Secret Identity 2204-2206

 Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2204

Li Chengqian, the eldest son of Tang Taizong Li Shimin, who was also dethroned that year for disobeying his father.

      The most miserable, but also the Qing Dynasty Kangxi Emperor's prince Aisin Gioro Yinreng, he is the Yongzheng Emperor Aisin Gioro Yinzhen's brother, this buddy was Kangxi Emperor two stand and two waste, and finally was put under house arrest to death, can be extremely miserable.

      Su Shoudao was also worried that if he made the old master disgruntled because of Su Ruorui's matter, in case the old master also abolished himself, then his loss could be extremely heavy, and most of his life's efforts would go down the drain.

      Thinking of this, Su Shou Dao decided that regarding Su Ruorui's matter, he must try to control his emotions as much as possible in front of the old master, and must not let the old master have any more discontent towards him!

      A daughter was important, but the position of the Su family's head was even more important.

      What's more, this daughter was his own illegitimate daughter!

      Over here, Master Su was angry at Su Shou Dao, and he was more or less worried himself.

      In fact, the reason why he was angry at Su Shoudao was mainly to cover up his own guilty conscience.

      After all, he was the one who had made the decision to betray Su Ruoduo.

      The old man had already done some calculations, the crimes committed by Su Ruorui in Japan, can be considered a great crime, if you really want to buy the relevant personnel to release her, the cost is huge, not to mention, but also easy to offend the Japanese government to death.

      That's why he was planning to, cooperate with the Japanese Self-Defense Force, get Su Ruorui out himself, and then let the Self-Defense Force catch her back and sell the Self-Defense Force a favor.

      After all, the SDF still had a lot of energy in the Japanese government, and as long as he had a good relationship with the SDF, it would be very convenient for him to develop in Japan in the future, as well as cooperate with the Japanese government.

      However, the old man never dreamed that the original seamless plan would have such a big change of heart.

      Su Ruo Li's disappearance had now put him in a dilemma.

      On the one hand, he didn't know how to explain to the Japanese Self-Defense Force or how to eliminate the Japanese nation's anger towards the Su family.

      On the other hand, he didn't know if Su Ruorui was dead or alive, and if she was still alive, would she already know about the business she was running behind his back, what would she do if she found out and sought revenge on him in the future?

      Being irritated, his most trusted man hurriedly came over and whispered, "Master, Masahiro Honda of the Japanese Self-Defense Force called again, he said that he gave us 24 hours, if we can't hand over Su Ruo Li to them within 24 hours, the one billion dollar deposit we were told to give them will not be returned."

      "Also, Honda Shoji is very angry right now, he thinks we're deliberately playing them, so he put out a message that if we don't hand over Su Ruo Li, then later on he'll have a grudge against us and tell us to be more careful in everything."

      Master Su sighed and cursed with great annoyance, "Damn it!Where the hell is this Su Ruoruo Li?A good living person can't just disappear into thin air!"

      The man was busy saying, "Now the police all over Japan are looking for Su Ruo Li's whereabouts, and the Self-Defense Force is also closely checking all the passing ships at sea, if Ruo Li is still in Japan, then it's only a matter of time before she is found; if Ruo Li has already left Japan, then she must have left Japan by water as well, and based on the time between her disappearance and now, she should have already returned home."

      Master Su's eyebrows furrowed together as he said coldly, "It would be fine if it were the former, but if it were the latter, then it would be a problem!There was absolutely no reason for her to return home and not contact the Su family, unless she already knew the truth!That would make it a little tricky for us later!"

      Saying that, he immediately instructed, "Wang Liang, you immediately send someone to monitor the He family, if Su Ruorui really returns to China and doesn't contact us, she will definitely contact her mother's family as well, closely monitor all the movements of the He family, and report to me immediately if there is any stirring of the wind!"

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2205

At this moment, Tokyo, Japan.

      Forty-eight-year-old Tomohisa Suzuki is standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window of his newly appointed office, at a loss for words.

      He, the new head of the Tokyo Police Department, was the new head of the department.

      Before this, he was a mid to high ranking member of the Homeland Security Department, who was well known for being very good at detecting and having a tough wrist.

      This time, Su Ruo Li was found to be switched, the whole of Japan was shocked, the Japanese government for this anxious, the Tokyo Police Agency is a target.

      The Japanese government has no choice but to send Tomohisa Suzuki to take charge of the situation.

      However, Tomohisa Suzuki didn't want to take on this mess either.

      As a smart man, he usually stays away from such cases that shock the nation.

      Because while solving such a case is very rewarding, if he fails, he will surely disappoint the entire nation greatly.

      Over the years, Tomohisa Suzuki has relied on a steady diet of experience, success stories, and his own popularity.

      Therefore, he likes to take on assignments that are not that challenging and not that difficult.

      Like this extremely challenging and difficult task, he doesn't want to get involved at all.

      Because, he had worked so hard to get to where he was today by being steady and steady, and he could have continued to be steady and steady until he retired.

      That way, he would be able to retire with success and reap the admiration of the entire country.

      Now this extremely difficult task, of course, can be completed will make himself a big step forward.

      But if he fails to do so, it will also bring to naught the situation and status he has steadily gained over the years.

      This is like a gambler who has already won a lot of money and intends to play a few more small games before leaving the game with the money.

      However, the dealer has chosen to let him play a hand of Stud at this time, betting all the money he has won before.

      Only a fool would be willing to do such a thing.

