be put together to make up the portraits' faces?" Han Giangli guessed.

        Soon, Han 3000 found some facial details elsewhere, but what he didn't know was that the previous emperor, who stood in front of the statue for a long time almost every day but never noticed the secret, had only spent a few minutes of his time.

        But although Han Giangli found many details of the face, the entire mural was one piece, there was no way to move it, and in order to put it together, you had to destroy the entire stone wall.

        "Master, you've left me a big problem, but it doesn't matter to me what the portrait looks like, what matters is that I've found the secret room of the library." Han Giangli smiled and stretched out his hand.

        Throughout the mural, there was a particularly rounded place that was clearly due to the marks left by prolonged touch, and this place must have been a switch.

        Sure enough, when Han Giang's tentacle pressed down heavily, the entire mural began to move, revealing a hidden door.

        "There are few people in the world as smart as me," Han 3000 said with a sigh on his face, self-promoting this, Han 3000 was quite good at it.

        Walking into the stone door, a small room of less than twenty square meters hung with several dried corpses, the images were a bit creepy, but for someone as artistic and bold as Han Qianli, this was all child's play.

        Han Qianli counted the dry corpses on the walls, there were a total of eight, it seemed that these were the dry corpses from which all of the past emperors of the Imperial Court, the last emperor's sudden burst of strength, came.

        "All dead and still being used, this Imperial Court emperor is not a good one." Han Qianli tsked, reasonably speaking, people should be buried after death, and a big figure like an emperor should have a luxurious mausoleum even more so, but they ended up hanging in such a small room, not even allowed to die in peace.

        Han Three thousand sat cross-legged in the center of the room, and since these dried corpses existed so that successive emperors would have the strength to restrain other powerful people, Han Three thousand, as the new emperor, would rightfully make use of the power they left behind.

        However, Han 3000's way was different from the previous emperors, he wasn't just using it, but he wanted to absorb all the power here into himself.

        "Rest assured, seniors, I, Han Three Thousand Thousand, am by no means a person without a conscience, and when I'm done using you, I'll give you a grand burial." Han Qianqian closed his eyes after saying this.

        The power of the dry corpse was rapidly fused within Han Three Thousand's body in a way that was visible to the naked eye, but since the power came from different people, it was repulsive to each other, but this wasn't a difficult task for Han Three Thousand, it just took a little time.

        Three days later.

        Fei Lingsheng and Zhantai Liuyue were almost well enough, and when they went out to get some fresh air, they found Huang Snapdragon sitting alone under the gazebo, but they didn't see Han Three Thousand, which was a bit strange.

        After Fei Lingsheng approached, he asked Snapdragon Huang, "Where's your master?"

        Snapdragon Huang looked as if he had no strength, he turned to look at Fei Lingsheng and said, "He went to the main hall, it's been three days and he still hasn't come back."

        "What's the matter with you, you look like you've been hit by something that you can't live with?" Fei Lingsheng was puzzled.

        Huang Snapdragon sighed, ever since he heard his master say that the Xuanyuan World was likely to be destroyed by the Linlong, Huang Snapdragon was constantly worried about this situation coming, he was very afraid of death inside, but if even his master couldn't deal with the Linlong, who else could do it?

        "Ferlinger, we're all going to die," Snapdragon Huang said.

His True Colors Chapter 1080

Although Snapdragon Huang was now aware of Fei Lingsheng's true identity, he was accustomed to calling Fei Lingsheng, and as he was Han Qianqian's disciple, he didn't need to treat Fei Lingsheng as a superior figure, so his name for Fei Lingsheng remained the same.

        Regarding this, Fei Lingsheng didn't mind, after all, Huang Snap Yong was Han Three Thousand's disciple, and his status was different.

        But what Huang Snap Yong said made Fei Lingsheng a little confused.

        All of them were going to die?

        Has Han 3,000 years already given up on Lin Long?

        It's not going to happen!

        With Fei Lingsheng's knowledge of Han 3,000, there was no way he would give up so easily.

        "Your master told you this?" Fei Lingsheng asked.

        Huang Snap Yong shook his head and said, "Master didn't say it so directly, but that's probably what he meant, there's no way to deal with the Lunar Dragon, what chance do we have of surviving."

        Fei Lingsheng helplessly stared at Huang Snap Yong, it was a good thing it wasn't Han Giang who said that, otherwise it would have been really over.

        As long as Han Marchioness didn't give up, there would definitely be a turning point in this matter.

        "You're nothing like your master though, how can a wimp like you be worthy of being his disciple?" Fei Lingsheng said disdainfully.

        Snapdragon Huang looked at Fei Lingsheng with dissatisfaction and said, "What makes you say that to me, I'm not qualified, are you still okay?"

        "Your master isn't one to give up lightly and he's definitely thinking of a way to deal with the Lin Long, but you're a good disciple, instead of helping to think of a way, you're here sighing and waiting to die, do you think you're qualified?" Fei Lingsheng said.

