Secret Identity 1451-1460


Chapter 1451

In fact, Itachi was at a loss as to what to say at once, so with a smart move, he simply handed out the milk tea.

    As for Ye Chen, although he felt a little surprised, he really hadn't had a mouthful of water since he went out to pick up his father-in-law, and he was really a little dry.

    So he subconsciously took it, smiled and said, "Thank you, just thirsty."

    Saying that, he lowered his head and bit down on the straw, taking a big gulp of it.

    It was only then that Itachi reacted, screaming inwardly, "Oh no!I've just had a few sips of this milk tea."

    "It's only a few small, shallow sips, but it's a drink!"

    "Oh no, so bad, wouldn't I be kissing indirectly with Ye Chen?!"

    How did Ye Chen know that this milk tea was drunk by Ito Cabbage, and as he drank the milk tea, he spoke, "Miss Ito, what brings you to me so late?"

    Ito Nanae was feeling extremely shy.

    After twenty years of harsh education as a lady's daughter, she knew the importance of the words "a man and a woman are inseparable," and this was arguably the most intimate contact she had ever had with the opposite sex!

    Therefore, she was both nervous and apprehensive at this time.

    However, in addition to that, there was also a hidden leap inside her.

    Just as she was panicking, Ye Chen opened his mouth to ask her, "Why did you come here?"

    "Ah me" said a nervous Itachi "I'm I'm I'm on my way oh no I"

    Itochi herself would not be able to lie, so, all of a sudden, she didn't know how to answer his question, and instantly messed herself up.

    Ye Chen smiled calmly and said, "Alright, don't be too nervous in front of me, just say what you have to say."

    Itachi nodded lightly and said, "I just-I just wanted to come and meet Ye Chen-kun because I'm worried that I won't have the chance to see Ye Chen-kun again after the competition"

    Ye Chen curiously asked, "What?You're going back to Japan after the race?"

    "Right."Cabbage Ito didn't dare to look him in the eye and said softly, "My father has already arranged a flight to go back immediately after the competition."

    Ye Chen was puzzled, "You at least made it to the finals, and even if you lose, you're still the runner-up in the tournament, aren't you even going to participate in the award ceremony?"

    Cabbage Ito laughed bitterly, "As the number one seed in the tournament and not getting the gold medal, how can I have the face to stay for the runner up award ceremony"

    Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "The purpose of learning martial arts is not to win, because the martial arts itself was not born to fight with others, but to fight with oneself."

    "To fight with oneself?"Ito-chan asked blankly, "Yatsuo-kun, what does it mean to fight with yourself?"

    Ye Chen smiled indifferently and said, "Cabbage, our Chinese ancestors are probably different from the ancestors of any country or nation in this world, our ancestors never liked to bully the weak or invade abroad."

    "Since ancient times, our Chinese ancestors have always held on to their rivers and mountains and protected them from foreign invasion as much as possible, but even during the most prosperous period of the coming of all nations, we have never invaded any country, including your Japan."


"The Chinese ancestors always thought about how to do well, and even when we fight, we only fight with ourselves, with yesterday and with the present!"

    "To fight against ourselves is to be able to surpass our present and past selves, we fight against ourselves in medical arts to live longer, we fight against ourselves in farming skills to feed more people, we fight against ourselves in martial arts to become stronger."

    At this point, Ye Chen looked at Itachi and asked her, "If you are no longer allowed to participate in any competitions from now on, will you give up on improving, or even giving up on the martial arts?"

    Itoh Nabiki said off the cuff, "Of course not!Even if I don't participate in any more competitions, I won't give up the martial arts!"

    Ye Chen smiled and said, "That's right, what you love is martial arts, not using it to defeat others, so what's so important about winning or not?Even if you lose the race and don't get any medals, what does it matter?As long as you can live up to the love of martial arts in your heart, that's enough."

    Itachi Nana-chan bowed slightly to him and said heartily, "Thank you, Yatsuo-kun, Nana-chan understands!

    Ye Chen said, "Work hard in tomorrow's match, don't care too much whether you succeed or fail, just show your best side."

    Itachi Nana nodded seriously, "Don't worry, Ye Chen-kun, I'll definitely do my best!"

