Secret Identity 2126-2140


Chapter 2126

Shinwa Watanabe was even more excited.

      Being a complete man again was more important to him than anything else.

      Moreover, there must be more unimaginable benefits in the future after getting to know someone with great powers like Ye Chen.

      Therefore, this deal was even more valuable to him.

      Ito Yuhan at the side was equally excited.

      After drinking Ye Chen's cup of water, he clearly felt that his body was much more solid all of a sudden.

      Before, he had been a little weak, as if he would collapse with a blow, but now his entire body felt very strong and energetic, so good that it couldn't be better.

      Other than the fact that the legs that had been amputated couldn't be recovered, the other sensations were similar to those before he hadn't been injured, and even vaguely stronger than then.

      This also had great benefits for him, after all, after the body's essence had recovered greatly, he could prepare for rehabilitation training.

      Rehabilitation training for people with disabilities and amputees was very physically demanding and couldn't be done at all when the body was weak.

      And if Itoh Yuuhiko wanted to wear a prosthetic limb, he would have to do a series of adaptive training in conjunction with the prosthesis, which demanded even more physical strength.

      Originally, he would have to recuperate for at least another half year before he could begin rehabilitation training as well as prosthetic adaptation training.

      Now, Ye Chen helped him to province this at least half a year.

      When Song Wanting and Watanabe Shinwa on this side finished signing the contract, Ito Yuhiko immediately opened the chef to start cutting the fish, and he also personally opened the specially prepared fifty-year whiskey.

      The meal was a great success for both hosts and guests.

      Ito Yuuhiko was happy, Watanabe Shinwa was also happy, and naturally Song Wanting didn't need to say anything.

      Ye Chen was also in a good mood, after all, piggybacking on it would help Song Wanting gain more benefits, which would provide an even greater help to consolidate her control over the Song family in the future.

      However, Itoh Cabbage was a little lost in her heart.

      After all, Ye Chen would be leaving tonight, and with Ye Chen coming to Tokyo this time, there wasn't much chance for her to get close to him.

      Therefore, for a meal, Ito Nachiko had been peeking at Ye Chen, with a strong reluctance in her gentle, watery eyes.

      After the meal, according to the rules of hospitality for large Japanese families, it was to remove all the drinks and dishes, and then serve the guests with a tea ceremony.

      However, it was clear that Watanabe Shinwa was a bit restless.

      His body's reaction had been so strong and raw that he was already a little distracted, and couldn't wait to get home, surprise his wife, and also find the happy feeling of being like a fairy at the same time.

      So, after the meal was finished, he stood up impatiently and bowed to everyone, "Brother Ito, Mr. Ye, Miss Song, I have something else to do at home, so I'll take my leave!Thank you Ito for your hospitality!And thank you Mr. Yeh for your help!Can't thank you enough!"

      Naturally, Ito Yuuhiko knew what he was so fired up to do, so he nodded and smiled, "Fine, just hurry back!"

      Ye Chen also smiled and said, "It's getting late, Mr. Watanabe should go back to rest early."

      Watanabe Shinwa hurriedly and respectfully said, "Mr. Ye, I wonder if I have the honor to exchange contact information with you?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and nodded, "I'll ask Mr. Ito to send you my phone number when the time comes."

      Watanabe Shinwa was instantly delighted, as long as Ye Chen was willing to exchange contact information with him, he could still ask for his help if he encountered anything in the future!

Chapter 2127

At this moment, Tokyo airport.

      A military transport plane belonging to the Japanese Self-Defense Force landed at the airport.

      This c2 military transport plane, developed and produced by Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan, had a full load capacity of over thirty tons.

      In the cabin of the transport plane, nearly a hundred loaded Japanese Self-Defense Force soldiers were escorting more than fifty top Su family masters, including Su Ruorui.

      Their mission is to safely transport these people, including Su Ruorui, to Tokyo and hand them over to the Tokyo Police Department.

      The tragic case of the extermination of the Matsumoto family was about to begin in Tokyo recently, and everyone, including Su Ruorui, would be attending the trial as defendants.

      The Japanese judiciary is preparing to hold a public trial for Su Ruorui and others, and will simultaneously broadcast it live to the whole country and the world using television and online channels.

      The main reason for making such a huge noise is because the previous tragedy of the extermination of the Matsumoto family was really too bad in the whole of Japan and even internationally, so much so that it seriously affected the overall image of the Japanese judiciary.

      To the Japanese judiciary decided to save its face by severely punishing these murderers.

      After landing, the plane taxied all the way to an open tarmac.

      Hundreds of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's SWAT team had been waiting here for some time.

      One by one, they were all loaded with bullets and were fighting with all their might, afraid that this matter might change in any way.

      Therefore, not only did they send out hundreds of elites this time, but they also sent out more than thirty wheeled armored vehicles alone.

      These wheeled armored vehicles that were normally used to deal with terrorists, as well as vicious criminals, now all became the gang's mobile prison vehicles.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Su Ruo Li was very nervous at this point.

      She knew that her father, Su Shoudao, had already made arrangements to swap himself out with a double after he arrived in Tokyo.

      Once she was successfully changed out, her father's people would immediately arrange for her to leave Japan and return home.

      Su Ruo Li had great faith in her father Su Shou Dao's ability and believed that she would be able to return home alive, but deep down, she couldn't help but feel guilty for these companions around her.

      In her heart, she thought complexly, "This time, although I can escape, but these brethren don't have such a chance at all."

      "In other words, all I have to do now is betray all my comrades, leave their lives and deaths behind me, and escape alone!"

      "If they knew, they would hate me very much, wouldn't they?"

      Thinking of this, Su Ruoxi could not help but feel ashamed.

      At this moment, the tailgate of the cabin had opened, and the gun-toting SDF members began to ask them, the suspects, to disembark the plane in an orderly manner.

      Outside of the plane, the police department's SWAT team was ready, and for every suspect who came down, they would immediately send three team members for a 3-on-1 guard.

      Not only were handcuffs and ankle cuffs missing, but also black cloth bags were used to cover their heads so that they couldn't see their surroundings.

      As the first offender, Su Ruo Li was taken directly to the first wheeled armored vehicle.

      The other suspects then took one wheeled armored car each, and the entire convoy left the airport in a vast manner, ready to head to the Tokyo Police Department's most heavily guarded special prison.

      At this time, at the side of a crossroads on the road outside the airport.

      Several men in black were using binoculars to observe the convoy passing from afar.

