His True Colors Chapter 307-308


His True Colors Chapter 307 

After Tian Ling'er appeared, Tian Changsheng had no chance to talk to her and let Han Qiangni leave without even greeting Tian Changsheng.

    At the moment, Tian Ling'er only had Han Qianqian in her eyes, and Tian Changsheng could only smile bitterly at this.

    "Where have you been, there hasn't been any news for so long."In the car, Tian Ling'er asked Han Qianqian.

    "Went to Kiyan Island to make up the wedding dress with Ying Xia."Han Three Thousand said.

    When he heard the word Yingxia, Tianlinger's expression stiffened a lot, and he shouldn't have asked this question had he known he was going to Keystone Island with Su Yingxia.

    "Do you know where the place is?"Tian Ling'er quickly changed the subject.

    "I just got back, so how would I know, but it should be nice to have a place named by your Celestial Miss,"Han Giangli said.

    "I don't know how good it is, it's just that the recent advertisements are so powerful that almost the whole city knows about it, so I'll give you an address and you follow the route on it."Tian Ling'er took out her cell phone and deliberately opened it in front of Han Three Thousand.

    The screensaver was a picture of Han 3000 and Tian Ling'er quickly opened the navigation, she believed that Han 3000 had already seen what she wanted to show Han 3000.

    Han 3,000 indeed also saw it, but this made him feel very helpless, and Tian Ling'er contact, he does not have that aspect of male and female thoughts, at most, just treat Tian Ling'er as a sister, so this kind of thing, he can only pretend not to know, perhaps in the future there is a chance, can give Tian Ling'er to say clearly.

    Arriving at the restaurant, there were flower baskets clustered in front of the door, and it looked like the place was getting a lot of people, but of course, it was possible that the owner himself had paid for it, creating a very hot situation.

    "May I ask if you are locating online or offline, if offline, please show your ID, if online, please show the QR code."The reception at the door said to Han Qianlian and the others.

    "We didn't locate it."Tian Ling'er said.

    The receptionist smiled and said, "If we don't have a location, we can only say sorry to the two of you, our seats are already fully booked, so you'll have to come back next week."

    "I'm having a meal, and I have to wait until next week?"Tian Ling'er frowned unhappily.

    The smile on the reception's face was very smug and said, "I'm really sorry because all the seats have been reserved for a whole week."

    "Tell your boss that Tianjia Tianlinger is coming for dinner, ask him nicely if there's still room."Tian Ling'er said.

    Looking at Tian Ling'er's big miss act, Han Qianli couldn't help but smile, this was the unruly and capricious ah that a big miss of a noble family should have, she was usually too well-behaved, no miss faction at all.

    When the reception heard the two words Heavenly Family, the proud expression instantly narrowed, and the attitude became much more respectful, quickly saying, "Please wait a moment."

    "Miss Tianjia, you're really amazing, it seems like the boss doesn't have a place today, so I'll have to move a seat out for you as well."Han Qianli smiled.

    Tian Ling'er looked at Han Qianli with pride and said, "You don't understand this, a popular restaurant like this will usually reserve one or two seats that aren't normally open, just to avoid people like me suddenly appearing and him entertaining poorly."

    This was an ingenious design that many restaurant owners would have, especially the more popular the place was, reserving one or two private rooms, even if they could only be used once a year, as long as the other party was a big person, they would be able to reflect the value of the box.

    For example, for someone like Tian Ling'er, it would be much more meaningful for the boss to sell a favor than to earn a table.

    Soon, the reception led the boss to the door, and when the boss saw Tian Ling'er, the smile piled up on his face was colorful.

    He was suspicious before, but when he saw Tian Ling'er's original face, he could be sure that this was indeed Miss Tian Jia.

    "Miss Tian, I didn't expect that it really is you here, I was fortunate enough to see you once at Master Tian's boxing gym, I don't know if you remember."The boss said with a smile.

    "I don't remember, here you are, do you still have a seat?"Tian Ling'er said very directly.

    Looking at the boss's embarrassed face, the corner of Han Qianli's mouth twitched, this Tian Ling'er was too disrespectful, at least take care of the boss's emotions.