    After saying that, she recalled the somewhat distressed look Ye Chen had when he looked at her during the Final Four, and asked with happiness in her heart, "Ye Chen-kun, did I do well in the last match?"

    Ye Chen listened to her talk about the last match, and when he thought of the image of her being repeatedly hit and constantly injured by her opponent in the ring, he still felt a little bit of heartache.

    So, he said seriously, "I think your last match was great, I don't quite understand one thing, why did you let your opponent repeatedly attack and win then?In fact, your strength is above the other party, if you had resolutely counterattacked from the beginning, then you probably wouldn't have been injured, but you prefer to constantly leave the other party with opportunities, why is that?"

    Itoh Cabbage said shyly, "Actually, I was mainly thinking that it would be best to win with one move, so I kept letting the other side attack me in the early stages just to find the other side's flaw."

    Ye Chen was not surprised, "Well, it's good to win the match, so why do you have to win in one move?"

    From Ye Chen's point of view, there was still a big difference between Itachi's one move enemy control and Qin Ao Xue's one move enemy control.

    Qin Ao Xue, because her overall strength had increased greatly now, was fully capable of one-move control, so one-move control was not a big problem for her, and could even be said to be a breeze.

    However, Itachi's strength, although stronger than her opponent Michelle, was itself not strong enough to defeat her opponent in one move, so she was equivalent to giving herself an extremely difficult question.

    If she hadn't insisted on taking the most difficult path, she wouldn't have been able to get hit several times by her opponent in the match.

    Itachi Nabiki blushed even more shamefacedly at this point, and she said incredibly seriously, "I I was mainly hoping to impress Yatsuo-kun with me"

    When Ye Chen heard this, he was stunned.

    It was for himself?

    This girl, she's so stupid, isn't she?

    To impress yourself, you stand in the ring and let your opponent keep pounding away?What if the other guy is careless and takes a serious hit?

    With that in mind, he asked, "Do you think it's worth putting yourself in that much danger just to impress me?"

    "It's worth it,"Itochi said firmly and sincerely, "At some point, when I saw the look in Yatsuo-kun's eyes in the ring, I didn't know if I could have been wrong, but when I saw that look in your eyes, I instantly felt like it was all worth it"


Ye Chen didn't know exactly what kind of eyes he had left for Itachi at that time.

    After all, he didn't have a mirror at the time so that he could see what his eyes actually looked like.

    But he did remember what he was feeling at the time.

    At that time, watching her constantly being beaten by her opponent, he was indeed heartbroken.

    So, presumably, what Itachi Nabiki saw at that time was also his own heartbroken eyes, right?

    Thinking of this, he also felt a little embarrassed, sighed and said seriously, "Don't be so stupid in the future, the competition can go all out, but don't put yourself in a dangerous situation just for an extra bit of obsession."

    Hearing Ye Chen's words of concern for himself, Ito Nao-chan's heart leaped with excitement like a little woman's, nodding her head repeatedly and saying, "I know Ye Chen-kun!"

    Ye Chen looked at her, still can see the bruises and scars at the corners of her eyes, not by command: "the next match between you and Ao Xue, must remember to ensure their safety, if you feel really is not Ao Xue's opponent, then resolutely admit defeat without shame, but do not hard to carry, hard to support, because Ao Xue's current strength is indeed above you, and exceeded you quite a lot, over-exerting themselves.I'm afraid it's going to hurt."

    Hearing this, Itachi nodded lightly and couldn't help but ask, "Yatsuo-kun, Itachi has a question that has been pinned down in her heart for a long time, I want to ask you to solve it, I wonder if it's presumptuous?"

    Ye Chen said indifferently, "Go ahead, if I can tell you, I won't hide anything."

    Ito Cauldron was busy saying, "Qin Ao Xue's competition I and my mentor have also paid attention to study, and watched quite a few videos of her previous matches, and I feel as if her current strength has made a huge leap forward in an instant, and has obviously exceeded the pace of normal training progress.So I would like to ask Ye Chenjun, why has Qin Aoxue she made such a dramatic and rapid progress?Is this progress related to Ye Chenjun?"

