Secret Identity 2031-2040

Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2031

Ye Chen looked at that photo, his thoughts inevitably returned to that snowy night in Kyoto many days ago.

    It was under that heavy snow that he had saved Ito Cabbage, and also yawned to save Su Zhi Fei and Su Zhi Yu.

    Thinking of that, he sighed in his heart and replied to Cabbage, "Thank you, and happy new year to you as well!"

    Regarding what Cabbage said about it snowing in Kyoto, Ye Chen didn't make any response.

    He knew that he shouldn't have too much emotional communication with Cabbage.

    In the beginning, he was trying to heal her because he felt that she shouldn't be trapped by the harm that Qin Ao Xue brought to her all her life.

    Now that she was healed and he had saved her life, it was reasonable to say that it had been completely cleared up.

    If there was too much more involved, there would only be complications.

    Ye Chen himself was also aware that those women who liked him, he might not be able to give them much of an explanation, and the same was true for Cai Cai Zi.

    So, it was better to keep some distance appropriately, and it could be considered responsible for her people.

    Ito Naija was truly a gifted girl, and she was able to see Ye Chen's inner thoughts from Ye Chen's reply.

    So, she replied to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen-kun must be spending the festive season with his family right now, so Cabbage won't be bothered!Once again, happy holidays to you!"

    After returning this message, her heart was very sad.

    She knew that today was a traditional Chinese festival and it was the most important festival of the year, that's why she sent WeChat to Ye Chen to wish him well.

    At the same time, coincidentally, she happened to accompany her father to the capital to recuperate in the past two days, and it just so happened that a heavy snow fell in Kyoto tonight, so she immediately thought of the night when Ye Chen descended like a divine soldier.

    Thinking about that night, she missed Ye Chen more and more.

    So, she also took the opportunity of the New Year's blessing to share the heavy snowfall in Kyoto with him.

    But what she didn't expect was that he didn't even respond with half a word.

    Although she was lost in her heart, but Itoh Nana-chan could still understand, she knew that Ye Chen was a married woman, even if she liked Ye Chen, Ye Chen still had to keep a certain distance from her.

    So, she put away her phone and sat alone on the wooden steps at the side of the courtyard, looking out at the snow that was falling.

    Ito Yuhiko, who had his legs amputated, was now controlling the electric wheelchair, slowly approaching.

    The sound of the wheelchair didn't even disturb Ito's Nana-chan.

    Simply because, at this time, all the attention in her head was not above everything in front of and around her, but on the distant Yatsuo.

    Ito Yuuhiko sighed as he saw his daughter looking out at the snow.

    How could he not understand his own daughter?

    Ito Yuuhiko had already seen that his daughter was devoted to and had been thinking of Ye Chen, and seeing her like this made him feel a little sad.

    So, he coughed and spoke up to call out, "Nacho-chan."

    It was only then that Ito Naija came back to her senses and said with some embarrassment, "Father-sama, why did you come out?"

    Ito Yuuhiko smiled slightly and said, "I saw that you didn't go in for half a day, so I came out to see you."

    Cabbage Ito hurriedly said, "Then let's go back, it's quite cold outside, so don't freeze you."

    "Never mind."Ito Yuhiko said with a smile, "Cabbage Patch, there are some things that cannot be forced or rushed, you have to take things in stride."

    Ito Naija scrambled to cover up, "Dad, what are you talking about, why can't I understand"

    Ito Yuuhiko smiled, "Yatsuhashi is a good man, and also very capable in a rare way, a man like that is worth waiting a few more years for you."

    Ito Caixa blushed.

Chapter 2032

However, she didn't immediately deny it, nor did she run away on the spot, but instead put her hands and in front of her body and bowed deeply, "Father-sama, Cabbage knows!"

    Ito Yuuhiko smiled happily and said, "I'm getting old and I can't feel the cold air when it's blowing a little, I'm going home to rest, you should go to bed early too."

    Itachi was busy saying, "Father-sama, I'll send you!"

    Ito Yuuhiko waved his hand, "No need, if you like to meditate, you can meditate some more."

    Saying that, he took control of the electric wheelchair, spun halfway around in place, and jogged back to his room.

    Itachi watched her father's back disappear at the end of the corridor, feeling her face still burn with heat, so she gently covered her hands over the thick snow, followed by covering her face with her hands.

    The cold hands brought down the temperature of her cheeks quite a bit, and allowed Itachi's heart to grow calm.

    A moment later, she stretched out her hand again and used her fingers to write two beautiful Chinese characters on the snow, which were Ye Chen's name.

