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Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2201

When Itachi Nana-chan heard this, she was surprised and asked, "Yatsuo-kun, what big gift are you going to give him?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "I'm sure he's still anxious to figure out why Su Ruorui disappeared and why he was switched, right?"

      Cabbage Ito said, "It's true, my father said that uncle is also under a lot of pressure right now, because it's hard to do such a critical thing, mainly because the public's expectations are too high, if it's done well, naturally everyone will be happy, but if it's not done well, it's likely that he will suffer the public's wrath."

      Ye Chen agreed and said, "That's right, this kind of thing is a double-edged sword, if you don't use it properly, you will hurt yourself."

      Saying that, Ye Chen smiled again and said, "But ah, this great gift I'm giving him will enable him to turn this double-edged sword, into a single-edged sword!"

      Itachi Nana-chan asked in amazement, "What do you mean by that, Yatsuo-kun?Double-edged sword to single-edged sword?"

      "Right."Ye Chen smiled, "In other words, with this great gift from me, he doesn't have to worry about hurting himself if he doesn't use this sword properly."

      Ito-chan was busy saying, "Ye Chen-kun, what exactly is this great gift you're talking about?"

      Ye Chen laughed, "You tell him that the reason why Su Ruo Li was switched was entirely behind the collusion between the Su family and the Japanese Self-Defense Force, who colluded to make a civet switch and then dumped the blame on the Tokyo Police Department."

      "Huh?!"Itachi's voice was extremely surprised, "Yatsuo-kun, you're telling the truth!The Soviet family, really in cahoots with the SDF?"

      Ye Chen asked her, "When have I ever lied to you?"

      Ito Nai-chan was busy explaining, "Ye Chen-kun, Nai-chan didn't mean that Nai-chan just thought this was too upsetting!How could the Self-Defense Forces, as Japan's military, do such a ridiculous thing?"

      Ye Chen laughed, "Hey, saying a thousand words, the reason why the Su Family and the Self-Defense Force are fly-tipping and working in tandem is still for profit!This is mainly the Su family's energy is too great and only has one hand to cover the sky, you tell that friend of your father's to focus on making a breakthrough from the Self-Defense Force, he will definitely make significant progress."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "As long as you, the uncle, can find tangible evidence of collusion between the Self-Defense Force and the Su Family, even if you can't arrest Su Ruo Li back, you'll be able to represent the Police Department and fight a good turnaround!"

      Itoh Cabbage was also very clear that before Ye Chen didn't tell himself about this matter, the key point of this matter was whether or not that uncle of his would be able to successfully arrest Su Ruo Li.

      But now, the key point of this matter had immediately changed.

      As long as that uncle found absolute proof that it was indeed the Su Family and the Self-Defense Force that had swapped Su Ruo Li out, then the Police Department could instantly get rid of all responsibility, and all the blame would be dumped on the Su Family as well as the Japanese Self-Defense Force!

      Thinking of this, Itoh Cabbage hurriedly said with joy, "Yatsuo-kun, then I'll start by thanking you for that uncle of mine for this great gift!As soon as the problem is solved, I'll make sure that uncle thanks Ye Chenjun!Let him personally come to the door to thank Ye Chenjun then!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "There's no need to be so polite, as long as he can be courteous when I go to Japan in the future, or if there's anything I can use him for in Japan, it's enough."

      Ito Nao-chan took off, "Don't worry, Yeh Chen-kun!This uncle of mine has always been very merciful, and if he can really turn the Jedi around with the help of Ye Chenjun this time, he will definitely remember Ye Chenjun's kindness!"

      Ye Chen smiled and said, "Then I'll reveal a little more information, you tell him to make sure to investigate the Maritime Self-Defense Force that went out on patrol last night, the mole must be out of this group of people, tell him to arrest all these people one by one and raid them, he will definitely find a breakthrough point!"

      Ito Nana-chan pondered for a moment and said, "The rank of the SDF is a bit higher than the Police Department, so I'm afraid it would be difficult to push for a direct arrest, and the SDF would definitely interfere within the police force."

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2202

Ye Chen smiled, "Wasn't he from the Homeland Security Department before?As far as I know, for any country, homeland security is the most important, so the level of the homeland security department must be higher than the army, you ask him to get help from his former colleagues or leaders, and the homeland security department will go out to the Self-Defense Force to arrest people, I believe the Self-Defense Force absolutely does not have the guts to interfere."

      After a pause, Ye Chen added, "After the Homeland Security Department captures the people, they can then be handed over to the Tokyo Police Department for interrogation immediately afterwards, at that time, no matter how many people are arrested, all of them will be isolated and interrogated separately, and they will definitely find the key clues!"

      Ito-chan couldn't help but exclaim, "Yatsuo-kun, that's a wonderful solution!I'll talk to him right now!Thank you for my uncle first!"

      Ye Chen laughed, "Alright, hurry up and tell him, I'll just wait to see this Jedi reversal of the great show!"

