His True Colors Chapter 431-433


His True Colors Chapter 431

"This ...... this is too strong!"

    "I didn't expect this flower arm man to be just a flower frame."

    "What flower-armed man, obviously this man is more powerful, if he's a flower-armed man, would you dare to get on?"

    "Don't dare, don't dare, such a big head, one punch could put me in the hospital, how dare I go on."

    In the face of the crowd's exclamations, Han Giangli appeared to be cloudless and walked towards the Flower-Armed Big Man.

    The flower-armed man knew that he had kicked the iron plate, and when he noticed Han Qianli walking towards him, his face instantly went white with fear and said, "You ...... don't come over, don't come over."

    "I haven't learned how to write the word death yet, won't you continue to teach me?"Han Marchant smiled and asked.

    "No more teaching no more, buddy, I was wrong."The flower-armed man conceded without thinking, as he knew clearly that he had lost so badly in one move, and if he continued to fight, he would just be the one who would be injured.

    This made those melon eaters couldn't help but laugh, just now they had to teach Han Qianqiang how to write the word death, now he started to admit his mistake, there was nothing left of that domineering arrogance.

    "Since you're not going to teach it, why don't you roll over and get in line nicely?"Han 3000 said.

    "I ...... I won't eat, I won't eat."The flower-armed man stood up with pain, then gritted his teeth and scampered away, not daring to stop for a second.


    I don't know who started it, applauding and shouting good, those melon eaters responded with a sudden thunderous applause.

    "Good lad, this kind of scoundrel is the kind of scoundrel who should be taught a lesson with his fists."

    "I didn't realize you were so powerful, I thought you were going to get beaten up."

    "Young man, you're really giving us a run for our money, this guy, he cuts in every time he comes, no one dared to mess with him before."

    Han 3,000 waved his hand, a little embarrassed at these strangers' boasts.

    Walking over to the little girl, Han Three Thousand said, "It's your turn, don't hurry up and buy it to go to the office."

    The little girl only came back to her senses, and even thanked Han Qianli, "Thank you."

    Han Qianli shook his head carelessly and said, "It's just a small thing, no need to take it to heart, by the way, I just looked at the documents in your hand, does your company have a cooperation with Weakwater Real Estate?"

    At the mention of this matter, the little girl's brows furrowed together and said, "We're just a small company, the boss had to tie up with Weakwater Real Estate and also gave me this task, it's simply an impossible task to complete."

    Han Qianqian smiled faintly, the little girl's social experience was shallow, she probably didn't even understand the boss's intentions, the reason why she was asked to step in wasn't to use her ability to reach a cooperation, but in some other way, I have to say that this boss was completely manipulating her naivety.

    "If you have time, go over to the Weak Water property, meet Zhong Liang, and tell him that it was Old Han who asked you to go,"Han Marchiang said.

    Zhong Liang!

    He was the most powerful senior executive of Weakwater Real Estate besides the mysterious boss, not something you could just meet.

    The little girl left with a puzzled expression after buying the soy milk fries.

    Even if she was allowed to meet Zhong Liang, what did the word Old Han stand for?

    "Two orders of soy milk and two orders of fries, how much."When it was Han Marchan's turn, he ordered two orders and prepared to pack one for Chi Yi Yun to take home.

    "No need for money."The boss said with a smile.

    Han Three Thousand looked at the boss in the dark and asked, "Why?"

    "Just now you taught that man a lesson, you often come to make trouble, you have helped me out, how can I charge you, if you like to eat, you can come every day."The boss said.

    Han Giangli smiled, the boss could be really smart, exchanging a daily meal of soy milk and fritters for a safe meal, so that the flower-armed man didn't have a chance to cause trouble, he really was a businessman, he seemed to be losing money, but in reality he was making a lot of money.

    "Okay, thanks boss."

    In the distance, a figure that hadn't approached, with a very complicated expression, had been standing in this position since the outbreak of the conflict between Han Giang and the Flower Arm Big Man, quietly watching how Han Giang had fought off the Flower Arm Big Man.

    He wasn't a wimp.

