Secret Identity 2041-2060


Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2041

It was not easy for Old Mrs. Xiao to have a full meal and a good night's sleep.

      But she didn't expect the door to be kicked open early in the morning by an angry Zhang Guifen!

      Before Mrs. Xiao could react, Zhang Guifen rushed directly to the bed and smacked her in the face, scolding her angrily, "You dead old woman, you even dared to steal the rice inside the incense burner used by my mother to give incense to the Bodhisattva, are you still a human being you?"

      Old Mrs. Xiao was dizzy from the slap, and then looking at Zhang Guifen's face which was near at hand, filled with anger, she was scared out of her wits and begged, "Guifen, I'm sorry, Guifen!I don't want to steal from you either, but I'm just so hungry."

      Zhang Guifen was furious and snapped through gritted teeth, "Your hunger is your problem, what does it have to do with me?That incense burner is used by me to give incense to the Bodhisattva, and you're disrespecting the Bodhisattva by stealing the rice in there!In case the Bodhisattva comes down, you're just getting me into trouble!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao couldn't help but choke up, "Guifen you can't just stand by and watch me, an old woman, starve to death in this house on New Year's Eve, can you?If I really starve to death in this house, how do you think you'll ever live here again?Does it make you feel better to lie in your upstairs bedroom every night and just think about me starving to death in this room downstairs from you?"

      Saying that, Old Mrs. Xiao said with tears in her voice, "Guifen you can consider it as saving my old life.Didn't the Bodhisattva say?Saving someone's life is better than creating a seven-stage pagoda, and this is considered to be a merit!"

      Although Zhang Guifen's expression had softened a little, she still snapped in a cold voice, "For the sake of the Bodhisattva, I can forgive you for stealing the rice, but you must save yourself and pay a price for your actions!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly asked, "Guifen, what price do you want me to pay?"

      Zhang Guifen coldly said, "You honestly give the three of us a day to wash our clothes today, and I'll forget this ever happened!"

      As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao heard this, she immediately begged, "Guifen, I was not feeling well yesterday and could not go to the supermarket to work, that's why I stole your rice, today I said that I have to go to work, otherwise our family of four will have no food rations today again."

      "That I don't care!"Zhang Guifen said in exasperation, "Either you wash our clothes, or you give me back the rice you ate from me, and I won't blackmail you, just give me back as much as you ate, just fill the incense burner again!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao wept, "Guifen, all the rice has been cooked in the pot by me, what should I take back to you now?How about this, you let me go to work at the supermarket today, and I'll buy rice back to you right after I get the money from work, okay?"

      "No!"Zhang Guifen did not back down and said, "If you choose to return the rice to me, then give it back now, or else, get the hell out of here and go wash your clothes!"

      Saying that, Zhang Guifen threatened again, "If you don't eat the forfeit wine, then don't blame me for being rude to you!"

      Old Mrs. Xiao saw Zhang Guifen's fierce expression and knew that this woman was definitely not joking with herself.

      Now that she was alone, how could she be a match for her?

      So, old Mrs. Xiao could only nod tearfully and choke out, "Okay I'll wash I'll do it."

      On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the four members of Mrs. Xiao's family had not received a drop of rice.

      Zhang Guifen and the three men throw a pile of dirty clothes and bed covers to Mrs. Xiao, demanding that she must finish washing everything today.First Day of the Lunar New Year

      So the old lady simply didn't have time to go out and earn money.

      Xiao Weiwei, on the other hand, was also completely unable to get away because she had to take care of the injured bedridden Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong's father and son.

Chapter 2042

No one is making money, so naturally there is no food to cook, so the family can only starve and tough it out.

      Since Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong kidnapped Ma Lan and mistakenly kidnapped Ye Changmin until now, the four members of the Xiao family have all lost a lot of weight, and their lives are miserable.

      As for the family next door, at noon on the first day of the new year, they packed up their things and drove to the hot spring villa that Chen Zekai had given to Ye Chen, where the family planned to stay for two days to relax.

      On the evening of arriving at the hot spring villa, Ye Changmin sat in the dilapidated rental house, looking at a take-out dumpling full of boredom.

