His True Colors Chapter 414-416


His True Colors Chapter 414

Mo Yang gritted his back groove teeth, the other party obviously came prepared to cover up the license plate, and then show the number in another area, so many vans on the street, who can know where the one that took Su Yingxia went.

    The more meticulous the layout, the more it shows that the other party is not good, and Su Yingxia's current situation, must be very dangerous.

    He couldn't let Su Yingxia suffer any harm during Han Marchant's hospitalization, and this was a case of his men not doing their job properly, so if he couldn't give Han Marchant an explanation, what face would he have to appear in front of Han Marchant?

    "Gather everyone and thoroughly investigate the villages and towns on the outskirts of the city overnight, and don't let any of them go."Mo Yang said.

    Lin Yong opened his mouth and suggested, "Should we unite everyone in the grey area, there is strength in numbers."

    "There's so much movement, are you afraid that 3000 won't know?"Mo Yang glared at Lin Yong Dao, although what he said made sense, but once the influence was expanded, the possibility of Han 3000 receiving the news became greater, Mo Yang couldn't let Han 3000 know about this matter in this situation.

    After Han Three Thousand's body recuperated, Mo Yang would naturally take the blame for this matter.

    "Yes."Lin Yong shrank his neck and said with a fearful face.

    That night, a few hundred people acted overnight, setting off a carpet search in the undercurrents of Cloud City.

    In the mountainside villa, since Su Yingxia did not come home, Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao were still waiting in the living room.

    "What's wrong with this girl today, she didn't come home so late and didn't answer her phone, really the older she gets, the more ignorant she becomes."Jiang Lan said with a grumbling face.

    Su Guoyao twisted his eyelids and said, "Could something be wrong, my eyelids have been jumping non-stop today."

    Jiang Lan glared at Su Guoyao and said, "This crow's feet of yours, you'd better stop talking."

    Su Guoyao rolled his eyes, his heart was very unsettled, although he didn't want anything to happen to Su Yingxia, his sixth sense told him that if something hadn't happened, Su Yingxia should have gone home long ago, and even if she didn't, there was no way she wouldn't answer the phone.

    "Did she sneak off to meet with that wimp?"Jiang Lan said angrily, it was the only possibility she could think of that Su Yingxia didn't answer her phone, as if she was guilty of deliberately avoiding her.

    "That's a real possibility."Su Guoyao said.

    Jiang Lan immediately took out her cell phone, and since Su Yingxia's phone wasn't answered, she could only call Han Qianqian.

    "You should quickly let Yingxia go home."After the call was connected, Jiang Lan said directly, as she decided that Su Yingxia was meeting with Han 3000.

    Han 3,000 was lying on the hospital bed, even the phone was held with the help of Qi Yiyun, and after hearing Jiang Lan's words, she felt baffled and said, "Where did Yingxia go?"

    "Han Qianqian, don't play dumb with me, if she wasn't meeting with you, why hasn't she come home yet, and she didn't even answer my phone call."Jiang Lan said in a cold voice.

    Hearing this, Han Qianli's face changed, Su Yingxia hadn't come home and didn't answer her phone, was something wrong?But he had already asked people to protect Su Yingxia, so if something really happened, he should have known.

    "I really wasn't with Yingxia, did you call Shen Lingyao?"Han Marchian said, these two girlfriends would often get together, could they be hanging out at Shen Ling Yao's house and forgetting the time.

    Jiang Lan frowned, she was convinced that the two were together, but looking at Han Qianqian's attitude, he really didn't seem to know where Su Yingxia had gone.

    "I called Shen Lingyao earlier, she said that Yingxia left the office after work and wasn't with her."Lan Jiang said.

    "Don't worry, I'll make a phone call and ask."Han 3,000 said, Mo Yang's men were secretly protecting Su Ying Xia, where Su Ying Xia had gone, those men should know.

    "Han Qianqian, if anything happens to Su Yingxia, it's definitely related to you, you must find Yingxia for me tonight, otherwise, I'm not done with you."Jiang Lan angrily threatened, Su Yingxia had no enemies, if she was taken away, it would definitely be related to Han Qianqian, so Jiang Lan directly dumped the responsibility on Han Qianqian.

    Han Qianqiang didn't respond, instead he just hung up the phone.

