Dish Best Served Cold 1221-1225


A Dish best Served Cold Chapter 1221

"White Tiger Break!"

    Under the Heavenly River, the crowd only heard a low cry from Lan Xing, and a majestic palm struck out right away.

    The fierce force created waves of wind and waves, sweeping towards where Ye Fan was.

    Of course, with Lan Xing taking the lead, the others were also unambiguous.

    Han Ping shook his hand into a fist, and the monstrous power gathered in one place and suddenly burst out.

    "Thunderstorm Fist!"


    When the fist power fell, the heavens and earth here immediately exploded with sound.

    Then, an unbelievable fist power smashed towards Ye Fan's location!

    "No shadow legs!"

    Zhu Rong followed at last, stepping on the earth and flying up.

    A strike of the Buddha's Shadowless Kick was immediately revealed to the world.

    The three great instructors struck out in unison, thundering in all directions.

    The majesty it brought up was only like an ocean storm, sweeping across the entire Jiangbei Defense Zone.

    "I'm going!"

    "Is this the majesty of the Chief Instructor?"

    "It's really just fierce and domineering, and the precision is extraordinary!"

    As these three great instructors all came together, the might that was revealed caused the defense zone generals, all of them, to tremble with sweat and tremble with emotion.

    There were many more who even revealed their eyes full of respectful admiration.

    "It looks like that brat is finished."

    "The three great Instructors have come together to measure his astounding cultivation.Facing the siege of the Three Great Instructors, he's bound to be doomed as well!"

    While the crowd was cheering for Instructor Han Ping's strength, there were many people who were gloating and laughing, looking at Ye Fan as if they were seeing a dead corpse.

    Thinking about it, in their opinion, at this time, there was only one outcome for Ye Fan, facing the three major instructors closing in, and that was death!

    "Instructor Han, don't just kill him, save me a breath."

    Not far away, Lin Qinghe, who was watching the battle below, even shouted with a sardonic smile.On his old face, it was full of the wantonness of a great revenge.

    Of course, he had asked Han Ping to keep Ye Fan alive, not that he had a conscience and wanted to spare Ye Fan's life.

    Rather, he didn't want Ye Fan to die so easily!

    His own best friend died at the hands of Ye Fan, and even his own son, because of Ye Fan, was crippled.

    Even the Flying Eagles, which he regarded as his glory and pride, was also crippled by Ye Fan's Green Dragon.

    Almost all of his hard work was buried in Ye Fan's hands.

    Under the old and new hatred, Lin Qinghe could be said to hate Ye Fan to the bone.

    Even if he were to let Ye Fan die, he would have to be tortured to death.

    "Stinker, I'll make you regret for what you once did!"

    Lin Qinghe's eyebrows and eyes were red, his palms clenched tightly as resentment, his fingertips nearly plunging deep into flesh and blood, resentment sounded quietly.

    And at this time, Han Ping's attack had already arrived in front of Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan, who had been calm and silent, shook his head and laughed lightly when he saw Han Pingren's attack, "Even a worm of firefly dared to compete with the white moon!"

    "Just as well."

    "Today, I, Ye Fan, will let you see the true majesty of this Dragon Lord!"

    As the words fell, Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes suddenly became icy cold.

    In the next moment, a wild storm rose, and Ye Fan's might then erupted.

    Beneath the dantian, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination surged wildly.

    In his veins, dense Yuan Power surged like dragon thunderfire.

    In just an instant, Ye Fan's breath climbed several times.

    Until finally, it was like a dragon like a rainbow!

    The terrifying might, centered on where Ye Fan was standing, swept the four directions.

    Everywhere it passed along the way, it set off flying sands everywhere and rolled up fallen leaves in the sky.


    "What a strong momentum!"

    After feeling this might, many people changed color.

    Even Han Ping and the others looked slightly shaken.

    They suddenly realized that someone who could train a team like the Green Dragon, this Ye Fan, could be an ordinary person?

    But there's no turning back!

    Now that they had collapsed, they had no choice but to fight to the death.

    Thinking of this, the offensive in Han Ping's hands was once again a bit more aggressive!


    At this moment, there was a sudden boom in front.

    Immediately afterwards, everyone saw the young man in front of them, his feet stepping on the heavens and earth, actually soaring into the air.

    His palms were in the sky and his feet were cracking the ground.

    His sturdy figure was like a great roc spreading its wings.

    In one leap, he arrived in front of Lan Xing.

    Then, in the midst of Lan Xing's shocked and violent gaze, he saw the mighty Ye Fan, who was like an abyss, step down on the bottom.

    "Cloud Dao Heavenly Extinction."