      Ever since Ye Chen had detained her in Jinling, Ye Changmin had been living off take-out.

      And hatefully, Ye Chen didn't allow her to order her own takeaway, all the takeaways were ordered and delivered directly by Hongwu's henchmen, and the price of each meal basically wouldn't exceed thirty dollars.

      These past few days, Ye Changmin was forced to taste many, popular foods that she had yet to eat in her life.

      Such as stewed chicken and rice, such as green pepper and shredded pork over rice, Gongbao chicken over rice, and then Lanzhou ramen noodles, Northeast potato noodles and donkey meat fire and so on.

      In the eyes of the Ye family, these commonplace delicacies were simply the trash among the trash, and usually, not to mention having a meal, even taking a sip would be disgusting.

      But now, Ye Changmin, who had once been high and mighty, could only feed on this every day.First post.

      Yesterday was New Year's Eve and couldn't order takeaway, so Hongwu's people gave her two boxes of instant noodles, a bag of ham sausages and two halved eggs.

      Ye Changmin was so furious that she had to eat this kind of garbage on New Year's Eve that she lost half her life, and said that if she couldn't eat dumplings on the first day of the New Year, she would commit suicide on the spot.

      So, Hongwu's people sent her a dumpling they had wrapped themselves.

      The dumplings are made of pork and pickled vegetables, and since Hongwu's younger brother's family is from the Northeast, he loves the dumpling filling.

      But Ye Changmin has been eating all mountain and sea food since she was a child, and the dumplings of the Ye family have never been wrapped with pork.

      The most commonly eaten dumplings in the Ye family are mixed with the shrimp meat of the top lobster and the fish meat of the wild yellow fish, then chopped by hand into minced meat, and then supplemented with shark fin and abalone boiled out of the minced meat.

      And pickled vegetables were something that Ye Changmin hadn't even had a bite of since she was a child.

      For a lady who grew up in a top family like hers, pickled food like sauerkraut was a taboo they would never touch, and almost any food that needed to be pickled and fermented was equivalent to poison in her eyes.

      Therefore, she just tasted a bite of this pork and pickled dumpling and immediately threw up, then gargled several times before she finally got rid of the taste of pickled vegetables.

      Ye Changmin angrily opened the door and questioned Hongwu's little brother, "What kind of bullshit dumplings are these you brought, is this something for people to eat?!"

      As soon as the man heard this, he became furious, speaking with a northeastern accent, and scolded, "Why the hell are you talking, you b*t*h?My mom wrapped these dumplings herself. I was kind enough to give you some, and you're still talking like that?Isn't it a lack of smoking?!"

Chapter 2043

Hong Wu's men didn't know the specific details of Ye Changmin.

      He only knew that it was a middle-aged woman that the boss required to be closely guarded, and as for who her last name was, where she came from, and what her background was, this person also knew nothing.

      So, when Ye Changmin was furious because of the dumplings he kindly brought, he boarded up a bit, feeling like he was kindly feeding a vicious dog that barked in a snarling rage.

      How could Ye Changmin have thought that one of Ye Chen's underlings would speak to him in such a tone of voice, and she was suddenly annoyed.

      She pointed at the other party's nose and snapped harshly, "Do you know who I am?How dare you talk to me like that?"

      The other party gritted his teeth and cursed, "I don't care who you are, you insulted the dumplings my mother wrapped for me, I'll smack your big mouth and you won't even get over it!"

      I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the best way to get rid of it, but I'm sure you'll be able to find the best way to get rid of it.The leaves are rancid and sour, but your mom still wraps them in dumplings, what's wrong with her?Is the family that poor?"

      The other party, a northeastern man of over one meter, was red in the face and said in exasperation, "What the fuck do you know!That's the most commonly eaten sauerkraut in the northeast part of my f**king country!Haven't even seen sauerkraut, are you still human?"

      Ye Changmin said with a arrogant face, "This kind of junk food is something that only poor people like you would eat!"

      Saying that, she brought the portion of dumplings over and threw them directly into the other party's face.

      Ye Changmin didn't care about the dumplings that spilled all over the floor, she stared at the strong man in front of her and said coldly, "I don't eat this garbage, so go and prepare a lobster dumpling for me!"

