The Unknown Heir 969-971

The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 969

"Brother Chen, what's wrong?Did you find something?"

When Lei Lie saw Chen Hao's look, he immediately asked a confused question towards Chen Hao.

"I seem to have seen this symbol somewhere before!"

Chen Hao faintly opened his mouth for a word, then carefully fell into contemplation.

After a while, Chen Hao suddenly remembered.

"I remembered!"

Chen Hao screamed out.

After saying that, Chen Hao immediately pulled out the map he had obtained from Lin Tianyuan from his own clothes.

When he opened the map, there was indeed a symbol on the map that was exactly the same as the one on top of the golden silk coffin.

"Brother Chen, this.Lin Tianyuan's goal isn't that cave's treasure, but this tomb!"

After Lei Li looked at it, he was able to understand, and he just screamed out.


Chen Hao also nodded his head in recognition and responded.

He already knew that Lin Tianyuan was a person with ill intentions and definitely had bad intentions.

At this time, there was Lin Tianyuan and the others on the other side of the outside.

Without a map, Lin Tianyuan's group was really like a lost deer bouncing around throughout the mountains.

But I don't know if the heavens pitied them or not, but they were still able to find the Moonhaven Village.

The group of people directly rushed into the Moonhaven Village.

Only Lin Shanqi drove out with the villagers.

"May I ask who you are?"

Lin Shanqi hurriedly rushed out, looking at Lin Tianyuan's group with confusion and asked.

"Old man, I'm asking you, have three people dressed like us come here in the past two days?"

Just hearing Lin Tianyuan, he angrily glared at Lin Shanqi and questioned.

Lin Shanqi was no fool, looking at Lin Tianyuan's look, he knew that Lin Tianyuan was by no means a good person and immediately shook his head in response, "No, our village hasn't had any outsiders for a long time, you are the first ones to come for such a long time, by the way, where did you come from?"

Hearing Lin Shanqi's words, Lin Tianyuan narrowed his eyes, he didn't know if Lin Shanqi was telling the truth or not.

At that moment, a young woman ran out.

"Village Chief, dinner is ready, haven't those three saints returned yet?"

The young woman rushed out and shouted at Lin Shanqi.

This caused Lin Shanqi to be shocked, causing Lin Tianyuan and the others to reveal a heavy and gloomy color, Lin Tianyuan now knew that it was Lin Shanqi who had deceived him.

"Old man, how dare you deceive me!"

In the next second, Lin Tianyuan glared at Lin Shanqi and said angrily.

Lin Shanqi also had no idea how to reply, he knew that he had offended this group of people.

It wasn't the right time for this woman to really appear.

When to come out and ask no, had to come out and ask when Lin Tianyuan's group arrived.

Lin Tianyuan stepped forward and just grabbed Lin Shanqi's neck.

"Say, where are those three people now?"

Lin Tianyuan furiously stared at Lin Shanqi questioningly.

Lin Tianyuan already had an incomparable amount of resentment towards the three Chen Hao trio, he must make Chen Hao look good and definitely could not let them go easily.

Hearing Lin Tianyuan's words, Lin Shanqi didn't show much fear.

"I don't know, the three of them went out and didn't tell us where they were going!"

Lin Shanqi responded towards Lin Tianyuan.

"Yes?Old man, do you think I still believe you?Well, since you won't talk, then don't blame me for being rude!"

Lin Tianyuan snorted coldly, he chose not to believe in Lin Shanqi's words anymore.

He felt that the three of them, Chen Hao, definitely had something to do with this old man, and the old man in front of them had been keeping secrets for them.

Lin Tianyuan then instructed the people at the bottom to gather everyone in the village.

And Lin Tianyuan also had Lin Shanqi tied up and hung on a pillar at the entrance of the town.

"Old man, I'll ask you again, will you tell me?"

Lin Tianyuan walked up to Lin Shanqi and asked towards him again, so he didn't believe Lin Shanqi wouldn't tell him.

"I told you, I don't know where they went!"

Lin Shanqi still still had a hard expression towards Lin Tianyuan and replied.

This had really pissed off Lin Shanqi.

"Someone, give me a good beating!Beat him until he says so!"

Lin Tianyuan immediately gave orders to his men.

