His True Colors Chapter 417-418


His True Colors Chapter 417

"Han 3000, I'm not that kind of villain, since Han Qing has done something shameful, I'll give you a chance to take revenge, but if your trouble has nothing to do with Han Qing, you must give me an apology today."Han Yan said.

    Han 3000 nodded, he could be sure that Han Qing was responsible for Su Yingxia's kidnapping, and he also knew that Han Yan was only taking care of her face when she said that.

    When the security guard went to knock at the door of Han Qing's room, Han Qing opened the door very impatiently and cursed at the security guard, "What are you doing, it's so late and you're disturbing my rest."

    Aside from the Han family, Han Qing's attitude towards outsiders had always been like this, high above the eyes of everyone else.

    "Miss Han is asking you to come downstairs."The security guard said to Han Qing.

    Hearing the three words Miss Han, Han Qing's attitude lessened considerably and asked, "What is Miss looking for me at this late hour?"

    "You'll see when you get there."The security guard said.

    Han Qing suddenly had an ominous feeling in her heart, did she secretly do things to reveal herself and was discovered by Han Yan?

    But even if she knew, she couldn't have found her at such a late night, Han Yan was very serious about her beauty sleep, and the sky was falling, she would never stay up late.

    When Han Qing came to the lobby and saw Han Qianli sitting in a wheelchair, her expression unconsciously revealed a smile, she was happy to see Han Qianli in a downward spiral, it was a pity that just being in a wheelchair wasn't enough, she had to kneel to her before Han Qing would be satisfied.

    "Han Three Thousand Years, have you even come to die?Don't you think you've hurt yourself enough?"Han Qing said to Han Giang, then walked over to Han Yan.

    "Where is Ying Xia?"Han Qianli unleashed a strong killing intent, Han Qing never cared how he treated him, but now that she threatened Su Yingxia's safety, there was only one way to die.

    "Who is Yingxia?I've never heard of that name before."Han Qing said indifferently.

    "Han 3000, it seems that the person you're looking for has nothing to do with Han Qing, and she doesn't even know the person you're talking about."Han Yan opened her mouth and said.

    Han 3,000 braced her hands on the armrest of the wheelchair and tried to stand up, but hesitated to be too weak, causing her hands to tremble, but her buttocks didn't leave the wheelchair at all.

    Qi Yiyun, who had been keeping her head down, saw the situation and wanted to move forward to assist Han Qianli, but was stopped by Han Qianli, "Don't touch me."

    Qi Yiyun took a deep breath and continued to stand with her head buried behind the wheelchair.

    Han Qianqian, who had almost exhausted all of her strength, finally stood firm.

    This stubbornness, there was no one present who didn't feel surprised, but Yan Jun wasn't the least bit surprised, because this was the Han Marchioness he knew, and no one could stop him from doing what he wanted to do.

    "Failing to find someone to cause trouble in the Magic City and having those people kidnap Ying Xia, do you really think I don't know anything?"Han Qianqiang looked straight at Han Qing and said with a torch-like gaze.

    Han Qing's face did not change, at a time like this, she must not admit that this matter had something to do with her, or else not only Han 3000 would not let her off, even Han Yan would not let her off.

    "Do you have any evidence, something without evidence is slander."Han Qing said.

    "You have three minutes to have your people bring Ying Xia to the Peninsula Hotel, or I won't stop."Han Qianqiang said with a strong attitude.

    When Han Qiangli said this, Yan Jun walked up to him, and this invisible deterrent force forced Di Yang to remind Han Yan, "Miss, if we really have to fight to the death, I'm not sure I can guarantee your safety."

    When Han Yan heard this, a loud slap was shouted on Han Qing's face, she wouldn't put herself in danger for the sake of a maid, and Han Qianqiang's current attitude was like that of a madman, it wasn't impossible for him to do something irrational like you and me dying.

    "Han Qing, did you do this thing."Han Yan gritted her teeth and said.

    Han Qing looked panicked and lowered his head, saying, "Miss, it wasn't me, I really don't know anything."

    "Give me the phone."Han Yan said.

