His True Colors Chapter 434-436


His True Colors Chapter 434

When Qi Ran took a taxi to the front of the company, her ambition was reduced by half, in front of Huang Tingting, Qi Ran showed great confidence, but she just couldn't swallow her pride, she didn't really think she could do it.

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    The first thing that happens is that she meets the person who will change her fate, and this is not a TV drama.

    Just as Qi Ran hesitated at the door, not daring to go in, a secretary-looking woman approached her and asked politely, "May I ask if you are Miss Qi?"

    In response to the polite question, Qi Ran was confused, how did she know her last name?

    It took a long time before Qi Ran felt that she wasn't very polite and quickly said, "Yes, my surname is Qi, but ...... but I don't think I'm the person you're looking for."

    The secretary laughed and said, "If you're here to see Brother Zhong, I don't think I've found the right person."

    Qi Ran gulped, she was indeed here to see Zhong Liang, but how would the other party know?

    "Are you sure that I'm the one you're looking for?Although I'm here to see Zhong Liang, he shouldn't know about this."Qi Ran asked cautiously, she was worried that another person surnamed Qi would come to see Zhong Liang today, thus creating unnecessary misunderstandings.

    "There shouldn't be any mistake, please come with me, Brother Zhong is already waiting for you."The secretary said.

    Qi Ran apprehensively walked into the Weak Water Property as if she was dreaming.

    It was too strange to be ushered in personally, which hadn't thought of how to meet Zhong Liang.

    Suddenly, Qi Ran thought of this morning's incident.

    He had said that if he gave his name, he would be able to see Zhong Liang, could it be that this matter had been arranged by him?Is it true that an early dinner buys something life-changing?

    But that wasn't right either, she hadn't even been able to give his name yet.

    Following the secretary to Zhong Liang's office door, the secretary said, "Brother Zhong is waiting for you inside, go in."

    At this time Qi Ran was nervous beyond words, never having met a big man of Zhong Liang's level, it was a taut enough thing for her to tense her nerves, more importantly, she had a very unsettling feeling that the person Zhong Liang wanted to meet wasn't her, it was just a coincidence in terms of surname.

    But whether it was a misunderstanding or not, it was good to see Zhong Liang.

    Qi Ran walked into the office with a hard scalp and found that there was more than one person in the office, in addition to Zhong Liang, there was also a back figure standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, it was just a pity that he couldn't see his face.

    "You're the little Qi from that design company, right?"Zhong Liang asked Qi Ran.

    Qi Ran looked flattered as Zhong Liang acted as if he knew her, how could she not be shocked by this?

    "How do you know me, Chung?"Qi Ran didn't dare to ask incredulously.

    Zhong Liang smiled and took a look at the person in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, he was able to know Qi Ran, naturally he had been authorized by Han Qianqian, otherwise how could he recognize a new employee of such a small company?

    "I hear you're looking to partner with Weakwater Properties, any specific plans?"Zhong Liang asked.

    Qi Ran's spirit was shaken, this was a good opportunity to introduce Zhong Liang, and she couldn't care less about how this opportunity actually came about at this point, she was busy introducing Zhong Liang.,.

    When Qi Ran entered the work state, it was like a different person, not as young as a newcomer to the workplace, but very mature, like a veteran of the workplace.

    But no matter how perfect her plan was, it would eventually be limited by the company's strength, and with an existence like Weak Water Real Estate, couldn't find any reason to be able to work with Qi Ran's company.

    "I appreciate your work ethic, but I'd like to visit your company to see if it's convenient to arrange for a specific cooperation,"Zhong Liang said.

    "Yes, of course, I'm sure our boss will be very happy,"Qi Ran said.

    "That's fine, let's call it a day, I'll go to your company tomorrow and then we'll talk about the cooperation carefully."Zhong Liang said.

