Secret Identity 1461-1470


Chapter 1461

Young people like to chase fashion.

    If we talk about the degree of fashion, Japan is definitely not far behind compared to China.

    It can even be said that the fashion level in Japan is higher than China.

    That's why there's the Ha-ri trend, Japanese hairstyles, Japanese manicures and Japanese make-up for girls.

    It can be said that Japanese girls, who are very fashionable overall, prefer the fashionable metropolis like Tokyo.

    The exception to this is Itachi.

    She has never liked fashionable things.

    Instead, she had always been particularly fond of classical more culture.

    For example, she liked to study the tea ceremony, the ancient Chinese language, poetry, and even old-fashioned architecture and clothing.

    Therefore, the city of Kyoto had always perfectly matched her temperament.

    She also knew that she could say that this match today would be fatal, and although it was unlikely that she would lose her life, she was afraid that she would not be able to escape the fate of being seriously injured .

    Therefore, she wished even more that she could return to Kyoto to live and recover after her injury.

    When Ito Yuhiko heard her words, he said with love on his face and without hesitation, "No problem!I'll have the mansions in Kyoto cleaned up!"

    "Great!"Ito Nana-chan was overjoyed and said excitedly "I've always wanted to go back to Kyoto and live there for a while, but I've never had the chance to do so, but this time I can get my wish."

    Afterwards, she said, "By the way Odo-san, I need you to say hello to my school as well."

    "Okay!"Ito Yuuhiko nodded repeatedly "I'll take care of all of this, you don't have to worry about anything, go to the tournament without any distractions!"

    Cabbage Ito bowed again.


    The organizer informed the contestants to debut.

    This final was really receiving too much attention, the national TV stations were broadcasting live, and numerous video stations were also broadcasting simultaneously on the internet, so Ye Chen did not accompany Qin Ao Xue to the stage anymore, but left the backstage early and sat alone on the seat with his back to the camera at the competition.

    He believed that the current Qin Ao Xue no longer needed his guidance, so he only needed to watch her match silently.


    Qin Ao Xue and Itoh Cabbage entered from the entrances on each side of the ring.

    Both girls were comparable to a stunning beauty, so as soon as they appeared on stage, they triggered huge cheers.

    As soon as they appeared on stage, they attracted everyone's attention, but their own eyes, coincidentally, began to look for the figure of the same person under the stage.

    That figure was Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen was now Qin Ao Xue's spiritual pillar, and she knew very well that without Ye Chen's help, she could not have come this far.

    And for Itoh Cabbage, Ye Chen had now filled her heart, and a large part of the reason why she was fighting this match that she knew she would lose and even get seriously injured was that she didn't want Ye Chen to look down on her.

    When both of them saw Ye Chen, their eyes, at the same time, converged towards Ye Chen.

    Qin Ao Xue did not hide the admiration and love on her face, while Itachi's eyes were full of tenderness.

    On the ring, the referee brought the two girls to the center of the ring and explained the rules of the match to them routinely.


And the two of them, none of them looked at the judges or each other, all of them were looking at Ye Chen on the stage.

    Ye Chen was suddenly under some pressure.

    I didn't expect that these two girls, who didn't prepare for the match properly, would stare at themselves non-stop when they got on stage.

    Was he that good looking?Can't you take care of business?

    As I was thinking about it, the referee on stage got embarrassed, coughed twice, and said, "Guys, are you listening to me attentively?"

    Qin Ao Xue was the first to come back to her senses, hastily blushing and said "Sorry referee, just got distracted."

    The referee was helpless, and then looked at Ito Caixako "Ito-san, what about you?"

    Itoh Cabbage's face also blushed instantly, busy whispering, "I'm sorry referee, I'm also a little distracted."

    After saying that, she couldn't help but look at Qin Ao Xue, which revealed that Qin Ao Xue's face was already filled with the shyness of a young girl.

    She couldn't help but wonder in her heart, this Qin Aoxue, does she like Ye Chen?

    Qin Ao Xue was now also surprised to see Itoh Cabbage Patch.