    "First style, Yun Yang Kick!"


    Only the sound exploded, and the majestic energy nearly shattered the void.

    Under Ye Fan's kick, Lan Xing's attack was actually defeated in an instant, and his palm that he struck out was actually kicked into two pieces by Ye Fan.

    Flesh and blood exploded in the air, and blood soaked the heavens and earth.

    And, the remaining momentum of Ye Fan's kick, after kicking off Lan Xing's arm, did not diminish and finally stepped on Lan Xing's shoulder.

    Immediately afterwards, amidst a crackling sound, half of Lan Xing's shoulder collapsed in half.

    The miserable screams accompanied by red blood filled the four directions as if a mountain was being cut off its top.

    In the end, amidst the heart-rending howls, Lan Xing's corpse sliced through the heavens and earth, flying straight out a thousand meters and crashing to the ground, dead or alive.

    "Lan Xing?"

    "Son of a bitch!"

    "How dare you do such a cruel thing?"

    "You deserve to die!"

    Seeing that in the blink of an eye, Lan Xing suffered a serious injury and was kicked out a thousand meters by Ye Fan, Zhu Rong's eyes turned red at that time and cursed viciously at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan laughed lightly at the words.

    "Don't worry, the next one, is you!"

    With a sneer, Ye Fan withdrew his legs and feet.And then his hands curled up, infinite power condensing on his palms.

    Ten thousand might, instantly and suddenly!

    "Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve Second Style, Blazing Mountain Avalanche!"


    What kind of fist was it, as if a thousand mountains were falling from the sky and nine stars were hanging from the summit.

    What kind of majestic fist was it? It was as if the earth had fallen and the mountains had been destroyed, and then the heavenly stairs and stone piles were linked together.

    At the moment when Ye Fan's fist fell, the sonic boom sounded like thunder rolling and sweeping the heavenly river.

    In that instant, Zhu Rong was directly stunned.

    For some reason, in the split second he saw Ye Fan's fist, there was no longer any heaven or earth in his eyes, only Ye Fan's monstrous majesty remained!

    Without the slightest hindrance, under Ye Fan's punch, any attack from Zhurong collapsed instantly like a dog and turkey.


    A boom was accompanied by a miserable scream and the sound of tendons and bones shattering.

    Zhu Rong's chest was dented right away.

    The ribs collapsed and blood flew everywhere.

    Zhu Rong's hundred-pound corpse was also like a cannonball, directly smashed into the earth by Ye Fan's punch.

    Rubble crumbled and mountains trembled.

    The entire Jiangbei Defense Zone was as noisy as an earthquake.

    Only after the dust dissipated did the crowd discover that the ravine on the ground was dozens of meters deep.

    As for Zhu Rong himself, he had already disappeared.

    Perhaps, it was buried deep in the earth.

    Or perhaps, already under Ye Fan's fist, ashes and smoke had vanished!


Chapter 1222

Han Ping had been completely confused.

    Although he had already expected that this Ye Fan was afraid that he was not an idle person.

    However, Han Ping had never expected that Ye Fan's strength was so strong?

    With one punch and one kick, he'd crippled two instructors!

    Especially after Zhu Rong was smashed by Ye Fan's punch, Han Ping's mentality had completely collapsed.

    At that time, naturally, he no longer had any ill intentions towards Ye Fan.There was only one thought left in his mind, and that was, escape!

    When the thought of escaping appeared, Han Ping didn't hesitate to retrieve his might, turn around and scatter.

    He couldn't care less about losing face.

    Compared to surviving, what was face?

    But will Ye Fan let him escape?

    The answer, without a doubt, is no!

    So, after crippling Zhu Rong, the third stance of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve was executed right after.

    Under the Heavenly River, a huge palm seal took shape in an instant.

    The gigantic palm obscured the sky.

    The shadow of death, however, deeply strangled Han Ping's throat.

    When Ye Fan's gaze came over, Han Ping knew that he was doomed this time.

    Therefore, Han Ping gave up on fleeing at that time as well, and instead turned to look at Ye Fan, like he was pleading for mercy.

    "Chu...Instructor Chu, don't...Don't kill me."

    "Expelling the Green Dragon and making things difficult for you has nothing to do with...It has nothing to do with us."

    "It's all because of Lin Qinghe, it's all because of that bastard Lin Qinghe who provoked it."

    "You want to kill, go kill him, please...Please, let me go~"

    Han Ping was terrified to the point that his terrified plea for mercy echoed throughout the military area.

    Lin Qinghe, who was far away, peed at the time of the news, his face pale and his heart cooled down.

    How could he have never imagined that this despicable man, Han Ping, would be a blessing in disguise!