Chapter 2128

One of them held a remote control in his hand while keeping an eye on the lead vehicle and calculating the time.

      When the convoy was less than 50 meters away from the intersection, that person pressed the remote control, and the original green light started flashing, then quickly turned red.

      Since the airport was in operation 24 hours a day, this intersection was relatively busy with traffic, and even the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's convoy had to follow the traffic rules.

      Therefore, the first wheeled armored vehicle was parked directly at the front of the straight lane.

      The convoy behind it, in turn, came to a slow stop.

      The logic of this red light change was that the four directions took turns letting go for one minute in each direction, so the wait for the next round of green lights was longer, one hundred and eighty seconds.

      One by one, the SWAT team members on the armored car were on strict standby, afraid of any mishaps in the escorting process.

      But the good news was that the vehicles moving back and forth on both sides were nothing unusual, and no one was approaching their convoy.

      But who would have thought that just at this moment, the special fighters in the first wheeled armored vehicle would immediately open the emergency escape port underneath the vehicle.

      This kind of wheeled armored car specially prepared for the special combat team has very good safety, in order to ensure that the special combat team members inside the car can still escape when they encounter danger, or after the door has been severely hit or exploded, they have specially installed an emergency escape port at the bottom of the armored car that opens from the inside out.

      This emergency escape port is like a tank hatch installed upside down at the bottom of a wheeled armored vehicle.

      At this point, when that hatch was open, there was a black sewer manhole cover facing down below.

      Because it was settled in advance, the manhole cover was almost perfectly perpendicular to the hatch.

      As soon as the hatch was opened by the special combatants inside the vehicle, the sewer manhole cover was simultaneously removed.

      Immediately afterwards, someone pushed up a woman who was similar in stature to Su Ruorui, dressed exactly the same, and was also wearing handcuffs and ankle cuffs as well as a black cloth bag.

      As soon as the woman was pushed up, a few SWAT team members immediately pulled her into the car and sat her down next to Su Ruorui, then immediately racked Su Ruorui up and sent her down the emergency escape and into the sewer.

      After picking up Su Ruorui in the sewer, the sewer crew immediately gestured an OK sign to the SWAT team inside the wheeled armored vehicle and spoke in a low voice, "Thirty seconds left for the red light, close the hatch!"

      The SWAT team member above nodded and instructed, "You guys also hurry up and cover the manhole, and then take Miss Su away after our convoy is a kilometer away!"

      The man below immediately said, "Don't worry, I got it!"

      Just say, and quickly put the sewer manhole cover back on.

      The armored car's emergency escape opening was also closed at the same time, and everything worked in perfect harmony, seamlessly.

      A few seconds later, the red light turned green, and the first armored car in line drove straight out, while the cars behind it followed in step with it, and no one knew that the important suspect in that car had already completed the swap!

      After the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's motorcade had left for about a kilometer, a black truck came from a distance.

      The traffic light turned red again just as the lorry came to the intersection.

      After the vehicle came to a halt, someone opened the hidden entrance and exit at the bottom of the truck's box and tapped the manhole cover directly below with a stick.

      Then, the manhole cover was removed, and the blindfolded Su Ruo Li was pulled into the truck again.

      Afterwards, the manhole cover was tightly closed again, and the van also throttled away, as if nothing had happened.

      Inside the van, a Japanese woman untied Su Ruorui's black hood and looked at her: "Miss Su, I was entrusted by Mr. Su to save you from Japan!We're going to Tokyo Harbor now, the ship is waiting for you there!"

Chapter 2129

The Ito residence in downtown Tokyo.

      Ye Chen and Song Wanting, they were also ready to leave.

      Tonight was a good opportunity to sneak across the border.

      Because tonight, the Coast Guard's patrol unit, was going to do equipment overhaul.

      Therefore, there would be a few hours of vacuum time at sea.

      Plus, the Japanese Coast Guard is all about strict entry and exit, and the vast majority of their efforts are focused on trying to do everything they can to crack down on illegal immigrants smuggling into Japan, or smuggling illegal goods into Japan.

      There is very little interest in people and goods that are smuggled out of Japan.

      So that makes it easier to leave from Tokyo, too.

      Yuuhiko Ito prepared a convoy and planned to personally send Ye Chen and Song Wanting to the docks.

      And Ito Nana-chan also had exactly the same idea.

      Naturally, she had a thousand things in her heart for Ye Chen, but she knew very well in her heart that there was no way she could leave Ye Chen behind.

      Therefore, she was already very satisfied with being able to go to the dock to see Ye Chen off.

      So, after everyone was ready, Ye Chen and Song Wanting, accompanied by Ito Yuuhiko as well as the father and daughter of Ito Naozi, took a car to the dock.

      In the car, Ito Yuuhiko said to Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye, Hashimoto Konoshin, the new Nippon Steel, has been brought to the dock by the ninja I sent."(first post)

      Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction, "Hard work Mr. Ito."

      Ito Yuuhiko was busy, "Mr. Ye doesn't have to be so polite, it's all what I should do."

      The caravan drove for forty minutes before arriving at the huge Tokyo Harbor.

      The entire Tokyo Harbor covered a very large area, at least several kilometers along the coastline.

      Most of the berths were exclusive to mega-tankers as well as container ships, and these berths were close to the operational area, which not only had many workers working there, but were also a heavy smuggling area, so the customs checked them very closely.

      The berth that Ito Yuhiko had prepared for Ye Chen and Song Wanting was actually a relatively humble small dock.

      This kind of dock could only dock ships of a few thousand tons or less, and the monitoring was relatively much more lax.

      In fact, stowing away did not start with boarding the ship, as Tokyo Harbor was still within the territory of Japan as well as its territorial waters, so it was not illegal to board the ship from here.

      Embarkation from here is reasonably legal, as long as you don't leave the country or enter the high seas without permission.

      At this time, there were several small and medium-sized yachts docked at the dock, the largest of which was the luxury cruise ship prepared by Ito Yuhiko for Ye Chen.

      The fleet of cars drove directly onto the dock, stopping directly at the boarding gate of the yacht, and although Ito Yuuhiko lost his legs, he still had people help him into a wheelchair and get off to see him off.

      After Ye Chen and Song Wanting got off the bus, Ito Yuhiko spoke up, "Mr. Ye, the crew and captain are my favorites, you can rest assured!"

      Ye Chen nodded slightly, "Thank you, Mr. Ito."

      Ito Yuuhiko was busy, "You don't have to be so polite!"

