Secret Identity 1521-1530


Chapter 1521

Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang, fled Gu Yanzhong's house with their people in a hurry.

    At this time, the maid ran in in a panic and said, "Sir, several of our family's bodyguards are injured, you see"

    Gu Yanzhong immediately waved his hand and said, "Hurry up and call 120, send it to Concord for treatment, I'll pay for everything, and give another 200,000 for each person's convalescence, I'll arrange for my secretary to go over."

    The maid immediately nodded and pulled out her cell phone to dial 120.

    Everyone also went out to check the injuries of the bodyguards, and although a few of them looked quite miserable, it was nothing life-threatening.


    Gu Yanzhong was unconcerned about this, and comforted each of them one by one, "Today's incident was an accident, the other party came prepared, and they are all experts, so it is indeed understandable that you are unable to defeat them."

    Saying that, he also instructed, "Don't think so much about it right now, go to the hospital and treat and recover well!"

    Soon, the ambulance pulled away the few bodyguards, and Gu Yanzhong also arranged for his secretary to rush to the hospital to deal with the relevant matters.

    Only when everything was arranged did he finally feel relieved.

    The family of three returned to the restaurant with Ye Chen, and he held Ye Chen's hand and choked out, "Chen'er, thanks to you today!"

    Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi on the side also nodded their heads in gratitude.

    Lin Wanqiu said, "Chen'er, if it weren't for you, I really don't know how I and your Uncle Gu would have gotten past this today."

    Gu Qiuyi also cried and said, "Brother Yechen, I'm so grateful to you today."

    Saying that, she remembered the grievance that her parents had just suffered, and all of a sudden she couldn't control her emotions, and her tears couldn't stop flowing.

    Ye Chen hurriedly consoled, "Uncle Gu, Auntie Lin, Inan, you are my family to me, - what else is there to be polite with me"

    Gu Yanzhong nodded his head and asked with red eyes, "Chen'er, how did you get so strong?Even the two of them are no match for you, that's too much, isn't it?What the hell have you been through all these years?How can the strength be so strong?"

    Ye Chen earnestly said, "Uncle Gu, although I've had a hard time over the years, I did encounter some opportunities that are hard for normal people to encounter, so I'm able to do something."

    Gu Yanzhong grabbed his hand and said sincerely, "Chen'er, if I leave, your Aunt Lin and Inan and their mothers will depend on you, otherwise, I really won't be able to rest and rest in peace until I die."

    Lin Wanqiu wiped her tears and said stubbornly, "Hubby, don't say such depressing words and don't worry about us, at the worst, after you leave, we will donate all the money to you!Anyway, my mother's family is still somewhat capable, inan is now a big star, we are certainly not worried about the life of the two women, this family property all donated, not let the two of them get a penny!"

    Gu Yanzhong let out a long sigh and nodded gently, "After I leave, everything will be left to you and your wife, I have no other wishes, I just want you and your wife to live in good health and peace!"

    Gu Qiuyi cried and said, "Dad, don't say that, aren't you preparing to be hospitalized and actively cooperating with the treatment?Maybe there's a miracle!Don't jump to conclusions so early yet!"

    Gu Yanzhong smiled miserably: "Good daughter, your father has also lived most of his life, what storms have been experienced, many things can also see through, see through, on my disease, put anywhere can not be cured, actively receiving treatment, is nothing more than the first half of the year away, or the second half of the year away."

    Now, it was already the lunar lunar month, and also the first month of the solar new year, so Gu Yanzhong felt that it was definitely impossible for him to live past this year.

    As soon as this was said, Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi's mother and daughter cried into a ball, both of them were top-notch beauties, crying into such a pearly state, it was indeed heartbreaking.

    Especially Gu Qiuyi, Ye Chen didn't have much contact with her, but he could sense that she had a very proud and strong temper, but now that she was crying like this, how could she still have half of the momentum of not being afraid of the sky or the earth?It's just a heartbreaking little girl next door.


So, Ye Chen took a deep breath, looked at the three of them, and spoke seriously, "Uncle Gu, Auntie Lin, and Inan, as long as I Ye Chen is alive, no matter where I am, I will not let you be bullied!"

    After saying that, Ye Chen looked at Gu Yanzhong again and said seriously, "Uncle Gu, I have a way to cure your illness and make you healthy again!"