    Before dying, he wanted to harm him as well.

    Lin Qinghe scolded Han Ping in his heart for being shameless and despicable, but he never knew that Han Ping also hated Lin Qinghe to the bone!

    If it wasn't for Lin Qinghe, he wouldn't have made things difficult for Qinglong, nor would he have offended Ye Fan, and naturally, he wouldn't have been in such a desperate situation.

    It could be said that his current predicament was all thanks to Lin Qinghe.

    Right now, he had the thought of kicking Lin Qinghe to death in his heart.

    But right now, he obviously couldn't care about taking revenge on Lin Qinghe, he had to be under Ye Fan's command to save his life.

    However, how would Ye Fan pay attention to his pleas for mercy?

    Ye Fan knew very well that Han Ping's words nowadays were not sincere repentance, but just fear of his authority.

    Therefore, facing Han Ping's plea for forgiveness, Ye Fan gave a sneer, "Forgive you?"

    "If it's me who loses today, dare I ask Instructor Han if you will ever forgive me?"


    Han Ping was speechless, unable to speak for a long time.

    Ye Fan was right to ask, if it was Ye Fan who lost today, Han Ping and the others, naturally, wouldn't let him off just because of a few good words from Ye Fan.

    However, even so, Han Ping still didn't give up.

    He still shouted and struggled hard, "No~"

    "Ye Fan, you can't kill me!"

    "I come from the Han family in Jiangbei, my uncle is a martial arts master, my Han family rebuilds the north of the river~"

    "If you kill me, my uncle, and our Han family, will definitely not let you go ...."


    Han Ping was still shouting, but the Heaven-Shattering Palm Seal had already fallen.

    The earth trembled and loud noises shook the heavens.

    In an instant, an eventful palm print appeared on the earth in front of him.

    And within the palm pit formed by this giant palm, there was blood muddled with flesh, slowly flowing.

    Yes, under Ye Fan's palm, the chief instructor who was from a noble family and revered the Jiangbei Defense Zone was reduced to a puddle of flesh!

    And as Ye Fan killed Han Ping with one palm, the Green Dragon on the other side, finally finished saving his strength!

    Then, the crowd only saw that the crowd of Green Dragons, who had been sitting with their eyes closed, suddenly opened their eyes.

    At the same time, a majestic and ethereal voice echoed through the heavens and earth!

    "Lightning Fire Candle Formation!"



    In the instant that the Green Dragon crowd's drink fell, beneath the Heavenly River, an invisible formation could be seen climbing up from beneath the feet of Ye Yuyan and the others.

    A red flame and red light rose up into the sky!

    Immediately afterwards, a candle dragon's virtual shadow took shape in front of the green dragon.

    On top of the sea of clouds, thunder rolled.

    Between the earth, the candle dragon rose.

    The next moment, only a long whistle was heard.

    Ye Yuyan and the other five, then manipulated this Candle Dragon Void Shadow towards the front, sweeping past.


    "Stop it~"

    At that moment, in the defense zone, countless people shouted hoarsely.

    Lin Qinghe, even more so, stared at him, and Jairus shouted frantically, "Fan'er, escape, escape!"

    However, it was already too late.

    All eyes watched as the candle dragon's virtual shadow, which was a candle dragon, directly rushed forward and devoured the dozens of members of the four battle teams, Red Phoenix, Poor Qi, Black Tiger, and Flying Eagle.

    A red flame blazed, burning the heavens and earth.

    The battle, which happened quickly, ended quickly.

    Soon, the formation dispersed.

    The candle dragon's virtual shadow also dissipated between the heavens and the earth.

    When the clouds cleared, only dozens of charred black corpses were left on the ground in front of them.

    Yes, under the Lightning Fire Candle and Dragon Formation, the four great battle teams were all annihilated.

    Over twenty people, none of them survived!

    The might of the Green Dragon was terrifying the four directions.


    "This ....This~"

    Dead silence.

    Deadly silence.

    At that moment, the entire arena was silent.

    Everyone, was flabbergasted in place.

    Everyone, dead-eyed like ghosts, looked at Ye Fan as well as Green Dragon and the others, as well as the mess on the ground.

    It was too strong!

    Whether it was Ye Fan, or the Green Dragon, they were all powerful and terrifying.

    Especially Ye Fan, who alone fought the Chief Instructor of the three main defense zones, finished!

    Throughout, the previous battle was completely Ye Fan's personal solo show.

    After what Ancestor?

    What Northwest Tiger?

    What Shaolin heir?

    In front of Ye Fan, they were all undoubtedly just dirt and dogs, simply unbearable.

