Secret Identity 1531-1540


Chapter 1531

At this moment.

    In the top ward of the Gu Hospital.

    Gu Yanzheng, the second oldest member of the Gu family, and Gu Yangang, the third oldest member of the family, had finished taking a CT of the affected area and received the first stage of treatment.

    The ct showed that Gu Yanzheng's wrist was broken, while Gu Yangang's bladder was damaged, and although both of them were not in danger of dying, they needed to take care of it for a while.

    And all of this was thanks to Ye Chen.

    This Gu Hospital was a private high-class hospital that the Gu family had invested in themselves.

    Although its overall strength couldn't compare to a top-tier tertiary hospital like the Concord Hospital, it was definitely the best of the private hospitals.

    Each of these top families in Yanjing actually had their own private hospitals.

    Although these hospitals were nominally external, in most cases, they did not receive patients from outside at all.

    Basically, they were exclusively for the family's internal use.

    Now, apart from the brothers Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang, all the others who had been expelled by Ye Chen from Gu Yanzhong's home had come here to discuss countermeasures with dark faces.

    Today's incident was a huge surprise for them that they had never dreamed of.

    As soon as they didn't expect that there was a strange man in big brother Gu Yanzhong's house-.

    Er didn't expect this strange man to be somewhat strong and frighteningly strong.

    A War God and a Realm Lord that Gu Yan was heavily involved with had been diagnosed with severe symptoms of muscle weakness by the hospital.

    This disease was very mysterious, and to this day, the medical community hadn't figured out what the hell was going on with it.

    Once sick, all the muscles in the body will gradually lose their strength, and lightly, the skeletal muscles are extremely easy to fatigue, which means that the body has no energy and is especially easily tired.

    If the disease continued to worsen, it was possible for a young adult male laborer to not even be able to pick up a bottle of water.

    In more serious cases, he would not even be able to control his own eyelids.

    The doctors at the hospital, who conducted a very systematic examination of that War God and the Realm Lord, found that there was a great disorder in their neuromuscular transmission, which was a typical symptom of muscle weakness.

    In fact, this was mainly because Ye Chen used his aura to seal the meridians of the two of them, but the doctor couldn't probe the existence of the aura, so he could only determine that the two of them were suffering from muscle weakness from the clinical manifestation.

    This was incomprehensible to the Gu family's second and third families.

    What was going on?

    He's obviously the best of the best, but when he arrives at the Gu, he's brought up like a chicken by that kid, and then he becomes muscle weak?

    Isn't that a bit fucking mysterious?

    Is that guy some kind of hidden expert?


But the reclusive master of pretending to be a pussy has to follow the Basic Law, so why pinch the neck and let someone become muscle weak?

    That's like touching someone's face and making them sexually impotent, it doesn't make sense!

    The two families were so sad that they wanted to find a chance to teach that brat from Big Brother's family a lesson, but they didn't know who his last name was, let alone what his origin was.

    In fact, the most important thing was that the War God and the Realm Lord hadn't survived a single move under someone's hand, so who else could they find to help kill him?

    Gu Yanzheng was even more depressed, not only had he lost a War God and a Realm Lord, but he had also broken his hand by Ye Chen, which could be considered a heavy loss.

    When had he ever been wronged so badly?

    At this moment, he even wanted to kill Ye Chen's entire family.

    It's a pity that at this moment, he can't think of how to avenge his blood hatred.

    The second brother was anxiously gnawing at his teeth as he covered his aching bladder, and quickly offered, "Second brother, I say this matter, actually there's no need to rush to take revenge, we have to get the shares in the big brother's hand first."

    "Yes Dad!"Gu Yan Gang's son, Gu Weiliang, also spoke up, "Third Uncle is right, we should get our shares and family fortune first, that's the priority now!"

    Gu Yanzheng said coldly "Right, I see your uncle also has a few days to live, two or three months at most, let's get the money first, then find that kid to settle the score!"

    Gu Yan Gang hurriedly asked "Second Brother, what do you have in mind for tomorrow's board meeting?"

