His True Colors Chapter 199-200


His True Colors Chapter  199

In the most luxurious compartment of the Zong Huang Hotel, the dishes on the table could not be overstated, when Su Ying Xia saw Tang Zong carefully serving Han 3,000, she was instead a bit on edge, because the more she couldn't see through Han 3,000, she felt that she was getting farther and farther away from Han 3,000.

    To think that when Han 3000 had first joined the Su family, Su Yingxia had thought of many ways to get rid of Han 3000, but now, she was very worried that she would lose Han 3000, and this huge gap in her heart made her very uncomfortable, and even when she was by Han 3000's side, she would feel a sense of gain and loss.

    During the course of the meal, Han three thousand received a message that surprised him, and after seeing the message, Han three thousand left the table.

    Standing in front of the elevator, Han Three Thousand looked at the word penthouse on the message and was somewhat impatient.

    Although the time was short, it was a long, torturous process for Han Three Thousand.

    It was only when he arrived at the top floor and saw that familiar figure that he smiled.

    "Even Qin City couldn't lock you up, it seems there's no place under the heavens that you can't escape from."Only after walking to the side did Han Qianli say.

    The gopher turned his head and looked at Han Qianqian with a sincere look on his face, escaping from Qin City didn't give him any sense of excitement or accomplishment, and he even felt that it was something he took for granted.

    "You're wrong, there's a place in this world where I might not be able to get out either,"Gopher said.

    Han Giangli raised his eyebrows, he had already seen what the gopher was capable of, he was able to get out of a place as heavily guarded as Qin City, was there actually a place he couldn't get out of?

    "Yeah?I'm curious where it is, is there any place in Huaxia that is more strict than Qin City?"Han Qianli was curious.

    "I don't know where it is, but this place is called the Geocentric Prison, it's a private institution, many of the most heinous criminals abroad are sent to the Geocentric Prison, and after countless escape artists go to the Geocentric Prison, they fade away, legend has it that it's the most terrifying prison in the world, and after entering, no one will be able to get out."Gopher said.

    "By the looks of you, you're yearning for this place?"Han Giangli was puzzled, even the gopher said that, then this Earth Heart Prison seemed truly terrifying, but the gopher acted as if he was eager to try it out.

    "So far, no one in Huaxia is qualified to enter the Earth Heart Prison, do you think I'm qualified?"The gopher asked Han Marchant.

    "There's no death penalty abroad, this kind of regulation is different, even if you commit a heinous crime, you won't necessarily be sent to the Earth's core.And why do you have to live with yourself in such a dangerous place?"Han Qianqian smiled bitterly, this mentality of a gopher who took pleasure in escaping from prison was beyond his comprehension, and with so many escape masters planted in the Earth's core prison, wasn't he worried that he wouldn't be able to get out?

    "Do you know what the Earth's core is for?"Gopher asked.

    "Since it's a private organization, it must be for profit,"Han 3,000 said.

    "Good."Gopher nodded his head and said, "There are many people who can't die but can't show their faces who are locked up in the Geocentric Prison, it's not directly related to whether they've made a mistake or not, don't you want to know who's locked up in there?"

    Han Giangli frowned and said in a cold voice, "What do you mean by that?"

    "You should know what I'm trying to say,"Gopher said.

    Han Giangli's breathing gradually became quicker, Shi Jing had said that Grandpa most likely hadn't died, so could he have suddenly vanished from the earth and been locked into the Earth's core?

    But how could the gophers know about this?How could he be clear about the Han family's inner workings.

    "You better explain it to me or you'll die here today,"Han Giangli said.

    Sensing the strong killing intent emanating from Han Giang's body, the gopher quickly said, "Don't get excited, I'm just guessing, and the reason I'm saying this is because I want you to send me to Earth's Core."

    I don't even know what the Earth's Core Prison is, what makes me think I can send you there?"Han 3000 said.

    "With your money, isn't the purpose of a private organization, to make money?"The gopher smiled.

    "I'm not satisfied with this explanation."Han Marchian suddenly choked the gopher's throat.