    Qi Ran left the office until she walked out of the Weak Water Real Estate, feeling as if she was still dreaming, she didn't think that she would be able to meet Zhong Liang so smoothly, much less that Zhong Liang would be able to patiently listen to all of her information preparation, and that she would have to go to their company tomorrow, which was considered to be a very generous gesture, even if the cooperation didn't work out in the end, her mission was considered complete.

    "Old Han, this matter doesn't have anything to do with you, does it?"Qi Ran said to himself, there had to be a reason why this was going so well, and the only possibility Qi Ran could think of was Old Han from the grease shop.

    "Young Master, this company is just a very small design company, are you sure you want to work with them?"In the office, after Qi Ran has left, Zhong Liang asks Han Qianliang.

    Han Qianqiang had been facing the floor-to-ceiling window and showing his back during Qi Ran's appearance, so he hadn't been seen by Qi Ran as to who he was, which was why he did it on purpose, helping Qi Ran was just a passing gesture, a fate, and he didn't want Qi Ran to be grateful to him, so he didn't have to expose himself.

    "Evaluate it yourself, you're willing to go to that company, it's already considered that she's great, it doesn't have to be a partnership."Han Marchant said, he wasn't a godly Buddha who was universal, the opportunity was given to Qi Ran, it was up to her to grasp it, nowadays, Han Marchant wouldn't just joke about the interests of the Weak Water Property, after all, he still had a powerful opponent to deal with.

    "I understand."Zhong Liang said with a nod.

    Qi Ran returned to the company and shortly after sitting down at his work station, Huang Tingting appeared.

    "Back so soon, you didn't even go in the door of Weak Water Real Estate's company, did you not go and type your resignation?"Huang Tingting said with a smile, in her opinion, Qi Ran coming back so soon must have been a failure, and a failure that would end with leaving the company.

    "I've already met with Zhong Liang, but there's no need for me to report this kind of thing to you, I'll go to the boss later."Qi Ran said indifferently.

    "Yo, pretty good at blowing, you're the only one who can still meet with Zhong Liang, what a joke."Huang Tingting said disdainfully.

    "Whether it's a joke or not, there's no need for me to explain to you, remember to come to the company early tomorrow, there's a very important guest to receive."After Qi Ran said that, he stood up and walked towards the boss's office.

    Huang Tingting's eyelids jumped, looking at how confident Qi Ran was, how could it be possible that she was actually allowed to get this done?How could she, a newcomer in the workplace, do something with such a difficulty factor, Zhong Liang that was the top management of Weak Water Real Estate, even her boss personally appeared, she was not necessarily qualified to meet with Zhong Liang ah.

    Huang Tingting kept pace and went to her boss's office with Qi Ran.

    "Boss, I've already been to Weak Water Real Estate."Qi Ran said.

    Without lifting his head, the boss said, "Since things didn't work out, you should know what to do, right?"

    These words reflected the boss's self-knowledge, he knew what he could do with this company, and the gap between it and Weakwater Real Estate was like a chasm, it was impossible for Weakwater Real Estate to reach a cooperation with him.

    "I met with Zhong Liang and explained to him all the prepared company's qualifications, I don't know if the cooperation can be successful, but tomorrow, he will personally come to the company to visit."Qi Ran said.

    After the boss heard this, he was stunned for a moment, his entire body was like being petrified, and with great difficulty, he raised his head and asked, "What did you ...... say, tomorrow, tomorrow Zhong Liang will come to our company?"

    "Qi Ran, can you brag a bit more, how could Zhong Liang come to our company."Huang Tingting, who was on the side, said in disbelief.

    Qi Ran raised her eyebrows at Huang Tingting and asked, "Is it in your eyes that the company's grade is so low that it's not worthwhile for Zhong Liang to come?"

    This left Huang Tingting speechless, in front of her boss, she naturally couldn't say that, but in her heart, she did think so.