    Gu Yanzheng sneered "I've already told a few other shareholders that half of them are willing to cooperate with us to seize power, and the remaining half, although still thinking of big brother's goodwill, is not enough to be afraid of, because our combined shares now exceed 51!"

    Gu Yan Gang asked "Then let's force Big Brother to hand over the chairmanship first tomorrow?"

    "Right."Gu Yan was gritting his teeth and said, "Let's have a direct vote at the board meeting to force the palace, with the two of us and the shares of those who support us, to abolish - and remove - his position as chairman, and then elect me as the new chairman!That would be a reasonable and legal way to take over the Gu!"

    Saying that, Gu Yanzheng couldn't help but smile "When I get the chairman's seat, I'll start transferring the assets of the Gu Group out one after another."

    Gu Yan Gang chuckled and echoed "After the assets are transferred to other company shells, big brother's shares will be an empty shelf with no value to speak of."

    The company's main business is the company's business, and the company's business is the company's business.He has so many savings, luxury homes, luxury cars, private islands, private jets, private yachts, and lots of antiques and artifacts, and his own collection of celebrity calligraphy and paintings over the years is said to add up to billions?"

    "Billions?"Gu Yanzheng scowled "You're underestimating your uncle too much!The calligraphy and paintings in Wanda Wang's hands have almost exceeded ten billion, and the calligraphy and paintings in your uncle's hands, let's say two or three dozen billion!These are all held in trust in the bank vault."

    With a greedy gleam in his eyes, Gu Wei Liang said excitedly "Dad!We have to get our hands on these paintings, too.Now that real estate isn't going up either, there's limited room for future gains, but there's so much appreciation in antique calligraphy and paintings!Look at all those world famous paintings now, which one must not start at $100 million?"

    Gu Yanzheng nodded and said coldly, "Don't worry, I already have a complete plan to get the chairman's position first, then transfer all the group's assets, and then force your uncle to make a will and give us the property, otherwise, I will never let him have an easy time!Even if he dies, I won't make it easy on his wife and daughter!"

    Gu Yan Gang rubbed his hands in excitement "Then just wait until tomorrow's board meeting to give my dear big brother a good show of forcing the palace!"

    Gu Yanzheng smiled, "Back then, when Zhao Kuangyin Chenqiao mutinied, added his yellow robe, forced Chai Trainzong to abdicate and establish the Song Dynasty, tomorrow I, Gu Yanzheng, will launch a cultural coup in the boardroom to force Gu Yanzhong to abdicate and rebuild an even more prosperous Gu Group!"

    Gu Yan Gang licked his face and said, "Second brother, when the time comes, don't forget your younger brother ah, younger brother, in the future, everything, but you are the only one to lead!".

    "That's natural!"With his left hand, he patted Gu Yan Gang's shoulder and smiled, "All this time, you and I have been living under the shadow of our boss, after surviving for so many years, it's time for the two of us to rise to the occasion!"


While Gu Yan Zheng and Gu Yan Gang were planning for a better future, Gu Weiliang and Gu Weiguang on the other hand each had their own thoughts as well.

    The three brothers of the Gu family had a total of eight children.

    Gu Yanzhong only had one daughter, Gu Qiuyi.

    On the other hand, Gu Yanzheng had three children, two daughters and one son, which was Gu Weiliang.

    Gu Yan Gang had four children, three daughters and one son, that is, Gu Weiguang.

    Because the men were not very prosperous, Gu Weiliang and Gu Weiguang, each without a doubt, would be the future sole heirs of their respective fathers' family fortunes.

    When Gu Weiguang saw his father and uncle's kindness, he couldn't help but look at himself and his cousin, Gu Weiliang, and thought to himself, "When I inherit my father's property and shares in the future, will I have to befriend my cousin just like my father befriended my uncle?If I need to cling to him later, is it time to hurry up and start kissing his ass first?"