      The other party saw his mother's hard-working dumplings being so ridiculed by Ye Changmin, and even dumped all of them on the ground by her, he became so angry that he couldn't control himself, and raised his hand and slapped Ye Changmin.

      Ye Changmin was suddenly smacked and cursed in a fit of rage, "You you dare to hit me!I'll f**king kill you!"

      The other party ignored her and coldly said, "Today's meal has been delivered to you, if you haven't eaten enough, you'll have to wait for tomorrow."

      Ye Changmin spoke out of turn, "What did you say?!I ate one of your garbage dumplings and threw up!"

      The other party said indifferently, "That has nothing to do with me, I've already delivered the rice anyway, whether you eat it or not is your business."

      Ye Changmin gritted her teeth and said, "I don't eat this dumpling of yours, you order me a McDonald's!"

      When the other party heard this, they roared in anger, "You're a f**king disgrace!Northeast sauerkraut is garbage to you, but McDonald's in America is not?What a f**king disgrace to the Chinese, what a load of revered foreign goods!"

      Saying that, he directly closed the door and padlocked it from the outside.

      Ye Changmin waited without eating a single bite of food, so she was soon famished.

      In the evening, Ye Changmin couldn't help but call her father, Ye Zhongquan, who was far away in Yanjing, and complained on the phone, adding her own experiences in Jinling to her father's story.

      Then, she begged her father bitterly, "Dad, put some pressure on that bastard Ye Chen and tell him to let me back in quickly, I really can't stand it anymore."

      Ye Zhongquan listened and said indifferently: "Okay, I've already told you about this matter before, since you're the one who's not doing things right, then you should honestly stay in Jinling for a week."

      Ye Changmin choked, "Dad, I really can't stand it anymore, where is this kind of hell life for a human being!I haven't even had a stutter all day today, and if I keep this up, it's going to drive me crazy!"

Chapter 2044

Ye Zhongquan frowned and questioned, "As a son of the Ye family, how come you don't have any patience at all?If you can't hold on to this little thing, what else can you do?"

      Saying that, Ye Zhongquan reminded, "Right, from now on, you don't want to have any more conflicts with Chen'er, let alone endlessly with him because of these things, Chen'er has promised to come back for the Ancestor Ceremony on Qingming Festival, that's a good start for him to return to the Ye family."

      Ye Changmin angrily questioned, "Dad!Why are you always siding with that bastard Ye Chen who has no respect for his superiors?He's a poor kid who's been out of the country for years, never been to school, what value does he have to our Ye family?You still let him go back for the Ancestor Ceremony, he won't be able to disgrace our Ye family's first lineage then?"

      Ye Zhongquan said coldly, "Chen'er is still a member of the Ye family's bloodline if you say so, and he still has the marriage contract of Gu Yanzhong girl and girl on his body, his potential value to the Ye family is now incomparable to anyone, including you!So don't make any more demon moths, I told you to stay in Jinling for seven days and you stay well!A serving of pork and pickled dumplings can find fault, you're really floating out of shape!"

      After Ye Zhongquan finished speaking, he simply hung up the phone.

      Ye Changmin on this end of the phone was naturally in tears of frustration.

      The more she did, the more she hated Ye Chen in her heart.

      In her opinion, she suffered and suffered, and was even scolded by her father, all because of Ye Chen.

      So, she then vowed in her heart that she would find a chance to make Ye Chen pay the price!

      And this is the perfect opportunity to do so!

      Thinking of this, Ye Changmin muttered a vow in her heart, "Ye Chen!I, Ye Changmin, will definitely teach you a painful lesson!"

      Thinking of this, she dried her tears, opened the door and said to that Hongwu's man with an apologetic face, "This gentleman, I was indeed reckless just now, I apologize, and I hope you will forgive me."

      Saying that, he bowed deeply.

      When the other party saw this, his mood naturally eased a bit, so he spoke, "Alright, for the sake of your good attitude, this matter is over!"

      Ye Changmin was overjoyed and bowed in thanks before asking, "Sir, could I trouble you to pass on a message to your boss for me?"