    But downstairs in the unit, in the nightclub Magic City, he didn't even come out, why was that?Did he just not want to be nosy because he was?

    There was also the matter of being kidnapped, he had also clearly said that if it wasn't for Yang Meng, he would never have appeared.

    Mi Fei'er gradually gritted her teeth, the image of Han 3,000 wimps had been ingrained in her heart, but now, she had to overthrow that image herself, because Han 3,000's performance was definitely not a wimp.

    There were so many people lined up, but only Han 3,000 stood up and fought off the flower-armed man, could this be something that a wimp could do?

    The reason for the wimpy performance in front of Miffy was only explained by the fact that he was unwilling to do anything because of her.

    Mi Feier took a deep breath, there were so many people pursuing her, and there were even people deliberately arranging heroic plays to save her, but when this opportunity fell in front of him, he didn't care.

    It was no longer a routine of wanting to rescue her, and Mi Fei'er could clearly feel that Han Third Thousand indeed didn't care about her at all, or didn't care about her at all.

    When Han 3,000 came home, Chi Yi Yun hadn't gotten up yet, he knew that she must have slept late, so he didn't bother, he just put the soy milk fritters on the coffee table and ate his share.

    It had to be said that although they were all ordinary soya milk fritters, the difference in taste was still very obvious, especially the soya milk, slightly sweet with a silky texture, which was definitely not something that could be compared to ordinary soya milk, and the fritters were also very crispy and didn't give off a heavy smell of oil, so it was no wonder that business was so good.

    After finishing his own portion, Han Qianli went to the bathroom to take a shower and prepare to go out.

    As soon as the front foot entered the bathroom, the door to Chi Yi Yun's room opened.

    After poking her head out and furtively looking around, she found that Han Qianli was indeed taking a shower, and only then did she cautiously walk to the living room.

    Seeing the soybean milk fritters on the coffee table, Chi Yi Yun was like a mouse carrying food and sneakily brought them back to her room.

    Just by holding the soybean milk fritters in her hands, the happy smile on Qi Yi Yun's face had overflowed, and there was even a feeling of reluctance to eat them, after all, this was the first time Han Qianqian had bought her breakfast herself, and it was a memorable event.

    It was a good thing that this thing couldn't be made into a specimen, otherwise, Chi Yi Yun might have really done something crazy like this.

    Happy to drink soy milk and eat fritters, feeling that the deliciousness of the world is no more than this, let the three treasures of the sea, but also can not match this simple breakfast.

    After eating and drinking to her heart's content, a knock suddenly sounded at Chi Yi Yun's room door, scaring Chi Yi Yun into jumping onto the bed and burying herself in the futon.

    Han Giangli knocked a few times and found no movement, but the soybean milk fritters on the coffee table flew away and said with a faint smile, "I'm going out, so I don't need to cook my food today."

    When Chi Yi Yun heard this, she felt a little lost, and her entire body lay on the bed like mud.

    During the time when Han Qianqian was recovering from his injuries, Qi Yiyun hoped that he would get better as soon as possible.

    But now, after Han Giang's recovery, the time they spent together became very little, which couldn't help but make Qi Yiyun start to look forward to Han Giang's injury again, and only when he was injured could Qi Yiyun take care of Han Giang all the time.

    Han Marchan went back to his room to change into clean clothes and then went out.

    Only when she heard the sound of the door closing did Chi Yi Yun come out of her room and paced barefoot to the door, hoping to catch a glimpse of Han three thousand in the cat's eye.

    But as soon as she reached the door, it was suddenly pushed open again.

    Han Marchant went to return, forgetting to take his phone.

    Chi Yi Yun stayed on the spot and was on her tiptoes, looking as careful as if she were a thief.

    "What are you doing?"Han Giangli was puzzled.

    Chi Yi Yun screamed and ran back to her room as fast as she could, slamming the door heavily.

    Han Qianli shook her head helplessly and took her phone before leaving again.

    This time, Qi Yiyun didn't come out again, as she was so shy that she wanted to find a hole in the ground to drill into.