    His cousin Gu Weiliang, on the other hand, thought that this cousin Gu Weiguang beside him was actually not very clever, and was not the same as himself, and to be honest, the feelings weren't that deep.

    The first thing that I want to do is to make sure that my father and third uncle, even my uncle, who is my own brother with one mother's milk, can be trapped, so can I follow suit in the future and trap Gu Weiguang properly?

    When he thought about it, he felt that the nature of this matter was actually very interesting.

    First, the family property would be split into three, and the second and third families would join hands and annex the old family.

    Then the second oldest family would find another opportunity to annex the third oldest family, wouldn't that make the entire Gu family fall into his hands?

    At that thought, Gu Weiliang couldn't help but get excited!

    Don't look at the Gu family in the entire Yanjing, it could only be ranked third.

    However, if one person, by himself, could sit - and hold the entire Gu family, then he would be the richest person in the entire Yanjing, bar none.

    Even if it was the Ye and Su families, the two top big families, it was impossible for any one of them to be richer than the Gu family.

    By then, he might even be able to mix himself with a real Chinese richest man!

    How would Gu Weiguang know that his cousin, who was determined to quickly and properly suck up to him, had actually started plotting how to trap himself right now.

    He deliberately had nothing to say, smiling serenely at Gu Wei Liang said "Hey, brother Liang, you said that uncle's dog bastard, could it be Inan's boyfriend?"

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on the development of the new product.But I haven't heard anything."

    Gu Weiguang laughed and said, "Do you remember, this dog is still fucking full of shit, saying that we'll be sterile in the future, fuck, when I get the chance, I'll have to scrap that shit of his and let him know what real sterility is."

    Gu Weiliang coldly snorted, "Damn, I'm well known in the entire Yanjing upper class circles for my ability in that area, I dare to say that I'm not able to have children.Fuck, I've played with more women than he's ever seen!"

    "Exactly!"Gu Weiguang complimented, "Brother Liang, how does it feel to be the actress you got your hands on two days ago?"

    "Not bad."Gu Weiliang casually said "not bad looking, live a little meaningless, and too thin."

    Gu Weiguang hastily flattered and said "Brother Liang, I have a brother who runs an agency that specializes in training high-end models and has a few really great European girls, are you interested in getting started for a change?"

    Gu Wei Liang frowned, a hint of lust in his eyes, and asked, "When?"

    Gu Weiguang was busy saying, "It's better to pick a day than to run into one, let's just do it today.How about you take my car later and I'll take you straight there?"


"OK!"Gu Weiguang nodded his head without hesitation.

    He was in a depressed mood after being humiliated by Ye Chen today, but he didn't expect Gu Weiguang to immediately arrange an opportunity for him to vent his fire, so he naturally agreed immediately.


    Gu Weiliang and Gu Weiguang, the two brothers, came out of the hospital, they drove a car and went to an extremely high-end club in Yanjing together.

    The name of this clubhouse was very grand, called the One Mansion.

    In the No. 1 mansion, if you want to run one, you have to shoot at least 10 million out first.

    Because here, has its own luxury suites, suites which not only contains restaurants, KTV, bathing spa and sa and other services, but also contains bedrooms, conference rooms, chess and card room.

    In addition, it also has its own personal butler, personal waiter, as soon as you come here, you can enjoy a personal imperial service, more unrestrained than the ancient emperor.

    In other words, if you have a membership here, you can not only eat, drink and be merry here, but also engage in business meetings and banquets for a wide range of purposes.

    Moreover, the place is extremely private, so you don't have to worry about revealing your privacy.

    It was because the One Mansion had so many benefits that it was popular with the rich and powerful in Yanjing.

    Gu Weiliang and Gu Weiguang were both members here, but they seldom played together and each played their own game.

    Today, in order to please Gu Weiguang, Gu Weiguang asked his friend who ran a brokerage company to bring over four young European young models, ready to let Gu Weiguang have a good time - fun, as well as to lay some foundation for his future.

    Gu Weiliang had no place to vent his anger, just planned to have a good time here tonight.