After saying that, two of his men stepped forward and picked up a whip and hit Lin Shanqi's body.

Seeing Lin Shanqi being hung up and beaten, the surrounding villagers were also extremely angry, and some of them were bold enough to want to rush up to save Lin Shanqi.


Just at this moment, a deafening gunshot cut through.

Lin Tianyuan directly pulled out a small pocket pistol and aimed it at those who rushed up, killing them directly in a pool of blood.

Seeing this scene, the other villagers didn't dare to come forward.

"Old man, if you don't say anything, I'll kill everyone in your village, no one will even come here and know about it anyway!"

Lin Tianyuan continued his warning towards Lin Shanqi.

"Village Chief, just tell them.Tell them."

Someone then spoke up and suggested towards Lin Shanqi.

They didn't want Lin Shanqi to cause the entire village to be killed for Chen Hao's three people.

"Yes village chief, just say it!"

"Mayor, speak up!"

One person's shout rang out and so did the shouts of the others, all of whom were advising Lin Shanqi.

Hearing the persuasion of his own villagers, Lin Shanqi had no choice.

In order to preserve his village with the villagers, Lin Shanqi had to go and compromise.

"Fine, I.I'll tell you though, you have to leave us alone!"

Then, Lin Shanqi suggested towards Lin Tianyuan.

"Of course!"

Lin Tianyuan directly agreed without even thinking about it.

"They.The three of them went into the mountain and went to a cave where two stone pillars existed at the entrance of the cave."

Lin Shanqi looked at Lin Tianyuan and narrated.

Lin Tianyuan's heart was gloomy as he listened, he knew that the three of them, Chen Hao, had found the cave they were going to find.

"Good, good!"

Then Lin Tianyuan nodded his head with a wry smile and said.

After saying that, Lin Tianyuan quickly raised the pistol in his hand and pointed it at Lin Shanqi, pulling the trigger in his hand.


A bullet sprayed out and hit Lin Shanqi directly in the chest.

Lin Shanqi spat out a mouthful of blood, and his head just drooped before he died of exhaustion.

"Village Chief!"

Seeing Lin Shanqi die, the villagers shouted out.

Everyone stared angrily at Lin Tianyuan.

"Bastard, you're not human!"

"We've told you, and you killed our village chief, you're a devil!"

The villagers were shouting and cursing at Lin Tianyuan.

It was fine not to curse, but when they did, it made Lin Tianyuan's heart twist and darken even more.

"Bang bang!"

Lin Tianyuan directly raised his gun and fired several shots at the villagers again, finishing off the bullets in his gun.

But because of that, several more villagers fell in a pool of blood.

"Kill them all, none of them will be spared!"

Then, Lin Tianyuan opened his mouth and ordered towards his men.

When they heard Lin Tianyuan's order, his men nodded their heads and then took out their swords and began to carry out a gruesome killing.

Just like that, the entire Moonhaven village community was spared.

It was really too human and divine.

Chapter 970

At this time, the Chen Hao duo who were still in the cave.

Chen Hao and the two of them didn't know what was happening outside in the Moonhaven Village, let alone the death of Lin Shanqi and the others.

If Chen Hao knew, then Chen Hao would definitely be furious and would definitely not let Lin Tianyuan and the others go easily, and would definitely make Lin Tianyuan and the others pay the price.

Inside the tomb room.

"Brother Chen, should we open this coffin and take a look?"

Just listening to Lei Lie, he looked to Chen Hao and suggested.

After hearing this, Chen Hao also immediately spoke back, "No, we can't do such a thing, and opening this coffin rashly would be feared."

Upon hearing Chen Hao's words, Lei Lie also stopped.

It was just that he had a great sense of curiosity about this golden coffin.

The main thing was that Lin Tianyuan's purpose of coming here was to search for this golden silk coffin, to search for this tomb, what treasures would exist in this tomb?

"Brother Chen, what kind of treasure do you think is in here?Lin Tianyuan would even travel thousands of miles to find it!"

Lei Lie then inquired towards Chen Hao.

After hearing that, Chen Hao shook his head slightly.

"I don't know, but I'm sure there's something important in this coffin that Lin Tianyuan wants to get!"