    Although Itoh Cabbage was calmer than herself, her face was also red, so she couldn't help but marvel in her heart.

    "No way...Is it any wonder that this Itoh Cabbage Patch has fallen in love with Master Ye, just like herself?"

    However, she soon got over it and thought, "I'm afraid that most women can't resist the attraction of a man as good as Master Ye, right?So, it's normal for Ito-chan to fall in love with Master Ye, even if it's a different girl from Europe or America, she would probably fall in love with Master Ye."

    "Hey, it's just a pity that Master Ye is a married man after all, no matter how many women like him, I'm afraid it would be hard for them to actually get together with him, right?Dad keeps telling me to get closer to Master Ye and try to get him to like me too, but after all this time, it's not at all clear that Master Ye has any feelings for me."

    The two women were thus each in their own way, and fell back into contemplation.

    The referee originally thought he had summoned their attention back, jabbering a bunch of words, and then found that both of them were not looking at themselves, as if they were in a state of disorientation, he couldn't help but be a little big-headed, and asked "Do you two understand?".

    Itachi was busy saying, "Excuse me, ref, what did you just say?"

    The judge was convinced, and said in a low voice: "Both of you are top female wrestling athletes.

    The referee was convinced and whispered "you two, you are both top female wrestlers, you have made it all the way to the final, don't desert in the final, so many spectators, so many media reporters are paying attention to you two".

    Qin Ao Xue said apologetically "Judge don't worry, we will play well, we will!"

    On the other side of the table, Itoh Nabiki also threw up her tongue and said seriously, "We're ready to go, ref."

    The referee nodded and said "Neither of you have a coach accompanying you today, right?"

    "Right."The two of them nodded at the same time.

    Qin Ao Xue's coach was Ye Chen, but today Ye Chen went to the audience and didn't give her instructions in front of the ring.

    And Ito's coach, is still lying in a hospital bed watching the live broadcast, so both of them do not have a coach to follow today.

    So the referee said seriously, "Both of you are experts, and know that fists and kicks have no eyes, so the match will begin later, if you are injured, try to accurately judge your own situation, do not blindly persist, if you can not hold on, please tell me immediately, so that I can promptly terminate the match, understand?"

    Usually, the coach is the one who throws in the towel and admits defeat when the match reaches a critical moment, or when the player reaches a very critical moment.

    However, if the coach is not on the field, it is up to the players themselves.

    But sometimes the players themselves are blinded, or seriously injured simply can not react, so it is easy to be seriously injured by the other side, that's why the coach reminded the two of them, critical moments must not be tough.

    Both of them nodded their heads seriously.

    Only then did the referee announce loudly, "Okay, the match begins!"


Since both girls were a little distracted just now, when the referee announced the start of the match, neither of them were able to immediately get into the mood like before.

    So the painting style in the ring was suddenly a bit strange.

    The referee announced the start of the match, quickly withdrew a certain distance, it is reasonable to say that the two players should immediately get into a rhythm and begin to make a probing attack, but the two people on the stage, surprisingly, froze motionless for several seconds.

    At this time, a male audience member shouted: "Qin Aoxue, what are you still standing still for?Hurry up and defeat that Japanese bitch!"

    "Yes, Qin Ao Xue, it's time to fight for the glory of our country!"

    "Oh my, Qin Ao Xue, this Japanese girl is quite pretty, promise me, don't hit her face, okay?"

    Qin Ao Xue felt a little big head all of a sudden.

    This match was the highest level match that she had ever played in her entire life.

    But, it was also the match with the least match atmosphere.

    So, she could only try her best to eliminate these distractions, hugged her fist at Ito Naija and said, "Miss Ito, I'm offended!"

    After saying that, immediately a lunge, a fierce fist went straight at Ito's vegetables.

    Ito Cai Cai Zi also did not dare to take it lightly, to fight twelve points of spirit to deal with.

    She knew that she could never fight hard enough to beat Qin Ao Xue, the power disparity was too great, even if it was wise enough, so what she wanted now was to first do her best to defend herself, and then look for opportunities to counterattack the other side, not to injure the other side, just to be able to technically score at the judge, even if she lost, she could not lose too completely.