    Ye Fan's strength completely shook everyone.

    Before this, who would have thought that a young man, who was not yet a brat, would be able to turn the tide and fight the three great instructors all by himself, and win.

    With one punch, one kick, and one palm, he terrified the entire Jiangbei army!

    It wasn't until this moment that the crowd realized just how powerful the young man in front of them was?

    "How...How did this happen?"

    In the Jiangbei Defense Zone, tens of thousands of soldiers were filled with fear, silent as they watched the wretchedness and blood on the ground.

    As for Lin Qinghe, he was stupefied there, his old face pale and colorless.

    He looked up at Ye Fan, and in his heart, only endless fear was left.


    But at this time, the crowd of Green Dragons whose battle was over, but with their feet on the ground, they leapt up and soon arrived in front of Ye Fan.

    And then, they kneeled respectfully in front of Ye Fan: "Instructor Chu, the Flying Eagle has been destroyed, the three armies have been leveled, and we, the Green Dragons, have come to return to order!"


    Voices of respect and words of reverence were like rolling thunder, reverberating the heavens and earth, and trembling the hearts of everyone present.

    Under the Heavenly River, the crowd was silent, the grass and trees were silent, and only the young man stood proudly with his hands in his hands.

    In front of him, there was the Green Dragon kneeling in worship.Behind him, the clouds of the eight directions moved!

    If I had a longsword in my hand today, who would be the hero of the world?

Chapter 1223

The Heavenly River was vast, and everything was silent.

    Before the ten thousand troops, there was only a young man, standing proudly.

    Deep eyes, as if reflecting ten thousand miles of the Heavenly River.

    An arrogant spirit, only like a king, ruling the world!

    At that moment, under their majesty, the entire Jiangbei Defense Zone's tens of thousands of generals all voiced a sense of fear and submission.

    Undoubtedly, Ye Fan's majesty had completely shaken everyone .

    Especially underneath Ye Fan's feet, the eventful earth with ravines everywhere, and the red blood and bones flowing, just looking at it made countless people shudder.

    Especially Lin Qinghe, who was already scared out of his wits.

    His face was pale and he was retreating backwards little by little.

    It looked like he was preparing to flee the place when Ye Fan wasn't paying attention.

    However, how would he be able to get away?

    Just as Lin Qinghe made a slight movement, Ye Fan's gaze, he looked over.

    "Commander Lin, where are you going?"

    A faint laughter, as if a clear breeze was sweeping.

    However, as calm as Ye Fan's tone of voice was when he said that, it fell into Lin Qinghe's ears and it was so eerie.

    Lin Qinghe was startled and looked at Ye Fan like this, his body trembling involuntarily, "You...What do you want?"

    Faced with Lin Qinghe's trepidation, Ye Fan ignored it.

    He lifted his footsteps and walked towards Lin Qinghe's direction.

    The low footsteps were on the ground, but they echoed in the hearts of everyone.

    For Lin Qinghe in particular, watching Ye Fan's approaching figure was like watching death, slowly descending!

    Finally, under this fear of death, Lin Qinghe's psychological defense collapsed.

    His eyes were filled with misery and he begged in a bitter voice, "Chu...Instructor Chu, spare...Spare your life~"

    "Get down on your knees and talk!!!"


    Ye Fan steeply drank and his voice exploded, majestic majesty only like an ocean storm, sweeping out.

    At that moment, Lin Qinghe only felt the pressure of Mount Tai, the majestic majesty directly pressed him to his knees.

    Just like this, before the Ten Thousand Armies, this previously unstoppable Vice Commander of the military region, but he suddenly kneeled down.

    And Ye Fan stood in front of him with a cold smile, "Lin Qinghe, didn't expect that one day, you would kneel at the feet of this Dragon Lord!"

    "To think that in the beginning, I coached Jiangdong and held office."

    "But you, however, were narrow-minded and united others to conspire against me, eventually forcing me out of the Jiangdong Defense Zone!"

    "If that's all, it's just that."

    "The post of Chief Instructor is nothing more than an empty title to me."

    "If you forbid me, I will not force it."

    "What's the harm in letting you have the position of Chief Instructor?"

    "But you, after forcing away my Dragon Lord, you did not know how to restrain yourself and allowed that Chen Lan to mistreat the Green Dragon."

    "And now, you have faltered with others to expel my Green Dragon from the race.Even threatening to put me and the Green Dragon to death!"

    "Now that it has ended up today, I can only say that it is you, who is to blame."

    Ye Fan's face was expressionless, and his words of morbid anger were like a cold wind sweeping.