    Soon, four blonde and blue-eyed young models were brought over, each one of them beautiful and touching, making Gu Weiliang excited.

    He immediately and unceremoniously chose the two prettiest and best-built ones and went to the luxurious bedroom in the suite.

    And Gu Weiguang also took the remaining two he picked and went to the other room.

    Five minutes later, the brothers both ran out of their respective rooms in panic at the same time.

    They looked at each other at the door, and it was Gu Weiguang who spoke first "Weiguang, are you still okay in that area?".

    Gu Weiguang wept and shook his head, speaking with a tremor and cries, choking "brother, I can't do it a little feeling, a little reaction, I'm really fucking sterile"

    Afterwards, he looked at Gu Wei Liang and asked him "What about you brother, do you still have any?"

    Gu Weiliang a butt sitting on the ground, mumbling "Damn, I also lost this fucking what the hell is going on ah this is I'm only twenty years old, how can I say no?"

    Gu Weiguang pursued "Brother, do you feel, as if that part, has been completely disconnected from your body?"

    Gu Wei nodded with red eyes, "Damn, that's what it feels like."

    Gu Weiguang's entire body was shaken, stuck to the wall, slowly out slipped to the ground, desperate "brother, you say this can be done ah."

    Gu Weiliang said in a bit of a panic, "It's not going to be really let that kid today said it right?No way!Gotta get to the hospital and find out what's going on!"


The brothers had slipped away from the hospital just over half an hour ago, and had rushed back in a short while.

    To find out about this hidden disease, they only trusted their own hospital, because if they were in any other hospital, it would probably leak out.

    If those dude in Yanjing knew that both of the Gu family's two young masters had suddenly lost that aspect of their abilities, it wouldn't just be a disgrace for the two of them, the entire Gu family would be disgraced because of them.

    Becoming would make the Gu family, the entire Yanjing the object of ridicule after dinner.

    The two of them returned to the hospital, not caring to see their respective fathers who were still recuperating in the hospital room, and rushed straight into the hospital director's office.

    The dean was preparing to leave work at this time, and suddenly saw the two young masters of the Gu family coming, and immediately asked complimentingly "Young Master Weiliang, Young Master Weiguang, what do you two want to see me about?".

    Gu Weiliang took off, "Dean Li, quickly arrange for someone to check us out, we're both physically ill!"

    The director was amazed and asked, "What's wrong with everything?What's the problem?You two will probably be introduced to me, and then I'll arrange for the relevant experts to examine you two immediately!"

    When Gu Weiliang looked around, there was no one else in the office, and the doors and windows of the room were closed, so he bit his teeth and said with embarrassment, "I don't seem to feel anything there!"


    Gu Wei Liang pointed to his crotch "Damn, here ah, where the hell else can it be, you know it isn't?"

    The director of the frightened hurriedly waved his hand "no no, Wei Liang young master, how can there be no feeling there?Is it feeling like you're having trouble functioning?"

    "You're in the way, you son of a bitch!"Gu Weiliang scolded, "is completely senseless, understand?It's like a fucking disconnect!Can't feel existence!"

    "No way!"The Dean exclaimed in shock "I've never encountered such a thing before, it's reasonably unlikely, if that aspect of the ability is impaired, it might be a bit of an obstacle, but it's impossible not to feel existence at all!"

    Gu Wei Liang smacked a slap and scolded, "Do I fucking need you to repeat what I said with a question again?Hurry up and arrange a checkup for me, if I delay the best time to treat you, I'll fucking kill you!"

    As soon as Gu Weiguang saw his cousin take action, he also immediately went forward and kicked the dean, gritting his teeth and saying, "Don't fucking hurry up?Do you believe I'll fire you tonight?"

    The director was extremely aggrieved, but dared not speak out, so he said respectfully, "Two young masters wait, I'll go and arrange for a male specialist to come over."

    Immediately afterwards, the hospital's male specialist came to the director's office.

    After understanding the relevant situation, he immediately brought the two young masters of the Gu family to the examination room for an examination.