    Ye Chen smiled and asked, "What if I say I had nothing to do with it?"

    Itachi shook her head, "Please forgive Itachi-kun's rudeness, if Itachi-kun says it has nothing to do with this matter, then Itachi-kun doesn't believe it!"

    Ye Chen nodded and said frankly, "You're right, it does concern me."

    Ito-chan said, "Thank you, Yatsuo-kun, for your candor!"

    While they were talking, they had paced to the entrance of the Tomoichi, and Ye Chen looked at her and spoke, "Alright, go home early and rest, prepare for the next match."

    Ito Nao-chan was a bit reluctant, but she still nodded her head nicely, placed her hands in front of her and bowed deeply, "Thank you, Ye Chen-kun, for your words tonight!"

    Ye Chen nodded with a smile, waved his hand at her and said, "Thank you for the milk tea, I'm leaving."

    After saying that, he stepped into the door of the Thompson.

    Itachi followed behind and watched for a long time until his figure completely disappeared before he sighed lightly and turned around to leave.

    At this moment.

    Jinling International Hotel.

    Kobayashi Jiro had just finished taking a shower in his room, leisurely pouring a glass of whiskey and sitting on the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the night view of Jinling with a complacent face.

    The reason why he was in an extremely good mood was because this Jinling International Scramble Competition had received record-breaking attention in China, and along with it, had caused Kobayashi Stomach Scramble's popularity to skyrocket.


According to the feedback, sales had suddenly increased seven or eight times, simply far beyond his expectations.

    By the looks of it, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical would soon be taking it to the next level!

    At the thought, he was so relieved that he couldn't help but take a few more sips of the cup of spirits.

    After these few gulps of wine, his stomach was hot.

    Immediately afterwards, a few pains overflowed.

    Kobayashi Jiro's expression changed slightly, whirling around to immediately reach for his own family's Kobayashi Stomach Dissolve.

    Actually, Kobayashi Jiro's stomach had always had a hidden disease.

    He was a good drinker by nature and loved to drink spirits the most, so his stomach had already left some roots of illness.

    In order to solve his stomach problem, he relied on his professional knowledge in pharmacy, read a lot of classical Chinese medical books, and studied a lot of prescriptions before he formulated Kobayashi Stomach Powder.

    As a daily medicine that can relieve stomach discomfort, the efficacy of Xiao Lin Stomach Dispersion can be said to be very successful, but this stomach dispersion is like a plaster, a plaster can substantially relieve joint rheumatism, but to say that the root cause is almost impossible.

    The same goes for Stomach Disperse.

    It is impossible to cure a serious stomach disease with Stomach Disperse, just like a person whose cartilage in the knee joint has been worn out and is in pain all the time.

    In other words, even if this kind of patients put on the plaster for a lifetime, it is impossible to cure the damage to their knee joints.

    The same is true of Kobayashi stomach powder.

    Kobayashi Jiro's Kobayashi Stomach San, which he had formulated based on an ancient Chinese medicinal recipe, had been unable to cure his stomach problems, though it had been a great relief, so much so that Kobayashi Jiro now had to take several packets of Kobayashi Stomach San every day to relieve his stomach discomfort.

    Just as he had just picked up two packets of Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion and was about to take it with whiskey, a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

    He put down his glass and stomach powder and stepped to the door, and saw his assistant standing outside the door through the electronic screen, so he reached out and opened the door.

    As the door opened, he looked at his assistant outside and asked, "What can I do for you at this late hour?"

    The assistant immediately handed a packet of medicine to him and said nervously, "Chairman, today a local pharmaceutical company in Jinling suddenly listed a stomach medicine called Jiuxuan Stomach Disperse, and specially invited the hottest female star in China right now, Gu Qiuyi, to endorse it, and now it has already set off a buying frenzy in the country!"

    "What the hell?!"

    Kobayashi Jiro frowned and said coldly, "Damn, a Chinese pharmaceutical company, how dare they imitate our Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's fist product!"

    When Kobayashi Jiro said this, he didn't even think that Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion itself was a copy of an ancient Chinese remedy.