His True Colors Chapter 435

After the boss in shock regained consciousness, he stood up excitedly and asked Qi Ran, "You're not kidding me, Zhong Liang is really coming to our company?"

    "Boss, he told me this himself, so of course it's not fake."Qi Ran said.

    The boss excitedly walked up to Qi Ran, unconsciously pulled up Qi Ran's hands, excitedly said: "Qi Ran, if the company can really cooperate with the weak water real estate, you can be a great contribution to the company, the company will never treat you badly in the future."

    Seeing the boss's attitude towards Qi Ran, Huang Tingting gritted her teeth, she arranged this matter in the hope that Qi Ran would finish the task and leave the company voluntarily, not expecting that she would now be valued even more by the boss because of this matter.

    Huang Tingting was self-aware, she knew that in her boss's eyes, there was no way she could compare to the benefits, let alone such great benefits.

    "Boss, do you really believe what she said?How could Zhong Liang come to our company."Huang Tingting said to her boss, she still felt that Qi Ran was lying, even if she couldn't think of any reason for Qi Ran to lie, she didn't want to believe that Qi Ran could do this.

    Perhaps it could also be said that Huang Tingting didn't dare to face the facts in front of her because she couldn't accept that a newcomer like Qi Ran would be a head over her in the company in the future.

    The boss glared at Huang Tingting, he didn't feel that Qi Ran lied, nor did he want Qi Ran to lie, because this was a turning point of fate for the company's development, and if he could work with Weakwater Real Estate, it might be the moment when he would reach the pinnacle of his life.

    "Huang Tingting, you'd better be more polite in the future when you treat Qi Ran, she is now a credit to the company, if you dare to make things difficult for her, don't blame me for being rude to you."The boss said to Huang Tingting in a stern voice.

    Huang Tingting was extremely reluctant, but in front of money, she was like a pile of scrap metal, and beauty wasn't enough to tempt the boss to obey her.

    "I know."Huang Tingting said.

    "Qi Ran, sit down first and tell me what's really going on."The boss treated Qi Ran with a 180-degree change in attitude, almost as if he were personally serving Qi Ran tea.

    Seeing this scene, Huang Tingting knew that her future status in the company would inevitably drop a lot, and the only chance to maintain the status quo was to make sure Zhong Liang couldn't show up tomorrow.

    It was a good thing that she had a former colleague who was now cooperating in Weak Water Real Estate, so she could go and find out what was going on.

    After leaving the office, Huang Tingting walked to the deserted fire escape, took out her phone and found Mi Feier among her contacts.

    Before Huang Tingting didn't come to this company, she had been a colleague with Mi Feier in other companies, and although their relationship wasn't particularly good, it was considered to have had a fated relationship, and there was no bad blood between them, so asking about this little thing was no problem in her opinion.

    "Huang Tingting, why did you think to call me?"Miffy looked surprised to receive a call from Huang Tingting, as they hadn't been in touch since she left her job.

    "How's your job now, the pay at Weak Water Real Estate must be very good."Huang Tingting asked with a smile.

    The two of them pulled together and talked a large amount of nonsense until Mi Fei'er ran out of patience before asking directly, "Just tell me what you're looking for me for, and don't beat around the bush."

    "I wanted to ask if Zhongliang has any special plans for tomorrow?"Huang Tingting asked.

    "Brother Zhong is going on a field trip to a company tomorrow and I've just been informed that I'll be there, so what's up?"Miffy was curious.

    "The company he's going to is the company I'm working for now, can you help me figure out how to get Zhongliang to cancel this trip?"Huang Tingting said.

    Mi Fei'er was happy for a while when she was ordered to accompany Zhong Liang, after all, she was a newcomer, it was very rare for her to get such an opportunity, and it was also a chance to make good relations with Zhong Liang, she couldn't wait to come quickly tomorrow, and how could she hope that Zhong Liang would cancel the trip?

    "Tina Huang, this is a great opportunity for your company to work with Weakwater Properties, why do you wish to cancel it?"Miffy asked in puzzlement.

