His True Colors Chapter 219-220

His True Colors Chapter 219

Han Giangli's words made Ning Yu laugh proudly and said, "I didn't expect you, a country bumpkin from out of town, to know about me, right? Since you know, you should be able to imagine what kind of end will come of this, right?"

    "Before mentioning the next scene, why don't you give Ning Xingpeng a call and ask him what my end should be?"Han Marchan said, coming to Rong City just to help Jiang Ying Ying solve her problems and then just take a casual look, he didn't want to cause any trouble or give Ning Xingpeng a hard time, after all, Ning Xingpeng had provided help in this Jiang Ying Ying matter.

    "Calling my father?"Ning laughed coldly and said, "What kind of a person are you, do you want my father to come out and teach you a lesson, I'm enough."

    "Ning, you have an honorable status, why don't I help you beat him up?"

    "Ning Shao, I'll do it, I'll make sure to make this brat suffer."

    "I'll do it, I'll be able to handle this kind of trash with one hand."

    The crowd of people watching the fun kept ringing out the voices of those who wanted to help Ning Yu, because for them, this was an opportunity to please Ning Yu, if they could be a pawn for him, it would definitely change their lives drastically, who wouldn't want to follow this kind of rich second generation to eat and drink?

    "Dude, it seems like you don't have a very good character, so many people want to beat you up."Ning scoffed, this was how influential he was in Rong City, with a casual wave of his hand, he could have hundreds of dogs working for him.

    "Big brother, I have a stomach ache, why don't I go to the bathroom first."Qing Yun saw the beginnings of something wrong and wanted to bolt.

    Although Han Qianqian could fight, but with so many people in the nightclub, relying on him alone, he would definitely not be able to fight and would end up in a very bad situation.

    As the saying went, one had to bow under the eaves.

    "What do you want?"Han Qianli asked.

    Seeing Han Three Thousand's compromise, Ning Yu left his mouth in disdain and said, "Not even a little manly temper, don't you want a fight?"

    With a bitter smile on her face, Han Qianli said, "With so many people here to help you, how can I fight."

    "Count you a bit self-conscious, kneel down, apologize to my woman, and I'll spare you today."Ning Yu said.

    Qiu Fan looked at Han Qianqian with a contemptuous smile, "Broken driver, now you know what happens when you offend me."

    Qiu Fan looked like a dominant b*tch with a dog barking its ugly face, Han Qianqian smiled coldly and said to Qing Yun, "You're the one who caused the trouble, you can see for yourself."

    Qing Yun's head was as big as a bucket, and he said bitterly, "Big brother, I really have a stomachache."

    "You have two choices, apologize, or we fight it out, what do you think?"There was a bit of a smile hidden in Han Qianqian's eyes, this situation would most likely not force Qing Yun's hand, but it would show what kind of person Qing Yun was from this matter.

    If he chose to hold back and kneel down to apologize, Han Three Thousand Thousand would be very surprised and would also be more careful of this person.

    Qing Yun didn't seem to hesitate for a moment, directly choosing to kneel down and said to Qiu Fan, "Great beauty, I deserve to die, I said the wrong thing, you who are as beautiful as a celestial fairy, why would you bother with a loser like me, let me off the hook."

    Han Qianqian took a deep breath, this city wolf was not easy to deal with.

    Seeing Qing Yun kneel down, Qiu Yao felt like a goddess, making the loser prostrate thus showing her high status.

    "And you?"Qiu Fan said to Han Qianqian.

    Han Qianqian looked at Ning Yu and said, "Ning Shao, stopping in moderation is the best option, if you have to play, I'll play with you to the end."

    Ning Yu frowned, since the other party knew who he was and dared to say such words, he obviously had some sort of status as well.

    Although it wasn't from Rong City, Ning Yu wouldn't be the least bit afraid, but finding trouble for himself over a woman wasn't Ning Yu's style of doing things either, not to mention that the other party alone kneeling down to apologize was a step backwards, there was no need to make things more serious.

    "Dude, I'm in a good mood today, so I'll let you off the hook, but I advise you to get the hell out of Rong City, or else you won't be so lucky next time,"Ning Yu said.