      Ye Chen looked at the time and opened his mouth to Ito Yuuhiko's father and daughter and said, "It's late, we'll be on our way, so I won't chat with you two, we'll see you later!"

      Ito Yuuhiko cupped his fists and said respectfully, "I'll see you later, Mr. Ye!"

      With a face full of reluctance, Itachi said, "I'll see you later, Yatsuo-kun!"

      Ye Chen looked at her with a slight smile and said, "Cabbage, please take care of yourself!"

Chapter 2130

Itachi nodded repeatedly with red eyes, then looked at Song Wanting, who was holding the puppy in her arms, and choked, "Sister Wanting, I wish you a safe journey, and if you have the chance, you must come visit me in Tokyo!"

      Song Wanting also hurriedly said, "Don't worry, I will!If you have time, you can also come to Jinling to see me and Yoshi!"

      With some joy, Itachi said without hesitation, "Don't worry sister, I'll come see you after this busy time!"

      At that moment, a middle-aged man came down from the ship and respectfully said to Yuyohiko Ito, "Sir, we are ready to set sail at any time."

      Ito Yuuhiko opened his mouth and asked, "Where is that Hashimoto Konzen?"

      The other party said, "Hashimoto Kensen is being held in the ship's cabin with all his limbs bound, I've sent a man to keep an eye on him, no mistakes will be made."

      Ito Yuhiko nodded in satisfaction and said to Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye, you and Miss Song should board the ship quickly."

      Ye Chen mmmed, "You guys should also go back, we're leaving!"

      Ito Yuuhiko took the initiative to shake hands with Ye Chen, and Ito Cauliflower gently embraced Song Wanting as well.

      Song Wanting then came back to Yuuhiko Ito and said from the bottom of her heart, "Mr. Ito, thank you for taking care of me this time in Japan!"

      Ito Yuhiko smiled, shook hands lightly with Song Wanting, and said seriously, "Miss Song, don't be polite to the Ito family at any time, you, like Mr. Ye, will always be an honored guest of the Ito family!"

      Itoh Cabbage now came to Ye Chen's side, her face flushed with shame.

      When she looked at Ye Chen, she gently opened her arms, wanting to see Ye Chen's next reaction.

      She really wanted to hug Ye Chen goodbye, but she was worried that Ye Chen wouldn't want to, so she could only use this small action to test it out.

      Seeing that Ye Chen smiled slightly and stretched out his hand towards him as well, Ito Naija hurriedly took a step forward and jumped into his arms, hugging him tightly without saying a word.

      In fact, there were a lot of things that Ito Cabbage wanted to say to Ye Chen deep inside, but right now, in front of her father and Song Wanting, those words that she wanted to say couldn't come out.

      The two of them embraced for a moment, and with a cough from Yuuhiko Ito, Ito Naija hastily pulled away from Ye Chen's embrace and said to Ye Chen with a face full of reluctance, "Ye Chen-kun, take care!"

      Ye Chen nodded lightly, and finally said goodbye to his father and daughter, along with Song Wanting, and stepped inside the ship.

      This cruise ship was huge, three decks up and three decks down, and on the top deck, there was even a freshwater swimming pool, which was even more extravagant than the cruise ship that Master Song had given to Ye Chen.

      After Ye Chen and Song Wanting boarded the ship, they came directly to the top deck, stood in front of the deck's guardrail, waved to Ito Yuhiko as well as Ito Cuisinart on the dock below, and said in a loud voice, "It's too late, the sea breeze is getting colder and colder, you two should hurry back."

      Nodding gently, Itoh Nana-chan asked her servant to help her father into the car and got herself into the car, but she was in no hurry to let the driver drive, instead wanting to wait until the ship had left and witnessed Yatsuo leave.

      And at that moment, a commercial vehicle with a one-way black film on it came from the entrance of the dock, passed the Ito family's fleet and continued to move forward.

      This three rows of seats commercial vehicle, in the middle row sat a stunning woman with a struggling and pained expression, this woman was Su Ruorui.

      At this time, Su Ruorui was still ashamed of escaping by herself.

      The thought of more than fifty men following their own, about to face the harsh punishment of the Japanese law, Su Ruorui deep inside not only shame, but also hatred.

      What she hated was the man who had screwed herself, and so many of her men, at Osaka Airport that day!

      That man's face, she still remembered it to this day, if she had the chance, she would kill him with her own hands and avenge her brethren!

      Just as she gritted her teeth, the driver spoke up, "Miss Su, our boat is just ahead and ready to set sail!"

      Su Ruo Li turned her face sideways to get a glimpse of the ship that was about to take her out of Japan, and the rest of her eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of a man standing on the deck of this cruise ship beside her!

      At this moment, Su Ruo Li's pupils narrowed abruptly, and his expression surfaced with cold, extreme harshness!

      She clenched her teeth and muttered, "It's him!What a grievance!"

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2131 

Su Ruo Li had originally thought that after she had successfully left Japan and managed to survive this period of turbulence, she would go back to seek revenge on that wretched man.

      But never in her wildest dreams had she thought that just at the moment she was about to leave Japan, she would let herself be on the dock and see the man that she had hated so much!

      At this moment, Su Ruorui's blood boiled all over her body.

      Her eyes, which were so beautiful that they were captivating, had now turned blood red due to hatred!

      At this moment, she had only one thought in her mind: "Kill him!I, Su Ruo Li, must kill him!"

      At this time, Ye Chen, because his sight and attention was on Itoh Cabbage, who was sitting in the car, so he didn't notice the commercial vehicle that passed by from the pier.

      Moreover, that commercial vehicle was a one-way light transmission, and inside the car, Su Ruorui could see him, but he couldn't see Su Ruorui, so he didn't know that an acquaintance was passing by with him at this time.

      Soon, the tail of the cruise ship that Ye Chen was riding was stirred up a fluctuation by the slowly rotating propeller.

      The yacht also slowly left the dock as the propeller rotated.

      Then, the speed of the ship became faster and faster, and soon it became a small dot of light in Itoh's sight, and eventually disappeared.

      No one noticed that the yacht in the next berth had also accelerated away from the dock.

      At this time, inside the cockpit of this yacht, Su Ruo Li coldly gave the order to the captain, "Full power!No matter what, we must catch up with that ship ahead!"

      The captain hurriedly said, "Miss Su, our priority now is to leave the Japanese territorial waters and head for the high seas, only after we reach the high seas will you be truly safe!"