    "Dial Mo Yang's number for me."Han Qianqian said in a deep voice to Chi Yiyun.

    "Could it be Han Yan who did this?"During the dialing process, Chi Yi Yun asked Han Qianqian.

    Han 3000 didn't say anything, no matter who did it, as long as it posed a threat to Su Yingxia, not even if it was the King of Heaven's old man.

    After the call was connected, Mo Yang was the first to speak, "Are you kid hospitalized very bored, and you're still calling me at this time?"

    Mo Yang's tone was very relaxed, but Han Giang could feel a very deliberate act, as if he was trying to hide something.

    "Mo Yang, where is Ying Xia."Han Three Thousand asked in an icy tone.

    Seeing Han Qianqian's caller ID, Mo Yang had a bad feeling in his heart, but things were so sudden, how could Han Qianqian, who was in the hospital, know?

    "Don't worry, I've already sent someone out to look for it."Mo Yang said that he had no way to continue hiding it since Han Qianqian already knew, so he could only tell Han Qianqian the truth.

    "Do you think I can rest assured?"Han Marchiang said.

    "I'll find my younger sibling as soon as possible, I'll never let her suffer any harm, you still need to recuperate in your current condition, don't worry and leave this matter to me, don't you trust me yet?"Mo Yang said.

    Naturally, Han Giang believed Mo Yang, but Su Yingxia's whereabouts were unknown, so how could he be at ease.

    But Han 3,000 also knew his condition, his current body didn't allow him to leave the hospital, and even if he did, he might not be able to help.

    "If there's any news, let me know at once,"Han Three Thousand said.

    "Okay, don't worry, as long as there's news, I'll tell you right away."

    As soon as the phone hung up, the ringing sounded again.

    Looking at Jiang Lan's caller ID, Chi Yi Yun asked, "Do you want to answer it?"

    Han Qianqian nodded his head.

    Only just after pressing the answer button, an angry growl came from Jiang Lan on the phone, "Han Qianli, you vermin, did you have to get Yingxia killed to be willing."

    "If it wasn't for you, how could Ying Xia be in danger, after all these years, you still don't know you're a pest?"

    "What exactly does my Su family owe you, is it digging up your ancestral grave, you want to be so hard on the Su family."

    "You Thousand Knives Killer, why don't you go die, you won't harm anyone if you die."

    Hearing the fierce and harsh words, Qi Yiyun didn't get Han Qianqiang's consent and hung up the phone directly.

    Even as an outsider, Qi Yiyun couldn't see it anymore.

    Han Qianqian had endured humiliation in the Su family for so many years and brought countless benefits to the Su family, if it wasn't for Han Qianqian, how could Jiang Lan so possibly live in a hillside villa, and how could she live a carefree and luxurious life?But she, on the other hand, didn't remember her feelings at all, treating Han Qianxiang as an outsider from start to finish.

    "This kind of woman, you don't need to take care of her,"Qi Yi Yun said.

    Han Qianli shook her head and sighed, saying, "She's right, if it wasn't for me, Yingxia wouldn't have to take such risks, and everything that happened was because of me."

    "But haven't you brought less benefits to the Su family?They used to live in a shabby neighborhood that didn't even have an elevator, but without you, she wouldn't even have the qualifications to enter the Genting Mountain villa area."Chi Yi Yun said angrily.

    "Money is outside the body, but the risk of welcoming Xia is life."Han Giangli said.

    Qi Yiyun bit her teeth, Han Qianli's feelings towards Su Yingxia were so deep that he couldn't help himself, as if he could bear any grievance for Su Yingxia's sake.

    "I'm willing to take this kind of risk, even if it means giving my life, it doesn't matter."Qi Yiyun sincerely looked at Han Qianqian, and although this wasn't the first time she had shown kindness to Han Qianqian, this time, it was definitely the most determined.

    She was willing to take any risk, willing to give her life to gain this sincere affection, as long as Han Qianqian was willing to treat her the way Su Yingxia did.

    "You, have no qualifications."Han Qianqian said faintly.

    Qi Yiyun smiled miserably, even so, Han Qianli wouldn't change her mind, Su Yingxia's happiness was probably unmatched by any woman in the world.