    If Ye Chen had said such words just now at dinner, Gu Yanzhong would have been 80% unconvinced.

    He knew that there was no way he could be cured of this disease.

    But only after seeing that Ye Cheng had just defeated that War God and that Realm Lord with his own strength, he suddenly had an extremely strong trust in Ye Chen.

    He felt that since Ye Chen had said so, he must have some certainty.

    Thus, he hurriedly asked after him, "Chen'er, do you really have a way to cure me?!"

    Lin Wanqiu also said with red eyes, "Yes Chen'er, your uncle Gu's condition, it is too serious, we have asked this directly on the top experts, but they are"

    At this point, Lin Wanqiu didn't say anything further.

    The three of them had already heard such words too many times.

    Whichever one was found this disease had no cure, it would at most last a few months of life.

    Ye Chen said with certainty at this time, "Auntie Lin, don't worry, if I say I can, I can!"

    Saying that, he pulled out a rejuvenation pill from his pocket - inside, and handed it to Gu Yanzhong, saying seriously, "Uncle Gu, take this pill, and all the diseases on your body will be cured!"

    Gu Yanzhong looked at him in stunned silence, "This this medicine is really so divine?!"

    If an outsider had handed him such a pill, saying that a single pill would cure the disease, Gu Yanzhong would never have believed it!

    Because this had completely overturned his understanding of the world, of disease, of cancer, and even of life.

    However, it was Ye Chen's words, so he suddenly felt in his heart that Ye Chen's words might actually be somewhat believable!

    Thinking of this, he immediately pursued, "Tatsuo, is it possible that I just need to take this pill?"

    Ye Chen nodded gently, "Swallow it directly and send it to be taken with warm water, Inan go and pour a cup of warm water for Uncle Gu."

    "Okay brother Yeh Chen!"Gu Qiuyi immediately got up and poured a cup of warm water over.

    Lin Wanqiu on the side had a complicated expression.

    In her heart, she was believing or doubting.

    Half believing, half feeling unlikely.

    However, she thought to herself that Ye Chen would never harm her husband, it was just a pill, even if it couldn't be cured, it shouldn't hurt too much.

    So, she didn't say anything and waited for her husband to take the medicine to see if it was effective or not.

    Warm water was brought over, and Gu Yanzhong did not hesitate to put the rejuvenation pill that emitted a strong medicinal scent into her mouth, took another sip of water, and then swallowed the rejuvenation pill with a tilt of her head.


The efficacy of the Rejuvenation Pill was unquestionable.

    It was the essence recorded in the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, and could make dead wood rejuvenate, rejuvenate the elderly, and repeat the health of a dying person.

    At first, Hong Wu was severely injured by the Wu family's bodyguards, and his breath was almost completely gone, hanging on by his last faint breath.

    In that situation, even the best doctors in the world could only save his life, but definitely not his brain, and he would end up as a vegetable.

    However, after one Rejuvenation Pill was taken, not only did Hong Wu completely recover, his entire body was even more than ten years younger.

    This was a testament to how miraculous the rejuvenation pill's medicinal effects were.

    Therefore, Ye Chen firmly believed that the Rejuvenation Pill would be able to cure Gu Yanzhong as well!

    At this time, Gu Yanzhong, in front of his wife and daughter to take the rejuvenation pills, immediately felt an unprecedented feeling of relief, in the abdomen melted.

    The whole body was like the land that had been completely cracked under years of drought, and there was no more water in the soil.

    However, this medicinal power was like an endless spring that instantly gushed out from the cracks in the ground, not only nourishing the entire earth, but even covering the entire earth with an abundant water source!

    Originally, his physical energy had been more than 80% drained by a serious illness, and he had felt firsthand the feeling of his body constantly getting worse.

    It was like a hole opening at the bottom of a bucket of water, allowing him to directly feel the accelerated flow of life in his body.

    But, right now, he suddenly realized that that feeling of life being worse than death seemed to come back upside down all over again!

    He could clearly feel the life that he had passed away and was rapidly replenishing it back.

    Very soon, he felt that his body was back to fifty percent of what it was when he was healthy!

    Followed by 70 percent!It's 90%!

    --?Then, it was ten percent!

    In just a minute or so, he felt like he was back to his health period.

    When he was sick, he was 48 years old, and now, he was 50 years old.