    Ten minutes later, the entire hospital's men's expert team all gathered in the examination room.

    Some had already left work to drive a few kilometers away, some were simply on transfer today, but they were all still called over because of the importance of the matter.

    The team of seven or eight experts were all helpless to the Gu family's two young masters.

    They used all sorts of means to check, but they didn't find anything abnormal, but the two always insisted that they didn't feel anything at all.

    This incident alarmed Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang, who were resting in the intensive care unit.

    The two heard that something was wrong with their respective sons, so they hurriedly rushed over.

    After inquiring about the situation, the two were shocked!


Gu Yanzheng shivered and asked the male director, "What's going on here?Did you find out why?"

    The head of the men's department wiped a cold sweat and spoke, "Second Master, this is really strange, we have used every means to check and have no clue, I have been practicing men's medicine for decades and have never seen such a case"

    Gu Yan was looking at the two crying children and asked with locked brows "Isn't there any way to cure them?"

    The male director said awkwardly "second master, can cure is the second stage of the problem, the first stage of the problem is to first understand what is going on, and we are just completely confused right now".

    Gu Yan was feeling dizzy in his brain and thought to himself

    "What the hell is this?"

    "Both kids are in their fucking twenties, and the youngest, Gu Weiguang, is only in his early twenties, and this is unexplained and not working?!"

    "In the Gu family's generation, there are only these two men!"

    "If they both don't make it, then who's going to carry on the family name for the Gu family?"

    "You still don't have a grandchild yourself!"

    When I think of this, Gu Yanzheng hastily looked at his son, Gu Weiliang, and asked, "Weiliang ah, you tell Dad, what's going on?Are you feeling anything?"

    Gu Weiliang has been dragged through so many tests and the doctors still haven't found out what's going on, so he's getting desperate at this point and cries, "Dad!I don't know what's going on!Somehow it doesn't work, the point is that I don't feel anything, I use my fingernails to pinch and I don't even feel anything, even if it hurts it's a good thing ah"

    Gu Weiguang also cried, "I also secretly pinched a little bit just now, the strength didn't stop, but the feeling is still not there at all-"

    Gu Yan Gang almost didn't stand still, hurriedly comforted "son don't worry ah son, first steady, don't panic, we slowly think of a way!"

    Gu Weiliang then said, "Dad, do you think it has anything to do with the kid you met at uncle's house today?But that kid said today that he's going to make me lose my fertility, I thought at the time that this kid was just a cheap mouth and lack of smoking, but now I see that it's too damn mysterious, could it be that he's the one who's messing with me?"

    "Right."Gu Weiguang also resentful said "that kid mouth cheap, said that the skill is superior, can give us both cloud ligation".

    "Cloud ligation?!"Several male doctors were stunned.

    After years of medical school, who the hell has heard of such a thing as a cloud ligation?

    It's like Cloud getting pregnant, it's totally impossible!

    But Gu Yanzheng suddenly thought of what Ye Chen had said at that time, and his expression became more and more heavy.

    At this time, he looked at Gu Yanzheng beside him and said doubtfully "Third Brother, do you remember, that brat seems to have asked us, saying that we are not too old and that we still have fertility"

    "Remember remember remember!"Gu Yan Gang nodded repeatedly "That brat's words were so damned damaging, I was still cursing him in my heart!"

    Gu Yanzheng smacked his lips and said with a heavy look "Why the more I think about it, the more I fucking feel that there's something not quite right about this."

    At that, he frowned in silence for a moment, then suddenly reached out and made a hard grab for his crotch

    After this grab, he looked horrified and shouted out in panic, "Quick!Doctor, I can't feel it either, so check me too!!!"


Gu Yanzheng's words not only made the crowd present feel frightened, but also made the third man beside him, Gu Yanzheng, involuntarily clench his legs.

    In terms of probability and logic, with his son, nephew, and second brother all having problems in that area, the chances of him being accidentally spared were slim to none.