    Unable to breathe, the gopher's face quickly turned red and struggled to slap Han Three Thousand's hand, but his ability lay in escaping from prison, not in fighting, so how could he be Han Three Thousand's opponent in terms of strength.

    He was almost about to faint from lack of oxygen before the gopher was thrown to the ground by Han 3,000.

    Panting heavily, the gopher who had escaped death walked on thin ice and looked at Han 3,000 in fear.

    "Is there any other explanation?"Han Marchian asked.

    The suffocating oppression made the gopher regret coming to Han Marchant, but in this situation, if he didn't give Han Marchant a reasonable explanation, he was dead!

    "Does the explanation matter?Don't you want to give it a try?I'll at least have the stamina to prove this for you."Gopher said.

    Han Giang was silent for a long time.

    He had no way of finding out if grandpa was alive or not, but the existence of the Earth's core was indeed a place worth investigating, and what Shi Jing said still reverberated in Han 3000's mind.

    Without seeing a corpse, how could it mean that grandpa was really dead?

    That Daoist priest's information, Han 3,000 was already sending people to start investigating, but so far, there was no news at all, perhaps the Earth's Core could be a breakthrough.

    "You can go in, but you can't come out, a prison like the Earth's Core is bound to block all signal transmissions, so how are you going to inform me?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "I need a cellmate to implant a signaling device in him so I can inform you,"Gopher said.

    "It's impossible for Geocentric Prison to remain highly secretive if it can't even find that out, and your words can't be trusted,"Han 3,000 said.

    "There's a signaling device that doesn't emit any signals when it's not in use, and it won't be detected,"Gopher said.

    Han 3000 didn't know much about the high-tech side of things, but the gopher shouldn't lie, and he could verify the truth by asking anyone he wanted.

    "So your cellmate, he's a scapegoat?"Han Giangli asked.

    The gopher laughed and said, "Of course, the transmission of the signal will definitely be discovered by the Earth's core, and I'm not going to die."

    "I'll make arrangements for you as soon as possible."Han Qianli said and turned to leave.

    The gopher touched his neck, looking like he had been robbed, until Han 3,000 was gone, then he said, "Damn, it's too dangerous to deal with this kind of person, almost lost his little life, it's not a good road to take, you're looking for him, but you don't know that his eyes are watching all this."

    Returning downstairs, Han Giangli sorted out his emotions at the door of the compartment before pushing his way in.

    When he tried to hide his emotions, no one could tell that it was Han Qianli's way of disguising himself, or else after so many years in the Han family, his small actions would have been discovered by Nangong Qianqiu.

    "What's wrong?"Su Yingxia asked, Han Giangli had just left without saying a word or saying what had happened, making her worried.

    "Nothing, met a friend."Han Giangli said.

    Su Yingxia nodded and didn't ask any more questions, and after a meal, the group planned to go back to the villa to rest.

    But as soon as they walked out of the hotel, they heard a loud crying sound, and following the sound, Jiang Sheng was lying on the ground, and Liu Hua had a snotty nose and tears.

    "What are they doing again."Su Yingxia said with a bored face, this family, she now hated to the bone.

    "Han Three Thousand, you beat my son to death, you heartless, you've had enough to eat and drink, but my son is dying."Liu Hua wailed to Han Three Thousand.

    With Han Three Thousand's strength, not to mention seriously injuring Jiang Sheng, even killing him would be a breeze.

    However, the force of that kick just now was controlled by Han Three Thousand Thousand, and although it would make Jiang Sheng suffer, it would never hurt him.

    "Liu Hua, what do you want, just say it."Han Qianqiang asked.

    Liu Hua wiped a handful of tears and said, "He has to go to the hospital, and you have to pay, medical expenses, lost wages, nutrition, and mental anguish."

    Han 3000 laughed, putting on such a show for money, it was a real loss for them to think of it.

Chapter 200

"Want money, huh?Return the two hundred thousand I borrowed from you first."Jiang Lan said furiously, such a shameless act, she couldn't bear to see it, and before Jiang Sheng was clearly fine, now he was acting like he was sick and disabled, this was a disgusting fraud.