    He received the Jiu Xuan Stomach Disperse, took a few measurements, and said disdainfully, "There are at least a dozen products that imitate our Kobayashi Stomach Disperse, there are at least a dozen in China, Korea, and Southeast Asia, but none of them are comparable to us, this Jiu Xuan Stomach Disperse must be the same, it's just trash, not enough to mention."

    The assistant spoke up, "But, this time this medicine is not ordinary!It is endorsed by Gu Qiu Yi, who has never endorsed any substantial product before, and this is the first time, so the fan effect is very strong, and her fans alone have generated an extremely terrifying amount of purchasing power!"


He couldn't help but frown and said, "That Gu Qiuyi I know, is indeed a very beautiful woman and a great actress, I didn't expect that she would actually act as a spokesperson for our competitor this time."

    After a pause, he added, "How about this, you go contact her agency and ask how much it would cost if she endorses our Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion!"

    The assistant nodded and said "Then I'll contact her agency first thing in the morning."

    Kobayashi Jiro snapped "I want to wait until tomorrow morning, contact now!The agent's cell phone is on 24/7 and stays open."

    "Okay, I'll be in touch!"

    Kobayashi Jiro returned to his room, feeling bored.

    He knew that nowadays, no matter what was being sold, he was most afraid of forming an idol effect.

    Many fanatical fans didn't care whether the idol endorsement was good or bad, as long as it was an idol endorsement, they had to buy it, and buy it in large quantities.

    Moreover, this kind of fanatical buying behavior is very exclusive. If a fan chooses to buy the product endorsed by his idol, he will not even look at other products of the same type.

    If this is the case, it is likely that this Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, by virtue of Gu Qiuyi's influence, will snatch away a very large group of consumers of his own Xiao Lin Stomach Dispersion ah!

    Kobayashi Jiro's expression grew darker as he thought about it.


    Kobayashi Stomach San was going to use this tournament to make it all over China, but then halfway through the tournament a man appeared!

    While being depressed, Kobayashi Jiro now felt a pain in his stomach again.

    If the assistant hadn't come to interrupt, he would have taken the two packets of stomach powder just now.

    So, he now subconsciously wanted to continue taking his own Kobayashi Stomach San.

    However, when he saw the Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder in his hand, he couldn't help but have a thought "Why don't I take this opportunity to try this Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder for myself to see how many catties it is!".

    "After all, I've long been a deep user of Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion, and my stomach can easily determine whether a stomach dispersion is good or bad!"

    "If the efficacy of this medicine, in my own feelings, is not as good as Xiao Lin Stomach Dispersion, then I don't have to worry about its threat, Gu Qiuyi has heat, but the heat will pass sooner or later, and when the heat passes, everything will still see the light of day with strength!"

    "At that time, this Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion will automatically be eliminated by consumers because its efficacy won't work!"

    With that in mind, Kobayashi Jiro stepped back onto the soft couch, sat down on his butt, and smoothly unwrapped the package of Kuken Stomach San and took out two small packets from it.

    Usually, when he had an upset stomach, he would need two packets of Kobayashi Stomach San to relieve it.

    So, he also subconsciously took out two packets of Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, ready to try the same dose first.

    But he soon gave up on the idea, thinking that he should try one packet first, and if one packet didn't have any effect, he would add another packet, and if it still had no effect, he would continue to increase the dosage.

    Anyway, this kind of medicine itself is more on the nature of health care, the raw materials used are also some non-toxic side effects of the ingredients, a few more packets are not afraid of problems.

    Kobayashi Jiro thought that it would be best if this Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion didn't even have the effect of taking ten packs, in that case, this medicine would be considered a complete flop.

    So, he then directly tore open one of the packets, poured the powder from the package into his mouth, and then picked up the whiskey and washed it down.


When taking Jiu Xuan Stomach Disperse, Kobayashi Jiro was completely oblivious to it.

    He felt that it was definitely much worse than the home-made Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion, but how much worse would depend on whether he felt anything after taking a packet.

    However, in the next second, he immediately frowned tightly.

    After Jiuyuan Stomach Disperse was taken, Kobayashi Jiro could distinctly feel a warm current in his abdomen.