    "Yes, yes, of course, Miss Tian Ling'er, please follow me."The boss hurriedly said, not caring too much about Tian Ling'er's attitude, after all, this was Miss Tian, it was already a great honor for him to come to dinner.

    When he walked into the restaurant, Han Qianli was surveying the high-flying crowd inside, not expecting to see someone he knew, and the other party saw him as well.

    "Han 3,000, why is this guy here."Song Ji said with a wary face.

    "It just so happens, if you can come, of course he can come too."Dong Shan didn't think there was anything wrong with running into each other for a meal, what else could it be but a coincidence?

    "It can be such a coincidence, I don't think he's following us on purpose, I've already told you that he has ill intentions towards you and you still don't care."Song Ji said.

    Dong Shan shook her head helplessly, Han 3000 and her, at most, were just ordinary friends, and Han 3000 had never shown that aspect to her, so how could he have ill intentions towards her.

    "You're really overthinking it, that girl next to him is several times prettier than me,"Dong Shan said.

    Only after Dong Shan said that did Song Ji notice that the Tian Ling'er beside Han Qianqian, full of youthfulness and vitality, was indeed prettier than Dong Shan, and a ponytail was even more sunny.

    "This kind of loser can actually meet such a beautiful girl, seeing as how this little girl should not be very old, he can't be the one who tricked him,"Song Ji said disdainfully.

    "It has nothing to do with us, eat your own."Dong Shan said.

    Song Ji was unconvinced, he drove a Mercedes Benz and could only catch up with a woman of Dong Shan's level, but how could a poor bragging loser like Han Qianqian be able to pick up such a beautiful woman?

    "This kind of scum is just a little trick to cheat a little girl, I'll go break him up later."Song Ji said.

    "Song Ji, don't mess around."Dong Shan warned.

    "Don't worry, how would I mess around, I'm just pulling a knife out of the road to help."Song Ji sneered, as if he had already seen that Han Qianli was embarrassed to be torn apart by himself.

    The boss led Han Qianqian and Tian Ling'er to the only private room in the entire restaurant, saving even the waiter, who personally served the two.

    "Miss Tian Ling'er, here's the menu."The boss handed the menu to Tian Ling'er, his tone naturally showing great respect.

    "Serve one of each, anyway, someone is treating today, how can we not let him bleed out."Tian Ling'er didn't even look at it, Han Qianqian owed this meal for such a long time, how could he let him get away with it easily.

    The boss looked startled, serving a portion of every kind, could this be eaten?

    Looking at Han Marchand, the boss asked with a difficult face, "Sir, do you really want to serve them all?"

    "Do you have any doubts about the words of the Celestial Lady, are you afraid we won't be able to pay?"Han Marchand said.

    "No, no, no, that's not what I meant, I'll immediately arrange for the back kitchen to prepare it."The boss said, it wasn't Han Qianqian who was bleeding, as the host, he definitely couldn't make them pay for this meal, but the boss never expected that Tian Ling'er would have such a big appetite.

    But it wouldn't be a loss if he could spend this much money to please Tian Ling'er, thinking about it this way, the boss's mood wasn't so depressed.

    "There's something else I want you to help me with today,"Han Qianli said.

    "I expected it, or else would you be so kind as to invite me to dinner?"Tian Ling'er looked at Han Qianqian with disdain.

    "Did you know Cloud City has a loving home?"Han Giangli asked.

    Tian Ling'er shook her head, as the eldest Miss of the Heavenly Family, she had very little exposure to the lower levels of Cloud City and hadn't even survived the Love Home.

    Han Three Thousand took out his phone and searched for some information about the Home of Love to show Tian Ling'er.

    "Is there still such a place in Cloud City?"After reading the information, Tian Ling'er said with a surprised face.

    "It's normal for Miss Celestial to have never heard of such a place, but it does exist, these children have a birth defect, so they were abandoned by their families and now have to live in the Home of Love."Han Marchiang said.

    "But ...... I'm not a doctor, so what can I do to help them?"Celestial Spirit was puzzled.

    "It takes money to run a loving home, and there used to be ......"

    Before Han Qianli could explain clearly, the compartment door was suddenly pushed open.