    Han Qing panicked even more, although the phone book didn't have the numbers of the yokels stored in it, but there were among the recent call records, as long as Han Yan called, things would come to the surface.

    "Miss, please believe me, don't you know what kind of person I am?"Han Qing said.

    Han Yan smiled coldly and said, "Of course I know what kind of person you are, do you think I don't know how many bad acts of revenge you've done in Mickey Mouse using my name?"

    Han Qing's pulling the tiger skin and pulling the banner in the rice country happened often, as long as there was anything that made her half dissatisfied or made her feel half wronged, she would take advantage of Han Yan's name to carry out revenge, she thought that Han Yan didn't know about these things, didn't expect her to know about all of them, just turned a blind eye.

    "Miss, I was wrong, I won't dare to do it again, please forgive me."Han Qing immediately knelt on the ground and begged Han Yan for forgiveness.

    "Call immediately."Han Yan gritted her teeth and said word for word.

    Han Qing pulled out his phone and contacted a few goons, asking them to bring Su Yingxia to the Peninsula Hotel.

    Han 3000 sat back in her wheelchair and waited quietly for less than ten minutes before those people showed up with Su Yingxia.

    When Han 3,000 saw Su Yingxia, covered in wounds, her eyes turned red with rage.

    Su Yingxia, who couldn't even stand still, sat paralyzed on the ground in pain, but the corners of her mouth lifted up in a smile when she saw Han Qianli.

    "I knew that you would definitely save me."Su Yingxia said happily.

    Han Qianli trembled and walked to Su Yingxia's side, her voice trembling as she said, "I'm sorry, it's all my fault, I didn't protect you."

    Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "This should have been something we faced together, you're in the hospital and in a wheelchair, what's the point of me getting hurt."

    Han 3000 took a few deep breaths, the anger in his chest couldn't be restrained from rising, he didn't care if showing his concern for Su Yingxia in front of Han Yan would make it possible for Han Yan to deal with the Su Family Company, at this moment, he didn't care about anything, he only wanted to avenge Su Yingxia's death.

    "I want Han Qing to die."Han Qianli turned his head and said to Han Yan with a cold gaze.

    Han Yan was born into a gentry family and had seen all kinds of ruthless characters, but at this moment Han Qianqian's gaze made her feel afraid, like a bitterly cold wind coming at her.

    "She's just a maid, you can do whatever you want with her."Han Yan said indifferently, Di Central was no match for Yan Jun, and in this situation, she was not qualified to keep Han Qing, and there was no way she could put herself at risk because of a servant girl.

    This sentence was like thunder from a clear sky to Han Qing, if Han Yan didn't save her, she would definitely be dead!

    "Miss, help me, help me, I don't want to die, please, I still want to serve Miss, I don't want to die."Han Qing hugged Han Yan's thighs and knelt on the ground to beg for mercy.

    Han Yan impatiently kicked Han Qing away and said, "After all these years, you've completely forgotten your identity, do you really think of yourself as a member of the Han family?You're just a servant in the Han family, behind my back and using my name to do those many things, you should have expected such a downfall."

    Han Qing cried bitterly, his face filled with regret, and said, "Miss, I know I was wrong, please give me a chance, for the sake of us growing up together, please help me."

    "Grow up together?"Han Yan smiled coldly, they had indeed grown up together, but so what?Han Yan never used her feelings on a servant and said, "It's because you've been living in the Han family for so long that you don't even know what your status is anymore, and you'll have to recognize your own status if you work as a maid for someone in your next life."

    After saying that, Han Yan walked towards the elevator.

    Han Qing looked desperate, so many years of feelings were so worthless in Han Yan's eyes, she wouldn't even say a few words for herself!

    "Han 3000, as long as you don't kill me, I can tell you a lot of things about the Han family that are important to you."After waiting for Han Yan to get on the elevator, Han Qing said to Han Three Thousand, she knew that if Han Yan wouldn't help, then the only hope of surviving was in Han Three Thousand's hands.

    Han 3000 smiled coldly and said to Qi Hu, "Even a wild boar can be killed, a woman is even simpler for you, right?"