    This warm current was like the silent spring rain, quickly wrapping around his stomach, and brought a very strong and effective protection and pain relief effect, surprisingly giving him a warm feeling.

    The discomfort in his stomach also immediately dissipated because of this warm current, and his body became extremely comfortable!

    When I took Xiao Lin Stomach Disperse myself, I felt the same way, but in terms of effect, it was a hundred and eighty thousand miles worse!

    "This Jiu Xuan Stomach Disperse, why is the medicinal effect so good?It's unbelievably good!Even if I take two packs of Xiao Lin Stomach Powder, I won't feel so comfortable!This medicine, why is it so amazing?What kind of formula was used?!"

    Thinking of this, Kobayashi Jiro's heart thudded and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

    Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion, the next trump card of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's global expansion!

    He didn't want Ace to be instantly crushed by a formidable competitor shortly after its launch!

    If we don't take some methods and means, then the Xiao Lin Stomach Dispersion can basically be declared a failure in the face of the powerful medicinal effects of this Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion!

    Kobayashi Jiro was panicked and anxious, but at the same time, he kept consoling himself, thinking, "Could it be that the effect of the drug is fast and goes away fast?If the effects of Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion will soon wear off, then your own Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion will still have a chance of survival!"

    So Kobayashi Jiro decided to wait!

    Wait and see if the discomfort in his own stomach would return in a short time.

    However, after waiting for a full hour, Kobayashi Jiro discovered a fact that shocked him even more.

    The efficacy of this Jiu Xuan Stomach Disperse did not weaken at all, and his stomach still felt very good, like soaking his whole body in a hot spring in the middle of winter.

    He couldn't help but cry out, "What the hell is this?How could there be such a strong stomach scatter?I've gone through the ancient Chinese prescriptions several times, and Xiao Lin Stomach Dispersion can be said to be the best of the ancient Chinese prescriptions, with a little modern upgrade and improvement of my own, that's why it's so effective now, I originally thought that Xiao Lin Stomach Dispersion has reached the peak."

    "But this Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, its medicinal effects are even dozens of streets away from Xiao Lin Stomach Dispersion!"

    At this moment, Kobayashi Jiro's stomach was incredibly comfortable and his heart was in agony!

    I was planning to leap up and directly become the world's top pharmaceutical company with Kobayashi Stomach Powder, but I didn't expect that before I could rise, I would be shot to death by this son of a bitch, Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder!

    No one else would have been happy about it!

    He immediately called his assistant and asked, "What is the market price of this Ghost Nine Xuan Stomach Powder?"

    The assistant said, "The retail price is the same as our Kobayashi stomach medicine."

    "Holy shit!"

    Kobayashi Jiro felt a sharp pain in his heart!

    He was annoyed and scolded, "This is fucking obvious that it's aimed at our Kobayashi stomach scattering!Jiuyuan Pharmaceuticals, damn it!"


At this time, Kobayashi Jiro was unable to do anything without anger.

    Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, the therapeutic field was exactly the same as Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion, and was an absolute counterpart in itself.

    However, the efficacy of Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion was far more powerful than Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion!

    And, what's worse, Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder has the same package size, net content, and selling price as Kobayashi Stomach Powder!

    That's a lot to take in!

    It's much better than Kobayashi Stomach Powder, but the portion size and price are exactly the same.

    Isn't this a rhythm that will force Kobayashi Stomach Disinfection to die!

    With the endorsement of Gu Qiuyi, Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder became popular in the local Chinese market, which means that it completely killed Kobayashi Stomach Powder's grand wish to expand into the Chinese market.

    And being defeated by Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder in the local Chinese market is just the first step!

    No need to think about it, this Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion is such a good medicine, this Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical will definitely not just be satisfied with the Chinese market, they will definitely export it to the neighboring countries of China or even to Europe and America in the fastest time possible!

    If Jiu Xuan Gastric San landed in the Japanese market, wouldn't that take away Kobayashi Gastric San's home base!

    If Kobayashi Stomach Disinfection loses its overseas market and loses the Japanese domestic market, then the future of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will be in jeopardy!

    In other words, this one Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion could potentially doom Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!