        Snapdragon Huang was stunned, his master would definitely not give up, how could he, a disciple, be so discouraged, if he couldn't trust his master, who else could he trust in this world?

        "Fei Ling'er, to tell you the truth, even though you're an Extreme Master, I've never put you in my eyes, but your words are very impressive." Huang Snapdragon said.

        "What? Do I still need to gain your approval, even though I'm an Extreme Master realm powerhouse? Does it matter if you're impressed with me or not?" Fei Lingsheng said disdainfully.

        Snapdragon Huang knew that a strong man like Fei Lingsheng wouldn't care what he thought, but it didn't matter, Fei Lingsheng's words had awakened him so he wouldn't be so decrepit anymore.

        "Sovereign Zhantai, how are you doing, are you feeling better?" Huang Snapdragon walked to Zhantai Liuyue's side and spoke softly with concern.

        Fei Lingsheng bit her teeth, although she didn't care about Huang Snap Yong in her heart, she and Zhantai Liuyue were both women, and this kind of differential treatment still made her feel a little disgruntled.

        "Huang Snapdragon, when you offer your affection, don't you weigh your own weight?" Fei Lingsheng said, "Just this toad still wants to eat swan meat, isn't it a delusion?

        Acting as if he hadn't heard Fei Lingsheng speak, Huang Snap Yong continued to say to Zhantai Liuyue, "Zhantai Patriarch, you need to rest more now, so you can't leave any after-effects."

        Zhantai Liuyue looked embarrassed, Huang Snapdragon could ignore Fei Lingsheng, but she was the one who didn't dare.

        "I'm already fine, thank you for your concern." Zhantai Liuyue said.

        "What are you thanking me for, this is what I should do, you deserve more care for your noble status." Snapdragon Huang said with a smile.

        These words almost caused Fei Lingsheng to gnash his back teeth, Zhantai Liuyue's identity was noble, wasn't her identity as an Extreme Master realm powerhouse noble?

        Fei Lingsheng held the anger in her heart and didn't explode, because she knew that Huang Snapdragon was deliberately angry with her for saying that, and if she overreacted, wouldn't she let Huang Snapdragon have his way.

        "You still haven't gone to look for your master." Fei Lingsheng said to Snapdragon Huang, suppressing the anger within her.

        Snapdragon Huang waved his hand and said, "Master has gone to the palace, there must be something important, wouldn't it be begging for a beating if I went to disturb him."

        "Gone for three whole days, what did he go for?" Fei Lingsheng frowned in puzzlement.

        "How should I know, if you have the guts, go ask yourself, but if you interfere with my master's important matters, I can't guarantee what will happen to you." Snapdragon Huang said.

        Fei Lingsheng was tempted to go to Han Qianqian and ask what Han Qianqian would be planning next, but when Huang Snap Yong said that, she had to dismiss her thoughts.

        The Hidden Book Pavilion, for three whole days, Han Three thousand was absorbing the power of those dried corpses, and in the process, Han Three thousand was growing stronger, and it had to be said that these dried corpses were indeed quite powerful, no wonder they could become the cards of successive emperors, and could give a mere eight-light realm emperor the strength to deal with the power of the Extreme Master Realm.

        When Han Giangli opened his eyes, a golden light flashed, the power in his body had now become much thicker and there was a qualitative change, before Han Giangli's own feeling, the power in his body was like a torrent surging, but now, although the flow of power in his body seemed more gentle, the nature was completely different.

        If the previous state of power was described as water, it was now a paste, and the flow, though slow, was much thicker and stronger.

        Standing up, Han Giangli stretched his waist, his joints clattering.

        Just then, Han Three Thousand suddenly felt an inexplicable pull in the air that seemed to take him away from here.

        Han Giangli's face changed and he hurried out of the chamber without looking back, completely unaware that the portrait on top of the mural, with all the facial details already in place, and the portrait's appearance, was even identical to his!

        Walking out of the Hidden Book Pavilion, the clear sky was already in a moment of dark clouds and thunder.

        "Is ...... this a heavenly tribulation!" Han 3,000 was filled with horror, he could sense that the sudden change in weather had something to do with him, and the thunder seemed to be because he was saving his strength.

        Han three thousand quickly pressed his breath, when he became a true God Realm, no Heavenly Tribulation appeared, Han three thousand was still surprised because of this and even thought that it might be related to the skeleton, that's why he couldn't attract it.

        Unexpectedly, this time when he came out of the closed door, a heavenly tribulation appeared.

        Fortunately, Han Qianli had complete control over his breath, and when he suppressed his realm, the thunder slowly dissipated and the dark clouds in the sky gradually revealed the sunlight.

        At this time, the entire city was feeling strange, the sun was shining brightly and suddenly the dark clouds were dense, before it lasted long, the clouds dispersed again, such a strange sight they had never seen before.

        Fei Lingsheng's house.

        Huang Snapdragon looked at the sky and said in confusion, "What's with this damn weather, the sun for a while and then the dark clouds, it can't be that the heavens are pumping."


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