    So, in a split second, her legs back extremely fast, her hands into palms, with soft palms to meet Qin Ao Xue's fist, followed by the moment of contact, quickly followed the other side of this force, speed up the speed of retreat, in a moment, has defused this attack of Qin Ao Xue.

    Qin Ao Xue did not expect that Itachi would use this way of using softness to mitigate his strenuous attack, his heart was not secretly surprised!

    This way of responding to Itachi's fist was a testament to her extraordinary experience.

    The fist itself was very hard, and if the fist was given enough strength and speed, it would be very offensive and lethal.

    At this time, no matter what part of the body was used to hard carry the opponent's fist, all the force of the opponent had to be carried first!

    It's like a speeding car about to hit a hard wall, and the people in the car simply can't withstand the tremendous force of flesh and blood hitting the car's internal steering wheel at the moment of collision.

    However, while a hard carry is undesirable, it is a very good way to handle the situation.

    It's like bursting an airbag between the person and the steering wheel at the moment of collision.

    A soft and flexible airbag does a great job of protecting the body, while still taking the force of the impact off the car.

    This is especially critical!

    The fact that Ito Nana-chan was able to judge the entire situation in a lightning bolt and immediately react and use her soft palm to offload the force, this move really made Qin Ao Xue's heart admire her!

    This, was the importance of experience and reaction speed.

    She also knew that there was no doubt that Itachi was far superior to herself in these two points.


Ye Chen was now also sighing in his heart for Itachi's perfect response.

    As expected, experience couldn't be compensated with hard power.

    Qin Ao Xue was now, like a driver with a supercar, her car was extremely powerful and fast, but she herself didn't know enough about the track's road conditions to know where there were turns, potholes, or shortcuts.

    Whereas, although Ito's car was not as powerful and fast as Qin Ao Xue's supercar, she was very familiar with the track road conditions and knew every little detail by heart.

    Therefore, if these two drivers race together, the one who drives the supercar will win in the end, but it may not be a very pleasant win.

    Although Ito Nana-chan had successfully dodged Qin Ao Xue's attack, she didn't dare to take the enemy lightly in the slightest.

    Because in that round just now, she could clearly feel that Qin Ao Xue's power was terrifyingly strong!

    Fortunately, she had just used her palm to defuse it, otherwise, any part of her body to resist it, she might not be able to escape the fate of being injured.

    Qin Ao Xue also knew that her advantage was speed and strength, while her weakness was experience and skill, so she didn't dare to give Itachi a chance to catch her breath and immediately launched a second round of attack at her.

    Qin Ao Xue was thinking very simply, if the other party was very good at analyzing her attacks and then defusing them in a targeted manner, then she would launch a wave of intense attacks that would completely overwhelm her brain!

    Ito Nanaako saw Qin Ao Xue throw two punches at her in a row, and just wanted to use the same trick and use her palms to unload, but she didn't expect that after two punches, Qin Ao Xue then attacked her left and right legs in turn!

    Now, Itoh Cabbage was a bit overwhelmed, every time she used her palm to unload the force, the force actually started from her palm, to her arm, and then to her body, she needed to unload the force together, otherwise it would be impossible to completely unload Qin Ao Xue's force with that thickness of her palm alone.

    However, when Qin Ao Xue's attack became fast and fierce, she couldn't quite manage it.

    When Qin Ao Xue kicked at her, she was too late to adjust her body to respond, after the kick was on her palm and the palm took off 20% of the force, her body was too late to do a smooth retreat, so the remaining 80% of the force was almost concentrated on her arm.

    When there was a crack, there was a cracking sound from Itoh's right arm, followed by a wave of severe pain, causing her forehead to be covered with sweat beads.

    This strike, although the arm was not broken, but it could be felt that the bone had been somewhat cracked, and the arm was immediately swollen.

    Qin Ao Xue's hand from this strike, the stage also immediately burst out a cheer.