      Su Ruo Li gritted her teeth, "You don't understand!There's my sworn enemy on that ship, and I'm going to kill him with my own hands!"

      The captain said awkwardly, "Miss Su, I was ordered by Master Su to send you to the high seas as soon as possible without any delay, so I can only begrudge you a little."

      Su Ruo Li angrily said, "Give me the phone, I want to speak to Master Su!"

      The captain hesitated for a moment, picked up the ship's satellite phone and said, "Miss Su, then I'll call Master Su now, you can talk to him yourself."

      Saying that, he used the satellite phone and dialed Su Chengfeng, the head of the Su family.

      As soon as the call came through, Su Chengfeng immediately asked, "How are things going?"

      The captain hurriedly said, "Master, Miss Su suddenly said that she wanted to chase down someone, so I called to ask for your advice."

      Su Chengfeng's stern voice came, "She's still not leaving Japan and heading to the high seas at this time to chase down and kill someone?If the Japanese police or the Self-Defense Force caught us, we'd be in big trouble!She'll never leave Japan for the rest of her life!"

      Su Ruo Li snatched the phone and eagerly said, "Master!I'm Ruo Li!I was just at the pier, and I met the guy who screwed us over!He was the one who leaked our whereabouts to the Japanese Self-Defense Force in Osaka, and we were all arrested!If I don't avenge this, I won't be able to rest in peace until I die!"

      Su Chengfeng hesitated for a moment and spoke, "Good!In that case, let's get rid of this trouble first!Otherwise, if he is left in the world, I don't know if he will continue to pose other threats to my Su Family in the future!"

Chapter 2132

At this time, Su Shou Dao, who had been staying by Su Chengfeng's side, hurriedly spoke up, "Dad, it's better not to let Ruo Li cause any trouble at this time, the most important thing is to come back quickly, that person can think of a solution later, but if Ruo Li can't escape this time, there will be no more chances in the future!"

      Su Chengfeng said harshly, "The person Ruo Li is talking about, none of us know his true identity, what if he is an enemy of the Su family?What if he was already secretly scheming to deal with our Su Family?!"

      Su Shou Dao said, "Dad, we can take our time to find this person later, there's no rush this moment, if Ruo Li can meet him today, there will definitely be another chance in a while, it's better to let Ruo Li hurry back first."

      Su Chengfeng boarded up and cursed, "Bastard!Why don't you have any sense of the big picture now!This man has destroyed 50 of our generals with his own efforts!Do you have any idea how much this has cost us?It's more than billions!What if he still has tactics against us in the back?!"

      Speaking of which, Su Chengfeng coldly said, "This man was already a bit haunted and his identity was erratic, if not for Ruo Li running into him today, we might never have found him in our lifetime, so we can't miss this opportunity no matter what!Otherwise, a great mistake will surely be made!"

      As soon as Su Shou Dao heard this, he immediately knew that the old man's mind was made up and he definitely couldn't convince him, so he could only instruct Su Ruo Li over the phone, "Ruo Li, since you also want to seek revenge on him, then Dad won't stop you, listen to your grandfather's orders and make sure to find out his true identity!"

      The first time I heard Su Shoudao speak to myself is to "Dad" the word self, the thought of his own illegitimate daughter's identity, today finally get his father's recognition, the heart of the mixed feelings, excited to say: "Dad you rest assured, Ruo Li will go all out!"

      Su Chengfeng also instructed at this time, "Ruo Li, it's best to catch him alive and bring him straight back to Yanjing, I'll personally interrogate him!"

      Su Ruo Li immediately and decisively said, "Good Master, after I catch him, I will definitely keep him alive!"

      Su Chengfeng gave a hmmm and spoke, "Alright, let go of it yourself!"

      Saying that, he then instructed, "Right, these people who went to pick you up are my henchmen, they are each skilled in their own way, when you act, let them come with you, the odds are better!"

      Su Ruo Li said without hesitation, "Yes Master!"

      Su Chengfeng said loudly, "Tell them that if this is done well, I will reward them heavily!"

      "I got it!"

      After hanging up the phone, Su Ruo Li immediately said to that captain, "Full speed ahead, be sure to catch up with that ship in front!"

      The captain naturally didn't dare to make a faux pas at this time and immediately nodded and said, "Okay Miss Su!"

      Just say, and turn the engine up to maximum thrust!

      A few of the people who had saved Su Ruorui had heard Su Chengfeng's words, so they now began to rub their fists.

      One of them opened his mouth to ask Su Ruorui, "Miss Su, how are we going to act after we catch up to the others?"

      Su Ruo Li's expression was stern as he said, "If we go after them at full power, we'll just use our flanks to rub against the other side's ship and force them to stop!"

      The man then asked, "What if the other side doesn't stop the boat?"

      Su Ruo Li sneered, "Not stopping the boat?By then, whether he stops or not, we'll be jumping right into their boat as we approach!Once on board, we'll kill everyone except the target, sink the ship to the bottom of the sea, and leave no one else alive!"

      Speaking of which, Su Ruoyi clenched her fists, clenched her neat little white teeth, and coldly said, "No matter what, we must catch that guy!"

Chapter 2133

The ship that Ye Chen was on left the dock and headed all the way to the high seas.

      Since Hashimoto Kensen was being held in the bottom cabin, Ye Chen decided to take Song Wanting down to meet this guy for a while.

      The ship's sailor brought the two to the bottom cabin and pushed open one of the doors.

      In the room, a man dressed in a high-grade wool suit had his limbs securely fastened to a chair, his hands were tied to the handles of the chair, while his legs and feet were tied to the front legs of the chair, and a black bag was placed over his head, covering his entire head.

      Ye Chen surmised that this person, would be Hashimoto Konzen.

      Ito Yuhiko's people, for the sake of caution, specially used round steel pipe, Hashimoto Kensen's every finger firmly inside, and then fixed together on the armrest.

      In this way, Hashimoto could not even bend his fingers, much less any possibility of escape.

      In addition, there was a man with a stun gun standing next to him, staring at him unblinkingly, security can be said to be very good.

      When the man with the stun gun saw Ye Chen enter, he immediately said respectfully, "Mr. Ye, you're here!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and asked, "Is this Hashimoto Konzen?"

      "Right!"The man immediately pulled off the bag over Hashimoto's head and said, "Mr. Ye, this guy is Hashimoto Kensen!We've been authenticated!"