    So, he also hurriedly put his hand into his trouser pocket, through the lining of his trouser pocket, went there to pinch, and after this pinch, Deng was also frightened out of his wits!

    Because he, too, couldn't feel a thing.

    Immediately he cried out, wailing "And me!Check me too, I'm suddenly not feeling anything either."

    The entire treatment room was filled with horror.


    That's unbelievable, isn't it?

    Two generations of the Gu family, four men, and all of them have lost that aspect of their abilities?

    How is that possible?

    If it's caused by a disease, then most diseases like degenerative bodily functions are not contagious, just like paralysis, stroke, Parkinson's disease, gradual freezing, muscle weakness, and similar diseases are never contagious.

    So, if one of the four people had such a problem, it would be understandable.

    But four people showing up at the same time, that's too strange, right?

    And even if it's a genetic problem, there's never been a family of four at the same time.

    For example, if all the males in the family inherited the hair loss gene, there is a time period, such as when they all start losing a lot of hair around the age of forty and go completely bald around the age of fifty.

    However, we have never heard of anyone inheriting hair loss, and then one day, all four men aged forty-eight, forty-six, twenty-four and twenty-one become bald at the same time!

    The more the head of the men's department thought about it, the more confused he became, and by now his nervous palms were sweating.

    Because he had absolutely no idea where to start the treatment.

    After the systematic testing, he was basically sure that the four people of the Gu family all had the same symptoms, but he just couldn't understand what the cause of their illness was.

    So, he hurriedly asked, "Second Master, Third Master, please help me recall what unusual places you've been to, what unusual food you've eaten, and what unusual things you've touched recently.Especially something with radioactive contamination!"

    "No!"Gu Yanzheng blurted out, "We've been in Yanjing all this time, we haven't been anywhere!And no exposure to anything strange!"

    Gu Yan Gang also nodded repeatedly "Our respective homes have perfect monitoring instruments, water supply quality and air quality are always monitored, there is no source of any pollution in the house, and we have also done a comprehensive radioactive row, there is no way that there is any radioactive material."

    "That's very strange" said the chief of the men's department with a hard scalp "the present situation, is completely unable to find the cause of the disease, can not find the cause of the disease, there is no way to start ah!".

    Gu Yanzheng cursed angrily, "Motherfucker!What the fuck do I need you for if I can't even find the cause of the disease?!"

    The director of the men's department has humbly said, "The second master, I do not need to say you can certainly realize that this matter is incomparably strange, it may even have been beyond the scope of medicine, so you even if you beat me and scold me, or to no avail ah!We must now work together to try to find the cause of the disease and then go down the path to a cure."


Gu Yan Gang gritted his teeth and cursed, "Where the hell did you get so many excuses?No means no. What the fuck is that?If you can't do it, get the hell out of here and come over with someone who can!"

    Instead, he stopped Gu Yan Gang, his brow furrowed in thought for a long time.

    He also realized that this matter was really strange, and I'm afraid it really wasn't a medical matter.

    Just then, his son, Gu Weiliang, suddenly shouted "Oops!Dad!Could it be that son of a bitch at uncle's house that did this today?!"

    Gu Yan is taking off "You said it was the kid who fought me?!"

    "Right."The first thing you need to know is that you can't be sure that you're not going to be able to do anything about it, but you can be sure that you're not going to be able to do anything about it.

    Gu Yanzheng's heart thudded "Fuck!There's a real possibility that the kid was behind this!After all, that brat hooked up and rendered a War God and a Realm Lord under me muscle weak, so maybe our family's current condition is also inextricably linked to him!"

    Thinking of this, Gu Yanzheng gritted his teeth and cursed, "Damn, if it's really that son of a bitch, I'll kill him."

    Gu Yan Gang hurriedly said, "Brother, how are we going to kill him?Have you forgotten how sick he is?Even if we send five Battle Gods and five Realm Masters, I'm afraid we won't be able to defeat him!"

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

    As soon as he heard this, Gu Yan was slumped again.

    This was - it was so fucking hard.