      At night, Ye Chen, who was in the hot spring hotel, received a phone call from Hong Wu.

      On the phone, Hong Wu said to him, "Master Ye, your aunt asked me to bring you a message today, she said that she has deeply realized her mistake in the past few days, and wanted me to say sorry to you on her behalf, and also hoped that you could forgive her for her immaturity."

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "It's impossible for someone like her to willingly apologize to me, she must have another agenda, right?"

      Hong Wu said, "She said that she hopes that you will let her return to Yanjing in advance for the sake of her good attitude."

      Ye Chen sneered, "No!You tell her to stop dreaming, seven days, not a minute less."

      Hong Wu was busy saying, "Okay Master Ye, I'll relay this to her."

      "Mm."Ye Chen instructed, "After seven full days, let her leave Jinling immediately and never allow her to come back ever again!"

Chapter 2045

The overall experience of living in a spa villa in Champs-Elysees is much better than that of Thomson.

      It is located on a scenic mid-level hillside, which not only has an excellent view, but also, more importantly, is very quiet, and the distance between villas is very far, so the privacy is very well done.

      In addition, the Champs-Élysées hot spring villas, although the total price is almost half of that of Tomson's, but in fact, in terms of construction area and courtyard area, are much larger than that of Tomson's villas.

      The Champs-Elysees is located in the suburbs, so the land price is much lower than the city.

      Xiao Choran liked the environment here, and for her, it had been a long time since she had the chance to experience this kind of relaxed and quiet life.

      Therefore, the family simply decided to take advantage of the New Year's holiday to stay here for a few more days and relax.

      Dong Ruolin had been trying her best to invite Xiao Churan and Ye Chen to visit Yanjing, but Xiao Churan was still hesitant, as she felt that going to Yanjing would inevitably involve another round trip, and that staying in someone else's home was far less comfortable and comfortable than staying in their own home, even if it was no matter how good it was.

      On the second day of the Lunar New Year, while Ye Chen's family was still enjoying their vacation at the hot spring villa, Song Wanting was already in Tokyo, meeting with the New Japan Steel executives.

      The Song family's involvement in steel manufacturing this time was a prudent decision made by Song Wanting after thinking twice.

      The steel industry was the foundation for the development of modern industry, whether it was light industry, heavy industry or military industry, all of them could not do without the support of the steel industry.

      The Song family had been involved in the steel industry earlier, but had never seized the opportunity to become bigger and stronger.

      Now, Song Wanting took over the Song family, hoping to pull up the scale of the Song family's industry and raise it to a higher level as a whole, so she decided to bet heavily on the steel enterprise.

      The specific plan was to establish a steel enterprise focused on special steel smelting in the lower Yangtze River city of Hai City, which was not too far from Jinling.

      Haicheng, which was the city where Li Tailai was located.

      Although Li Tailai is the richest man in Haicheng, his main focus is on real estate and supporting commercial development, which is highly similar to Wanda Group's development direction and industrial form.

      Haicheng, as a downstream city of the Yangtze River, is closer to the mouth of the sea, so shipping is very convenient.

      The most important part of the steel industry is transportation, and the amount of iron ore used is huge, so it must be supported by shipping conditions in order to minimize costs, which is the main reason why almost all the large steel companies are established in coastal cities, as well as cities along the rivers.

      The Song family had invested many years ago in a large industrial land in the sea city that was just right for building a factory, so now the only thing the Song family lacked was a partner with strong research and development capabilities and a large number of steel patents.

      So, Song Wanting set her target for cooperation as Japan's Nippon Steel.

Chapter 2046

She decided to adopt a joint venture approach, as in the case of the automobile companies, to introduce the cutting-edge technology of Nippon Steel in the steel business.

      FAW-Volkswagen, GAC-Honda, Chang'an Ford, all basically adopted this joint venture idea, and these enterprises, after 20 or 30 years of joint venture development, also really achieved very proud sales results.

      Nippon Steel is also very interested in this cooperation, plus the Song family has the strength, land, and also a certain amount of experience in the steel industry, it is also a very good potential partner for Nippon Steel.

      So the two sides hit it off right away, and all that remained was the discussion and formulation of the details of the cooperation.