      But Suzuki Jijiu had no choice at all.

      After all, he worked in the national security department, and in the final analysis, he was a national civil servant, and the Japanese government had no room to bargain over what they wanted him to do.

      Now, the one who determines the future course of his life is a foreign woman he's never met.

      He, however, only knows that this woman is called Su Ruorui, is the main murderer of Matsumoto's family, as long as he can catch her, he will be famous all over Japan; but if he can't catch her, he will disappoint all the Japanese people and become a sinner in the eyes of the Japanese people.

      As for where exactly is this Su Ruorui?Is it still alive?His entire body was completely clueless.

      Taking a step back, even if he couldn't find Su Ruorui, he should at least find out first how exactly she was transferred away from the tiger in front of everyone's eyes.

      Now that the double had been poisoned to death, and the few people responsible for transporting her had disappeared for no reason, the police department couldn't find any valuable clues at all.

      Just when he was scratching his head and completely unsure of where to start, his deputy pushed the door in and said awkwardly, "Suzuki-san, there are a lot of media reporters outside, not only our domestic NHK and Asahi Shimbun, but also a number of top overseas media including bbc and cnn, and they all want to interview you."

      "Interview me?"Suzuki Tomohisa said darkly, "I've only just taken up my post, what's there to interview?"

      The deputy spoke up, "They want to know the progress in the case of Su Ruorui's disappearance."

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2206

Suzuki Jijiu said in annoyance, "You tell them for me that there is no progress in this matter yet, and if there is any substantial progress, then I will definitely announce it to the national and world media through a press conference."

      The deputy nodded, "Okay Suzuki-san, then I'll go reply to them first!"

      Suzuki Tomohisa called out to him and instructed, "Oh yes, from now on, no media reporters will be allowed to enter the Tokyo Police Department without invitation or permission!"

      "Okay, I got it!"

      After the deputy went out, Suzuki Tomohisa rubbed his temples distractedly and said to himself, "Hey as long as it's a critical situation, nothing good ever comes out of it!This case is so influential, not only the whole country is paying attention to it, even the overseas media is paying attention to it as well, one badly handled case could ruin your name, it's so fucking tricky!"

      Just thinking about it, the phone suddenly rang.

      When he heard the phone ringing, his scalp suddenly went numb and his veins all jumped around in a sudden.

      What he was most afraid of now was answering the phone, and it wasn't just that there were various media outlets trying to find out everything they could about his phone and trying to interview him over the phone.

      There were many leaders from government departments who were constantly asking questions about the progress of the entire case.

      He was so annoyed.

      Help her look at the phone screen, only to find out that the caller is even his good brother's daughter, Ito Nashiko.

      The Suzuki family and the Ito family were already family friends.

      He and Yuuhiko Ito had been friends since childhood, and they attended the same university, so although they weren't brothers, they weren't much worse than real brothers.

      Therefore, Ito Nana-chan was also like half a daughter to him.

      Seeing that it was Ito Nana-chan's phone call, his grumpy mood was greatly relieved, and when he got on the phone, he even squeezed out a little smile and asked, "Nana-chan, why did you want to call me?"

      Ito Nana-chan was busy saying, "Uncle Suzuki, I heard that you were recently transferred to the Tokyo Police Department and in charge of investigating the case of Sugoroku's disappearance?"

      "Right."Suzuki Tomohisa spoke up and asked, "You heard about the vegetables too?"

      "Yes" said Itachi, "Uncle Suzuki, I wonder if you've found anything useful now?"

      Suzuki Tomohisa sighed, "There are no clues so far, this Su Ruorui, it's as if she has disappeared from the face of the earth."

      Itoh Cabbage hesitated for a moment and spoke up, "Uncle Suzuki, I have a very good friend who just called me and revealed a little clue to me, so I hurriedly called you, hoping that it would be helpful to you."

      When Suzuki Jijiu heard this, he was suddenly excited and asked, "Cabbage, is this all true what you said?Who the hell is that friend of yours?What clues did he give you?"

      Ito Nachiko said solemnly, "Uncle Suzuki, I'm sorry that I can't tell you about the identity of my friend."

      Saying that, Itoh Cabbage Patch said, "As for the clue he gave me, he told me that the reason why Suzuki was quietly switched, the problem was not with the Tokyo Police Department, but with the Suzuki family as well as the Japanese Self-Defense Force."

      "The Japanese Self-Defense Force?"Suzuki Tomohisa was surprised and asked, "Is the SDF involved in this?"

      "Right."Itoh Cabbage said, "That friend of mine said that it was a joint effort between the Soviet family and the Self-Defense Force to swap out the Sugoroku and then deliberately dump the blame on the Tokyo Police Department."

      Suzuki Tomohisa hurriedly followed up, "And what exactly was their purpose?You want to save that Su Ruo Li back to the Su family?"

      "No."Itachi said, "Their goal is to first dump the blame for the swap of Sora's bag on the Tokyo Police Department, and then the Japanese Self-Defense Force, who caught Sora at sea, will take all the credit for it."

      "What?!"Suzuki Tomohisa's entire body was stunned and asked off the top of his head, "You're telling the truth about all of this, Cabbage Patch?!"

      Itoh Nana-chan said seriously, "This is what my friend told me, and I believe him, he said if you want to catch this lead, use your connections in the national security services and take all the members of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force who were out on patrol in Tokyo Harbor yesterday for quarantine review, and there should be a breakthrough!"


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