    It was a difference of two years, but 48 years old, a healthy 48 years old, and 50 years old, a terminally ill 50 years old, the difference was one day at a time!

    And now, he's found the feeling of being 48 years old, fit and healthy again!

    He felt like it was truly amazing, magical like the most beautiful dream he'd ever had before dying!

    But the surprises aren't over yet!

    After all, it's a rejuvenating potion!

    This was the Rejuvenation Pill that Master Song was willing to kneel down to Ye Chen!

    This is the Rejuvenation Pill that Hongwu would give his life for Ye Chen!

    This was a rejuvenating pill that Li Tailai was willing to spend 2 billion RMB on a single price!

    How could such a miraculous and precious rejuvenation potion only bring Gu Yanzhong's body back to when he was forty-eight years old?

    The Rejuvenation Pill was like a magical force that could travel through time, dragging Gu Yanzhong's body desperately backwards!

    Then, Gu Yanzhong felt as if he was back in the year he was forty-five!

    That year, one thing in particular struck him.

    That year, his father passed away.

    The immensely filial Gu Yanzhong bought the best golden silk wood coffin for his father and his inner and outer coffin.

    It took sixteen young adults to lift that coffin.

    Gu Yanzhong pulled his younger brothers, Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang, to join in, hoping to lift the coffin for his deceased father with his own hands.

    However, Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yinguang simply couldn't hold it up, and were exhausted and panting after trying it once.

    In the end, it was Gu Yanzheng and fifteen young men who, together, lifted the coffin and took it to the cemetery.


After getting sick, Gu Yanzhong missed that time countless times.

    The self of that time was truly unconquerable!Forty-five years old, yet still wanting to be like a thirty year old.

    In fact, it was also true that his own health at the time was better than the average bag of his age, and that time he carried the coffin, and although it was hard work, he still fought through it!

    And now that pinnacle is back!

    Gu Yanzhong sat on a chair and burst into tears!

    All this, he felt, was a gift from God!When I was terminally ill, I only had the luxury of surviving, and didn't even dare to hope that my life would ever return to this pinnacle!

    But, now, this amazing thing is happening to myself!

    At this point, miracles weren't just happening to Gu Yanzhong, they were also happening to Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi's eyes!

    They could see Gu Yanzhong's pale, colorless face at a speed visible to the naked eye, and it began to redden rapidly.

    The orbital hollows and dark circles characteristic of terminal patients were fading fast, and his already patchy white hair was rapidly turning black!Even the wrinkles on his face seemed to have been ironed out by an invisible iron of age!

    Oh, my God!What do you see yourself?I can't believe I'm seeing time backwards!

    Lin Wanqiu covered her mouth with both hands, her eyes staring out, those gorgeous eyes, after shedding too many sad tears, shed tears of excitement for the first time.

    Gu Qiu Yi was the same, her tears had already dried up, but afraid of disturbing the continuation of the miracle, she didn't dare to make any noise.

    During this period of time when her father was sick, she had secretly prayed to all the gods in the world that she knew, so that the god's house could descend and reveal itself.

    However, after every prayer, what she got in return was endless disappointment and even despair.

    But who would have thought that the gods couldn't heal dad, and that the fiancĂ© she had missed for more than a decade, the brother Yechen who had been chasing after his ass in his childhood, had brought the most miraculous miracle in the world for dad!

    Gu Yanzhong's body was still continuing to stage the regression of time.

    At this time, he was already feeling the - state of forty years old.

    That year, he heard from others that someone had met a Chinese young man in distant Argentina, the Chinese young man, in the Argentine capital - Buenos Aires, as a temporary tour guide for Chinese tourists and make a living from this, looks, very much like his older brother who was a worshipper back then.

    When Gu Yanzhong learned the news, he was extremely excited.

    He immediately booked a full flight to Argentina.

    Argentina, is the farthest country from China.

    Whether it was from the east or the west, a straight line distance of at least 20,000 kilometers was required to reach it.

    No civilian airliner could fly 20,000 kilometers continuously and non-stop, so there were no direct flights from Yanjing to Buenos Aires at all.

    And the maximum range of Gu Yanzhong's private plane was only less than eight thousand kilometers.

    However, in order to find Ye Chen, he didn't hesitate to hastily set out late that night.

    The plane first took off from Yanjing, and after a stop for refueling, flew first to Dallas, USA, and then another stop for refueling in Dallas, USA, followed by a non-stop flight to Buenos Aires.