    Song Ji walked in with a big grin and said disdainfully to Han Three Thousand, "I didn't think you'd even cheat a little girl, Han Three Thousand, you're not a human being, are you?"

His True Colors Chapter 308

Song Ji's behavior of barging into the compartment made Tian Ling'er very dissatisfied, it was hard to wait until she had a chance to have a meal with Han Giang, even Tian Changsheng didn't dare to disturb her, Song Ji's appearance was undoubtedly provoking Tian Ling'er's bottom line.

    "Get out."Tian Ling'er didn't even look at Song Ji and said in a deep voice.

    Song Ji was full of carelessness and acted as if he was doing the best for Tian Ling'er, saying, "Little girl, do you know who this is?He's trying to cheat you, and you're still foolish enough to fall for it, but if I hadn't been so brave, you'd have been cheated out of your money."

    Tian Ling'er did want to be tricked, but unfortunately she was clear that Han Giang was not interested in her.

    "I'll warn you once more, get out."Tian Ling'er said.

    Song Ji was unhappy now, but he was doing it for the good of this little girl, but she was not polite at all with her words.

    "Little girl, that's not right, I'm helping you and you're telling me to get out, don't you want to know what kind of person this guy is?"Song Ji said.

    Tian Ling'er looked at Song Ji with slanted eyes and said, "What are you, do I need help from someone like you?"

    Han Giangli smiled at the good show, Song Ji obviously didn't know who Tian Ling'er was, but that wasn't surprising, Tian Ling'er's name was loud and clear in Cloud City, but not many people had actually met this big sister of the Heavenly Family, like Song Ji, how could she be qualified to come into contact with the first family of Cloud City?

    "Little girl, speak politely, or I'll be angry."Song Ji said in a cold voice, he was also very upset inside because of what Tian Ling'er said, what is it?He wasn't a powerful person, but he had a few small fortunes, and it was more than enough to show superiority in front of someone like Han Giangli.

    "Angry?"Tian Ling'er laughed coldly and said, "So what if you're angry, can you still do anything to me?"

    "I say you little girl, what a dog bites a dog, I'm doing this for your own good, do you think I'm hurting you?"Song Ji wanted to dismantle Han Qianqian while also trying to build up a good image in front of Tian Ling'er, but he was completely unaware that Tian Ling'er not only didn't appreciate him, but also acted as if she hated him very much.

    "Are you calling me a dog?"Tian Ling'er sneered.

    Song Ji arrogantly laughed and said, "You are so uninteresting, what is it if you are not a dog, I was only going to help you tear apart this person's true face, but you don't appreciate me at all, I am a good person doing good deeds."

    "Growing up, this is the first time someone has ever scolded me."Tian Ling'er's face was frosty, obviously really angry.

    "What are you bragging about, who hasn't been scolded since they were little."Song Ji said with a smile, clearly not believing in Tian Ling'er's words.

    Han Qianqian was looking at Song Ji who didn't know how to live, and couldn't help but laugh, life was long, indeed everyone would be scolded to a greater or lesser extent, but Tian Ling'er was definitely an exception, with the degree of protection Tian Changsheng gave her, it was reasonable that Tian Ling'er hadn't been scolded since she was a child, just imagine the entire Cloud City, who was qualified to scold Miss Tianjia?Even if there was, it was a private jealousy that would never reach Tian Ling'er's ears.

    "What are you laughing at, you're a liar, walking around cheating everywhere, Dong Shan still thinks of you as a friend, today I'm going to tear you down."Song Ji said with an angry look at Han Three Thousand.

    Han Qianli shrugged his shoulders helplessly and said, "Dong Shan and I are just ordinary friends, why are you so hostile towards me?"

    Song Ji's animosity towards Han 3,000 was indeed from Dong Shan, but it wasn't that strong at first, it wasn't until he thought that Han 3,000's bragging started that he started to hate Han 3,000, in the end, it was just the word face, Han 3,000's bragging had a direct impact on his face, that's why he wanted to tear this matter apart.

    "I'm just not used to liars like you, a loser who goes around cheating and disgracing our men."Song Ji coldly said.

    What a big banner for justice, for Song Ji this kind of self righteous slogan, Han Qianli felt doubly helpless, there were always people who thought they were heroic, but in reality they were extremely stupid.