    What's more, all of Kobayashi Jiro's hopes were now pinned on Kobayashi Stomach San!

    All of Japan was optimistic about the efficacy of his Kobayashi Stomach Dispersion, and the future of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

    This includes the head of the Ito family, the father of Ito Nana-chan, Yuhiko Ito.

    The reason why Yuuhiko Ito wanted to marry Cabbage Ito to himself was that he itself wanted to use it to marry the Kobayashi family and then get an opportunity to take a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

    If Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's prospects changed from bright to dim in an instant, then Ito Yuuhiko would definitely lose interest in himself as well as Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and in that case, what would he have to marry Ito Nana-chan!

    You know, Ito Nadeshiko is a goddess that is wildly sought after all over Japan, known as the Yamato Nadeshiko, arguably the most perfect goddess in all of Japan, and there is nothing you can say that will let her slip through your hands!

    At that thought, Kobayashi Jiro immediately said to the assistant beside him, "Investigate the background of this Kuken Pharma for me, and be quick!"

    The assistant nodded busily, "I know chairman, I'll arrange to do the investigation!"

    Kobayashi Jiro asked again, "Has Gu Qiuyi's agent made contact yet?What does the other side say?"

    "Contacted."The assistant said with some anger, "The person contacted is called Chen Duo Duo, damn, that woman has too much breath, I said that I hope to invite Miss Gu to endorse our products, she directly said that Miss Gu will not take any more endorsements of physical products, only endorsements of Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder this unique"


    Kobayashi Jiro was dumbfounded and blurted out, "How much endorsement fee did Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical give to Gu Qiu Yi?!Did you buy out all of her physical product endorsements?!"


The assistant was embarrassed and said, "Chairman, I don't know about that, the other party just hung up without allowing me to ask any detailed questions"

    "What a jerk!"Kobayashi Jiro said with a black face, "In that case, we can only think of something on this Kuken Pharma, no matter what, I'm going to buy the patent on their formula!"

    The assistant cautiously asked, "Is the medicine working well, Chairman?"

    "Very good" said Kobayashi Jiro depressingly, "At least ten times as good as Kobayashi Stomach Scatter!"

    The assistant's entire body seemed to be struck by lightning: "Ten times?!What's the difference?!"

    Kobayashi Jiro nodded his head and said gloomily, "You must not spread this matter, if we can get the recipe for Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion, we will be able to reverse everything and even take it to the next level, but if we can't get the recipe, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will be in big trouble!"

    Upon hearing this, the assistant couldn't help but ask, "Chairman, such a good prescription is a money-spinner for anyone, will this Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical agree to sell it to us?"

    Kobayashi Jiro gritted his teeth, "The survival of our Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Corporation is at stake!This matter, whether they agree to it or not, I will force the other party to agree!"

    Kobayashi Jiro couldn't realize that he had completely fallen into the same madness as his brother, Kobayashi Ichiro, in the beginning.

    In the beginning, Kobayashi Ichiro coveted to peek at the divine medicine that Ye Chen had bestowed on Shi Tianqi, wanting to use the divine medicine to cure his father Kobayashi Masanao's paralysis and even make Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals stand on top of the global pharmaceutical companies, so that's why he was desperate and ended up in hiding, feeding the dogs at Hongwu's dog farm.

    Kobayashi Jiro, in turn, unwittingly pushed open the door to the same fate as his brother.

    Soon, the assistant gets the results of the investigation.

    He reported to Kobayashi Jiro, "Chairman, I've found out some information about Jiuxuan Pharmaceuticals, it turns out that this company is called Wei's Pharmaceuticals, we also evaluated this one before when we evaluated Chinese pharmaceutical companies, the overall market value at that time was around two or three billion dollars, it wasn't too big of a company, and we never took it into consideration."

    Kobayashi Jiro frowned and asked, "Then it was fine, why did it change its name to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical?"

    The assistant said, "I haven't gotten any news on this yet, but after changing their name to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, their shareholding structure has also changed, the Wei family previously held 100 shares, but after the change, the Wei family only held 20 shares, and the remaining 80, was held by a mysterious person."