    Faced with Ye Fan's anger, Lin Qinghe was already scared out of his wits, snot and tears flowing all over his face, kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy to Ye Fan without stopping.

    "Instructor Chu, I...I was wrong."

    "A thousand mistakes, it's all...It's all my Lin Qinghe's fault."

    "It's me Lin Qinghe who was blind, I didn't know how to live or die, I offended you, I deserve to die, I deserve to die."

    "But I beg Instructor Chu, for the sake of you and me being colleagues, please spare my life~"

    "Instructor Chu, please, spare my life."

    "As long as you don't kill me, as a cow or a horse, I, Lin Qinghe, am willing to do it~"

    Once, Lin Qinghe thought that he could face death with an open mind.

    However, when this moment truly came, Lin Qinghe only knew that he was wrong.

    The desire to live, the fear of death, tormented him to the point of madness.

    So much so that nowadays, he no longer cared about his identity and face, he only wanted to live now.

    "Spare you?"

    However, when Ye Fan heard it, he burst out laughing.

    The laughter was loud and clear, carrying mockery and shouting ridicule, as if he had heard the best joke in the world.

    "You have repeatedly embarrassed the Green Dragon and had people surround and kill me."

    "Do you think, you still have a chance to live?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, then his eyebrows, steeply icy cold.

    Between the heavenly rivers, the crowd only saw, Ye Fan's palm stretched vainly and grabbed at the sky.

    And then, a stroke to the sky!


    The blade of air was like a knife, suddenly shooting out from under Ye Fan's hand.

    With a single poof, Lin Qinghe's throat was instantly pierced.

    Red blood gushed out like a spring!

    At that moment, Lin Qinghe stared at Ye Fan with his eyes wide open, just like this.

    His red lips trembled, as if he wanted to say something.

    But, opening his mouth, what gushed out was all blood!

    In the end, under everyone's trembling gaze, the Jiangdong Defense Zone, Lin Qinghe, a generation of powerful men, fell!

    Before he died, Lin Qinghe was filled with remorse.

    If he had known earlier, he would have never dared to provoke this Ye Fan in the slightest, even if he was killed.

    Now, not only did he die himself, he also killed his own son, and got so many people involved.

    The heavens and earth were silent, the grass and trees were silent.

    Only the clear wind swept, sweeping across the four directions of the sky and river.

    Looking at the wretchedness all over the ground, there was not a single person in the Noda's Jiangbei Defense Zone who dared to say a word.

    Not to mention, to pursue Ye Fan's fault.

    After all, it was too ruthless~.

    Ye Fan's fierce methods had already terrified everyone.

    At this time, there was only fear left in the hearts of the crowd, where there were half a dozen other thoughts.

    Just like this, after finishing off Lin Qinghe, Ye Fan also took the Green Dragon and left.

    Before leaving, Ye Fan asked Tarzan to take Lin Qinghe's corpse with him, and also asked the Green Dragon to take up dust in the place where the Flying Eagle member had fallen.

    After that, the group of several people left as they had come.

    All that was left to the crowd was that one, majestic and dusty back.

    However, even though Ye Fan and the others left for a long time, the world here was still silent for a long time.

    It was as if a storm had swept through the desert, only the sand swept away, without any life at all.

    It was only after an unknown amount of time that someone among the crowd shouted, "Quick...Quick..."

    "Quickly go to the rescue!"

    "Go save Instructor Han~"

    This sudden shout was just like the crowing of a chicken before dawn.

    Soon, the entire defense area was clamoring.

    A large number of soldiers ran over and began to save the people.

    Earlier in the battle, although the four great battle teams had been wiped out, Lan Xing and Zhu Rong might still be alive.

    These two were not bad in the defense zone, even if there was only a glimmer of hope, the crowd would naturally not give up on them.

    Therefore, the dying Lan Xing was quickly sent to the hospital.

    As for Zhu Rong, the crowd was still digging.

    Many people felt that Zhu Rong was smashed into the earth by Ye Fan when he smashed a huge hole in the earth with a single punch earlier.


    "Live and let live.Quickly, all of them go digging~"

    "Make sure to find Instructor Zhu Rong~"

    In the defense zone, someone shouted in fear.

Chapter 1224

Finally, after a night of struggle, only in the early morning hours did the crowd find Zhu Rong's miserable and horrifying corpse in that eventful ravine.

    If an ordinary person had suffered such injuries, he would have died long ago.

    But this Zhu Rong, worthy of being a Daoist, had been spared such a severe injury and buried deep in the ground for such a long time, and was still breathing when he was dug out.

    This had to make one marvel at Zhu Rong's strong vitality.

    "Head Manager Li, where's Instructor Han Ping, are you still looking for him?"