    After that, she held her chin with both hands and watched the snowflakes fall on those two Chinese characters one by one, until they became more and more blurred and finally disappeared.

    It was only at this moment that she slowly stood up and returned to her room.


    Osaka, Japan, which was only a few dozen kilometers away from Kyoto.

    A one-armed woman, led by several Japanese self-defense soldiers, arrived at the self-defense garrison in Osaka.

    This one-armed woman, whose surname was He, was the first daughter of the four great ancient martial arts families in China.

    She, was Su Ruo Li's biological mother, He Yingxiu.

    Since the time difference in Japan was an hour faster than at home, it was already ten o'clock at night in Osaka at this moment.

    He Yingxiu was led by a soldier and passed through a stringent security check before finally entering the Self-Defense Force garrison.

    The soldier then led her down from a building in a high speed elevator.

    The high-speed elevator stopped at a depth of fifty meters underground.

    This was the Osaka Self-Defense Force's triple defense underground base.

    The civilian term for triple-proofing is waterproof, dustproof, and fall-proof.

    The military triple defense, on the other hand, refers to protection against nuclear weapons, biological and chemical weapons, and chemical weapons.

    So, this triple defense base is the most heavily defended area in Osaka by the SDF.

    Now, this triple defense base is used for other purposes, including Su Ruo Li, more than fifty experts of the Su family are all detained here, it is heavily guarded and can effectively prevent them from escaping from prison.

    After He Yingxiu was brought in, he was placed directly into an airtight room.

    The iron door of this room was twenty centimeters thick, and it was much stronger than a bank vault.

    After she sat down in the room, a Japanese soldier reminded her in a low voice, "The people will be here in a moment, you only have five minutes."

    He Yingxiu nodded hurriedly and said seriously, "Thank you!"

    Without another word, the soldier turned around and left the room, and a minute later, a young woman with metal shackles on her hands and feet walked in, led by two soldiers.

    This young woman looked somewhat gloomy and her eyes were full of coldness.

    However, after she entered the room, her cold and steely eyes immediately stared up in surprise, followed by two hot tears rolling down her face.

    She looked at He Yingxiu who was also weeping silently before her eyes, and choked out, "Mom."

    He Yingxiu took two quick steps and held her in his arms with one hand as he gently stroked the back of her head and said lovingly, "Ruo Li, you're suffering."

Chapter 2033

Su Ruo Li hugged He Yingxiu's waist tightly and asked excitedly, "Mom, what are you doing here!How did you get in here?!"

      When He Yingxiu saw that a few Japanese soldiers had already retreated, he spoke up, "Ruo Li, it was your father who sent me."

      "Dad?"Su Ruo Li hurriedly asked, "How is dad now?Has he returned home?Not in any danger, are you?"

      He Yingxiu shook her head and said softly, "Don't worry, your dad is fine, he has returned to Yanjing safely before."

      Only then did Su Ruo Li let out a sigh of relief and murmured, "It's good that Dad is fine."

      He Yingxiu said, "Ruo Li, your father originally wanted to come to Japan to get you out personally, but he is now under strict surveillance by the Japanese national security, so it's inconvenient for him to come to Japan again in a short time, so he let me come over to meet you."(first post)

      Su Ruo Li was very confused and asked, "Mom, how did you get in when the Self-Defense Force locked me up so tightly?Why did they let you in?"

      He Yingxiu said, "The Japanese authorities have really reached the highest level of control over you, and your father has made inquiries, and they would love to sentence you and several of the main criminals to death, and your father has spent a lot of money and made good connections in the upper echelons of the Japanese Self-Defense Force in order to save you!"

      "Get me out of here?!"Su Ruo Li screamed and asked, "How is this possible?The Japanese Self-Defense Force is watching me very closely right now, and there are tens of thousands of SDF soldiers on this ground, so how can they get me out of here?"

      He Yingxiu explained, "Although you are now in the custody of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, the Self-Defense Force can't represent the Japanese judiciary after all, so you still have to be tried in a Japanese court, and according to Japanese law, you are to be escorted back to the court where the case was committed to be tried."

      Su Ruo Li was busy asking, "So that means we'll be escorted to Tokyo to be tried?"

      "Right!"He Yingxiu nodded and said, "At that time, the Japanese Self-Defense Force will use their military transport planes to send you back to Tokyo, and once you arrive in Tokyo, you will be escorted by the Tokyo Police Department's special operations team instead, and at that time, your father will arrange a double in Tokyo to swap you out with the help of a high-ranking member of the Japanese Police Department."