    "Mysterious person?"Kobayashi Jiro was surprised and asked, "Can't you find out who this mystery man is?"

    "Can't find out."The assistant reported, "This shareholding structure has top lawyers working behind the scenes, hiding the key information of the major shareholder, can't find out the 80 shares, in the end, in whose hands, chairman, I think this matter is not simple, this major shareholder behind the scenes, may be the background is very strong ah!We must proceed with caution!"

    Kobayashi Jiro nodded and gritted his teeth, "I don't need you to tell me I know that this person's background is definitely not ordinary, but now we can't care so much, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is about to take off, I absolutely can't allow my wings to be cut off by this Jiu Xuan Stomach Scatter at this time!"

    The assistant hurriedly asked him, "What do you mean, then, Chairman?"

    Kobayashi Jiro said, "First thing tomorrow morning, go to Kugen Pharmaceuticals!"

    The assistant said, "Chairman, tomorrow morning, Miss Vegetable will be participating in the finals ah!Aren't you going to be there to cheer her on?"

    Kobayashi Jiro waved his hand in boredom, "The priority now is to gnaw down the Kuken Pharma!If Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical can't chew it, then I can't chew the vegetables either!If Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical can gnaw it down, that vegetable will not escape me sooner or later!"

    The assistant immediately nodded and said, "Chairman, I understand!"

    Kobayashi Jiro added, "Right, let's get in touch right now and mobilize a group of experts from China to try to get them to Jinling tomorrow at noon, and in case Jiu Xuan Pharma is very iron and can't chew the words, let this group of experts take care of it!"


The next day.

    Kobayashi Jiro left for Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical early in the morning.

    Ye Chen, on the other hand, borrowed his father-in-law's car after eating breakfast made by his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, and drove to the Jinling Gymnasium.

    It must be said that since Ma Lan was softened up, Ye Chen's life at home was a lot more comfortable.

    And ever since Ma Lan heard Ye Chen say that Xiao Choran gave birth to a child, gave her exorbitant hard work and asked her to help with the child, she even changed her ways to lick Ye Chen, while also urging Xiao Choran to have a child early.

    After so many years of being married to Xiao Changkun, Ma Lan's cooking skills never improved, and she was all kinds of fooling her husband and daughter anyway.

    But now, she actually started to hold her phone and study the recipes, and was determined to maintain Ye Chen, her son-in-law, so that she could have a good life in the future.

    She had sort of seen it clearly.

    Although Ye Chen is an orphan with no background, but good Lai has also mastered the art of reading feng shui, in the future, this family will definitely not lack of money, plus there is this more than 100 million Tomson Villa living in, she is not to mention how satisfied she is.

    Therefore, for Ye Chen now, she only wanted to please and not anything else.

    This made Xiao Choran and Xiao Changkun both shocked.

    They both didn't expect that Ma Lan, who had never bowed down at home, would start bowing down to Ye Chen.

    Of course, the two of them were also clear that Ma Lan was running for money, after all, no one knew Ma Lan's personality better than them.

    But this was nothing bad, at least there wouldn't be any more fowls flying around at home.

    When Ye Chen drove to the stadium, the stadium was already crowded.

    Today's final match could be said to be a national attraction.

    The whole country wanted to see if the dark horse Qin Aoxue could go all the way to the end and come straight back with a championship!

    When Ye Chen arrived backstage, Qin Aoxue had already arrived early.

    Seeing him coming, shy and happy, she hugged his arm and asked him in a delicate voice, "Master Ye, do you think Aoxue can win today?"

    Ye Chen nodded his head and said seriously, "I think you'll win!"

    He said that he couldn't help but think of Itachi Nabiki.


    Ito Cabbage's strength was much higher than the previous Qin Ao Xue, but the current Qin Ao Xue had already surpassed Ito Cabbage's strength by a large margin.

    Therefore, Ye Chen had no worries about Qin Ao Xue's victory.

    However, he was secretly worried that Qin Ao Xue would accidentally and seriously injure Ito Cabbage in the match.

    In his heart, he was quite fond of this girl, Ito Naija-chan.

    Although she was a Japanese woman, he had to admit that whether it was her appearance, figure, personality, temperament or family education and quality, she could be called a model of beauty and beauty.