      Hashimoto nearly first at this time is not adapted from the blinding light, the mouth was stuffed with a towel, so there is no way to speak, can only whimper, the body is also constantly struggling.

      Ye Chen saw him struggling, but basically the whole person is not moving, not by laughing: "You are too cautious, even if the hands and feet tied on, but also the fingers are all fixed, see Mr. Hashimoto hurry."

      The man said respectfully, "Mr. Ye you don't know, the villain in movies and TV shows is because they always ignore the hands of the protagonist, so no matter how to tie up the protagonist, the protagonist can find a flaw to escape, so we simply put this guy's ten fingers are set in the steel pipe, so that even if he is a great Luo Jinxian can not escape!"

      Ye Chen laughed and pointed at Hashimoto Kensen, laughing, "With a thing like this, how can you be worthy of being compared to the protagonists in movies and TV shows."

      At this time, Hashimoto Konzen also gradually regained his vision.The mobile phone one second remember to provide you with wonderful\ fiction reading.

      The first thing he saw was Ye Chen, whose hand was pointing at him.

      At this instant, he was surprised, "Who the hell is this person?!Did he have me kidnapped?Did I offend him?"

      At that moment, Yatsuo reached out and removed the towel from his mouth, and said coldly, "Hashimoto nearly first, right?Do you know why you're tied up here?"

      Hashimoto Kon first subconsciously questioned, "Who are you?!I don't even know you, why did you order someone to kidnap me?!"

      Ye Chen didn't expect this guy to be quite horizontal, when a slap slapped him over and cursed angrily, "You're pretty fucking powerful, what despicable and shameless things have you done, don't you know in your heart?And you dare to question me here?"

      Hashimoto Kensen blurted out, "I I am a law-abiding citizen of Japan!He's the vice president of the Nippon Steel Group!I've never done anything lawless, but do you know that kidnapping is a felony?!"

      Ye Chen slapped him again and scolded, "Felony, right?Well, take a look at her then and tell me whether kidnapping is more serious or murder!"

      Saying that, he pulled Song Wanting to his side.

      As soon as Hashimoto Konzen saw Song Wanting, his entire body was dumbfounded!

Chapter 2134

"Miss Song Song?!"

      Song Wanting looked at Hashimoto Kensen with a disgusted face and questioned, "Mr. Hashimoto must not have thought that I, Song Wanting, was still alive, right?!"

      Hashimoto's entire body shivered with nervousness.

      He knew that he was guilty of the murder of Song Wanting.

      Song Wanting's whereabouts were unknown before, and her two assistants as well as the driver were all buried in the accident.

      Not to mention, just killing three people was already an absolute felony, and in the crime of murder, it was the one with extremely harsh circumstances and cruel methods.

      Now, Song Wanting was standing so alive in front of Hashimoto Kensen, so he immediately realized that this was Song Wanting coming for revenge!

      He almost immediately cried and pleaded, "Miss Song, regarding the incident that happened to you, I'm not the real mastermind!The real mastermind is your brother, Song Hoon!He's behind everything!"

      Song Wanting asked in a cold voice, "Oh?All because of Honor Song?Then let me ask you. Who lied to me about Watanabe signing with me?Who lied to me about going to the mountains of West Tortoland?And who arranged for someone to run the four of us off the cliff with our cars?!"

      Hashimoto nearly first was scared out of his wits by Song Wanting's continuous pressuring and begged, "Miss Song, this was all your brother's idea ah, if you want to blame him, go ahead and blame him, don't blame me ah"

      Song Wanting questioned, "According to you, if I hire someone else to throw you into the sea right now, then you can't blame me, right?"

      As soon as Hashimoto Konzen heard this, his face went white with fright, and he cried out in a panic, "Miss Song, I don't mean that I just want to beg you to spare my life as long as you can spare my life and let me do whatever I want!"

      Song Wanting looked at Ye Chen and asked, "Master Ye, what are you going to do with this person?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Let's leave him a dog's life first, when we get back to Jinling, I'll give him a chance to make up for his mistake, if he can grasp it, then leave him a dog's life; if he can't, then just chop him up and feed him to the dogs!"

      Hashimoto Konohan hurriedly pleaded, "Just tell me what you want me to do!I will do my best, all I ask is that you spare my dog's life!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "When we get to Jinling, I'll let you confront Song Honor face to face, at that time, you'll have to tell us all the deeds between you and Song Honor, and if you dare to miss a single word, I'll take your life!"

      Hashimoto Konzen immediately nodded his head as if pounding garlic and cried, "Don't worry, I will listen to your words and tell the truth!"

      Ye Chen stuffed the towel into his mouth again and said to Ito Yuuhiko's men, "Keep watching him."

      The man hurriedly said, "Okay Mr. Ye!"

      Ye Chen also said to Song Wanting, "Wanting, this Hashimoto Konzen, for the time being, will be locked up here, and when he arrives in Jinling and meets with Song Honor to confront him, I will give you a satisfactory disposal plan."

      Song Wanting said respectfully, "Everything will be decided by Master Ye!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, so he said, "Alright, go to your room and rest, I'll go stand on the deck for a while."

      Song Wanting busily asked, "Master Ye, can Wanting go with you to the deck for a while before returning to her room?"first issue

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Of course, let's go up together then!"

Chapter 2135

The two of them arrived on the deck, and Ye Chen welcomed the cold sea breeze.

      Although he had now safely rescued Song Wanting and had begun to take her with him, on the journey back to the country.

      However, this matter was far from over.

      The next part was the most important part.

      Song Tian Ming and Song Honor, the malicious father and son, had yet to be resolved!

      Now that Master Song was pretending to be Alzheimer's to protect himself, in his current condition, it was impossible for one person to fight against Song Honor and his son.

      Once the father and son discovered that he was in disguise, they were afraid that they would immediately kill him.

      Therefore, what he had to do next was to pierce the true face of Song Tian Ming as well as Song Honor's father and son in public, rescuing Master Song, and at the same time allowing Song Wanting to regain control of the entire Song Group.

      However, after that, there was still the problem of how to resolve Song Tian Ming and Song Honor.

      In Ye Chen's opinion, not only had the father and son committed intentional murder, but they had also directly attacked their flesh and blood relatives, which was not only treacherous, but also unforgivable, and even if they resorted to the law, they deserved a death sentence.

      Therefore, there was no need for people like this to remain in this world.

      However, these two were, after all, Song Wanting's closest relatives, and it was up to Song Wanting, or even Master Song, to decide what to do with them.