    Most of the people who came to the scene today are domestic audience, so they naturally support Qin Aoxue, a local Chinese player.

    At this point, seeing her gaining an advantage, the audience was naturally incredibly excited.

    In her heart, Ito Nanaiko knew very well that if she continued to be so passive, her own resistance would soon be worn out by Qin Aoxue.

    Not to mention, if her right arm endured that kind of force again, I'm afraid it would break, and then she would have to use her left hand to resist the opponent, and I'm afraid she would lose even faster!

    With that in mind, she decided to go all out and take the initiative!

    So, while Qin Ao Xue was about to attack herself, she suddenly turned sideways and flashed Qin Ao Xue's kicking right leg, then she immediately swung her left fist and directly hit Qin Ao Xue's right leg on the calf that was falling.

    Qin Ao Xue didn't even think that Itachi could dodge so fast, almost grazing this side, and she didn't even think that Itachi could attack herself directly at the moment she dodged!

    However, it was too late to defend herself, as her right leg hadn't fully landed.


At this moment, Qin Ao Xue couldn't help but feel frustrated at his carelessness!

    I was only focused on launching constant attacks on Itoh Cabbage, but I neglected to mention that she herself was an expert among experts, and was completely incomparable to the opponents I had encountered before.

    Therefore, while this oppressive attack was indeed very threatening to Itoh Cabbage, it actually left many holes in her.

    Right at this moment, with great speed, Itoh Cabbage slammed Qin Ao Xue's knee side from the side with her left fist.

    With a bang, Itoh Cabbage only felt as if she had hit a steel plate with her fist, and her entire wrist was numb from the shock!

    As for Qin Ao Xue, after taking her strike, he thought that he would be hurt quite a bit, but he didn't expect it to be nothing more than a pain in the knee.

    This pain level is completely within the acceptable range for herself, except for a little pain, almost no substantial impact on herself.

    She couldn't help but be surprised in her heart "After Master Ye helped me absorb that divine pill, not only has my strength increased greatly, my body's resistance to blows has also increased greatly!"

    "I have an understanding of Itoh Cabbage's strength, if I had taken a punch like that before, my knee would have been ironically injured, most likely shattered.

    But now, it seems that the heavy punch of Ito Naija-chan is more like the punch of a four or five year old child to myself.

    There was no real killing power at all!

    Itachi was now startled!

    All she knew was that Blizzard was very strong right now, especially with the tremendous hitting power!

    But she had never thought that Qin Ao Xue's resistance to blows was now so strong that it was unimaginable.

    She had used the full force of her own punch, but looking at Qin Ao Xue again, it seemed as if nothing had happened.

    Even Qin Ao Xue's expression wasn't even half pained, only a sense of remorse!

    At this moment, Itoh Cabbage instantly realized that she had completely lost the chance to win this match.

    The hitting strength was not as good as Qin Ao Xue, she at least still had the skills and experience, but only now did she realize that others Qin Ao Xue's body's ability to resist hitting had also far surpassed her own strength.

    According to this situation, even if she were to let herself fight for five or ten minutes without moving, I'm afraid it would be hard for her to really hurt her!

    Right at this moment, Qin Ao Xue knew the shame and decided to fight twelve minutes to deal with Ito Cabbage.

    She felt very humiliated by Ito Cai Cai Zi just now, and even apologized for Ye Chen's expectations of herself.

    She thought in her heart "After all, Master Ye has given me such a great advantage, I should have pressed Ito Cabbage and fought without giving her any chance to fight back, but if I continue to be seized by her to counterattack, Master Ye will definitely be disappointed in me!"

    With that in mind, she boarded up and attacked Itachi!

    A few looks of horror couldn't help but appear on Ito Naija's always ancient expression.

    She was quickly retreating while keeping a close eye on Qin Ao Xue's figure, trying to find her flaw in Qin Ao Xue's movements.

    Just then, she suddenly discovered that all of Qin Ao Xue's attacks were concentrated on the top plate, and the lower plate defense seemed to have slackened again.

    So, she decided to continue playing defensive counterattack, this time, aiming at Qin Ao Xue's bottom disk!