    "She's so happy."Qi Yiyun turned around and walked over to the window, tears dripping all over her cheeks, her heart aching so much that she was almost unable to breathe.

His True Colors Chapter 415

In the eyes of outsiders, Su Yingxia's happiness was unattainable, as if no one could compare to her, but in Han Qianli's eyes, it was a matter of course, and Su Yingxia deserved his love and protection.

    In the face of Qi Yiyun's slightly shaking shoulders and low sobs, Han 3,000 did not half a point of softness, because his mind, only on Su Yingxia, as for other women's feelings, is not something he will care about.

    Time passed by minute by minute, and for Han three thousand, every second was very hard and difficult, unable to be sure whether Su Yingxia was safe or not, his heart could not calm down for a moment.

    "If you want to leave the hospital, I can find you a wheelchair,"Qi Yiyun said to Han 3,000.

    Han Giang nodded without hesitation, how could he stay in the hospital with nothing to do in his current mood, and said, "Thank you."

    "Have you thought it through, you might leave your body with residual effects if you're not able to recuperate properly,"Chi Yi Yun reminded.

    Han Giangli faintly smiled, aftereffects were nothing to him.

    "The sky won't be able to stop me even if it falls,"Han Giangli said.

    Chi Yi Yun nodded and left the hospital room, pushing a wheelchair in a short time.

    After helping Han Three Thousand to sit in the wheelchair, Qi Yi Yun pushed Han out of the hospital.

    There are still vague pedestrians on the street in the late night, and in the eyes of those people, Han Marchant and Qi Yiyun are like lovers in general, and Qi Yiyun enjoys the misunderstanding, even enjoys it, because only the misunderstanding can make her feel the possibility that she and Han Marchant exist.

    Her reluctance to face the reality was not because she deeply loved Han 3,000, but she was very clear that wanting to get Han 3,000's kind of sincere love was very extravagant and could not be given by other men, that's why she was ten thousand times reluctant.

    Arriving at Mordor, which was not open tonight, when Mo Yang saw Han 3,000, there was no surprise in his heart, and he had even expected Han 3,000 to appear.

    "Why don't you recuperate in the hospital, just leave this matter to me, I've already sent all my brothers out, hundreds of them, they will definitely bring Ying Xia back safe and sound."Mo Yang said to Han Giang.

    "Now what's the clue."Han Three Thousand asked faintly.

    When Mo Yang saw that Han Qianli had evaded his question, he could only sigh helplessly and said, "There's a surveillance video, but it's far away and not too clear, but we can basically see that Su Yingxia was taken away."

    "Take me to see."Han Three Thousand said.

    When the video played in front of Han Qianqian, Mo Yang could feel the strong killing intent emitted from Han Qianqian's body, and it was filled with bone-chilling coldness, but it wasn't surprising, with Su Yingxia's important position in Han Qianqian's heart, how could he be calm as he watched Su Yingxia being kidnapped.

    "Three thousand, don't worry, I'll be able to find these people,"Mo Yang assured Han 3,000.

    "These are the guys Han Qing sent to cause trouble last time, and it seems that Han Qing was also responsible for kidnapping Su Yingxia."The image was a bit blurry, but Han 3000 could basically confirm the other party's identity, he clearly saw a few stupid guys on the second floor that day, only to end up arresting only one person.

    "Han Qing!"Mo Yang frowned and said, "Does she have that much guts?"

    "People who love to save face can't do anything, so maybe she feels that the revenge against me isn't enough to vent the anger in her heart."Han Three Thousand said, since she knew it was Han Qing who did it, if she went to the Peninsula Hotel and found her, she could save Su Yingxia.

    However, the Peninsula Hotel has Deiyang sitting in town, and in Han Three Thousand's current state, even if she went there, it wouldn't help, and if she couldn't beat Deiyang, she wouldn't be able to hold Han Qing accountable, much less get Han Qing to release Su Yingxia.

    Han Three Thousand was a very self-reliant person, and since he was a child, he had been the one to face and solve almost all matters and difficulties himself, because he knew clearly that it was the only way to become stronger through experience.

    But today, Han 3000 was unable to solve this matter on his own, so he had to find someone to help him.

    It was about Su Yingxia's safety and time was running out, so he hoped that he would show up as soon as possible.