    "Money?What money, Jiang Lan, when have I ever lent you money, I don't care, if you don't pay up today, I'll call the police to arrest you."Liu Hua scattered and rolled around, crying and screaming, quickly attracting the attention of passersby.

    Han Qianqian walked up to Jiang Sheng with a cold smile and said, "Is this injury compensation enough for you?How about I break your leg and pay you more for it?"

    Jiang Sheng shivered in fear and quickly climbed up to hide behind Jiang Fengfeng.

    "Han Qianqian, you're so arrogant, aren't you afraid of being arrested?"Jiang Fengfeng said.

    "Jiang Fengfeng, if the three of you feel that you haven't had enough fun, I can have a good time with you, but you have to think about whether or not you can bear the consequences."Han Qianqian said.

    Jiang Fengfeng began to feel guilty when he heard this, but Han Qianqian knew Tang Zong, how could he play with him?If Tang Zong were to step forward, a hundred Jiang families wouldn't be enough to play with ah.

    "I'm your elder, and you're talking to me with this attitude?"Jiang Fengfeng raged.

    "Elders?"Han Qianqian smiled disdainfully and said, "With an elder like you, I have no place to put my face, and I'll warn you one last time, don't blame me for being ruthless if you fool around again."

    "Han Qianli, kill me if you have the guts, I want to see how powerful you are, I'll also warn you one last time, if you don't pay up, don't blame me for being ruthless."Liu Hua rushed in front of Han three thousand and pointed at Han three thousand's nose and said.

    Han 3,000 yuan took a deep breath and tried to restrain the anger that was about to erupt and said, "Liu Hua, your son is already useless enough, if he is still in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, do you think it's a good thing?"

    Jiang Sheng, who was hiding behind Jiang Feng, jumped to his feet in anger when he heard this and cursed, "Han 3,000, who are you calling trash, I think you're the one who's trash, what right do you have to say about me, I'm so much better than a f*cking wimp like you."

    "Yeah?"Han Giangli pushed Liu Hua away and walked towards Jiang Sheng.

    Jiang Sheng looked defeated for a moment, and his body trembled in fear, saying, "What ...... are you doing!"

    "Waste you and see who's the loser."Han Qianli coldly said.

    Jiang Sheng wanted to run, but his legs were already weak from fear.

    "Three thousand."Su Yingxia was afraid that things would get too big, so she hurried to Han Third Thousand and pulled his hand, saying, "Third Thousand, don't get along with them."

    Han Three Thousand stopped and looked at Su Yingxia, the anger on his face replaced by gentleness, and said, "Listen to you."

    Su Yingxia's heart moved, and no matter how angry and aggrieved Han Three Thousand was, it seemed as if his own words could change his mind.

    Is this the position I hold in his heart?

    "Jiang Sheng, why don't you guys leave now, do you have to be unmanageable to regret?"Su Yingxia said to Jiang Sheng.

    At this time, no one had expected that Liu Hua would run to Su Yingxia and slap Su Yingxia in the face: "Su Yingxia, I told you to compensate, compensate do you not understand?"

    The anger that Han Qianqian had just pushed down exploded in an instant, reaching out with a swift thunderbolt and strangling Liu Hua's neck with a death grip, "You want to die, I'll fulfill you."

    Liu Hua instantly felt unable to breathe, looking at Han Qianli's murderous eyes, this shrew finally felt afraid and kept slapping Han Qianli's arm with her hand.

    Jiang Feng and Jiang Sheng were stunned in place, not even daring to move a muscle.

    They were used to treating Han Giang as a wimp, but the strength he was displaying now was almost suffocating them.

    Watching Liu Hua's eyeballs gradually roll up, Su Yingxia panicked and said, "Three thousand, that's enough, if you don't let go of her, she'll die."

    The word death was nothing more than a thought to Han three thousand, but he knew that things like murder were not something Su Yingxia could accept, she had never been exposed to the true grey area and Han three thousand didn't want her to know about it.

    After releasing Liu Hua, Han Qianqian said, "Get out of here, next time, I'll never let you go."

    Liu Hua covered her neck with both hands and gasped for air, her soul was about to be frightened away, the moment just now, she really felt like she was about to die, and if it wasn't for Su Yingxia, Han 3000 would never let him go.