    After finding the corpses of Zhu Rong and Lan Xing, someone was the one who asked the chief manager of the Jiangbei Defense Zone.

    That general manager didn't say anything, but looked back at the dried blood among the eventful palm prints and shook his head and sighed, "Find?"

    "How else do you find it?"

    "Later, go to the place where Instructor Han Ping fell, dig up a shovelful of earth, and send it over to the Han family."

    That head steward was filled with regret.

    After all, who would have thought that Han Ping, who was so happy with him a few days ago, was now a puddle of flesh, not even leaving a full body behind.

    "That Instructor Chu, what exactly is his origin?"

    "Not to mention the fierce means, but the strength is so strong?"

    "With one man, overpower the entire military district!"

    This Jiangbei Grand Chief still sweats when he recalls yesterday's battle.

    Especially the scene where Ye Fan stepped down the three major instructors in one fell swoop with one palm and one fist and one foot, still cold sweat was still coming out behind his spine when he thought back on it.

    To be honest, as a matter of principle, Ye Fan had committed such a murderous act yesterday in his territory, he, as the head of the Jiangbei Defense Zone, should have captured Ye Fan and avenged Han Ping's death.

    However, the majesty revealed by that teenager was so terrifying that at that time, the great chief administrator was already scared out of his wits, not to mention ordering the capture of Ye Fan, he was so scared that he didn't dare to say a word or kick the air.



    For what had happened in the Jiangbei Defense Zone, it hadn't spread at this point.

    The people of the major defense zones had no idea that all of their instructors, as well as their battle teams, had all been trampled down.

    Just like today's Jiangdong Defense Zone, they were even still putting on a big feast, waiting for Lin Qinghe and the others to be triumphant.

    Early on, as soon as the competition ended, Lin Qinghe called Wu Yang to tell him that they Jiangdong had taken the double championship.

    The Flying Eagles squad, completely dominated the entire competition.

    And informed Lin Qinghe that he would return to the Jiangbei Defense Zone today to resume his orders.

    Wu Yang, who learned the news, was so excited that he didn't sleep all night.

    Early the next morning, he informed the three armies that a feast would be held, inviting guests from all over the world in order to welcome Lin Qinghe and the others and celebrate their triumph.


    "Head Chief Wuyang, congratulations, congratulations ah."

    "I heard that this time, Chief Wuyang's subordinates have won a big battle in Jiangbei ah."

    "The double victory in the team and individual competition, this is an event of epoch-making significance ah."

    "Jiangdong Defense Zone, it really has created history under the leadership of Commander Wu Yang, ah."

    The military hotel, by now, was already decorated.

    Not only was there a military orchestra playing music here to celebrate, even the artillery truck had been prepared.

    A brand new red carpet was laid out from the hotel all the way to the entrance of the defense zone.

    Flowers with brocade, fire and oil.

    The entire defense zone is immersed in a festive atmosphere.

    There was also an endless stream of bigwigs from all walks of life who came to congratulate Wu Yang, expressing their admiration for him.


    "All of you are overstated."

    "It's all thanks to Qinghe."

    "If it wasn't for Qinghe helping me with my coups, I'm afraid that this time, our Jiangdong will be in a predicament where no one will be available."

    Wu Yang's words weren't modest; he had put all his bets on the Green Dragon Five and on Ye Fan at first.

    But the result, undoubtedly disappointed him.

    Ye Fan went AWOL, slacked off on his work, and was indulgent to the Green Dragon.

    In the end, both Ye Fan and Green Dragon left the military area.

    Honestly, at that time, Wu Yang's heart was a little panicked.

    After all, with Qinglong gone, who should they Jiangdong send to this military district competition?

    Fortunately, Lin Qinghe had been prepared and had been secretly training the Flying Eagle and had also invited Lan Chen to take on the position of instructor.

    Thus, it relieved Wu Yang's urgent need.

    Unfortunately, Lan Chen later fell under Ye Fan.

    Therefore, Wu Yang originally didn't have much hope for this competition, he just wanted to not be the last one to win.

    But who would have thought that Lin Qinghe and the Flying Eagle Squad would have given him such a great surprise.

    Wu Yang had decided that when Lin Qinghe returned this time, he would reward him heavily.


    "Chief Wuyang is being modest."

    "If it wasn't for your wise leadership and good knowledge of people, how would you have achieved what Flying Eagle has today?"

    "As the saying goes, a thousand miles of horses are often found, but berries are not."

    "Chief Wuyang, is the uncle of War Eagle and the others."

    In the hall, the crowd was complimentary and flattering.

    Although Wu Yang was even humble, his heart was undoubtedly happy to hear such praise.