Of course, Chen Hao wasn't clear on this point.

However, Chen Hao felt that since Lin Tianyuan had come here, he must have come for this coffin, and there must be some important treasure in this coffin.

Then, Chen Hao searched the entire tomb room.

Chen Hao did not want to continue to stay in this tomb room.

Soon, after their persistent efforts, they finally found an exit to the outside world.

The two of them quickly went out through the exit and finally left the crypt and went outside to the deep mountains.

Seeing the sun again and being able to breathe fresh air really made Chen Hao and the two of them feel incomparably soothing and relaxed, knowing that the air in the cemetery was really unpleasant and could be very depressing.


Lei Lie gasped for air.

"Brother Chen, we're finally out!"

Lei Lie sat paralyzed on the ground and looked at Chen Hao and exclaimed.

"Alright, we can go back now!"

Chen Hao also suggested towards Lei Lie.

"Sha Sha Sha!"

Just at this moment, a sound of leaves being rubbed could be heard from the surrounding bushes, as if someone was constantly moving around.

Chen Hao and Lei Lie were immediately alert and looked for a place to hide.

When they saw someone, it suddenly shocked Chen Hao and the two of them.

That's right, the person they saw was none other than Lin Tianyuan and his group.

"Brother Chen.It's.It's Lin Tianyuan and the others!"

Lei Lie immediately looked towards Chen Hao and softly exclaimed in surprise.

Chen Hao hadn't expected Lin Tianyuan and the others to be able to find this place so quickly without the map.

Only Lin Tianyuan and his group were walking all the way up, not finding any trace of Chen Hao and the others in the slightest.

Chen Hao knew that the exit they had just come out of was located at the bottom of the previous cave entrance, about a hundred meters away.

But Chen Hao also knew that soon Lin Tianyuan and the others would find that cave.

But whether they would be able to get in was another matter.

"Brother Chen, what should we do now?"

Lei Lie then looked to Chen Hao and asked a question.

"Leave them alone, let's go, our goal has been accomplished, it's their business to find the tomb, I'm sure they will never come out of it alive!"

Chen Hao directly said towards Lei Lie.

After saying that, Chen Hao took Lei Lie down the mountain and returned to Moonhaven Village.

The reason why Chen Hao said that was not a scare, it was true.

Chen Hao had seen the location and situation of that Golden Kingdom's tomb, and there were definitely many unknown mechanisms in it, and the mechanism was triggered on that golden silk coffin.

If Lin Tianyuan and the others insisted on opening the golden silk coffin, then those organs would be triggered, and none of Lin Tianyuan's group would be able to come out alive from it.

Moreover, Chen Hao wasn't going for the tomb, so he wasn't interested in those things in the slightest, and if Lin Tianyuan wanted it then it was none of his business.

Soon, Chen Hao and Lei Lie went down the mountain to return to Moonhaven Village.

As soon as they arrived at the entrance of the village, Chen Hao and the two of them stopped in their tracks.

In front of the two of them, Lin Shanqi's corpse was hanging from a stone pillar at the entrance of the village, with the bodies of the villagers lying around it.

Seeing this scene caused Chen Hao and Lei Lie to be shocked in their hearts.

"Brother Chen.This.What the hell is going on here?How come the Mayor and the others were all murdered?"

Lei Lie immediately couldn't help but scream out, his face full of rage.

"Bastards, these bastards, beasts, it must be Lin Tianyuan's gang who did this!"

When Chen Hao saw this, he also immediately reacted and cursed in a fury.

This was a situation that only Lin Tianyuan and the others could have done, surely they had to kill the entire Yuexia Village to force Lin Shanqi to give an account of their whereabouts, it was simply too inhumane.

At this moment, Chen Hao's fists were clenched tightly and the veins on his neck were rising straight up.

"Brother Chen, what should we do now?"

Lei Lie lowered his head, his eyes similarly red as he looked at Chen Hao and asked.

Such a tragic scene was truly incomparably hard for Lei Lie to bear inside.

Chen Hao and Lei Lie knew that Lin Shanqi and the others had ended up in such a situation because of the two of them.

So this made Chen Hao blame himself, they were the ones who had harmed Lin Shanqi and the entire Yuexia Village.