    This wimp actually had such a temper!

    "Mom, are you okay."

    "Wife, how are you."

    It was only after Han Qianli left that Jiang Feng and Jiang Sheng rushed to Liu Hua's side in concern.

    Liu Hua, who had brushed shoulders with death, hadn't learned her lesson after being able to be reborn, so how could a tricky woman like her be so easily softened?

    "Jiang Sheng, don't you know some friends in the grey area?Mom will give you money and find someone to beat up Han 3,000, I will take revenge for this."Liu Hua gritted her teeth and said.

    "Good, I will help you take revenge."Jiang Sheng said.

    At this time, the atmosphere in the Jiang family was frozen.

    After Jiang Hong returned home, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became, not only at Han Qianqian's attitude towards him, but also at Jiang Wan and the others for deliberately hiding things from him.

    If it wasn't for Jiang Wan, things wouldn't have come to this point today.

    "Grandpa, it's Su Yingxia, she's the one who caused me to lose my boyfriend, just kick her out of Jiang's house and don't let her come back in the future."Jiang Wan cried out in pain, it wasn't easy for her to find a rich boyfriend, but now it was all ruined by Su Yingxia, she couldn't accept this.

    Jiang Hong snorted and said, "If it wasn't for you guys deliberately hiding the fact that Jiang Lan came back, how could it be like this today, Tang Zong showed up in the mall, didn't you guys notice the relationship between Tang Zong and Han 3000?"

    "Dad, who would have thought that this loser would actually know Tang Zong."Jiang Bo sighed, he didn't want to believe this fact even now, Tang Zong was the richest and most powerful man in Bin County, but not only did Han Qianqian know him, but Tang Zong treated him with a lot of respect.

    When Jiang Hong heard this, he smashed his fist on the coffee table in anger and said, "Rubbish?If he's trash, won't our Chiang family be all trash?"

    Jiang Bo was shaking with fear, Jiang Hong but it was rare for him to lose his temper this much, he had eaten dynamite today.

    "Dad, don't you think it's strange?Wasn't this matter deliberately arranged by Su Yingxia to give Han Qianli a long face?"Jiang Bo was skeptical.

    Jiang Hong was furiously laughing, the facts were already in front of them, and they still didn't want to acknowledge Han Marchan's power.

    With Su Yingxia, how could they possibly invite Tang Zong!

    The Su family was only a second-rate family in Cloud City, so why would Tang Zong put Su Yingxia in his sights and still grovel to Han 3000?

    "I think you guys are blinded by lard, Han 3000 is never as simple as it seems."Jiang Hong said.

    Jiang Wan had used Han 3,000 as a stepping stone for her own search for superiority, hearing Jiang Hong say this, she was naturally unconvinced and said, "Grandpa, don't be fooled by them, all this must have been arranged by Su Yingxia, she's just trying to make us look bad on purpose."

    "The days are still long, one day you will know how stupid your thoughts are."Jiang Hong had lived most of his life and saw things more thoroughly than they did.

    He had always understood the Su family's situation very well, Su Yingxia was not valued at all in the company, so why would she become the person in charge for no reason?He even suspected that Su Yingxia's current position was all fueled by Han Qianqian's hidden agenda.

    Back then, when the old master of the Su family, who had hammered down the decision to allow Han Qianqian to enter the Su family, how many voices of disagreement had been forcefully suppressed by Su alone.

    With his level of shrewdness, would he really let a loser into the family?

    Although Jiang Hong couldn't figure out what was going on, he knew, and was even certain, that Han Three Thousand was by no means as simple as it appeared.

    "From today onwards, whoever messes with Han Three Thousand Year, get out of the Jiang family."Jiang Hong said coldly, he didn't want to harm the entire Jiang family by continuing to offend Han Qianqian.

    Jiang Wan had a belly full of anger that hadn't been vented, and now that she had lost Liu Zhijie, how could she possibly swallow her anger?

    I thought to myself: grandpa, I'll let you know how wrong you are, trash is trash, if it wasn't for Su Yingxia, he'd be nothing.


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