    It was only after a long time that Qi Yiyun pulled herself out of her shyness and went to the living room, ready to watch a TV show to relax.

    But at this time, the knocking sounded again, and Qi Yiyun was as alert as a frightened bird.

His True Colors Chapter 432

Chi Yi Yun's posture as she curled up on the sofa was particularly funny, she was indeed a little afraid of meeting Han Qianqian right now because she was worried that Han Qianqian would mention the things that made her leave, so the only way to stay in this house was to avoid discussing this matter with Han Qianqian, it would be best if she could avoid meeting him.

    But Han 3,000 has a key, so if he wants to go home, he can just open the door, so why would he knock on the door?

    Chi Yi Yun eased her footsteps and walked to the door, seeing the visitor through the cat's eyes, her expression instantly changed, going from cautious to cold.

    "What are you doing here?"Opening the door and seeing Dong Hao, Qi Yi Yun asked coldly.

    "Miss, I just wanted to come see you."Dong Hao said.

    Chi Yi Yun said in a high and cold manner, "I don't have anything to do, you don't need to come and see me, I will call you if I have orders."

    Dong Hao came solely because he missed Chi Yi Yun, he knew that Chi Yi Yun was now treating Han Giang with uncontrollable feelings, he hoped that his appearance would calm Chi Yi Yun down a bit.

    All along, Dong Hao had thought that Han Sangyan was not worthy of Chi Yi Yun doing so much for him, and that Chi Yi Yun was just trying to use Han Sangyan to solve the Qi family's troubles, so he shouldn't put his own feelings into it.

    "Miss, I don't want you to get hurt because of this, he's not worth it."Dong Hao said, he liked Chi Yi Yun, since he was a child, but when he gathered the courage to confess to Chi Yi Yun, he was ruthlessly rejected, but even so, Dong Hao didn't give up.

    "Is it worth it, does it have anything to do with you?Dong Hao, don't forget your identity, and no one can force such things as feelings, just because you like me, doesn't mean I have to like you, just like I like him and he doesn't like me."Chi Yi Yun said, Dong Hao had deep feelings for her, but Chi Yi Yun didn't feel guilty at all for rejecting Dong Hao, because she believed that such things as feelings shouldn't be kidnapped, it wasn't that one party's liking had to be reciprocated by the other party.

    Dong Hao weakly lowered his head, Chi Yi Yun was getting more and more deeply poisoned in this matter, and he could only watch this happen with his hands tied, with no way to stop it at all.

    "Miss, didn't you ever think that you would get hurt in this matter?"Dong Hao asked.

    "Even though I'm bruised and battered all over, I won't regret not having tried and tried hard, so who knows how it will end?"Chi Yi Yun spoke firmly, even though she knew exactly how slim this hope was, she knew even better that giving up would make her regret even more.

    "There's nothing else, go away, don't come here to find me in the future, I'll let you know if there's anything."Chi Yi Yun said, closed the door and returned to the living room sofa.

    Dong Hao's expression became extremely fierce the moment he closed the door, he now very much wanted to end Han Three Thousand's life with his own hands, only then would Chi Yi Yun not get hurt because of him, but he didn't dare to do so, Han Three Thousand's safety was at stake, now only he could help the Chi family, even if Dong Hao didn't want to admit this.

    "Han 3,000, I'll kill you sooner or later!"Dong Hao said reluctantly.

    A certain design company, it wasn't even time to go to work yet, Qi Ran had already started her busy work at her work station, even the soybean milk fritters hadn't had time to eat yet, this was her work norm, as a newcomer, she was oppressed everywhere, the only way she could get out of the situation was to work hard, only after she showed her boss her worth would she have a chance to get out of the situation.

    "Qi Ran, you come so early every day, you're really hardworking."After the company's colleagues came to work one after another, a demurely dressed girl walked up to Qi Ran, the light smile on her face filled with a malicious intent.

    "Sister Ting, I'm a newcomer, so naturally I have to put in more effort."Qi Ran said, this Sister Ting's name was Huang Tingting, she was an old employee of the company and had a shallow relationship with the boss, almost everyone knew that she had an affair with the boss, so she was in the company, no one wanted to mess with her, if she looked at anyone who didn't like her and blew two pillow winds to the boss, that person would be fired the next day.