      Song Wanting's idea was for the Song family to hold 51% of the shares and Nippon Steel to hold 49%, but Nippon Steel's idea was for them to hold 51% and the Song family to hold 49%.

      Don't look at such a small percentage difference, but it determines who is in charge of a company.

      The 51% shareholder is the unquestionably largest shareholder, and has the absolute power to say one thing or the other on specific matters of the company.

      Once this control is handed over to Nippon Steel, the Song family will lose all dominance in this partnership.

      At the negotiation table, the two sides tug back and forth on this issue, but no one is willing to take a step back.

      Song Wanting said to Nippon Steel's top management: "Gentlemen, our cooperation this time, the reference is the automotive industry's consistent mode of cooperation, in our country, local automotive enterprises, and overseas automotive enterprises to set up a joint venture company's rules is the local enterprise share 51%, the overseas enterprise share 49%, after all, the enterprise is established in our country, also should be held by us, this point!I hope your company will understand!"

      The person in charge of negotiating with Song Wanting was the vice chairman of Nippon Steel, whose full name was Hashimoto Kensen, and was a member of Nippon Steel's core management.

      Hashimoto Kensen this year forty years old, in Japan's society that attaches great importance to seniority, he was able to climb to the core management so early, can be said to be a very right-wing person.

      At this time he looked at Song Wanting and smiled slightly, "Miss Song, I know the kind of cooperation model you are talking about in the automotive industry, but that model is not suitable for this cooperation between New Japan Railway and you."

      Song Wanting said with a calm expression, "Mr. Hashimoto, where exactly is it not suitable for the cooperation between us?I would like to hear more about it."Fastest Updated.

      Hashimoto said with a smile: "First of all, the automotive industry, the head of too many enterprises, Japan alone, there are Toyota, Honda and Nissan, Germany, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen, the United States, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Italy, those Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, not to mention, in this situation of many competitors, it is inevitable that peers will be lighter, we will often lower each other for the Chinese market offer".

      At this point, Hashimoto nearly first expression, serious: "But the head of the steel industry there are only a few companies, the world's top ten steel companies, half of them are based on the output before the list, the real has a special steel core technology companies, a total of so three or four, the whole of Japan is only our Nippon Steel this one, you Chinese have a saying, called'Rare is precious', and it's normal for Miss Song to sacrifice more for the sake of such a rare partner as our New Japan Rail!"

      Song Wanting hesitated again and again, and spoke up, "Mr. Hashimoto, regarding the shares, I really can't give back any more, the Song Group must hold 51% of the shares in this cooperation, but as compensation for New Nippon Steel, we can give New Nippon Steel a certain inclination in the right to profit, and in the future, New Nippon Steel will enjoy 51% of all the net profits generated by our cooperation.What do you think of that?"

      Hashimoto Konen shook his head without thinking and said seriously, "Miss Song, we won't make any concessions on the equity issue, if we were willing to make concessions on this point, we would have been in deep cooperation with the other steel companies in your country, so why would we wait until today?"

Chapter 2047

Song Wanting knew that what the other party said was not true.

      In fact, a top steel group like Nippon Steel was a very sought-after meat and potatoes company for any country.

      In particular, their strength in special steel was the top in the world.

      Special steel was very versatile, and the more sophisticated the field, the higher the demand for special steel.

      For example, the military industry.

      The most common gun barrel and cannon barrel had very harsh requirements for steel.

      If the material is perfect, the life expectancy and accuracy of guns and cannons can be optimal, but if the material is not good, the life expectancy and accuracy of guns and cannons will naturally not be good either.

      Some of the barrel, fired a few thousand times, will be serious wear and tear to the point of having to replace.

      Some barrel, hit a few hundred shells on the life of the life, a little messed up and may blow up the chamber, once put into use on the battlefield, is likely to affect the battlefield and the results.

      In addition, the armor of tanks, the armor of helicopters, the deck of aircraft carriers, all have extremely high requirements on steel.

      Therefore, everyone would like to have in-depth cooperation with a company like Nippon Steel.

      But Nippon Steel is also very shrewd.

      Not only did they have a huge appetite for foreign cooperation, but they were also very careful with their patents and research results.