    "Chi Yi Yun, dial Grandpa Yan's number for me."Han 3,000 said, the only person who could ask for help was Grandfather Yan, perhaps he could be a match for Earth Central.

    After finding Yan Jun's number, Qi Yiyun didn't turn on the PA mode, but handed the phone to Han 3000's ear.

    When the phone was connected, Han 3,000 said, "Grandpa Yan, 3,000 has something to ask you, can you come to Cloud City?"

    "I'm in a neighboring city, I'll be there in half an hour."Yan Jun said.

    This made Han 3000 relieved, the last time he went back to Yanjing, Shi Jing had talked about Yan Jun, saying that he had something important to do and left Yanjing, Han 3000 was worried that he wouldn't be able to find him this time.

    In a small hotel in Cloud City, after Yan Jun hung up the phone, he wasn't in a hurry to go out.

    All this time, he had been in Cloud City, protecting Han three thousand lives, but this matter, he did not want Han three thousand to know, because he could not let Han three thousand heart any feelings of dependence.

    At the Peninsula Hotel, the matter of Han 3000 being beaten up, Yan Jun didn't intervene because he knew that Han Yan wouldn't kill Han 3000, and in the absence of a threat to his life, Yan Jun had no reason to take action.

    Today, however, since Han 3000 had called to seek help, it meant that he was at the point of desperation, and Yan Jun had no choice but to take action.

    Half an hour later, Yan Jun arrived at Mordor on time.

    When Qi Hu saw Yan Jun, he unconsciously lowered his head, this was the old man, even his master couldn't rise to the idea of making a move, and with just his words, Chongyang agreed to his terms.

    Qi Hu unconsciously made a comparison between Yan Jun and Di Yang in his heart, in his opinion, Di Yang seemed to be stronger than Yan Jun, as the damage he suffered from Di Yang was stronger than what Yan Jun had brought to him.

    "Grandpa Yan, Ying Xia has been arrested, can you walk with me to the Peninsula Hotel?"Han Qianqiang said to Yan Jun.

    Yan Jun had grown up watching Han Third Thousand, and even more so watching him suffer from the Han family's neglect, and even his step by step achievement of his own business path, no matter how much difficulty he encountered, he had never been as helpless as he was now.

    Sitting in a wheelchair, Han Third Thousand made Yan Jun's heart ache and said indifferently, "Don't worry, Grandpa Yan will help you solve this trouble even if he fights to the death."

    A group of four people, Qi Yiyun pushed Han Qianqian who was sitting in a wheelchair, Yan Jun walked on the back left side and Qi Hu walked on the back right side, heading towards the Peninsula Hotel.

    Late at night at the entrance of the Peninsula Hotel, there were still security guards on duty in high spirits, not daring to slack off in the slightest.

    When the security guard saw Han Qianqian, who was sitting in a wheelchair, he couldn't help but reveal a contemptuous smile on his face.

    This guy had only been beaten out not long ago, but he still dared to come to the door.

    "You're in a wheelchair and still don't know how to stop, I don't think you want your life."The security guard scoffed and said to Han Three Thousand.

    Han Qianqian's face sank like water and said, "I want to see Han Yan."

    "Miss Han didn't give notice, and it's almost midnight, how can Miss Han see you, get out of here, otherwise I'm afraid you won't even get a chance to sit in a wheelchair."The security guard said.

    "I advise you not to force your way in, or else you'll have to prepare the urn, I see you're so young, why bother with your own life."The other security guard said.

    Han Giangli took a look at Qi Hu, this kind of small shrimp character was naturally not worthy of Yan Jun's hand.

    Qi Hu, who was holding back his anger, took two steps forward, and those security guards were so scared that even their faces changed.

    "Who's coming?"Qi Hu asked.

    Qi Hu had broken into the hotel before, and these security guards had a very deep knowledge of his skills, after all, they still had colleagues who weren't out in the hospital.

    "Big man, I'm warning you, don't mess around or you'll die here today."

    "Miss Han is already resting, do you know what will happen to you for disturbing Miss Han's rest?"

    "You bunch of ungrateful guys, get out of here, none of you will escape if Miss Han pursues you."

    Several security guards looked at Qi Hu vigilantly and could only threaten him with words.