    I know that brat is the one who messed up, but I can't afford to provoke him.

    How to provoke?

    Bringing dozens of experts over on your own, it's unlikely that there are already more than a hundred experts around Big Brother's villa for secret protection.

    Plus, that brat's strength is unbelievable, you definitely don't have half a chance of winning!

    Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said in a cold voice, "It seems we have to plan for the long term, let's put up with him for a while and take down the chairman's position at the board meeting tomorrow."

    The other three also nodded their heads.

    Right now, it wasn't the time to go hard against Gu Yanzhong as well as Ye Chen, but to find a way to take Gu Yanzhong's position as chairman of the board first.

    Once he was seized of his power in the group, the situation would change dramatically, and at that time, Gu Yizhong would only be continuously encroached upon!

    Making up his mind, Gu Yanzheng opened his mouth and said to the head of the men's department, "Make arrangements now to take some of the sperm from the four of us and freeze it!"

    "Frozen sperm?!"The others were also a bit surprised, and Gu Yan Gang asked "Brother, what are you up to?"

    Gu Yan Zheng said with a cold face "I'm afraid that in case we really can't recover, the bloodline of both families and the entire Gu family will be completely severed, freeze the sperm first, and in case we can't recover, we can still continue the bloodline by artificial insemination!"

    Gu Yan Gang suddenly realized that Second Brother was preparing for the worst, leaving seeds for the two families first.

    He couldn't help but exclaim in his heart, "I must say that Second Brother is very far-sighted in his thinking, he is a man with a great sense of the big picture!If it were myself, I definitely wouldn't have thought of this, and then if the worst comes to pass, wouldn't that Gu family be cut off from their children and grandchildren?


The two young men, Gu Weiliang and Gu Weiguang, also realized the importance of this matter, so they both nodded their heads in agreement.

    Freezing the sperm first was tantamount to leaving seeds behind, and it was still simple to want children later.

    After all, as the old saying goes, there's no harm in being prepared!

    So the head of the men's department immediately arranges for painless manual sampling of the four men, while a series of tests are prepared.

    As soon as the samples were taken out, they were immediately sampled for testing, and the rest were immediately frozen with liquid nitrogen at ultra-low temperatures.

    However, after the sample was removed and tested under the testing equipment, the doctors discovered a fact that they could not believe.

    When they reported the results back to the head of the male department, the head of the male department's legs were wobbling in shock.

    When Gu Yanzheng and the others saw his ugly face, they immediately went after him and asked, "What happened?Anything unusual?"

    The male director swallowed his saliva, forcing himself to calm down and said, "Two two third master and two young master results have come out, your four seed survival rate for survival rate for"

    Gu Weiliang see him dawdling, anxiously cursed, "What the hell are you talking about here?What's the survival rate, you fucking tell me!"

    The male chief had to scalp and say with fear and trepidation, "The survival rate of your four seeds is zero."

    "What?!"The four of them let out a scream, Gu Yan Gang himself was a little weak from his bladder injury, and one of them poofed on the ground without standing still.

    This news was like thunder from a clear sky to the four members of the Gu family!

    The survival rate of the seeds is zero, so doesn't that mean that they are no longer capable of reproducing - reproducing!

    Gu Yanzheng's frightened hands were shaking, even his right hand, which was wrapped in a plaster cast, was trembling.

    He shuddered and asked, "What the hell is going on?How could the seeds not survive?I've always been normal!"

    "Yes!"Gu Wei Liang also cried, "I just got a young model pregnant a few months ago, and I spent a million dollars to keep her from pestering me to get an abortion how come there's no chance of survival now?"

    When Gu Yanzheng heard this, he slapped him with his left hand in a rage and cursed, "You son of a bitch!Get someone pregnant and we're not letting her have it?In case it's born a son, won't our Gu family have an after?"