      Even if they reached a cooperation, they would not bring out their top achievements.

      At most, they would just use some neutered versions of their products to cover the civilian field, and the cutting-edge technology in the military field never goes outside.

      What they wanted in this cooperation with the Song family was absolute control.

      To have the Song family contribute people, money, land, and effort while also working under their hands and at their command.

      As long as the Song family agreed to this condition, they would spend a few years gradually turning the Song family into their puppets or sweeping them out of the picture.

      Song Wanting didn't expect that she would give the New Japan Railway an extra two points of revenue rights, but the New Japan Railway people still wouldn't agree.

      So, she could only bite her teeth and said, "Mr. Hashimoto, I can give New Nippon Steel another part of the profit rights, and in the future, New Nippon Steel will share 55% of the net profit, and the Song family will share 45%, how about this?"

      Giving up five points in one breath was already a great compromise and concession to Song Wanting.

      Unexpectedly, Hashimoto Kensen shook his head without hesitation and smiled faintly, "Miss Song, our demand of New Nippon Steel is that we will never give up our controlling interest, and if you can't agree to the issue of controlling interest, then there's no need for us to continue our conversation."

      Song Wanting felt very passive at once.

      She couldn't help but surmise in her heart, "Now, it's me, on behalf of the Song family, who actively wants to cooperate with New Ri Tie, so New Ri Tie is directly holding my heart and forcefully demanding a controlling stake, and not backing down at all If I continue to insist, then there might be no more talking about this matter"

      "If this time is truly futile, then all the prep work I've done has been lost."

Chapter 2048

"But then again, if I give up my controlling interest, that would mean giving up all my autonomy, and in the future, the New Nippon Iron will be in charge of almost all matters large and small of the enterprise, then the Song family will be too passive"

      Hashimoto Kensen saw that her expression was a bit torn, and said with a smile, "Miss Song, there's no rush to settle this matter right away, you can go back and think about it first, let's meet again tomorrow for a chat, what do you think?"

      After a slight hesitation, Song Wanting nodded lightly.

      She knew very well that she had absolutely no initiative in this round of negotiations.

      Continuing to talk like this would only lead to more and more passivity.

      It's like buying something in a shop, if the seller is in a hurry to make a move, the buyer's bargaining space will be larger, for example, the seller offers a hundred, and the buyer directly comes with a twenty, and then comes with a you sell, don't sell, I'll buy elsewhere, followed by a deadly grasp of the initiative.

      However, if the seller's mentality is very stable, the buyer to a twenty, the other side directly say you go to other look at it, this time let the buyer lost the initiative.

      According to normal logic, the buyer can only a little bit up, until the price can be satisfied with the seller, the specific amount of transaction, depends on the psychological price of the seller, may be fifty, may also be seventy-eight ten, or even ninety.

      However, this seller in front of Song Wanting was not prepared to make any concessions at all.

      He gave Song Wanting a very tough attitude, buy this item for one hundred, not a single point less, if you want to take it for ninety-nine, sorry, then go look elsewhere, or go back and think it over.

      Song Wanting has no room for mediation at this time, the only way, is to suspend the negotiations first, slow down the pace, and continue to come over tomorrow to talk further.

      So she nodded and stood up, "Mr. Hashimoto, let's both think about it, and if it's convenient for you, I'll come back tomorrow morning."

      "No problem!"Hashimoto stood up first with a smile, shook Song Wanting's hand, and said, "Miss Song, I'll walk you out."

      When Song Wanting left the New Japan Railway, she and her assistant got into the rented nanny car and headed back to the hotel first.

      At the same time, she sent a message to the family's WeChat group in the car: "New Japan Railway side must be 51% controlling interest, inch, I concession to 55% of the proceeds they still do not move, I have come out of the New Japan Railway, the evening to organize a good negotiation discourse, tomorrow to talk to them again for a round."The mobile phone one second remember to provide you with wonderful \ fiction reading.

      Song immediately sent a voice message: "New Japan Railway's appetite has always been big, but don't take them too seriously, because I learned some time ago that New Japan Railway is not having a good time right now!"

      The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.."