      Song Wanting was also standing on the deck at this time, blowing the sea breeze, looking at the increasingly distant Tokyo and lamenting, "Master Ye, if it wasn't for you, Wanting might have died in Tokyo"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Don't say such depressing words, you auspicious people have their own destiny, even if you shouldn't have died without me, you wouldn't have died."

      Song Wanting smiled gratefully and asked him, "Master Ye, if Wanting really died, would you be sad?"

      Ye Chen said seriously, "Of course I will, don't forget, you're my friend."

      Song Wanting's expression was a little happy and a little lost.

      She said in her heart, "Is it possible that in this life, my relationship with Master Ye can only stop at the word friend?"

      The past kept surfacing in her mind again and again, and she consoled herself in her heart, "Master Ye has treated me very poorly, I should be content"

      At that moment, Ye Chen looked at Song Wanting and asked, "Wanting, have you thought about what to do with your uncle and cousin after this incident?"

      Song Wanting was slightly startled, pondered for a long time, shook her head with a blank face and said, "Master Ye, I haven't thought about this problem yet"

      Ye Chen nodded and sighed lightly, "I hadn't thought about it before, but now it's time to think about it"

      Song Wanting asked him, "Master Ye, do you have any good suggestions?"

      Ye Chen spoke, "My suggestion is simple, just four words, cut off the grass and eliminate the roots."

      Song Wanting's expression flashed with a hint of struggle, her hands gripped the railing and said in a tangle, "I understand what you mean, but but they are all Song family members after all, and they are my closest relatives, I can't do it"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "You don't need to do anything about this matter, you just need to make a decision."

      Song Wanting sighed, "I know what you mean, but making this decision is also very difficult, I not only have to consider my own feelings, but also my grandfather's feelings, as well as the feelings of everyone in the Song family, as the saying goes, the rabbit is dead and the fox is sad, not to mention that we are all family"

      Ye Chen asked rhetorically, "But didn't they treat you as family when they killed you?"

      Song Wanting nodded, "They are indeed very desperate in what they do, but I am not them after all"

      Saying that, Song Wanting added: "Master Ye, actually you actually you don't know, the Song family up to my generation, has not been considered to be a prosperous family, grandfather used to sigh and lament over this matter, if uncle and cousin lost their lives again, it must be an even bigger blow to him."

Chapter 2136

Ye Chen smiled indifferently, "I understand what you mean, after all, blood is thicker than water, it's reasonable to spare their lives, but there's one thing you should pay attention to."

      Song Wanting busily said, "Master Ye, please speak!"

      Ye Chen said, "You can keep them alive, but you must remember that the death penalty can be spared, but the living penalty can't be escaped, while sparing them from death, you must give them enough punishment, and you must fully restrict all their future possibilities, so as to eliminate all future troubles to the greatest extent possible!"

      Song Wanting nodded, "I know Master Ye, I will definitely consider this matter."

      In the middle of the conversation, Ye Chen suddenly heard, a faint roar coming from directly behind.

      He turned his head to see that about a kilometer or two away from his ship, a smaller ship was rushing towards him at full speed .

      The wind noise as well as the pounding of the waves was already very loud when the ship was moving on the sea, and it was difficult to hear the sound of other ships moving at such times.

      At such a distance, even if the siren was on full blast, it would be difficult to hear the sound.

      If it wasn't for the fact that Ye Chen's sense of hearing was much more sensitive than ordinary people, it would also be impossible to hear it at all.

      Seeing that there were still boats following him on this empty sea, Ye Chen immediately felt that something didn't seem right about this matter.

      He immediately said to Song Wanting, "Wanting, you go back to your room first!"

      When Song Wanting saw Ye Chen's appearance, she felt that something seemed wrong.Fastest Update

      So she hurriedly asked, "Master Ye, is something wrong?"

      Ye Chen looked towards the light that was constantly approaching in the distance, and with a smirk on his lips, he said playfully, "We seem to have a new guest."

      Song Wanting followed his gaze and she only saw a ship on the sea, directly behind their ship, approaching constantly.

      She was surprised and asked, "Master Ye, do you suspect that ship is targeting us?"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Their target could also be just me, without you."

      Song Wanting immediately said with unwavering determination, "Master Ye, I want to be with you!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "No need, you quickly go back to your room and stay honest, I can solve any problem by myself."


      Song Wanting's expression grew in parts, if there was really any danger, she definitely wouldn't want to leave Ye Chen alone.

      Ye Chen then comforted, "Wan Ting, what but's, you can't help me by staying here, there's still the possibility that you'll become a burden, it's better to hurry back to your room, or let me feel more at ease."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "It's not like you're not clear about my situation.It's not even possible for an ordinary two-like person to hurt me."

      Song Wanting hesitated again and again, gently nodded her head and instructed, "Master Ye, then you must pay attention to your safety!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "Good, don't worry."

      As soon as the conversation ended, a sailor came running out from the stairs of the deck and said somewhat nervously, "Mr. Ye, there's a ship behind us that has been following us and is rushing towards us at full force!The captain suspects that the other party has come and asked me to consult you!What are you going to do?"

      Ye Chen smiled calmly and said, "They should be coming for me, all of you should not come on deck later, leave everything here to me."

      The sailor was busy saying, "How can this be Mr. Ye, Mr. Ito as well as the chairman explained to us that we must safely send you and Miss Song to China, if the other side is really coming, then we will fight them!At the same time, ask Ito-san for help so that he can send reinforcements as soon as possible!"

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "No need, listen to me, send Miss Song back to her room, then everyone stay in the cabin, no matter what, don't come on deck without my permission!"

Chapter 2137

As the yacht she was riding in got closer and closer to Ye Chen, the smoothness of a great revenge had begun to emerge on Su Ruorui's face.

      Born in one of the largest martial arts families in China and having received the best martial arts education in the country since childhood, she was definitely considered to be one of the best of the best.

      Her strength was countless times stronger than those fancy roadies out there.

      Therefore, she didn't put Ye Chen's own strength in her eyes at all.Updated fastest.

      In her impression, Ye Chen was nothing more than a guy with a very owlish mouth, but also a cheap and sinister one at that.

      He might have some skills and a little background, but he definitely couldn't be any top expert.

      After all, experts were all about open and aboveboard sparring, what kind of skill was calling the police behind his back?

      Therefore, she had concluded at this point that she would definitely be able to avenge the original arrow today.