His True Colors Chapter 418

When Han Qing saw Qi Hu walking towards her, she was so scared that she started to tremble all over, at this moment, she started to repent what she had done to Su Yingxia, if she hadn't caught Su Yingxia, she would never have ended up in such a situation, now that she had to lose her life because of her playing with fire, the regret within Han Qing's heart couldn't be described with words.

    "Han 3000, please, please give me a chance, please let me go."Han Qing kowtowed to Han Three Thousand with a snotty nose and tears, begging for mercy, and for the first time in her life, she had such a clear understanding of her identity.

    Han Qianqian's face was icy cold, without any mercy looking at Han Qing, saying indifferently, "From the moment you captured Yingxia, your fate was already set, don't blame me, you're to blame for all this."

    After saying that, Han Qianqiang assisted Su Yingxia, the couple trembled and headed out of the hotel, he didn't want Su Yingxia to see this scene.

    Han Qing cried out hoarsely, hoping to use all her strength to get Han Qianqian's forgiveness back, but it was all in vain, Han Qianqian didn't even look at her.

    Qi Hu stretched out his hand to Han Qing and held his neck in a death grip, and when breathing became more and more difficult, Han Qing's face was already covered with tears filled with regret, but it was already too late for regret at this point.

    Outside the hotel, Su Yingxia asks Han Qing, "Is she really going to die?"

    "Of course not, I'm just scaring her,"Han Qianqian said.

    Su Yingxia wanted to look back at the hotel, but she held back, although she guessed that Han Three Thousand's words were likely to comfort her, but since Han Three Thousand said so, she was willing to believe the well-meaning lie.

    In Su Yingxia's world, the only lie she could accept was the words that came out of Han Qian's mouth, and no matter what he said, Su Yingxia was willing to believe it.

    "I'll take you home."Han Qianli then said.

    Although Su Yingxia had taken some beatings, they were only flesh wounds and were completely small compared to Han Qianli's serious injuries, so she didn't agree to Han Qianli's words, but said, "No, I'll take you back to the hospital."

    Han Three Thousand stubbornly shook his head and said, "I'll take you home first."

    If she hadn't sent Su Yingxia home, how could Han Three Thousand be at ease back at the hospital.

    Qi Hu and Qi Yiyun followed from afar as the four of them headed towards Genting Mountain Villa.

    Qi Yiyun's eyes were full of envy, without concealing it, she knew in her heart how badly Han 3000 was hurt right now, but even in this situation, he was still willing to bite the bullet and send Su Yingxia home, the journey would be very easy for normal people, but for him, it was very painful, even so, he was still willing to bite the bullet and send Su Yingxia home.

    "How can a man like this not be fascinating?"Chia-Yun sighed.

    "Do you like me?"Qi Hu suddenly stared at Qi Yiyun with wide eyes and asked incredulously.

    Qi Yiyun couldn't help but roll her eyes and said, "Big guy, one must be self-conscious."

    "I'm good at fighting and I'm not bad looking, of course I know what I'm doing."Qi Hu said.

    Qi Yi Yun shook her head, not bothering to strike up a conversation with Qi Hu.

    Back at the hillside villa, when Su Yingxia rang the doorbell, the sound of rapid footsteps soon came from inside the door, and it wasn't just one person, it seemed that both Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao hadn't slept because they were worried about Su Yingxia's safety.

    Su Yingxia smiled faintly and said, "I didn't think they were still waiting for me."

    Han Giangli smiled as well, the concern these two had for Su Yingxia made him feel doubly glad.

    When the door opened, Jiang Lan saw Su Yingxia and became emotional, pulling Su Yingxia's hand and saying with a reproachful face, "Yingxia, where have you been, why are you only back now."

    "Mom, I'm fine."Su Yingxia said.

    Looking at the injuries on Su Yingxia's face, Jiang Lan stretched out her hand and carefully cupped Su Yingxia's cheek, her heart aching, "Who did this."

    At this time, Jiang Lan saw Han Qianqian, her expression instantly darkened, gritting her teeth and saying, "Why are you here, haven't you hurt Su Yingxia enough?"