    After all, Flying Eagle's achievement was the honor of their entire Jiangdong, and even the most colorful one in his Wu Yang's personal resume.

    "That's right, Chief Wuyang.Previously, I remember, wasn't the Chief Instructor of the Defense Zone an instructor surnamed Chu?"

    "But why this time, it was Vice Commander Lin who led the trip, where is that Chu instructor?"

    That's when someone asked in confusion.

    "Hey, don't mention it."

    "What the hell Chu instructor, just a whole abusive piece of trash."

    "You guys don't know that I previously gave one of my squad to him to train."

    "As a result, he didn't teach them anything real, he just taught them how to eat, drink and be merry."

    "I heard that the daily ginseng and abalone offerings are better than what I, the chief administrator, eat!"

    "If it wasn't for Qinghe's timely discovery, I'm afraid we would have lost a lot of face this time in the Jiangdong Defense Zone."

    At the mention of this Ye Fan, Wu Yang's heart was furious.

    However, Wu Yang was also somewhat fortunate.

    Fortunately, he discovered it early and corrected his mistake in time.

    Otherwise, they would have to make a big fool of themselves this time in the Jiangdong Defense Zone, I'm afraid, in the north of the river!


    "And this?"

    "This instructor Chu, how could he be so confused?"

    "Simply audacious."

    "Such people should be arrested and shot!"

    The others were filled with righteous indignation when they heard it, and they even said.

    Wu Yang waved his hand, "I don't get along with this kind of trash."

    "Alright, alright, let's not mention him."

    "Let's drink first."

    "In a little while, I guess Qinghe and the others will be back."

    "When that time comes, everyone go out with me to greet them."

    Wu Yang laughed, his whole body happy.

    "Head Master, they're here~"

    However, at this moment, someone outside came running anxiously and came to report.

    Wu Yang was delighted at the news.


    "Our creditors are here."


    "Everyone come with me to meet our creditors~"

Chapter 1225

In the midst of laughter, Wu Yang led his family, friends and old friends, as well as bigwigs from all walks of life, immediately went out to welcome him.

    At the same time, the music officials sang and cannons roared.

    A festive and joyous atmosphere permeated the entire Jiangdong Defense Zone.

    Just like this, in the midst of everyone's expectant eyes, a number of off-road vehicles, rolling the earth, splitting the canopy, Mercedes sweeping over.

    Wherever they passed, thousands of people cheered and thousands of troops saluted.

    Guns and cannons fired in unison, music and laughter resounded together.

    Yes, Wuyang welcomed Lin Qinghe and the others in triumph this time with the highest specifications.

    Finally, the vehicle stopped in front of the Defense Zone Hotel.

    Wu Yang and the others hurried forward, and before the people in the vehicle could leave, Wu Yang greeted them with a continuous smile, "Haha~"

    "Qinghe, this time, it's been hard work."

    "I've set up a feast especially for you."

    However, this laughter from Wu Yang did not last long.

    Until the car door opened, and a young man's clear and beautiful face slowly focused in front of him.

    At that moment, Wu Yang only felt as if his entire body was shaking as if he was in a headlock, and the laughter on his face abruptly stagnated.


    "Evan, why are you?"

    "I don't know how to live, I kindly let you go last time, but you still dare to trespass on my Jiangdong."

    "Do you really think that I, Wu Yang, don't dare to touch you?"

    Wu Yang's face was as pale as water, and the anger that was suppressed in his heart came out in a scuffle when he saw Ye Fan.

    Originally, because of the incident of Qinglong and Lan Chen, Wu Yang was not satisfied with Ye Fan.

    Now, on their big happy day in Jiangdong, this bastard dared to show up and spoil his mood, Wu Yang was naturally even angrier!

    However, in the face of Wu Yang's anger, Ye Fan smiled calmly, "Chief Martial Officer, calm down."

    "I heard that Flying Eagle has won the Military Region Competition under the leadership of Lin Qinghe."

    "So, I came here today to congratulate Chief Martial Manager."

    "Yes?"Wu Yang snorted at the words, "I won't hide it from you, I was planning to send someone to inform you about this."

    "Ye Fan, when you brought the Green Dragon to defect from my Jiangdong Defense Zone, you must have been thinking of seeing my joke."

    "Thinking that without the Green Dragon, my Jiangdong will definitely have no one to compete."

    "But now, how?"

    "Without you, without the Green Dragon, our Jiangdong Defense Zone, instead of winning the championship, has created glory!"

    "As it turns out, my decision to revoke your position as Chief Instructor and expel you from Jiangdong was incomparably correct."