    "Right, the boss asked you to negotiate with Weak Water Properties, how are you doing, you won't have gone yet."Huang Tingting asked, this was deliberately arranged by her, she never thought Huang Tingting would succeed from the beginning, just looking for such a thing to make things difficult for Qi Ran, it would be better if she could justifiably fire Qi Ran.

    The main reason for doing so was because Qi Ran was good looking and pure and pleasing to men, and Huang Tingting was afraid that the boss's soul would be hooked by her, affecting her own position in the company.

    "Sister Ting, I'm not ready yet."Qi Ran said, for this matter, she had compiled very much information, hoping that when she was lucky enough to meet with Zhong Liang, she would be able to come up with more leverage to talk about cooperation.

    "Ready?"Huang Tingting smiled coldly and said, "What else do you need to prepare, just change your clothes and wear something sexy to meet Zhong Liang, don't you understand this point?"

    Qi Ran was stunned, new to the workplace, she really didn't understand these crooked ways.

    At this time, the boss arrived at the office, Huang Tingting welcomed with a fawning smile, and the two went straight to the office.

    Qi Ran sighed and continued to organize the documents.

    A colleague who is usually not used to Huang Tingting's style, came to Qi Ran and whispered: "Qi Ran, I see that this Huang Tingting is deliberately targeting you, otherwise, how could you let you do such an important thing, and how could a company as big as Weakwater Real Estate cooperate with our company."

    Qi Ran knew that Huang Tingting was making things difficult for her, but it was because of this that she wanted to prove herself.

    The chances were small, but that didn't mean there wasn't a chance of success, and this was a self-challenge for her.

    "What did she mean when she told me to dress sexier just now?"Qi Ran was puzzled.

    The colleague sighed, a little envious of Qi Ran's purity, thinking that when she first left the university gate, she also didn't understand anything, but in this big dye vat of society, she had already long lost her first heart.

    "She's trying to get you to seduce Zhong Liang with your beauty, don't you understand such a simple truth?"The colleague said.

    Qi Ran looked at her colleague in shock, such a dirty trick, she would never do it.

    At this time, Qi Ran's workstation landline rang, this is the company's internal phone, once it rings, the probability is that the boss is looking for her.

    When she picked up the phone, the boss told Qi Ran to go to the office.

    The company's employees can only look at Qi Ran with pity and say, "It seems that Huang Tingting has said something to the boss again, so you're on your own."

    Qi Ran took the documents she had sorted and headed to the office.

    Opening the office door, Qi Ran found Huang Tingting nonchalantly arranging her collar, as if she had just unbuttoned it.

    Huang Tingting didn't care at all about this matter being discovered by Qi Ran, after all, her relationship with her boss was already well known in the company and she was proud of it.

    "Qi Ran, you haven't gone to Weakwater Real Estate yet, what's going on, are you so inattentive to the things I've explained to you?"The boss spoke in a stern tone and questioned Qi Ran.

    Qi Ran hurriedly took out the information and explained to the boss, "Boss, I'm still organizing the company's information, I want to be prepared for this matter with everything, please don't worry boss, I won't let you down."

    When Huang Tingting heard this, she said with a mocking face, "Qi Ran, you really don't have any self-awareness ah, you organize so many useless things, does Zhong Liang have the heart to read?I think you're just deliberately stalling for time."

    "Qi Ran, you must go to the Weak Water property today."The boss said sternly.

    Qi Ran looked embarrassed, she didn't have any confidence at all now, although the man said in the morning that he could go to Weak Water Real Estate and report Old Han's name directly, but whether it was true or not, Qi Ran couldn't be sure, maybe he was just casually joking.

    "If you can't do it, just leave the job yourself."Huang Tingting's true purpose finally couldn't help but reveal, firing an employee without a reason was illegal, after all, Qi Ran had a contract with the company, but if she left on her own, the meaning would be different.