    "Are you so sure that I'm a liar?"Han Giangli asked with a smile, he didn't have any anger other than helplessness, because a little hopper like Song Ji was worthless in his eyes, so how could he be angry with such a person.

    "Yes, and very sure."Song Ji said toe-to-toe, but he didn't really have any basis for it, he just simply felt that way.

    "Hey, you'd better go, I'm not bothering with you anymore."Han Giangli sighed, although it was easy to squeeze an ant, there was no sense of accomplishment, so why waste the effort.

    Song Ji was filled with a sneer and said, "Are you afraid I'll tear you apart?Don't worry, I'm sure I'll tear you apart before I leave."

    "I'm giving you the opportunity to leave unharmed, and since you're very much staying here, stay, and hopefully you'll be able to bear the consequences,"Han Qianli said.

    Song Ji looked at Han Qianli's calm demeanor and was threatening him, his heart became even more disdainful, how could he just leave in front of such trash?

    At this time, Tian Ling'er, already angry to the extreme, it can be said that she has never been so angry, because born in the greenhouse, and never someone can mess with her so seriously.

    At this time, the boss himself came to serve the food, when he saw Song Ji, he sensed that the atmosphere in the box seemed a bit off, and his heart was suddenly frightened, but there must not be any trouble ah, if he provoked Miss Tianjia to be unhappy, he had just opened, I'm afraid he would have to face the crisis of closing down.

    "Miss Heavenly, what ...... is going on here?"The boss asked cautiously.

    "This unsightly thing barged into my compartment and completely affected my mood for dinner."Tian Ling'er said in a cold voice.

    The boss's heart trembled, clearly sensing that Tian Ling'er was in a very angry state at the moment, and turned to look at Song Ji, asking, "Who are you to dare disturb Miss Tian'er's meal."

    Song Ji still didn't understand what was going on and said, "Who are you again, a waiter, do you have the right to speak?"

    The boss stomped his foot in anger, where was this uncaring dog thing from.

    "I'm the boss here, am I qualified to talk to you?"In front of Tian Ling'er, the boss groveled, but in front of Song Ji, the boss wouldn't have this kind of inferior attitude, straightening his back and being as imposing as a rainbow.

    Song Ji's eyebrows jumped, this ...... person is actually the boss?

    After he and Dong Shan entered the shop, his mind was on Dong Shan, and after being with Dong Shan for so long, Song Ji had merely held her hand, and was planning to use today as an opportunity to get slightly tipsy with Dong Shan and get down to business, so he didn't even care that the boss was actually very active in the shop.

    "You're really the boss?"Song Ji asked cautiously.

    "Of course it's true, get the hell out of here."The boss said.

    "Boss, I'm also a customer, what makes you tell me to get out, aren't you afraid that I'll give your shop a bad review?"Song Ji boasted that the customer was God, not fearful at all, he said.

    The boss sneered, everyone who came here could be collectively called a customer, but customers were different from each other, for example, Song Ji and Tian Ling'er, could these two be compared to each other?

    "Kid, you've offended Miss Sky by not being long-sighted, you'd better get out of here, find a temple to pray to, and fend for yourself."The boss said.

    Miss Heaven?

    Song Ji tilted his head to look at Tian Ling'er, this Miss Tian seemed to be very powerful, even the boss gave her so much face, but she was so young, could she be this powerful?

    Day ......

    Miss Celestial.

    A consciousness gradually formed in Song Ji's mind, speculating on the identity of Tian Ling'er.

    In Cloud City, could someone who could be called Miss Heavenly be the Heavenly Family?

    Tin Ling Yee!

    Song Ji subconsciously shook his head, how could that be, how could Tian Ling'er come to this kind of place to eat, this was a big miss of a first-tier family in Cloud City.

    However, Miss Tian Ling'er, who else could there be other than Tian Ling'er, who was the Miss who even gave so much face to her boss?

    Song Ji's heart began to pound, his legs weakened, and his face went pale.

    Seeing the change in Song Ji's expression, Han Giangli knew that he had guessed the identity of Tian Ling'er and wondered how the guy felt now, he would regret coming to trouble, right?


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