    Han Qianqian shook his head, but before he spoke, Jiang Lan suddenly reached out and pushed Han Qianqian.

    If the body was uninjured, Jiang Lan's kind of force wouldn't even be enough to scratch an itch for Han Three Thousand, but now, with a serious injury, even Jiang Lan's strength made Han Three Thousand fall to the ground.

    He didn't have any spare strength to resist the external force and sat on the ground with a pained face.

    Su Yingxia squatted down nervously and asked Han Qianli, "Qianli, how are you doing."

    Jiang Lan's expression was cold, although she noticed a hint of something wrong, after all, how could a big man like Han 3000 be pushed down by her with a slight push.

    But she didn't care what happened to Han Qianli, seeing Han Qianli's disgusting emotions kept rising up.

    "Su Guoyao, bring your daughter back."Jiang Lan said to Su Guoyao.

    Su Guoyao didn't dare to disobey Jiang Lan's words and could only pull Su Yingxia back home.

    Jiang Lan walked up to Han Qianqian with a condescending posture and said with his hands crossed at the waist, "Han Qianqian, I'm warning you, this is already my Su family's place and the villa is also Yingxia's name, since you divorced her, you don't have the right to come back here."

    This kind of behavior of crossing the river, Han Three Thousand had seen a lot on her, she could do anything to get a benefit, or she could turn her back on someone after getting a benefit, this was all normal for Jiang Lan.

    "I'm coming, can anyone stop me?"Han Third Thousand said indifferently.

    Jiang Lan clenched his teeth, the Cloud Peak Mountain villa area was owned by the Tian family, and Han Marchant had a very good relationship with the Tian family, those property security guards would naturally not stop Han Marchant when they saw him, this was like the door of the Hillside Villa, always open to Han Marchant.

    This situation, however, was only temporary, and in Jiang Lan's opinion, the mountainside villa would sooner or later be out of the Tian family's control.

    "You're so deadly, like a mangy dog, it's disgusting."Jiang Lan said with vicious words.

    Han Qianqiang was no longer able to stand up and was unable to retort to Jiang Lan's vicious words, so he just waved his hand.

    "If you want to die, die far away, don't die in front of my house, this place, it doesn't belong to you anymore."After saying that, Jiang Lan turned around and returned to the villa, closing the door heavily.

    To begin with, when she first moved into the hillside villa, Jiang Lan had a very good attitude towards Han 3000, but now, when the owner of the hillside villa became Su Yingxia, she turned her face over faster than turning the pages of a book, this was probably the ultimate expression of gold-worshipping, she never cared who actually owned everything she got, nor would she miss the love, in her eyes, no subsequent benefit was the same as no value.

    Han Giangli could no longer walk down the mountain on his own, so he could only call Qi Yiyun and ask Qi Hu to come up the mountain to pick him up.

    But after waiting for a while, the person who arrived on the mountain was not Qi Hu, but Qi Yiyun alone.

    She didn't tell Qi Hu about it, but asked him to wait at the gate.

    "Where's Qi Hu?"Han Giangli asked to Chi Yi Yun.

    "That stupid big guy thinks I like him and is still stealing it, so why disturb his fantasies?"Chieyun said.

    "But how am I going to get down the mountain, I can't walk at all now,"Han Giangli said.

    Chi Yi Yun walked up to Han Giang and crouched down and said, "Can't I carry you down the mountain?"

    Han Giangli was stunned, letting a woman carry him!This was something he'd never tried before.

    "If you won't let me carry you, prepare to eat dew here all night, I won't let him pick you up."Chi Yi Yun said.

    Han Qianqian smiled helplessly when he heard this, this woman was also really stubborn, in some ways, exactly like him, but sometimes, stubbornness couldn't get you any good in exchange for anything but bruises all over your body.

    "Chi Yi Yun, no matter how much you do, you won't be able to change my heart,"Han Giangli said.

    "What does it have to do with me whether you change or not, I'm just doing what I want to do, hurry up and come up, I still want to go back to sleep, don't delay my beauty treatment, if I turn ugly, I'll be relying on you for the rest of my life."Chi Yi Yun said in a threatening tone.


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