      Su Ruo Li was dumbfounded, and only after a long while did she ask, "Mom, will it be okay to change me out so openly?"

      He Yingxiu took her hand and said earnestly, "Don't worry about this, your father has already made arrangements to buy you twelve hours before the double is revealed, and then your father will arrange for you to leave Japan by boat from Tokyo Harbor."

      Saying that, He Yingxiu held Su Ruo Li's hand tightly and said with emotion, "Ruo Li, your father has thrown down nearly a billion RMB to save you this time to ease the relationship between the Japanese Self-Defense Force and the Tokyo Police Department, if you can return home safely this time, you must repay your father in the future!"

      Su Ruo Li's eyes were red and shedding tears as she nodded her head and choked, "Mom, don't worry, I'll repay dad properly!"

      He Yingxiu nodded and said, "Also, after you return to China this time, the Japanese side will definitely do everything they can to catch you again, if they know that you've returned, they will also definitely file an application with our country and extradite you back to Japan for trial, so after you go back, you will have to live under a different name, the name Su Ruo Li, you won't be able to use it anymore in the future."

      Su Ruo Li hurriedly asked, "Mom, if I can't be called Su Ruo Li anymore, what should I call myself?"

Chapter 2034

He Yingxiu said, "Your father said that you can name yourself anything you want, and he'll take care of the relevant household registration information for you."

      Su Ruo Li was suddenly delighted, and was just about to speak when He Ying Xiu added, "Ruo Li, your father said that you can still continue to be surnamed Su, or you can call yourself any name other than Su Ruo Li, but the only thing you can't do is to use the Su family's character name."

      At this point, He Yingxiu sighed and continued, "In other words, you can't have the word 'Zhi' in your name that is in the name of Zhi Fei or Zhi Yu"

      Su Ruo Li's expression that was somewhat happy just now instantly became bitter, she looked at He Yingxiu and asked, "Mom, Dad he still doesn't want anyone to know my identity right?"

      He Yingxiu said with a shameful expression, "Ruo Li, you are after all your father's illegitimate daughter, and not many people know about this matter, the entire Su family besides your father, only your grandfather knows about it, your father and his lover are very close, if she knew that your father still has such an illegitimate daughter like you, she would definitely break up with your father completely"

      Su Ruo Li choked, "Mom, can't I tell people for the rest of my life that Su Shou Dao is my father, righteously?Do I have to spend my whole life on the outside, being a girl who grew up without a father?"

      He Yingxiu's eyes reddened as she lamented, "Ruo Li, the reason your father had that affair with me back then was entirely my own request, he didn't even know you existed for many years before that, so you can't blame him for not wanting to disclose your identity!"

      "And what's more, your father paid a very high price to save you this time, and even if he can't publicly claim you as her daughter, deep down he loves you very much!You can't blame him no matter what, understand?"

      When Su Ruorui heard this, she sighed lightly, nodded slightly and said seriously, "Mom, I know, don't worry, I'll never mention this matter again, not to mention blaming dad in my heart!"

      He Yingxiu squeezed Su Ruo Li's hand hard and said seriously, "In a few days, you'll be escorted to Tokyo, and someone will contact you then to swap you out and send you to the docks, where Mom will be waiting for you in China!"

      Su Ruo Li hurriedly asked, "Mom, won't you wait for me in Tokyo?"

      He Yingxiu shook his head and said, "Your father said that once you succeeded in escaping, the Japanese will definitely check everyone who entered the country recently, and when that happens, if they find out that I came from China, and that I came to Osaka and went to Tokyo before the incident, it will be like I gave a complete lead to the Japanese Homeland Security for nothing, so he told me to return from Osaka immediately after meeting you.So as not to leave clues behind, as for Tokyo, he'll arrange for someone else to meet you."

      Su Ruo Li nodded and said, "Okay mom, I got it!You are at ease in China waiting for me to return!"

      At that moment, someone pushed open the door and spoke, "It's about time!"

      He Yingxiu reluctantly looked at Su Ruorui and instructed, "Ruorui, take care of yourself these few days, mom will be leaving first!"

      Su Ruo Li nodded gently with tears streaming down her face, "Mom, take care of yourself, and also say thank you to Dad for me."

      He Yingxiu patted her arm and whispered, "Nothing has a 100% success rate, but you have to promise Mom to come back alive!"

Chapter 2035

Su Ruo Li looked at He Yingxiu and nodded heavily, choking with tears in her eyes, "Mom, don't worry, I'll go back to see you alive!"