"Let's go, let's go back, we want to avenge the village chief and the others!"

Chen Hao then proposed towards Lei Lie.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lei Lie had no comment.

After saying so, the two of them immediately turned around and left, returning to the deep mountains once again.

This time, Chen Hao no longer bothered with anything, he would make Lin Tianyuan's group pay the price.

Originally, the thought was that Lin Tianyuan and his group would die for opening the coffin, but now Chen Hao wouldn't think that way, he would personally kill Lin Tianyuan and the others and take revenge for Lin Shanqi and the entire Yuexia Village.

The two of them made their way upwards, even more so than before when they first went up the mountain.

At this time, Lin Tianyuan and the others had also arrived at the entrance of the cave.

Similarly, if Chen Hao could find the mechanism, so could such a large group of people as Lin Tianyuan.

After finding the mechanism, they immediately opened the mechanism and opened the stone wall gate of the cave.

With the opening of the stone wall gate, Lin Tianyuan found the passage in front of him, but there was a small hole in front of it, and this small hole was exactly where Chen Hao and Lei Lie had fallen into in the first place.

"This is the right place, come on, let's all go down!"

After Lin Tianyuan took a glance, he then immediately gave a command to his men.

After saying that, Lin Tianyuan's group just slid down from this small hole.

Chapter 971

Since both of Chen Hao had already cracked the mechanism in front of them, Lin Tianyuan's group was able to reach the palace without any effort at all, and then they descended from the palace's spring pool to the deep Zang Kingdom's tomb.

Everyone was surprised when Lin Tianyuan's group arrived at the Zang Kingdom's tomb.


Only Lin Tianyuan burst out laughing up in the sky.

"I've finally found it, it's here, no mistake!"

Lin Tianyuan looked excited and shouted, then immediately rushed to the golden silk coffin.

Looking at the golden silk coffin in front of him, it really made Lin Tianyuan love it so much that his eyes looked as if they were about to glow.

"Lin Dong, this.Whose tomb is this?"

A subordinate then inquired curiously towards Lin Tianyuan.

"This is the tomb of the ancient General Zang Guo, in his tomb there are countless treasures, especially in his coffin, I heard that there is a Ten Thousand Year Jewel that can guarantee itself to never decay."

Lin Tianyuan immediately began a narrative and introduction, while he kept touching the golden silk coffin in front of him.

"Really, wouldn't that be an unparalleled treasure!"

The man was also thrilled to hear this and exclaimed.

"That's right, it's the treasure, come, all of you, bring me your tools and prepare to open the coffin!"

Lin Tianyuan then gave a command to his men.

After hearing Lin Tianyuan's order, everyone took out the tools they were carrying.

These tools were specially prepared by Lin Tianyuan for them to use to descend the tomb and open the coffin.

Originally, Lin Tianyuan thought that Chen Hao and the others had already discovered the tomb and would open the coffin, but now it seemed to Lin Tianyuan that everything was not as it was expected.

Soon, all the actions were ready, the tools had been placed on the golden silk coffin, and immediately they were ready to open the coffin.

"You can't open the coffin!"

Just at this moment, a voice sounded from the mouth of the cemetery.

That's right, this voice was none other than Chen Hao.

Chen Hao quickly stopped it when he saw Lin Tianyuan and the others preparing to open the coffin.

"Chen Hao!"

Seeing Chen Hao's appearance, Lin Tianyuan instantly roared in fury, his tone filled with resentment towards Chen Hao.

Who let Chen Hao steal his own map.

"Lin Tianyuan, I know your goal is this General Zang's tomb, but I'm telling you, if you open the coffin, once the things in it come out, none of you will regret it then!"

Chen Hao stared at Lin Tianyuan in warning.

But how could Lin Tianyuan listen to Chen Hao's words, he only had hatred for Chen Hao and wanted to kill him right away.

"Chen Hao, I'm telling you, you won't get out alive today, I won't let you go!"

Lin Tianyuan fiercely glared at Chen Hao and the two of them in anger.

"Lin Tianyuan, you're an animal, you killed everyone in the Moonhaven Village, you don't even deserve to be a human!"

Chen Hao also cursed at Lin Tianyuan, his anger growing stronger and stronger.


Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lin Tianyuan laughed loudly once again, his laughter filled with sarcasm.

"Just those people died for nothing, I'm telling you, their deaths are all your fault, it's none of my business!"

Lin Tianyuan had spoken so lightly about what he had done, and there was no remorse at all.

When he heard this, Chen Hao became even angrier, in his eyes, Lin Tianyuan was now a dead man.

"Lin Tianyuan, you will pay the price for this!"

Chen Hao glared at Lin Tianyuan and said coldly.

Lin Tianyuan, on the other hand, was unconcerned, he didn't have the slightest intention of putting Chen Hao in his eyes, after all, he had brought quite a few people with him and felt that Chen Hao and the two alone would not be able to be their opponents.

"Someone, open the coffin for me!"

Then, Lin Tianyuan opened his mouth and gave another order towards his men.

Today, Lin Tianyuan would open this coffin, no one could stop him!

"Lin Tianyuan!"

Hearing Lin Tianyuan's words, Chen Hao shouted furiously.

After saying that, Chen Hao quickly walked towards Lin Tianyuan.

"Stop him for me!"

Lin Tianyuan spoke harshly.

A few of his men then quickly blocked in front of Chen Hao.

Of course, Chen Hao wouldn't talk nonsense with these people and directly took action.


Chen Hao quickly made his move and directly blasted away several of Lin Tianyuan's men in front of him with a single slap.

Seeing Chen Hao strike, the surrounding people attacked Chen Hao as well.

Lin Tianyuan, on the other hand, was leading three men with tools to open the coffin, not even bothering to pay attention to Chen Hao's actions and reactions.

Right now, in Lin Tianyuan's eyes, only opening the coffin was the most important thing.

But just how could these people Lin Tianyuan had brought with him be Chen Hao's opponents.

In the blink of an eye, all of these people were easily beaten to the ground by Chen Hao, and each of them was directly wasted by Chen Hao, lying on the ground and screaming in pain.

After finishing off the people underneath, Chen Hao immediately rushed towards Lin Tianyuan, he must stop Lin Tianyuan from opening the coffin.

Once this coffin was opened, it was feared that there would be great uncertainty.

At this time, Lin Tianyuan's four men had also moved the lid of the golden coffin.

"You three, get on it and stop him!"

When Lin Tianyuan saw Chen Hao coming towards him, he ordered the three men beside him.

After hearing this, the three men didn't hesitate and rushed straight towards Chen Hao, trying to stop him.




Chen Hao quickly made a direct and quick move to slap each of these three people.

Seeing how fierce Chen Hao was, it also surprised Lin Tianyuan's heart, he knew that he would definitely not be Chen Hao's opponent.

"You, don't come over here, if you come over here again, I'll open my coffin, at worst, we'll die together!"

Lin Tianyuan pointed at Chen Hao and bellowed angrily.

When he heard Lin Tianyuan's words, Chen Hao stopped in his tracks and stared at Lin Tianyuan with a deadly stare.

"Lin Tianyuan, I won't let you off today, I said that you will pay for the deaths of the villagers of Yuexia Village!"

Chen Hao wouldn't let Lin Tianyuan off so easily.

He had said that Lin Tianyuan must die, and he had to die today, and no one could stop him.

If he didn't kill Lin Tianyuan, it would be difficult to relieve the hatred in Chen Hao's heart, and he wouldn't be able to take revenge for Lin Shanqi and the entire Yuexia Village.

"Heh, Chen Hao, if you hadn't stolen my map, how could I have done that, so those people's deaths are all your fault, you should be responsible for that, not blaming it on me!"

Lin Tianyuan didn't feel even a hint of remorse, still looking at Chen Hao and retorting word for word.

"Cut the crap, let go of the coffin lid and I can consider letting you die without pain, otherwise I'll make you live and die!"

Chen Hao didn't want to continue talking nonsense with Lin Tianyuan, so he directly ordered sternly towards Lin Tianyuan.

No amount of nonsense with Lin Tianyuan was useless, Lin Tianyuan was a demon, a cold-blooded creature with no humanity to speak of.


Lin Tianyuan burst out laughing after hearing this.

He wouldn't just compromise like that, much less listen to Chen Hao easily.


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