    Qi Hu was well aware of Han Qianqian's determination to break into the hotel, what was the point of talking nonsense with these guys?

His True Colors Chapter 416

When Qi Hu walked towards those security guards in a fighting stance, those people actually scattered, and none of them dared to stand in front of Qi Hu to stop the road.

    Qi Hu laughed disdainfully and said, "A bunch of losers, they don't even have the guts to fight me, but they're still so arrogant."

    When Qi Yiyun pushed Han Qianqian into the hotel, Qi Hu shouted, "Hurry up and let Han Yan out, or else I'll smash this sh*tty place."

    As the words fell, a bronze statue weighing a hundred pounds was pushed to the ground by Qi Hu, making a resounding clang.

    Han Yan was in the middle of a beautiful dream when the room landline suddenly rang, causing her anger to rise, and when she looked at the time, it was still the middle of the night, making her even more annoyed.

    "Who are you, don't you want to live, how dare you disturb my rest."Picking up the phone, Han Yan gritted her teeth and said.

    On the other end of the phone was the security guard who briefed her, and when he heard that Han Yan was angry, he quickly said, "Miss Han, that big man broke into the hotel again and wanted to see you, so I was forced to call you."

    Han Yan sobered up for a moment, the big man, was it Qi Hu?This guy had a hard time surviving death, but he came back to send death, what an ungrateful fellow.

    Hanging up the phone, Han Yan spoke to herself in an icy tone, "Since you're looking for death, I'll make it happen today."

    Putting on her clothes, Han Yan went next door and knocked on Di Yang's door.

    Even when he was sleeping, Di Central kept his vigilance extremely high, so less than ten seconds after the door rang, he had already opened it at the door.

    "Miss, what's wrong?"Earth Central asked.

    "That big man has come to send me to my death again, how dare he disturb my rest, I want him to not leave alive today."Han Yan said with a frosty face.

    Diyang's eyebrows furrowed, but Qi Hu was saved by Han Qianqian at the risk of his life, how could he be so ungrateful and take the initiative to send him to his death again?

    When they arrived at the hotel lobby, Han Yan was very surprised to see Han Qianqian.

    She thought it was just Qi Hu coming to die, but she didn't expect that Han Qianqian was even here.

    "Han Qianqian, don't think that I really don't dare to kill you, disturbing my rest at a time like this, I'll just get a scolding even if I kill you first."Han Yan said through gritted teeth.

    "Where's Han Qing, I want to see her."Han 3000 said.

    Han Qing was useless at a time like this, so Han Yan didn't even go to call her.

    Han 3000 suddenly came to see Han Qing, obviously Han Qing had done certain things.

    Han Yan had guessed it before, but she hadn't asked specifically, but now it seemed that it had offended Han 3000's antics, or else he wouldn't have come looking for death in a wheelchair.

    "You'd better go see the King of Hell,"Han Yan said, and then took a step back, the meaning of this action was very clear, giving room for Di Central to make a move.

    At the same time as Di Central took two steps forward, Yan Jun, who was standing on Han Qianli's side, blocked in front of Han Qianli at a speed unreachable by the naked eye.

    A hint of surprise flashed in Dee Central's eyes, with such astonishing speed, even he couldn't see the movement, the other party was clearly an expert.

    "I didn't think you'd be able to hire such a helper, I'm surprised,"Earth Central said.

    "You're not the only strong man in this world."Han Giangli was disdainful, although he couldn't defeat Di Central, he was very confident in Yan Jun's skills, something he had witnessed since he was a child.

    If it wasn't for Yan Jun, how could the Yanjing Han family have been so smooth for so many years.

    The birth of a strong man would definitely be accompanied by corpses everywhere and many enemies, and the Yanjing Han Family's solid position was inextricably linked to Yan Jun.

    "Who exactly is the strong one will have to cross paths to find out."Diyang smiled.

    The battle between Yan Jun and Di Yang was on the verge of erupting, and both of them could be considered top-notch experts, so there were no flashy moves to be seen on them, only power and speed against each other, and when the speed was too fast, bystanders couldn't see exactly how the two of them fought, only feeling dazzled.

    For Han Giangli, this was an opportunity to learn, so he watched very carefully.