    Without making Han Qianqian apologize, Qiu Yao hadn't found enough superiority yet, so naturally, he wasn't willing to agree and said to Ning Yu, "Ning Yu, he has also offended me, how can ......"

    "Kew Trang, am I in charge, or are you?"Ning Yu said in a cold voice.

    Seeing that Ning Yu was about to get angry, Qiu Fan fearfully lowered her head and said, "Of course you're the one in charge."

    "Since I'm the one in charge, if you say one more word of nonsense, I'll waste you."Ning Yu said.

    "Yes, I know."Qiu Yao spoke with trepidation.

    "Get lost."Ning Yu said to Han Qianqian.

    "Ning told you to get lost, so what are you waiting for?"

    "Hurry up and get out, don't show up in this arena from now on, or we won't let you off."

    "Rubbish, keep your eyes open in the future, Ning Shao is not someone you can offend."

    In the midst of the wave of mockery, Han Qianli left the nightclub with Qing Yun.

    With a depressed face, Qing Yun complained to Han Qianli, "Big brother, it's only my first day as your little brother, and you're letting me be so humiliated, aren't you afraid that I'll run away?"

    "The road is under your feet, but you should run."Han 3,000 said.

    "Hehe."Qing Yun accosted with a smile and said, "Big brother, actually this grievance is nothing, it's just kneeling down to apologize, it's a small matter."

    Mindfulness of the city, tactics of concealment, Qing Yun was just as much in short supply, Han Giangli knew that he had brought a time bomb with him, but his purpose was likely to solve a mystery for Han Giangli, so Han Giangli could only keep Qing Yun by his side even if he was carrying danger.

    The two of them found a hotel nearby to rest, and in the nightclub, Ning Yu paid the entire bill as a gesture of apology for disturbing the guests in the venue, which undoubtedly made the atmosphere in the nightclub reach its peak instantly.

    Qiu Fan was now feeling great, but she was also a little regretful that she couldn't get Han Giang to kneel down and apologize to her, she always felt that something was missing.

    "Qiu Xuan, my matter will be taken care of tonight."Ning Yu said to Qiu Ruoxi.

    "Ning Yu, don't worry, what I promised you, I'll definitely do it."Qiu Tao finished, hesitated for a moment, and continued, "But what else can I get out of it?"


    A loud slap on Qiu Tao's face, Ning Yu sneered, "Qiu Tao, what the f*ck are you, do you have the right to make a deal with me?"

    Qiu Fan covered her face, she knew she wouldn't be favored by Ning Yu again, that's why she wanted to take this opportunity to get a little advantage, but she didn't expect Ning Yu to react so strongly, she quickly said, "I'm sorry, I'm just saying, don't take it seriously."

    "Get lost, I'll contact you at twelve, if you don't make it, don't blame me for throwing you to the Long Yin Bridge."Ning Yu said.

    Hearing these words, Qiu Fan shivered, under the Long Yin Bridge, it was a gathering place for homeless people, two years ago, a foreign girl got lost and accidentally walked to the Long Yin Bridge and was raped by more than ten homeless people, this news made a lot of noise in Rong City, but there were too many people involved and no solid evidence could be found, so this matter was left unresolved.

    There's a saying in Rong City that after ten o'clock at night, a girl should never appear in Long Yin Bridge, because it's like hell.

    Qiu Fan didn't dare to imagine what would happen if she was taken to the Long Yin Bridge.

    "I'll go home now and wait for my good news."Qiu Fan said.

    Leaving the nightclub, Qiu Fan found the familiar Lamborghini parked not far away, and in a state of anger towards Han Qianqian, Qiu Fan walked over to the car and kicked it a few times.

    The poor Lamborghini, just out of the repair shop, was once again devastated, probably the most ill-fated of all the luxury cars.

    In the hotel, Han 3,000 did not know that his car was injured again, just ready to sleep when the doorbell rang.

    Opening the door, an unfamiliar face, with a smile full of respect, handed over an invitation for Han Three Thousand.