    The entire flight took almost thirty hours.

    During these thirty hours, Gu Yanzhong never closed his eyes.

    He thought he was sure to find Ye Chen's whereabouts that time, so he was so excited and excited that he couldn't rest at all.

    Plus, he hadn't rested for more than ten hours before taking off, so his entire body had been hard pressed for 48 hours, but at that time, he didn't even feel any fatigue.

    Until he found the young man who did resemble Ye Chen's father and asked him if the other man was not the Ye Chen he was looking for, more than fifty hours had already passed.

    Up until that moment, he had felt a sense of decadence and fatigue.

    And now, he actually felt that his body had returned to that time back then

    His decades-old worldview was completely overturned in a moment.

    He couldn't figure out what kind of divine medicine Ye Chen had given himself?Could it be the legendary immortal potion of the Old Lord Taishang?Otherwise, how could it be so amazing?

    At this moment, Gu Yanzhong, who was at least ten years younger, had burst into tears and was speechless 。。。。


At this moment, Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi were already crying to the point of not being able to speak.

    One on the left, one on the right, they were holding Gu Yanzhong's warm hand, so excited that they couldn't speak.

    Although Gu Yanzhong hadn't undergone any medical tests, nor had the two of them received any authoritative reports on whether or not Gu Yanzhong had been cured, they trusted their own eyes, their own judgement, and the fact that he was now completely healed!

    Gu Yanzhong, as a first-hand experiencer of the effects of the Rejuvenation Pill, knew even more about his own condition, and he was now one hundred thousand percent certain that he was not only healed, but his body had returned to the state it was in ten or forty years ago.

    This simply made him overjoyed.

    It took him a long time to recover from his uncontrollable emotions, then he looked up at Ye Chen, his eyes filled with gratitude.

    Immediately after that, he suddenly gently pushed his wife and daughter by his side, bending his legs and kneeling down straight in front of Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen didn't expect that Gu Yanzhong would kneel to him and hurriedly reached out to assist him, making him unable to kneel down no matter what.

    But Gu Yanzhong kept trying to push his hand away, and said solemnly and piously, "Chen'er, you're as kind to your uncle as you are to me, and you can't stop me from this worship no matter what!".

    Ye Chen blurted out "Uncle Gu, you are my father's brother, so that's like my own uncle, how can I accept such a great gift from you, wouldn't that be a disgrace to me?"

    Gu Yanzhong shook his head "Chen'er, you are so gracious to me that even if I were to give most of my assets - to you, it would be no match for this kindness, so you have to accept this obeisance from me no matter what."

    Before Ye Chen could speak, Lin Wanqiu on the side had kneeled down, and Gu Qiuyi also kneeled on the ground without thinking about it.

    Lin Wanqiu choked, "Chen'er, you have a heavenly kindness for our family, and Auntie will never forget it in her life."

    Gu Qiu Yi on the side also nodded repeatedly "Brother Yeh Chen, thank you so much."

    At this moment, Gu Yanzhong is still using his body to fight with Ye Chen, insisting on kneeling on the ground.

    Ye Chen saw this, lightly sighed, then let go of Gu Yanzhong, stood straight and said seriously "Since that's the case, I won't stop you, but after thanking me, let's stop talking about this matter, I still haven't eaten anything, let's get down to the ground and eat our lunch first, okay?".

    The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at it, but it wasn't, and I didn't think it would be.In the future, if there is anything you need uncle to do, don't dare to disobey!"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly, helped him up and said, "Uncle Gu, thank you are done, can we eat now?"

    Gu Yanzhong hurriedly smiled and said "Come, come, let's continue to eat!"

    After saying that, he looked towards Lin Wanqiu with a flourish and smiled, "Wife!Go to our storeroom and fetch a bottle of my best Maotai. I'll have a few drinks with Tzu today.,It's been over a year without a drop of wine, and I'm already craving it!"

    As Lin Wanqiu wiped away her tears, she smiled and said, "OK!You two sit and eat first, I'll go get it!"


In a short while, Lin Wanqiu walked back with a four-pound bottle of Maotai wine.