      He Yingxiu touched her face with her one arm and said with love and affection, "After you go back this time, don't go back to the Su family for a while, stay with mom at grandma's house for a while, and then go back when you're over this storm."

      Su Ruoli gave a hmmm and said, "Mom, take care of yourself."

      He Yingxiu instructed in a low voice, "The matter of saving you from going out, don't reveal it to anyone who was caught with you, because only you can leave this time, if they know about it, in case they are upset, I'm afraid it will bring trouble."

      Su Ruoli sighed softly, "Okay mom, I know."

      He Yingxiu nodded her head, which was why she reluctantly left.

      As for Su Ruorui, she was also brought back to the cell where she was being held by the soldiers.

      However, at this time, Su Ruorui's heart was filled with gratitude for Su Shou Dao.

      Even though she was just an illegitimate daughter and her father, Su Shoudao, couldn't recognize her identity, but Su Shoudao was willing to pay such a great price to rescue her, which was indeed far beyond Su Ruo Li's expectations of Su Shoudao, and also moved her deep inside.

      Originally, she was ready to be sentenced to death, but after meeting her mother, He Yingxiu, she rekindled her hope for the future!

      Yanjing time, ten o'clock in the evening.

      Ye Chen's family in front of the TV was watching the Spring Festival Gala on TV.

      Xiao Churan appeared to be a bit agitated and said to Ye Chen, "The program list published on the internet says that Gu Qiu Yi's solo is at the prime time of 10:10, it should be almost there!"

      Ye Chen nodded his head, and he couldn't help but feel some anticipation.

      Although he knew that Gu Qiuyi was a big star, he hadn't really seen many of the movies and TV dramas that Gu Qiuyi was in, nor had he heard many of the songs that she sang.

      This mainly had to do with Ye Chen's personality as well, he didn't have any need for entertainment, so naturally he didn't care about the entertainment industry.

      However, he naturally cared a bit more about Gu Qiuyi, after all, this was his childhood friend that he had grown up with, and the fiancĂ©e that his parents had set for him back then.

      So, he and Xiao Churan warped together in front of the TV, looking forward to Gu Qiu Yi's appearance.

      The timing of the Spring Festival Gala was almost unmistakable, and at 10:10, the host said with a smile, "It is said that the taste of first love is the most beautiful feeling in life, and next, Miss Gu Qiu Yi, a triple star of film, television and song, will bring us her brand new single "First Love"."

      Then, Gu Qiu Yi, wearing an elegant evening gown, stepped onto the splendid stage.

      Xiao Churan was thrilled and said, "Wow!Gu Qiu Yi's outfit is really beautiful!"

      Ye Chen couldn't help but nod his head repeatedly in agreement as well.

      The Gu Qiuyi on the TV, who deliberately had her long hair gently coiled behind her head, was a bit more demure and flirtatious than before.

      Lan Ma looked at Gu Qiuyi and couldn't help but exclaim, "Oh my, this girl is indeed pretty!So much prettier than all those actresses!"

      After saying that, he said with some regret, "Actually, with Choran's looks, he can also enter the entertainment circle and become a big star, even if he is compared to this Gu Qiu Yi, Choran is not inferior at all."Mobile One Second Remember provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Xiao Churan laughed, "Mom, you're also too much to hold me up, how can I be a star ah, I want acting skills no acting skills, I want voice no voice."

Chapter 2036

Lan Ma seriously said, "What's the point?You don't even need acting skills or a voice to be a star these days, just being pretty is enough!Look at the big stars, they can make albums even if they can't speak well, and act in movies even if they can't speak well.Not a good-looking one yet!"

      Xiao Choran helplessly shook her head, "Mom, stop it for now, let me finish the show"

      Ma Lan didn't forget to add another sentence, "Churan, what Ma said was true, Ma thinks you're really fine."

      At this time, Gu Qiuyi had already started singing.

      The moment she opened her voice, Ma Lan couldn't help but scream, "Oops!That girl has a great voice!"

      Gu Qiuyi hurriedly waved her hand, "Mom you don't say anything yet!"

      Ye Chen was also somewhat surprised by Gu Qiuyi's voice, although it seemed like she was just an idol star, but as soon as she opened her voice, she showed a very good singing skills, definitely professional level.

      The song was melodious and refreshing, similar to the song "Legend" sung by the Diva back then.

      Ye Chen couldn't help but immerse himself in it.

      Five minutes later, after Gu Qiuyi sang a song, Ye Chen was still immersed in the wonderful atmosphere created by her singing.

      Gu Qiu Yi's eyes were even redder as she listened, unconsciously applauding and lamenting, "Gu Qiu Yi's singing is really great!This song is especially touching!"