    "What's this?"Han Qianli was confused.

    "Mr. Han, this is the party invitation, which Boss Lu asked me to send to you."

    Boss Lu, Mr. Lu Hongguang?

    Han Qianqian looked at the invitation, similar to a business party, it should be a banquet for celebrities, the organizer is Lu Hongguang, with his status in Rong City, I'm afraid that those who can attend are some big names.

    "Boss Lu said to ask Mr. Han to be there."

    "En."The pomp and circumstance was hard to resist, so Han Marchant agreed.

His True Colors Chapter 220

Lu Hongguang would hold a celebrity party every year, not only to increase his influence in Rong City, but also to consolidate his connections.

    Although the two giants of the market in Rong City, the Lu family and the Ning family, are developing harmoniously on the surface, they are secretly competing with each other all year round, both wanting to be in the leading position.

    Because of these two people, two distinct forces have been formed in the business community of Rong City, and the gathering is to consolidate this relationship.

    Of course, not only people from the business community, but also official figures were able to participate in this gathering, and there was something fishy about it.

    The next morning, after having breakfast with Qing Yun, Han 3000 was ready to drive to the hotel where the party was held, and when he reached the car, Han 3000 smiled bitterly.

    "Little brother, I've made you suffer again."Looking at the dented main driver's door, Han Marchan said helplessly.

    "F*ck, who the f*ck did this, it's a Lamborghini, just smash it?Brother, a thorough investigation must be done, the murderer must be found."Qing Yun said in shock.

    "Only fear of chaos?Don't call a taxi yet."Han Qianqiang glared at Qing Yun and said.

    Having experienced this last time, Han 3000 understood the mentality of a woman holding a grudge, so he knew without thinking who did it, he could only be blamed for parking his car on the side of the road and not bothering to move it, if he parked it in the hotel's parking lot, it wouldn't have happened.

    After stopping a taxi, Qing Yun headed towards the Lufeng Hotel, looking at the name of the hotel, this should be Lu Hongguang's own property, but for a big boss like him, having a hotel of his own wasn't something unusual.

    "Little brother, are you guys going to the Lufeng Hotel today, are you squatting?"Once in the car, the taxi driver said enthusiastically.

    "What's a squat?"Qing Yun asked curiously.

    "Every year, Lu Hongguang holds a party today and invites those big bosses of Rong City, aren't you squatting to guard those big bosses and seek opportunities for cooperation?"The driver chuckled.

    "Big brother, you're underestimating people, we're going to a party."Qing Yun said proudly.

    "Going to a party?"Lu Hongguang looked at the two of them from the rearview mirror, laughed, and said, "Little brothers, you guys really know how to brag, I've never seen anyone who needs a taxi to go to Lu Hongguang's party, you go to the entrance of Lu Feng Hotel and look, there's not a single luxury car that's less than a million."

    "Brother, I'm not joking with you, we were personally sent by Lu Hongguang to deliver the invitation."Qing Yun said unconvinced.

    The driver compared his thumb to Qing Yun and said, "I've seen braggarts, I've never seen one like you blowing a bull into the sky, I'm convinced."

    Qing Yun still wanted to defend himself, but Han Qianqian stopped him, because no matter what Qing Yun said, the driver couldn't believe him.

    After arriving at the Lufeng Hotel, Han Qianqian found that there were indeed quite a few people squatting nearby, presumably waiting for their target boss, and from this aspect, it could be seen that the influence of Lu Hongguang's party was indeed not small .

    The driver didn't leave directly after the two of them got out of the car after Han Third Thousand got off, he wanted to watch Qing Yun's bluff and watch the two get thrown out.

    But he didn't see what he wanted to see, and he was the one who led Han Qianqian and Qing Yun into the hotel.

    "F*ck, really no bragging?"The driver had a startled look on his face and exclaimed, "This is meeting some kind of awesome person, low key, too low key."

    After entering the hotel, Han Three Thousand and Qing Yun went directly to the banquet venue on the top floor, and the person who delivered the invitation yesterday said after sending them to the door of the elevator, "Mr. Han, if there's anything you need to order, you can find me again."