Qin Ao Xue threw two punches in succession, but both of them were dodged by Itoh Cabbage, Itoh Cabbage saw a perfect opportunity to immediately crouch and break out to the side and front to graze Qin Ao Xue's body, while his left hand was in front and his injured right hand was behind, and his hands combined to slap Qin Ao Xue's waist.

    The Chinese audience in the audience let out a scream, because in their opinion, Qin Aoxue is going to be seized by the opponent to counterattack successfully again.

    But just at the moment of the close call, Qin Aoxue's left hand became a palm and right hand became a fist, and his left palm pushed his right fist vigorously, then he gave his right elbow a tremendous force and attacked towards Ito's chest at great speed!

    Qin Ao Xue's strike could be said to be the ultimate in strength and speed!

    She had tremendous power in just her right arm, but her strike not only used the full power of her right arm, it even superimposed the power of her left arm as well!

    Never in her wildest dreams did Itoh Cabbage imagine that the flaw Qin Ao Xue had deliberately revealed was actually just a decoy to lure the enemy in!

    Before her palm even hit Qin Ao Xue's ribs, Qin Ao Xue's right elbow, had already smashed her chest in an instant!

    The strength of the elbow was inherently extraordinary, not to mention the fact that it also superimposed all the strength of both arms, Itoh Cabbage felt as if she was instantly hit by a cannonball in the chest, the huge force broke many of her ribs, but the huge force only removed less than thirty percent, and the remaining strength, knocked her directly out of the sky, the whole person flew several meters away.

    Immediately afterwards, Itachi's body sliced through the air in a parabolic curve and crashed to the ground.

    The moment Itoh Cabbage crashed to the ground, she immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, her entire face instantly pale!

    Ye Chen didn't expect that Qin Ao Xue had used such a great force in this strike!

    With her current strength, not to mention Itachi's, even if a 200-pound male athlete came up, I'm afraid she wouldn't be able to carry it at all!

    Such a powerful blow to Itachi's less than hundred pounds body not only directly bruised and broke her ribs, it even severely damaged her internal organs!

    At this point, she was like a person who had suffered serious internal injuries in a car accident, and even her life was in danger.

    This is the first time I've ever been to a school.

    Qin Ao Xue didn't expect that she had injured her opponent to such an extent with a single blow of pique, so she suddenly panicked on the stage as well, and she stood dumbfoundedly looking at Itoh Cabbage, not knowing what to do.

    The referee quickly ran up to Nana Ito and asked with concern, "Miss Ito, are you okay?Should we stop the game now?"

    Itachi's rows of white teeth clenched on her bloodless lower lip.

    She shook her head with difficulty and tried to push herself up with both hands again, but after several attempts, both were declared failures!

    At this point, the referee said somewhat regretfully, "Sorry Ito-san, I'm going to start reading the seconds!"



    Itachi was still trying to regain her footing as she listened to the referee's readout.

    However, her entire chest at this point was aching into the marrow of her bones!

    She didn't know how badly she was hurt, she was just looking at Ye Chen from a distance, but she couldn't see Ye Chen's expression, she didn't know if the way Ye Chen was looking at her now was heartache or disappointment.

    So, she wanted to stand up and stand up to see more clearly


However, Itachi's physical condition at this point was completely inadequate to support her back to her feet.

    She tried hard with a face full of pain and resignation, and the referee on the other side kept on counting down and reading the seconds.

    Itachi Nashiko held on several times, never being able to do what she wanted, until the moment the referee finished reading the last second and officially blew his whistle to announce the official end of the match, it was as if all the strength in her body was completely sapped at that moment, and her entire body lay down in the ring with a loud bang.

    Deafening cheers erupted from the crowd.

    Because they knew that Qin Aoxue had won the final and taken the championship of this international competition.

    The referee also raised Qin Aoxue's arm high and said loudly, "I now announce the winner of the International Student Wrestling Competition, is the Chinese local player Qin Aoxue!".

    The cheers instantly reached a pinnacle and everyone stood up to applaud at the same time.