      Saying that, she then said to Ye Chen, "Hubby, Gu Qiuyi is coming to Jinling for a concert in a while, will you go with me to see it?"

      When Ye Chen heard this, he was embarrassed.

      Gu Qiu Yi did invite herself to see her concert, but if she went with Xiao Churan, this matter always felt a little bit off.

      He inevitably sighed in his heart, "Although I didn't want to divorce Choran and honor the marriage contract my parents made for me and Inan back then, I can't bear to take Choran to see Inan's concert, which is somewhat unfair to Inan"

      Just when Ye Chen hesitated, Xiao Choran couldn't help but say coquettishly, "Hubby, just go with me to see it once, whether it's good or not, please."

      Afterwards, he added, "I'll go grab the tickets then, and if I can't get them, I'll buy them from a scalper, you don't have to worry about anything, just get someone out there!"

      When Ye Chen heard this, he knew that Xiao Choran's determination to go to see Gu Qiuyi's concert must be very big, even if he didn't promise, she herself would still go.

      Moreover, he had also promised to go to Gu Qiuyi's concert, so he definitely couldn't break his promise when the time came.

      Rather than that, he could only promise to go.

      So, he then said to Xiao Churan, "Wife, don't worry, I will definitely accompany you then."

      Saying that, he also said, "Oh right, you don't have to worry about grabbing the tickets, I also went to see the feng shui for Miss Gu's family last time, Miss Gu should more or less give face, and it shouldn't be a problem to ask her for two front row tickets at that time."

      Xiao Choran asked in surprise, "Honey, are you telling the truth?!Can you get a front row ticket from Miss Gu?The front row tickets for Miss Gu's concerts are very sought-after, and are generally not released to the public at all, with scalps selling them for several times or even dozens of times the price, and once in Yanjing, the tickets for the first row were flipped to 100,000 a piece, the same level as the year's Wang Diva."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Miss Gu is still a very generous person, I'm sure she will give this face."

      Xiao Choran was thrilled and said, "That's really great!Thanks to my husband for being so supportive of my star-struck career!"

      Ye Chen couldn't help but sigh in his heart, just at this time, his phone received a WeChat, Gu Qiuyi sent a text message, "Brother Ye Chen, did you watch my show on TV?"

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Chapter 2037

The Spring Festival Gala was broadcast live in real time to 1.4 billion viewers across the country, so Ye Chen's family had just finished watching Gu Qiuyi's show in front of the TV, and Gu Qiuyi had just finished her performance and arrived backstage.

      At this time, she was unable to change her clothes, so she quickly sent a WeChat to Ye Chen first.

      What she was most concerned about was Ye Chen's opinion of her performance.

      Originally, the Spring Festival Gala director team wanted her to perform another one of her famous songs, a song about friendship.

      Gu Qiuyi had also already promised the director team that she would sing that song, but after meeting Ye Chen again, she had the idea of changing her song.

      So, she negotiated with the director team and expressed her desire to change the song.

      At first, the Spring Festival Gala director team was very reluctant.

      This was mainly because the Spring Festival Gala performances were always very meticulous and prudent, and such things as changing songs temporarily almost never happened.

      However, Gu Qiuyi has been trying her best, and finally the program team saw that she really wanted to sing today's song, so they had to make a compromise.

      The reason why Gu Qiuyi chose to sing this song called "First Love" today was also because she wanted to sing Ye Chen to hear it.

      There was a line in this song, which she had written specifically for Ye Chen, and that line was: from the first time I saw you, you were deeply burned into my heart, I crossed the sea of people and travelled thousands of miles to find you, just to tell you that this life, will never leave you again.

      Ye Chen and where can't he feel the sentiment in Gu Qiuyi's song.

      But he could only pretend that he didn't know, and message back to Gu Qiuyi: "I watched your performance and it was great!It was very well sung!"

      Gu Qiuyi rejoiced and sent a message, "Brother Yechen, this song was written for you."

      Ye Chen asked in surprise, "This song, you wrote it yourself?"

      "Yeah."Gu Qiuyi said, "I'm the songwriter, so it's okay, right?"

      Ye Chen gave her a thumbs-up look back and exclaimed, "I never thought that not only are you a good singer, but you can even write your own songs, that's amazing!"

      Gu Qiuyi sent a playful expression of tongue out and said, "When I was young, I learned to play the piano with my mother, then I was fine and hummed while playing the piano myself, and slowly tried to write a few songs, and after publishing them, I felt the response was pretty good, so I wrote quite a few more in succession."