    Gu Yanzhong took the bottle, while opening the cap, while saying to Ye Chen, "Chen'er, from the year that Inan was born, every year on her birthday, I would spend a lot of money to save a batch of the best that can be bought, to now have been stored in the basement full of a storeroom, are auction-grade top thatch, would have been ready to wait for Inan's wedding day to take out to entertain friends and relatives, today we!The two of us will taste it first!"

    Lin Wanqiu said with a smile on the side, "Chen'er, this batch of wine, your uncle Gu is very precious, the storeroom is like a brave man, only in and out, stored for more than twenty years, a bottle has never been taken out to drink, today this is the unprecedented first time!"

    Gu Yanzhong smiled "This wine was originally prepared for the wedding of Chen'er and Inan, drink it now as a warm-up!"

    Gu Qiu Yi on the side blushed her cheeks.

    Ye Chen's heart was inevitably embarrassed.


    How could he marry Gu Qiuyi again when he was now a married man?

    Gu Yanzhong also saw some embarrassment in Ye Chen's expression and seriously said "Chen'er, I know your current situation, you don't need to have any psychological burden, since uncle is now recovered, it is definitely no problem to live for another 20 or 30 years, uncle makes the decision, our family waits for you for three years!".

    In the past three years, you have been able to get rid of the current problems, and then make a good plan for your own future, whether you want to go back to Yanjing, whether you want to go back to the Ye family, you should think about it, but it doesn't matter whether you go back to the Ye family or not.There's no Ye family either - it doesn't matter!"

    "Yes Tatsuki!"Lin Wanqiu also said on the side, "You were born in Yanjing, before the age of eight also grew up in Yanjing, here is your roots, after you get married to Inan, the best choice is to return to live in Yanjing!"

    "If you feel tired of these tedious things in the Yanjing gentry, I also support you and Inan to settle overseas together, and you don't need to worry about money, the assets of your Uncle Gu and I are already enough for the two of you to live your entire lives in any country in the world, food and clothing free!"

    Gu Qiuyi's pretty face was blushing beautifully, and she was shyly silent at the side, but her eyes looked at Ye Chen from time to time, and it could be seen that the eyes were already full of tenderness.

    Ye Chen knew that his marriage contract with Gu Qiuyi was the order of his parents.

    And it had existed for more than twenty years, it was originally because he had not kept his parents' promise, and if he still immediately refuted it at this time, he would not even have the face to face his deceased parents.

    So, he gently nodded his head and said seriously "Uncle Gu, Auntie Lin, I will carefully consider these issues."

    In his opinion, the best solution was to drag this matter out first and then slowly channel it.

    Naturally, Gu Yanzhong was full of promise, then handed Ye Chen a cup of wine, he also took a cup and said boldly "Come, Chen'er!Cheers to that!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head, and the two men clinked their glasses, then drank all the highly Maotai wine in the cup.

    Gu Yanzhong a cup of wine down, familiar and unfamiliar feeling made him smack his lips, excitedly said "Oh my, now I understand, rich and powerful, are not as good as having health!Health is the root of it!"

    He said, he couldn't help but ask Ye Chen "Right Chen'er, are you going to tell uncle, what kind of miracle medicine is the medicine you gave me, and how can it be so devilishly effective?It's simply like a magic potion!"


When Ye Chen heard Gu Yanzhong ask about the Rejuvenation Pill, he smiled slightly and said "Uncle Gu, this medicine is called the Rejuvenation Pill, I dare not say that it is a real immortal pill, but I am not ashamed to say that it is at least enough to be a half-immortal, this medicine was made by an ancient Chinese divine physician, and I also obtained it by chance."

    Gu Yanzhong didn't doubt it and said seriously "This medicine is so amazing, it really doesn't seem like a worldly mortal, the feeling I had when I took it just now was like a dream!It seems that the old ancestors do have many divine abilities that we cannot understand!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head in agreement.

    Although he didn't know who had authored the Nine Xuantian Scriptures, but based on the age of that jade spring jug bottle, the bottle should have been made during the Tang Dynasty.

    And that bottle didn't have any traces of later cutting, which meant that the wooden casket where the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing was stored should have been put in ahead of time when making the clay blanks before the Tang Dynasty craftsmen burned that jade spring jug bottle.

    The wooden box as well as the material of the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing is also very amazing, fire firing without any problem, after opening it, it actually dissipated instantly, the mystery of which, Ye Chen himself could not see through.

    Therefore, he empathized with Gu Yanzhong's words.