    The best interpretation of her is to be as calm as a virgin and as dynamic as a rabbit.

    Any normal man, in the face of such a tender woman, will inevitably feel pity.


She was like the most gorgeous and fragrant flower that everyone would have a few moments of care for.

    Although Ye Chen didn't fall in love with her, admiration still accounted for most of it.

    Appreciating a person, naturally, one did not want that person to be hurt.

    However, the opponent she was facing right now was, on the contrary, little pepper Qin Aoxue.

    In terms of the competition, of course, Ye Chen wanted Qin Ao Xue to win and at the same time bring glory to the Chinese people.

    However, from a personal point of view, he also didn't want Itochi to be too badly injured.

    At a certain moment, Ye Chen wanted to instruct Qin Ao Xue to leave a little bit of strength after she went on stage, so that she wouldn't injure Itoh Cabbage too badly.

    However, after a moment of hesitation, he gave up on that thought.

    Because, he knew that he could not interfere with Qin Aoxue's match.

    If he said this out, Qin Aoxue's heart would definitely be shocked and lost.

    After all, he was the infinitely worshipped Master Ye in her eyes, and also her current coach, and if he made her show mercy to her enemy before her match, she would definitely feel a sense of betrayal.

    So, he could only put that concern to rest, while also surmising that if Itoh Cabbage was not seriously injured, he would no longer interfere and let her go straight back to Japan.

    But if Ito Nana-chan was seriously injured, then she couldn't just ignore it and more or less save her, she couldn't let her become an invalid like her master, Yamamoto Kazuki.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the lounge, Itachi Nana-chan's expression was somewhat tense.

    Her assistant, Koichi Tanaka, had placed two cell phones in front of her, both of which were on video calls.

    One, was on video with Yamamoto Kazuki, who was lying in the hospital; the other, was on video with her father, Ito Yuhiko, who was far away in Japan.

    Yamamoto Kazuki said with a serious face, "Cabbage, it's not too late to quit, you'd better not go on the field to compete with that Qin Ao Xue, if you get seriously injured, your life's future will be ruined ah!"

    Itachi said seriously, "Sensei, please stop saying things like that, Nana-chan will be on stage in ten minutes, please say something encouraging, or give Nana-chan some pointers on tactical play."

    Kazuki Yamamoto sighed long and hard, "Hey!Why don't you you listen to the advice!"

    Yuuhiko Ito, on the other phone, couldn't hide his nervousness and said, "Veggie!Mr. Yamamoto is your mentor, why didn't you listen to his advice and insist on fighting this match?You're daddy's favorite child, and daddy would rather have you be useless for the rest of your life than have you hurt!"

    Ito's eyes reddened and she spoke, "Father-sama, you have watched her grow up and know best about her character, if she retreats at the last minute in this match today, I'm afraid she won't be able to let go of it for the rest of her life, I'm only 22 this year, would you like me to live the rest of my life with regret?"

    Yuuhiko Ito choked up and said, "Veggie, you always call me father-sama, but today, I want to hear you call me Odo-san like a normal child"

    Itachi immediately stood up, bowed deeply to the cell phone video, and said respectfully, "Eudosan!"

    Odo-san is the Japanese word for father.

    After hearing this Odo-san from Itachi, Yuhiko Itachi sighed and said, "Go ahead, Nana-chan, Daddy respects you, go chase your own clear conscience, Daddy is waiting for you in Tokyo!"

    Itachi smiled sweetly and said, "Odo-san, if I'm seriously injured this time, I don't want to go back to Tokyo, I want to go to Kyoto to recuperate, I like Kyoto's environment better"

    Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a cosmopolitan city with many high-rise buildings and a modern atmosphere.

    Kyoto, on the other hand, is the ancient capital of Japan, where there are a large number of historical monuments dating back hundreds or even thousands of years, which are well preserved and not so modern, with a quiet environment and pleasant climate.

    When she was young, Nana Ito grew up in the Ito family's old house in Kyoto and moved to Tokyo with her family when she was fourteen, but in her heart, Kyoto is the only hometown she remembers.


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