      Ye Chen praised heartily, "It's really great!Unbeatable!"Fastest Update

      Gu Qiuyi was satisfied and said, "Brother Ye Chen, I wrote this song specifically for you a few years ago, I hadn't found you yet at that time, so the lyrics were a different version, after I found you, I made some adjustments to the lyrics again, that's why I have this version now."

      Ye Chen's heart was touched and replied to her: "Thank you inan, thank you for always remembering me, and thank you for doing so much for me for so many years."

      Gu Qiuyi sent a shy expression and said, "These are all due, who let me be your child bride since childhood."

      Ye Chen was speechless all of a sudden.

      Since the fingertip marriage since childhood, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that he was a child bride.

      At this time, Gu Qiuyi sent another message, "Brother Ye Chen, I won't talk to you for now, my parents are still waiting for me to go back home for New Year's Eve dinner and then keep the New Year together, I have to leave now."

      Ye Chen knew that every actor who participated in the Spring Festival Gala was not easy, they all participated in the performance on the day of New Year's Eve, if they were local actors in Yanjing, they were relatively okay, after the performance here, they got off the stage and immediately changed their clothes and rushed back home to accompany their families for the festival.

      Some of the actors from other places are quite sad and have to spend the festival alone in a different place in order to attend the Spring Festival Gala.

Chapter 2038

The good thing was that Gu Qiuyi's house was in Yanjing, and the time period of her performance was very good, so if you rush back now, it's not yet New Year's Eve, and you can still keep the New Year with your family until midnight.

      So Ye Chen replied to her, "Then go back to your aunt and uncle, help me give them and you a happy New Year!"

      Gu Qiuyi also replied, "Thank you, brother Yechen, and Happy New Year to you too!"

      Afterwards, Ye Chen put his phone away and concentrated on accompanying his wife Xiao Churan to continue watching the Spring Festival Gala.

      When it was almost twelve o'clock, Xiao Changkun said with some emotion, "Hey, although firecrackers are banned now to be environmentally friendly, it's also true that the New Year is a bit less, pity ah pity"

      "Yes."Xiao Churan on the side also sighed, "When I was little, I especially liked the smell of fireworks from exploding firecrackers, but now I rarely have the chance to see it."

      Ye Chen said, "Although firecrackers aren't allowed in the city, it's still possible in the suburbs, do you want to go to the suburbs and set off firecrackers to celebrate?"

      Xiao Choran's eyes lit up, then dimmed again, shaking his head, "Let's forget about it, everyone is at home for the Spring Festival at this point, where are we going to find firecrackers."

      Ye Chen thought about it and sent a message to Richard Chen, asking him, "Old Chen, does your Shangri-La have some fireworks in stock?"

      Richard Chen immediately replied, "Yes young master, you need?"

      "Right."Ye Chen said, "My wife wants to go to the suburbs to set off firecrackers."

      Chen Zekai was busy, "Then I'll send it over for you."

      "No need."Ye Chen said, "Have a good holiday, don't delay your reunion with your family because of me."

      Saying that, Ye Chen asked him again, "Shangri-La has someone on duty tonight, right?"

      "Some young master."Richard Chen said, "Shangri-La is open twenty-four hours a day all year round, and there is always someone on duty."

      Ye Chen then said, "Good, then you say hello to the person on duty and I'll drive over to pick it up."

      Chen Zekai was very touched by this approach of Ye Chen, and he even said, "Young Master, why don't I ask the people on duty to send it to you, they get triple pay for being on duty anyway."

      Ye Chen replied him, "Or not, it's New Year's Eve, I don't want to toss others, it's not appropriate, I'll drive over myself, there's definitely no traffic jam at this time, there's ten minutes to get there."

      Richard Chen had no choice but to say, "Alright then young master, I'll say hello to the people below, you can go over and pick it up at any time."

      After confirming with Richard Chen, Ye Chen said to Xiao Churan, "Wife, I'm going out for a trip, I'll be back soon."

      Xiao Churan was busy pulling his hand and seriously said, "Honey, don't go out and toss, just stay at home and watch TV, it doesn't matter if you let off fireworks or not."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, spoiled and said, "It's fine, you wait at home, hubby will be right back."

      After saying that, he got up and took Xiao Churan's car keys and stepped out of the house.

      Xiao Churan also wanted to stop him, but seeing that he was walking very fast and was already out the door in the blink of an eye, she could only sigh helplessly and instructed him, "You drive slowly, be sure not to rush!"Fastest Update

      Ye Chen's voice came from outside the door, "Okay wife, I got it!"