    "I can do it."Qi Ran said through gritted teeth.

    "You?On what basis can it be done, and is it useful to talk such big talk?"Huang Tingting smiled contemptuously.

    "I have a friend who knows Zhong Liang."Qi Ran said with a hard scalp.

    After hearing Qi Ran's words, Huang Tingting was stunned for a moment and laughed out loud.

His True Colors Chapter 433

"Is your friend who still knows Zhongliang trying to laugh me to death?"Huang Tingting said with a big smile.

    The boss also laughed lightly and shook his head, Qi Ran's words were clearly a lie, if she had such a circle of contacts, how could she come to work in his company, wouldn't it be better to go to weak water real estate?

    "Qi Ran, I didn't think you wouldn't know anything, but you're pretty good at bragging."Huang Tingting covered her abdomen and continued to say.

    Qi Ran buried her head, she couldn't be sure if what the person she met in the morning said was true or not, but just now she was impulsive, that's why she said it out, she also regretted it now, in case that person was joking, wouldn't this be a joke?

    The boss sighed and said, "Qi Ran, you don't have to say these words to pacify me, whether you have friends who know Zhong Liang or not means nothing to me, you have to prove your ability to me with real actions, understand?"

    "Don't worry, I will."Qi Ran said, even if what the man said in the morning was a joke, she would find another way to accomplish this task.

    "Okay, it's okay, you can go out first."The boss said.

    After Qi Ran left, Huang Tingting sat directly on the boss's lap and said with a grumbling face, "If you hadn't signed the contract with her, we wouldn't have had to go through all this trouble."

    The boss looked at Huang Tingting with a spoiled face, holding her slender waist with both hands, and said, "How would I know that you don't like her, if I had known, I would never have let her into the company."

    The boss cared about Huang Tingting so much that she laughed very proudly and whispered in his ear, "I have a surprise for you tonight, don't forget to come to my house."

    The boss squirmed his throat and said with an expectant face, "What kind of surprise?"

    "If it's a surprise, of course I can't tell you until tonight, otherwise, is there any sense of surprise?But I can give you an advance preview, it's your favorite."After saying that, Huang Tingting stepped on her heels and wiggled her way out of the office.

    Favourite, the boss moseyed on, probably guessing what surprise she was preparing, and inevitably looking forward to it even more.

    After Qi Ran returned to her work station, she was in a state of distress, with her current state to go to the Weak Water Property, the probability was that there was no way to meet Zhong Liang, and even if she did, there was no way she could convince Zhong Liang to cooperate with the company.

    This was indeed an impossible task, a trap set up by Huang Tingting to get her to leave the company.

    But the more this happened, the more Qi Ran would develop a sense of insubordination within her, not only did she want to prove herself, but she also wanted to show Huang Tingting that ability was what would overcome everything, not beauty.

    "Have you thought about when you're going to the Weak Water Property?I won't give you another chance to stall."Huang Tingting once again came to Qi Ran's work station and urged.

    "Right now."Qi Ran stood up with the information and said.

    Huang Tingting pretended to look at Qi Ran with an appreciative face and said, "Good luck, I hope you don't disappoint your boss, otherwise you won't be able to keep your job, I still have sympathy for a newcomer like you."

    Qi Ran was disgusted by the false words, the whole thing was simply Huang Tingting's malicious targeting, yet she was now treating her like she was sympathetic, it was ridiculous.

    "Huang Tingting, you definitely don't know what the word shame means,"Qi Ran said.

    Huang Tingting's face turned pale and gritted her teeth as she said to Qi Ran, "What do you mean, scolding me?"

    Qi Ran shook his head and said, "How could I scold you, I'm just talking about people who don't know shame, you're not that kind of person, are you."

    Huang Tingting's face was as embarrassed as if she had eaten sh*t, shameless, wasn't that talking about her personally?Her unclear relationship with her boss was something she was proud of, but when she was cornered and scolded by a newcomer like Qi Ran, she couldn't accept it inside.

    "Qi Ran, it looks like you still can't learn how to do things, and if you offend me, you'll only end up getting out of the company."Huang Tingting sternly said.