    After three rounds of wine, Gu Yanzhong's spirits became higher and higher, and he drank the wine very quickly, and soon, they each went down a catty of liquor.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and make sure that you are aware of what is going on.

    Gu Yanzhong sneered "That's right!Tomorrow, I'm not only going to stun the entire board, I'm going to reorganize the entire board!I used to take too much care of the second and third oldest, never dreaming that they would come down on me when I was seriously ill, but from tomorrow onwards, they won't have such a comfortable time in the Gu Group!--"

    Lin Wanqiu was busy "From now on, you must take your personal security seriously, whether it's the group or the house, you must have more bodyguards in case the second and third dog jumps over the wall in a hurry."

    Gu Yanzhong nodded his head "Don't worry, I'll communicate with the best security company tomorrow and take out 200 million to hire the best security team to protect our family's safety 24 hours a day, from now on, I won't trust anyone except the people in this house!"

    The people in this room that Gu Yanzhong was talking about were his wife and daughter and Ye Chen.

    Now, he really didn't dare to trust anyone other than these three people.

    Even his own brother betrayed him, and even tried to rob the family property openly, and even worse, they even threatened the lives of his wife and children, which not only made him burn with rage, but also made him see through the essence of human nature.

    So what if they were brothers?Don't you also pull out a knife in the face of profit?

    Thinking of this, Gu Yanzhong looked towards Ye Chen and said seriously, "Chen'er, if you don't have anything planned for tomorrow, why don't you come with me, with you here, uncle will be more energetic."

    Ye Chen naturally nodded his head without hesitation and agreed.

    This time, he came to Yanjing to help Gu Yanzhong solve the problem.

    With the physical problems solved, the assets should also be helped as much as possible.

    Otherwise, now that Gu Yanzhong was recovering from a serious illness and his control over the group was at its weakest stage, he really might not be able to fight against his two younger brothers.

    It would also be a problem in case his two brothers joined other shareholders together to exclude him.

    Moreover, what Ye Chen was more worried about was that his two younger brothers would think about killing him.

    After all, they had been gluttonous to the hundreds of billions of dollars of family fortune for so long, they couldn't be willing to give it up easily.


Therefore, he must help Gu Yanzhong solve all the problems before he could leave Yanjing and return to Jinling.

    When Gu Yanzhong saw Ye Chen's promise, he sighed, lifted his glass of wine and said, "Come, Chen'er, uncle toast you!"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and clinked glasses with him again.

    Lin Wanqiu watched as the two men drank happily and whispered to Gu Qiuyi, "Your father hasn't been this happy for a long time."

    Gu Qiuyi also nodded repeatedly and said in her mother's ear, "It seems like I haven't seen him so happy since Uncle Ye's accident."

    Under the table, Lin Wanqiu gently held her daughter's hand and whispered, "Chen'er is a good man, you must hold on to him."

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models.

    Lin Wanqiu is serious "Silly child, he is the fiancĂ© you have been set on since you were a child, this is someone else stealing your husband, not you stealing someone else's husband!"

    A slight pause, Lin Wanqiu added "Moreover, that place in Jinling, I don't believe that a daughter of a family can match Chen'er, the local richest man is also far from qualified, looking at the entire Yanjing, the only one who can match Chen'er, besides you, is a girl from the Su family."

    "And you have a marriage contract with him, the two families are still friends for many years, it's only right and proper for you to marry Tatsuo'er."

    "And, by then, your father and I will be equal to an additional son!Your father will be happy all day long then!"

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I can.

    Lin Wanqiu said, "Mom will teach you later!"

    At this time, Ye Chen also returned Gu Yanzhong's drink - a glass of wine - and whirled around, "Uncle Gu, this time I came, besides seeing you and Auntie Lin and helping you treat your illness, I also want to go to my parents' graves to mourn, I wonder where my parents are buried now."

    Gu Yanzhong looked somewhat forlorn and sighed softly as he spoke, "Your parents are now buried in the western suburb of Ye Ling Mountain."

    "Ye Lingshan?"Ye Chen didn't know which leaf or mausoleum was Ye because he heard Gu Yanzhong say these three words.

    So, he was surprised and asked "Uncle Gu, how come I haven't heard of this place you're talking about?"