      At that moment, the captain reported, "Miss Su, we are less than 800 meters away from the target vessel!"

      Su Ruo Li excitedly wiped the sweat from her palms and spoke, "Bring me the binoculars!"

      Immediately there was a sailor, who handed over a high magnification telescope for sailing, to her hand.

      Su Ruo Li lifted the telescope and immediately saw Ye Chen standing alone on the deck, full of leisure!

      Due to the extremely high clarity of the binoculars, Su Ruorui could almost completely take in Ye Chen's expression.

      At this time, Ye Chen's face had an innate indifference on it, and if there was a smile at the corner of his mouth, it would always give the other party the feeling of being treated with contempt.

      Therefore, his current appearance, in Su Ruorui's opinion, was simply the perfect portrayal of pretending to be arrogant.

      At this moment, Ye Chen's eyes seemed to glance in Su Ruorui's direction, and the smile at the corners of his mouth grew a little thicker.

      Su Ruorui first felt an inexplicable nervousness and surmised, "That brat's expression, as if he's already seen through me, does he know that I'm coming to seek revenge on him?!"

      At that thought, she shook her head again and muttered under her breath to herself, "Not likely!Today he was the one who got to the dock and got on the boat first, he was already on the boat when I got there, and the car I was in was a one-way glass, so there was no way he could see me, which means that tonight's situation falls into the category of the enemy and the dark, so it's impossible for him to perceive me now, so it seems like I'm overthinking it."

      At that thought, a cold smile spread across her lips and she said through clenched teeth, "Kid!Later, my aunt will make you unable to laugh!"

      Saying that, she sternly snapped, "Full steam ahead, full speed ahead!"


      The boat that Su Ruo Li was riding was smaller in size compared to Ye Chen's, and the small boat was relatively faster, so after turning on the full power, the gap narrowed faster and faster.

      In the blink of an eye, the distance between the two sides was only five hundred meters.

      With the help of binoculars, Su Ruo Li could even see the sparse stubble on Ye Chen's face.

      At this time, the smile on Ye Chen's face was even more intense, and his eyes were also staring at Su Ruorui's direction.

      Su Ruorui was inevitably a little panicked at this time: "If the look in his eyes just now was an accident, then why is he still looking at me now?!"

      Thinking of this, Su Ruorui gritted her teeth and said to the few people around her with a cold and serious face, "Everyone, get ready for battle!"


      Several people immediately responded, then pulled out weapons from their waists.

      The gun control in Japan was very strict, so they used, almost exclusively, the various kinds of hidden weapons commonly used by martial artists.

      And the distance between the boats was getting closer and closer.

      Su Ruo Li raised her hands and tied her long hair into a crisp high ponytail, whirled around and said to the few people around her, "Captain will hit the side of the other side first, then slam the direction to keep the ship close to the other side, when the ship is close to the other side, the others follow me and jump up, catch the man on the deck at the first time, and kill all the rest!"

      A few of them looked so impressed that they said in unison, "As ordered!"

      Killing, Su Ruo Li was never soft.

      From the moment she was born, her mother had always instilled a belief in her.

Chapter 2138

That was, the most important task in her life was to do her best to serve her own father, Su Shou Dao, and the entire Su family.

      This belief, over time, had become her unwavering belief in life.

      Su Ruo Li had been brainwashed by her mother for twenty-one years since she was a child.

      Therefore, as long as it was beneficial to the Su Family, she would not hesitate even if it made her an enemy of the whole world.

      If anyone dared to do anything against the Su Family, it would even more so touch her absolute backbone!

      That's why, at the very least, she would wipe out the entire Matsumoto family!

      She didn't just have a personal grudge against Ye Chen, but a family grudge as well!

      It was because Ye Chen had trapped her and more than fifty other Su Family experts that the Su Family was suddenly hurt and lost a lot of energy.

      Therefore, she now not only wanted to avenge herself, but also to avenge the Su Family's hatred!

      At this time, the distance between the two ships was only less than two hundred meters left.

      Even without relying on binoculars, Su Ruorui could clearly see Ye Chen's facial features and the strange smile on his face.

      This smile made her feel déjà vu now!

      When he was taken away by the Japanese Self-Defense Force on a bus at Osaka Airport, along with the other Sujia experts, standing in the cockpit of the private jet, looking at himself, was a smile like that on his face!

      At this moment, Su Ruorui realized that Ye Chen was indeed watching her all the time.

      From the beginning it was, and still is.

      She was not surprised in her heart, this guy, did he perceive that he was observing him!

      In the middle of the ocean, and in the middle of the night, thousands of meters away, had he found himself?!

      In fact, she didn't know that Ye Chen had not only sensed that she was observing her, but had even, in fact, sensed her identity!

      Just as Su Ruo Li was shocked, the two ships were getting closer and closer!

      100 meters, 50 meters, 30 meters!

      Su Ruo Li's eyes were red and she yelled at the captain, "Keep accelerating!Crash it for me!"

      The captain shouted loudly, "Miss Sue, the engines are at maximum thrust!"

      Su Ruo Li yelled, "There's still the last twenty meters, everyone get ready to charge!"

      As soon as Su Ruo Li's side of the voice fell, Ye Chen said loudly with a smile on his face, "Hey, the boat is also bought with money, crash a hairy crash!You don't have to pay to fix it if it's broken?"

      Su Ruo Li was stunned and took off, "How can he hears me?!"

      At this time, Su Ruo Li was inside the cockpit.

      Through the glass of the doors and windows, coupled with the sound of the wind and waves outside, even if she was standing at the door, it was impossible to hear what the people inside were saying.

      What's more, it was a distance of twenty meters.

      The captain also panicked a bit and subconsciously said, "Miss Su, with the wind and waves outside being so strong and so far apart, why is it that we can clearly hear his voice when he speaks?!"

      Su Ruo Li was even more surprised when she heard this!In the back of my mind, I said, "Right!He just spoke as if he was in earshot, how the hell did that happen?!"

      At this point, the captain saw her lack of response and couldn't help but ask out of the blue, "Miss Sue, what now?!"

      Su Ruo Li didn't know what to do all of a sudden.

      And the distance between the two ships, only about ten meters left.

      Ye Chen continued to laugh at this time, "I urge you to think more, in case the two ships collide and everyone is put down in the middle of the ocean, do you call the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force for help?"

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "But I'm not afraid, but what about you guys?There's a felon at large on the ship, and if the Japanese Self-Defense Force catches him, I'm afraid he'll be shot straight away, right?"