      Seeing Ye Chen leave, Ma Lan couldn't help but sigh, "Choran ah, mom say something from the bottom of her heart, Ye Chen treats you, that's really good"

      In the past, Ma Lan lamented again: "In the past, Ma always thought that Ye Chen was useless and not worthy of you, you should find a rich family's young master to marry before you can be considered to be married but Ma didn't understand until now, the most important thing about marriage is actually the foundation of relationship, money or not, not so important, what is important is that he has to treat you as a treasure, you can live a happy life."

Chapter 2039

Ye Chen drove straight to Shangri-La, and the men arranged by Chen Zhai Kai were already waiting at the gate pushing a trolley.

      Seeing Ye Chen arrive, he hurriedly pushed the cart up and said respectfully, "Master Ye, Mr. Chen asked me to prepare some fireworks for you, do you want me to help you carry them in the car?"

      Ye Chen nodded, opened the trunk and said, "Thank you for your hard work."

      The other party hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Master Ye you're very kind, this is all I should do."

      Saying that, he loaded several large boxes of fireworks into the trunk of the BMW.

      Ye Chen said thank you and drove back to dare, at the same time called Xiao Churan, asked her and her in-laws to prepare, later directly get into the car, to find a place where fireworks can be set off to find the atmosphere of the New Year.

      Xiao Churan was very happy, and changed into a thick down jacket with her parents, and came early to wait outside the gate of Thomson One.

      As soon as Ye Chen's car arrived, the three members of the family got into the car.

      Xiao Churan asked Ye Chen, "Honey, where are we going to set off firecrackers?"

      Ye Chen smiled, "As long as it's not within the city limits, it's all right ah, you can think about where to go."

      Xiao Changkun suggested at this time, "Why don't we go to the river!The view of the river is also good, and after the fireworks go up, they can still reflect on the river, which is even more meaningful!"

      Xiao Choran smiled, "Dad that's a good idea!Then let's go to the river!"

      Xiao Changkun was busy saying, "I know a nice place with a large riverbank!"

      As Ye Chen listened to his wife and father-in-law talk about the river, he suddenly remembered Song Wanting from the Song family.

      Previously, when Song Wanting was walking herself home, she passed by the Yangtze River and suggested that she accompany him for a stroll by the river.

      She didn't think much of it and happily agreed.

      What she didn't expect was that after taking a stroll by the river and returning, Song Wanting dropped her at the gate of the villa of Tomson Yi Pin and then took the initiative to kiss her in the car.

      That scene was still stuck in the depths of Ye Chen's memory, and sometimes when he thought of it, he would feel a different kind of warmth.

      Ye Chen was imagining things while driving the car all the way to the Yangtze River under the command of Xiao Changkun.

      What he didn't expect was that his father-in-law was leading the way to this shoal, but it was the same place that Song Wanting had brought herself to in the first place.

      Since it was New Year's Eve, there wasn't anyone around.

      After Ye Chen parked the car.Together with his father-in-law, he carried several boxes of fireworks and arrived under the riverbank.

      On a concrete poured riverbank, Ye Chen placed the fireworks at regular intervals.

      On the other side, Xiao Changkun has been unable to resist the urge to even [567 Chinese] set off two firecrackers.

      The festive sound of firecrackers reverberated along the riverside, instantly making people experience the feeling of the New Year.

      When the firecrackers burned out, Ye Chen said to Xiao Churan, "Churan, I'm going to prepare for the fireworks!"

      Xiao Churan immediately pulled out her phone and said excitedly, "Honey wait a moment, I'll turn on the video shoot first!"


      After taking Xiao Churan's cell phone out and turning on the camera function, Ye Chen then lit the fuse of the fireworks.

      The colorful fireworks soared into the sky and exploded on the river surface, the wide river surface reflected the beautiful colors of the fireworks bursting out of the sky, Xiao Churan was already dancing happily on the side.

      After one set of fireworks had burned out, Ye Chen immediately set off a second set, followed by a third and fourth set.

      Until all the fireworks had burned out, Xiao Churan's cheeks had turned red with excitement!

      It had been a long time since she had had such a feeling, to set off fireworks on New Year's Eve to her heart's content, so she was as excited as a child.

      Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan were also very happy, this time the Lunar New Year, for this family of four, it was already very meaningful.

      And this New Year's Eve, having such a perfect night, made them experience an unprecedented sense of happiness.

      Twenty-four o'clock on New Year's Eve.

      It was also the zero hour of the first day of the new year.