    Gu Yanzhong said, "Ye Ling Mountain, in fact, is the western suburbs of a feng shui excellent mountain, originally your parents were buried in the northern suburbs of the Ye family ancestral tomb, but the Ye family four years ago, something happened, encountered a high person, only to buy this mountain, renamed Ye Ling Mountain, Ye is your Ye family's Ye, mausoleum is the mausoleum."

    Saying that, Gu Yanzhong added, "After the Ye family bought Ye Lingshan, they invested hundreds of millions of dollars to refurbish and develop the mountain, and this development was three years, and it was not completed until last spring, and after it was completed, the Ye family moved the entire ancestral tomb over, and at that time the movement of the ancestral tomb was so loud and impressive that no one in the entire Yanjing knew about it."

    Ye Chen frowned "The Ye family has continued in Yanjing for hundreds of years, with over a hundred ancestors buried in their ancestral graves, on such a large scale, the Ye family said to move them all?"

    Gu Yanzhong nodded his head and said, "This matter, I heard rumors in the community that your grandfather was unexpectedly ill four years ago, but couldn't find anything wrong with him, and sought medicine everywhere to no avail."

    "Later, the Ye family also traveled all over the country's famous rivers and mountains, and visited many masters, and as a result, after those masters came to see them, they all left without saying a word, turning around and asking for the reason without even mentioning a word."

    "Your grandfather went crazy and went to the United States himself, and only after three attempts did he invite back a hundred-year-old Chinese feng shui master, who came and saw the Ye family's ancestral tomb and said that the Ye family's feng shui was some kind of dragon trapped in the shallows, and that it was not easy to resolve, so he instructed the Ye family to move their ancestral tomb to Ye Ling Mountain with great difficulty."


Regarding the Ye family's feng shui and the matter of moving his ancestral grave, Ye Chen didn't care too much about it.

    He didn't really have any interest in the people and matters of the Ye family.

    All along, regarding the Ye family, he actually only cared about two things.

    First, where his parents were buried and whether he could go to pay his respects.

    Secondly, who were the parents murdered by and whether they were Ye family members.

    As for the other matters of the Ye family, he didn't want to bring it into his head at all.

    So, after listening to Gu Yanzhong's introduction of Ye Lingshan, Ye Chen asked "Uncle Gu, can I go to Ye Lingshan to pay my respects?"

    Gu Yanzhong said "Ye Lingshan is your Ye family's ancestral tomb, a feng shui important place, the Ye family usually has very strict control over there, outsiders can't even enter, even I have to greet the Ye family in advance and make an appointment to go there, but you're a son of the Ye family, a greeting should be enough to go straight there."

    Ye Chen shook his head and said, "Uncle Gu, to be honest, I don't want the Ye family to know that I've come to Yanjing, and I still don't want to have too much contact with them for now."

    Gu Yanzhong thought about it and said "Then how about this, I'll make a call to your uncle later, and tell him that I want to go to pay my respects to your parents, so that he can say hello to the people down there, then you can disguise yourself a little and come over with me, after all, you look too much like your father, if the Ye family members of your generation see you, they will definitely be able to recognize you."

    Ye Chen hurriedly got up and bowed deeply to Gu Yanzhong "Uncle Gu, thank you for your success!"

    Gu Yanzhong panicked and got up to assist, trembling, "Chen'er, what are you doing, you're a great benefactor of our family, why do you bother bowing to me for this little thing."

    b--r Ye Chen said with a solemn look, "Uncle Gu, it's about my deceased parents, it's no small matter to me, my parents died eighteen years ago, I have never gone to the grave to hang mourning, it's really disloyal and unfilial, you can fulfill me and give me this opportunity to be filial, it means a lot to me, how can I not bow to you!".

    When Gu Yanzhong heard this, he hurriedly blamed himself and said "Oh my, I said the wrong thing, this is really not a trivial matter, don't worry, uncle will bring you over tomorrow!"

    The other side of Lin Wanqiu said "Inan and I will also go with you, if it's just the two of you, the Ye family will easily become suspicious, after all, what's the situation of our family, the Ye family is also very clear, our family besides you, there are no young men."

    Gu Yanzhong said "This doesn't matter, you can let Chen'er disguise my driver."

    Lin Wanqiu nodded, but still insisted, "Then our mother and daughter will come with you, I haven't been to see Brother Ye and Mrs. Ye for a little over half a year."