      Song Honor also sent a message, "Wan Ting, don't be in a hurry, look for their weaknesses and then hold them, they will definitely compromise."

      "Mm."The old man also said, "It's already February, they will soon be releasing last year's financial report, if the financial data is not good, not only will the shareholders find trouble with them, the stockholders will also grumble, then their share price will definitely fall, if they can announce their cooperation with us before the release of the financial report, it will also boost the mood of the shareholders and stockholders."

      Song Wanting replied, "Okay, I'll get ready after I get back to the hotel and talk to them for another round tomorrow!"

      At this moment, Hashimoto Konzen's cell phone suddenly rang.

      The incoming call showed that the call was coming from the neighboring country of Jinling.

      Song Honor, at this time in his own in the center of Jinling in a luxury penthouse apartment, holding a wireless landline to listen to the phone beep.

      Nearly Hashimoto answered the phone first and said with a smile, "Mr. Song is so fast, your sister just left on the front foot, and your call came on the back foot!"

Chapter 2049

At this time, Song Honor, who was looking out the window at the river, smiled faintly and spoke up, "Mr. Hashimoto, I also just heard my sister say that the cooperation negotiations with you don't seem to be going well."

      Hashimoto nearly first laughed, "Your sister does think a little too much, how is it possible to want to cooperate with our New Japan Railway and still want a 51% controlling stake?Also in cooperation, Mr. Song, you gave me a much better deal than she did!"

      Song Honor said with a smile, "That's of course, women do things, too petty, so it is difficult to become a climate, as long as Mr. Hashimoto and I cooperate fully, I will then give 51% of the shares to New Japan Railway, the remaining 49%, I privately give Mr. Hashimoto you nine points!"

      Hashimoto Konzen was a little excited and said, "Mr. Song is really magnanimous!That's a lot, and you'll only have 40% left in your hands!"

      Song Honor said calmly, "40% doesn't matter, I'm not doing this for money, but more to make a friend with Mr. Hashimoto."

      Hashimoto nearly first smiled and said, "Mr. Song is so generous!But I want to know, what are our chances of success in this?"

      Song Honor said seriously, "As long as you have the ability to keep my sister in Tokyo, the chances of success in this matter must be 100%!"

      Hashimoto Kon first said, "Mr. Song, it's not that I don't trust you, it's just that I've heard that before your sister inherited the Song family headship, the Song family head seemed to have been your grandfather, so if I leave your sister in Tokyo, then you will definitely be able to take the Song family headship?"

      Song Honor sneered and said seriously, "My grandfather is old, he's already at the age of still being able to eat, even if he wanted to sit on the seat of the home lord, he would definitely be too weak to do so."

      Saying that, Song Honor added, "And Mr. Hashimoto, don't worry, since I've decided to do this, it's a matter of firing the bow without a back arrow, even if it's my own family members standing in my way, I'll do it righteously!So, as long as your side can work well with me, I won't let you down!"

      Hashimoto Kon first smacked his lips and lamented, "Tsk, tsk Mr. Song is indeed courageous and knowledgeable, but there is one thing that I would like to tell you scandalously up front."

      Song Honor hurriedly said, "Mr. Hashimoto please speak."

      Hashimoto Kon first said word for word, "Mr. Song, I can help you solve your sister's trouble, but after I help you solve your trouble, you must honor the promise you gave me, otherwise, the recording of our conversation today may reach the Song family, or even the police of your country!"

      Song Honor said without thinking, "Mr. Hashimoto, please don't worry about this, after it's done, I'll be sure to honor my promise to you one hundred percent!"

      Hashimoto Konzen smiled slightly, "In that case, Mr. Song will wait patiently for the good news."

      The following day, the third day of the Lunar New Year.

      Song Wanting arrived at Nippon Steel early to continue her negotiations with Hashimoto Kensen on the cooperation.

      After returning yesterday, Song Wanting had spent the night thinking about what she wanted to do in order to take down Nippon Steel, and she had decided on multiple plans just in case.

      After the two sides sat down at the negotiation table, Song Wanting was the first to come up with her first plan.

      In the first package, she still insisted on a 51% controlling stake, but in return, she was willing to adjust the split to 40% to 60% in the first five years of the cooperation.