    "Compared to Qinghe, you're just a bratty piece of trash after all."

    Wu Yang laughed wantonly, full of pride.

    At this time, looking at Ye Fan in front of him, his heart was even more intense with a sense of superiority.

    However, Ye Fan didn't pay attention to this complacency of Wu Yang.

    He just shook his head and looked at Wu Yang with a gaze that looked like he was looking at an idiot.

    Then, he waved his hand.

    Immediately after that, the Green Dragon's group of people, leapt down from the car.

    Just like this, Ye Yuyan was in the front, Tarzan, Ma Mingbo and the others were behind, and with no expression, they walked towards Wu Yang's direction.


    "What do you guys want?"

    "I'm warning you, this is a defensive zone with ten thousand troops stationed here, not a place for you to spill your guts."

    "Besides, Flying Eagle and the others will be back soon."

    "If you dare to make a mistake, I will order Flying Eagle to kill you on the spot!"

    Seemingly sensing the aura of solemnity on Qinglong and the others, Wu Yang was suddenly terrified and roared in color.

    However, in response to Wu Yang's anger, Ye Yuyan and the others acted as if they did not hear it and still walked forward.

    It was only until, they were less than a few meters away from Wu Yang, that they stopped.

    Then, Ye Yuyan looked towards Wu Yang, and her low words, quietly sounded, "Chief Manager Wu, to celebrate the Flying Eagle winning the championship, I, Green Dragon, have come to send congratulations on the orders of Instructor Chu."

    "Please, Chief Steward Wu, smile!"

    While saying this, the faces of Qinglong and the others were all but revealing a wry smile.

    Just as Wu Yang was confused, Tarzan drank in a low voice while kicking out his feet with force.


    After a loud boom, a cold corpse landed heavily in front of Wu Yang.

    "This...This is..."

    At first, Wuyang was curious as to who the corpse could be.

    However, until he saw the face of the corpse beneath his feet.

    At that moment, as if thunder struck down, Wu Yang's entire body was directly confused at that time!

    "It's...This is, Lin...Lin Qinghe?"

    "This ....How is this possible?"

    Wu Yang's old face was white and his old eyes were close to a stare as he stared at the corpse of Lin Qinghe at his feet.

    He had never thought that what was waiting for today's celebration feast would be Lin Qinghe's corpse.

    Not only Wu Yang, after seeing Lin Qinghe's corpse, all the people present trembled, and many more were so scared that they just screamed out.Some of the female guests even didn't dare to look at it, directly covering their eyes and turning their heads.

    After a long time of trembling, Wu Yang's crimson eyes, suddenly glared at Ye Fan.


    "What the hell did you guys do?"

    "How dare you!"

    "How dare you kill the deputy head of my defense district?"

    "And you killed Qinghe?"

    "You deserve to die!"

    "It's time to die~"

    Wu Yang's eyes were red and he roared in anger.

    In the end, Wu Yang even declared directly, "Good you, Ye Fan, good you, Green Dragon."

    "You wait, and when the Flying Eagle returns, I will order that the Eagle will put you all to death!"

    "Let your blood be sacrificed for the Clear River!"

    All along, Wu Yang had always regarded Lin Qinghe as his right hand man..

    Now, Lin Qinghe has done an incomparably great service for them in Jiangbei!

    But now that Lin Qinghe was dead, how could Wu Yang not be angry?

    He now, almost had the thought of cutting Ye Fan by a thousand cuts.

    "No need to wait, the flying eagle is also here for you."

    Ye Fan laughed lightly, then looked towards Li Ziyang and shouted, "Ziyang, take it out."


    Li Ziyang immediately agreed.

    Then, a take up of the somewhat reddish yellow soil was scattered in front of Wuyang.


    Wu Yang but was slightly stunned, naturally not knowing what Ye Fan meant by this.

    Li Ziyang lightly smiled back and said, "Head Martial Master, the flying eagle has been delivered."

    "We, on this occasion, take our leave."

    The five people of the Green Dragon, politely cupped their fists and said.

    Then, without any more unnecessary nonsense, Ye Fan and the others, they left.

    "Come back!"

    "Get back here, you guys~"

    "What the hell is going on?"

    "Where's the flying eagle?"

    "Where's my flying eagle?"

    "What the hell did you do to the Flying Eagle?"

    Behind him, came Wu Yang's angry roar.

    However, no one paid attention.

    Ye Fan and the Green Dragon, had already gone far away, leaving the land completely.

    And that take up of yellow soil, and corpses, was their best farewell to the Jiangdong Defense Zone, the best goodbye!

    Now, the grudge is over, Green Dragon has nothing to do with this place anymore!


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