    "If I can negotiate a partnership with Weakwater Real Estate, will the boss still fire me?"Qi Ran said.

    Huang Tingting looked at Qi Ran in dismay and said, "You're not flaunting yourself in front of me because of this, are you?"After saying that, Huang Tingting laughed recklessly, she was amused at Qi Ran's inexplicable confidence, what kind of existence is weak water property?Although it was now being suppressed by the Han Group, it was one of the top companies in Cloud City, so how could it be possible to work with a small company like them?

    The reason Huang Tingting had brought this up in the first place was because she knew Qi Ran couldn't possibly accomplish it, but she didn't expect her to be so confident now.

    It really was a newborn calf, not knowing the dangers of society at all, much less being able to clearly recognize her own value.

    "Qi Ran, Qi Ran, you're so naive, it seems like you're only suitable for the school environment, do you know what a real society is?"Huang Tingting said disdainfully.

    Qi Ran was new to the society, and there were indeed many things she didn't understand, such as Huang Tingting targeting her without warning, which made Qi Ran very confused, after all, she was new to the company and had never provoked Huang Tingting before.

    "If I can talk about this cooperation, I'll make my boss recognize the value of your existence in the company, and I'll tell him that you'll only delay the development of the company."Qi Ran didn't care to say more since she had already torn her face off with Huang Tingting, and anyway, it would end up either being fired or valued by the boss.

    A lot of colleagues in the company had a lot of dissatisfaction with Huang Tingting, and they even wished that someone could suppress Huang Tingting so that her behavior in the company could be restrained, but when they heard Qi Ran's words, they were helplessly shaking their heads and laughing, no one believed that Qi Ran could do it, because this impossible task, even miracles were unlikely to happen, and the gap between the two companies was just too big.

    "You know, in my eyes, you're like a jumping clown, but you're a joy to behold."Huang Tingting covered her mouth and said with a light smile.

    Immediately, Huang Tingting greeted her other colleagues and said, "You guys say it's ridiculous, she actually thinks she can talk about the cooperation with Weakwater Real Estate, do you want to teach the newcomers how cruel the workplace can be."

    In the face of Huang Tingting's fallout, most people chose to remain silent, after all, they had little affection for Huang Tingting, but there was no shortage of a few people who deliberately wanted to please Huang Tingting and began to verbally attack Qi Ran.

    "Qi Ran, you really think of yourself as a talent, it's ridiculous."

    "Someone like you, who has just graduated, really doesn't know anything, and can't do anything, let alone behave."

    "This company, besides the boss, the one with the most power is Huang Tingting, if you want to keep your job, you'd better apologize to her quickly."

    Hearing these people speak for themselves, Huang Tingting laughed contemptuously, and said to Qi Ran, "Hear that?There isn't a single person in the whole company who thinks highly of you, and I'm not alone in that."

    "What's the use of talking so much, I'll use my strength to show you what it means to be truly capable, and you're just selling your body for all this."Qi Ran said.

    Huang Tingting gritted her teeth as she looked at Qi Ran, the fact that she said such words in public was clearly throwing dirty water on her.

    Even if this was true, but in Huang Tingting's opinion, she wasn't selling her flesh, she was just using something of equal value and her boss as a swap.

    "Strength?"Huang Tingting walked up to Qi Ran, threw a slap on Qi Ran's face and said, "That's strength, I dare to hit you, do you dare to hit back?"

    Qi Ran covered his hot and raw painful cheeks, took a deep breath, and said with tough eyes, "Huang Tingting, we'll see, I'll definitely get my cooperation back, and then, I want you to give me an apology."

    After saying that, Qi Ran left the company with the thick information.

    Huang Tingting wasn't worried at all, although Qi Ran's words were fierce and firm enough, she would never be able to do this, as it would have been an impossible task.

    "What are you looking at, it's working time, it's not for you to use to watch the show, do you want to be fined?"Huang Tingting snapped at the other employees, this was the entitlement treatment she enjoyed in the company and hardly anyone dared to disobey her.


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