      That is, giving New Japan Railway 60 per cent of the net profits for the first five years and adjusting it to 55 per cent after five years.

Chapter 2050

Hashimoto Konzen's attitude had changed a little from yesterday.

      He no longer rejected Song Wanting's proposal very simply as he did yesterday, but played Tai Chi with Song Wanting.

      He made a lot of things ambiguous, neither agreeing nor refusing, and this attitude of neither agreeing nor refusing made Song Wanting feel very helpless.

      The two sides had been talking from the morning towards the evening, Song Wanting had adjusted the profit share for the first five years to 65% for Nippon Steel, but Hashimoto Konzen still refused.

      Song Wanting really has no choice but to show her cards, opening her mouth: "Mr. Hashimoto, it seems that neither of us are willing to make mutual concessions on the issue of control, if not, you see this line, we each hold 50% of the shares, in any case, are guaranteed to have 50% of each other's voting rights, all matters of cooperation, we are equal and affirmative, if weWhen the two sides can't progress in the partnership, we both also divide all remaining assets equally on a 50-50 basis!"

      In the meantime, Mr. Hashimoto sighed: "Miss Song, both sides hold 50% of the shares, it means that we do not have the initiative, the future cooperation in case there is a bit of controversy and disagreement on how to resolve it?If no one can get the final pat on the back, won't we be stuck in a death spiral where you don't obey me and I don't obey you, but no one can do anything about the other?"

      Song Wanting said with a very serious expression: "Mr. Hashimoto, if we both want to make the best of the cooperation, then even if differences arise, I believe that we can calmly and properly resolve them, rather than a single-minded kowtow with each other, since we seek cooperation, is to do a good job, if even this premise is not, then the cooperation is indeed difficult to continue to carry out!Go down."

      Saying that, Song Wanting added, "So if you really have the sincerity to cooperate with our Song Group, a fifty-fifty shareholding wouldn't be a problem, but if you don't have that sincerity, then even if you are allowed to take control, the cooperation may not be able to be pushed forward."

      Hashimoto Kon first said awkwardly, "Miss Song, there is a saying in your country that is, the villain first before the gentleman, since it is a cooperation, then it is definitely necessary to consider all the worst case scenarios first, don't you think so?"

      Song Wanting said, "Mr. Hashimoto, the equity is 50/50, the revenue is still five points more to you, this is our Song Group's final limit, if you feel that we can cooperate, then we will continue to talk, if you feel that we can't cooperate, then we can only say sorry, so it's all up to you whether you want to continue the conversation or not."

      Hashimoto Kon first didn't rush to give Song Wanting his position, but looked at the time, and with a wry smile on his face, he said, "Miss Song, it's not too early now, how about this, I'll give you feedback on your conditions with our chairman, and I'll give you an exact answer at the earliest tonight and tomorrow at the latest, no matter what."

      Song Wanting hesitated for a moment and spoke, "Alright then Mr. Hashimoto, I'll wait to hear from you!"

      Saying that, she stood up and held out her hand to Hashimoto Kensen and said politely, "Mr. Hashimoto, then we'll go back to the hotel today, and you'll be the first to contact me if there's any progress."

      Hashimoto nearly first nodded and smiled, "No problem, Miss Song please wait for my news in peace."

      Song Wanting, with a few of her assistants, got up and left the office building of New Nippon Steel.

      On her way out, Song Wanting was in a very complicated mood.

      Today, she had already opened her last card, she no longer had any room for mediation, and if the New Japan Railway's top management still couldn't agree, then she would have to return to Japan this time without any success.

      New Nippon Steel's upstairs.

      Hashimoto Kensen watched Song Wanting's commercial vehicle leave the parking lot downstairs, and with a cruel smile on his lips, he picked up his phone and made a call.

      As soon as the call came through, he smiled and said, "Mr. Song, your sister is already driving me crazy, I think the time is ripe to do it tonight, after tonight, your sister will disappear from this world completely!"

      Song Honor's voice came from the other end of the phone, "Haha, Mr. Hashimoto, then it's all up to you!"

Chapter 2051-2060


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