    "It's hard to explain for a while, but if you can help me with this, I'll definitely help you out if you have trouble in the future, how about it?"As long as Zhong Liang didn't show up, Huang Tingting would be able to step on Qi Ran again, so she put all her hopes on Mi Feier.

    Mi Fei'er and Huang Tingting's friendship wasn't so good that she would go through with it, and even if they were close, she didn't have the right to change Zhong Liang's schedule at will ah.

    "Huang Tingting, you really think highly of me ah, I'm just an ordinary employee in the company, how can I casually change Zhong Liang's itinerary, I'm sorry, I just can't do it."Mi Feier said.

    Huang Tingting gritted her teeth, although it was reasonable for Mi Fei'er not to help, she hated Mi Fei'er a bit for it.

    "Tell me straight, what benefit do you need to help me?"Huang Tingting said.

    Mi Feier smiled contemptuously, this arrogant attitude of Huang Tingting was like ordering her around as a servant, why did she have such qualifications.

    "I'm taking your call because of the previous love, if nothing happens, don't look for me in the future."Mi Feier said and directly hung up the phone.

    Huang Tingting almost couldn't help but want to drop the phone, but thinking that it was newly bought, she still didn't want to throw it in the end.

    If there was any doubt before that Huang Tingting still had doubts that Zhong Liang was coming to the company, then now, with Mi Feier's confirmation, it was no longer worth doubting, so she was clear that once when tomorrow came, her position in the company would be less than Qi Ran, even if she was great in bed and served her boss comfortably, it would be useless.

    With the company's prospects weighed against the company's growth prospects, there was absolutely no way the boss would ever upset Qi Ran again because of her.

    "Qi Ran, I absolutely won't let you get away with this, no matter what, Zhong Liang can't appear in the company tomorrow."Huang Tingting said through gritted teeth.

    Returning to her own work, Huang Tingting started racking her brain for ways to stop Zhong Liang from showing up at the company tomorrow.

    Not long after, the boss walked up to Huang Tingting with an angry face and a strong killing intent in his eyes.

    "Boss, is there anything you want to order?"Huang Tingting said to the boss in puzzlement.

    The boss slapped Huang Tingting's face, directly giving her a silly slap.

    Huang Tingting covered her face with a puzzled look, her eyes tearing up showing an extremely weak posture, and said, "Boss, what are you hitting me for, did I make any mistake?"

    The boss took out the mobile phone that was playing a recording and threw it on Huang Tingting's desk.

    The recording was exactly what she had just called in the fire escape, and the words clearly expressed that she wanted to stop Zhong Liang from coming to the company, no wonder the boss was so angry, a good opportunity that was not easy to usher in, but Huang Tingting was waiting behind the scenes to sabotage it!

    "Who, who stole the recording, your whole family shall not die."Huang Tingting roared angrily, if this kind of thing was known by the boss, the consequences could be imagined.

    The boss looked at Huang Tingting with a cold face and said, "Huang Tingting, I didn't expect you to do something detrimental to the company for your own interests, Qi Ran took great pains to be able to get Zhong Liang to visit our company, but you, you want to ruin this opportunity, I was really wrong about you before."

    "Boss, I'm sorry, I was confused before I did this thing, forgive me, will you forgive me."Huang Tingting panicked and begged the boss for forgiveness.

    Although the boss was obsessed with Huang Tingting's ability in bed, he wasn't stupid, he had to have money to have more women, he couldn't ruin his future in the hands of a woman.

    "You get lost, from today onwards, you are no longer my employee."The boss said coldly, leaving such a scourge behind would do the company a hundred harm but no good, only by letting her get out before it was too late could the company be safe.

    Huang Tingting was in despair for a moment, it was hard to hook up with the boss, she could do nothing in the company, she only had to reach for her salary every month, and she could often receive more expensive gifts, this was simply the perfect life for Huang Tingting, after all, she wasn't the kind of woman whose posture was particularly outstanding, she was lucky to get this kind of life.