    Gu Weiliang's face was full of aggravation and choked out, "Dad!At first you repeatedly reminded me to never get a woman pregnant or have an illegitimate child when I was fooling around, you said it would affect my image in the eyes of the other big families, it would lower my value a lot, and I wouldn't be able to marry the big miss of the top family in the future, that's why I paid for her to have an abortion!Isn't this all in accordance with your wishes?"

    Gu Yanzheng raised his hand to smack himself a few slaps, while smacking, while resentful and unjustly scolded "let you mouth cheap!You're a bitch!Make you mouthy!!!"

    In fact, he knew very well in his heart that what his son Gu Weiliang said was the truth.

    Among the gentry in Huaxia, the marriage match was about a family that was well matched.

    This family match is not only based on the strength of the family, but also on the quality of the man and woman themselves.

    If it was also a hundred billion level family, and the man was obscene looking while the woman was delicate looking, then there was no doubt that it would be impossible for the big miss of this hundred billion level family to look at the young master of this hundred billion level family.

    If it was also a hundred billion dollar family, and the male was a talent and the female was a mess, people would not stoop to the level of the young master.

    Apart from looks, if one of these parties was inferior, it would likewise greatly reduce their own value.


The most detracting point for men in this is having an illegitimate child outside.

    Who would want to marry into an illegitimate son to be his stepmother?Impossible.

    Even when Gu Qiu Yi had met Ye Chen again, she had taken this matter very seriously, being young and a lady's daughter, how could she be willing to be a stepmother to someone?

    Gu Yanzheng also wanted his son to maintain his own competitiveness, so he repeatedly warned him that it was fine to play outside, but he must not have children.

    At that time, he had never thought that his son would one day lose his fertility ah!

    Now that the seeds have zero survival rate and a bastard child has been aborted, does this mean that the future will be cut off from the offspring?

    Gu Wei Liang was also very sad and angry.

    Inherently there is no use, and the seeds have no survival rate, not only will he have no chance to get close to beauty in the future, but also no chance to be a father, isn't that just like living as a eunuch!

    Thinking of this, he looked to Gu Yanzheng in fear and blurted out, "Dad ah!That bastard from Uncle's family must have done something to us. Let's go beg him.I can't cut off my grandchildren no matter what, I'm still young, I don't want to end up as a living eunuch."

    Gu Weiguang, who was also scared to death, cried, "Uncle, Dad, I don't want to be a living eunuch either."

    Gu Yan said with a dark face, "If you go begging him now, what will the board do tomorrow?I've left word and met with him at the board meeting tomorrow while I was at your uncle's house today, and if we run and beg - that boy - today, they're bound to hold the board hostage!"

    "And it's possible that your uncle will use this to force me and your Uncle Sam to cede all the votes, and then we'll never be able to bring down your uncle!"

    In GU, shares and voting rights are corresponding.

    In other words, if you own 51 shares, you have 51 voting rights.

    As long as the voting rights can account for 51, you can decide all the affairs of the company.

    However, there were exceptions to this.

    For example, if Gu Yanzheng voluntarily, or was forced to surrender the voting rights corresponding to the portion of shares he owned, to Gu Yanzhong completely, then Gu Yanzhong got his portion of the right to speak.

    Gu Yanzheng, on the other hand, although the shares are still there, the voting rights are gone, and so is the right to speak.

    That's why, although Ali's Ma Yun's shareholding is very low, the fundamental reason for his high voice power is very high.

    The other shareholders trusted him, or couldn't fight him, and transferred all their voting rights to him, then he would naturally be able to do what he said.

    This was what Gu Yan Zheng was worried about right now.

    He is extremely depressed at this time, not to mention the "all fucking blame me mouth cheap, first mentioned the board of directors, gave big brother a downward spiral, if I go to big brother now to find softness, will definitely be big brother with this countermeasure!".

    "So, no matter what, we must endure until after we succeed in seizing power tomorrow!"

    "If you really can't, you can take the money to buy that young man in Big Brother's family after it's done!"

    "If 10 million is not enough, it's 100 million, if 100 million is not enough, it's 1 billion, after all, there's no such thing as a person who can't get rid of money in this world!"


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