      Ye Chen set off the last set of fireworks, and Xiao Changkun also lit the last firecracker.

      Xiao Choran placed her hands over her mouth and shouted, "Happy New Year, husband, parents!"

Chapter 2040

Mashiro, on crutches, also shouted excitedly, "Happy New Year!"

      Xiao Changkun looked up at the fireworks, the splendid brilliance reflected on his face, and that face that already had many wrinkles was filled with happiness.

      At this moment, Xiao Changkun's heart inevitably thought of Han Meiqing.

      This was also the first Spring Festival that Han Meiqing had celebrated after rejoining the country after more than twenty years.A second remember on the mobile phone provides you with wonderful \fiction reading.

      Xiao Changkun quietly pulled out his cell phone and sent a WeChat to Han Meiqing, which only had six words, "Meiqing, Happy New Year!"

      Ye Chen's phone was now bombarded with a series of tweets from WeChat.

      Many people were sending him New Year's wishes at this moment, and he didn't have the energy to reply to them all, so he sent a text to his friends: "Happy New Year to all my family and friends!"

      This night, the entire Jinling was lit up with thousands of lights.

      Ye Chen's family of four even played at the river until one in the morning before driving back.

      The huge majority of people were immersed in the unique happiness of the New Year, and only the old lady Xiao's family was still fighting an uphill battle against hunger.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest and oldest TV set that you can find.

      However, for Zhang Guifen and the three of them, this old, worn-out TV, let them watch the entire Spring Festival Gala in its entirety, bringing them a great sense of satisfaction and happiness.

      As they watched the TV, they ate all the New Year's Eve dinner they had prepared, leaving not even a mouthful of vegetable soup behind in the end.

      After the three of them finished eating in the living room, they didn't forget to carry the TV back to Zhang Guifen's room.

      In order to prevent Old Mrs. Xiao's family, from taking any advantage of them.

      Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei had been thinking about the bit of rice in the incense burner, so they stayed hungry until one o'clock before they finally put Zhang Guifen and the three of them to sleep.

      After they were asleep, they started to prepare the porridge.

      The rice in the incense burner didn't sell very well because a lot of ashes had fallen off, but Old Lady Xiao and Xiao Weiwei, who were so hungry that their chests were stuck to their backs, couldn't care less about that.

      They did not say a word, and brought the incense burner into the kitchen very quickly, then poured out the rice and rinsed it, then immediately used the rice to cook porridge.

      The rice in the incense burner amounted to more than one catty, and a large pot of porridge was made from it.

      Old Mrs. Xiao and Xiao Weiwei each drank a bowl of the rice porridge when it was first cooked.

      Then, feeling that it wasn't enough to relieve their hunger, they each drank another bowl.

      Feeling that the taste was a bit bland, they stole the salt and soy sauce that Zhang Guifen and the others had bought and put it into the rice porridge to stir and drink.

      Zhang Guifen tried her best not to leave any obvious opportunity for Mrs. Xiao to take advantage of the situation, but with a thousand calculations, she never thought that Mrs. Xiao would miss the rice in her own incense burner, as well as her own salt and soy sauce.

      The next morning.

      The first day of the Lunar New Year.

      Xiao Choran was somewhat tired because she had gone out for a round last night, and hadn't gotten up yet.

      Ye Chen had woken up and was alone in the downstairs living room making himself a cup of tea.

      With nothing else to do, he brushed his circle of friends, and apart from the circle of friends where everyone congratulated the new year, he also saw a circle of friends posted by Song Wanting.

      "Departing for Japan today, the cycle is estimated to be one week, during this period of time, please also contact Mr. Song Honor for matters related to Jinling."

      Ye Chen was inevitably surprised, not expecting Song Wanting to leave for Japan on the first day of the New Year.

      Meanwhile, next door to A04.

      The three of them, Zhang Guifen, woke up early, and even though it was the first day of the new year, they still had to continue going to work at the supermarket to earn money.

      The first thing you need to do is to burn incense to the portrait of the Bodhisattva Guanyin, so that the Bodhisattva can bless you with a peaceful and smooth new year.

      She lit the three incense sticks, made a wish, kowtowed, stood up to insert the three incense sticks into the incense burner, when she suddenly found that the feel seems to be a bit wrong.

      Originally, when the incense was inserted into the rice in the incense burner, there would be a distinct damping sensation.

      But now, she couldn't find any feeling.

      When she fixed her eyes on it, she was furious!

      She shouted harshly, "This dead old woman surnamed Xiao!How dare you even steal the rice from my mother's incense burner!?"


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