    But Qi Hu, at this point, was completely confused, he had thought that Chong Yang was the most powerful expert in the world, but it wasn't until he had seen Yan Jun and Di Yang that he truly understood what the word expert meant.

    It turned out that fights could still be fought like this, and the movements were so fast that one couldn't see them at all.

    Han Yan didn't know anything about this, but at the moment, she frowned, because the Di Central in her eyes, no matter who she faced, would be able to take care of it in ten moves at most, but in the current situation, it was impossible to tell the winner from the loser all the time, how was that possible!

    How could Han Qianxiang, this piece of trash, find such powerful helpers, even the Earth Central couldn't win absolutely!

    He was the strongest man in the MiG Han family, and if he couldn't beat the people brought by Han Three Thousand, who else could those bodyguards in the MiG Han family be his opponent.

    "Han Three Thousand, have I really underestimated you?"Han Yan whispered quietly to himself.

    Di Central, who was in the middle of the battle, was having very serious heart waves at the moment, he had been a top assassin and had seen countless experts, although some of them were so strong that he didn't dare to face them, but those people were all characters who stood at the top of the world, how could Huaxia have such powerful characters?

    Based on the contempt that the Mickey Han family had for Huaxia, Di Central also held a disdainful attitude towards Huaxia as a whole, he had never thought that Huaxia had someone who could be compared to him, but now, this person had appeared before him.

    Di Central's expression gradually became heavier, and on the other hand, Yan Jun, still looked like a cloud, which made Di Central's surprise even greater, he seemed to deal with himself effortlessly.

    Although Han Giang couldn't see their movements, he could clearly see their expressions, and the contrast in their expressions at this time indicated that Yan Jun had gradually taken control of the advantage, and he was at ease.

    "Grandpa Yan is truly powerful, I wonder if he can be ranked internationally."Han Giangli couldn't help but say.

    "I heard my father say that there are very many strong people in this world, he once met one and he couldn't even harm a hot weapon, I used to think he was bragging, but now it seems that maybe what he said is true."Chi Yi Yun said indifferently, although she had an expert like Dong Hao by her side, Dong Hao's strength was not something that very human beings couldn't do, but at the moment, the performance of the two of them, Earth Central and Yan Jun, had completely exceeded Chi Yi Yun's understanding of normal people, that's why she suddenly thought of the thing that her father had said.

    "What a big world."Han Giangli exclaimed, thinking that he already knew enough about the world, but now he realized that what he knew was just the tip of the iceberg.

    At this moment, the two people in the fight suddenly emitted some loud banging sounds, and Han Qianli vaguely caught sight of the fact that each of them seemed to have hit the other in the chest, and the collision of their flesh actually made this amazing sound.

    At the moment of the loud noise, they each took a few steps back, the Earth Central was a little pale, but Yan Jun did not change his face.

    "Shall we continue?"Yan Jun said indifferently, performing without the slightest difference, but there was a subtle change that was unknown to him, that is, the constant trembling at his throat, he tried his best to push down the fishy taste coming from the depths of his throat.

    The winner was still undecided, but which one was stronger or weaker was a foregone conclusion in the eyes of the bystanders, and Diyang also thought that no benefit could be gained from further fighting and returned to Han Yan's side.

    "Miss, it's Deyang's incompetence."Deyang bowed his head and said to Han Yan.

    Han Yan took a deep breath, even Di Yang was no match for her, what kind of blame could Han Yan have, if it were anyone else, they would have fallen long ago.

    "Han 3000, you've given me a really big surprise, it looks like you're going to force me to kill you."Han Yan said in a cold voice.

    "If you're capable of it, I have absolutely no complaints, but right now, you should call Han Qing out, she should take the blame for what she's done."Han Qianli faintly said.

    Han Yan's face was as heavy as water, calling Han Qing out at this time was undoubtedly a compromise to Han Qianli, asking her to compromise with the trash in her heart, something that Han Yan would never accept.

    Just as Han Yan was hesitating, Di Yang said in her ear, "Miss, for the sake of your safety, there's no need to protect Han Qing at this time."

    Han Yan hadn't thought about protecting Han Qing at all, she just felt like she couldn't lose face, but since Di Yang had said so, she could only compromise.


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