    But now, all of that had come to naught!

His True Colors Chapter 436

To Qi Ran, this matter was a change of fate that could turn her future life upside down from this moment onwards.

    But to Han Qianqian, it was just a small thing between raising his hand and nodding his head, and would even soon be forgotten by him, as such things simply had no value to be remembered by him.

    At this time, Han 3,000, and Mo Yang, the two of them were sitting in a car, quietly at the municipal gate.

    "He's Liu Da, the contact with the Han Clan is almost his alone, he took care of this matter and made a lot of money out of it, I checked all his relatives and underground lovers, and several bank cards had sudden large entries, I believe it was all given to him by the Han Clan."Mo Yang said to Han 3000.

    "You've done a very careful job on this matter, but we don't just need to get a hold of him, we also need to make him work for us."Han Three Thousand said, since Han Yan was pleasing Liu Da so much, it meant that he had the absolute power to decide on this matter in the city village, as such, Han Three Thousand couldn't play him down, but rather use him to help himself.

    "These levers should be enough to threaten him,"Mo Yang said.

    Han Three Thousand shook his head, obviously having a different opinion, and said, "Since Liu Da da dares to accept so much money, it means he must have a way to launder it cleanly, and I'm afraid these levers are not enough."

    "His wife and children are all abroad, do you want to check it out?"Mo Yang said, although the means are a little more despicable, but to deal with people like Liu Da, can only use unconventional means, otherwise how would he give in.

    As the saying goes, misfortune is not as bad as wives and children, Han 3,000 no matter what kind of opponent he faces, he will never hurt the innocent, and will not use the other party's family as leverage, this is the bottom line of his work.

    People could be ruthless, but they couldn't be so ruthless that they didn't have a conscience, and they couldn't let a good person be an animal.

    "No, this is between us and him, it has nothing to do with other innocent people."Han Giangli said.

    Mo Yang laughed, he had already guessed that Han Three Thousand wouldn't agree, he was just saying it casually.

    "If we don't use this method, the others, it won't work very well."Mo Yang exclaimed.

    "Where is he going now?"Han 3,000 saw Liu Da get into the car and asked Mo Yang.

    "At this time of the day, he should be going to the tea garden, he is a very fond tea drinker and is very proficient in this area."Mo Yang said.

    "This is quite similar to the old lady of the Su family, but unfortunately, she's never had any really good tea in her life."Han Giangli smiled faintly, Old Madam Su was tea-obsessed and loved tea, but all she had ever come across in her life was very ordinary.

    "Want to follow?"Seeing the car drive away, Mo Yang asked.

    "Follow."Han Giangli said.

    Following the car to a very secluded tea house, there were hardly any pedestrians passing by and the tea house looked a bit shabby.

    "This isn't the place where he hid his golden house, is it?It's a rare sight, but it's a good place."Han Qianli asked to Mo Yang in confusion.

    Hearing this, Mo Yang couldn't help but laugh.

    "What are you laughing at?"Han Qianli asked strangely.

    "When I first found out about this place, it was exactly the same as what you had in mind, but I checked, and the owner inside the tea house is an old man who's almost seventy years old,"Mo Yang said.

    Han Giangli tugged at the corners of his mouth, this misunderstanding was really big, but this kind of place, this kind of environment, was indeed very suitable for a golden house.

    "You wait for me in the car."Han Three Thousand said.

    Mo Yang grabbed Han Three Thousand and asked, "Will it alert the snakes?Isn't it obvious to him that you're telling him we're stalking by showing up so rashly?"

    "If we don't talk about it personally, how can we know what kind of person he is and if he can be of use to us."Han Marchan said, the secret observation was enough for him, now that he was sure that Liu Da was the one who was in contact with Han Yan, Han Marchan needed to show his leverage and make Liu Da work for him.