    Ye Chen also stood up to applaud, but in his heart he was worried about Itoh Cabbage.

    At this moment, the Ito family's team of doctors immediately rushed into the ring with a stretcher, and the middle-aged female doctor who headed the team immediately said to the people around her after doing a simple check-up on Ito Cabbage, "Miss's injuries are very serious, we must head to the airport immediately!"

    Itachi said weakly and with difficulty, "Can you wait a little longer?"

    The doctor shook his head, his tone extremely serious and extremely nervous "[Begonia Book House] Miss, you are in a very serious condition, not only are there multiple broken ribs, but your internal organs have also received a great deal of damage, we must take you to the ambulance now and begin first aid!"

    "Before we came here, we had already moved a lot of large emergency equipment onto the plane, and we'll do further medical treatment for you later on our way back to Japan, and when we get there, we'll immediately send you to the best hospital and receive the best medical treatment!"

    As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she immediately commanded, "Quick, we're leaving now!"

    Itachi Nashiko had a million reluctances inside, but the situation was out of her control at this point, all of these were family doctors, all of them taking orders from her father.

    As a result, Itoh Cabbage was immediately put on a stretcher by the doctors and then quickly taken away from the match.

    Ye Chen watched Itoh Cabbage being carried away, he was somewhat uneasy in his heart, he now didn't know how much damage Qin Ao Xue's full force strike just now had brought to Itoh Cabbage.

    Nor did he know whether her life was in danger or not.

    In fact, the most prudent way was for Ye Chen to personally diagnose her to determine whether she was in danger of dying or not, and if so, use his aura to eradicate it for her.

    However, now that the Ito family's doctor had hurriedly taken her away, Ye Chen had no chance at all.

    The moment Ye Chen chased after her from the gymnasium, the doctors of the Ito family were transporting Ito Cabbage to the ambulance.

    At that moment, Itoh Cabbage suddenly saw a familiar and haunting figure appear at the exit of the gym.

    She recognized that figure almost instantly as Ye Chen!

    Thus, Itoh Cabbage's heart was filled with excitement, but at this time, the ambulance's door had already closed, and she could only desperately look at Ye Chen from afar before it closed, through the door.

    The moment the door was completely closed, she burst into tears.

    At the same time, she choked in her heart "goodbye, Ye Chenjun though, I don't know if there is still a chance to meet with Jun again."

    Ye Chen watched the ambulance whistle away from the gym before he stopped and sighed long and helplessly.

    There was no denying that his heart was very worried for Itachi.

    However, there wasn't much else he could do right now.

    He could only hope that Ito-chan herself would make it through unscathed.

    As for whether or not he and she still had a chance to meet again, he could only leave it to fate.


At this moment.

    Kobayashi Jiro was sitting in the meeting room of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.

    Since Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion had been wildly sought after and snapped up as soon as it had been released, the production pressure on Wei Liang's side was enormous!

    Since last night, the miraculous effects of Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion, by friends in the circle of friends, microblogging and other platforms, crazy anxiety, coupled with Gu Qiuyi's aura influence, so it can be said to be hot.

    This medicine is so hot that the most direct pressure is the lack of productivity.

    Therefore, Wei Liang decided to pay his employees double the salary, so that everyone could work overtime and produce Jiuxuan Stomach Powder as fast as possible.

    Because of this, he personally went to the workshop early this morning to guide the production, and also had to hold a mobilization meeting for the employees in the workshop to properly marshal their fighting spirit.

    Therefore, he didn't have time to receive Kobayashi Jiro who came early to pay his respects.

    Can only ask the secretary to receive Kobayashi Jiro, let it wait in the meeting room.

    Kobayashi Jiro was already getting more and more upset by this point by waiting.

    He was supposed to go to the competition today and cheer for Itachi.

    However, for the sake of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's future, he could only give up on the idea and rush to Kuken Pharmaceutical.

    He thought that if the talk went well, he might still be able to make it back to the stadium in time.

    But to no one's surprise, Wei Liang had left himself hanging directly in the meeting room for nearly two hours!