    Before Han Marchand spoke, Qingyun said, "My name is Mr. Qing."

    The man was stunned and awkwardly called out, "Mr. Qing."

    Qing Yun was satisfied and said, "Go ahead and get busy, I'll find you again if anything happens."

    "A liar is a liar is a liar, pretending to be a liar really has a way of doing things."Han Giangli said helplessly to Qing Yun.

    Qing Yun puffed up his chest and acted like a human being and said, "Brother, when one is floating in the rivers and lakes, one thing is very important."

    "What?"Han Qianliang was curious.

    "Even if you don't have half a tael of silver in your pocket, you still have to act like a multi-millionaire, or else you'll be easily looked down upon."Qing Yun said.

    "You don't look like a millionaire with this respectable appearance, even if you were given ten million, do you have any use for it?"Han Qianli was disdainful.

    Qing Yun was instantly deflated, slumped his head, and said, "Big brother, thank you for still taking the time to strike me in the middle of your busy schedule."

    "No need to thank me, if you need it, feel free to ask."After saying these words, Han Third Thousand was shocked, it had only been a day of contact with Qing Yun, but he would actually say such words, it really was a case of the nearer the darker.

    For Han 3,000, the venue was full of fresh faces, but to be sure, these people's status in Rong City is not low, and according to the existing situation in Rong City, these people have good relations with Lu Hongguang, and definitely have bad relations with Ning Xingpeng, this mountain of two tigers Han 3,000 did not need to think about it also know that there are many secret competition.

    It can be said that Han 3,000 for the business world, can be said to understand very thoroughly, since the teen years of age, immersed in shopping malls, in which there have been countless hooks and crooks, can be called a smokeless battlefield, the influence of commercial warfare can be imagined.

    The best proof of this is that the industry is different and the status is different, even in the same big circle, there will be many small circles.

    The society is like this, a circle sets a circle, a circle melts a circle, but to take this big circle, is not a simple thing.

    After finding a corner seat, Han Giangli, like a dark falcon, took stock of the situation.

    The taxi driver had said before that there were many people squatting outside the hotel, this phenomenon, in fact, did not only happen outside the hotel, the same was true inside the venue, but in a different way and for a different purpose.

    All the waiters at the party were female, and handsome, tall, uniform hip-skirt uniforms outlining a perfect arc, these women are not hotel staff, but through temporary recruitment, to become temporary workers, their purpose is very simple, to find a rich man, as a girlfriend, as a canary, as a third child, as long as they can befriend a rich man even if successful.

    Qiu Tao is also one of them, wearing a uniform, with crystal heels under her feet, and very deliberately cutting out a slit in her chest, exposing her proud figure if hidden.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes, and then you can see the shoes.

    When Qiu Yao saw Han Qianqian and Qingyun, a sudden gnashing of teeth, these two goods, actually mixed into such a high-level celebrity party.

    "I didn't think that you two trash could mix in, so get out if you know what to do, or I'll call security to blow you out."Qiu Fan walked up to the two men and threatened.

    Han Qianqian didn't expect to run into an acquaintance here, and an acquaintance with a grudge, and said, "You have your own agenda, isn't it bad that we don't interfere with each other?"

    "Well, I came in here squarely, unlike you two who sneaked in here, can it be the same?"Qiu Yao said in a high and mighty voice.

    "Bright and open to come in and fish for kaiju?Big sister, is your taste too heavy, look at the people here, how many of them have thick hair, and you don't mind stuffing your teeth with such old meat?"Qing Yun shamefacedly laughed.

    Qiu Fan's face changed and said in a cold voice, "What do you have to do with what my taste is, they're better than you two trash when they're old, since you don't get out, don't blame me for being rude, it's just that I didn't vent enough yesterday."

    After saying that, Qiu Fan picked up a glass of wine and splashed it directly on Han Qianqian's face, shouting thickly, "Security, security, there are two trash mixed in here, they don't have invitations, come and blow them out."

    The security measures at the scene were very tight, and when they heard Qiu Xuan's words, several security guards ran over.


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