    "Yes!"Gu Qiu Yi also hurriedly said, "Dad, you can let me go with Mom too!"

    Gu Yanzhong nodded and said, "Okay, then let's go together tomorrow!"

    After saying that, he thought about the time and said, "This way, in the morning, Chen'er and I will go to the group's board meeting first, you two will wait at home, and after the meeting, we will come over to pick you up and go over together."

    Lin Wanqiu instantly agreed and said "Good!"

    Between pushing and exchanging glasses, Ye Chen and Gu Yanzhong drained the four-pound bottle of Maotai wine.

    Having had enough wine and food, their moods were also high, so Gu Yanzhong pulled him along and looked through many treasured old photos in the room.

    These old photos all featured Ye Chen's parents, and the earliest photos were from the time when Ye Chen's parents had just gotten married and there was no Ye Chen yet.


Ye Chen's parents, just from their looks alone, were also absolute phoenixes among men.

    Ye Chen's father was handsome and dashing, his mother was beautiful and generous, and especially Ye Chen's mother's beauty could not be compared to Lin Wanqiu's, no matter which era, she was an outstanding existence.

    It's a pity that the golden boy and jade girl who were so famous in Yanjing have already passed away, leaving behind only mottled images and remnants of memories.

    At that time, Gu Yanzhong was not yet married, so he stood alone beside Ye Chen's father at the wedding, and took a group photo with Ye Chen's parents [567 Chinese].

    Then, there was the photo from Gu Yanzhong's wedding to Lin Wanqiu.

    For his wedding, Ye Chen's parents were there to congratulate him.

    So, the four of them took a group photo.

    Then, there was the birth of Ye Chen, and the four in the photo turned into five, and he was wrapped in swaddling clothes and held in his mother's arms.

    And then, Gu Qiuyi was born.

    So, the photo became six people.

    These six people turned from two children who were both in infancy, to Ye Chen standing beside his parents, and then to Gu Qiu Yi also standing beside her parents.

    And then, there was a photo of the two children together.

    Ye Chen was half a head taller than Gu Qiuyi, so he looked like a big brother, while Gu Qiuyi was like a little sister, following close to Ye Chen's side.

    Interestingly, in each of the group photos of the two of them, Gu Qiu Yi was holding onto Ye Chen's arm tightly with a very happy and happy expression.

    Ye Chen, on the other hand, always had a bit of a pretense of being reserved, deliberately trying to keep some distance from Gu Qiu Yi.

    Gu Yanzhong a - while giving him a look at these old photos, while exclaiming, "I didn't expect ah, time actually passed so fast, in the blink of an eye, you are already so big."

    Ye Chen looked at so many old photos of his parents, his eyes were red, and he nearly burst into tears several times, but he still held back.

    Seeing this, Gu Yanzhong patted his shoulder gently and said, "Chen'er, your parents would be very happy too if they knew the news that you were safe in the spring."

    Ye Chen nodded his head and lamented, "It's just that I feel somewhat ashamed to face them, not having worshipped them for so many years, and I'm ashamed, moreover, I haven't made any proud achievements or apologized for my parents' cultivation for so many years."

    "Don't say that."Gu Yanzhong said seriously "Your parents have been open-minded all their lives, and have never had any hopes of their son becoming a dragon, they are originally a dragon and phoenix among men, so their expectations for you have always been that you will grow up healthy and happy, and that you will not have any worries and troubles in your life."

    At this point, Gu Yanzhong smiled and said "Do you know that your mother especially likes the name Li Mozhen from the Jin Yong novel and thinks it's a particularly good name, only the Li Mozhen in it is not a good person, when you were not born, your mother jokingly said that if you were a little girl, then she would name you Mozhen."

    Ye Chen would smile, his heart warming as he thought of his mother.

    Mom was indeed like what Gu Yanzhong had said, never wishing to become a dragon and a phoenix, telling herself since she was a child that to live was to be happy and to be a good and upright person was enough, achievements and status were not important.

    After chatting with Gu Yanzhong for an afternoon, when Lin Wanqiu came in to deliver the fruit, she said to Ye Chen, "Chen'er, the guest room has been prepared out for you, next door to Inan's room on the second floor, you drank so much wine at noon, it's better to go back to your room and rest for a while later, if there's anything, you can look for Inan directly."

    "Okay."Ye Chen nodded his head "Thank you Auntie Lin."


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