    At this time, his phone suddenly received a tweet "The Jinling International University Wrestling Competition has officially concluded, Chinese player Qin Aoxue won the championship!".

    He hurriedly clicked on this tweet, skipped the report about Qin Ao Xue winning the championship and went directly to find the report about Ito Nanaiko.

    When he saw that the report about Ito Nanae was seriously injured and returned to Japan on the spot to receive medical treatment, he couldn't help but curse, "Damn it!If I were to follow Itachi's lead at this time, I'm sure I could take advantage of it to gain some favor with her, right?

    After all, a woman under the double blow of failure and injury should be very fragile inside, and very much in need of care and attention from others.

    "Hey, such a good opportunity, it's a pity!"

    Wei Liang didn't finish the mobilization meeting of the workshop until after ten o'clock and came to the meeting room.

    As soon as he entered the meeting room, Kobayashi Jiro immediately got up and said with great enthusiasm, "Oh my, I'm sure your Excellency is Manager Wei."

    Wei Liang nodded "Yes, it's me, Your Excellency is Mr. Kobayashi Jiro?"

    "Yes, that's right, I am!"Kobayashi Jiro smiled respectfully and said, "Manager Wei, first time meeting, please take care of me."

    Wei Liang already knew the things that Kobayashi Jiro's brother, Kobayashi Ichiro, had done.

    Therefore, he was always wary of Kobayashi Jiro.

    So he frowned and asked "Mr. Kobayashi, I wonder what you're looking for me for this time?"

    Kobayashi Jiro laughed and complimented, "I heard that your company has launched a Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder, and it just so happens that we also have a Kobayashi Stomach Powder that sells well throughout Asia, so I'd like to come over and talk to you, Manager Wei, about a collaboration."

    "Cooperation?"Wei Liang said without hesitation "Sorry Mr. Xiao Lin, we, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, have nothing to do with Xiao Lin Pharmaceutical."


Kobayashi Jiro didn't expect Wei Liang to reject it so simply.

    At least think about it, or pretend to think about it, right?Isn't that the proper respect for commercial negotiations?

    Although he was angry in his heart, Kobayashi Jiro, was still holding back his anger.

    He maintained a gentleman's smile and said to Wei Liang, "Manager Wei, please forgive me for speaking rather bluntly, your Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical cannot even be considered a top pharmaceutical company in China itself, and it is even more unremarkable when placed in the world.If you want to go out of the country and break into the Asian market or even the global market, it would be impossible for your company to make a breakthrough with its strength."

    At this point, he patted his own chest and said with some pride, "But our Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is different, we have been around for decades and have long been well known in the international market.What's more, our overall strength is much stronger than yours, our production line is also much more advanced than yours, and our production capacity is even far ahead of yours, in this situation, there's no way for Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical to be comparable to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so, with such a good opportunity, why not cooperate with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in depth?"

    Mr. Lin, it is true that Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical's current scale is not as large as yours, but I believe that with our excellent efficacy, even if it's just by word of mouth, we will be able to grow rapidly, and it won't be a problem for us to go beyond Asia and the world.It'll come to us to buy it, that's the appeal of a good thing."

    Kobayashi Jiro's expression was a bit ugly.

    He himself had a deep understanding of how good Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion was.

    Last night, with the intention of trying it out, he ate a packet of Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, and as a result, his stomach discomfort was completely relieved, and there were no signs of recurrence to this day.

    Whether it is the efficacy or the duration of the medicine, it is much stronger than the home-made Kobayashi Stomach Powder.

    So, according to this trend, once this Jiu Xuan Stomach Disinfection is launched, I'm afraid Kobayashi Stomach Disinfection will lose its market completely.

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and the company is now in the process of developing the new product.Genius MANPOWER

    After all, the spread of the word-of-mouth effect was much more effective than any kind of advertising that could come.

    So, he could only hold back his anger and said to Wei Liang with a smile, "Manager Wei, I know that your production is really good, but to be honest, there is still a big gap between Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and you in terms of productivity, production process, etc.!"