Chapter 2139

Ye Chen's words made Su Ruorui involuntarily tense up.

      She was a super felon in the eyes of the entire Japanese judiciary, the culprit who had wiped out the entire Matsumoto family, and if she really brought in the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force after crashing the boat, she would definitely not be able to escape.

      In addition, if the Japanese found out that he had even escaped from prison, the Japanese will then take strict custody of him and will never give him a second chance to escape.

      Thinking of this, Su Ruorui gritted her teeth and coldly commanded, "Decelerate!Just lean on it, don't crash!"

      The captain was relieved and even took emergency brakes.

      Su Ruo Li's eyes were now full of hatred and perseverance, and he coldly shouted to the few people around him, "Follow me!"

      Saying that, he was the first to dash out of the cockpit and right onto the side of the ship!

      At this time, the two ships were almost about to stick together, and Su Ruorui was standing in front of the railing on the side of the ship, but only three to five meters away from Ye Chen, who was on the opposite deck.

      Once again face to face with Ye Chen, Su Ruo Li was filled with resentment towards him, gritting her teeth and coldly shouting, "Kid!You got away with it last time, you'll never be that lucky this time!If I don't take your dog's life today, my name won't be Su Ruo Li!"

      Ye Chen laughed and said happily, "Girl, have you always had such a temper?Or did you grow up and live too repressed, and that's why your temper got worse?"

      Su Ruo Li scolded angrily, "Don't be gullible with me here!If you tell me your name, I'll leave your body intact!If not, I'll break you into pieces!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "Girl, I see that you are young and beautiful and generous, you can be considered a top-notch beauty anyway, so don't say things like breaking into pieces at every turn, isn't it better to be gentle?You have to remember that gentle girls are the most pleasing to men, and a tigress character like you will probably end up alone!"

      "What did you say?!"Su Ruo Li pointed at Ye Chen and gritted her teeth, "Kid!When you die, I will sew your mouth shut so that you will be reincarnated as a mute in your next life!"

      Ye Chen smiled playfully, "Let's see if you're capable of killing me!If you have the ability to do so, kill or cut to death as you wish, but if you don't, then I'll have to let you feel my means of punishment!"

      Su Ruo Li's beautiful eyes glared at her and coldly snapped, "Go to hell!"

      After saying that, with one hand on the fence, the entire person suddenly leapt, directly jumping several meters high and charging towards Ye Chen with all his might!

      Ye Chen stood by the fence, a few disdainful smiles on his face.

      Su Ruo Li was indeed an expert, but this expert was for ordinary people.

      To Ye Chen, there was basically no difference between an expert like her and an unarmed old woman on the street.

      In other words, just like in an online game, there was no real difference between a level ten player and a level one player in front of a level one hundred big shot.Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      A level one hundred big brother only needed one slash to slash a level one player; slashing a level ten player would likewise only require one slash.

      However, Su Ruorui didn't know that she was simply vulnerable in front of Ye Chen!

      She leapt deep onto the deck of Ye Chen's ship and saw that Ye Chen had been standing motionless by the railing, and had wanted to just grab Ye Chen by the throat!

      However, it was unexpected that Ye Chen, who had been calm and composed, took a slight step back in the nick of time and immediately dodged Su Ruorui's attack.

      Ye Chen could have just gone forward and subdued Su Ruorui in one move, but he didn't intend to do so.

      In his eyes, Su Ruorui was like a small milk dog that he met on the street, who obviously didn't have much strength, but liked to bark at people and sometimes wanted to rush up and bite them twice.

      Although this kind of little milk dog's personality was annoying, the key was that its face value was quite high, so that it also gave people the idea to tease it.

Chapter 2140

Moreover, Ye Chen saw that there were several men following behind Su Ruorui, these people had also started to climb over the railing and climb onto their own ship at this time, if he finished Su Ruorui now, then the others would definitely turn their heads and run away at the sight of him.

      So, it would be a good idea to wait until they were all on board their ship and then give them a jar to catch a turtle in.

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen continued to retreat a few steps back, allowing Su Ruorui to chase after him.

      At the moment when Su Ruorui was chasing Ye Chen, the others also rushed up.

      When Ye Chen saw this, he smiled in satisfaction, "Since they're all coming up, I won't waste any more time!"

      Afterwards, he suddenly seemed to be a different person, bursting with an astonishing aura!

      Su Ruo Li was an internal expert and had already practiced a remarkable inner strength, so at once, she felt the momentum released from Ye Chen's body and her entire body was dumbfounded!

      "If what I felt just now is correct, the inner energy in this kid should be much stronger than mine!"

      "But he doesn't look like an expert in any way!Did I perceive it wrong?!"

      Just when Su Ruorui hadn't thought about it, Ye Chen had stopped retreating and turned to charge straight at her.

      At this moment, Ye Chen's entire body was sharpened!

      Even the running even carried the sound of breaking air!

      It's a complete change from the dude who was hanging around!

      Su Ruorui was so shocked that she immediately stopped and stood at the same spot, ready to respond with all her might.

      However, just as Ye Chen was about to rush in front of Su Ruorui, his entire body suddenly made a transformation and the person had disappeared from Su Ruorui's eyes!

      Before Su Ruo Li could figure out what was going on, she heard a few screams coming from behind her!

      She turned around hastily, and the situation before her startled her!

      At this time, three of the six men who had followed her here were already lying on the ground howling, another one was held up in the air with one hand by Ye Chen, screaming while being thrown vigorously like a javelin.

      The other two tried to flee, but one of them was directly smashed to the ground by the one that Ye Chen threw at him, and the last one was grabbed by Ye Chen's neck and directly lifted up by him like a chicken before he could escape.

      The man was scared out of his wits and cried out, "Big brother spare his life."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Spare your life, right?OK, and don't say I won't give you a chance, it's up to you to earn your way alive!"

      The man nodded repeatedly and said off the cuff, "Don't worry, whatever you say, I will do it!"

      Ye Chen said calmly, "I don't need you to do anything for me, you got on my boat without my permission, I just want you to get lost, that's all."

      As soon as the man heard this, he said with great joy, "I'll roll, I'll roll!"

      He had thought that Ye Chen was telling him to roll back to the ship he had come from, so he was naturally relieved.

      However, he never expected that Ye Chen would just throw his hand and throw him out hard.

      The moment he lifted off and flew into the sea, Ye Chen said in a cold voice, "Whether you can survive or not is up to your own destiny!"


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