    "Hey, let it be, I believe in your abilities."Mo Yang sighed and let go of Han Three Thousand.

    As he watched Han Marchant walk towards the tea house, Mo Yang's head leaned against the car window, his eyes looking a little undisciplined, because even he didn't think Han Marchant could give more attractive chips that could make Liu Da change his camp, after all, Han's group was able to crush him several times over in terms of financial power.

    The door to the tea house was a rickety wooden door, making it feel like knocking a little harder could destroy the entire door.

    Han Giangli knocked on the door very carefully, and with a creak, the door opened straight away, obviously not locked.

    This dilapidated tea house actually had a different cave, which Han 3,000,000 did not expect.

    The inner courtyard wasn't big, but the scenery was pleasant, two people were sitting under a pergola, one of them was Liu Da, and the other rickety old man was probably the teahouse owner that Mo Yang was talking about.

    They also noticed Han Qianqian when he saw them.

    Liu Da frowned at first, while that old man, with a gentle smile on his face, greeted Han Three Thousand, "Visitors are guests, since you're here, come in and sit down."

    Han Three thousand did not fork out and walked straight to the bottom of the pergola.

    A set of simple tea set reveals the traces of years, cups full of tea scale, which are accumulated over the days and months out.

    The tea scale in the old man's cup to be a thick layer, but Liu Da's cup of tea scale is much thinner, this is the most obvious contrast in time, he came to this tea house time, should not be long.

    At this time, the old man handed Han Qianqian a tea cup, but not a brand new one, but a cup with a thick layer of tea scale.

    This action made Liu Da's brow furrow even more, because when he first came to this tea house, the old man gave him a brand new cup, but this young man, why would it be an old teacup filled with history.

    Han Giangli also found it a bit strange, although he wasn't proficient in the art, he was also aware that this kind of cup had an exclusive property to say the least, especially for tea lovers who wouldn't clean their cups and intentionally left the tea dirt behind, even if they brewed a cup of fresh water, it would still taste like tea, and such a cup was more important to them than anything else.

    "Old man, what are you ......" asked Han Qianli, puzzled.

    The old man smiled and didn't explain, but instead poured the tea for Han 3000 and said, "Try how it tastes."

    Han Qianqian felt that among the old man's cloudy and light-hearted demeanor, there was an air of a superior person, especially the way he poured the tea, his gesture of waving his hand was definitely not something an ordinary person could do.

    Could this small teahouse still be able to hide a superior person?


    If not, how could Liu Da have come to this place?

    Han Giangli lifted the teacup and took a shallow taste, the bitter taste instantly filled his entire mouth, like drinking Chinese medicine.

    "Old man, what kind of tea is this, how can it be so bitter."Han Qianli asked with a twisted expression.

    The old man smiled faintly and said, "Plain boiled water."

    "I'm not a kid anymore, how can plain water be so bitter, don't tease me, old man."Han Giangli said, the smell going straight to his head, even giving him a feeling of being on top of things.

    The old man lifted the teapot again and took out a glass cup, after pouring it, it was indeed plain water.

    "Bitter is the glass, I would have thought you would like the taste."The old man said.

    Han Qianli was confused, it was really plain water, meaning that the bitterness he felt was all transmitted from the tea scale in the cup, which made him unable to imagine what kind of tea the owner of the cup used to drink, but the mere taste of the tea scale was so bitter that he doubted his life.

    At this moment, the old man suddenly stood up, picked up the tea cup Han Qianqian had just used, and said to the two of them, "You guys can talk, I'm going back to rest for a while."

    The rickety old man walked slowly, and after returning to the room, he suddenly straightened up, looked at the cup in his hand with a smile on his face, and said to himself, "Old brother, he doesn't like this taste, I've been waiting here for ten years just to see how much he can do, but unfortunately, so far, I haven't seen anything."


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