      Ye Chen only revealed to Itachi that the Su family had colluded with the SDF and replaced Su Ruorui, but he didn't tell her that the whole thing was an inside story about the Su family and the SDF working together as a game and ostensibly releasing people, but it was actually the left hand against the right hand.

      This is mainly because it doesn't make much sense for these words to come out of his mouth.

      Also, the more clues given, the easier it would be to interfere with the other's concentration.

      So, he only talked about the secret dealings between the Su family and the Self Defense Force, and the rest, let that uncle of Itachi's, just follow the clues he gave and go deeper into it, let him dig out this background with his own hands, that way it would be more damaging

      At this moment.

      Yanjing, Su Family Residence.

      Su Ruo Li, as well as the accompanying crew, hadn't heard anything for so long, causing Su's master Su Chengfeng to be anxious.

      Su Shou Dao was similarly worried about this matter.

      Only, Su Shou Dao did not know the inside story of the whole matter.

      He thought that the Su family had an accident while rescuing Su Ruo Li.

      So, he was a bit agitated and asked Su Chengfeng, "Dad, what's going on here?Aren't our men taking Ruo Li back to China by water?How come all of a sudden there's no news of anything, only the ship was intercepted by the Japanese Self-Defense Force, where the hell did Ruo Li go?"

      Su Chengfeng said in a depressed voice, "How do I know?I know as much about the whole thing as you do, and you ask me, how can I answer you?"

      Su Shou Dao saw his father's tone was a bit annoyed, hurriedly compensated, "Dad, you calm down, I'm not against you just this fact is too weird, my heart is always hanging, I can't find Ruo Li, this heart will not fall ah!"

      Su Chengfeng said coldly, "I've already sent someone to Japan to investigate this matter, once I have any news, I'll synchronize it to you first."

      Su Shou Dao sighed worriedly and spoke, "Dad, who were you communicating with from the Japanese Self-Defense Force at that time?Why don't you give me your contact information and I'll call him and see if there's any clues that we've all overlooked."

      Su Chengfeng was furious when he heard this and surmised, "I'll give you contact information?That grandson of the Japanese Self-Defense Force now thinks I've played him and is chasing me to give him a piece of my mind, so if you call him now, won't all of my whole plan come out in the open?"

      Thinking of that, he said darkly, "I told you that I've sent someone to investigate and will synchronize any information to you, are you having a problem with my arrangement?"

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2203

Su Shou Dao saw that his father was a little angry, hastily stood up, bowed and said: "Dad you calm down, I didn't mean it, I was just worried in my heart Ruo Li no matter what, Ruo Li is my flesh and blood, her life and death and whereabouts are unknown right now, I am really too anxious"

      The old man Su looked at him with cold eyes and said word by word: "Shou Dao ah, to do great things, must have a strong heart that does not change color, an illegitimate daughter missing, let you panic like this?Then one day if this old man of mine breathes his last, will you still be able to manage the Su family well?!"

      When Su Shou Dao heard this, his entire body was in a state of shock!

      He was apprehensive and mused, "It's not a good sign that the old man is starting to doubt my heart and my abilities!"

      "If I had been acting too nervous about this Ruo Li matter, the old man would have thought I was weak inside and not strong enough to rise to the position of head of the Su family."

      "If it's because of Ruo Li's affair that it affects the old man's judgment on his successor, then it's really more than worth the loss."

      Thinking of this, Su Shou Dao's expression was sharp as he said, "Dad!Don't worry!No matter how this thing turns out, I will never let it get to me!"

      Master Su looked at him suspiciously and said coldly, "Whether it will affect you or not is not up to your mouth, but my old man's eyes!"

      Su Shoudao panicked, "Dad you're right!I will show you in action!"

      Master Su hmmmed and waved his hand, "Okay, you go out."

      Su Shou Dao said respectfully, "Okay Dad, I'll go out first."

      Master Su coldly reminded, "If Ruo Li is still alive, then I'm sure he will contact you, and if she contacts you, you must tell me first!"

      Su Shou Dao said without hesitation, "Don't worry dad, if Ruo Li just contacts me, I'll report to you first!"

      Master Su hmmmed and waved his hand, "Go."

      Su Shou Dao hurriedly turned around and quickly left Master Su's study.

      At this time, Su Shou Dao's back was already drenched in cold sweat.

      After living in a gentry family for a long time, he felt more and more that there was no difference between a gentry and an ancient palace.

      The head of this mansion was the ancient Nine Five, and his heir was the prince below.

      Although he had been made the "crown prince" by the old master to inherit the Su family, the old master still held the power, and he had to be careful and walk on thin ice at all times.

      Otherwise, it was highly likely that a single word would have offended him and then he would have dismissed him without mercy!

      There were countless princes in ancient times who were deposed for disobeying the emperor in word and deed!

      During the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Jing of Han deposed Prince Liu Rong of Chestnut.

      During the Eastern Han Dynasty, Emperor Zhangdi Liu Gou deposed the Crown Prince Liu Qing.

      During the Three Kingdoms period, Sun Quan deposed his son Sun He.


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