    "And you want to bring up the production in a short period of time, I'm afraid it's very difficult, after all, you have to choose the location to expand, build the plant, introduce new production lines, and after all get it done, but also to do equipment debugging, do quality certification, this process, without a year or two simply can't come down, you will not be able to quickly capture the market because of the lack of capacity."


"If you are willing to cooperate with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, then Kobayashi Pharmaceutical can largely make up for your shortcomings, and we can work together and get rich together!"

    "At that time, I can have all of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's production lines switched to produce Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, and we can both set a cooperation ratio, for example, you take 60% and I take 40%, and then rename Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion to Jiu Lin Stomach Dispersion, meaning a cooperative production between Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!"

    "You have to know that the productivity of Kobayashi Pharma is at least eight to ten times that of your Jiu Xuan Pharma, and we have several production lines in Japan, and three more in China and Southeast Asia, each of which is at the top of the world in terms of technology!It would take at least five to eight years for you guys to build that many production lines, so if that's the case, why don't you want to work with us?"

    Kobayashi Jiro blah blah blah, the only thing that spoke to Wei Liang's heart was the lack of productivity of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.

    Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical was the previous Wei's Pharmaceutical, and the size of Wei's Pharmaceutical, compared to Kobayashi's Pharmaceutical, was really a hundred and eighty thousand miles away.

    Not to mention, all of Wei's previous assets combined totaled 2 to 3 billion RMB, but Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, just the cash that was pitched away by Ye Chen, was a full 11 billion RMB, and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's market value was over 100 billion RMB, at least Wei's, dozens or even hundreds of times more.

    Therefore, now that Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical wanted to expand the production capacity of Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, besides making these employees work overtime as much as possible, the only thing they could do was to quickly expand the production first

    However, as Jiro Kobayashi said, if you want to expand the production line, then you have to invest a lot of human, material and financial resources as well as time, however the most crucial thing is time.

    As the old European saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day.

    If Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical wants to expand the production line, it can't be done in a short period of time.

    Next, if Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion exploded in popularity around the world, Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical simply didn't have enough production capacity to meet the rapidly skyrocketing demand of the global market.

    Thinking of this, Wei Liang's heart inevitably hesitated.

    So, he said to Kobayashi Jiro, "Mr. Kobayashi, this matter is not something I can make a decision on, I'm just a person in charge of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, whether I can work with you or not depends on our boss's opinion."

    Kobayashi Jiro saw that Wei Liang's tone was somewhat relaxed, so he knew that this matter more or less still had a silver lining, so he smiled and said, "In that case, Manager Wei, please hurry up and give your boss a call to see if your boss has the intention to cooperate or not.If he has the intent to cooperate, we can meet and have a chat and settle this matter as soon as possible.Once we reach a cooperation, I'll immediately have all of the production lines of Xiaolin Pharmaceutical switch to the future production of Jiu Xuan Stomach Disintegration!"

    "Good."Wei Liang nodded, took out his cell phone and walked out of the meeting room to a quiet and unoccupied room to call Ye Chen.

    At this time, Ye Chen was watching Qin Ao Xue on the podium, receiving the gold medal for the championship, while sobbing in his heart for Ito's departure.

    It was at this time that he received a call from Wei Liang.

    Pressing the answer button, Ye Chen opened his mouth and asked him, "Wei Liang, what do you want from me?"

    Wei Liang hurriedly said, "Master Ye, it's like this, there's a Japanese man who came over to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical looking for cooperation, he's actually considered to be half your acquaintance."

    Ye Chen was slightly stunned, then he smiled and asked him, "This half-acquaintance you're talking about should be Jiro Kobayashi, right?"

    "Yes, that's him!"Wei Liang was busy explaining Kobayashi Jiro's intention to cooperate with Ye Chen roughly.

    After saying that, he hastily added, "Master Ye, I am thinking that our current production capacity is really a very big shackle, if Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical wants to take off, we have to bring up our production capacity several times or even dozens of times, cooperating with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is not a solution, as for the split ratio, if you don't think it's quite right, I can go and talk to him again."


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